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Tribute artist web sites

Booking agency: www.elvisentertainers.com
El Gamble (Australia's Voice of the King"): RIP Obituary
Max Pellicano: www.elvistothemax.com Johnny Earle: www.johnnyearle.com
Mark Anthony: www.himselvis.com Scott Baker: scottabaker.blogspot.com
Shawn Klush: www.shawnklush.com Dean Vegas: www.deanvegas.com
Mark Andrew: elvisleaveshismark Michael Hoover: www.michaelhoover.com
Mick Gerace: www.mickgerace.com Michael O'Connor: www.reflectionsofalegend.com
Lem Vis: www.lemvis.com Frank Anthony: http://www.frankanthony.nl/
Doug Church: www.dougchurchusa.com Tom Bartlett: www.tombartlett.net
Greg Page: www.gregpage.com

Robert Washington: entertainers/Robert_Washington/

Harvey Mcfadden: http://www.elvisisintexas.com Jay Allen: http://www.jayallanrocks.com/
Billy Lambert: http://www.elvis2.com/ Martyn Dias: http://www.shmelvis.com/
David Lee: www.thedavidleeshow.com Michael O'Connor: http://www.worldclasselvis.com/
William Maurice: http://www.williammaurice.com
Almost Elvis 35,000 Elvis Impersonators Can't Be Wrong! She Is The King: www.sheistheking.com

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2022 - News and Shows

Don't miss our spotlight on 'ELVIS' new Baz Luhrmann movie with GREAT movie PICTURES plus all the Baz Luhrmann stories from 2014 until now!
Sunday 19 June 2022
'ELVIS' EIN movie review: Keith Richards said, "Elvis hit like a bombshell ... it was like the world went from black and white to Technicolor." While those words apply to Elvis Presley they could similarly apply to Baz Luhrmann's style of film direction. Compared to the regular Hollywood output Baz Luhrmann movies have a similar feel of busting out of jail and going from black-and-white to technicolour. They are loud, brash, super-colourful, fast-edited and exciting, they have their own language and style.
The full-bore soundtrack, the glowing colour, the revelation of Austin Butler's truly stunning performance and the real excitement of the fast editing really does make it feel that Luhrmann has grabbed Elvis' true spirit. The film not only tells Elvis’ life but has the genuine excitement of the real Elvis, something that I've never felt from any previous Elvis Bio-Pic.
The incredible fact is that while the movie includes so many snatches of real Elvis (Hy Garner interview, Lisa Marie, Al Dvorin etc) yet Austin Butler has one so enthralled in playing Elvis' character that you can hardly spot the difference.
However typical of a Luhrmann movie you can see why fans' overly detailed fact-checking needs to be left at the door - and knowledgeable Elvis fans should just enjoy the ride.
Go here for EIN Piers Beagley's exclusive and detailed review
(Review; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Interview) Sheree Homer talks to EIN about her new book about musical tribute artists, half of whom are ETAs: Sheree Homer’s is a music tragic. Her latest book, 'You Sound Just Like... Behind the Scenes with 40 Musical Tribute Artists', is due to be released in the fall / autumn.
Around half of the performers Sheree researched and interviewed for the book are Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs).

She explains... The tribute artist industry has continued to grow in recent years and has become very popular. I think it’s wonderful that they are keeping the music alive, especially for those of us who never had the opportunity to see the original artists.

Sheree recently took time out to talk to EIN about the book, her other rock music publications, and the eclectic world of musical tribute artists.

Read our interesting chat with Sheree

(Interview, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

ELVIS 'Austin Butler Pre-Production Test Footage': This is a sensational clip. Forget all those average Elvis Impersonators you might have seen, here Austin Butler truly inhabits Elvis character showing what he could do
at a pre-production jam.
As 'Depper' rightly comments, "Austin was a brilliant choice as there are millions of new young Elvis fans just based on the trailers alone. Many more will join us in the Elvis fanbase as soon as the movie drops. This movie successfully explains the contributions to music of Elvis Presley, to today's current generation. Elvis' legacy has been given a tremendous boost, and will help young people understand that he was a force of good for American music and humanity."
(News, Source;EIN)

Austin Butler plays Elvis' guitar: While the "ELVIS" movie cast were assembled at Graceland, Austin Butler got to play Elvis' genuine guitar in the Jungle Room!
It must have been a surreal experience both for him and for Elvis' actual family who were there..

Riley Keough commented on Instagram:
"We got to spend time with Austin Butler this weekend in the house, at Graceland. It was such a special and overwhelming experience I haven’t quite processed. One of many sweet things that happened while we were there- Austin played my grandfather’s guitar in the house. This guitar hasn’t been played by many people. I know it was tuned by Paul McCartney once, but as far as people sitting down and playing it Austin Butler is one of very few people aside from my grandfather. ❤️"

Go here to YouTube to listen
Austin Butler playing Elvis' guitar in the Jungle Room - Graceland. June 2022.

(News, Source;JM/ElvisInfoNet)

'Becoming Elvis Featurette': Don't miss out on this fabulous 'Becoming Elvis Featurette' for the new Baz Luhrmann movie.
In it Austin Butler and Baz Luhrmann describe the intricacies and difficulty of properly representing ELVIS on the big screen.

It is a knockout two minute look at the new film.


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)


No more "Elvis-themed weddings" ABG tells Las Vegas chapels: In what appears to be a very petty move ABG, the company that controls ELVIS name and image, has ordered Las Vegas chapel operators to stop using Elvis in themed ceremonies, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.
Authentic Brands Group reportedly sent cease-and-desist letters in early May to multiple chapels, which are expected to be compliant by now.
With Elvis so closely tied to Vegas' wedding industry, some say the move could decimate their businesses.
LasVegas-Elvis-Wedding-Chapel and the Little Chapel of Hearts operators noted, “We are a family-run business, and now we’re hanging with the big dogs. It is our bread and butter. I don’t get it. We were just hitting our stride again through Covid, then this happens.”
Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya, who led a marketing campaign promoting Las Vegas as a wedding destination, said the order for chapels to stop using Elvis couldn’t have come at a worse time for the sector.
The city’s wedding industry generates $2 billion a year, and officials say Elvis-themed weddings represent a significant number of the ceremonies performed. ABG did not respond to requests for comment.
(News, Source;LVReviewJournal/AP/ElvisInfoNet)

Why Austin Butler was chosen over Harry Styles: Well over two years ago there was discussion about who might get the key role for Baz Lurhman’s Elvis biopic
Chart-topping Harry Styles was already well-known to most people as a musician whether via his work in One Direction or his more recent solo projects and he was up for the role. And also more recently he has garnered recognition for his acting work, appearing in the 2017 Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, as well as the highly anticipated Don't Worry Darling and My Policeman, which are both set to release later this year.
In May, Styles confirmed that he had auditioned for Baz Lurhman’s Elvis. “Elvis was probably the first person I knew besides my family when I was a kid. For that reason, there was something incredibly sacred surrounding him, so I thought I should try to get the part.”
Given Styles's level of fame, it may come as a surprise that Luhrmann passed on the former boy band member for the role of Elvis, opting instead to go with young actor Austin Butler.
This week on Australian radio Luhrmann explained why Styles wasn’t cast.
“The real issue with Harry is, he's Harry Styles. He's already an icon.” Luhrmann further explained that he thinks Styles is a talented actor and would love to work with him on a future project.
Styles later said he wasn’t offended by the decision. “If they think the movie’s going to be better with someone else then I don’t want to do it because I don’t want to be the not-as-good version,” he told Stern.
Perhaps things work out in the end, as Butler clearly had a special connection to Elvis. At the Cannes Film Festival, he revealed that he basically put his life on hold for two years for the role, admitting he “went down the rabbit hole of obsession.”
Butler certainly inhabits both the look and the style of the real ELVIS.
Luhrmann noted, “The thing about Austin was that he will tell you himself, I didn’t pick him: It’s as if he was drawn, like the role drew him in because he was almost born to play it."
Butler also recently spoke to the New York Times about his commitment to playing the King. “I want everybody to love the film, obviously, but the pressure I have really felt is doing justice to Elvis. Humanizing him. Adding to his legacy and maybe, hopefully, even reclaiming some of his legacy.”
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

UK Tabloids 'ELVIS' 4-Star Reviews: For the ELVIS biopic to get to a large fan-base it is obviously important that the movie appeals to everyone, and not just the Luhrmann Art-House movie fans.
The great news is that both UK Tabloids 'The Sun' and 'The Mirror' have given the movie 4-Star raves.
The Sun review notes.
"Get ready to be all shook up by this high tempo, ferociously flamboyant take on Elvis Presley’s life.
Similar to Baz Luhrmann’s direction of The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet, the first half hour barely lets you blink.
It kicks off with a high speed spin through the first 20 years of Elvis’ life that makes you feel as though you’ve eaten too many E numbers and then visited the circus.
All with a huge dollop of glitz, glamour and decadence sprinkled on top.
Later the pace evens out and everything suddenly becomes very watchable indeed.
A lot of this due to an extraordinary performance from Austin Butler. While not only portraying a convincing likeness, he like a young Elvis, is a simply beautiful creature to watch.
Hypnotic and somehow different from the rest of us.
In a scene where he gyrates and thrusts on stage for the first time in front of an audience, the women of the 1950s are shocked by their carnal reactions.
But watching him now, it’s totally understandable. Even in 2022.
Despite the gift of a vast soundtrack of Elvis songs, some modern tunes are sprinkled in, which jars and feels unnecessary.
But that aside, you can’t help falling in love with this shake, rattle and roll through the life of the biggest star the world has ever seen."

The UK Daily Mirror says..
'Austin Butler nails the moves, the mannerisms and the soulful voice'
30-year-old Austin Butler repays director Baz Luhrman’s faith with a genuine star-is-born performance.
Butler nails the moves, the mannerisms, the soulful voice and somehow even channels the icon’s charisma. When girls scream at him in the film’s electrifying musical sequences, you wonder
how much acting was required.
Surprisingly, the film is as much about his corrupt manager as it is about the rock and roll pioneer. Parker admits he knows nothing about music, but he knows plenty about making money. When he sees Elvis perform for the first time (and hears those ecstatic screams) you can imagine dollar signs in his eyes.
His attempts to tame the rebellious Elvis, lead to conflict but the old charmer always manages to reel him back in. As Elvis needs to provide for an extended family, Parker knows he always has the upper hand.
Highlights include a behind the scenes look at his 1968 TV special and a concert where Elvis baits the police with “If you’re looking for trouble” and whips the crowd into a frenzy with those sinful hips.
Telling the story from someone else’s viewpoint has one drawback - we don’t really get under the skin of the icon. But this is a foot-tapping, spine-tingling testament to a musical pioneer."

(News, Source;Tabloids/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 23 April 2022
'The King of Rock and Prince of Pop' Australian Concerts: Featuring Mark Andrew as ELVIS and Marty Rhone as Cliff Richard.
After many Covid reschedules at long last, 'The King of Rock and Prince of Pop' Australian concerts are happening.
ELVIS and Cliff Richard - For more than a generation they were the two biggest rock stars on the planet. Today, generations later, they remain two of the biggest recording stars in music history with a combined total of over 100 hits, many of which you will hear in this unique event that pays tribute to a man who was, and still is, so BIG he is referred to as the KING! From the other side of the planet came a young, equally good looker who idolized the KING and was inspired to follow in his footsteps and became known as the Prince of Pop and was fittingly knighted by the Queen to become Sir Cliff Richard.
This is a show that all the fans love because it also tells a beautiful story in great music & pictures.
Sat 21 May - State Theatre Sydney – Bookings Ticketmaster
Sat 18 June – Costa Hall Geelong – Bookings through www.martyrhonemusic.com/tours
Sat 6 August – Perth Concert Hall – Ticketmaster
Sat 20 August – The Star Gold Coast – Ticketek
Thurs 25 August – Concert Hall QPAC Brisbane – Qtix
Sat 10 Sept – Darwin Entertainment Centre - www.martyrhonemusic.com/tours
(News, Source;Marty Rhone/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis loves Parkes, Australia: With bigger crowds than in Memphis for Elvis' Graceland Birthday, Australia's 2022 Parkes Elvis Festival kicked off with a raucous street parade.
For sure it's basically a big country-fare with far too many old-men-in-white-latex-jumpsuits - but there is ELVIS music everywhere and more than 20 thousand fans all gathered together celebrating Elvis' magnificent legacy.
Despite the 14,000 kilometre distance from Elvis’ Graceland home, fans have been gathering at the country town festival to honour his legacy for nearly 30 years.
Thousands lined Clarinda Street today to watch the parade of cars, in keeping with the festival’s theme of Speedway, the 1968 film starring Elvis and Nancy Sinatra.
Elvis lookalikes revved their engines, sounded their blaring horns and one feigned his best southern drawl to call out “Elvis loves you baby” to a cheering crowd.
There was an Elvis on rollerskates, another sitting next to Marilyn Monroe while swing dancers twirled down the street, alongside a bewigged brass band.
Longtime Elvis fan Cheryl Latter noted, “There’s no badness or sadness about it. Elvis' fashion and the music brings back memories of people's childhood and good old-fashioned fun. The kids are reviving it now, when we go dancing they’re doing the Jailhouse Rock. Everyone’s happy, you don’t see any drunks, there’s no swearing, it’s just everyone enjoying themselves.”
With his hair combed back Elvis-style, mechanic Charlie McCarter added that "Young and old alike love Elvis because he changed music and the way people move. Everyone was so silent before Elvis. They couldn’t move their hips, they couldn’t dance properly. Elvis really broke the ice.”
The festival has been a long time coming and it didn't disappoint. See Parkes Elvis Festival website
(News, Source;Championpost/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 21 April 2022
Australian Parkes Elvis Festival 2022 kicks off: Elvis once sang about waiting for a train carrying his sweetheart "'cos she's mine all, all mine".
More than six decades after Mystery Train was recorded, fans have boarded the Elvis Express to the Australian 29th Elvis Festival in Parkes, in central west NSW.
Wearing bedazzled white jumpsuits, rockabilly skirts and bouffant wigs, they boarded the train at Central Station in Sydney early on Thursday morning.
Thousands of hip-shaking Elvis Presley impersonators and fans of the late King of Rock and Roll returned today to the Elvis Festival in the Australian country town of Parkes for the first time in more than two years.
Last year the Parkes Elvis Festival was cancelled because of COVID-19, which also pushed back the event this year from January, Presley’s birthday month, to this weekend.
Parkes Mayor Ken Keith, wearing a baby blue jumpsuit, waved fans off at platform five before heading to the airport to catch the 'Hound Dog' flight out of the city.
Mr Keith says revellers have arrived in Parkes with a
renewed sense of fun after the festival was cancelled last year and postponed this year due to COVID-19.
"People just want to let their hair down and have fun again." He said 'Elvis's enduring legacy continues to make people happy'. He has such wonderful music that so many people know and can sing and dance to, and there's the opportunity to dress up.
"When you've got a mayor who is silly enough to dress up, you know we don't take ourselves too seriously in Parkes."
The festival's major events include a street parade on Saturday, a Speedway car exhibition, concerts by American tribute artist Taylor Rodriguez, busking, look-alike competitions, and a vow
renewal ceremony on Sunday.
The Elvis Express pulled into Parkes train station this afternoon, to a platform packed with welcomers as The King's music played over the speakers. This year's festival theme is inspired by the movie Speedway.
Go here to the Parkes Elvis Festival website for all the details and planned events.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"1st Annual Sydney Elvis Festival" this August: 2022 is turning out to be a BIG ELVIS year and now the new "Annual Elvis Festival" has been announced for Sydney this August.
This has been rescheduled from 2020 > 2021 > 2022 due to the covid pandemic.
... It’s time to get All Shook Up August 5-7 at the Bankstown Sports Club where we will showcase five exclusive concerts performed by some of the world's best Elvis Tribute Artists including superstar performers Dean Z & Dwight Icenhower. Also joining them will be Australia's premier ETA in Jack Gatto, and up & coming 50s star, Brody Finlay.
The T.I.C band are one of the worlds best Elvis bands and every song played exactly how Elvis liked it, and most importantly… wanted it! Jason Russo, the drummer, is insanely good & one of the worlds best.
All five shows will be different & unique to each other, and you'll be blown away by the authenticity of each act.
Go here to Ticketek for info.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 16 March 2022
‘Elvis’ World Premiere at Cannes!: Great news that the Baz Luhrmann ELVIS biopic will have its World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.
Warner Bros is hyping up its upcoming film ELVIS with a premiere just as flashy as the man himself. The movie will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival a month before its theatrical release. While no specific date has been selected yet it will have to be between May 17 to May 28.
Luhrmann has previously opened the French Riviera Film festival with both Moulin Rouge! in 2001 and The Great Gatsby in 2013.
Luhrmann’s first movie since The Great Gatsby, ELVIS explores the
life and music of Elvis Presley, seen through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager. The story delves into the complex dynamic between Presley and Parker, from Presley’s rise to fame to his unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America.
Variety had predicted the film will play at Cannes along with 'Top Gun: Maverick', George Miller’s 'Three Thousand Years of Longing', David Cronenberg’s 'Crimes of the Future',
Wes Anderson's 'Asteroid City' among others..
The Cannes Film Festival’s Official Selection will be unveiled at a press conference in Paris during the second or third week of April. - ELVIS is set to hit Cinemas on June 24.
(News, Source;Variety/ElvisInfoNet)
Visit our spotlight on 'ELVIS' the new Baz Luhrmann movie for more stories and great images..

Blue Mountains Elvis Festival 2022: The Australian Blue Mountains Elvis Festival (near Sydney) is happening this weekend. Based at Katoomba RSL and Palais Royale the festival is back after being rescheduled in the last two years. 
It includes 13 main concerts, After Show Parties, Wrap Party, Opening Gala Dinner, Gospel Show, King of the Mountains Singing Competition, Dinner Shows, Free Lounge Entertainment.
Performers include .. Gordon Hendricks (UK),  Brendon Chase (NZ), Brody Finlay (AUS), Che Orton (NZ) • Johnny Angel (NZ), Jacqueline Feilich (She Is the King) and more...

Go here to Blue Mountains Elvis Festival website for all the details

(News, Source;GeoffMcD/ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS WEEK 2022' Details: EPE have finally released the first details about ELVIS WEEK 2022.
The publicity states... We are so excited to be able to share what we have planned for Elvis Week 2022 - and we can't wait for you to join us here in Memphis for this historic celebration.
Graceland will be welcoming fans from around the world on August 9-17 for Elvis Week 2022, as we mark the 45th anniversary of Elvis' passing and honor the man, the star, the icon - the King of Rock 'n' Roll!
Elvis Week 2022 will offer an unforgettable line-up of concerts, conversations, tributes, and more. 2022 highlights include...
- The August 16 'Elvis Presley in Concer't featuring Elvis on the big screen backed by a live band;
Includes James Burton, Glen Hardin, Terry Blackwood and The Imperials, Larry Strickland and a special appearance by Priscilla Presley.

- All the King's Men, showcasing those who shared the studio and stage with Elvis;
Hear stories from TCB Band members James Burton, Glen Hardin and Memphis Boy Gene Chrisman.

- The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Dinner Show, where fans can enjoy Elvis' gospel favorites;
Features Terry Blackwood and The Imperials, Stamps' Larry Strickland, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, and Estelle Brown of The Sweet Inspirations.
- Conversations On Elvis: the man, the music, the legend
Including Priscilla Presley; James Burton, Glen Hardin, Estelle Brown with more guests to be announced.
- The annual Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and performances by many of EPE's past Ultimate winners;
- The the annual Candlelight Vigil on August 15 where fans gather in quiet remembrance of the king.
Tickets for Elvis Week 2022 officially go on sale on Thursday, March 10!
Check out the schedule of events & tickets here at Graceland website
There will be further special guest announcements and added events
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Nashville Elvis Festival 2022: Elvis fans from around the world will gather in Nashville, Tennessee March 24-27, 2022 for the 6th annual Nashville Elvis Festival, celebrating the music and legacy of the King of Rock & Roll. After pausing for the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the 4-day festival will welcome back fans at the Jamison Theater in The Factory at Franklin, located just south of downtown Nashville in the charming suburb of Franklin, Tennessee.

