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Saturday 16 May 2009

Dixieland Delight Multimedia boxset details: Elvis Matters has published details of the Praytome Publishing multimedia boxset tie-in with the next FTD release.

From the Praytome Press Release: On the image you see the new FTD - 2CD Set "Dixieland Delight" in front of the mysterious Multimedia-Box-Set "Dixieland Delight" by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing

We got many requests and received dozens of questions what this Multimedia-Box-Set is all about. Because of the historical importance in the history of the Elvis concerts during the 1970 this five show stand will be presented in a never before done way:

With so many information about the shows and hundreds of different photos that cover the performances, it would not have been fair to squeeze the existing material into a single book with 144 pages. So the production crew came up with the idea of a package that absolutely deserves the expression of “a true collector’s item”:

This Multimedia-Box-Set consists of the following:

• two great full colour, hardcover books
• two special 45’s vinyl with never before heard audio
• a DVD documentary with a running time of more than 3 hours
• a total of 20 different interview partners and eye-witnesses to this extraordinary event
• special guest appearances of Sheila Ryan, Donnie Sumner, Charles Stone and others
• Bonus Audio Disc with never before released material
• Bonus DVD Disc with unedited footage and extra material
• Special Memorabilia slide-in module including
• poster
• calendar
• tour paperwork
• newspaper article reprints
• collection of buttons that were sold during the Elvis concerts with Huntsville images on display
• reproduction of the parking ticket
• reproduction of backstage pass
• reproduction of the tickets to the 5 individual Huntsville performances
• a total of 5 unique photos – one from each show being a high quality reprint directly from the negative
• a placeholder where you can place the 2 CD “Follow That Dream” (FTD) release of “Dixieland Delight”
• a special plate that identifies the numbered box set of this limited edition release

This box set will be released in a special limited & numbered edition and will be split into 4 separate releases.

Friday 15 May 2009
Who said Elvis was dead?: Well he mightn’t have got through to the final in last night’s 1st semi final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, but Belgium's Copycat (singing a song of the same name) did a very respectable and energetic Elvis-like rockabilly performance complete with shaky legs. (News, Source: EIN/SBS)


View the 1st semi final show: www.sbs.com.au

Elvis remix back to the mixing board: Recently Essential Elvis posted an entry on their blog that a new Elvis remix was in the works.

From the Blog: Cherry Lane Music Publishing has signed Allan Pineda Lindo, (also known as Apl.de.Ap., a founding member of the Black Eyed Peas) to a long-term, worldwide publishing agreement. Cherry Lane has represented the publishing of The Black Eyed Peas since 2003.

"It is wonderful and very natural for us to deepen our relationship with Apl," said Cherry Lande, senior VP of creative services and marketing. "In addition to his solo work, we have him working on outside projects such as an Elvis Presley remix." Lindo, who is also a record producer, said, "I am looking forward to working with Cherry Lane and expanding upon my producing and solo career. It has been a privilege to work on the Elvis remix - such a legendary and inspiring artist."

This was updated today: Just got this in from EE:UK reporter Brian Quinn regarding the possible new Elvis remix single:

Just to inform you that the the Allan Pineda LINDO Remix is not going to happen. Apparently the track was done without approval from Sony and when they did hear it they did not like it. It would seem they have asked Lindo to go back into the Studio to alter the remix. This is the current state of play. (News, Source: Essential Elvis/Elvis News)

Latest Spanish reissue: The 13th release in the local Catalonian (Spain) "La Vanguardia" newspaper is "Elvis´Golden Records Vol. 3". It was remastered by BMG and published in September 1997. The CD has the original tracklisting from original album (LSP-2765) published in August 1963 with 6 Hollywood bonus tracks previously released:

  • Wild In The Country.
  • Wooden Heart.
  • The Girl Of My Best Friend.
  • Follow That Dream.
  • King of the Whole Wide World.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love

As usual the CD comes in a 30 pages deluxe hardcover book with information and photographs in color and black/white. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Reissue of The Jailhouse Rock Sessions: Due for (re)release from the Laurel label is the CD "The Jailhouse Rock Sessions". (News, Source: Elvis Corner/Elvis News)

The Music of Elvis Presley A Collector’s Guide – new book release: Released May 13, 2009 is the 422 pages book "The Music of Elvis Presley A Collector's Guide" by Gregory Branson-Trent. The book was released through the self publishing publisher Create Space.

From the press-release: More Than 30 years have passed since the death of Elvis Presley, yet the deceased singer, still widely acclaimed as The King of rock and roll, continues to sell records, inspire legions of worshiping fans, and preside over quickie weddings in Vegas.

Elvis is the one who gave us everything from Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog to Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender. Over the course of his career, Elvis appeared in thirty-one movies, each one a smashing financial, if not critical, success. Perhaps most importantly, however, if you want to be the King, you've got to live like the King. No celebrity before or since has done as much to redefine the notion of living large as Presley.

This book will take you back to a complete overview of Elvis' career, included are:

  • A Complete Discography
  • A Total Chart Listing Of All Releases
  • A Complete Image Collection Of All Albums And Singles.
  • A Biography Of Elvis' Career And Personal Life.
  • The Elvis Timeline
  • Elvis' Movies
More than 30 years have passed since the death of Elvis Presley, yet the deceased singer, still widely acclaimed as The King of rock and roll, continues to sell records, inspire legions of worshiping fans, and preside over quickie weddings in Vegas. How does one become the King? Well, for starters, it helps to have a distinctive style. Elvis "The Pelvis" won the madly thumping hearts of teenage girls everywhere by packaging his smoky-voiced singing with some scandalously sensual hip-swinging. It never hurts to crank out some hit singles, as well.

Elvis is the one who gave us everything from Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog to Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender. A high-profile career in Hollywood is certainly a plus. Over the course of his career, Elvis appeared in thirty-one movies, each one a smashing financial, if not critical, success. Perhaps most importantly, however, if you want to be the King, you've got to live like the King. No celebrity before or since has done as much to redefine the notion of living large as Presley.

This book will take you back to a complete overview of Elvis’ career. Branson-Trent’s book takes on all aspects of Presley’s Career, from a full discography, to a biography and reveals many aspects of his chart performance and his life in movies. In short it is everything Elvis with pictures.

To order direct from the publisher: https://www.createspace.com/3383236  (ISBN/EAN13: 144217031X / 9781442170315)

EIN Note: For buyers outside the USA, CreateSpace shipping charges are very high!

More Elvis books: Further to the foregoing news, ElvisBookResearch advises EIN that 2 new Elvis related books have been released/announced:

Flowers for Elvis: This is a fiction release written by Julia Schuster and published by Bell Bridge Books (USA) in April.  It is described as a quirky Southern tale with a literary edge, surprising humor and uplifting spirit.  With a fanatical Elvis fan as one of the main characters, the author takes the reader on a flower strewn tour of misguided love and maternal betrayal which culminates at Elvis’ funeral.

My Treasured Memories of Elvis: This book by Judy Palmer Bendewald, is produced by Elvis world identity, Mike Freeman, and is illustrated by the legendary Elvis pencil sketch artist, Betty Harper.  Release date 26 May from Memphis Explorations.  No other details are presently known about this release.

Visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Books in 2009 reference page

'Dries, The Dutch Secret Behind Elvis' TV documentary: On Friday June 26, exactly 100 years after the birth of Colonel Tom Parker, the Dutch TV station Veronica will air the documentary ‘Dries, The Dutch Secret Behind Elvis’. The docu is made by Silver Spirit Pictures, the company behind director and ElvisMatters member Jorrit van der Kooi. The night before the docu airs on TV, the world premiere will be held at the Must See Theatre in Breda, as a kick off for the Elvis Festival in Dries van Kuijks birthplace. After the docu is aired on TV, the Aloha From Hawaii special can be seen on the same channel. (News, Source: ElvisMatters /Elvis News)

Viva Las Vegas tops list: The Las Vegas Review Journal listed the best Las Vegas-themed tunes. The Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman song "Viva Las Vegas" as performed by Elvis Presley tops the list.

"Las Vegas is an interesting place because of the nostalgia other people attach to it," says Ken Hanlon, director of the Arnold Shaw Popular Music Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "Of course, the people who live here don't seem to have that same sense of nostalgia."Strangely, none of these is the city's official theme song. That distinction is claimed by George Dare, who says his "Shine, Las Vegas" was awarded the title in 1986. (A City Hall spokesman, however, calls it merely "an" official song. "There could be others," the spokesman says, although he doesn't know how many or what their names might be.)
  1. "Viva Las Vegas," Elvis Presley
  2. "Leaving Las Vegas," Sheryl Crow
  3. "Let's Go To Vegas," Faith Hill
  4. "Big in Vegas," Buck Owens
  5. "Sin City," AC/DC
  6. "Heaven or Las Vegas," Cocteau Twins
  7. "Here's to Las Vegas," Barry Manilow
  8. "Me and My Monkey," Robbie Williams
  9. "Sin City," Flying Burrito Brothers
  10. "L.V. (Las Vegas)," Clint Holmes
The comment on Elvis' song: Churning like a freight train alongside the Strip, this twangy rocker would make a much better official theme song for Vegas than for Viagra. It perfectly nails the excitement of checking into your hotel room with Benjamins to burn: "How I wish that there were more/Than the twenty-four hours in the day/'Cause even if there were forty more/I wouldn't sleep a minute away."Its organic feel is a testament to both the song's writers and singer, since its history is anything but organic. It began as an assignment from the filmmakers issued to several Brill Building pros in 1963, the title of Presley's 14th film already being in place. The late Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman -- who already had a track record with the King -- simply crafted the preferred "Viva Las Vegas.""He was always surprised that it was the hit that it became," says Sharyn Felder, Pomus' daughter. "It was never a favorite song of his, by any stretch."

Not once, Felder says, did her dad even visit the town he so famously wrote about. (News, Source: Las Vegas Review Journal)

Indian fan club celebrates Elvis’ 75th: A loyal fan club in northeast India is marking the 75th birthday of legendary rock and roll figure Elvis Presley. The Elvis Presley fan club in Shillong has more than ten members who are still diehard fans of the undisputed king of rock and roll. Presley's birthday falls on January 8th, but fans recently went on stage to revive the old glory of their cherished rock star among the Elvis fans and people in the city.

Shillong Elvis Fan Club member Donboklang Dohling recorded an album entitled “A Tribute to Elvis, Volume One.”

[Donboklang Dohling, Elvis Fan and Mimicry Artist]: "This show is happening and I am glad with this turnout we are getting. So we hope that the interest will grow again like it was earlier… We will try to make our show grander in the future.”

The concert also attracted several international Elvis fans.
(News, Source: New Tang Dynasty Television)
Setting The Day album released: The SR import release entitled "Setting The Day" has been released. This digi-pack contains an audience recording as recorded live in Las Vegas on August 30, 1971 containing part of the Dinner Show an the complete August 30, 1971 Midnight Show. (News, Source: Elvis News)


01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 1.17
02. That's All Right, Mama 2.18
03. I Got A Woman 2.45
04. Proud Mary 2.40
05. Sweet Caroline 2.26
06. Polk Salad Annie 4.02
07. It's Impossible 2.47
08. Heartbreak Hotel 1.40
09. Hound Dog 1.29
10. I'm Leaving 3.09
11. Can't Help Falling in Love 1.32

Time 25.24

Bonus tracks:

12. Also Sprach Zarathustra 1.16
13. That All Right Mama 2.22
14. I Got A Woman 2.37
15. Proud Mary 2.44
16. Sweet Caroline 2.20
17. Polk Salad Annie 4.19
18. Intro 0.53
19. Johnny B. Goode 1.44
20. It's Impossible 2.48
21: Love Me 1.32
22: Blue Suede Shoes/Whola Lotta.. 1.36
23: Heartbreak Hotel 1.33
24: Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel 2.15
25. It's Over 2.09
26. Hound Dog (fs) 1.30
27: Hound Dog 1.28
28: Suspicious Minds 5.32
29: Band Intro 3.25
30: I'm Leaving 3.15
31: Bridge Over Troubled Water 5.50
32: Can't Help Falling Love 2.09.....Time 54.26

New ELVIS PRESLEY record release: Thanks to Roger Akehurst (Rockwell Publishing) for advising that ALL SHOOK UP has been released on Black vinyl. Also a NUMBERED Limited Edition of 250 on RED vinyl. Available direct from us. Click on the link: http://web.me.com/rogerna/SALES/Direct_Sales.html (see earlier story dated 9 May)

Thursday 14 May 2009

Impello Films Begins Pre-Production of Next Feature Film, Restoring My Father's Honor: Elvis’ youngest step-brother, David Stanley, has commenced work on his next feature film. 

Stanley released his first feature film, Protecting the King, his story of growing up around Elvis in 2007.  Restoring My Father’s Honor has a compelling primary theme and is likely to prove controversial!

From the media release: From writer, producer, director D. Edward Stanley who captured international interest at his Cannes premier and later through the worldwide release of Protecting The King in 2007, comes a true story that has been buried for more than fifty years. Restoring My Father’s Honor follows

Stanley’s father, Master Sgt. William J. Stanley as he fights his way through D-Day on bloody Omaha Beach only to face an enemy in the form of Vernon Presley, father of Rock icon Elvis Presley.

Impello Films Inc. announced today (3 Oct 2008) it has begun pre-production work on its next feature film “Restoring My Father’s Honor.” With his first feature film “Protecting The King” released worldwide in 2007, writer/producer/director D. Edward Stanley now brings a true story to the screen that has been buried for more than 50 years.

In 1958 Master Sgt. William (Bill) J. Stanley, 3rd Armored Division, was stationed in Frankfurt Germany with his wife and three young sons. That same year Vernon Presley followed his son Elvis Presley, now an Army private also assigned to the 3rd Armored Division, to Frankfurt. In a twist of fate these two men would meet, setting off a series of events that would lead to deceit, dishonor and betrayal. Sgt. Stanley had known only victory in 17 years of military service. From the bloody beaches of Normandy France in 1944 to the carnage of the Korean War, he was a combat soldier with medals that gave silent testimony to his honor and courage. But the day Vernon Presley arrived in Frankfurt, the groundwork was laid for a battle not of guns, tanks and military strategy but of greed, power and money.

Sgt. Stanley would unknowingly be drawn into a battle he didn’t know how to win – a battle that would not only cost him his family, but the honor of the country that he had dedicated his life to defend. “Sgt. Stanley was my father,” said D. Edward Stanley. “I never really got to know my Dad until after his death when I received his memoirs in the mail. I grew up at Graceland as the step-brother of Elvis Presley. The story of what happened to him and how it impacted his life has never been told. And it’s certainly an unknown chapter of the Presley saga.”

