(Source: Weekly World News, 20 September 2004)

The body buried in Elvis Presley's grave is not the body of Elvis Presley, according to a new report!

The stunning news comes from author and Elvis expert Robert Craner who, for nearly four years, spearheaded a crusade to have the corpse exhumed. Backed by the money and influence of six wealthy Memphis businessmen, he finally won court approval last week.

"At last, thanks to DNA tests and dental records, we can say with 100 percent certainty that a hoax has been perpetrated on millions of Americans," Craner says. "Someone else was buried in the grave of Elvis Aaron Presley."

Weekly World News first broke the story of Craner's quest to test the body in our August 22, 1995, issue. It has taken him this long to get the go-ahead.

Under cover of darkness, genetic scientists removed the body from its grave and ran extensive tests. Their findings confirm the darkest suspicions of millions. The ornate grave at the Graceland mansion does not contain the remains of The King of rock and roll. "Neither I nor anyone involved in this project will speculate on whose body has been buried there since 1977," Craner told the NEWS.

"But after nearly five years of red tape and resistance from people with vested interests in keeping the truth from coming to light, I have finally proven what I -- and countless others -- have believed for 22 years: The body in that grave isn't The King's."

Craner showed reporters documentation that, he says, proves his astonishing allegations. The tests were supervised by noted Austrian geneticist Max Vorst. "We extracted 16 hairs from the corpse's head and five skin samples," Dr. Vorst said. "We matched all of them with DNA samples known to be from Mr. Presley. "But we only did the DNA tests to make sure we were being absolutely thorough. It was already obvious from dental records that the body we had exhumed wasn't that of Elvis."

Craner says that despite the newfound evidence, Graceland officials and the Presley family insist the body is Elvis'. They are demanding that the body be returned to the grave. Craner refused to name the six businessmen who financed the project but said their reasons were not the same as his.

"My partners are shocked by this discovery," Craner said. "They sought the disinterment hoping it would silence the doubters and prove, once and for all, that Elvis is dead. "Elvis is an industry that generates millions of dollars for the local economy. My partners felt that the rumors that Elvis is alive were hurting that industry. They wanted the tests to show the world that The King really died. "But, unlike them, I never believed -- and still don't believe -- that The King is dead."

Craner said he will not stop with this stunning discovery. "I won't rest until I find out who this body belongs to and what really became of Elvis," he says. "There's a lot more work ahead."

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