EIN notes that sadly Elvis and his musicians are not appearing - only a special guest spot from Larry Strickland of The Stamps.
There are an array of competiton winning Elvis Impersonators (sorry, ETAs) if that is what you want. Plus the knowledgable Tom Brown.

Tickets are on sale now here at the Nashville ELVIS website

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

- Missing News updates to be added soon - Due to the pandemic EIN has been short on spare time.



2019 - News and Shows

August 2019 - - - ELVIS WEEK - - -

Taylor Rodriguez 2019 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist: The 2019 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest final round took place Saturday night. Taylor Rodriguez - who represented the Tupelo Elvis Festival - was declared the winner.
Taylor Rodriguez, 21, of Lynchburg, Virginia, has a passion for entertaining. He was introduced to Elvis' music by his aunt, who was a lifelong Elvis fan. When Taylor was 9 years old, he began to seriously study Elvis' music and moves. In addition to being an Elvis tribute artist, Taylor enjoys writing songs, playing guitar and working with youth in his community.
His favorite Elvis song is 'How Great Thou Art' and his favorite Elvis song to perform is 'The Impossible Dream'.

Congratulations to second place winner Radney Pennington and third place winner Cote Deonath, and top five finalists Diogo Light and Jake Slater.

If you want to know more about Taylor Rodriguez - go to his website.
(News, source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

"My Life as the Asian Elvis" (Robert "Yoshi" Kim)

"I don't know if it was the margaritas, but you sounded pretty good! You should actually practice that... I think you could actually make money doing this."

Leaving Graceland: In the fourth part of Robert "Yoshi" Kim's adventures in becoming a successful Elvis Tribute artist, Yoshi discusses his meetings with Elvis' housekeeper/cook, Nancy Rooks, and Elvis' close confidante and spiritual adviser, Larry Geller. (Right with Yoshi)

Among other things, Yoshi relates what Larry told him about Elvis' death on August 16, 1977.

(Almost Elvis, Source: Yoshi Kim)

My Life as the Asian Elvis (Part 3) - Hollywood, Here I Come!: In the third part of his fascinating series for EIN, ETA Robert "Yoshi" Kim recounts his time filming the Nicolas Cage hit movie, Honeymoon In Vegas, mixing with a young Bruno Mars, "the Black Elvis" Clarence Giddens, and meeting celebrated actor, James Earl Jones.

My Life as the Asian Elvis (Part 2) - Becoming Elvis: Robert "Yoshi Suzuki" continues his adventures in becoming a successful Elvis tribute artist. Part 2 of his series of fun articles, Robert talks about his early days participating in ETA contests and finding a cafe that served Elvis' favorite (and famous) Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.

"Made in the USA" - Follow that Dream: My Life as The Asian Elvis (Robert "Yoshi Suzuki" Kim): In the first part of an interesting series of articles, ETA Robert Kim, aka Yoshi Suzuki, takes EIN behind the scenes of the ETA world and tells us how he got his start as an Elvis impersonator.

"I don't know if it was the margaritas, but you sounded pretty good! You should actually practice that... I think you could actually make money doing this."

(Almost Elvis, Source: Robert Kim) 

Read full article

July 2019 Austin Butler to play ELVIS in new biopic: Aussie director Baz Luhrmann has announced that the Shannara Chronicles star Austin Butler has been cast as Elvis Presley in his new biopic.
News came in earlier this month that Austin Butler was one of the finalists to play the iconic musician in the new Baz Luhrmann’s movie and now he’s beaten out Harry Styles and Miles Teller for the role, though Luhrmann took his time making a selection.
Luhrmann explained how he concluded that the 27-year-old Butler was the right actor to bring Elvis to life in his movie:
"I knew I couldn’t make this film if the casting wasn’t absolutely right, and we searched thoroughly for an actor with the ability to evoke the singular natural movement and vocal qualities of this peerless star, but also the inner vulnerability of the artist. Throughout the casting process, it was an honor for me to encounter such a vast array of talent.
I had heard about Austin Butler from his stand-out role opposite Denzel Washington in The Iceman Cometh on Broadway, and through a journey of extensive screen testing and music and performance workshops, I knew unequivocally that I had found someone who could embody the spirit of one of the world’s most iconic musical figures."
Austin Butler has primarily made an impression in the TV realm, recurring in shows like Life Unexpected and being the lead in the short-lived The Carrie Diaries and The Shannara Chronicles. On the big screen, Butler’s credits include The Dead Don’t Die and the upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
He will act in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic alongside Tom Hanks who is playing Colonel Tom Parker. While the movie will chronicle Elvis’ path to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, it will specifically frame this story through his complex relationship with Parker.
Baz Luhrmann has brought in some of his frequent collaborators such as Craig Pearce writing the script, and Catherine Martin serving as production and costume designer. Warner Bros will release the picture worldwide.
(News, Source;JoanGansky/ElvisInfoNet)

Adam Lambert Keen to play Elvis in Biopic: US singer Adam Lambert has recently been fronting the band Queen for live performances in place of Freddie Mercury.
But in the past Lambert has always acknowledged a love of ELVIS, often playing his songs.
Adam Lambert now says that he's interested in playing Elvis in the upcoming Presley biopic, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker.
In a recent interview, Lambert said he's been compared to Elvis "quite a bit" and has performed The King's music on stage for a tribute concert. He even claimed to have perfected Presley's signature lip sneer.
The movie in pre-production will explore the King's rise to fame, his music, his life and his complicated relationship with his manager so it is possible Lambert may be too old for the role. An actor has not been cast in the role of Elvis yet.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Role cut from Elton Biopic: US actor Rob Delaney states that his role as Elvis Presley was cut from new the Elton John biopic Rocketman, but only after filmmakers permanently dyed his hair black by accident.
The 42-year-old actor and comedian said he had signed up to play Elvis Presley in the hit movie but admits his part never made it to the big screen.
The star of TV's Catastrophe noted "I did shoot a couple scenes in the film as a guy named Elvis Presley, who you may have heard of, and they even dyed my hair black for it. In the make-up trailer they said: 'Do you want the temporary dye or the permanent?'
I was like, 'temporary please', and they put in the permanent by mistake, so it was black for six months after. My hair is black in another movie because of playing Elvis in Rocketman, which got cut, which is very funny, but that's just the way the ball bounces sometimes."
Delaney said he felt no bitterness about being cut from the final version of the movie, which stars Taron Egerton as the iconic musician.
"I know when Sharon Horgan and I were making Catastrophe, we would frequently cut out things that we really enjoyed, just for time"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

May 2019 - Elvis Used for "The Voice" Publicity: No other entertainer has ever had the influence and media power of ELVIS. Australia's "The Voice 2019" is once again featuring an ELVIS connection as a publicity gimmick.
Dakota Striplin - who does have a rather charming voice and neat Elvis-Quiffed hair - is getting some extra publicity with the odd suggestion that ELVIS might be his grandfather.
EIN Notes: If by any chance his father genuinely thought he was Elvis' son would he not have pursued a DNA test and legal proceedings with EPE by now?
The Voice publicity machine suggests .. The 24-year-old artist from Queensland looks remarkably like the late Elvis Presley and there's a reason for that, the rock'n'roll legend could be his grandfather.
Dakota's grandma, who sadly passed away years ago, had met Elvis when she worked for him while living in Hawaii. And although she didn't make a big deal about their connection at the time (we can guess why!), when Elvis died in 1977 her reaction caused many to wonder if they had more than just a working relationship.
Then when a recent DNA test showed that Dakota's dad, Wayne, wasn't the biological son of his father, speculation grew that Elvis may be Wayne's real dad.
"It's always kind of been a joke that Dad was Elvis' son because he looked like him when he was growing up. My mum brought it up as a joke first and I thought funny, whatever. But when she started saying all these things that could make it possible, it makes it more believable.
The singer doesn't mind the connection at all because he's a massive Elvis fan. Bizarrely, Dakota is the only musical one in his family, working as a music teacher by day and gigging at night.
As a nod to Elvis, for his audition Dakota performed a stripped back rendition of Elvis' song 'Love Me Tender', which landed him a four-chair turn. And naturally once the coaches saw
him, they couldn't help but see the Elvis resemblance too, comparisons Dakota is used to hearing.
Click HERE to YouTube to hear his 'Love Me Tender'
Once again this is more Media craziness showing just how much ELVIS' amazing legacy continues more than 40 years after his death
(News, Source;Voice/ElvisInfoNet)

Luhrmann’s ELVIS to be filmed in Australia: Baz Luhrmann’s Tom Hanks-starring Elvis film is set to shoot significant portions in Australia. This was confirmed by Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland.
The currently untitled film, backed by Warner Bros will explore the life and music of Elvis Presley, including his rise to fame, his unprecedented stardom, and his impact on the world. It will also delve into his complicated relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
The 56-year-old Director of innovative musicals Moulin Rouge!/ Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann is still on the hunt for an actor to play Elvis Presley. He is searching for an actor between the ages of 19 and 28 who can portray the singer’s shy vulnerability masking his unshakeable faith in his own destiny. Anyone who is interested in the role should send photos to elviscasting2020@gmail.com.
Palaszczuk said she was looking forward to welcoming the Warner Bros. production to Queensland’s world-class facilities, Village Roadshow Studios, on the Gold Coast. She said that an agreement to shoot in Queensland had been made after a recent meeting with Luhrmann in London.
No schedule for a start of production was announced.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Asian ETA appears in Honeymoon in Vegas and Married With Children, records with the Jordanaires, helps Colonel Parker place Elvis star into the Palm Springs Hall of Fame, and receives a five minute standing ovation in Memphis: Yoshi Suzuki began his Elvis Tribute career when he competed in the hit TV show, "The Gong Show" in 1988... and won. He auditioned for it again in 2016, and became the only person in history to be featured on The Gong Show twice.

His one-of-a-kind, often hilarious odyssey through the wonderful world of Elvis impersonators started when a television producer saw him on The Gong Show, and immediately hired him for a featured role on "Married, With Children," where he very nearly stole the show.
Soon thereafter, Yoshi crashed an audition for the motion picture "Honeymoon in Vegas" starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, and became one of the only three 'Elvi' to actually sing in the movie, along with a cute little boy, who would eventually become the pop sensation Bruno Mars.

From there, Yoshi was featured on countless Los Angeles and New York network TV news shows honoring Elvis' birthday, including a memorable radio spot with the noted Chicago shock jock

Yoshi received a five-minute standing ovation at Doc Franklin's Elvis Tribute Contest in Memphis, and attended the Elvis induction into the Palm Springs Walk of Fame with Kathy Westmoreland, where he helped place Elvis' star with Colonel Tom Parker. Afterward, Yoshi traveled to Collingwood, Canada, where he amazed 10,000 happy Elvis fans with his hilarious, often moving routine. One of Yoshi's proudest achievements came when he was selected to be the voice of Elvis on Larry Geller's audiobook, "If I Can Dream." Not only can Yoshi do a stunning singing imitation of "The King," but his speaking voice is so good that it even fooled Elvis' best friend, Joe Esposito. Then, in January 2017, at the age of 69, Yoshi defeated over 3,500 contestants for "America's Got Talent" in Atlanta, making it all the way to the semi-finals.

But perhaps Yoshi's fondest dream came true when he recorded an entire album with Elvis' original backup group the legendary Jordanaires, in Nashville, Tennessee. He remembers getting only two hours sleep the night before the session and "being scared half to death," but it was a high point of his life that he will never forget.

Yoshi jokingly calls himself, "The Oldest Asian Elvis in the World," and believe me, he's earned that privilege. (News, Source: Robert "Yoshi Suzuki" Kim and Denese Dody, Manager)

John Stamos and son dress in marching "Aloha eagle" jumpsuits: Major Elvis fan, actor John Stamos (Full House) celebrated his son Billy's first birthday by dressing up as one of his musical idols."

One year ago tonight, our little King was born," Stamos captioned a father-son Instagram pic of the pair decked out in adorable matching Elvis Presley costumes on Wednesday.




(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis pro-wrestler to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame: If you saw Elvis in the wrestling ring recently you may not be dreaming. The WWE announced on Tuesday that professional wrestler Wayne Farris — better known as The Honky Tonk Man — will be inducted into its Hall of Fame.

Farris was one of wrestling's best-known heels in the late 1980s and was the WWE's intercontinental champion for a record 454 days. Farris' wrestling career took off after he adopted his evil Elvis impersonator persona. He was known for carrying a guitar into the ring, which he would use as a weapon against his opponents.

(News, Source: CBS Sports/ElvisInfoNet)

Graceland Elvis Tribute Artists Weekend: Elvis is getting too old to perform live on stage himself, so Graceland is once again promoting a weekend of concerts featuring the Best Elvis Tribute Artists.
The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Weekend is next week March 1-2 at the Graceland Soundstage.
Fans can see past winners of EPE's annual Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in two incredible concert experiences.
Cody Slaughter, 2011 winner, will perform on both nights! Cody, our most recent winner Ben Thompson and our first-ever Ultimate ETA Contest winner Shawn Klush will pay tribute to Elvis' hits from the stage, studio and screen at the Friday, March 1 concert.
Saturday night, 2016 winner Dwight Icenhower, 2014 champ Jay Dupuis and 2009 winner Bill Cherry will pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of Elvis' return to Vegas in 1959.
Cody will make a special appearance at the Saturday night show, too.
Both concerts will be hosted by Joey Sulipeck and the performers will be backed by the EAS Band.
Click here to EPE for tickets and more info
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

“Elvis All-Star Tribute” - Good Review: While a large number of Elvis fans were disappointed with the promo clips of the new Elvis Tribute, it was nice to see the actual show well produced, explain the importance of ELVIS even 50 years later and hopefully inspiring some new younger fans.
The Commercial Appeal gave it a nice review including...
.. Like some sort of Grammy-powered Super Friends, Post Malone, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Shelton, John Legend and more than a dozen more of what NBC touted as the “greatest stars of our time” joined forces Sunday for the prime time TV special “Elvis All-Star Tribute.”
The two-hour event doubled the original broadcast time of its inspiration, the so-called “‘68 Comeback Special”.
Host Blake Shelton announced, “I’m here tonight because 50 years ago a King returned”, the original special "often
imitated but never surpassed - and which changed the game forever in music and television."
The special may prove to be something of a game changer itself for Post Malone, the platinum-selling rapper/musician whose hit 2018 album “Beerbongs & Bentleys” obviously was not aimed at adult Elvis fans.
Auditioning for the mainstream audience-of-all-ages that now embraces the post-meat dress Lady Gaga, Post Malone - joined by Keith Urban on guitar - wore sparkly silver cowboy boots and a banana-colored Nudie-style suit embroidered with images of feathers to perform a faithful cover of Jimmy Reed’s blues classic, “Baby What You Want Me to Do.” He was affable and apparently happy and proud to have been invited to join the party.
The union of Post Malone and Urban demonstrated that the show's mission, in large part, was to affirm the idea of Elvis' universal appeal. The roster of performers included rock, pop, R&B, country and gospel "All-Stars."
Shot on a NBC Studios sound stage in October, the "Elvis All-Star Tribute" more or less recreated the
format of the original special by presenting performers in what "'68 Comeback Special" director Steve Binder called "a boxing ring without ropes": a small square stage surrounded by fans, creating a fairly intimate setting for the straightforward interpretations of the songs.
Sometimes, performers were backed by a recreation of the famous sign from the original special that spelled out "ELVIS" in giant red-light-bulb letters
Carrie Underwood joined Yolanda Adams to perform a gospel medley of Elvis songs.
Wisely the producers were not stingy with footage from the original special, using vintage Elvis moments to restart the show after each return from a commercial break.
For the opening number, a medley of "Trouble" and "Guitar Man," Shelton's "cover" was intercut with footage of Elvis' performance from 1968, creating a sort of call-and-response duet. The "If I Can Dream" finale also was edited so that Elvis traded verses with various "All-Stars."
In addition, brief on-camera testimonials from Binder and Priscilla Presley, discussing the power of Elvis and the impact of the 1968 special, were placed strategically throughout the show, like garnish on a dinner plate.
A highlight of the two hour broadcast was Mac Davis' solo rendition of "Memories," a song he wrote (with the late Billy Strange) for the Elvis special. As host Shelton said, when introducing Davis: “You know what’s cool? Singing great Elvis songs. You know what’s even cooler? Writing great Elvis songs."
Davis, 77, the elder statesman of the performers shared a poignant memory of holding the infant Lisa Marie during a visit to Elvis' Bel Air home. Mac Davis was later joined by John Legend, who sang a Davis composition that has emerged as one of Elvis' biggest hits, "A Little Less Conversation."
Others on the show included Darius Rucker, Ed Sheeran, Josh Groban, Pistol Annies and Little Big Town.
Lisa Marie Presley did not perform, but introduced a gospel medley segment featuring Carrie Underwood and Yolanda Adams; similarly, actress Riley Keough, Lisa Marie's daughter, introduced Dierks Bentley, who contributed the rocker, "Little Sister."
The "Elvis All-Star Tribute" marked the culmination of a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the "Comeback Special," which helped inspire Elvis to return to meaningful music-making after years of increasingly irrelevant movie soundtracks.
(News, Source;CA/ElvisInfoNet)

Parkes Elvis Festival Champion: At just 22 years old Brody Finlay has become the youngest ever person to take out the Parkes, Australia Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest.
As the five-day Elvis Festival ended, with close to 30 thousand fans in attendance far bigger than Elvis' birthday celebrations in Memphis, the annual ETA contest put the best of the tribute artists to the test and this year 18 Elvii competed for the crown.
During the two day competition, expert Elvii from across Australia and New Zealand were judged on vocals, appearance, stage presence and the overall quality of the performance.
In a very tough competition, Brody Finlay was declared the winner, while Gabe Phoenix of Karragarra Island in Queensland took out second place and Marcus Jackson of Melbourne came in third.
As well as winning a cash prize of $3000, Mr Finlay will go on to represent Parkes in the semi-finals of the UETA Contest at Elvis Week in Memphis, USA this August.
Mr Finlay, who comes from Townsville, only begun working as a tribute artist just a couple of years ago.
"The whole city of Parkes will be cheering him on in August when he represents us in the USA."
The Parkes Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest is officially endorsed by EPE.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Parkes Elvis Festival 2019: Where else would you want to celebrate Elvis' 84th birthday but in country New South Wales, Australia where the street parade was held in scorching humid heat of 39C / 103F!
This Saturday, midday, tens of thousands of visitors made the annual pilgrimage to the Parkes Elvis Festival in central west New South Wales to worship the life and music of The King and watch the main street parade as they "All Shook Off" temperatures in the high thirties, along with humid conditions.
Fans young and old drew inspiration for this year's festival from Elvis' number 1 worldwide smash 'All Shook Up'.
Now in its 27th year, the event is drawing hordes of spectators and performers from interstate and abroad, many who hold a lifelong passion for the rock'n'roll legend.
The mammoth parade that is the North-Parkes Mines Elvis Festival street parade had entrants and thousands of spectators "All Shook Up" as hundreds of cars and international and local groups all strutted their Elvis stuff.
Jumpsuits, a little bit of love and some rock and roll saw hundreds of people make their way down the main street of Parkes on Saturday morning to participate in the parade. It was great seeing plenty of youngsters getting into the Presley vibe. 
Thousands watched as one of the biggest tributes to Elvis in the world made its way down the street.
Community groups, tribute artists, fan groups and residents from around town took part in the annual event, which continues to grow each and every year.

With the ongoing drought, the yearly summer festival is a much-needed financial and morale boost for the rural community of 11,000 people.
Event organisers expect more than 30,000 visitors to attend, injecting an estimated $15 million into the local economy.
"I would hope that people might come out because of the drought and support our community that is suffering," Parkes Shire mayor Ken Keith said.

Australia's deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack who is a keen Elvis fan (and sometime imitator) was at the Parkes' Elvis festival.
Michael McCormack (see photo below) jokingly noted, "I told a bloke this morning I was the Deputy Prime Minister and he said 'you wish'!"