“Restoring My Father’s Honor” promises to reach a broad range of audiences with its human drama, military flavor and compelling content. “It’s the story of a combat veteran who fought in some of this nation’s greatest crusades for freedom yet became a casualty of fame,” said Stanley. “But it’s also a story of redemption and restoration.” For more information about Restoring My Father’s Honor visit the films official website at www.restoringmyfathershonor.com.

Impello Films engages in the production and development of the intellectual properties of writer/director D. Edward Stanley as well as other acquired properties for exploitation in various media and markets. The production company’s offices are located at 9131 Jasmine Lane, Irving, Texas 75068. For more information about Impello Films visit www.impellofilms.com

Restoring My Father’s Honor website: http://www.restoringmyfathershonor.com/

Read EIN’s review of Protecting the King

Elvis & the Edge of Reality: Academy Award-winning screenwriter and film director Cameron Crowe is featured in the latest issue (June 2009) of the film magazine, 'Empire' and chooses his "Top 10 Musical Moments in Film". At number 8 in the list is Elvis Presley and his performance of 'Edge of Reality' from the 1968 M.G.M movie, 'Live A Little,
Love A Little'
and here is what Crowe says of this particular performance:

"Many credit the Colonel for steering Elvis into his (arguably-cheesy) '60s movie period. Actually it was Norman Taurog who defined the so-called Elvis Movie that became the King's bread-and-butter after the more authentic Loving You - Jailhouse Rock - King Creole phase.

" Taurog ended all that with G.I. Blues and went on to shoot eight more Elvis kissing-dancing loving classics. The rootsy early Elvis was never seen again, but in it's place was a riveting run of films that Elvis literally walked through at a pace of three a year. Every once in a while, a true genius would be shooting through. Elvis' weariness sometimes created seismically funny and accidentally profound sequences. Like this one. Groove out to his true foray into psychedelia. You can't quite believe it exists." (News, Source: Elvis Express Radio)

End of an era as French Elvis hangs up his ‘blue suede shoes” and France announces set of postage stamps in his honor: The man many call ‘the greatest legend you don’t know about’, the incomparable Johnny Hallyday, has acommenced his retirement tour.

After half a century as a rebel rocker and national hero, Johnny Hallyday, the “French Elvis”, began taking his leave last week with a farewell tour that has sent his army of fans into mourning.

Hallyday, who is nearly 66, may be a bit of a joke outside the French-speaking world but the retirement from stage of the evergreen star is being marked as the end of an era, complete with an issue of commemorative postage stamps. The faithful camped for days by the stadium in Saint-Etienne for the opening night of Tour 66 — I’m Stopping Here, his sold-out six-month, £20 million show. More than a million people will watch the tour, more than expected for any other act in France this year.

“Johnny is our God. We live and breathe him,” said Jacky, a sixtysomething fan of the guitar-slinger, who is fondly admired by everyone from President Sarkozy to left-wing intellectuals. “We couldn’t stand being without him,” said Christine, Jacky’s wife.

Hallyday, who has sold about 100 million records since 1960, made his name imitating US stars before the young Beatles and Stones did the same. While Britain’s American-style acts worked with the common language, Hallyday managed to turn America into a parallel French universe. Generations of French identify with the sound and the style of the Harley-riding chanteur du blues.

The stadium erupted when Hallyday opened the show with his classic Bon Vieux Temps du Rock’n’Roll and then followed with Quelque Chose de Tennessee and his anthem, Que Je T’aime. The thinking classes may smile at his cheesy pastiche of an imaginary America and his lack of songwriting talent, but they have long credited him as a powerful entertainer who has touched something in the collective soul. Le Figaro likened his sound recently to the nostalgia evoked by Marcel Proust’s madeleine cake in A la Recherche du Temps Perdu.

“He is our travelling companion, a piece of the history of France,” it said. Hallyday, who plans to carry on recording from time to time, is winning critical praise for his latest acting role, as an old gangster in Vengeance, a new film by Johnnie To.

The acclaimed Hong Kong director is presenting the film in competition at next week’s Cannes festival. He said in yesterday’s Le Monde newspaper that he had never filmed an actor with such piercing eyes. The Idole des Jeunes, as Hallyday is still called, has acted for several star directors, including Jean-Luc Godard. Jean-Philippe, his previous film, is set in an alternative modern France that has never known Hallyday. He plays an elderly salesman called Jean-Philippe Smet who is urged to turn his hand to singing.

Two generations of French pop stars have followed Hallyday but none has really filled his rocker shoes.

Hallyday has also included a set of Elvis songs in his farewell Concert tour. Among the songs are "That's All Right Mama" and "Blue Suede Shoes", followed by the Hallyday penned tribute song "Tennessee". It is not unusual for Hallyday to include Elvis songs in his set.  Love Me Tender, Tutti Frutti and Blue Suede Shoes have often been included in his song list while on tour.

The rock 'n' roll singer tours Belgium and France with six musicians on stage.

EIN Comment: If you haven’t heard or seen Johnny Hallyday we recommend you do!  While maybe not the greatest singer and his songs are usually sung in French, this guy has charisma in spades.  On CD we recommend his excellent Anthologie series which showcases his major recordings and on DVD sample his stunning ‘event” performance in front of more than half a million fans at the Eiffel Tower: 100% Johnny: Live a la Tour Eiffel.  And for something completely different, sample his Live In Las Vegas album, where a full plane load of French fans flew in to give him a standing ovation!  (News, Sources: Charles Bremner, The Times/AP/EIN)

Another FTD title being deleted: Elvisa reports on the FECC board that Rockin’ Across Texas is the next FTD to be deleted from the catalog. Ken Jensen also provided this list of the titles so far deleted by FTD:

  • Out in Hollywood
  • Silver Screen Stereo
  • The Way It Was (book/CD combo)
  • The Nashville Marathon
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Studio B
  • Long Lonely Highway
  • 6363 Sunset
  • Flashback
  • Rockin’ Across Texas (book/CD combo)

Elvis on iPhone: Elvis is shaking up Apple's iPhone. Elvis Presley Enterprises announced on Wednesday it was releasing a free iPhone application which will allow fans to view newly released pictures and videos of the "The King" and listen to podcasts from Elvis Radio.

Fans can also use "Elvis Mobile" to "report Elvis sightings around the world" to elvis.com or view footage from a live camera at his longtime Memphis, Tennessee, residence, Graceland.

"Elvis always believed in embracing new technology and this new Elvis Mobile application is another unique way to continue Elvis' legacy," said Scott Williams, vice president of marketing for Elvis Presley Enterprises. "We're giving fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll another tool to experience Elvis in a new and interactive way," he said.

Tens of thousands of applications for the iPhone have been created by developers and the California-based Apple recently celebrated the billionth application download from its online App Store.

