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Tuesday 2 September 2014 - - - 2nd News Update - - -

Elvis Planes Now Up For Sale: Elvis Presley’s last two jets, the 'Lisa Marie' and 'Hound Dog II' are now up for sale.
The four-engine “Lisa Marie” features a queen-size bed, gold bathroom fixtures, a videotape system with four TVs and a stereo system with 52 speakers, according to the sales advert.
It states "Accepting Serious Offers For Purchase Option, As A Package Of Two Aircraft Previously Owned By Elvis Presley. For Display Only, Not Airworthy For Flight!"
The tail section on the 1960 Convair 880 features Presley’s trademark “TCB” — for “Taking Care of Business” — and a color scheme personally chosen by Elvis.
The smaller “Hound Dog II” JetStar was Presley’s back-up
plane, flown while “Lisa Marie” was remodeled to suit Elvis’ tastes, the ad said.
These planes represent the epitome of 1975 rock star luxury, but if you buy them don’t expect to fly them.
“They’re both museum pieces,” said K.G. Coker, the Memphis man who bought them after Presley’s 1977 death. They’ve not been flown since they were parked at the tourist entrance to Presley’s Graceland mansion in 1984.
Coker’s ad doesn’t set a price, but it he is looking for “serious offers.”
Millions of Elvis fans have peered into the planes as part of the Graceland tour, with Coker getting a cut of the ticket proceeds, but his agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises has expired. He’s looking for a buyer because his agreement with and negotiations to keep them at Graceland have failed, leaving the jets’ future up in the air.
Fans erupted in protest when a news report in July said Elvis Presley Enterprises sent a letter to Coker asking him to move the planes from Graceland Plaza, across Elvis Presley Boulevard from the singer’s famous home by next year.
Priscilla Presley, the singer’s former wife and mother of his daughter Lisa Marie, tried to ease fan fears in a tweet on July 2: “Please calm down, we’re in the midst of negotiations. It’s as simple as that.”
A spokesman for EPE last week stated that negotiations were still going on, but Coker declined to comment on the process.
Presley’s father sold the planes in 1978, but his estate later negotiated with the owners to park them at Graceland after it was opened to the public. Go HERE to see the advert & to buy the Lisa Marie!
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis The Man & His Music' #105 Out Now: The new issue of EIN's favourite Elvis music magazine is out now.
In the September Issue:
- Bill Baize Interview
- Collecting Greek 45s
- Jim Colyer - Mystery Solved!
- The Rarest, Most Unique Piece Of Presleyana?
- New TTWII Box-Set Reviewed
- Photos, Your Letters, CD, DVD & Book Reviews

EIN really appreciated the honest review of TTWII Deluxe set by Arjan Deelen as well as Paul Richardson's interview with Bill Baize of The Stamps. The interview includes...
ETMM: How was it like playing before 60,000 fans in Pontiac, on December 31st 1975, ?
Bill Baize: It was the most interesting concert that I was ever a part of. The stage was 35 feet up in the air in the middle of the football field, and it was built on scaffolding. We had to climb three flights of stairs

to get there. Because of the dome structure of that stadium, there were powerful fans running constantly to keep the dome supported. At that height, the breeze from those fans blows about 30 miles an hour. It was very uncomfortable on that stage. There were, as you said, over 60,000 people in the stadium. They were extra loud and happy because it was New Year's Eve. Even though being way up there on that stage was a little awkward and scary, the concert turned out to be a lot of fun. Elvis was singing one of his songs where he'd squat, extending one leg while sitting on the other foot. During this pose, he ripped the seam out of the seat of his jumpsuit. He immediately knew what had happened, so he asked us to sing 'Sweet, Sweet Spirit' while he went to change. He headed down the three flights of stairs - remember, this was in the middle of the stadium - and, when he reached the bottom, Red, Sonny and Joe were there with another jumpsuit. There was no privacy and some
of the people in the crowd could actually see what was going on. Knowing this, Red, Sonny and Joe gathered round him and they all held up long coats around Elvis while he changed. Elvis climbed back up the three flights of stairs and continued the show. Any way, it was a great and memorable night.
GO HERE for a longer extract and more ETM&HM info

Go HERE to ETM&HM to subscribe or just purchase this issue.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis will shake his hips once again ... as a hologram: Elvis may have left the building 37 years ago, but he'll be returning to the stage again soon – only this time, as a hologram.

Pulse Evolution, who resurrected Michael Jackson's image for a holographic TV performance at the Billboard Music Awards in May, announced a partnership with The Estate of Elvis Presley Monday (25/08/14), with plans to bring The King of Rock 'n' Roll to live performances and commercials as a hologram, according to Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers.

A concept and venue for the 60- to 90-minute live shows has not yet been determined, although Pulse has already begun work on the project, which could take 18 to 24 months to complete, said company executives. The late icon's estate will also decide if the holographic image will resemble a younger or older Presley, Pulse CEO Frank Patterson said. Jamie Salter, CEO of Authentic Brands Group, which manages Presley's estate, said there are talks of Elvis' holographic image playing four-night residencies in Las Vegas and Macau, and even performing with Michael Jackson's hologram, according to Adweek. Salter added that Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley support the technology. When USA TODAY spoke with Pulse executive chairman John Textor about Jackson's holographic image in May, he mentioned Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley as obvious candidates for holographic treatment.

"We're hearing from a lot of estates and promoters saying, 'We're ready for a concert,' " Textor told USA TODAY, before cautioning that "if we're going to bring a Michael or an Elvis back into this form of stage entertainment, it must be story-based. You can't have Elvis sitting on a stool singing 20 songs. That won't work."
(News, Source: Patrick Ryan, USA Today)

Stunning duet for Streisand and Elvis: In her upcoming duet album Partners (due out Sept. 16), Barbra Streisand pairs up with some of the world’s greatest male vocalists, from Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie to John Legend and Michael Bublé. One of the most breathtaking tracks on the album is her virtual duet with Elvis Presley to his 1956 ballad “Love Me Tender.”

EIN Note: You can listen to the duet here. The duet is a great recording, very well produced and remaining true to the feel of Elvis’ original recording. And, based on all selections from the album we heard, Ms Streisand is (in her usual) superlative form. (News, Source: Parade)

Here’s the full track list for Partners: 1. It Had To Be You (w/ Michael Bublé) 2. People (w/ Stevie Wonder) 3. Come Rain Or Come Shine (w/ John Mayer) 4. Evergreen (w/ Babyface) 5. New York State Of Mind (w/ Billy Joel) 6. I’d Want It To Be You (w/ Blake Shelton) 7. The Way We Were (w/ Lionel Richie) 8. I Still Can See Your Face (w/ Andrea Bocelli) 9. How Deep Is The Ocean (w/ Jason Gould) 10. What Kind Of Fool (w/ John Legend) 11. Somewhere (w/ Josh Groban) 12. Love Me Tender (w/ Elvis Presley)

More great Elvis deals on Amazon

Elvis did it first, says Miley Cyrus: The face of the twerking movement, Miley Cyrus has been a lightning rod for controversy. Her infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance last year, as evidenced by all those FCC complaints, was arguably the most scandalous music moment since Janet Jackson's Nipplegate. Even when she isn't on stage, she's still causing a stir, whether its chilling topless in the desert or spending time with the Flaming Lips or sending a homeless youth to accept her Video of the Year award. Still, it's Cyrus' provocative moves – which were watered-down for her NBC special – that create the most trouble, but as Cyrus tells Australia's Sunday Night, she's just carrying the torch lit by Elvis Presley's gyrating hips.