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)


2015 News & Shows

Brazilian ETA wins in Tupelo: A hip-shakin’ lawyer from Brazil, Diogo "Di Light" Leichtweis, of Porto Alegre, Brazil, won Saturday’s tribute competition in Tupelo, where thousands of visitors attended the annual Elvis Festival.
"Elvis is huge in Brazil. People love his movies, especially ‘Blue Hawaii,'" Leichtweis said. "Since I was a kid, my father has been a huge fan."
Leichtweis first visited Graceland in 2006 and has been performing as the King ever since. In 2013, he earned a spot as a top five finalist in Graceland’s Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.
"I think Elvis was a complete artist," Leichtweis said. "He had charisma, talent, the voice, the look. He was the greatest entertainer of all time."
Over the years, Leichtweis said, he’s formed close ties with other young men attempting to fill in the King’s shoes. They’re a unique group and very supportive of one another, he said.
"Back home I’m a lawyer, and this is a hobby," he said. "But I took a break to devote time to this. My father — he is an associate at my firm — loves it. Elvis represents the American dream. He grew up poor, but he had the talent and the strength to make it."
Leichtweis’ victory marks the second year for an international contestant to represent Tupelo in the Memphis competition. This year’s Tupelo Elvis Festival featured artists from six states and three foreign countries.
Elvis Week is Aug. 8-16 in Memphis, Tennessee.
(Almost Elvis, Source;Tupelo/ElvisInfoNet)

JUNE 6 - The Tupelo Elvis Festival In Full Swing: Elvis may have left the building, but his memory is alive and well in Tupelo with the Tupelo Elvis Festival ranked as third on the top 10 best Southern events list from USA Today.
“It’s quite an honor,” said Jessica Hollinger with the Tupelo Downtown Main Street Association. “We’re excited to be back for another year".
Festivities kicked off Thursday with a concert from previous Elvis Fest tribute competition winners Cody Ray Slaughter and Jay Dupuis ahead of the first round of the Elvis tribute artist competition on Friday morning where half of the competitors are all from different countries making Tupelo an international festival.
But if ETAs aren’t your thing, there is plenty of other action such as Friday with Shagadoo and Section Funk Band, and Paul Thorn headlining.
Saturday’s events get started early, beginning with the Running with the King 5k at 7:30 a.m while Tom Brown, will interview Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling at 10 a.m. at the BancorpSouth Conference Center.
The final round of the ETA competition starts Saturday at the arena at 7 p.m while wrapping up the festival is a gospel concert on Sunday morning starting at 10 am, featuring Jay Dupuis, Bill Cherry and Ben Thompson.
“This is obviously a local event,” Hollinger said, “but it’s for everyone. Anything we can do to promote and pay tribute to Elvis and his music is something we need to keep doing. It’s special to be a part of that.”
Go HERE to the Tupelo Elvis Festival website for tickets and more info.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis" Saves U2 Concert: A technical failure turned into an "Elvis" opportunity at the U2 show last week. When a piano failed on stage, Bono was forced into some impromptu banter with the crowd. Thinking quickly, he spied an Elvis impersonator in the crowd and invited him on stage.
  “What’s Elvis doing in the crowd?” Bono asked “Dude, I have everything by you. Everything.” Bono pretends to be awed by the presence of a celebrity, bowing down in front of the impersonator. “This is unbelievable,” he said, “I always wanted to meet you, dude. Love your early work.”
The Edge tries to cut in with a new song, but Bono signals for him to hold off and asks the impersonator to sing the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” which he does to rapturous applause.
In the past Bono has noted, "Elvis Presley is like the 'Big Bang' of Rock 'n' Roll. It all came from there and what you had in Elvis Presley is a very interesting moment because you had two cultures colliding there. You had a kind of white, European culture and an African culture coming together - the rhythm of black music and the melody chord progressions of white music. That was the moment.
Out of all that came the Beatles and the Stones, but you can't underestimate what happened. It does get back to Elvis."

U2′ will finish up their American tour on July 31 at Madison Square Garden. Perhaps Elvis will also be there!
Click HERE to watch the 3 minute piece on YouTube.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

APRIL 23 2015 - 'Orion: The Man Who Would Be King' Review: The UK Guardian newspaper has reviewed the new movie 'Orion: The Man Who Would Be King' "the reluctant Elvis-alike turned pretender to the King's throne" The newspaper awarded it 2 / 5 stars
The review includes, "Jeanie Finlay’s ode to Jimmy Ellis, who looked like Elvis, sounded like Elvis and didn’t want to be like Elvis until after Presley’s death, tries to make a country and western classic out of a one-hit wonder
Orion was not trying to be just like Elvis. He even released a single called I’m Not Trying to Be Just Like Elvis. The problem, inasmuch as it is a problem, is that Jimmy Ellis, an Alabama-born singer, really sounded a lot like Elvis. The likeness was to the point that this natural talent, who was 10 years younger than the King, was unable to secure any significant work in the recording industry. But in 1977, when Elvis Presley died and a wave of Elvis-nostalgia hit, a business opportunity knocked.
Sun Records had been purchased by one Shelby Singleton. Let’s be generous and call him "an entrepreneurial sort". Singleton re-released some earlier Sun tracks with Jimmy Ellis dubbed in, sounding just like Elvis, and labelled it Jerry Lee Lewis "and friends". Just as these were hitting big, the first tabloid rumblings about Elvis faking his death were starting to bubble up. A woman named Gail Brewer-Giorgio was readying a novel about an Elvis-like figure who did just that. The book was called Orion and, while who specifically dreamed up what is still up for debate, Ellis soon found himself on the cover of an album called Orion: Reborn. He sounded just like the King and wore a face-obscuring mask. Was this actually Elvis under a new persona?
Of course, behind the mask, Ellis slowly became miserable. He wanted to be himself, neither an Elvis impersonator nor a Kiss-like gimmick act.
His fame, while significant for a time, was fleeting. This documentary chronicles it all and, unfortunately, even at a mere 89 minutes, it goes on for about twice as long as it should
Ellis died in 1998 in a freak violent episode, a hold-up, that has nothing to do with the themes of this film. Yet director Jeanie Finlay seems driven to find some way in which this tragic ending has some connection to his life. The same goes with Ellis’s early years as an adopted child. (There’s even some conspiracy business suggesting that he may have been a secret, out-of-wedlock half-brother to Elvis Presley – an embarrassing "cake-and-eat-it-too" conceit, given the accusations of hucksterism thrown Shelby Singleton’s way.)
At the end of the day, Finlay’s tearful Ballad of Orion ain’t much. This was a guy who wanted a big music career. He had a few great years performing to thousands of adoring fans. OK, so he had to wear a stupid mask. Is it such a tragedy? As heartbreak hotels go, seems like one with a nice mint on the pillow.
Go HERE for full Guardian review.
(News, Source/ElvisInfoNet)

The story of the "masked man", Jimmy Ellis aka Orion has its world premiere next week at the Tribeca Film Festival followed by screenings around the US and Canada. (News, 10 April 2015)

Click here for list of screenings

Read EIN's fascinating Spotlight article on Jimmy Ellis, the man who would (not) be King

ETA, Sherman Arnold, reaches 10,000 shows!: Elvis Presley only lived to be 42, but his legacy will last forever. That's probably why Elvis tribute artist Sherman Arnold is still going strong at 75.

The southeast Michigan musician, who started doing his interpretation of the King in 1955 as a high school student, will celebrate his birthday and 60 years in the Elvis business at 8 p.m. Saturday with a sold-out performance at the Dearborn Heights Moose Lodge (complete with Elvis scarves for the ladies). 

Countless Elvis impersonators exist, but there are few who've done 10,000 shows and counting, as Arnold has.  Let's hear it for the Elvii (plural of Elvis?) tribute artists everywhere who carry on the tradition of providing a hunka, hunka burnin' entertainment. (Almost Elvis, Source: Julie Hinds, Detroit Free Press)

October-December 2014
Eastern Shore icon Black Elvis has 'one more tour left': Clarence Giddens, who earned fame as Black Elvis, is back on stage and performing after earning fame two decades ago in movies and on television. Shore native Clarence Giddens' stage name, "Black Elvis," is adorned on the guitar he strums outside the Shore Stop gas station in Accomac Monday, Dec. 15, 2014. Black Elvis, who has performed Elvis Presley covers since the mid 1980's, began appearing at more local venues this year.

Clarence Giddens, better known as 'Black Elvis' performs outside the Shore Stop gas station in Accomac, Va. (Photo by Malissa Watterson)

Black Elvis is a hard act to find. I had an advertising flyer and a cell-phone number on a scrap of paper. It wasn't much to go on, though I've found people using less information. But not Black Elvis. He's an Eastern Shore of Virginia legend. He's the local guy who played the festivals in Parksley, where I grew up.

Back then, lots of Shore folks got all shook up by the rising star — one of their own — a man born Clarence Giddens, raised by his father and an old-fashioned, God-fearing mother who bought her son his first guitar with money she didn't really have to spare. Giddens had seen Elvis Presley on a black-and-white television as a kid and he couldn't believe what he saw – the way the man moved and sang. Later, Giddens couldn't believe the fame it brought him. By the time I was in college, Black Elvis was on the Hollywood big screen and under the New York City nightlights. He had hit the big time.

But just a few years later, Black Elvis all but disappeared.

There were sightings, here and there. But the man once tracked down for an appearance by the late-night talk show host Arsenio Hall was now harder to find than a pair of blue-suede shoes. There was a reason, it turns out. But I didn't know it yet.

I knew only that local reporters had been trying for months to locate him. But when a man like Black Elvis does not want to be tracked down, you're not likely to find him. Black Elvis will be the easiest man on the Eastern Shore to find Dec. 20. He's performing a 7 p.m. Christmas concert at Little Italy in Nassawadox. The cost is $12 at the door, or bring a toy for half-price admission. But giving the event some publicity required face time with Black Elvis. And aside from that concert, nobody knew where he was.

So I made a lot of calls, and we got some clues from people who'd seen him, and some who hadn't. Black Elvis had been off the Eastern Shore's radar for so long, his own well-respected cousin wasn't sure where he lived. But we knew he was around. I made phone calls. A friend knocked on doors.

And, then he walked into the Eastern Shore News office last Friday. Just like that, Black Elvis appeared. Finally, there was a plan. Black Elvis would be back Monday morning, guitar in hand and sideburns in place. Monday morning, the news team gathered. We were a little nervous. A reporter, a photographer and a videographer, in the news room, just watching the clock.

Would the mysterious Shore legend appear? And then he did, exactly on time. Black Elvis was in the building and ready to rock-n-roll.

Sudden fame: It all happened so fast, his rise to fame. It took him by surprise, Giddens says. He's playing local festivals and restaurants, and then he hears Arsenio Hall is looking for him.

The next thing he knows, he's being flown to Hollywood and shaking the hands of famed actors James Caan, Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker. Giddens was one of several Elvis impersonators who were the running gag in the 1992 hit movie "Honeymoon in Vegas." I asked Giddens if he ever got used to that kind of fame. No, he says. He couldn't believe his luck, really. He would go to his mailbox and get movie royalty checks made out to "Black Elvis."

"It was like a dream," he says. "From the fields that I worked to Hollywood. I was riding pretty high."

Of course, there have been Elvis impersonators since there was Elvis Presley. There've even been black Elvis impersonators since the original Black Elvis. But the original Black Elvis caught people's attention. He's the real thing, he says. It's the only time in the interview when Giddens' southern modesty slips, just a little. He challenged the other so-called Black Elvis to go head-to-head — essentially, a Black Elvis-off. He never heard back from the other guy, says Giddens. He smirks a bit.

The real Elvis Presley caught Giddens' attention at a young age. His friends admired the great black blues players — and his strict mother admired God and gospel music — so Giddens sometimes played Elvis songs in a closet. His mother didn't like him to sing those songs, he says. She said his voice wasn't that good.

He's probably always had something to prove, Black Elvis says. To himself and maybe to his mother, the woman who loved him and bought him that first guitar to play in church.

I can sense inner conflict in the man, and in fact, he's alluded to it, just a bit. Maybe it was illustrated by the difference between the contractor clothes he was wearing last Friday when he came to the office and the ready-to-rock Elvis outfit of Monday.

Who is the real Black Elvis? He's serious one moment and joking the next. He's Clarence Giddens, a painter from Painter one moment, and he's the charming Black King of Rock-n-Roll the next. It's hard to get a read on him. There's no doubt about his charisma. I start to think the mystery is part of his act, and maybe it's part of Clarence Giddens, too.

"I never really thought I was that good," he says. "But my other mind is saying, 'You got to put it out there, no matter what."

'In your backyard': On the surface, Franco Nocera and Black Elvis don't seem much alike. Nocera is no-nonsense, and Black Elvis is all smiles and charm. Nocera is a bit gruff on the phone until he warms up, while Black Elvis couldn't be reached at all by the usual channels. Nocera lived from age 7 in an orphanage in his native Italy before moving to the United States when he came of age. Eventually he landed on the Eastern Shore and opened a restaurant in Nassawadox in 1992.

Giddens, a native of the Painter area, left school and worked in local fields to help support the family — not uncommon in the days of his youth. Later, he worked as a painter. Nocera readily admits to being 67 — he celebrated 50 years in this country not long ago.

Black Elvis shies from the age question. He's saving it for the book, he tells me in his signature joking way. But there, the similarities begin. Nocera is a businessman. So is Black Elvis. Simply put, they know what people want.

Nocera has been booking Black Elvis for the better part of two decades. It seems an unlikely combination. But the customers who come to Nocera's restaurant for traditional Italian food also see something a little different: an Eastern Shore-born black man with the voice and presence of the king of rock-and-roll, backed by a keyboard player known as Snowflake. Nocera recognizes the contrast, but he also sees the similarities. He asks, why go elsewhere when there's talent and good food in one's own neighborhood?

"He does have a good voice," says Nocera. "Only for a few dollars more, you can have a show live and dancing. There's a lot of people dancing."

In fact, the man who grew up in an orphanage considers the man who grew up in church and then the fields a personal friend. Black Elvis played Nocera's daughter's wedding reception this fall.

"We take it for granted," Nocera says. "Why go far for diamonds (when) you've got diamonds in your backyard?"

Even Saturday night's event at Little Italy — titled a Christmas Party and Toy Drive — seems to reflect the relationship and history of the two men. Over 50 years ago, when Nocera was in the orphanage, people would bring toys at Christmas to the children who lived there.

"I remember those things," says Nocera, who will be hosting a meal Saturday night for 50-70 children chaperoned by Cheriton Baptist Church. They are the ones to receive the toys that night. “I said if get rich, I'm going to do that, too," he adds.

But, in fact, he's not rich, he says.

"God will take care of me. That's why I do; it sounds crazy. At least I'm giving back to the people."

It's that kind of neighborhood support and generosity that made him a star, says Giddens, and it's what gives him inspiration for a comeback. At an oyster roast not long ago, he was backed by a full band, and it reminded him of the glory days.

"That's when I got the thirst again," says Giddens. "Are they still dancing to what I do?"

Elvis, the father : Giddens did tell me where he's been for the last 19 years. Not too long after his overnight shot to stardom, he found out he was going to be a father again, unexpectedly. He thought that maybe he could work the road to stardom and be a dad — at the same time. It turned out he had to choose. He chose to be a dad. But, his baby is grown up now, he says. He's proud of her. She's in college, studying to be an obstetrician.

So now, it's time for his big comeback.

"I've got one more tour left in me," Black Elvis says. "One more."

After the interview, we walk over to the gas station next to the news office. It's Black Elvis and me, the photographer and the videographer. We're just walking across the parking lot, but people driving past are craning to see what's happening.

Then, Black Elvis stands on the concrete that raises the gas pumps. It might as well be a stage in New York City. He draws a crowd, just that fast. It's a mix of people — men and women, different ages, different colors. He strums the guitar and that voice — he sounds so much like Elvis Presley, it's almost hard to believe. Coming out of the painter from Painter. After the show, Black Elvis thanks us kindly. We go back into the building, but Black Elvis doesn't. I didn't even see which vehicle he got into. He's just gone.

I'm still thinking about his gas-station performance, and what he'd said to me just minutes earlier. It was classic Black Elvis.

"I want to know, am I good enough?" he said. "I'm thinking I got lucky. "But I'll take the chance."

IF YOU GO: Christmas Party and Toy Drive featuring music by Black Elvis and Snowflake

When: Saturday, 7 p.m. ............................Where: Little Italy, Nassawadox

Cost: $12 per person for the show ...........Info: 757-442-7831

Bring a new toy or gift for half-price admission per toy; All toys will be given at the party to children chaperoned by Cheriton Baptist Church (Almost Elvis, Source: Jennifer Cording, Eastern Shore News - 13newsnow.com)

Donny Edwards Tribute and Fundraiser: Next weekend the Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club present a 'Donny Edwards Tribute to Elvis and Legends of Rock and Roll Fundraiser Show'. Sunday, November 30, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM- Orlando, Florida
The Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club began in 1955, when four ladies, who were Elvis Presley fans got together with the intention of starting a Fan Club for Elvis. It is said that when they mentioned that to Elvis he replied.. "I don't need all that fuss". They replied we are going to start you a Fan Club, and asked what to name the club, Elvis replied, "How about Elvis Presley Continentals after one of my favorite cars?". Perhaps they are the only fan club he ever named.

Go HERE for more information and tickets.

(News, Source;EPContinentals/ElvisInfoNet)

Jim Carrey Spoofs Elvis for Halloween: Poor old Elvis! It is truly stunning that 37 years after his death Elvis still has such a major presence in all media. However doing stupid imitations of Elvis has always been an easy option for comedians and for Halloween Jim Carrey was back at it again. This week he donned a red Elvis-inspired outfit with horns for ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Halloween ep.
Carrey did his best to bring the funny back to "Saturday Night Live" but the skit has been reviewed as "Despite the initially amusing (or was it just jarring?) visual spectacle of Carrey decked out as Hellvis (picture a ’70s era Elvis with curly horns and red jumpsuit), this tedious Jailhouse Rock–style ditty made me never want to touch another pecan pie as long as I live."
"You might as well stop, it will never be enough," he said of the audience's cheers when he first appeared onstage, adding how
Halloween is "the one day of the year that I actually blend in."
In true Carrey fashion he continued the shenanigans with a strange Elvis Presley tribute he called "Hellvis" along with backup singers and a choir.
EIN Notes - we posted this story only because it was halloween and because it again demonstrates Elvis legacy is still everywhere.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Alvin Stardust, dies aged 72: Alvin Stardust was one of the more bizarre UK glam rock sensations of the 1970s. The singer with the Elvis quiff, looked like an Elvis Presley impersonator in his leather "Comeback-Suit" and used all manner of Elvis vocal mannerisms when in 1974 he sang his first and biggest hit, 'My Coo-Ca-Choo'. There was no doubt who he was imitating. His hair was luxuriantly bouffant, black sideburns covered most of his pale cheeks and he gazed at the camera with a mixture of sexy come-hither and curled-lip disdain. His only real concession to "glam" lay in the huge rings that he wore on his leather gloves.
Stardust went on to have four Top 10 hits in quick succession in the early 1970s. The most famous were 'My Coo Ca Choo' and 'Jealous Mind', although 'Red Dress' and 'You You You' were not far behind.
His original choice of name was Elvin, melding Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent. Before he adopted the chartbusting persona of Alvin Stardust, he had already had a trial run at pop stardom as Shane Fenton, lead singer with Shane Fenton and the Fentones. The group scored a handful of minor hits at the start of the 60s.
Although Stardust’s successes in the 1970s tended to dwarf the rest of his career, he enjoyed a revival in the 1980s before moving on to concentrate on acting and TV.
Alvin Stardust (Bernard William Jewry), 27/9/42 - 23/10/14 RIP
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Angry Anderson To Receive Honour At Parkes Elvis Festival: Australian rock legend Angry Anderson will kick-off the next Parkes Elvis Festival, with the Rose Tattoo stalwart to be inducted into the Elvis Wall Of Fame at the event.
Anderson will join some illustrious company on the wall, including Ian 'Molly' Meldrum, Kamahl, Billy Thorpe and John Paul Young, when he's inducted on Wednesday 7 January. The ceremony, which is a free event, is the first official part of the Elvis Festival program for 2015.
Anderson is truly one of the mainstays of the Aus rock scene, having began his career as the frontman for Buster Brown in the early '70s and going on to lead Rose Tattoo a few years later. In recent years, Anderson has become just as known for his continuous charity work as he is for his music career, heavily supporting local youth charities and men's health awareness in particular.
The Parkers Elvis Festival will take place between Wednesday 7 and Sunday 11 January — head to the event's website for more.
(News, Source;Parkes/ElvisInfoNet)

June-September 2014

Filmmaker back in US to finish "Orion" film documentary: British filmmaker Jeannie Finlay is back in the US to film the remaining part of her upcoming film bio on Jimmy Ellis, aka the masked singer "Orion". Ms Finlay's film is "Orion: The Man Who Would Be King".