Access it by going to iTunes from your iPhone, go to the "App Store" and use the keywords: "Elvis Mobile" (News, Source: AP)

Billboard Charts Update: Billboard charts for week ending 16th May:
Top Christian Albums:
#42 - I Believe: The Gospel Masters
Top Christian & Gospel Albums:
#57 - I Believe: The Gospel Masters
Top Country Albums:
#58 - I Believe: The Gospel Masters
Top Country Catalog Albums:
#6 - Elv1s 30#1 Hits
Top Music Video:
#33 - He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley Vol.1 & 2 (20th week)
#37 - Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert (45th week)

Aussie Chart Update: On this week’s ARIA top 40 Music DVD Chart, Elvis The ’68 Comeback Special rises 4 places to #26.  It has been on the chart for 62 weeks with a peak at #1.  Also on the chart, Elvis: The King of Rock n Roll falls 8 places to #36.  It has been on the chart for 57 weeks with a peak at #4.  Importantly, this week its certification status achieves another milestone, rising to 2xP! (News, Source: ARIA)

Dutch artist records Elvis wearing Elvis: The Dutch artist Guus Meewis recorded a new album in the Abbey Road studios where the Beatles recorded most of their famous work. In that studio - wearing an Elvis T-shirt - he recorded a cover of Elvis' There he recorded a Dutch cover of "They Remind Me To Much Of You" with the Dutch title "Denk Ik Alleen Aan Jou". (News, Source: Elvis News)


Wednesday 13 May 2009

'From Elvis To Garth' Bobby Wood & The Memphis Boys; EIN contributor Pamela Mays Decker turns a much-needed spotlight on Bobby Wood, keyboardist and a musical inspiration behind Elvis' important 1969 Memphis sessions. Extraordinarily the 40th anniversary of Elvis' pivotal recordings at American Studios has essentially passed without so much as a whimper and with no respectful fanfare from EPE. As part of The Memphis Boys Bobby Wood recorded some astounding material which totalled over 100 chart hits in four years – a feat yet unmatched. He is writing his memoirs subtitled "From Elvis to Garth" which is slated for later this year. 

Go here for a fascinating look into Bobby Wood and this amazing musical scene. 


(Spotlight, Source;Pam Decker/EIN)  

Ernst Jorgensen on 1970-71 soundboards: According to a post on the FECC board, Ernst Jorgensen has told Ciscoking that Sony BMG DOES NOT have any Elvis soundboards from Elvis’ September 1970 tour or any soundboards of Elvis in Lake Tahoe in 1971.
EIN sees this as a disappointment since Elvis' September 1970 tour was by all accounts spectacular. Joe Tunzi's 'Elvis Sessions 3' list several concerts that he believes were recorded to Soundboard from that particular tour. 
Ernst went on to say (in the context of the Huntsville, Alabama shows) he does not consider what the bootleg labels issue in making his decisions about FTD releases.
When EIN recently asked Ernst about the Madison label bootleg releases of Elvis' 'On Tour' Standing Room Only series - which coincided badly with FTD's release of the same material - Ernst stated that "it certainly does not infuriate me - it may infuriate SONY."
Showing a nice sense of humour Ernst also joked,"Bootleggers don't send me samples"!
(News, Source:EIN/Ciscoking, FECC) (Right:The Phoenix 1970 bootleg cover)

New Book "Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas"; EP Gold has the news that a new Elvis photo book is to be released next month.
"Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas" is a photo-book about Elvis in Las Vegas 1956 - 1976.
With the contents:
- The Concerts
- Holidays
- The wedding
- A list of all the stage suits Elvis used on stage
The list is going on and on.....
200 pages, with 1000 pictures, size 20 x 30 - hard back cover.
Planned release date June, 2009

(News, Source;EpGold)

New “Elvis Mobile” iPhone and iPod Applications Now Available: EPE along with RESOLUTE Games Corporation, announced today the release of “Elvis Mobile,” a free iPhone application (app) available to iPhone or iPod Touch users via the iTunes App Store. Elvis Mobile puts Elvis at your fingertips with this easy-to-use and interactive application. Features of the new Elvis Mobile app allow fans to view newly released pictures and videos, listen to podcasts from Elvis Radio, provide Graceland Livecam access, and even report Elvis sightings around the world. Content on Elvis Mobile will be maintained by Elvis Presley Enterprises and updated daily.
“Elvis always believed in embracing new technology and this new Elvis Mobile application is another unique way to continue Elvis’ legacy,” says Scott Williams, EPE Vice President of Marketing. “Elvis has had a commanding online presence for a number of years with elvis.com. With Elvis Mobile on the iPhone and iPod Touch, we’re giving fans of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll another tool to experience Elvis in a new and interactive way.”
Go here all the info - (News, Source;EPE)

Three new Elvis exhibits on display at Graceland: The Timesfreepress.com reports on the new exhibits...
>> Graceland, former Memphis home of Elvis Presley, has three new exhibits honoring the King.
“Elvis in Hollywood,” “Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture” and new exhibits in the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum are now open to the public.
“We have so much in our collection that we are able to reorganize and regroup them into something new,” said Kevin Kern, of EPE Inc.
Among the items on display in the “Elvis in Hollywood” exhibit are Presley’s personal copy of “Love Me Tender,” a 1956 Gibson guitar used by Presley in three of his films, the denim jacket worn by Presley in the opening scenes of “Jailhouse Rock” and his leather-bound script from “Viva Las Vegas.” Also in the collection are the black jacket and pants from talent show scenes in “Viva Las Vegas” and all 33 original movie posters.
“Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture” is an interactive exhibit designed to allow visitors to experience how Elvis influenced pop culture. The exhibit uses video, photos and special displays and an audio listening station.
The Elvis Presley Automobile Museum celebrates new additions with a special display featuring both of Presley’s Rolls Royce sedans and his six-door Mercedes Benz limousine featured in the movie “Elvis on Tour.”
“It’s amazing stuff, but what people who come here tell us all the time is that Elvis was just folks like the rest of us,” Mr. Kern said. “You really experience that when you visit Graceland. It was a home.”
(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)
Tuesday 12 May 2009

"My Years With Elvis and The Colonel" new book by Charles Stone:'Praytome Publishing' have announced their next book release to be "My Years With Elvis and The Colonel". Their press release says....
>> While everyone is talking about the recently announced FTD release and the upcoming Multi-Media-Box-Set by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing, we want to present to you the final artwork for the next Praytome Publishing release:
You are not familiar with the name 'Charles Stone'? Well, you have heard of Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker, haven't you?
Charles Stone - Concert West - Management Three - organisation of the tours: these terms all go together, and without them the Elvis Presley Tours in the 70's would not have been the same.
We are happy to announce that Charles Stone has decided to share his memories of his years with Elvis and the Colonel and that he has chosen 'Praytome Publishing' for this project. Click here for more info.
Soon you will learn more about the book's content, as well as the release date.
More details about the FTD & Praytome project "Dixieland Delight" and about what we mean when we talk about a "Multi-Media-Box-Set" will be available next week.

(News, Source;praytomepublishing.com)

Elvis Guitar at Florida Seminole Hard Rock 5th anniversary: The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa & Hollywood, Florida is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

To celebrate this Monday, the casino will open a new display featuring five guitars that belonged to legendary musicians: Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen. The Hard Rock Cafe will also have a Jimi Hendrix guitar on display for the next month, as well as memorabilia from the bands Black Sabbath and Queen.
Seminole tribe officials have planned a cake-cutting ceremony, which will be attended by five Seminole Hard Rock Calendar Girls.

(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

"Elvis Now - Complete Hampton Roads' DVD: The Eternal Flame import label has announced the release of a new Elvis On Tour in-concert DVD entitled "Elvis Now" containing the complete April 9, 1972 Hampton Road concert plus bonus
material. This release is limited to 500 region free copies with a running time of 108 minutes.
EIN is a little suspicious that the DVD may not actually be the complete Hampton Road concert - especially as only 500 copies are being advertised.