"Elvis, he wasn't wearing the outfits I was wearing but he was coming out and he was doing like the OG twerking. Like, no one wants to admit that he was twerking, he was," Cyrus said (via NME). "He was like sex. He was a symbol of sex but no one would have ever called Elvis a slut because he wasn't a girl. It's

that double standard and I think I'm doing something for the double standard."

Miley also has a message for the "concerned parents" riled up that might be sending a bad message to her young fans. "The only thing I'm an example of is freedom, especially in this time where the energy of the world is shifting from male energy to female energy," Cyrus tells Sunday Night's Chris Bath. "I think a lot of that was started by these girls that get to watch my show and see young people just being themselves and representing freedom." (News, Source: Rolling Stone) EIN thanks Steve Johnson for the correction - ......Miley's comments certainly have credence as the following archival article from 2002 attests.

Person of the Week: Elvis Presley:

Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you.
Shall I stay, would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?

—Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling in Love"

Twenty-five years to the day after his death at the age of 42, Elvis Aron Presley's name fairly droops under the weight of its acquired cultural significance. Briefly tagged a teen idol, the King of Rock and Roll swiftly transitioned into category-defying superstar. Today, college professors devote whole careers to examining Elvis's influence on America's cultural mores, his impact on American sexuality and most of all, our apparently unflagging passion for his music.

Even in death, Elvis's commercial success is unparalleled; he's sold more records (1 billion worldwide) than any other artist in history, and his estate is priceless. Given his spectacular popularity, it's easy to forget that when he first came on the national scene in the 1950s, Elvis was considered highly subversive.

Middle America was flummoxed by his singing, which didn't fit with the era's squeaky-clean bill of fare. It wasn't just his lyrics; it was what he introduced vocally — appropriating the blues and gospel styles of the African-American South, he brought "black" music to white Americans. Then there was the matter of his stage presence. Elvis Presley, the performer, was all about sex — it may have only been the suggestion of sex, but it was there all the same, in the sneer, the gyration, the raised eyebrow. And that unfettered sex appeal represented everything American parents wanted to suppress in the mid-1950s. Wanted to — but couldn't.

Born in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley showed an early aptitude for music. By the time he was 19, he was recording his own music, and at 21 he was an international star.
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog cryin' all the time
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog cryin' all the time
Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine.

-"Hound Dog"

In 1956 and '57, Elvis appeared several times on television variety programs hosted by Ed Sullivan and Milton Berle. During his second appearance on the Berle show, he sang "Hound Dog" and engaged in a bit of his trademark hip swiveling. The broadcast generated shock nationwide, and sparked a flurry of hysterical press.

In 1957, the famously stiff Ed Sullivan, who'd once vowed never to have Elvis on his show, was so thrilled by his guest's effect on the show's ratings that he announced on camera, "I wanted to say to Elvis and the country that this is a real decent, fine boy." Such sentiments did not keep the network brass from issuing an historic decree to the cameramen: Elvis was to be shot strictly from the waist up.
The Elvis revolution was on — and as parents around the world quickly realized, the sultry crooner wasn't just a temporary distraction. As the singer's popularity exploded, his risque dance moves sent girls into paroxysms of excitement and his slightly suggestive half-snarl made mothers everywhere a little bit nervous.
(News Article, Source: Jessica Reeves, TIME.com-2002)

Very High Prices for "Graceland Guest House" Founders: EPE have announced seemingly ridiculous prices to become a founding member of their new hotel complex - up to $30,000 - something the average Elvis fan could never afford. The publicity promises, "Graceland is proud to announce The Founders, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the ultimate Elvis fan. Only 1,500 Founders will be in on the ground floor to gain exclusive lifetime access to rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest landmark and its groundbreaking new resort - The Guest House at Graceland.
As a Founder you will be our special guest and enjoy

unprecedented access to Graceland, special events, exclusive opportunities, and Southern hospitality as only Elvis could offer. This lifetime 40-year membership, with first option to renew, can be handed down to the next generations. You’ve always belonged here, you’ve always felt the connection, and now it’s time to come home to Graceland."
They are asking for a $500 deposit but the total price (as handed out during Elvis Week) is quite unbelievable.
The "DIAMOND LEVEL" entry promises the following...
- Stay up to 10 nights a year at The Guest House with no blackout dates, and pay only the hotel maintenance fee (currently $71.50 per night)
- Early access to reservations, up to 13 months in advance
- Guaranteed Elvis Week accommodations when reserved more

than 12 months in advance
- Guaranteed suite upgrade for non-premiere weeks, if reserved more than 6 months in advance
- Invitation to the family cocktail gala
- Your Time Capsule and personal Grand Plaque on The Founders Wall at The Guest House
- Annual archival Diamond Level gift on Elvis’ birthday
The cost of this is $30,000!

No wonder, as Forbes noted (see EIN's August 15 'Why Did Graceland Have the Elvis Week Auction?' story below) the Graceland Auction was a good idea for EPE to learn who the Elvis high-rollers might be.
EIN reads the above description to mean that for $30,000 you can ONLY stay TEN nights at the new complex per year - and you still have to pay $71.50 per night!
What sort of Elvis fan can afford that? This seems a very expensive time-share deal!