In 2014, Jimmy Ellis (Orion) remains the one true superstar of the profession variously referred to as Elvis tribute artists, impersonators or sound-a-likes.

About the film: Nottingham-based filmmaker Jeanie Finlay's fifth feature film, Orion: The Man Who Would Be King tells the story of Jimmy Ellis, an unknown singer who was plucked from obscurity and adopted into a crazy scheme to pose as a masked Elvis look-alike in the wake of the King's death, giving birth to the "Elvis is alive" myth.


Starting with the creation of an outlandish fictional identity and concluding with the most tragic of endings, Finlay has documented a truly remarkable story, but before she can release her account of the rise and fall of this legendary masked figure, she needs help with the financial backing of the project and has taken to Indiegogo to crowd fund the project.

Excerpts from Jeanie Finlay's interview with Uni2 Know:

Uni2 Know: Where were some of the most interesting places the filming of the Orion movie took you?

JF: "It was really amazing to walk around Sun Records Studios, to see where the records were actually recorded, to see the master tapes and to stand in Shelby Singleton's office (the producer that discovered and created Orion). We also went to the house where Orion grew up as a boy and his son took me to the place that he was murdered, and that was incredible. Moving and terrible of course, but it gave an incredible sense of the history of the story coming to life."

Uni2 Know: Did any of interviewees for Orion particularly stand out?

JF: "I had a rule that everyone I interviewed in the film had to be connected to Orion is some way. I interviewed his band mates, the fan club manager and we interviewed his road manager at Vernon Presley's house (Elvis’ dad) round the back of Graceland. But some interviews had more of an impact on me than others. For his son - who was still massively grieving from his father's brutal murder - to take us to the place his father was killed was extraordinary, and I consider it a real privilege that he took the time to explain to us what that felt like." (News, Source: Jeanie Finlay/uni-2.co.uk)

Visit the Orion film site

Watch the film trailer

Read EIN's recent article on the amazing and ultimately very tragic life of Jimmy Ellis

MARCUS Jackson hopes to be crowned the King this weekend: The Gladstone Park man, 36, is vying for the title of Australia’s best Elvis tribute artist on the final night of the Viva Surfers Paradise Festival on Sunday.

Mr Jackson’s advice for putting on a show as an Elvis tribute artist was to “do it properly or don’t do it at all”.

“There are only maybe a handful of serious performers that you could actually watch a whole show and go ‘that voice was awesome, that look was awesome’.”

Mr Jackson has already picked up a few gongs for his work, including becoming the first Australian to win the semi-pro division of the King of the World competition in Memphis last year.

The winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition at this week’s Viva Surfers Paradise Festival will win a trip to Memphis to compete in the semi-finals of a worldwide competition later this year.

He decided to concentrate on being an Elvis tribute performer in 2009 because the King was a one-of-a-kind performer and musician.

“I do it because you won’t find music like that ever again,” he said. (Almost Elvis, Source: News Ltd)

Casino attempt at world’s largest gathering of ETA’s!: Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort is trying for an official Guinness World Record on Saturday 12 July...with the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators!

It's all part of the casinos Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition festivities.

The first 1,400 ticket holding guests who arrive at the Event Center by 6:30PM will receive a free Elvis costume to participate.

The largest gathering of Elvis impersonators was 645 and was achieved by Nike Western Europe at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on November 23, 2010. (Almost Elvis, Source: wlos.com)

A Growing Phenomenon: The Elvis Tribute Artist

One thing I soon discovered at this event is that you quickly make a lot of friends. On the very first day, one of my newfound friends turned to me and asked, “Now which ETA’s do you follow?”

Not knowing what an “ETA” was, I just blurted out, “I follow all of them!!”

Subsequently, I realized that an “ETA” is, in fact, an “Elvis Tribute Artist”. While impersonators of Elvis Presley harken back to the 1950′s when he began his career, it is only since 1987 that the modern day Elvis Tribute Artist community was established. The inspiration for this development came from Edward “Doc” Franklin (the late friend and veterinarian of Elvis Presley) who founded the “Images of the King” contest, which still exists today.

Over the years, the number of contests and demand for ETA appearances has flourished. In addition to all of their tours and concerts, in February 2013, five of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winners made nightly guest appearances on the “Late Show with David Letterman“.


Above: Top 10 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists of 2012, Memphis

(From L to R): 1) Victor Trevino, 2) Mark Anthony (Australia), 3) Ben Portsmouth (UK), 4) Kevin Mills, 5) Stephen Freeman, 6) Dwight Icenhower, 7) Pete Storm, 8) Ted Torres, 9) Tim Hendry, 10) Jay Dupu

Portraying Elvis Is An Art Form In Itself

In these competitions, the contestants are divided into non-pro and professional categories, and within their designated group will represent Elvis either in his early years or in the 1970′s version.  While the songs and costumes may have differed from one performer to the next, clearly the source of inspiration was the memory and appreciation of Elvis Presley.

One benefit that comes from having a background in dance is that you understand what it’s like to consider even the most minute detail of a performance.  As I sat there enjoying the shows, I could not help but think just how much work goes into making a convincing portrayal of Elvis.

  • First and foremost, there’s the most crucial thing: the singing voice.  Also, Elvis had a distinct manner of speech. (Yes. I heard the customary “Thank you very much”, but my all-time favorite, that I made good use of at the airport afterwards, was “Lord have mercy!”
  • Secondly, there’s the physical appearance.  While from stage, looking like Elvis is largely dependent upon the hair, makeup and costumes, it never hurts to have Elvis-like features.  Furthermore, and fortunately for the tribute artists, Elvis’ weight did fluctuate over the years.
  • Thirdly, there are the types of things that a dancer in particular (and probably annoyingly so) would tend to focus on.  First of all, Elvis Presley had tremendous stage presence. In addition to his unique style of dancing, the performers must consider how they walk and stand, their posture, the use of mannerisms, how they hold the microphone and even facial expressions. Then, once all of these factors are taken into consideration, how does the performer incorporate them into the routine so that they appear spontaneous and not overly rehearsed?

Needless to say, as my mental list of Elvis-isms grew,  so did my appreciation for the inspired work of each tribute artist. Check out this video from 2011. (It might take a moment to load. (from A Tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, Source: Yolonda Jordan D’Amico, DanseTrack Editor-at-large)

Chris Connnor - Suspicious Minds: Acclaimed as one of the best ETA's today, check out Chris Connor live in concert at the Palladium in London.

Chris Connor on Facebook


Bobby D. talks to EIN about his good friend, Jimmy Ellis (aka the masked man known as Orion):

Bobby Dillard was a close friend of the late Jimmy Ellis.......the man who, wearing a mask, became a key part of the 'Elvis is alive' movement, as the mysterious singer, Orion!

In his insightful interview, Bobby D. reveals what (the real) Jimmy Ellis was like off-stage and covers a range of subjects including:

  • the story behind Bobby D's friendship with Jimmy Ellis
  • Bobby's life and music recordings
  • Jimmy Ellis' early days
  • recording with Jimmy
  • the "Orion" phenomenon
  • how Jimmy felt about his "Orion" character
  • the night Orion "unmasked"
  • Jimmy's tragic death

Bobby D. operates the official Jimmy Ellis/Orion website and is a (very good) singer himself.

Ultimate Elvis Festival - Viva Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia: Presented by Hotel Grand Chancellor: Relive your favourite musical memories from the 50s and 60s at the Ultimate Elvis Festival, Viva Surfers Paradise, Friday 11 July – Sunday 20 July! 

Viva Surfers Paradise is back in 2014 and it's bigger than ever! Now running over 10 days, Viva Surfers Paradise will pay tribute to the life and music of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley.

There'll be so many great activities for you to get involved in across the week. Download the full program of events here.

Chris Connor Feature Performances (Friday 18 & Saturday 19 July) The final weekend of entertainment features two very special performances by the world's leading Elvis performer, Chris Connor.

  • Friday 18 July at 7pm - That's the Way It Is
  • Saturday 19 July at 7pm - Madison Square Garden
In only a few years Chris Connor has become recognised as one of the world's leading Elvis Performers. He has performed at venues such as the Manchester Apollo and the Harrogate International Centre in the World's Greatest Elvis Tribute Concerts, backed by Elvis Presley's original backing singers, the Sweet Inspirations. 

In 2011, Chris was chosen to be the star of the biggest European Elvis production 'Elvis the Ultimate Performance', he was also chosen to be the headline 'Legends' at Blackpool Ventral Pier. With his natural look and voice, he is coming to Viva Surfers Paradise to astound you at every performance. 

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest (Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 July) - The ever famous Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest is back, giving every Elvis tribute artist their chance to compete for the 2014 title by showcasing their best representation of the legacy of Elvis Presley. Want to compete in the contest? 4 extra spots are up for grabs on our Elvis Wildcard Night on Thursday 17 July. Register by clicking on the icon below if you think you've got what it takes to compete at our Wildcard Night.

Who is this person??: Since Elvis' explosion onto the world stage in the mid-1950s there have been countless Elvis tribute artists, imitators, impersonators, stylists and sound-a-likes offering and emulating a watershed musical icon.

Of the thousands who in some way look(ed), perform(ed) or sound(ed) like Elvis there is one performer who stands out from the rest. This performer sets himself apart from all others for a number of reasons.  He:

  • was blessed with a natural singing voice remarkably like Elvis’
  • had 10 Top 100 hits on the Country Music Chart in the US!
  • was an accomplished singer/songwriter
  • did not want want to be an Elvis imitator
  • had a fan club which at its peak had over 15,000 members
  • had fans who travelled (often as a family) up to 500 miles to see him perform
  • is the only Elvis stylist to have had an album replaced due to controversy
  • is the only Elvis stylist with a best-selling book about his persona
  • like Elvis (whose jumpsuits all had names) had a certain item of his stage attire individually identified by name
  • is the only Elvis stylist to have had bootleg material released – around 150 bootleg albums of his studio and live material
  • is the only Elvis stylist who nearly 20 years after his tragic death still elicits interest from his fans
  • is the only Elvis stylist to have merchandise and memorabilia released (still sold online in 2014!)
  • has featured in a number of documentaries about music in the southern states of the USA
  • is the subject of a film being released in 2015

So who is this person – a performer whose life tragically ended on 12 December 1998? .......Click here to find out

Rapid City '77 "Live" on Stage: Presented by: Coming to Melbourne, Australia on 26 July - Bluestone Productions - A Tribute to Elvis: Rapid City ’77 is not only back for its one and final spectacular Melbourne Concert, but also to farewell and give its own “Thank you very much” to the iconic landmark venue, The Dallas Brooks Centre before its demolition.

Rapid City 1977 was one of Elvis’ last public appearances before his evident decline in health and of course disappearing from the spotlight of his adoring fans. The production’s driving force is reliving the magic that this incredible man brought to millions of people worldwide during his lifetime and in particular on this very occasion in South Dakota.

Tony Franks has once again gathered the fantastic 12 piece Moreland City Orchestra, 8 back- up singers, his very own magic 8 piece band and a cast of colourful characters from Elvis’s past
Take a trip back in time as the Dallas Brooks Centre will be transformed into a spectacular Elvis Memorabilia Museum, featuring relics, costumes and collectables from Elvis’ final concert tour in 77.

Join us as we salute the Dallas Brooks Centre for one Last Concert, reliving Elvis’ “Final Performance in Rapid City 1977”.

“Every member of the Bluestone Productions has gone the whole nine yards to bring into life Elvis Presley. Tony Franks, Melbourne musician and producer, has delivered a dazzling performance impersonating the King, one of the world's greatest entertainers.” - WeekendNotes.com

“The King is in the building” - The Weekly Review (Almost Elvis, Source: MarketingDesign.com.au)

Orion film news - film to screen on BBC: Filmmaker, Jeannie Finlay has advised:

BBC Storyville (the flagship BBC Documentary Strand), Creative England and Ffilm Cymru Wales have joined you as backers of the film. This support, combined with your vital crowdfunding pledges, means we can deliver the best film possible and the finished film will broadcast on the BBC in 2015. (News, Source: Jeanie Finlay)

Visit the official "Orion" film site and watch the great promo video

Ted Torres Martin - Elvis Week show: Ted Torres Martin is the soundtrack vocalist for the new independent movie about Elvis called "Nobody" which will premier in Memphis during Elvis Week this year.

Martin is also an actor / musician / songwriter and an Award Winning Top 5 Ultimate ETA for EPE.
He is presenting a special show in Memphis on August 13th 2014 for Elvis Week with a live band and horn section. He will be performing the soundtrack songs during and will also be at the movie premiere with the cast.

Click here to www.revisitedelvis.com for more info

Here for Elvis Week concert tickets








(News, Source;TTM:ElvisInfoNet)

May 2014

El Gamble - the Passing of a Legend - Australia's "Voice of Elvis" and rock 'n' roll star has "left the building": EIN is very sad to report that after a long illness, the legendary El Gamble passed away last week, aged 66.  The term legend should never be used lightly and in El Gamble’s case it certainly isn’t!  Apart from his record breaking Elvis show, El Gamble worked with many of Australia’s and a number of the world’s greatest performers, including John Farnham, Johnny Devlin, Digger Revell, Kamahl, Kylie Minogue, (being fired by Australia’s King of Rock ‘n’ Roll) Johnny O’Keefe and (almost working with) the legendary Sir Tom Jones.

100,000 Australian El Gamble Fans Can’t Be Wrong! El Gamble was the original Australian Elvis tribute artist back in 1977 and after Elvis' death he went on the road to perform his The Life and Times of Elvis Presley tour to more than 100,000 fans in nearly 300 “sold out” shows!

While his later years were afflicted by a rare motor neurone disease this didn't stop El making a "Comeback" in Parkes in 2006 which rejuvenated his career. EIN pays tribute to one of Australia's musical greats: 

Read EIN's tribute to El Gamble

29 May 2014

Lowell Hays at Lake George Elvis Festival: The Lake George Elvis Festival, New York, has announced that Lowell Hays, jeweler to Elvis, will make a rare appearance at this year’s event. May 28 – June 1 2014.
Hays got into the jewelry business with his father, Lowell Hays Sr., in Paducah, Ky. Hays joined his dad in 1961, doing jewelry repair and custom design. He met Elvis around 1968, and they remained close friends until Presley’s death in 1977. Hays and his wife traveled with Presley as he performed throughout the country, riding in his private jet, the Lisa Marie. Hays always carried a briefcase full of jewelry because Presley was constantly buying special gifts for friends and fans.
The theme of this year’s festival in Lake George, New York, May 28 – June 1, is “Elvis: It’s International.” Tribute artists from Canada, the U.K., Australia and Germany will appear. The three-day Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, featuring more than 60 competitors vying for $10,000 in prize money.
Shawn Klush, Cody Slaughter and Ben Portsmouth will also play concerts.
Go HERE to LakeGeorgeElvisfestival.com for info
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis–One Night In Vegas' South Australia Tour: Relive the King’s triumphant return to the concert stage as Mark Anthony recreates this historic period with 'Elvis – One Night In Vegas'. The year was 1969. After nine years in Hollywood, Elvis returned to his real passion – live performance. His fans were waiting and over the next two years Elvis ascended the throne as the King of Las Vegas. Mark Anthony, one of the most dynamic Elvis tribute artists in the world today, brings this unique period to life – the songs, the costumes, the emotion, the energy, the raw power – all brought together in a two hour concert spectacular. 27 June 2014 - 4 July 2014
Chaffey Theatre, Murraylands Riverland
Friday 27 June At 8pm
Northern Festival Centre, Yorke Peninsula
Saturday 28 June At 8pm
Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Mount Gambier,
Go HERE for tickets and information.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 24 March 2014
"Jimmy 'Orion' Ellis" Movie - and Survey!: In another odd-spot Elvis connection, British filmmaker Jeanie Finlay is working on an upcoming documentary feature film which will explore the life of Jimmy 'Orion' Ellis. Orion was based on a fictional character in a book by Gail Brewer-Georgio and launched to the music-loving public by Shelby Singleton of Sun Records in the late 1970s. Orion's vocal similarity to Elvis' brought him many fans, a career in the music industry and the fame he'd been aspiring to, but at a cost – there was much speculation on who was the man behind the mask. The scheme exploded into cult success – and the "Elvis is alive" myth was born. By mixing archive footage of Jimmy throughout his career (including interviews and performances), and talking to surviving family members, friends and loyal fans, it is our hope to unveil the true identity of ‘the masked man’ as well as explore his legacy and why he is still loved by so many.
Jimmy Ellis' life came to a tragic end during an armed robbery at a pawn shop he was running after finally leaving the music industry.
Go here to the OrionTheMovie website where you can find out more on the film.
They also have a quick online questionnaire to gather stories and thoughts from Elvis fans across the world about Orion. Did you ever see him in concert, what do you think of the Orion-Elvis myth?
CLICK HERE to the survey - The films' producers say any input will be greatly appreciated.
(News, Source;pipocapictures/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 1st March 2014

Second Annual Sao Paulo, Brazil Elvis Festival: Get ready South American Elvis fans, there is going to be a huge Latin America celebration in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on May 17 – 18. The second annual Sao Paulo Elvis Festival is gearing up to be an event that no one will ever forget.
This two-day festival will include 30 of the best Brazilian Elvis tribute artists, competing in a multi-round competition for a spot in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest during Elvis Week 2014. This year's events will include dance parties, fan karaoke, "Pocket Shows," after-hour parties and a Las Vegas Style Concert featuring three of the best tribute artists in the world.

For more information on events and purchasing tickets, visit SaoPauloElvisFest.com.