(News, Source;Various)

Rainbow Records 'Exceeding All Expectations' Sold Out & new 1973 CD: Rainbow Records import label announce that their double-CD set 'Exceeding All Expectations' containing the very last (and possibly the longest) show Elvis did in Lake Tahoe on May 9th, 1976 has completely sold out to their dealers. Check with your dealers for copies.
From the press-release about the new Atlanta on July 3rd, 1973 Show:
>>> Again the producers of Rainbow Records have been working for months on a new project, as "best possible quality" is always what they claim for when releasing an audience-recorded Elvis Presley show. This time the "Rainbowers" have found four (4!!) different sources of tapes for Elvis´ famous "Last Cape on Tour" Show in Atlanta on July 3rd, 1973. The concert also marked the closing of his June/July 1973-Tour. As you can imagine, the sound-guys from the "Rainbow"-Studio did their best – spending a total of 7 weeks - to make their new release sound as good as possible! You can expect Elvis in great mood doing a fine set of songs like the rarely performed "Memphis Tennessee", "Something", Help Me Make It Through The Night" and many others. Needless to say that the CD booklet will have its "usual" 20 pages full of rare photos, articles, memorabilia.
Tracklist: 1. 2001 Theme 2. C.C. Rider 3. I Got A Woman/Amen 4. Help Me Make It Through The Night 5. Steamroller Blues 6. You Gave Me A Mountain
7. Love Me 8. Blue Suede Shoes 9. Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on/Mama Don't Dance/Flip, Flop and Fly/Jailhouse Rock 10. My Way 11. How Great Thou Art 12. Hound Dog 13. Fever 14. Something 15. All Shook Up 16. Memphis, Tennessee 17. What Now My Love 18. Suspicious Minds 19. Introductions 20. I'll Remember You 21. I Can't Stop Loving You 22. Release Me 23. An American Trilogy 24. A Big Hunk O' Love 25. Can't Help Falling In Love.
A new release from this label is due May 31, 2009 - Vol 3 of their "Vegas Variety" series.
(News, Source;email)
Sunday 10 May 2009
ELVIS Tribute Concert - Tilburg, The Netherlands: Don't  miss out for on May 24, 2009 'The Original Elvis Tribute' will be playing in 013 Tilburg, The Netherlands. It's the last show of the European concert tour. For this day there's a special DVD release for all visitors.
Also to be released is a special Elvis CD release: Elvis Unforgettable. For the first time available on May 24. Coming soon more information on this cd, but for now we have the cover artwork.
Tickets ( 29,50 ) for this event are available through: elvisforeveryone@zonnet.nl or www.ticketmaster.nl
Click here to a nice YouTube promo for this event:
Click here for more information: www.elvismagazine.eu

(News, Source;ATilburg)

EIN apologises for the lack of recent YouTube updates - but it appeared that the "Internet Fun Police" were using our site as a reference for removing Elvis clips! Every clip we suggested was removed very soon after. Since all we are doing is promoting the great legacy of the man & his music & his movies the situation was becoming a little frustrating. But "Here we go again" ....
EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' May Update: We're back with a sensational 28 new fabulous Elvis clips and don't miss out on our five great 'Videos of the Week'; 'Got My Mojo Working Live', Elvis & Ann Margret -'You`re The Boss', 'Too Much Monkey Business', 'In The Ghetto' photo-montage and some wonderful Army footage. Other delights this week are 'My Babe' (live '69), a 'Good Luck Charm' sixties compilation, Elvis in Portland 1957, 'What'd I Say' rare rehearsal plus a very silly 'Hound Dog' clip that you know Elvis would love. Not forgetting interviews with Sammy Shore and Goldie Hawn. As EIN always says "Catch them now before they get taken away" ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source:EIN)

New Duke Bardwell Documentary: The renewed interest in Duke Bardwell, who played bass for Elvis at 181 shows in the mid-70s, has now resulted in a new American documentary being produced about him. Titled “Bayou Country”, it’s centered around a classic song that Duke wrote, but of course his association with Elvis and other artists like José Feliciano, Tom Rush and Kenny Loggins are also explored. Click here to see a trailer from this interesting documentary:
In this clip, Duke talks about his teenage days as a child with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), his early career, as well as his association with Elvis, including a neat story about him hanging out with Elvis in his Lake Tahoe penthouse and playing ‘You And I’ for him again & again. Duke will be doing shows in Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland beginning next week as a part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2009’. These shows will also mark the first time ever that Duke participates in an Elvis-tribute tour. For more information about these unique shows, please go here:

(News, Source;AD)

Greg Page & the World's fourth largest private Elvis collection: In 1999 The Wiggles from Australia were touring the US and when they got to Memphis, Tennessee, group leader Anthony Field suggested they all make a pilgrimage to Graceland. Greg Page, who was the yellow-skivvied Wiggle, wasn't even much of a fan when he walked through the door of 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard. By the time he walked out again, he was a convert.
"It was just such an incredibly powerful story," he says. "This guy came from a dirt-poor background and became the world's biggest superstar. Then he spiralled downwards and died at the age of 42. Seeing all the things he owned and wore had a big effect on me."
That's an understatement. Page estimates he now has the fourth largest collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia on the planet. The first thing he bought was a cheque Elvis had written and signed to one of his bodyguards. After that, he admits, "I went a bit crazy." As well as various outfits and jewellery from his stage performances and movie appearances, he owns Elvis's Bible, one of his TVs, a guitar and the desk and filing cabinet of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. In the garage is the last car Elvis owned, a 1977 Cadillac Seville.
"It's an expensive hobby and the cost is not something that I like broadcasting," he says. "I know what I've spent. I have the figure in my head and I'm fine with it. But if it just stayed sitting here, then it would be a waste of money." (Right:Greg Page surrounded by Elvis!)
The collection is mainly at his Sydney home, meticulously displayed in illuminated glass cases, with the clothing on rows of store dummies, accompanied by archival photographs and laminated information cards. However Greg is helping set up a museum in Parkes, western NSW, where there is an Elvis festival every January. The collection will be on display throughout their Elvis celebration weekend.
The 37-year-old father of two ("neither of my kids care about Elvis at all," he says) left the Wiggles in November 2006 after being diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance (a nervous system disorder) but it's clear that this Elvis project is a passion that keeps him more than occupied. "You could go on collecting forever but you have to draw the line somewhere", he says. 'There's no point in just saying 'I own this' and "I own that'. Now I want to share all of this with Elvis fans and other people.

Four more videos added to the EPE Elvis Legacy project:
Bobby Emmons - member of 1969 American Studios, The Memphis Boys.
Ron Olson - a Memphis DJ.
Lorena Conrad - best friend of Dixie Locke
Donna Lewis - who used to hang out with Elvis in the sixties

(News, Source;EIN/EPE)

Saturday 9 May 2009

Elvis' John Deere tractor restored: Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. announced that a John Deere tractor often used by Elvis on his ranch and at Graceland has been fully restored and will be placed on public display, beginning May 8th, 2009, at the Elvis Presley Auto Museum – located at the national historic landmark Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

The restoration has been a cooperative effort between Elvis Presley Enterprises and John Deere – an initiative that also includes future sales of die-cast replicas of Elvis’ tractor. Students at Northwest Mississippi Community College restored the tractor with guidance from John Deere.