As the new owners ABG announced back in 2013 "We envision moving the Elvis brand into other realms beyond music, including the luxury items market." ABG's Joel Weinshanker was at Elvis Week and appears to be the driving force.
The lesser "GOLD LEVEL" Founder (for only 750 members)
Let's you stay only FIVE nights at the new complex per year, you still have to pay $71.50 per night and costs the lesser price of $10,000!
And you don't get the "Invitation to the family cocktail gala"

Go here to Graceland for more Founders details. Note that in Graceland's publicity photo (above) of the hotel there is NOT ONE image of ELVIS!!!
Go HERE to EIN's look at "The Sale of the Graceland estate" and on-going stories
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'King Of The Hilton' New Anne E. Nixon book: 'King Of The Hilton' is an exciting new book about Elvis in Vegas seen through the eyes of someone who was there, superfan Anne E. Nixon..
After many requests from fans, respected Elvis writer and researcher Anne E Nixon, (author of Ten Years After and The Elvis Archives), is for the first time publishing her detailed show reports from the Vegas years.
Anne attended 40 Elvis Presley shows from 1972-1976, and wrote copious notes on each performance. A few of her show reports were printed in books and magazines at the time, but only now has she opened the vaults and every show she attended is given in-depth coverage.
With the help of  Richard Harvey, she has written a text-rich 300 page A5 sized softback book that will delight all fans of Vegas-era Elvis.  King of the Hilton is an affectionate, and sometimes poignant diary that takes the reader right back to the Hilton Hotel in the seventies, when Elvis reigned supreme.
Crammed with show anecdotes, complete set-lists, musician/celebrity/jumpsuit checklists, and verbatim Elvis dialogue - the authors had access to previously uncirculated private audio - and loaded with never before published facts about the Hilton scene during those heady days. All of this delivered at a fan-friendly price only- £15.99 / US$27
Inside this handsome book you’ll find -
*Complete first hand reports of every show of the final Vegas season in December ‘76.

*The famous 1974 ‘Desert Storm’ closing show as seen from a front booth.
*Over 100 illustrations including Hilton artefacts.
*The '74 monologues.
*Cancelled! The 1975 season.
*In-depth appendix of songs, suits and show times.
*Closing Night '73 'Monkey' show, exactly what happened on-stage .
*Each edition of this limited print run publication will be signed and numbered.

To be published in October 2014...........Order your signed copy today!

Click HERE - To read an interview with the authors, see a Sneak Peak and Order your signed copy! (News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

New release from the 'SR' label: ELVIS – LIVING THE PAIN (1-CD LONGBOX 4 PANEL DIGIPACK) 


The forthcoming release from the "SR" label is titled "Living the Pain" and will feature the unreleased show from Las Vegas February 21, 1972.

As everybody knows SR concentrates it's work on early 70's live period of Elvis' activity, trying to produce always unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his possibilities. With the new release, we are proud to present the complete show from February 21th midnight show, a rare show from a Vegas winter season always poor of official and unofficial releases.. Elvis' love of singing is clear in this tape and we are glad to give you the opportunity to listen to it.

The midnight show from February 21th, as presented on this CD, represents just one of the best shows of the season, If we look closely at the first Vegas act of 1972 we can see that Elvis concentrates on the music to produce great shows. The in-between song chat and banter have gone and each number is delivered promptly without even a pause for applause.

The 'NEW' songs introduced do reflect the mood of the man and for sure the rocking days are over but the rendition of the early seventies repertoire is solid and sung with great ability.

Talking of these new additions we see some great songs, representative of his life from this stage on. Naturally we are referring to songs such as 'You Gave Me A Mountain' which has an autobiographical theme of a man who no singing the pain, but LIVING IT and 'An American Trilogy' which demonstrates his personal beliefs and patriotic views. Elvis also worked hard to promote his new single 'Until It's Time For You To Go.' Here are also included rare performance of Help Me Make It Through The Night together the classic Bridge Over Troubled Water.. This recording come from an early generation copy of the master tape, the sound quality is very good considering the early season.
Go HERE to All CD New Releases 2014 for more details and tracklist
(News, Source;SR/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis "for sale" at Amazon UK

Legal Showdown: Swedish Woman Claims She Is The True Daughter Of Elvis Presley, Not Lisa Marie!: In a shocking new report that will blow everyone away, the Lisa Marie Presley America has grown to know as Elvis‘ only daughter may not actually be who she says she is

A Swedish woman named Lisa Johansen, a married mother-of-four with a law degree, is claiming that she was switched at age nine “for security reasons,” The National ENQUIRER is reporting. Although Presley’s lawyers have blasted Johansen’s, 43, claims, The ENQUIRER has reviewed exclusive photos of the woman claiming to be the King’s daughter interacting with members of the Presley family. Opposite: Ms Nikula/Johansen and a guy we believe is Elvis Presley, unless of course he is the double who replaced Elvis when he was discharged from the Army

But an insider claims that Elvis would be none-too-pleased if he heard about the goings-on with his alleged “real” daughter.“Elvis could be spinning in his grave if his REAL only child is being kept from the life she deserves,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

But the legal battle that Johansen has started isn’t her only one. She is also embattled in a legal dispute with the publisher of her memoir, I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter, after reportedly refusing a DNA test even though she allegedly received $200,000 for the tell-all. The Swedish woman claims she was born Feb. 1, 1968, to “Priscilla Ann Beaulieu and Elvis Aaron Presley.” She describes her childhood as a “fairy tale with my father as the king and myself as the pampered princess,” The ENQUIRER reports.


After Elvis died, Johansen told The ENQUIRER that she remembers very little until Beaulieu allegedly whisked her away to Europe. (Conspiracy, Source: The National Enquirer)

EIN Comment:  Apologies for the sensationalist National Enquirer rhetoric above but we wanted to publish its story as printed.

For the record: Lisa Johansen (aka birth name Sari Marjatta Nikula) first came to fan and media attention more than 15 years ago in 1998 with the publication of her book (cited above), I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter, which as again noted above, became the subject to legal action by the publisher, after Sari refused to undergo the DNA test she had originally agreed to.  The publisher sought repayment of its sizeable advance ($200,000) to Sari in what was effectively a breach of contract.  The facial analysis provided in her book as substantiation of her claim to be the “real Lisa Marie Presley” was written by Hakan Borglund, Uppsala University School of Engineering, a friend of Ms Nikula and her husband. The Johansen's resurrected their story again circa 2010-11 before this latest push. Ms Johansen is married to Torrey Omark, who legally changed his name in the mid 1990s to Alex Johansen. As with a number of conspiracy books with an Elvis theme, I, Lisa Marie is well written and an interesting read.  It just lacks logical believability and (by all accounts) valid academic evidence to support it.

For more on Ms Johansen's claims visit EIN's Elvis Conspiracy section

New soundboard release announced by the Elvis Concert Fan label - Elvis 1975 On Tour (2CD):

Macon, GA. April 24 1975

Jacksonville, FL. April 25 1975

Lakeland, FL. April 28 1975


Lake Charles, LA. May 4 1975 (afternoon & evening show) + Murfreesboro, TN. May 7 1975

A new 2 cd-set from ELVIS CONCERT FAN, including all 3 available soundboard recordings from april 1975, newly remastered, including the opening show from tour number 12 (since 1969).
Plus as a bonus recordings from 2 shows in Lake Charles (May 4 1975) and the tour closing show (May 7, 1975). Including 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information.
Go HERE to All CD New Releases 2014 for more details and tracklist
(News, Source;email/ElvisInfoNet)
News and EIN exclusives from earlier last month

ELVIS WEEK 2014 - EIN exclusive report: Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, has packed her bags, and said goodbye to MEMPHIS once again.
With Elvis Week sadly over, EIN's special Roving Reporter finally had the chance to visit Graceland and found some inner peace, the spirit of Elvis and a chance to say Goodbye for Elvis Week 2014. .