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Tupelo 2014 Elvis Festival tickets On sale: Winter weather couldn't keep loyal Elvis Presley fans from lining up in front of the Tupelo Elvis Festival office. Tickets went on sale last week for the ETA concerts and competitions and it's all part of the annual Tupelo Elvis Festival.
The 16th anniversary Tupelo Elvis Festival will be held June 5 – 8, 2014.
Plenty of keen locals and a few from out of state dressed warmly and stood in line, many for hours, waiting to buy ticket packages for this year's festival.
The customers worked to find the best seats for these tickets that go
for as much as $175 each and include several days of music. The Elvis competitions and concerts move this year from the Lyric Theater to the BancorpSouth Arena.
Jessica Hollinger with the Tupelo Elvis Festival said, "We've sold out in ten days in the past. We're excited to be able to see more tickets and accommodate more fans who come to Tupelo and want to see these concerts."
For ticket information for the Tupelo Elvis Festival click here
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 2nd February 2014
Music groups shares Elvis’ love of Gospel: Two music groups are joining forces to share a little Graceland across the US. Gospel group Mark209 and international ETA Mark Anthony are collaborating on a new album and show.
Mark209 is a country gospel group from Nashville Tennessee. Mark Anthony is an international Elvis Presley tribute artist from Australia.
The duo is starting a new show called "From Graceland to the Promised Land".
The two groups are combining because they want to teach their audiences about the roots of Elvis' music: gospel music. They are singing traditional Elvis songs, original Mark209 gospel songs, and plenty of hybrid gospel/Elvis songs.
They are kicking off their national tour this weekend at the Benton Event Center. They are starting their show in Arkansas because here is where they are recording their duo album.
Mark209 is made up of Jym Howe, Ray Woconish, Bryan James Hatton, and Nathaniel Justice. The group is three years old with multiple albums under their belt already.
Mark Anthony is an international Elvis tribute artist. He won the title of "Grand Champion Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of the South Pacific" in 2007. He won the title again in 2008. In 2011, he placed in the top 5 and was awarded the very first "Spirit of Elvis" award presented to him by EPE.
Go here for the full story
(News, Source; THV/ElvisInfoNet)

Tupelo 2014 Elvis Festival tickets On sale: Winter weather couldn't keep loyal Elvis Presley fans from lining up in front of the Tupelo Elvis Festival office. Tickets went on sale last week for the ETA concerts and competitions and it's all part of the annual Tupelo Elvis Festival.
The 16th anniversary Tupelo Elvis Festival will be held June 5 – 8, 2014.
Plenty of keen locals and a few from out of state dressed warmly and stood in line, many for hours, waiting to buy ticket packages for this year's festival.
The customers worked to find the best seats for these tickets that go
for as much as $175 each and include several days of music. The Elvis competitions and concerts move this year from the Lyric Theater to the BancorpSouth Arena.
Jessica Hollinger with the Tupelo Elvis Festival said, "We've sold out in ten days in the past. We're excited to be able to see more tickets and accommodate more fans who come to Tupelo and want to see these concerts."
For ticket information for the Tupelo Elvis Festival click here
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 20th January 2014

Elvis -One Night In Vegas -starring Mark Anthony in Adelaide:
Relive the King's triumphant return to the concert stage as Mark Anthony recreates this historic period with Elvis -One Night In Vegas. The year was 1969. After nine years in Hollywood, Elvis returned to his real passion-live performance.
His fans were waiting and over the next two years Elvis ascended the throne as the King of Las Vegas. Mark Anthony one of the most dynamic Elvis Tribute Artists in the world today,brings this unique period to life-the songs, the costumes, the emotion, the energy, the raw power and full orchestra - all brought together in a two hour concert spectacular.
Elvis -One Night In Vegas -starring Mark Anthony
Adelaide Festival Theatre- July 12th 2014.
To get tickets go to here > www.bass.net.au or call 13 12 46
Tickets go sale Jan 27th.2014.
(News, Source;OneNight/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 18th January 2014

"ELVIS LIVES" EPE Tribute Artist show Touring the US: Travelling the US and performing in Houston this weekend Elvis Lives is a big hit with the fans.
Dean Z, the newly crowned 2013 winner of the EPE Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest has joined the touring cast of ELVIS LIVES for the winter 2014 engagements.
ELVIS LIVES is an unforgettable multi-media and live musical journey across Elvis' life featuring finalists from EPE's annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, each representing Elvis during four eras of his career: the 1950s, 1960s, his movie career and his concert years. This season marks the fourth U.S. tour for ELVIS LIVES.
For Houston performances, the Elvis Tribute Artists will be comprised of Bill Cherry (first place, 2009), Leo Days (finalist, 2009) and the newly crowned 2013 winner Dean Z. They will be joined by a live band, back-up singers, an Ann Margret performer, as well as iconic media and imagery made available from the Graceland archives.
This event also includes a never-before-seen exhibit of life-size images of Elvis' stage-wear that will be on display in the lobby for both performances.

‘Elvis Lives’ is touring the US from Houston tonight through to Dick Clarks American Band Stand Theater in Branson, MO at the end of February.

GO here for Elvis Lives - info and tickets.

(Almost Elvis, Source;ElvisLives/ElvisInfoNet)

Australian Parkes Elvis Festival, Biggest Ever: Organisers of the Elvis Festival, at Parkes in the New South Wales central west, say an estimated 18,000 people visited the town during its biggest event of the year.
The 2014 program featured appearances by Cynthia Pepper who starred alongside Elvis in the 1964 movie 'Kissin Cousins'.
Festival Committee member Janette Barbour says the rain at the start of the five-day event did not dampen the fan's enthusiasm, no doubt as this is better than the usual 43C / 100+F temperatures that are common.
Thirty couples used the occasion to renew their wedding vows, while more than 2,000 buskers took up spots on the streets to give their best Elvis renditions.
"Some of the effort and things that people have gone to to decorate themselves and floats and things to the theme and all was just incredible," she said.
"There were lots of young people, it was really, really good to see a lot of young ones are coming in and enjoying the festival and getting into the music so it's not just us old fogeys having a good time."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

The 2014 Parkes Australia Elvis Festival: While the small outback town of Parkes NSW has nothing to do with Elvis, this week more than 15,000 Elvis fans will gather to celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday. Incredibly more fans gather in this small country town than in Memphis! As well as the festival's usual collection of parades and ETAs etc, this year there are two events well-worth investigating.
- 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes' is the new interactive exhibit of the King's Castle Elvis Museum collection. This gives Elvis fans a glimpse of a day in the life of Elvis and is a world first, never having been done before - even at Gracelands in the USA.
The King's Castle is the largest collection of genuine Elvis artifacts outside of Graceland. It is owned by Greg Page (right) who is well known as one of the founding members of 'The Wiggles'.
"I wanted to share my personal collection of Elvis artifacts and memorabilia with the wider public and combined with the world famous Parkes Elvis Festival, I felt this was the ideal place to showcase the collection," said Page.
Each year, Greg rotates the display to ensure returning visitors are provided with something new to see. Open every day.
- Up Close With Cynthia Pepper. The Elvis Festival also gives fans a unique opportunity to be Up Close with the wonderful Cynthia Pepper to hear her reminisce of her time as Elvis Presley’s co-star in the movie Kissin Cousins. Cynthia will also entertain you with tales of her successful film and television career and give her many fans the opportunity to ask about her role as PC Midge Riley and her time on the set of the movie with Elvis. Opportunity for a one-on-one chat, photos and autographs with Cynthia will be available after each session.
Today Jan 8 - 7.30- 9.00 pm 'Up Close with Cynthia Pepper Evening Session'
Jan 10 - 10.30am plus afternoon session 2.pm -3.30pm
See the Parkes Elvis Festival website for details.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Snoop Dogg channels Elvis in ‘Blue Xmas’ Video!: File under "This can’t be true"! Purely for fun and only going to show how far Elvis' influence continues 36 years after his own last Christmas - but now the mega-selling hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg is also channeling Elvis with his cover of ‘Blue Christmas.’
Filmed like a home movie (VHS-style), the rapper, strums a guitar.
"Spending Christmas alone," he says in a whisper, "Sad. Sad. Sad."
He continues a monologue during the bridge, "Silent Night. Lonely night. I wish you were here to hold me tight. I’m feeling blue on this Christmas, this Christmas night."
Produced Fred Wreck and baked by Dah Dah, Snoop sings along to a live version of Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Christmas.’
Compared to the usual ETA's this is certainly not sanctioned by EPE! - Click here to YouTube for the clip.
(Odd Spot, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

2013 News & Shows

Monday 16 December 2013
16-year-old "Elvis imitator" clip goes Viral: David Thibault although only 16 years-old sings just like Elvis and the video has been viewed more than 6 million times since it was first released last week.
David Thibault was recorded performing the Presley Christmas classic at Quebec radio station CKOI, a French language Top 40 station. But there’s no trace of any accent as the talented teen delivers a flawless vocal rendition that sounds hauntingly like the departed King of Rock and Roll.
So much so, in fact, that some online posters have called the veracity of the performance into question — a question that is put to rest when Thibault slips on the guitar, resulting in an audible mistake that couldn’t have been faked.
Click here to YouTube and listen to Thibault’s performance.
EIN notes - he is damn close to Elvis - worth checking out!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'She Is The King' Jacqueline Feilich: Elvis Presley tribute artists are legion, female Elvis Presley tribute artists, not so much. That was especially the case when Jacqueline Feilich started out, ''It started because I'm a mad, crazy, obsessed fan of Elvis'' she says. ''I've been like that since I was three years old.''
Things really began to take off at the end of 2006, when she went to an Elvis tribute artist contest in Las Vegas, ''I had nothing to lose.''
She was the only woman there and didn't dress up in a rhinestone jumpsuit like the men - ''I wore an Elvis T-shirt and a pair of jeans'' - and thinks this refusal to attempt an
impersonation helped her to be placed ''a complimentary second''.
Since then she has been invited to sing at Graceland four times and divides her time between Australia and the US. ''I'm definitely not an impersonator, nothing else but a tribute to him.''
Feilich calls Presley ''the King of reinvention'' and says Madonna and Lady Gaga want to take a leaf out of his book. She points out he had a repertoire of nearly 1000 songs that ranged across genres - rock, country, gospel and blues, to name a few, and she likes to explore that repertoire rather than simply concentrate on the well-known hits, such as Suspicious Minds.
She says Presley ''was almost Jesus-like. - Elvis ticked every box. He was a kind-hearted, deeply religious person, good-looking and talented in every way. I couldn't think of a fault,'' she says.
Some women tattoo him on their bodies and some men want to think they are him but Feilich doesn't go to either extreme. ''I'm not nutty. I wish he was still here,'' she says, ''I just want to sing his songs.''
Go HERE to the CanberraTimes for the full interview.
'She Is The King' plays The Artists Shed, Queanbeyan, Australia This Saturday, November 16, At 7.30pm.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 28 October 2013
Only Elvis' car ever toured Australia but there are two Australian tribute concerts coming next month.
'She is the King - A Tribute to Elvis' Queanbeyan Concert: One of the most original "Elvis" performers is 'She is the King' who is the only woman ever to be selected by EPE to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competitions. She is also a keen Elvis collector.
Next month she performs at Queanbeyan, near Canberra, Australia. - Saturday, November 16 at 7pm
LIVE from the Artists Shed, Queanbeyan, New South Wales
Click here to Facebook Events for more Concert info
And to the ArtistsShed for more on the venue
To understand more read her interview with EIN here.
(News, Source;ArtistsShed/ElvisInfoNet) 

'One Night With Elvis' Australian Show: Direct from the UK multi award winning Pete Storm is highly regarded as one of the best Elvis Tribute Artists around and is appearing in November in Toowoomba, Queensland.
Over the 6 years he has been performing he has honed his skills to present one of the best Elvis shows out there and became "European Masters Champion' 'Collingwood Grand Champion' and Images of The King 'WORLD Champion all in one year "
He is appearing at the Irish Club Hotel, Toowoomba, QLD
Thursday 14th November 2013.
For more info and to go to the booking site click here

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 21 August 2013
'Viva Las Vegas - 50th Anniv Tour' in Australia: Various news sites are incorrectly reporting that The Sweet Inspirations will perform in Australia for the first time in 2014 and as part of the "Elvis In Concert" Australian tour! This is ridiculous as they have performed here many times over the last 25 years and they are actually here as part of the 'Viva Las Vegas - 50th Anniversary Tour' with Elvis tribute artists Cody Slaughter and Shawn Klush.
Both Shawn Klush and Cody Slaughter have been voted as two of the World’s Best Elvis Tribute Artists as well as performing sold out concerts in Las Vegas, Chile and Europe with Cody currently also touring America
with the ‘Million Dollar quartet’ tour. - Their Australian tour will depict Elvis Presley at his prime backed by the Sweet Inspirations and a special tribute to ‘Viva Las Vegas’.
Tour dates so far confirmed are:
April 3 & 4 - Crown Casino, Melbourne
April 5 - State Theatre, Sydney
April 6- Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast
Go HERE to Almost Elvis for more info
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Dean Z Wins the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest: EPE reports that ten of the top Elvis tribute artists in the world competed saturday night at a packed house at the Cannon Center in downtown Memphis where the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist was announced.
Dean Z is now the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist winner.
  Dean moved to Las Vegas aged seventeen to reach toward his goal of establishing himself as a well-known Elvis act. He is honored to be a part of the Ultimate ETA Contest and admires all the ETAs who have gone on to win the contest. His favorite Elvis song is “Bossa Nova.”
Adam  Fitzpatrick was Second Place
Jay Dupuis was Third Place

EIN says there is ONLY ONE ELVIS but if you want to know more go HERE for the EPE Elvis UETA page
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Pre-Sale Tickets for "ELVIS PRESLEY – ON STAGE" in UK: While EIN broke the news that the upcoming "Elvis Presley - On Stage" 2014 European tour would not feature any of the TCB Band or Elvis' musicians (see below) EPE has now offered Pre-sale tickets for keen UK fans. EPE note..
.. In celebration of Elvis’ recording of “That’s All Right” in 1954 and the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will proudly present "Elvis Presley - On Stage" in 2014.
The all new "Elvis Presley - On Stage" music experience will kick off a 23-date-tour of the United Kingdom starting in April 2014 and continue through the end of May. Featuring a hot studio band and backup singers, the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll celebration will go on the road to Europe. Following the worldwide success of the stage production,
Elvis Presley In Concert, which featured Elvis’ original band and singers, this new show is designed for all Elvis fans past, present and future. 
Using the latest technology, Elvis performs via state-of-the art video screens singing lead vocals backed by a live band, singers and an orchestra. Together, this multi-media creation puts the audience inside an Elvis Presley concert presented exactly like one of his classic live performances in a Las Vegas showroom. The contemporary staging and overall production create the illusion that Elvis is on stage for his finest concert performances.
There is a pre-sale for tickets go HERE to Elvis.com. - SEE TOUR DATES BELOW
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Top 10 Finalists Announced in Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest: EPE sends congratulations to the winners of the Semifinal Round of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. They are listed below in no particular order. These top ten finalists will compete for the title of 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. The group will be narrowed down to the top five, before the ultimate winner of the contest is announced.
Matt Cordell - Winner of the Atlantic City ETA Contest
Jay Dupuis - Winner of the Tupelo Elvis Festival
Adam Fitzpatrick - Winner of the Penticton Elvis Festival
Chad Collins - Winner of the Las Vegas ETA Contest
Diogo "Di" Leichtweis - Winner of the Sao Paulo Elvis Festival
Ben Thompson - Winner of Europe's Tribute To Elvis Contest
Cliff Wright - Winner of the Fill The Blue Suede Shoes ETA Contest
Jim Barone - Winner of the Food Lion AutoFair ETA Preliminary
Michael Chambliss - Winner of the Georgia Elvis Festival
Dean Z - Winner of the Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino
EIN says there is ONLY ONE ELVIS but if you want to know more go HERE for the EPE Elvis UETA page
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Linda Thompson and Sam Thompson Tour with Mark Andrew in Australia: Australia’s leading Elvis performer Mark Andrew together with special International guests Linda Thompson and Sam Thompson (Elvis’ Chief of Security & Bodyguard) are touring Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney this October 2013.
This special two hour musical presentation stars Mark Andrew performing many segments from Elvis’ greatest performances of all time including segments from the ‘50s Sun sessions, The movies, The ‘68 Comeback Special and of course Las Vegas era.
Linda Thompson will share her lifetime experiences with the audience of her time spent with the King and talk about the early years of being brought up in Memphis with the rise of Rock N Roll and the Hillbilly Cat. Sam Thompson spent 4 years with Elvis as his Chief of Security and will also share his personal stories, being there so close to the Rock N Roll Star. The show will also feature visuals on the screen to set the scenes and also show unseen photographs of their personal time with Elvis.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any Elvis fan and there are also chances to get to meet the Stars in a meet and greet VIP cocktail party prior to the show.
OCT 12 - Melb Clocktower Centre - Moonee Ponds
OCT 13 - Melb Frankston Arts Centre
OCT 18 - NSW Club Marconi - Bossley Park NSW
OCT 20 – NSW Matinee Show - Evean Theatre - Penrith Panthers
Go HERE for more details
(News, Source;MarkAndrew/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 27 July 2013
Collingwood Elvis Festival Packed with Fans: This weekend's Collingwood Elvis Festival is rocking with Elvis artists and fans - and that is good news for businesses. People with lawn chairs started gathering on Collingwood’s main street early Friday morning for the kick-off of this year’s Elvis festival. But some say getting here in the morning isn’t soon enough to get a spot close to the stage.
This is the 19th consecutive year Collingwood has hosted the event that features more than 100 tribute artists from all over the world performing at several venues in the region.
“The love for Elvis is just as strong here as it is in Memphis, my mind is being blown. For me what this is doing for my heart is telling me that Elvis truly was the greatest performer that ever lived,” said Memphis Jones.
Some tribute artists look and sound more like the King than others but they all add to the atmosphere.
“People are coming back, I have customers that were here last year and they keep coming back so I knew we are doing something right,” said Jim Meridis from The Old Red Hen restaurant.
The Collingwood Elvis Festival runs July 25 to 28th.
Go HERE for Collingwood Elvis Festival Information
(News, Source;Collingwood/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 10 July 2013
Collingwood Elvis Festival Tickets Selling Well: Tickets for 19th annual Collingwood Elvis Festival are selling better than last year.
Festival General Manager Rosemarie O'Brien says as of July 5th, there is almost 100 thousand dollars in ticket sales.
O'Brien says that's almost 10 thousand dollars more than this same time last year.
She adds there are some changes this year including accommodating those who arrive at 2 am on the Friday to get good seats for the Awesome Street Party. The entertainment will now start at 11 am instead of 1 pm and go to 10 at night and if that's not enough, Elvis movies will be shown on a screen on the stage following the live entertainment.
A big draw this year is a re-creation of the 'Aloha From Hawaii' concert with the Stamps and Sweet Inspirations who were in the original concert with Elvis in 1973. There will be a meet and greet after.
O'Brien adds they weren't able to get Priscilla Presley this year, but there is still hope she may come for the 20th anniversary next year.
The Collingwood Elvis Festival runs July 25 to 28th.
Go HERE for Collingwood Elvis Festival Information
(News, Source;Collingwood/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 30 June 2013
"Europe's Tribute to Elvis" 2013: Next Weekend in England celebrate Elvis during a three day festival held in Blackpool, England, on July 5 - 7. This event will be hosted by Tees Events Ltd. and will feature live Elvis music, vendors, showcases, special guests and more... They promise a "world class event honouring everything that Elvis Presley stood for".
Special guests in 'Conversations on Elvis' include, Dan Haggerty "Girl Happy", Charles Stone and Marlyn Mason "The Trouble With Girls",
Also a Final Farewell Show with Ultimate Elvis Champions, Ben Portsmouth and Cody Ray Slaughter.
The winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist preliminary will represent Europe's Tribute to Elvis in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest finals during Elvis Week 2013.
For more information, click here to EuropesTributeToElvis.co.uk.
(Almost Elvis, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Tupelo Elvis Fest keeps King's memory alive: Tupelo's Elvis Festival has the staples of any summertime festival: old-school carnival rides, games that test your skill and a bit of everything Elvis.
"I come to Tupelo and I can feel [Elvis' spirit here] just like I do in Memphis. Those were his two favorite places in the world, I believe," resident Luther Brackeen said.
In fact, before the festivities kicked off Friday, what could best be described as a room full of "Elvii" filled the Ice House Club in Tupelo.
Twenty-five impersonators got to visit with fans of the King and sing in front of them. Those who know the King's library of music well say the festival is one of a kind.
Emcee Tom Brown, who opened the competition with his own rendition of “C.C. Rider,” told the crowd this year’s competitors would sing only one song to impress the judges during the first round. They’ve had two songs in past years. “They’ve got to bring it right now,” Brown said, “because this is Tupelo.”
Jay Dupuis, 38, of Baton Rouge, felt the pressure during his rendition of “Mean Woman Blues.”
"I really think it's the overall experience, because there are so many things going on, you know, if you're an Elvis fan. I think even if you're not an Elvis fan, coming here will make you an Elvis fan," tribute artist Brandon Bennett said.
ElvisFest attracts all types of people, young and old, coming out in the spirit of something the King may not have invented, but certainly propelled into the stratosphere of music history: rock and roll.
D.J. Fontana knows that all too well. He served as Elvis' drummer for more than a decade.
"It's fun. It really is. It's amazing how many people still remember Elvis in a kind way. There's some jerks out there that don't, but we eliminate them," Fontana said with a laugh.
So what would Elvis think if he got to experience the festival?
"I think he's up in Heaven looking at us right now saying 'Shake that leg, baby, shake that leg,'"
Go HERE to the News Story Video.
(News, Source;Bette/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis - One Night In Vegas" Sydney This Saturday: From the publicity...  Relive the King's triumphant return to the concert stage as Mark Anthony recreates this historic period with "Elvis - One Night In Vegas". The year was 1969. After nine years in Hollywood, Elvis returned to his real passion - live performance. His fans were waiting and over the next two years Elvis ascended the throne as the King of Las Vegas. Mark Anthony, one of the most dynamic Elvis tribute artists in the world today, brings this unique period to life - the songs, the costumes, the emotion, the energy, the raw power - all brought together in a two hour concert spectacular.
"Mark Anthony is one of today's best Elvis Tribute artists, as he pays Tribute to Elvis... It's fun for me to watch Mark perform, because he reminds me, so much, of my old friend Elvis Presley - the Greatest Entertainer this world has ever known!" Joe Moscheo of The Imperials.
State Theatre, Sydney, Australia Sat 1 Jun 2013, 08:00 PM
Click here for info and tickets.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 14 March 2013

Three US Elvis Festivals this weekend: Three Elvis USA Festivals this coming weekend in Kissimmee Florida, Pala, California and Brunswick, Georgia.
34th Elvis Presley Charity Festival, Kissimmee Florida - March 15 - 17, 2013
Donny Edwards making his first Public performance in Florida with the Blackwood Quartet that sang with Elvis will be at our 34th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Charity Festival and Car Show. Our own Hawaiian "Elvis" Rich Purnell and his entourage will be performing songs from Elvis’ three movies he made in Hawaii.
Unless you plan on going out to Vegas you will not get an opportunity to see Donny perform in person. So please don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see a performance by Donny here in Florida!!!
Ramada Gateway Resort, Kissimmee Florida. GO HERE for info
Georgia Elvis Festival in Brunswick. March 14 - March 17.
The Georgia Elvis Festival will take place over four days in the beautiful Jeykll Island area in the southeast corner of Georgia. The festival features a three-day Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary and two headline shows. The festival will also feature performances throughout the City of Brunswick including an Opening Ceremony, Gospel Contest, and after parties.
For tickets & information CLICK HERE
- Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino, Pala, California. March 15 - 17, 2013
The Rockin' Elvis Fest returns to Pala Casino Spa Resort in sunny Southern California at the Pala Casino’s Infinity
Showroom. Fans can enjoy three preliminary rounds of competition and see the top five compete for $2000, plus qualification to the semi-finals in Memphis during Elvis Week 2013. In addition, look for additional fun opportunities for fans and contestants to take part in over the three-day event.
For tickets & information CLICK HERE.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 10 February 2013

"Elvis Lives" on tour in the US: According to EPE "The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event" continues to wow critics and fans as they prepare to rock their way through their US Spring Tour - so don't miss out on this dynamic production!