Elvis acquired his John Deere 4010 tractor with the purchase of a Mississippi ranch in 1966. Having grown up around farming in Tupelo, Elvis knew he needed the best equipment possible to care for the land he had just purchased. Family members and close friends of Elvis tell stories about the enjoyment the famous entertainer had while working with his tractor.

After Elvis sold the ranch, the tractor moved to Graceland and was used to maintain the beautiful landscaping on the property for decades. Graceland visitors from around the world had come to know and look for Elvis’ old tractor when visiting the historical landmark. Graceland replaced the John Deere with a new model recently and decided to prepare the old tractor, which had served for nearly 50 years, for display in the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum.

For more on this story plus a video of the restoration click here

What do you think about Elvis?: EPE wants to know what you think about Elvis. Please take this very short survey and give us your thoughts and opinions about Elvis, merchandise, Graceland and a few other areas. It will only take a few minutes and will help us as we plan for the future!

Click here to take the survey.

All Shook Up on vinyl: 'All Shook Up' is the latest release rom 'Rockwell Records'. Unlike all previous releases of Elvis titles, 'All Shook Up' is released with the classic black vinyl look. It's available in a Limited Edition on Red Vinyl (only 250 Worldwide and each one is individually numbered). The album also features a beautiful 50's look picture label. 'All Shook Up' features 15 classic recordings from 1957.

Tracklisting: Side A - All Shook Up; I Believe; That's When Your Heartaches Begin; Peace In The Valley; Take My Hand Precious Lord; Mean Woman Blues, Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do. Side B - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear; Lonesome Cowboy; It Is No Secret, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; Blueberry Hill; Is It So Strange; Hot Dog; Party.
(News, Source: Elvis Express/Elvis Matters)

Thursday 7 May 2009

Rare Elvis acetate for sale: A very rare acetate has popped up on eBay. The songs are: Your Cheatin' Heart; Crying In The Chapel; Tell Me Why; When It Rains It Really Pours; Angel; Sound Advice; A Whistling Tune; You'll Be Gone; In My Way; Forget Me Never; Tomorrow Night; For The Millionth And The Last Time. The sound sample of 1954's "Tomorrow Night" sounds undubbed, which means this pressing was done prior to the March 18, 1965 overdub session in Nashville - it also sounds as if You'll Be Gone is an alternate take.

According to experts on the FECC Forum, it seems to be an early pressing of the Elvis For Everyone LP containing all unreleased tunes that RCA had in the can as of the middle of 1962, since You'll be Gone is the latest recording on the acetate. However, it was strange that Angel and A Whistling Tune would included since it had already been inlcuded on the Follow That Dream EP and Kid Galahad, respectively. The signatures are fake, unfortunately. If you're interested: here's the link (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

New Elvis book releases: According to ElvisBookResearch, several new titles have been announced for 2009-10:

  • Where's Elvis?, Daniel Lavac, Xavier Waterkeyn & Daniel Lalac, USA release date Sep 2009 (similar format to the Where's Wally series of books)
  • Biggest Elvis: A Novel, P.F. Kluge, USA release date Sep 2009 - this is a re-issue
  • Elvis and the Grateful Dead, Peggy Webb, USA release date Sep 2009
  • Black Elvis, Geoffrey Becker, USA release date Oct 2009 (collection of fiction stories)
  • Shake, Rattle & Turn That Noise Down!: How Elvis Shook Up Music, Me & Mom, Mark Alan Stamaty, USA release date Jan 2010
  • Bad Nature or with Elvis in Mexico, Javier Marias and Esther Allen, USA release date Feb 2010

Visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Books in 2009 reference page

Elvis Exhibition in Sussex this weekend: Please do not forget to join the Essential Elvis UK team at Coopers Jewellers in Hove next Saturday. You'll be welcome to enjoy the impressive Elvis exhibition, browse the beautiful jewellery and gifts in store and meet Simon Cooper himself. Simon is a highly trained craftsman and can design and handmake that special piece of Elvis Jewellery.  

Hove is a great place with terrific restaurants and superb shopping. It's right on the coast so why not make a day of it?

It's an easy, direct train ride from central London (not much more than an hour), and it's a simple journey from the Portsmouth / Southampton area.  We will all hope for a warm and sunny day!

Elvis items on display will include several of his shirts, jewellery, sunglasses and other genuine items that once belonged to the King (including his famous yachting cap, seen above). 

$1m Elvis guitar fails to sell at auction: The black stage guitar used by Elvis in the seventies, is still property of the owner. The guitar was offered for sale on eBay with a 'reserve' of 1 million dollar. Nobody placed a bid, leaving the guitar where it has been the last 35 years: in the house of the lucky fan who caught it & kept it behind lock and bar. This was the second time that the instrument was put on eBay. Last year, nobody bid over 85,000 $US. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Elvis and the Beatles music comes to India: After a successful Europe performance tour the national capital's oldest choir is set to bring the music of love to local audiences. The Capital City Minstrels (CCM) would regale Delhiites with popular music of the 50's and 60's including those from the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

"We had good reviews wherever we performed in Europe. The music for the Delhi concert is however going to be completely different," Usha Srivastava, one of the founding members told PTI ahead of the choir's concert here.

A Bharatanatyam dancer accompanied the choir led by a Hungarian conductor during the course of their "Viva la Musica -- Songs beyond Borders" tour where they gave performances at a castle near Dusseldorf, a gallery in Budapest and a conservatory in Paris.

The CCM enthralled foreign audiences with a mix of Hindi devotional songs, Gospel music, traditional kohli songs and scores from German, French and Hungarian music.

In the 2009 Spring Concert "How Deep Is Your Love," the 60-member band will give two performances the national capital. They are also scheduled to performances in Sanawar and Kasauli.

"We will have songs from Beatles and Elvis Presley and also songs from the Renaissance period, which we can call as ballads," says Srivastava.
(News, Source: PTI)

Wednesday 6 May 2009

'April Fool's Dinner' import CD Review: Originally issued as the classic vinyl bootleg 'Rockin' with Elvis April Fool's Day', this new Audionics/Southern Comfort release 'April Fool's Dinner' is somewhat of a nostalgic ride for hard-core Elvis collectors. With upgraded audio - at last taken straight from the original Master Tape - the show itself is a classic of Elvis having fun, singing well and enjoying being back on stage. While the concert is taken from an audience tape there are plenty of highlights as well as some fine bonus tracks from the Midnight Closing Show. A packed CD plus an exceptionally glossy well-designed cover. Go here for the full review.

(CD Reviews, Source;EIN)

“The Genuine Elvis – Photos and Untold Stories about the King” - a Preview: EIN contributor Pamela Decker is excited to share with fellow fans around the world that within the coming weeks, she will bring you exclusive interviews with some good friends of hers who have a forthcoming book, “The Genuine Elvis – Photos and Untold Stories about the King” which is set for release this summer at Graceland.  
You’ve likely heard about “The Genuine Elvis,” which was announced in late February. The book, by Ronnie McDowell, Edie Hand and Joe Meador, will feature countless never-before-heard stories, candid color and black & white photos and special memories – compiled as a tribute to Elvis. Among the stories are touching anecdotes from Elvis’s high school pals, fond personal recollections of good friends and relatives, and memories from a lucky few who were fortunate enough to spend Christmases at Graceland. 
Along with Edie and Ronnie is co-author Joe Meador. A 30+ year music industry veteran, Joe is a songwriter, manager, producer and performer who has worked with artists such as Rick Nelson and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He serves as president and CEO of Nashville’s Grand Entertainment Group www.grandentertainment.com. 
In addition to dozens of beautiful photos by Al Wertheimer, the book features contributions from a host of other Elvis friends and family members. One such contributor is Louise Smith, widow of Elvis’ cousin Gene, who opens up to share rare memories. She also plans to appear at select book signing events with the authors. Fans who pre-order will receive autographed copies (from all three authors) of the book. 
Edie confirmed that the official launch of “The Genuine Elvis – Photos and Untold Stories about the King” will take place at Graceland’s bookstore on August 14, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Look for the interviews with the authors in June, along with more information about other cities hosting official book signing events.