EIN is the only website with these exclusive reports GO HERE to see her COMPLETE 2014 Elvis Week report with plenty of great photos - don't miss out

(Elvis Week 2014, Source:Sanja/EIN)

Elvis and Ginger pre-orders move it back to #1 on Amazon Best-Selling Pop Biographies & Memoirs Chart: Strong 'pre-order' sales for Ginger Alden’s upcoming memoir, Elvis and Ginger. While Amazon no longer has a “Top 40" Elvis books listing, Ms Alden’s book yesterday regained the #1 on its best-selling Pop music biographies list. On 26 August, the 'best-selling' Elvis books on the various Amazon Top 40 charts were:

Elvis and Ginger is due for release next month (a number of online booksellers have reported that copies are starting to arrive early from the publisher). (News, Source: Amazon)

Elvis begged 'ex' Priscilla for reunion: Another recent book, by Shirley Dieu (Joe Esposito's former long-time partner) and the woman dubbed the "Memphis Mafia Princess", is also attracting fan and media interest.

Author Shirley Dieu (Memphis Mafia Princess: Living in "the "Elvis World"), who interviewed Priscilla at length, says she told her she met the King of Rock and Roll in July 1977, four years after their divorce, and he begged: “I’m miserable. I want my family back.” Calling her Satnin, his pet name for her during six years of marriage, Elvis referred to their daughter Lisa Marie, saying: “I miss the family times we all had. Lisa needs her mom and dad together.”

He also told Priscilla he had no intention of marrying his new fiancée, 20-year-old Ginger Alden, who was devastated to discover she did not figure in his will after his death on August 16.

Ms Dieu, a long-time girlfriend of Elvis’s former road manager and confidant Joe Esposito, recounts the story in her book "Memphis Mafia Princess: Living in the Elvis World". The former model included the revelations with Priscilla’s blessing.

She said: “She hadn’t put it in her autobiography. She said she thought enough time had passed and was happy for me to include it in my book. I feel so privileged she trusted me with this.” Elvis’s sad attempt to woo back the woman he met while doing national service in the US Army in Germany would probably have worked had he lived, Ms Dieu believes.

She said: “I don’t believe Elvis would ever have married Ginger. Nobody liked Ginger. She didn’t fit in with the group. She was 20 years old and he was 42. When you think of all the women Elvis dated – and we liked them all – why would he pick this one girl? I think her mother was pushing her on him.

“I believe there were three women in Elvis’s life who really cared about him – Linda Thompson, the longtime girlfriend he split from before turning to Ginger, his former screen co-star and lover Ann-Margret and Priscilla. Those women would have been there for him no matter what, especially Priscilla.”

Her book tells how Elvis doted on Priscilla. Ms Dieu added: “Who knows what might have happened had she said yes immediately to his final plea to her to come back.” (News, Source: express.co.uk)

EIN Note: EIN will publish a review of Memphis Mafia Princess: Living in "the Elvis World" later this week. It appears Ms Dieu's book is currently only available from the book's website (it is not available from online sellers such as Amazon).

Caveat Emptor!!!

Alleged Elvis scam involving Circle G Ranch: The Elvis Presley Books Discussion Group (Facebook) has alerted its members to an apparent scam involving participation in a 'pyramid scheme', where by donating $200 you will receive $20 for each referral person (new member) you obtain for the scheme. The alleged intent of collecting donations is to fund a theatre on a small piece of land adjacent to the actual Circle G Ranch.

The other incentive to join the scheme is that you also acquire a 1" share of a very small piece of land that was once a part of the ranch.

The operator of the scheme is one Blair Bremner. Mr Bremner has a history of operating 'pyramid schemes' and if you Google his name you will find there ahave been a number of people far from happy with the unfulfilled promises of his various schemes over the years.
(News, Source: Jane Green, Elvis Presley Books Discussion Group, Facebook)
Link to the website for the scheme
What is a pyramid scheme: A pyramid scheme is an arrangement where members (entrants) pay money to participate and only make money back if they recruit new members to the scheme. The person(s) operating the scheme take a cut of the money invested by every person who joins the scheme.
Pyramid schemes are outlawed in a number of countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, China and Norway.

Elvis' cultural influence highlighted by Midsumma Exhibition artwork: The gunslinger pose of Elvis in Flaming Star was imortalised by Andy Warhol in a series of iconic images now showing in various art museums around the world. That Elvis transcends artistic media and culture is again signified by the following archival image and story sent to EIN recently.

I have been blown away by a Midsumma exhibition… which is a statement in itself. Gayme at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, is perhaps one of the most significant curated Midsumma shows I have seen in a long time in terms of the daring, innovative curatorial content and the quality of artworks on display. (https://artsdiary365.wordpress.com/tag/aboriginal/, 2010)

The second room of the exhibition displays photographs by Dianne Jones and Gary Lee, both of whom are breaking traditional gendered stereotypes of indigenous men and women. In her near-life-size photographs, Dianne Jones seemingly effortlessly re-imagines herself as an American preacher, Elvis, Audrey, or the Fonz.

She boldly explores her androgyneity to convincingly transform herself into characters of either gender without the recourse to the Sherman-style facial prosthetics. While the photographs are good quality works of art in their own right (in terms of the composition and technical attributes), this is perhaps the first time an attention has been focused on the America-centric, Hollywood influence of Anglo, Italian, and Hispanic stereotypes on the indigenous (or urban indigenous) culture. Gary Lee continues Jones’s breaking with the stereotypes in his sexualised and homo-eroticised photographs of indigenous and pan-Asian youths. If Brooke Andrew has explored in his Sexy and Dangerous series the objectification of the indigenous male within the context of anthropological photography, this is perhaps the first time that an Aboriginal male has been openly viewed as a contemporary pin-up, let alone a gay pin-up model. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Visit EIN's "Elvis in Art" archives...........

including a narrative-visual article on Andy Warhol's Elvis imagery

Filmmaker back in US to finish "Orion" film documentary: British filmmaker Jeannie Finlay is back in the US to film the remaining part of her upcoming film bio on Jimmy Ellis, aka the masked singer "Orion". Ms Finlay's film is "Orion: The Man Who Would Be King".

In 2014, Jimmy Ellis (Orion) remains the one true superstar of the profession variously referred to as Elvis tribute artists, impersonators or sound-a-likes.

About the film: Nottingham-based filmmaker Jeanie Finlay's fifth feature film, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King tells the story of Jimmy Ellis, an unknown singer who was plucked from obscurity and adopted into a crazy scheme to pose as a masked Elvis look-alike in the wake of the King's death, giving birth to the "Elvis is alive" myth.