In a recent article Elvis Tribute Artist Bill Cherry talks about what its like to perform as Elvis and his secret to performing like a king. "Elvis Presley taught me how to sing," stated Cherry. "It comes very naturally for me because I was raised on it. This is a childhood dream come true for me. It's like I was running around the house in a cape and then one day I soared out the window as Superman."

ELVIS LIVES which keeps on capturing the imaginations and interests of fans of all types including Broadway, concert and Elvis aficionados, is an unforgettable multimedia and live musical journey across Elvis' life featuring finalists from Elvis Presley Enterprises' annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, each representing Elvis during different stages in his career. The Elvis tribute artists are joined by a live band, back-up singers and dancers, along with an Ann-Margret tribute artist, as well as iconic imagery made available from the Graceland archives; which includes a new exhibit of life-size images of Elvis' stage-wear that will be on display in the lobby of each theater hosting a performance.
Touring from now to May 12, 2013.

CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS and for more info

The show continues to get great reviews from critics and performing arts experts around the country.
Jan Allan Zarr - Programming Director, Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center
“ELVIS LIVES has it all! From the moment the lights go down and music starts you know this show will be like no other tribute concert to the King of Rock 'n' Roll.  With its multi–media wall as the background and full band and backup vocals, these four performers take on the life and the music of the legendary Elvis Presley! As a huge fan of Elvis, I was astounded how they genuinely captured every gesture and nuance of the man we know as the King of Rock 'n' Roll.“
Touring CITIES include
In February
Tallahassee, FL, Panama City, FL, Huntsville, AL, Monroe, LA — Galveston, TX —Corpus Christi, TX
In March,
Modesto, CA —,  Palm Desert, CA — Lincoln, NE — Prior Lake, MN — Utica, NY — Salisbury, MD — Newport News, VA — Roanoke, VA —  Bismarck, ND —  Fargo, ND — Wausau, WI — Green Bay, WI —  Davenport, IA —  Rosemont, IL —  Owensboro, KY — Ashland, KY — Augusta, GA —  Pittsburg, PA — 
In April
Morgantown, WV —Richmond, KY —  Saginaw, MI — New Philadelphia, OH —  Schenectady, NY — New London, CT - Wheeling, WV —  Paducah, KY —  Baton Rouge, LA —  Abilene, TX —  Amarillo, TX —  Lubbock, TX —  Jackson, MS — El Paso, TX —  Alto, NM — 
In May 2013
Bakersfield, CA —   Reno, NV —   Kennewick, WA — Riverside, CA —  Redding, CA.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

34th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Charity Festival: The 34th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Charity Festival Car & Motorcycle Show, held at the Ramada Gateway Resort, Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, Florida - and staring Donny Edwards.
Festival run Friday, March 15th to Sunday, March 17, 2013.

Featuring lots of Elvis shows and events. On Saturday and Sunday in the day we will have lots of Elvis memorabilia with special guests who were close to Elvis, Marian Cocke, his Co Pilot of the Lisa Marie, Ron Strauss with his 1977 Corvette that Elvis bought him and was in his funeral procession and Michael Dante costar in Kid Galahad.

On Saturday night we have a dinner show "Elvis goes Hawaiin" starring our Hawaiian" Elvis"Universal Studios own Rich Purnell and  his beautiful Hula Dancing girls and Firedancers they have  performed all over the USA including  Las  Vegas and Hawaii. Opening songs performed by our newest ETA  member David Jericko

Our Saturday special is the 50's Elvis and Aloha from Hawaii Concert starring Las Vegas' own Donny Edwards, TV  Personality and  multiple contest winner.  This  is  as  close  as  you  can get  to an actual  Elvis  Concert  with our 12 piece show band, a once in a lifetime show. This is the first time Donny has performed in Florida and  we are very blessed he and his wonderful wife decided to help our club so we can raise money for our charities.

Go HERE to EP Continentals website for FULL weekend details and tickets

(News, Source;EPContinentals/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Tribute Artists On David Letterman All This Week: It’s going to be Elvis Week at the Ed Sullivan Theater when the "Late Show with David Letterman" features nightly performances from some of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winners. A different winner will be featured each night on Monday, February 4 - Friday, February 8, at 11:35 p.m. EST on the CBS Television Network.
  The following is a list of their upcoming appearances:
Monday, February 4 - Cody Slaughter (right) 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Tuesday, February 5 - Brandon Bennett 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Wednesday, February 6 - Justin Shandor 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Thursday, February 7 - Shawn Klush - First-Ever Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Friday, February 8 Ben Portsmouth -  2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
IF you need to know more - CLICK HERE to the CBS LateShow website.
(News, Source;EPE/CBS/ElvisInfoNet)

2013 ELVII Awards - Vote Now!: Nominate your favorites in the categories below. All categories are for Elvis Tribute Artists with the exception of lifetime achievement. Nominate a non-ETA in this category. You only need to nominate someone ONCE in any of the 7 categories below for them to be eligible for selection.  

Best Vocal Performance
Best Sacred Vocal Performance
Best Web Design
Entertainment Achievement
Horizon Award
Humanitarian Award
Lifetime Achievement

So CLICK HERE to vote!

On the second page you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite ETA in the "Fan Favorite" category. In this category you may vote as many times as you like and the ETA with the most votes will win a minimum of $500. If you have already sent a nomination in the categories below and would like to proceed to the fan favorite ballot click here.

We'll update you on the standings on a regular basis. We will announce the winners a the conclusion of the 6pm show on February 17, 2013 at the event in Tampa.
(Almost Elvis, Source: Elvis Extravaganza Impersonator Contest)

Monday 14 January 2013.....the historic Elvis Aloha From Hawaii happened 40 years ago today!!!

Scorching heat means a lotta, lotta Burning Love for Elvis fans in Parkes Festival: ELVIS fans from around the country braved the heatwave to pay homage to the King of Rock n’ Roll on the weekend at the 2013 Parkes Elvis Festival. With a maximum temperature of 42 degrees, disputed by many sweltering Elvises clad in polyester and wigs, the festival was hot but lost very little of its charm.

Tonto: Kemo sabe, who is that caped guy with the squaw in the white dress?

The Lone Ranger: Tonto, that's a Johnny Depp imitator (in the white dress, of course)

Tonto: Qui no sabe, Lone Ranger.

In fact, about 18,000 people flowed through the gates to celebrate all things lycra, Brylcreem and bacon. The street parade kicked off the busiest day of the festival, Saturday, and saw the Aloha Hawaii-themed floats roll down the main street, sporting the usual Priscillas and Elvises in their various incarnations over the decades.

The Hawaiian-themed grass skirts and leis seemed to fit the weather conditions, but sadly not a sea breeze could be felt and certainly the crash of waves was not heard.President of the festival committee, Gail Bartley, said soaring temperatures had been trying, but the slew of Elvis impersonators at the festival were willing to suffer for their art."You've got to give it to the boys," she said."They really go above and beyond in the name of Elvis."

Visiting Parkes for the annual festival, all the way from Switzerland, was Fanny Frey, a Rotary exchange student being hosted by the Rotary Club of Dubbo West. Fanny could not resist the chance to see what all the fuss was about and donned her hat and sunscreen.One of the first questions she asked, however, was: “Why does Parkes host an Elvis Festival?  Does he have a connection to the town?”Fanny was told by friends that was a tricky question to answer.

An explanation of the festival’s evolution 21years ago to its current status seemed to satisfy her queries. She enjoyed the bouffants and bedazzled performers and  dropped into The Dish on the way back to Dubbo.“I enjoyed it all but it was so hot, “ she said.“Where I live it would very rarely reach 35 degrees,” she said.

The five-day festival program featured a wide range of events including free main stage entertainment, look-alike contests, tribute to Elvis competition, the  street parade, displays of Elvis memorabilia, Elvis gospel service, cars of the era show and more than 150 unique Elvis-style events. For loved-up Elvis lovers, there was even an Elvis wedding chapel on-site for couples to renew their wedding vows, complete with an Elvis celebrant. (News, Source: Lisa Minner, Central Western Daily)

Train a ride…..Parkes here we come: ELVIS impersonators and fans have dusted off their blue suede shoes, bedazzled their star-spangled outfits and combed their Elvis inspired wigs in anticipation for the CountryLink Elvis Express Train. Up to 400 Elvis and Priscillas departed Central train station on Thursday, January 8, destined for the annual Parkes Elvis Festival. The train also made a stop at Parramatta. 

The festival bound Elvis Express Train has been taking Elvis fans to their so called ‘‘Graceland’’ for up to 11 years.  Tickets for the special train service were a sell-out and were sold in a matter of days.  The five-day festival attracts Elvis impersonators and fans from all over Australia to the tiny central west town of Parkes, NSW.  This year, festival organisers have put together a massive line-up, with 150 Elvis inspired activities. (News, Source: Paramatta Sun)

Click here for video footage

Tuesday 8 January 2013 - - - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS

Hail To The King in SYDNEY: The Elvis Birthday Celebrations continue in Sydney, Australia.
Modern artists putting a great twist on classic Elvis numbers. The Vanguard's favourite female performers interpret the music of Elvis Presley. Starring Mojo Juju, Kira Puru, Cash Savage, Stella Angelico, Holiday Sidewinder and more. With a full backing band and specially designed sets and costumes, this is one not to be missed.
From Wednesday Jan 9th to Friday Jan 11.
Imagine Amy Winehouse or Imelda May putting a great spin on Elvis' material - Highly recommended. Stella Angelico (right) brings the house down. Fabulous!
At The Vanguard, King Street, Newtown, Sydney.

Click HERE for details

(News, Source;Elvis infoNetwork)

Elvis ETA crowned King of Europe: Elvis would have been 78 today - and somewhere he is laughing as Midlands-based impersonator Gordon Elvis wins the annual European Elvis Championships in Birmingham, the day before his 78th birthday.
Gordon Elvis was named the best Elvis Presley impersonator in Europe at an annual championship held each year to coincide with the birthday of the "King of Rock 'n' Roll".
The Malta-born impersonator, who changed his name to Gordon Elvis by deed poll to honour the late rock 'n' roll singer, improved on the third place position he achieved at the European Elvis Championships in 2012.
He beat fellow impersonators Ben Thompson – who came runner-up for the second year in a row – and Patrick Byrne – who came third – at Europe's largest annual Elvis tribute artist contest convention, held in Birmingham.
"He did a fantastic Vegas set and he had everything going on. It was just like being in Vegas. Gordon is a worthy winner, and European champion.”
Gordon Elvis beat 250 other entrants to the world champion Elvis Presley tribute artist title at a convention in Memphis, Tennessee last year. For his European award he won a cash prize, a holiday to Memphis and a jumpsuit made by the creators of Presley's outfits.
Had he not died of a heart attack in 1977, Presley would have celebrated his 78th birthday today January 8.
(News, Source;NaveenV/ElvisInfoNet)

Other Elvis Birthday Celebrations 2013
Parkes Elvis Birthday festival in Australia 2013: It's 35 years since Elvis left the building, yet more than 15,000 Elvis fans gather in the Central NSW town of Parkes to celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday every January. More fans gather in a small country Australian town than in Memphis to celebrate Elvis' Birthday!
The 5 day Festival Program Elvis Festival is from 9th -13th January 2013. The 2013 Feature Artist will once again be DEAN Z! The 5 day Festival Program features a dazzling array of more than 150 individual events. Highlights of the 2013 Program will include top
quality Elvis Tribute entertainment, the inspiring Elvis Gospel Church Service, Elvis Street Parade, the Crowning of Miss Priscilla, Car Show, the Renewal of Vows with Elvis Ceremony and the Elvis Poets Breakfast.
See the Parkes Elvis Festival website for details - which somewhat sadly looks identical to last year’s version!
Go here for EIN's spotlight on Parkes Elvis Festival 2007.
(News, Source;ParkesFestival/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Birthday Celebration in Sydney, Australia: On the night of Elvis Presley's 78th birthday, celebrate with ‘She Is The King’ at Sydney’s Basement club. Jacqueline Feilich, aka She is The King, is the only woman ever to be selected by EPE to enter the worldwide search for The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist in its inaugural 2007 Contest in Elvis' birthplace - Tupelo, Mississippi USA.
"Jacqueline is the most unique Elvis Tribute Artist in the world and not just because she's female. It's because she's female and does her own interpretation, using her 'own' voice, which accurately and convincingly channels that of Elvis Presley's. Her singles "Edge of Reality", "Viva Las Vegas" and "I Got A Feelin' In My Body" bring us Elvis like we've never heard before. Her renditions of these songs and many tracks on her debut album "Comeback" are the most unique interpretations of Presley classics ever done in the ETA world. She sings with a raw emotional power that would cripple any contemporary in comparison.
For one night only, join She Is The King as she takes over The Basement, with her band The Memphis Flash -at The Basement, 7 Macquarie Place, Circular Quay, Sydney.
Go here for EIN’s interview with ‘She Is The King’
Go here for Birthday Concert details and tickets
(News, Source;The Basement/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular 'Birthday Edition Tour': Back by popular demand with the best line up ever, the 2013 January tour features some of the most amazing ETAs in the world in a tribute to the most significant entertainer of all time.
Headlining the tour this year is Shawn Klush, EPE's first ever Ultimate ETA. Also starring is Cody Slaughter, 'Elvis' from the Million Dollar Quartet Tour, Donny Edwards and many special guests.
The 'Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular' also features many of Elvis' original band. Returning this year is the Legendary DJ Fontana, Elvis' original drummer and recent inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. DJ is "the First Drummer of Rock N Roll."Also joining the tour this year are The Sweet Inspirations, Elvis' original female backing group from 1969 until his
untimely passing. New this year is Elvis' favorite Gospel Group the Blackwood Quartet.
The Elvis Tribute Artist Spectacular comes to 7 cities around the US Midwest starting Janunary 3rd in Skokie IL, Elgin IL, Merrillville, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville for last date Jan 13th.
Click HERE for info, dates and tickets
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Elvis Palm Springs Birthday Weekend: Celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday At His Famous Home In Palm Springs, California! Elvis Birthday Tribute Day Saturday January 5, 2013.
With House Tours, Concert, Celebrities and Birthday Cake

Starring Elvis Tribute Artist Chris Luna And The Tcb Flash Band
Elvis Celebrities- Tanya Lemani - "Little Egypt" From The '68 Comeback Special plus Glen Glenn - Rockabilly Hall Of Famer And Friend Of Elvis.

Go HERE for more info and tickets 

(News, Source;Hideaway/ElvisInfoNet)

2012 News & Shows

Cody Slaughter "live" in memphis during Elvis Week 2012: EIN's 'roving ambassador', Sanja Meegin, captured these stunning images of Cody Slaughter during her visit to Elvis Week 2012:

See a lot more of Sanja's fantastic photos by joining EIN's popular Facebook page

“Legends in Concert” Elvis impersonator arrested: A young Elvis Presley impersonator has been replaced in the Foxwoods Resort Casino’s “Legends in Concert” show after his arrest this week, a spokeswoman said.

Tyler Hunter, the 22-year-old performer, was arrested along with his wife early Wednesday after police said they left their two young children unattended in a room at the Two Trees Inn on Indiantown Road, according to published reports.

Police were dispatched about 2:51 a.m. and found a 7-month-old and 2-year-old alone, according to an account in The Day of New London.

About 30 minutes later, the children’s mother, Deborah Hundley, 27, of Lincoln, Neb., returned to the room and told police she left the children for about 10 minutes to smoke. But video footage showed she had been gone for about an hour, police said.

Police said Hunter arrived at the hotel room after that and argued with police, saying they needed to decide what to do because he had a 1 p.m. show Wednesday and needed to sleep. Video showed he left the room shortly after midnight. Hundley and Hunter were charged with risk of injury to a minor and were scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in New London Superior.

Ledyard police official told the Register Wednesday afternoon, “This investigation remains open at this point while we continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

The children were placed with friends of the parents.

On Thursday a show spokeswoman said Hunter “will not be returning to the show. Dean Z will be replacing him as Elvis in the lineup beginning Saturday.” Dean Z hails from Lancaster, Calilf, and has been performing for “Legends” in Branson, Mo. (Source: Google News, 22 July 2012)

Sean Spiteri wins the "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist" competition in Melbourne!: Australian ETA Sean Spiteri has won the opportunity to travel to Memphis Tennessee in August and compete in the ‘Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist’ competition in Memphis!
Sean Spiteri’s passionate tribute to Elvis Presley will take you on a journey from the early to the late Elvis eras. There is no denying that Sean’s voice sounds just like Elvis – together with the costumes and the moves which have been perfected along with dialog and sayings that Elvis is remembered for.

Sean is a young singer with a BIG voice rating him one of Australia's best Elvis Presley Impersonators. Sean, a trained actor has an incredible versatile talent to capture the true essence and persona of Elvis Presley in his shows. In 2005 Sean had won all the Elvis Competitions in Parkes NSW – and earned the title of "MOST ELVIS SOUND ALIKE" "MOST ELVIS MOVE ALIKE" & "MOST ELVIS LOOK ALIKE", rating him one of the best Elvis Tribute Artists and Elvis Tribute shows in Australia.


Go here for his website.