Please Sign This ELVIS Petition: I am petitioning for an award to be created and named after Elvis Presley. I have written a letter outlining my idea and sent it to all the key places.
This is what Elvis Presley has always been about. Bringing people together,through kindness and generosity. How fitting if he were to be honored this way and it all came about through good people working together with no thought to personal gain. Only to better the world we all live in.
Elvis Presley was admired and cherished in life. Years after his passing his memory continues to light our lives, and so it is fitting that we continue to admire and cherish this wonderful man.
I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time. Thanks! And Please forward to all your contacts. TLC "Always for Elvis."
There is no donation required to sign this petition. Simply sign, comment if you wish and close document. Your signature will be recorded.
Go here for more details - Or why not just sign the petition? (News, Source;MH/EIN)

Springsteen shares life at Rock Hall exhibit: Thirty-three years ago this week, a man was busted after scrambling over the wall of Graceland and knocking on Elvis Presley's door, trying to meet the King. His name: Bruce Springsteen.
He was already a rock star by then, but Springsteen badly wanted to meet one of his all-time heroes. So he understands, more than anyone, that true-blue rock fans crave to know more about their heroes than album titles and concert dates.
That's one reason why Springsteen agreed to let the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum mount the first major exhibit on his life and career.
"He said from going down to Memphis and Sun Studios and doing things like that, he had this realization that his fans out there would want to see this stuff about him," said Jim Henke, the rock-hall curator who assembled the exhibit.
"He understood that doing the exhibit would be something that would make fans happy. They'd get to see an extension of him that they normally wouldn't get to see."
"From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen" opened in April in conjunction with the rock hall's 2009 induction ceremony.
Springsteen --but not the E Street Band --was inducted into the hall in 1999 by U2's Bono.
Fans can spend hours perusing Springsteen's songwriting notebooks. He writes at length, usually in longhand.
Fans can see how the iconic "Born to Run" developed. You know the opening lines by heart: "In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream/At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines."
An early version, with a banana doodle on it, reads: "By day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream/At night we walk the jungle in fear with murder in our ears."
Springsteen is no longer the rock god who sold 40-million copies worldwide of "Born in the USA," but Henke noted he's still like the everyday working-class folks he loves to write about. He still works, tours, records.
"That's one of the things I admire about him," Henke said. "Over the past several years, he's brought out a new CD almost every year, toured every year. Ninety percent of the time, when an artist reaches that stature, he brings out an album every five years and occasionally tours. He seems to keep moving along." (News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

Bono’s infamous Elvis Poem On BBC4: A 14-minute poem written by U2 frontman Bono about Elvis Presley is to receive its premiere next Wednesday (May 13). It's 'effective but bonkers,' says man who recorded poem
Entitled 'American David', the poem is thought to have been written by Bono in 1994. A spoken word version of the piece - read and recorded by the U2 frontman two years ago - will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm (BST) next Wednesday.
Originally recorded during a documentary about the history of Sun Records, Bono was convinced to recite the poem by director Des Shaw.
"I said I'd love to hear it and he ran upstairs and grabbed it and just read it for us," Shaw explained to The Times. "He said, 'There you go, do with it what you want'.
"I suppose, really, it's his thoughts on Elvis. He’s a huge fan and he knows an awful, awful lot about his music.
"We've been tossing ideas around for two years, keeping on going back to it and trying to work out how we'd use it. It took a while to work out how to produce it in a very effective but bonkers way. It's a difficult one for Radio 4."
The poem is set to be preceded with a warning about its language- and Elvis fans beware as includes a few possibly derogatory lines about The King and his life, "Elvis sang to win, Elvis the battle to be slim, Elvis ate america before america ate him".
However the poem is more a reflection on the sadness of middle-America than derogatory about Elvis himself.
Although a BBC Premiere you can Click Here to hear Bono reciting the poem.  (News, Source;LorraineP/EIN)
Tuesday 5 May 2009

Wanda Jackson Live In London: Rock-a-billy Queen, Member of Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and very good friend of Elvis Unlimited, Wanda Jackson live in London in June.

If you are in wonderful London, June 18th or 19th, make sure to go to JazzCafe and experience the legendary Wanda Jackson. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Aussie Chart Update: Australia's love affair with Elvis on DVD continues this week. On the ARIA top 40 Music DVD Chart, Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll drops one spot to #27 (after 56 weeks on chart, a high of #4 and certification 1xP), while Elvis: '68 The Comeback Special drops 4 places to #30 (after 61 weeks on chart, a high of #1 and certification of 5xP) (News, Source: ARIA)

Elvis in High Definition: MGM HD is broadcasting the "King of HD" - three Elvis' movies in High Definition quality. The movies are  "Follow That Dream," "Kid Galahad" and "Clambake." They are broadcast back to back on Wednesday (May 6) and several more times throughout the month of May.

The movies "Follow That Dream" and "Frankie And Johnny" were broadcasted recently in high definition. (News, Source: FECC/ Elvis News) 

Elvis 75 logo: Elvis Presley Enterprises organized a contest for the design of the celebration of Elvis'75th birthday. The entry by 'Carsten' wwas selected by EPE to be utilized in the celebration of Elvis' 75th birthday year in 2010.

According to the media department of Graceland, EPE received over 300 entries making the selection a difficult one. "Elvis 75" is expected to bring many thousands to Memphis in January 2010. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

ElvisOnLine is excited to announce the launch of its two latest features....
Elvis Alert, to pun  Elert...
This exciting new feature, ALERT or ELERT (C) to subscribers giving an email alert to the latest Elvis News as it comes to press... This feature will be a random email hourly/daily/weekly whenever, keeping you up to date of all things Elvis...
To subscribe to this latest feature, simply reply to this email stating SIGN UP. Your reply will subscribe you to instant subscription. NOTE: This service is unique to your regular receivership to ElvisMail or Email, issued monthly...
ElvisOnLine is fully authorised by Elvis Presley Enterprises and is Ireland's Newest Elvis Website!!!!
Take Care,
Darren Clinton,
An online resource & Ireland's Newest Elvis Website!!!


Sunday 3 May 2009
Graceland Guidebook updated: Since it was first published in the mid '90s, the purpose of the Official Graceland Guidebook has been two-fold: first, to briefly tell the story of Elvis Presley's life & career and second, to take the reader on tour through Graceland and the additional exhibits & attractions that are available to Graceland guests.

As Elvis' posthumous career achievements & milestones have grown and as the Graceland guest experience has evolved, the Guidebook has been periodically updated. This latest edition, available in both hard and softcover versions, has been updated in order to provide a more contemporary & vibrant look featuring wonderful photography of Elvis & his family, his beloved Graceland and the adjacent attractions & exhibits that comprise the Graceland tour experience. Click here to purchase your copy today.
(News, Source: EPE)

Elvis Film Fest #6: Tickets go on sale today at www.malco.com for Elvis Film Fest 6!