Starting with the creation of an outlandish fictional identity and concluding with the most tragic of endings, Finlay has documented a truly remarkable story, but before she can release her account of the rise and fall of this legendary masked figure, she needs help with the financial backing of the project and has taken to Indiegogo to crowd fund the project. Excerpts from Jeanie Finlay's interview with Uni2 Know:
Uni2 Know: Where were some of the most interesting places the filming of the Orion movie took you?
JF: "It was really amazing to walk around Sun Records Studios, to see where the records were actually recorded, to see the master tapes and to stand in Shelby Singleton's office (the producer that discovered and created Orion). We also went to the house where Orion grew up as a boy and his son took me to the place that he was murdered, and that was incredible. Moving and terrible of course, but it gave an incredible sense of the history of the story coming to life."
Uni2 Know: Did any of interviewees for Orion particularly stand out?
JF: "I had a rule that everyone I interviewed in the film had to be connected to Orion is some way. I interviewed his band mates, the fan club manager and we interviewed his road manager at Vernon Presley's house (Elvis’ dad) round the back of Graceland. But some interviews had more of an impact on me than others. For his son - who was still massively grieving from his father's brutal murder - to take us to the place his father was killed was extraordinary, and I consider it a real privilege that he took the time to explain to us what that felt like." (News, Source: Jeanie Finlay/uni-2.co.uk)

Visit the Orion film site
Watch the film trailer
Read EIN's recent article on the amazing and ultimately very tragic life of Jimmy Ellis

(New book release) Elvis Presley's 1956 Lincoln Continental up close and personal: This slimline photo book by David B.L. Johnstone features twenty pages of previously unpublished private photos of the 1956 Lincoln Continental once owned by Elvis.

Some photos were taken prior to this iconic vehicle being fully restored and are up close and in never before seen detail. (News, Source: David B.L. Johnstone)


Great prices on Elvis at Amazon!

'Elvis Files Magazine ISSUE 8' Review: The June issue, once again featuring Elvis stories and new unpublished Elvis photos that would be missed from Lorentzen's "Elvis Files" series of books.
One of the treats of this issue is the variety of stories about Elvis, and the comparison between all periods of his career in some new and revealing photos.

This issue looks at
- Clambake, "a real Christmas clinker!"
- ‘My Memories of Elvis’ by his "best friend" Cliff Gleaves. It runs the nine pages and includes some delicious shots and cool stories from the late fifties.
- "Elvis and Ann-Margret, the hot summer of 1963"
- How Colonel Parker and Hal Wallis controlled Elvis’ film Career.
- Elaine Christan as Elvis' "That’s The Way It Is" concerts from August 14, 1970.

Plus plenty more Rare Candids not featured in previous Elvis Files books.
Go HERE as EIN checks the new issue- with plenty of rare photos and magazine extracts.
(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

New ‘Final Countdown To Midnight' jewel-case Deluxe Versions OUT NOW: Due to the enormous success of Backdraft’s box-set ‘Final Countdown to Midnight’ it appears that not enough copies were pressed which have left keen Elvis fans having to go without. Released only six weeks ago, copies are now impossible to track down.
Since Backdraft are unable to publish more copies of the boxset due to logistical reasons, they have now released two separate products both housed in a deluxe super-jewel case.
A 2CD version and a separate DVD only release, both with different front covers, contain a deluxe 24 page booklet inside. We would like to point out that the content of the booklets in both of the releases are entirely different and that, the photographs and text information are NOT repeated inside each of the releases. (Click here for bigger images)
These are again in very limited supplies and dealers will be restricted on quantities.
In the meantime, the production team at Backdraft would like to thank Elvis fans from around the world for their enormous support on this and our past releases. Check your local dealers now for new copies.
(News, Source;Backdraft/ElvisInfoNet)

"The King's Third Act" New TTWII Review: The Wall Street Journal's Jazz columnist, Will Friedwald has published a glowing article on the new TTWII release.
He notes, "Elvis Presley in Amazingly Dynamic Form and At the Height of His Formidable Powers"
...... Within the span of a few months in 1970, the short-lived film genre known as the "concert/documentary movie" reached its apogee with three releases that each marked a turning point in artistic evolution. "Let It Be" was the final major appearance of the Beatles; "Woodstock," the first big blockbuster concert movie... but "Elvis: That's the Way It Is" was something else entirely: It captured the King of Rock 'n' Roll at the very moment he was reclaiming his throne and beginning a new phase in his electrifying career, a remarkable third act that would eclipse everything he had previously done.
This new incarnation would find Elvis returning to his roots as a live performer, encompassing a wider range of material as he appeared before ever-larger audiences. This renaissance was unfortunately brief; by the mid-1970s, Presley's substance abuse and self-destructive tendencies would catch up with him. He would be a bloated mess in the final months of his short life, but in 1970, he was in peak physical condition and artistically at the top of his game.
Copious evidence of this is now offered in a new package from Sony Legacy, which features two DVDs in addition to eight compact discs as well as a splendidly illustrated 80-page booklet.
The DVDs contain two very different versions of the 1970 feature: the original theatrical edit and the 2001 "restoration." It's his performance that drives "Elvis: That's the Way It Is." At the start of his career, Presley was widely perceived as a divisive figure in American culture. No entertainer did more, even inadvertently, to create the generation gap. Yet in the final and, in many ways, the most rewarding phase of Presley's career, the singer entered into what seems, in retrospective, like a musical crusade to bring people together. In this, his major asset was his versatility as a performer and Presley sang any song in any genre that suited him.
Presley hops from genre to genre, imbuing it all with his majestic voice and dynamic personality.
From basic 12-bar Delta-style blues, he moves to the Gospel-infused soul music of Ray Charles's "I Got a Woman." Before the evening is through, he also sings the contemporary country classic "I Can't Stop Loving You" and Simon & Garfunkel's folk-rock spiritual "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" all in addition to the many Elvis signatures that he reprises, both old ("Hound Dog," "Heartbreak Hotel") and new ("Suspicious Minds," "In the Ghetto"). A few years later he would attempt to bring all of America together with his "American Trilogy," which juxtaposed a song from the North, the South and an African-American spiritual.
The 1970 concert is essentially one climax after another, not only
because the editors assembled the footage from six different shows, but because Presley himself - in what has become his trademark white jumpsuit - is in amazingly dynamic form and at the height of his formidable powers. And yet, as searingly dramatic as Presley is, he doesn't lose his sense of humor; when he gets to the line "Baby, I'd get down on my knees for you," he shouts the aside "if this suit wasn't too tight!"
Even the 10-disc box doesn't amount to the whole story: Warner Bros. released a two-disc Blu-ray set of the film, again with the 1970 and 2001 edits, but with a different selection of outtakes and extra footage. (Even more footage from the individual concerts was issued on a 3-DVD bootleg a few years ago.)
Theatrical concert movies were pretty much wiped out by MTV in the mid-1980s as kids were getting pop-music videos at home 24 hours a day. Yet special spectacles are now edging their way back into cinemas, and this week the restored "Elvis: That's the Way It Is" will be shown nationally in US movie theaters. Elvis may be singing about having lost something, but this remarkable film, like the singer himself, has only gained in stature over the past four decades.
(Above review is edited - go here for full WSJ review)
(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

