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Elvis UFO Connection - Non-fiction Account of Alien Intervention

Richard Daniel, Castle Rock Press, USA, 1987, ISBN: none

In the world of Elvis literature there are two obscure titles involving Elvis and UFO's. One is the mysteriously titled Elvis The UFO by Aileen Bringle, and the other Elvis UFO Connection Non-fiction Account of Alien Intervention by Richard Daniel. It is this latter book which is the subject of this review.

Be prepared, Elvis UFO Connection is a very different Elvis book! The author(s) pose the question:

Was Elvis consciously aware of repeated and continual abduction by alien beings?

And if valid, does this strange intervention explain and shed new light on Elvis' controversial private life and his meteoric rise to stardom?

To support the theory, the author uses little known, almost obscure facts and reports documented in the Elvis legend.

Despite the incredible premise which will stretch credibility for many readers, Elvis UFO Connection is a well written book which interrelates little known aspects of the Elvis story with published research on UFO intervention in modern times, principally alien adductions of human beings.

The themes expressed in Elvis UFO Connection will instantly appeal to those with a knowledge of Ufology while for those not so inclined will probably read like a fanciful fairytale. However, our world is a strange place at times and there are many well documented unusual occurrences that defy belief and rational explanation.

There is a logical structure to the arguments presented in the book and many interesting and challenging themes. The significance of an apparently insignificant piece of clothing is but one key in the Elvis UFO mystery story as are important events in the life of Gladys Presley.

Elvis UFO Connection provides the reader with a solid introduction to serious enquiry about alien abductions, and by interweaving seemingly unimportant and usually overlooked incidents in the lives of Elvis and Gladys, offers a unique perspective on, and answer to the eternal question: why Elvis?

About the author: "Richard Daniel" is actually two people, representing the combination of their first names: Richard Vaculig and Daniel Guyll.

In Elvis UFO Connection, the authors borrow heavily from Elaine Dundy's seminal work, Elvis & Gladys, and also from UFO pioneers such as Brad Steiger, Whitley Streiber and astrophysicist, Dr. Jacques Vallee.

Verdict: While it is easy to dismiss Elvis UFO Connection as another far-fetched tale designed to cash in on the Elvis legend, it is actually a seriously written book with a cogent, if incredible, premise. Part mystery, part biography, part documentation of alien abductions, Elvis UFO Connection challenges common preconceptions about the Elvis story and is worth reading even if you don't believe.

Availability: Elvis UFO Connection is extremely hard-to-find. In the past two years only one copy has been listed by a book dealer (and was sold at US$60.00), and to EIN's knowledge no copies have been listed on ebay.

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