(News, Source;Sanja/ElvisInfoNet)

Tupelo gambles with bigger Elvis Festival budget: The Tupelo Association hopes higher quality of entertainment will draw in bigger crowds to the 2012 Elvis Festival set for May 31-June 3.
For the first time in the history of this festival, three of the past five National Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists will perform at the Lyric Theatre. Featured artists include Bill Cherry, the 2009 Ultimate ETA, Brandon Bennett, D.J. Fontana, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers and the reigning 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Cody Slaughter.
The Main Street board has approved a budget with proposed income of $167,418 and expenses of $247,622. Jim Goodwin, the immediate past president of the board, says the figure does not include money from Fairpark gate ticket sales or from beer sales.
He says last year walk-up ticket sales were about $60,000 and beer sales were around $15,000.
Goodwin says the talent budget rose from $40,000 to $80,000
this year. The Tupelo Elvis Festival is a musical celebration designed to honor Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s native son, and the impact that his music has on the world.
The 14th annual Tupelo Elvis Festival is on May 31, June 1, 2, and 3.
Go HERE for all the TUPELO ELVIS FESTIVAL Events and Information.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Note: Cover artwork is indicative only

Coming soon: Geraceland.....one of Australia's leading Elvis tribute artists, Mick Gerace releases his latest album....Geraceland in August. Featuring the legendary James Burton on guitar and the ever so sweet sounds of the Sweet Inspirations on backing vocals, Geraceland is a brilliantly conceived 2 CD set which is a contemporary revision of Elvis recordings in two parts....disc one offers 11 classic Elvis tracks in "vintage" format while disc two "mixes" the music up to inject the tracks with a potent 21st century cocktail of musical resonance......plus there is an added bonus of two stunning 2012 dubs of the funky, high energy rock 'n' soul track, Rev It Up.

Geraceland is the culmination of more than 12 months creative input with the finished album having been recorded in Sydney, Los Angeles and New York.

One element which makes Geraceland stand out from other contemporary Elvis remix albums is the reworking of several tracks to incorporate a very effective rap component, with leading Australian rapper, Tone-Z, providing complementary vocals (and new lyrics) to Mick Gerace on two stunning tracks, Walk A Mile In My Shoes and Stranger In My Own Home Town.

Geraceland will be available in CD and download formats.

EIN will review Geraceland in coming weeks. For more information about the album click here


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Diane Rojeski

April 7, 2012 (559) 435-3744

Fresno , CA – Mono Wind Casino in Auberry, California, is celebrating the King of Rock & Roll as they mark their “Sweet 16” anniversary on Saturday, May 19, 2012. The festivities will feature The EP Mobile Museum and The King’s Last Cadillac and be headlined by Jeremy Pearce and the JEP Band.

The EP Mobile Museum displays dozens of Elvis’ personal items including clothing, jewelry, stage used items, and more and is housed in a customized 30 foot trailer. It is the only traveling Elvis museum of its kind - complete with an outside that transforms into the front of the King's Memphis mansion...the ultimate photo op! The King’s Last Cadillac is a 1977 baby blue Eldorado that Elvis purchased less than four months before his death. What started with the famous pink Cadillac ended with this baby blue one! Elvis fans will have the chance to get their picture sitting behind the wheel!

Jeremy Pearce was voted one of the world’s Top Ten favorite Elvis Tribute Artists in Graceland ’s 2010 fan poll and has thrilled audiences all over the country in over 4,000 live performances. His tribute show is a first class Elvis experience that entertains everyone and is not to be missed.

The JEP Band adds musical expertise and an extra level of energy to the concert atmosphere. Everyone is invited to join in the excitement and celebration. Tickets are $50 per person and include your museum and car tours, dinner, event t-shirt, and live outdoor concert. Call Karen Boothby at (559) 855-4350 to make your reservations. This event will be sold out in advance, so do not wait to call!

Additional information about this event and its featured attractions can be found at http://www.jeremyelvispearce.com.

A trip to Las Vegas is not complete unless….:A trip to Las Vegas, though, would never be complete without seeing an Elvis impersonator and there is none bigger than Big Elvis, who once tipped the scales at 960 pounds.

He has slimmed down to 450 pounds thanks to dieting, walks in the park and swimming laps in his backyard pool.

OK, he's still more than a fifth of a ton but the guy -- Pete Vallee -- (shown opposite with Sonny West) can really belt out the Elvis hits. His vibrant baritone voice has vaulted him into Time magazine's Top 10 list of Elvis impersonators.

Big Elvis performs three times a day during the week for free at Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon. The afternoon we saw him, the place was packed. Big Elvis was celebrating his 10th anniversary performing on the Strip.

After being treated to a rambling speech by his agent, Big Elvis asked his wife, Amanda, to dance for his next song. Part Hawaiian and part Filipino, the slim Amanda, who has an ELVIS PRESLEY tattoo on her neck, swayed in rhythm to "Blue Hawaii." With many in the audience saluting the performance with raised bar glasses and beer bottles, Big Elvis turned to his wife and smiled. The room erupted in applause.

Yakima Valley residents are not immune to harboring warm feelings for impersonators. Several weeks ago, Danny Vernon, from the Seattle area, brought his hip-swiveling Elvis to The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima. He earned a well-deserved standing ovation, as he did last year when he performed before a standing-room-only crowd. Vernon offers a far more athletic version of Elvis the Pelvis than the sedentary Big Elvis, whose generous girth keeps him firmly planted in his gold-embroidered, high-back chair. (News, Source: Spencer Hatton, yakimaherald.com)

Eco Elvis sings about sustainability: If there is any one person who can be recognized by just about any individual it would be the King of Rock — Elvis Presley.

Today he is one of the most popular celebrities to impersonate, but it would be false to assume that all Elvis impersonators are the same. In fact, a very different kind of Elvis impersonator recently paid a visit to Iowa State.

Abby Dubisar, assistant professor of English, is the instructor for the graduate level class English 611, “Seminar in Rhetorical Theory,” which she explains is “focused on rhetorics of activism, justice and social change.”

In order to show her students a unique form of activism, she invited Matt Riggs — or Eco Elvis (shown opposite), an Elvis impersonator who writes lyrics about environmental issues to the tune of popular Elvis Presley songs — to perform for her class and talk about his rhetorical strategies.


“I think the visit was a dynamic opportunity for my students to see creative activism in action,“ Dubisar says. “Eco Elvis not only wowed the class with his musical stylings, his talent as a vocalist and guitar-player and his incredible ability to rewrite Elvis songs to offer environmental messages, but he also articulated how he crafts his message to appeal to particular audiences, attracts attention and holds the attention of audiences of all ages, balances addressing controversial topics like food politics and population control with a humorous/parody-heavy style, and more.”

Matt Riggs, from Kansas City, Mo., was inspired to create the persona of Eco Elvis by his “love of the environment, Elvis music, Weird Al Yankovic, Dread Zeppelin” and the desire for a career away from an office cubicle. He has been donning a green jumpsuit, embellished with pop tabs, and performing his sustainability themed songs, such as “I reduce, I reuse, I recycle” and “Burnin’ Globe,” for 15 years.

“I look for songs that have refrains that match the subject I’m interested in writing about, either through rhyme, phrasing or both,” Riggs explains. “I then thoroughly research the subject, outline all the topics I want to cover in the song, and convert the outline structure to the verse and bridge structure of song. From that point on, it is writing the lyrics, setting them to music and refining the lyrics.”

He hopes the lyrics of his songs will encourage people to start working actively to improve the conditions of the planet in order to preserve the health of humans, animal welfare and Earth’s resources.

“Everything that’s important to us as human beings — our health, our children, our economy, our national security, our survival as a species — depends on a healthy environment,” he says.

He also uses lyrics to raise awareness for what he describes as “the most important issue we all have to deal with to save our species-population stabilization.” He wrote the song “Population Bomb” to address this issue.

In his performance for Dubisar’s class, Riggs demonstrated that not activism looks that same by adding a unique twist to the five canons of rhetoric. Dubisar says “inventive individuals like Eco Elvis utilize their creative talents and ingenious approaches to make sustainability sustainable because they invite us to listen, participate and carry their message into new contexts.” (News, Source: Meg Grissom, meg.grissom@iowastatedaily.com, 6 April 2012)


Click here for more details

Pocono Mountains

Elvis Festival

October 19 - 21, 2012
Fernwood Resort - Bushkill, PA

TUESDAY, APRIL 10th at 10 AM
Call 518-681-7452 
or for faster service, buy online at

Compete in the Japanese Ultimate ETA Contest: Elvis tribute artists now have the chance to compete in our only Japanese Ultimate ETA Contest preliminary for their chance to come to Memphis to compete during Elvis Week 2012. For more information about the contest and how to compete in the Third Look for Japanese Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, click here (Almost Elvis, Source: EPE)
The Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino: The three-day festival features an Ultimate ETA Contest preliminary, showcase performance by past ultimate finalist Travis Allen, plus other fun Elvis music-themed events. Pala Casino Spa & Resort includes a Las Vegas-style casino. For more information on competing, contact Brown Productions (Almost Elvis, Source: EPE)
Third Annual Toronto Elvis Festival: Come out and join the fun at the Third Annual Toronto Elvis Festival on April 20-22, 2012, at Stage West Theatre Restaurant in Mississauga, Canada. All slots for the 2012 ETA preliminary have been filled but tickets are still available. The weekend will be packed with food, fun, and live entertainment from Ultimate ETA Contest contestants plus special appearances by 2010 Toronto Grand Champion Mark Anthony and popular Toronto ETA Gino Monopoli. Learn More (Almost Elvis, Source: EPE)
Pete Storm at Elvis The King Slot Machine Debut: The Elvis The King slot machine got a lot of attention at the recent 2012 ICE Totally Gaming Show in Earls Court, London. ICE attendees had their pictures taken with Elvis tribute artist Pete Storm in front of the new Elvis slot machine at the IGT booth. Pete Storm was the third place winner in the 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis. Learn More(Almost Elvis, Source: EPE)
Get Your Tickets to the 2012 Ultimate ETA Contest: Tickets are selling fast for this year's 2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest during Elvis Week. VIP packages are sold out but tickets are still available for the Ultimate ETA Two Day package which includes admission to all three rounds. Tickets can be purchased online at Ticketmaster.com, by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000, at any Ticketmaster outlet or at the Cannon Center box office. Learn More. (Almost Elvis, Source: EPE)

ETA Jay Allen on YouTube:  

Burning Love- Philly 1/26/12


Steamroller- Philadelphia 1/26/12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8NKGDr3f1s
Trouble- Macungie Pa Memorial Park August 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MekyCMJgPOw
Viva Las Vegas- Allentown Symphony Hall 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okpvdV02-zo

Record number of ETA prelims to find the 2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist: A record number of preliminary contests will be taking place around the world as part of the sixth annual search for the “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.” Contestants will be chosen at licensed preliminary venues being held at fairs, festivals, theaters and other venues. 

The semifinal rounds and final round will be held during Elvis Week 2012 which will take place in Memphis , August 10 - 18, 2012.

“In 2012, during the 35th anniversary, you’ll see Elvis’ life and legacy celebrated with concerts, festivals, special events and unique product releases taking place in countries around the world,” said Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing and Media for EPE.

“These contests give Elvis fans worldwide an opportunity to experience his music in a fun and unique way that we’ve seen continue to grow in popularity.”  

Judges at each venue will look for the “best representation of the Elvis legacy” in vocals, style, stage wear and stage presence.  The best overall performer will be named the “2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.”

In addition to the preliminary contests, fans can also enjoy some of the previous ultimate Elvis tribute artists on tour now in
Elvis Lives: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event, which is performing in 29 U.S. cities through March 19, 2012.

The 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winner, Cody Slaughter, can be seen performing the role of Elvis in the North American tour of “Million Dollar Quartet” and 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winner, Brandon Bennett, is performing the role of Elvis in the Chicago cast of “Million Dollar Quartet.”

Preliminary rounds of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest that have occurred or are in the planning stages at this time include:

Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival

 August 26 – 28, 2011  

Tweed, Ontario, Canada   

New England Elvis Festival

September 2 – 4, 2011

Manchester, N.H.

Rockin' E Jamboree at Oneida Casino

September 14 – 16, 2011

Green Bay, Wis.

Elvis FANtasy Fest

October 14 – 16, 2011

Portage, Ind.

Pocono Mountains Elvis Festival

October 21 – 23, 2011

Bushkill, Pa.

Elvis Birthday Bash and Ultimate
Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

January 6 – 11, 2012

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

The 2012 Elvis Cruise

January 12 – 16, 2012

Nassau, Bahamas

“Fill the Blue Suede Shoes”
 Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

March 3, 2012   

Ocala, Fla.

Third Look for Japanese Elvis

March 11, 2012

Osaka, Japan

Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino

March 16 – 18, 2012

Pala, Calif.

Branson Elvis Festival
Presented by Legends in Concert

April 20 – 22, 2012

Branson, Mo.

Toronto Elvis Festival

April 20 – 22, 2012

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Philadelphia Elvis Fest

May 4 – 6, 2012

Philadelphia, Pa.

Las Vegas Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

May 11 – 12, 2012

Las Vegas, Nev.

Hawaii Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

May 19, 2012

Waikiki, Hawaii

Tupelo Elvis Festival

May 31 – June 3, 2012

Tupelo, Miss.

LakeGeorge.com Elvis Festival

May 31 – June 3, 2012

Lake George, N.Y.

Wintersun Festival

June 1 – 11, 2012

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

Atlantic City Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

June 9, 2012   

Bally’s, Atlantic City, N.J.

Rockin' Elvis Fest at Oneida Casino

June 18 – 20, 2012

Green Bay, Wis.

Penticton Elvis Festival

June 22 – 24, 2012

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Myrtle Beach Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

June 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Rockin’ Elvis Fest at Harrah’s
Cherokee Casino & Hotel

July 19 – 21, 2012

Cherokee, N.C.

Collingwood Elvis Festival

July 26 – 29, 2012

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Hard Rock Cafe
Last Chance Ultimate ETA Contest

August 10 – 12, 2012

 Memphis, Tenn.

For more information on how to compete in these preliminary rounds or attend to cheer on your favorite Elvis tribute artist, visit our Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest website. (Source: Google News, Feb 2012)

Four phases of Elvis feature distinct differences: If you're playing Elvis Presley during the "movie" years, there's a lot of exercise involved.

"You've got stay physically fit and active," says Kevin Mills, the performer charged with capturing that era in "Elvis Lives," a Presley-sanctioned stage show. "Elvis is a good-looking man so you've got to make sure you're in shape."

And in the later years? Mills laughs. "He always looked good. We remember him as the 'healthy' Elvis."

The show -- slated to play the Orpheum Theatre Monday -- covers four periods -- the early years, the movie years, the concert years and the jumpsuit years. Four singers play the roles; an Ann-Margret impersonator joins Mills for some of those movie songs.

"There's a lot of choreography in the show," he says. "And Lori Russo, who plays Ann-Margret, is the best in the business."

Naturally, the two do songs from "Viva Las Vegas" and kindle warm thoughts of the '60s. The voice? "Elvis' voice was higher then and he was more suave than in the early years."

Opposite: Unidentified ETA not part of "Elvis Lives"

Six dancers join the segment for some heart-pounding choreography. To get the proper look, Mills says, it takes an hour of makeup and hair. "I have his features -- the jaw and the cheekbones. But it takes some time to create the illusion." When he's not part of the "Elvis Lives" tour, Mills performs in the "Legends" show in Atlantic City.

The gig? It came about on a lark. "I sang in a rockabilly band in the late '80s and I entered a contest as Elvis. There were 80 guys in jumpsuits and I beat them all." After that, Mills was hired to play the role on cruise ships and, for the better part of two decades, Mills has been recreating the King on a nightly basis. "It's awesome," he says. "There's no other character I could imagine doing. Because of his energy and what he brought to the stage, it's exciting."

And, thanks to "Elvis Lives," The King is constantly getting new fans. Elvis Presley Enterprises is responsible for keeping the singer's music alive. "They rebranded his name and introduced him to a new generation," Mills says. Now, at the touring production of "Elvis Lives," casual fans are becoming diehard ones. "We get a standing ovation every night," Mills says. "They love it."

To stay in the hunt, however, takes work. Mills says he has performed routinely in Elvis competitions, placing third in 2009 and second in 2010. Additionally, he performed at Bill Clinton's inauguration. The secret to recalling Presley's essence lies in study, Mills says. "We look at videos to get his mannerisms, his voice. The four of us are always doing that." Those movies Elvis made? "The first four were awesome but the rest were silly," Mils says. "He hated doing them."

Elvis' acting ability? "I thought he was pretty good."

While Mills ventures to Graceland every August (for memorial festivities), he's not a groupie. "I don't have anything Elvis in my home -- nothing on the walls." Instead, he likes the man's image and says it's tough to live up to. "If he were alive today, I think he'd be producing," the former Toronto resident says. "I don't know if he'd be performing. But he'd still be in the industry. He couldn't just walk away." (Source: Bruce R. Miller, siouxcityjournal.com/EIN, 1 Feb 2012)


What: "Elvis Lives"

When: 7:30 p.m. Monday

Where: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: Available at all Ticketmaster outlets.



2011 News & Shows

Jewelry Store 'Takes Care of Business,' Elvis-Style: For most of his life, Tim New has had two separate passions – Elvis Presley and custom jewelry. Now, he has combined them both at the store he owns, New Jewelers Beaver Ruin Road in Norcross.

On Saturday, New’s collection was on display in a corner case during a customer appreciation party. He held up a figurine of Elvis that turned out to be an unopened decanter of bourbon.  

On the shelves were numerous souvenirs devoted to the King, ranging from collector’s edition newspapers to a knife decorated with images of Elvis.

Two heart-shaped Valentine’s candy boxes also paid tribute to Elvis: One featured a photo of a young Elvis driving a car. The other was wrapped in a miniature Elvis costume. There was a 45 record of the song “Just Because” and an 8-track tape of the singer’s last studio album “Moody Blue,” with a Turtles store price tag still on it for $5.99.  New, 48, has been collecting Elvis souvenirs since he was 11, although he admits he has become more avid within the past decade. Many items in his collection were given to him by store customers, he said.

“Many folks come to the store because of their love and admiration for Elvis and his career,” New said. “They know I’m such a big fan. There are so many people out there who are Elvis fans too. This is the pinnacle of the tribute to Elvis.”

For the party, New hired an Elvis tribute artist, Doug Thompson of Hoschton, who has been performing as Elvis since kindergarten and recently turned 40. The two men met at a Christmas tree lighting in Braselton and became friends. Outside the store, customers, friends and family nibbled on food and waited for Thompson to take the “stage.”  Dilyse Herring, whose husband works at the store, was there to enjoy the food and music. “I have a lot of Elvis records. I grew up with a lot of his songs,” she said.

In a back room, Thompson and New chatted with a friend, Lee Secrest, who surprised New with a gift: an enlarged photograph of Elvis performing. Secrest has given New several similar photos, including a picture he took of Elvis leaving the Macon Coliseum about a month before he died in 1977, which hangs on the wall of the shop.

As long as he has been an Elvis fan, New has been in the jewelry business. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Harry L. New, who started the jewelry company in 1960. After his death in 2006, the younger New took over the business, moving it from La Vista Road to its current location on Beaver Ruin Road and shortening the name. The store specializes in custom jewelry, repair and estate pieces. Indeed, Thompson, dressed as Elvis, flashed a large ring that New had made for him. Fashioned of sterling silver, yellow gold and diamonds, it features a TCB logo – Taking Care of Business, an emblem dear to the King.

“I feel like Elvis when I’m wearing it,” Thompson said. (Dec 2011 Source: NorcrossPatch.com)

New England Elvis Festival in September: The New England Elvis Festival returns to the Radisson Hotel, Manchester, NH, September 2-4, 2011. Featuring twenty of the world's top Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs) competing for over $3,500 in prize money and the chance to represent New England at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis.
This year's big Saturday night show will feature the newest sensation in the Elvis world, a young man from England, Ben Portsmouth who will star along with Robert Washington.
We are also proud to present Elvis' friend, confidant and bodyguard Sonny West telling Stories about Elvis on our main stage as a prelude to Saturday's show.
The Festival will also feature an Elvis collectibles sale, a Friday night Champion's Set, plus the free Sunday Morning Elvis Gospel Music Contest.
Go here if you want more info.