New Book "Elvis: An American Trilogy - Vol 1" Out Now: Author Dennis W. Forbus is excited to announce that after missing two deadlines because of licensing and copyright issues, they have finally released our Volume One of the Trilogy Book Set called; "Elvis: An American Trilogy - Volume 1, Family - Mississippi to Memphis." It has taken four years to complete this first volume, with volumes two and three coming out in 2015.
We have spent lots of time and money, as well as traveling many miles, to many on-site locations, to investigate and verify our stories. Also realize that this book is very different than any other Elvis book you've seen. Check it out on the web, read the reviews from those that worked for and with Elvis, or even from his own family members.
With over 300 photographs in our 291 pages, and the cover art done by our friends and EPE,Inc. Official Artist, Mrs. Betty Harper, and interviewing over 73 people that knew Elvis the man best, we would like to invite you to visit our website and to consider ordering one or more copies of the newest Elvis book available.
DenKar Publishing Group is proud to present:
- Elvis:An American Trilogy - Volume One Family, Mississippi To Memphis By Dennis W. Forbus (Now On Sale Online or have your bookstore to order it for you.)
The publicity notes... "Elvis: An American Trilogy’ is the work of professional

Presley impersonator, Dennis W. Forbus. Disgruntled by the abundance of misinformation, misunderstanding and often blatant lies surrounding the life and death of Elvis Presley, Forbus decided to compile a series of books that would set the record straight – with Elvis’ life told through the star’s own eyes. The first volume, ‘Family’, deals with Presley’s tumultuous childhood and the characters that shaped his future. Research was gathered through over seventy interviews (including classmates, family members, and childhood friends) as well as photographs, historical documents and public records.
‘Elvis: An American Trilogy’ tells Presley’s accurate and compelling life story, through his own eyes. The three books are poised to clear up the confusion and assumptions made about the legend, while shunning the public’s mold to expose a man whose personal life was equally as fascinating as his extroverted stage presence."

Go HERE to order and for more infomation.
Also noting that 'Elvis:An American Trilogy - Volume Two Friends & Fans, Loneliness To Loyality' will be coming in the Spring of 2015.
'Elvis: An American Trilogy - Volume Three, Faith And Final Days, Graceland To Gloryland' coming Summer of 2015)
Also, please remember that we travel worldwide, as a 2013 Award Winning Elvis Impersonator.
(News, Source;DennisW.Forbus/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' BMW 507 Roadster Being Restored: Elvis Presley's BMW is getting the rock star treatment all over again.
This rare BMW was the King's personal ride while serving in the Army between 1958 and 1960.
BMW Classic, the automaker's official restoration arm, is bringing the King's 507 roadster back to showroom quality. The red roadster, one of just 254 built between 1955 and 1959, was actually Presley's second 507, or by some accounts, the same car painted red after adoring women wrote their names and numbers all over the  original white body in lipstick.
In either case, Presley was stationed in Germany in the late 1950s as a private in the U.S. Army, but aside from operating a tank and standing guard, the King of Rock 'n' Roll was no ordinary GI. In between his many overseas girlfriends, Presley bought one of the most expensive cars at that time.
He spotted the 507 in a local dealer after the Porsche 550 Spyder, the other great sports car in which heartthrob actor James Dean famously died, wasn't available.
For a $3,750 lease, for a used model raced by Hans Stuck, Elvis cruised around Germany in one of the most beautiful and rarest BMWs ever made until his Army tour was up in 1960. From there, the story gets murkier. The 507 was shipped to the U.S., except its original 150-horsepower V8 engine was swapped for a small-block Chevy somewhere in Alabama and was drag-raced. Later in 1968, an engineer named Jack Castor bought the car in Arizona and then let it sit in a warehouse for decades. Only recently has Castor shipped the car to BMW to let the experts restore Presley's car.
Currently, the car is on display in its original condition at the
factory BMW Museum. Presley also bought a BMW Isetta -- the funny microcar that had its single door up front -- even before leaving for Germany. Discounting every other car Elvis bought in his lifetime, it was sure good to be the King with keys to a BMW 507.
(News, Source;GerbrandV/ElvisInfoNet)

Gladys Pregnant with Elvis - More Confirmation: The debate continues over whether this photo first published by EIN back in June 2014 really is Gladys Presley. At the time EIN's good friends Joan and Paul Gansky reported back for EIN....
.. These pictures are taken in Reeds Department Store, Tupelo. The occasion, written across the huge photo was, "First Annual Picnic for Tupelo Garment Co. and Reed Bros. Inc. Employees". The date is July 6, 1934, Gladys is pregnant with Elvis!
After the photo was published several people, including Marty Lacker, informed EIN that the photo could not be of Gladys as she looks so different. We understood the debate and followed up, Reed's Dept store at the time said, "The photo was authenticated by some of Gladys' personal friends and people who worked with her or knew her.  Elvis' school buddy Guy Harris also said it was Gladys in the photo."
They informed EIN they would send further proof. Well, now another letter from a childhood friend of the Presleys, Azalia Smith Moore has been added to the display at Reeds in Tupelo. In it she confirms that she could identify several of the women in the photo one of them being Gladys Presley. She writes, "I was born shortly after Elvis and we attended school together.... Elvis played with me in the large backyard while our mothers prepared produce from the garden."
(News, Source;Reeds/Gansky/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis: A Listener's Guide" EIN Interview with Author Shane Brown: Since Elvis's death in 1977, hundreds of books have been written about Presley, but very few concentrate on the most important thing: the music.
The new book by Shane Brown 'Elvis Presley: A Listener's Guide' discusses the remarkable and yet often frustrating legacy that Elvis left behind. Buy why do we need a new critique?

Author Shane Brown kindly agreed to be interviewed by EIN about his interesting new look at Elvis' music.
We ask..
- What insights does this new book bring?
- Was Felton Jarvis important?
- Was Col Parker good or bad?
- Do you really review every song Elvis recorded?
- What songs does he never want to hear again? and much much more
Go here to our detailed interview - EIN's Piers Beagley asks the questions...
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Files Magazine Vol.9' OUT SOON: Erik Lorentzen notes that the new 'Elvis Files Magazine Vol.9' will be coming soon. So get in your orders now.

Includes the articles...
- September 1957
- Elvis and That's The Way It Is
- Las Vegas Septmber 1974

The annual subscription cost including postage is €58
Go here to the Elvis Files for more info

More details very soon on EIN.