Advance Ticketing Instructions:
visit www.malco.com and click on online tickets, click on studio on the square and change the calendar date to August 11, available tickets will show up on screen.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this summer!

Please feel free to forward this information to your friends...and if you have a moment, find us on Facebook!

See you in August-
Karen Scott
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Malco Theatres, Inc
5851 Ridgeway Center Parkway
Memphis, Tennessee 38120
901/681.2044 fax

Visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Film Page

Dr Donald Hinton exposed?: EIN hopes to publish its exclusive interview with Eliza Presley shortly.

Meanwhile, not surprisingly, many people do not believe Eliza's claim that she is Elvis' half sister. Barbara Lee Rowe, a cousin of Elvis', has published an informative and clerly named website: The Kin of Rock and Roll.

On the site is an interesting article looking at Dr Donald Hinton and Linda Hood Sigmon, two prominent figures in the continuing saga of Elvis having faked his death.

Visit EIN's comprehensive archives of news and links regarding the Eliza Presley case

Sign petition: The Elvis Presley Award for Excellence (Source: Marianne Hurrell)

Elvis' Golden Records Vol 3. - Spanish re-issue: The thirteenth re-issue in the Spanish Catalonian newspaper "La Vanguardia" is "Elvis´Golden Records Vol.3". The CD is the 1997 remastered edition featuring the original tracklisting from original album (LSP-2765) published in August 1963 with 6 Hollywood bonus tracks previously released:

  • Wild In The Country.
  • Wooden Heart.
  • The Girl Of My Best Friend.
  • Follow That Dream.
  • King of the Whole Wide World.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love

As usual the CD comes in a 30 pages hard-cover book with information and photographs in color and black/white. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Operation Phoenix (the Manifesto) – break the code and reveal the truth behind Elvis’ faked death!: The Elvis conspiracy area is one rich in color, mystery and incredulity!  Over the decades, a few written materials have gained notoriety due to their highly controversial subject matter and utter scarcity.  The Presley Commission Report comes quickly to mind, while another, equally mysterious document, Operation Phoenix (the Manifesto), is not as well known or understood.  Operation Phoenix first became known in the late 1990s when it was discussed on the various ‘Elvis underground’ forums and generated lively debate as to its origins and meaning.

The title of the manifesto is self-explanatory, obviously reflecting the idea of the phoenix (Elvis) rising from the ashes (death).

Supposedly written by Elvis as he prepared to fake his death, this rarely seen document was purported to comprise:

  • details of how he would fake his death (escape plans);
  • details of the Groups (there were 2) involved in the pending cover-up;
  • Elvis’ reflections on his life;
  • a color visual of the “secret” floor plan for upstairs at Graceland;
  • the original Graceland “blueprints”;
  • poems written by Elvis; and
  • a mysterious Codex.

The publication contains a number of names certain to provoke debate: “Lancelot”; “Enos”; Larry Blong”; while an interesting notation ruling out Japan, but leaving open Switzerland, Australia and Bahia Blanca as places to escape to will intrigue many.

Despite there being several clues to deciphering the numerically based Codex, this does not appear to have been achieved.  Many posters on the Underground forums suggested that once the code was broken, the real truth behind why Elvis had to fake his death would be revealed!

Like the Presley Commission Report; Operation Phone Book; and The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!; Operation Phoenix is an intriguing part of the rich myth that still resonates from what is today, admittedly only a pale semblance of the once powerful Elvis underground and the notion that Elvis did not die on 16 August 1977.

Copies of Operation Phoenix have recently been listed on eBay.  Happy hunting!

Visit EIN's Elvis Conspiracy page


Friday 1 May 2009

Elvis Birthday Celebration 2010 Schedule: Although we haven't yet got to 2009's Elvis Week, EPE have posted a preliminary event schedule for Elvis' 75th Birthday Celebration in January 2010. Go to Memphis for four days of fun events in Memphis, including a Birthday Pops Concert, special anniversary proclamation ceremony, Elvis Insiders Reception, Conversations on Elvis and more.
Elvis Birthday Celebration 2010 Thursday, January 7 - Sunday, January 10:

Click here for all the details

(News, Source;EPE)

Free Unique DVD at Elvis Dutch Concert: ’The Original Elvis Tribute 2009’ is fast becoming the show that everybody is talking about. After years constantly getting the same acts and the same songs, we believe that Elvis fans are ready for a fresh, exciting new experience – and ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2009’ is just that. Featuring the talents of original Elvis bass-player Duke Bardwell (181 shows with The King), Elvis-songwriter Michael Jarrett (a.o. I’m Leavin’), Award-winning Elvis-vocalist Ted Roddy, Hollywood-drummer Marc Singer (a.o. Star Wars), guitarist supreme Thierry LeCoz and backing singers Vikki Lee and Michele Jarrett, this is a show that will knock you off your feet! Many fanclub-presidents and dealers have already expressed great interest in this remarkable production, and even other Elvis-acts like Dennis Jale have already stated that they don’t want to miss this show. And with 9 shows in 6 countries in just over a week, this is also one of the most successful Elvis shows in recent years to hit Europe. No mean feat, especially when you take the worldwide economical crisis into account.
The Dutch fanclub ‘Elvis For Everyone’ will have a special surprise for the visitors to the concert in Tilburg on May 24th, a specially-produced free DVD containing a new Elvis-documentary featuring Duke Bardwell. In this programme, Duke talks freely about his association with Elvis, and even performs the beautiful ‘You And I’, a song that Elvis really loved and which Duke will perform on the May tour. As a special bonus, the DVD also contains excerpts from the last-ever television interview that Charlie Hodge did in the Benelux. A truly interesting DVD, exclusively as a free gift for those coming to the show in Tilburg. For more info, please go to: www.elvismagazine.nl
(News, Source:www.elvisnews.dk)

Actor Ed Westwick has a tattoo tribute to Elvis: The 'Gossip Girl' star admits that he is a huge fan of Elvis and so decided to immortalise one of his song titles in ink on his chest. Ed said: "I'm a big fan of Elvis, man. I got 'Heartbreak Hotel' tattooed (see photo right) on my chest. Yeah, and I've got '21 Grams,' 'Love Me Two Times,' the song by the Doors. I have 'You Make Me Feel Like the One' across my shoulder."
The 21-year-old actor also has 'I Heart Romance' emblazoned on his forearm, and revealed he got the inspiration for the tattoo from an unusual place. Despite loving his role as wealthy cad Chuck Bass on the US TV show, Ed admits he is keen to win new acting roles.

(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

'Hey Elvis' is hoping to rock the Gold Coast: Knowing Elvis' love of horses he would probably appreciate that Australia's Gold Coast trainer Bruce Hill expects "Hey Elvis" to be a major threat in this Saturday's Prime Minister's Cup.
Hey Elvis was one of 28 nominations for the 1200m feature but is right down on the limit weight of 53kg.
"He's in terrific order for Saturday's race -- the main concern is actually getting a run," said Hill. "They'll only start 16 and I just hope he sneaks into the field."
All going to plan, Saturday's race will kick-start Hey Elvis's winter campaign geared towards the $1 million Stradbroke Hcp. "He was pretty nervous as a younger horse but he's really matured now and has continued to improve with each preparation. He hasn't had a trial leading into Saturday's race but he's done plenty of work on the track. He races well first-up and if he gets into the race I think he'll be in it up to his ears."
(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)


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