(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

Happy 75th Birthday James Burton: The man still seems as young as ever but yesterday, August 21st, was James Burton's 75th birthday!
Back in 2003 EIN's Piers Beagley called up James Burton on the very day to wish him Happy Birthday.
We asked him many questions including about his wonderful statement, “To be a good guitar player you have to let your playing breathe and that it is often what you don’t play that makes a great guitar player."
We also noted that surely “The Wonder of You” must be the only Number 1 chart song where the lead guitarist gets a spoken credit! That perfect moment when Elvis says, “Play something James”!
Go here to our 2003 exclusive Birthday interview with the great man.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Young Man With The Big Beat' Cheap Box set: Being re-released for 2014 in a Limited Edition cheap slim-line box-set is Elvis' 'Young Man With The Big Beat'.
A great opportunity for those that missed it in

Go HERE for EIN's detailed YMWTBB review

UK price - only £19.99 = Euro25 = US$33 with FREE Delivery in the UK.

Click to Pre-order now special deal >> . . Young Man With The Big Beat - OUT September 15, 2014.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Robin Williams joins Elvis: EIN was shocked to hear of the sad death of the great comedian and actor Robin Williams yesterday.
With Williams tragic death it is hard not to think of other entertainment legends, like Elvis, who climbed to the height of fame only to be undone by the pressure of it all.
In a now disconcerting 1981 episode of his hit TV series ‘Mork and Mindy’, Williams as Mork reported back to Orson about what he had learnt about the culture of Earth. Williams commented, "Being a star is a 24-hour job and you can’t leave your face at the office… some of them can’t take it." He then listed the names of famous Earthlings who were sadly destroyed by the pressures of fame, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Elvis Presley.
On a happier note, he never took anything seriously and when asked, in the Actors Studio programme, about the possibility of an afterlife he explained his version of Heaven, "If Heaven exists, when I arrive at the Pearly Gates, God will say, "The concert begins at 5, it will be Mozart, Elvis and anyone of your choosing.. There's seating near the front!"'.
Robin Williams made the world a little bit better. RIP. 1951-2014
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Memphis to Nashville '61' FTD Promo: The new FTD book written by David English and Pal Granlund. Both authors will be at Elvis Week to promote their new book which has been getting very positive reviews.
Please check out these great photos and the two YouTube promo videos

- Go HERE to the first Promo video showing you an overview of the book and rare photos.
- Click HERE to the second promo featuring Elvis' Press Conference, Feb 25, 1961 at Claridge Hotel, Memphis with the six minute audio of Elvis' Press Conference plus great pictures.
-  For more info and book news see the 'Memphis to Nashville '61' facebook page here.

Pål Granlund and David English along with The Memphis Boys’ members Bobby Wood, Gene Chrisman and Reggie Young plus Jerry Schilling appeared at the August 14 Elvis Week Official Insiders Event.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

‘Elvis: That’s The Way It Is’ Blu-ray Reviews: The new Blu-ray release of "Elvis: That’s The Way It Is" is out for Elvis Week and getting excellent reviews…
"The classic 1970 concert film/’rockumentary’captured Elvis in his prime. Dennis Sanders directed the film with cinematographer Lucien Ballard (The Wild Bunch) giving it the distinct look.
The 2000 re-edit put the focus squarely on Elvis, following the development of the show, from rehearsals to the final stage performance. The bottom line is, this is one concert film anyone calling themselves a rock ‘n’ roll fan must own.
From BluRay website ...
Video Quality - For a concert film shot on 35mm in 1970. 'Elvis: That’s the Way It Is' looks darn good in this latest 1080p, AVC encoded Blu-ray release from Warner. While
the grain structure can look a little heavy at times, particularly during some of the candid, rehearsal scenes, and blacks can drift a little bit too far toward crushing, this is basically a clean, nicely textured and detailed catalogue release with good color reproduction. What you’ll notice especially is that, unlike most of the post-MTV era concert videos, the camera lingers and lights don’t flash incessantly. This allows the eyes (and the camera) time to focus and capture really strong live footage that, despite its age, looks a lot better than some HD live concert footage of more recent vintage.
Audio Quality - Remixed from the original 16-track masters and that mix is brought to Blu-ray in a lossless English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track. It sounds about as good as it gets, though some spots still have some slight warts, especially during the rehearsals. For the main event in

Vegas, the sound is relatively big and dynamic, with clean instrumentation, a decent amount of separation, and clear, full vocals from Elvis upfront in the mix. Some instruments occasionally ‘escape’ to the surround channels, but mostly the music stays in front, and sounds rather wide, with lots of room ambience in the back.
Supplemental Materials: While Elvis fans will certainly appreciate getting more Elvis in the form of these outtakes on Blu-ray (and DVD), the problem is everything is still in standard definition. It also would have been nice if Warner saw fit to transfer the original theatrical edition to Blu-ray as well, rather than just including a DVD of it with the Blu-ray of the re-release.
Packaged in a Deluxe Blu-ray Book with 40-pages of rare concert photos and backstage glimpses into Elvis’ life.
Overall: The King is in the building, ladies and gentlemen. Elvis: That’s the Way It Is is classic, and the re-release edition on Blu-ray puts the focus squarely on
Elvis himself; a major plus for fans. For those who still want to see the original version of the film, the theatrical version is included on DVD. Also, the hot medley of "Little Sister/Get Back" from the outtakes main film’s rehearsal scenes, is what rock ‘n’ roll was meant to be and is worth the price of admission alone.
Go HERE for the full blu-ray website review and details
See below for purchase options
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

. . . .

FTD Releases August 2014: Three new releases announced for August 2014 release, a Classic Album, UK book, plus new LIVE vinyl album.
- ‘Elvis For Everyone’ – Classic Album.
This 2-Disc 7" Set Celebrates 1965’s Classic Album "Elvis For Everyone" and features a selection of previously officially unreleased session outtakes.
The original press release posted by RCA in August 1965 says, "This is the first Elvis Presley album since 1962 [POT LUCK] that is not a movie soundtrack album." In this new album, Presley demonstrates great versatility by singing a wide range of songs, familiar and unfamiliar, slow ballads and hard-driving rock’’n’rollers. Only one of these songs has ever been issued before ("Summer Kisses, Winter Tears"). The lead off-song, "Your Cheatin’ Heart." Is the title song of the new movie based on the life of Hank Williams., currently playing throughout the country … ..Varied repertoire and Elvis in top form make this really Elvis For Everyone."
Although it was compiled from previously unreleased recordings, it appeared like a breath of fresh air to Elvis fans that had become
somewhat tired of the formulaic soundtracks. The LP hit the top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic. 
This 2-CD classic edition features insightful essays, rare memorabilia and great outtakes! 
It also features the rare overdubbed version of "Wild in The Country" that featured maracas and additional bass guitar. Although, the source remains a mystery to this day, it was supplied to RCA-UK for its stereo version of the album as a replacement for "Summer Kisses." This track had been issued two months before on RCA-UK’s unique album, Flaming Star And Summer Kisses. 
Apart from OPTIONAL MASTERS that could have been used, DISC 2 contains 23 Previously Unreleased Outtakes from the ‘60s!!!!!!
Go here to SONY/FTD 2014 releases for full tracklisting.
- "Best Of British – The RCA Years 1957-1958
This is Elvis, with the continuation of the British story now detailing his RCA releases from 1957 - 1958.  As a companion to the critically acclaimed and highly successful ‘Elvis: The Best Of British - The HMV Years’, this book contains the full history of over FIFTY iconic Elvis songs initially released by RCA in Great Britain. Again, each song has been thoroughly researched to the same high standards and is graphically catalogued.
Containing over 1000 illustrations, unpublished photographs and charts, together with rare items of memorabilia, this volume of ‘The RCA Years’ moves the story forward to explicitly reveal previously unknown facts and additional British connections to the songs. 
Within these 500 pages and amongst many formerly unknown
fascinating facts, you will discover: 
The English pub that inspired an Elvis song! 
Exactly where and when Elvis learned to play piano! 
The real life characters contained within the lyrics of Jailhouse Rock! 
The CD included with this book features many first-time officially released Elvis tracks. Here, amongst his classic songs, are the songwriters’ demo recordings as Elvis first heard them, plus the message he recorded on his home answer machine! 
‘The RCA Years (1957 - 1958)’ chronicles the meteoric rise in Great Britain of the ‘Sun King’ to the man who would ultimately be crowned ‘Artist Of The 20th Century’. 
Elvis innovated, others imitated!
Go here to SONY/FTD 2014 releases for full tracklisting.
- "Hot August Night" Special LIVE Double-Vinyl 
Limited Edition Vinyl 2-Disc Vinyl Set.
Vinyl cutting by Abbey Road Studios
DMM Copper Mastering
180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
Strictly limited pressing
Go here to SONY/FTD 2014 releases for full tracklisting.
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

'That's the Way It Is' Legacy 2CD Set - OUT NOW: The double CD Legacy version features the original album, singles, bonus tracks plus the previously unreleased August 12th Dinner Show.
CD 1 Original Album: 1. I Just Can’t Help Believin’, 2. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights, 3. How The Web Was Woven, 4. Patch It Up, 5. Mary In The Morning, 6. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, 7. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’, 8. I’ve Lost You, 9. Just Pretend, 10. Stranger In The Crowd, 11. The Next Step Is Love, 12. Bridge Over Troubled Water,
ORIGINAL SINGLES: 13. I’ve Lost You (single version), 14. The Next Step Is Love (single version), 15. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (single version), 16. Patch It Up (single version), OUTTAKES 17. How The Web Was Woven (Take 1), 18. I’ve Lost You (Take 1), 19. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Take 2), 20. Patch It Up (Take 1), 21. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Take 1)
CD 2: August 12, Dinner Show - Previously Unreleased.
Order at Amazon - Only $16 >> That's The Way It Is (Legacy Edition) Go here to EIN's SONY/FTD 2014 page for and full tracklists.
(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis: That's The Way It Is' Deluxe Edition: After weeks of speculation Sony/RCA/Legacy officially announce the release of monumental definitive edition of "Elvis: That's The Way It Is (Deluxe Edition)" presented together for the first time ever in a Deluxe Box Set (8CD/2DVD). Available on August 5, 2014.
The CD selection is exactly as EIN predicted with two concerts being officially released for the very first time. 
CD1 ‘That's The Way It Is’ - Original Album
CD2 August 10 Opening Show - (FTD One Night in Vs)
CD3 August 11 DS - Unreleased
CD4 August 11 MS - (BMG Live In Las Vegas box-set)
CD5 August 12 DS - Unreleased
CD6 August 12 MS - (BMG 30th Anniv box-set)
CD7 August 13 DS - (FTD The Wonder Of You)
CD8 Rehearsals - (BMG 30th Anniv box-set)
That’s The Way It Is (Deluxe Edition) is the most ambitious Elvis Presley restoration package ever created, bringing together - for the first time ever - the album, the theatrical and home video versions of the film, six full-length concerts (featuring previously unreleased performances), rehearsal highlights and other rare recordings in one astounding and essential package. The result of an historic partnership between Sony and Warner Brothers, the deluxe set combines the video and audio assets of Elvis: That’s The Way It Is with unique and previously unreleased material.
The highly-collectible That’s The Way It Is (Deluxe Edition), bonuses include unreleased material, remixed and remastered audio and a new 80-page book detailing the entire event with facts, songwriter and musician interviews, and photos in a deluxe 8CD/2DVD box set.
Originally released on RCA Records in November 1970, Elvis: That's The Way It Is combined eight studio tracks, recorded in Nashville, and four live concert performances recorded in Las Vegas during Presley's 1970 "Summer Festival" season at The International Hotel in Las Vegas to create one of Elvis' best albums.
On July 14, rehearsals for the movie and live shows commenced at the MGM lot in Culver City, California. The Hollywood cameras rolled for five different rehearsals prior to the opening night on August 10. Unquestionably, Elvis was keen to broaden his repertoire for the film,as more than 60 songs were attempted during the period, far more than the usual average of 20 to 25 that would normally be chosen. Over the four nights filmed by MGM, Elvis and his band worked tirelessly, trying out a broad variety of musical styles, emphasizing his desire to share the wide range of music he loved with his audience. Director Denis Sanders captured the end result magnificently, providing fans throughout the world with their first glimpse of the new contemporary Elvis performing at the peak of his vocal prowess both in rehearsal and on the stage.
'That's The Way It Is (Deluxe Edition)' centers on the SIX complete shows recorded and partially filmed by MGM. Two of the shows are released for the first time in their entirety.
The original RCA album is expanded with the four single sides from the period, and a selection of “fly-on-the-wall” outtakes from the June Nashville sessions that produced the majority of tracks for the album. Completing the audio section, a separate disc of insightful rehearsal highlights, featuring unusual song selections showcases both the hard work and the playful atmosphere that governed Elvis’ relationship with his musicians.
That's The Way It Is (Deluxe Edition) puts the original RCA album and the 1970 MGM documentary feature together in a single package for the first time. It includes the previously released original theatrical DVD version (1970) and the re-edited and extended DVD version from 2000.
(EIN note: What a shame not one scrap of new footage has been included. This would have been the perfect place and presumably indicates that there will never be an official release of any more MGM filmed material).
Go HERE to Amazon Pre-Order>> That's The Way It Is (Deluxe Edition) with cheap price guarantee
Go here to EIN's SONY/FTD 2014 releases page for more details and full tracklists.
(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)


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Dark Side of the Colonel


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Ernst Jorgensen (2009)


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