(News, Source;NewEnglandElvisFestival)

Silas Lulic, Acclaimed Elvis Tribute Artist from Melbourne has entertained regularly at Crown Casino Melbourne for the past 3 years running and a regular feature at the Elvis NSW Parkes Festival Main Stage and Parkes Services Club for the past 5 years, along with the honor of winning the title of  Elvis Idol two years running.  Silas is well know for his large array of authentic costumes, guitars and more, being able to provide a spectacular experience for all.
With his attention to detail The Extremely Elvis Show recreates the essence of Elvis Presley, paying homage right from his humble beginnings, to the most memorable moments of the Kings Career.
For More Inforamtion: www.trybooking.com.au/UFX

A Special Evening To Honor Sonny West: Don't miss an exciting Evening of ELVIS Music, Memories and Celebrity Guests in Honor of Sonny West TUESDAY AUGUST 30, 2011 in the Las Vegas Imperial Palace Hotel, Main Showroom. . 5 pm to 8 pm. Join Pete "Big Elvis" Vallee as he hosts top Elvis Tribute Artists, Musical Entertainers & Celebrity Guests Honoring SONNY WEST.
People with Elvis connections who will be attending this event are: Sam Thompson, Dick Grob, Charles Stone, Jimmy Velvet, Loanne Parker (Col's Widow),  Co-Stars Cynthia Pepper and Darlene Tompkins, Jerome "Stump" Monroe (Drummer for the Sweet Inspirations), Elvis friends/fans/authors, Sandi Miller, Sandi Pichon, Sue McCasland and others.  Please get your tickets so you don't miss this fun-filled, worthy event!
(News, Source;SandiPichon)

2011 Elvis Week Ultimate ETA Contest: EIN realizes that there is ONLY ONE ELVIS – however the Memphis Ultimate ETA Contests are very popular with a large number of fans, especially during Elvis Week.
EPE reports that there is still time to make your plans to be in Memphis for Elvis Week 2011 when 26 of the best Elvis tribute artists in the world take the stage to compete for the title of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2011. Held at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Memphis, this will be one event ETA fans will not want to miss.
Tickets are still available for both the semifinal and final rounds on August 11 and 12.
To purchase tickets, click here.
EPE has its own page for Ultimate ETA Contests – Go here if you need to know more.
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

Silas Lulic set for Elvis Week: He's a long way from Graceland, but that doesn't stop Silas Lulic pulling on the blue suede shoes. The Australian concreter from Melbourne and Elvis impersonator is gearing up for Elvis Week this week, when the King's disciples around the world celebrate his life and music.
Mr Lulic, 32, says he has been a life-long fan of Presley, but his performances have become more frequent over the past five years and he plans to make it his full-time job.
"I'm looking forward to putting down the tools and picking up the microphone," he said, adding that he didn't have a favourite Elvis song.
Elvis Week coincides with the anniversary of the King's death on August 16.
Mr Lulic said his obsession with Presley sometimes came at a cost.
"I can't tell you how much I spend on hair products," he said "It's something that Elvis performers often talk to each other about." Go here to his own website.
(News, Source:AusNews)

12th Annual Elvis Festival in Costa Mesa, CA: Another Elvis Festival in Costa Mesa, California, following Elvis Week. The curled lip, the intense gaze and the swiveling hips… Elvis Presley’s spirit is kept alive and well via the burning desire of other men to emulate him. The King of Rock-n-Roll remains the most imitated performer on earth and many of them will come together to pay homage to him during the 12th Annual Elvis Festival August 21, 2011 from 9am to 4pm at the Orange County Market Place, the weekend swap meet at the O.C. Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa.

The annual event themed "Elvis in Hollywood" will have seven tribute artists performing songs from Presley’s motion pictures. Though Elvis was only 42 years old when he died, there is no age cap on those who choose to emulate him.

The Elvis Festival is held in conjunction with the weekend swap meet at the Orange County Fairgrounds, which features nearly 1,000 merchants selling a variety of products and services. Since 1969 the Orange County Market Place has been held every Saturday and Sunday. Hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. All events at Elvis Festival are included in the price of admission to the swap meet, which is $2 for general, and free for children 12 and under.






(News, Source,ElvisFestivalCostaMesa)

'One Night With You' - August shows in Melbourne: In 1968, Elvis made a comeback and in 2011, Mark Andrew recreates The King at his best! A special 2 hour musical presentation starring Mark Andrew and hosted by Frankie J Holden is booked for AUGUST 19/20 in Melbourne, Australia.
In June 1968, Elvis made a memorable comeback with an NBC TV special. It is famous for the great looks of Elvis in his prime, wearing a black leather outfit. 40 + years on, Frankie J Holden will narrate the stories of this event, and the magical show will be brought back to life with a re-enactment from well acclaimed performer Mark Andrew, backed by a 10 piece band and 4 show girls.
The show will feature many segments from this '68 special never performed on a live stage before. The second part of the show, the audience will be treated to a plethora of Elvis hits as Mark recreates Elvis in Concert.
Dates - Friday, 19 August and Saturday, 20 August 2011
Click here for more info
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'68 Special Director Added to Las Vegas Elvis Fest Lineup: Steve Binder, director and producer of the 1968 'Comeback Special' has just been added to the July Las Vegas Elvis Fest lineup! Binder will talk about his experiences working on what is now commonly referred to as the '68 Comeback Special. It was one of the biggest TV hits of the year, receiving 40% of the viewing audience, and rave reviews from the public and critics alike.
The Las Vegas Elvis Fest is on July 28-30, 2011 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Other featured speakers include Gene Lubas, artistic director for Viva ELVIS by Cirque du Soleil; Sam Thompson, Elvis' friend and security head; Joe Moscheo and Terry Blackwood of Elvis' Imperials; Estelle Brown of the Sweet Inspirations; and DJ Fontana, Elvis' original drummer and Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee. The event will be hosted by Elvis' road manager and close friend Joe Esposito.
For more information and a complete schedule of Las Vegas Festival events, Click here
(News, Source;LasVegas)

- Las Vegas Elvis Festival Details Announced: The first annual Las Vegas Elvis Fest will be held at the legendary Las Vegas Hilton on July 28-30, 2011. As the home to Elvis' record breaking sold out Las Vegas run, there's no better place outside of Memphis to surround yourself in the sights and sounds of the King of Rock 'n' Roll!
The three-day event will be hosted by one of Elvis’ closest friends, Joe Esposito, and will feature over forty of the world’s top Elvis tribute artists participating in a Tribute Artist Showcase, the Heart of the King Awards Concert, and the special recreation of Elvis’ "That’s the Way it Is" concert featuring Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Shawn Klush. He'll appear on stage with Elvis’ back up singers The Sweet Inspirations, Elvis’ Imperials and comedian Sammy Shore who opened for Elvis during the original show.
Other highlights on tap throughout the weekend will include Elvis collectibles, Elvis at the Hilton memorabilia displays, after hours parties and events, discounted tickets to Viva Elvis by Cirque du Soleil, tours of Elvis’ dressing room, and a special celebrity forum where Elvis fans will be able to meet many of Elvis’ friends, confidants and movie co-stars.
Go here for more details.
(News, Source;EPE) - June 23 2011

Dean Vegas Touring Australia last half of 2011. Elvis will Rock the Boat, Norfolk Island Experience and see below for Upcoming Shows. All the details at www.deanvegas.com


Female Elvis Impersonators Talk Shop; When Elvis Presley released his first album 55 years ago, men wanted to be like him and women wanted to be with him. But that concept has evolved. Now women want to be like Elvis, too.
In a sea of thousands of Elvis impersonators, three tribute artists stand out: Jacqueline Feilich of Australia, Laura Baxter Herbert of Massachusetts and Helen Anne Gately of Seattle.
These women -- all die-hard Elvis fans -- also moonlight as female Elvis tribute artists, or "ETAs," sporting bejeweled jumpsuits in homage to their all-time favorite singer.
Jacqueline Feilich, a lady Elvis tribute artist from Australia, is known as "She Is The King." She's been moonlighting as a female Elvis for the past 12 years, performing modern-day versions of the rock 'n' roll icon's classic songs.
Despite the male-dominated ETA industry, these lady Elvises each told AOL News that, over the years, they've learned to hold their own as female versions of the "King."
But that doesn't mean their paths haven't been challenging.
Feilich, a singer/songwriter who goes by the trademarked title "She Is The King," has been performing as a female Elvis for the past 12 years and full time as a corporate act for hire since 2006.
Even with all the experience under her bedazzled belt, she said some audiences still second-guess her abilities as an ETA when she first hits the stage simply because she's a woman.
Feilich, however, is quick to remind the crowd that she's not trying to impersonate the King, but rather honor his legacy through her own modern-day interpretations of his music.
Feilich goes the natural route as well, keeping her black locks long and straight.
As for Laura Herbert, she's open to copying Elvis' coif -- color, sideburns and all.
She said the first time she ever dressed up as a lady Elvis was in 2002 for Halloween. Herbert went all out -- dying her short hair black and gluing some serious sideburns to her face. And, if it meant looking more like Elvis, she'd do it again.
Although being a female ETA certainly has its challenges, Feilich, Herbert and Gately aren't giving up their gigs anytime soon.
They said they'll continue performing as lady Elvises because, ultimately, they think the King would've wanted it that way.
"I really believe Elvis would've gotten a kick out of what I do. Many fans have said that he would've been proud of me," Feilich said.
"I would hope that Elvis would be flattered and find what I do to be sort of cute," Herbert added.
After all, Elvis was a ladies' man.
Go here to EIN's interview with Jacqueline Feilich.
Go here to the full AOL article plus videos "Breaking the Blue Suede Glass Ceiling: Female Elvis Impersonators Talk Shop"
(News, Source;AOL)

Las Vegas Ultimate ETA Contest next weekend: The Second annual Las Vegas Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary round will be held at the world famous Fremont Street Experience, Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7. First prize is $2,500.00 cash plus qualification into the Semi-Final round of The Ultimate ETA Contest held during Elvis Week 2011. There will be prizes for second and third place finishers, other fantastic giveaways for participants and fans, and several special guest appearances. Contestant forms are available by clicking here. ETA entries will be limited for this prestigious event which produced last year’s Ultimate ETA Finals Champion, so enter early. The road to Memphis goes through Las Vegas.
Click here for info
(News, Source;EPE)

Elvis Cruises from Sydney, Australia; As the Rock'n'Roll "Blue Suede Cruise" leaves Sydney this Saturday Nov 20 for a week's Rock'n'Rollin' on the high seas - another "The King Tribute Cruise" has been announced for November 2011!

The 2010 'Blue Suede Cruise' features 12 great acts performing 50's and & 60's Rock 'n' Roll over a week long cruise around the South Pacific Islands. Go here for 2010 "Blue Suede Cruise" info.

Meanwhile if you want to book ahead for 2011 check out "The King Tribute Cruise" (right) a 3 day cruise around the Pacific Ocean from Sydney, jam packed with award-winning entertainment performed by some of the worlds favourite Elvis tribute artists.

Go here for 2011 Elvis Tribute cruise info.

(News, Source;EIN'sbeenCruisin)

Johnny Harra Passes Away: Well known Elvis impersonator Johnny Harra has died. EIN reported his hospitalisation two days ago. Johnny Harra portrayed the 'Older Elvis' in the classic movie "This Is Elvis" and he remains one of the very few people - who are not family - that were allowed to visit Elvis' bedroom after 1977 - to film the opening scene of the movie. Harra died from an obstruction in his lungs.

Johnny Harra started his career performing tributes to Elvis at the young age of only 11 years old.

Click here for an interesting Johnny Harra Interview from 1992

(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNetwork)

New Shawn Klush Tour Dates and Las Vegas Announcement: EPE has officially licensed our upcoming event at the same location where Elvis made History, The Las Vegas Hilton. It will be bigger and better than ever with many new great additions and surprises. The dates are definite July 28th – July 30th, 2011. The new name of the event is "The Las Vegas Elvis Fest" (Heart of the King) We will inform you in advance, prior to the general public, when tickets will be on sale. There will also be a special discount code for Shawn Klush fans. We are in massive meetings over schedules, activities, prices, special guests and so much more. Tickets should be on sale in about a week. Performing in the same room where Elvis made history, with much of the same cast, is very special to Shawn and the guests will include Elvis’ Imperials, the Sweet Inspirations, DJ Fontana, Joe Esposito, Sammy Shore and so much more. Don’t miss the Elvis Event of the Year. Vegas here we come!
Shawn is touring the next few months and from July 22nd Shawn returns to headline the largest Elvis fest in Collingwood, Canada.
Click here for more info
(News, Source;ShawnKlush)

Priscilla Presley exhibits some wit! Glimpses Priscilla Presley'd wit recently surfaced during her return to Las Vegas to receive the Nevada Ballet Theatre's Woman of the Year honors.
As a pre-event reception was wrapping up Presley was taking a group photo with daughter Lisa Marie, rocker Vince Neil and his girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs.
"What a motley crew," she cracked, in a nod to Neil, the Mötley Crüe frontman who camped out in her Beverly Hills guesthouse a decade or so ago.
The story EIN likes was told by "American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe regaled the crowd with a classic story about Priscilla's fun-loving side.
Several years ago she and Lythgoe were crossing Las Vegas Boulevard when they spotted a young Elvis impersonator.
Lythgoe said Priscilla dashed up to the Elvis impressionist, removed her oversized sunglasses and said, "Remember me?"

(News, Source,VegasJournal/EIN)

Ultimate ETA winner, Justin Shandor, Due In Court: After the recent debacle of UK Elvis impersonator attacking James Burton's son come news that another Elvis impersonator, this time Justin Shandor, was ticketed earlier this month on charges of providing false information to police. Justin Shandor of Salem, Oregon recently won the EPE official 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest title! Sheriff's deputies allege he lied about smoking marijuana before his performance at the Clearwater River Casino east of Lewiston. Shandor, who performed as Elvis at the casino's event center Jan. 16, was ticketed by officers after the show, according to misdemeanor charges filed in Nez Perce County Magistrate Court. Sheriff's deputies responded after reports two men walked to a Volkswagen and were allegedly seen passing a joint prior to the performance.
(News, Source; Charmaine/ElvisInfoNet)

Tickets for 2011 Tupelo Elvis Festival On Sale Now: The 2011 Tupelo Elvis Festival is June 2-5. Join fans in Tupelo, Mississippi, the Birthplace of Elvis Presley, for a full weekend of fun and entertainment.
Events at the festival will include a 5K run, parade, movie poster exhibit, and Sunday gospel concert. There will also be live performances from artists such as Sonny Burgess and The Pacers with DJ Fontana.
Plus, there will be a 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary round. The winner will get to compete in the semifinal round in Memphis during Elvis Week 2011. Applications for this Ultimate ETA preliminary round will be accepted through March 25, 2011. Download the entry form to participate!
Tickets for the 2011 Tupelo Elvis Festival are on sale now. Purchase them at the festival's office at 108 South Broadway in Tupelo, Mississippi or by calling 662-841-6598.
(News, Source;EPE)

Special Guests Announced for 2012 Elvis Cruise: The EPE January 2012 Elvis Cruise will feature even more entertainers than any previous Elvis cruise! Among the more than 40 entertainers on board the cruise will be internationally known recording artists Terry Mike Jeffrey and Andy Childs, 12 of the worlds most talented Elvis tribute artists, Elvis’ Imperials, the Holladay Sisters who backed up many of Elvis’ hits in the late 1960s, and The Memphis Boys, who were Elvis’ session players on his American Sound Studio recordings. Additional special guests include Elvis’ former music director Joe Guercio, photojournalist Al Wertheimer and ten co-stars from movies like "Kissin’ Cousins," "Speedway," "Girl Happy," and many others.
The cruise, held January 12 to 16, 2012, will help kick off the 35th anniversary year and will sail from Jacksonville, Florida, to Nassau, Bahamas on the Carnival Fascination.
Click here for more Elvis Cruise Info and the list of Cruise Special Guests.

(News, Source;ElvisCruise)

Elvis Impersonator Assaults James Burton's son: In a story that shows real madness and craziness inhabit some Elvis impersonators, the organiser of a Birmingham Elvis Presley convention has been charged with attacking TCB Band James Burton's son. Jeff Burton suffered a broken nose and cheekbone and cuts to his face following an alleged assault at the Hilton Metropole hotel last Sunday.
The man charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm in connection with the incident has been named as Michael Cawthray.
The 43-year-old, from north Wales, is a director of the Elvis European Championships Ltd, and the is also an Elvis tribute act.
Both men were staying at the Metropole, where 80 Elvis impersonators had been vying to win the championships.
Jeff Burton is recovering after a visit to hospital.
Meanwhile crazed Elvis Impersonator Michael Cawthray has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He has been bailed to appear at Solihull Magistrates’ Court later this month. (Right; Jeff Burton - doesn't he look like his dad!)
(News, Source;TheBirminghamNews)

Parkes Failed in its World Record ETA attempt: It is estimated that more than 15,000 Elvis fans shuffled their blue suede shoes into central western NSW for the annual Parkes Elvis Festival.
But even with all those fans in town willing to swivel their hips in honour of their favourite rocker, Parkes failed in its world record attempt to have the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators. They needed more than 646 fans to impersonate Elvis to achieve this.
"We didn't break the record, but we did have 610 impersonators - including Priscillas - so we're going to write to the Guinness Book of Records and see if we can get an entry for that," Parkes mayor Ken Keith said.
The town has still had a win of sorts with 3000 extra people thought to be in town compared with last year.
The 12,000 that descended on Parkes for the festival in 2010 managed to generate $5 million for the local economy.
"I'm confident that we'll break the record in 2012," the mayor said.
EIN Note: Disgruntled EIN readers (see 'Save Elvis' Image' above) who think that the Parkes Australian Festival demeans Elvis' image miss
out on the fact that Parkes is basically a "Country Fair" with an Elvis theme. It has the same vibe as the Tupelo Elvis Festival - but without the real connection! There is ELVIS music blasting out of every corner of this small country town and the vibe is fantastic. How could it not be with 12,000 fans all who love Elvis and who are all in a great mood? Everyone chats to you and strangers become friends just through the Elvis connection. The final Sunday Elvis Gospel service carries a more important and charitable theme and is a very moving experience.
The fact that Parkes did not break the Elvis impersonators record actually shows that the vast majority of the Parkes attendees are ordinary folks not dressed up in appalling white-jumpsuits, who just want to spend the weekend soaking up Elvis' great legacy.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Elvis impersonators not so lonesome in Parkes: Thousands of Elvis Presley fans are checking into 'heartbreak' hotels in NSW for the annual five-day Parkes Elvis Festival, which is timed to celebrate The King's January 8 birthday. The die-hard fans at this year's event won't just be singing karaoke and taking in street parades. On Saturday they will attempt to break the Guinness world record for the largest-ever gathering of Elvis impersonators.
The record attempt requires people to be dressed head-to-toe in Elvis attire and be ready to swivel their hips and belt out Love Me Tender at 8:30am AEDT at the Cook Park Main Stage.
Last year's festival brought in 12,000 people - doubling the population of Parkes - and the mayor says they are expecting 10,000 to 12,000 this year. He says it will be worth about $5 million to the town's economy.
"We have overseas visitors too - people from Singapore and Finland have already arrived and last year there were fans over from the UK and America."
The mayor says they are expecting "perfect" weather for this year's festival with temperatures expected to be in the low 30s. It will be a lot cooler than last year's event which saw people sweating in their synthetic fibre jumpsuits and wigs as temperatures reached 40 degrees. The festival runs until Sunday January 9.
Former yellow Wiggle Greg Page will be displaying his collection of Elvis memorabilia, worth $3 million to $4 million, during the festival. The sold-out 'ELVIS EXPRESS' train (above) left Sydney for Parkes this morning.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)
Monday 3 January 2011
Australia Parkes ELVIS Birthday Festival 2011: Meanwhile in Australia, over 12,000 Elvis fans will congregate on the small country town of Parkes to also celebrate Elvis' Birthday with a festival running from January 5 - Sunday Jan 9th. Incredibly Parkes has absolutely no connection at all with Elvis, yet has its own Elvis Museum (with a sensational selection of genuine memorabilia) and it is likely that more Elvis fans will be in Parkes than at Graceland!
The 5 day Parkes Elvis Festival program features a dazzling array of more than 100 individual events and runs from 5 - 9 January 2011. This year the key performer is Dean Vegas who is doing four shows, plus there are the regular Elvis Gospel Church Service, the iconic Elvis Street Parade, the Crowning of Miss Priscilla, the Elvis Golf Day & Dinner, the Back to the Altar Wedding Ceremony.
This year they are also trying to beat the Guinness World Record for 'The Largest Gathering of Elvis Impersonators'. You can join in at 8.30AM on Saturday 8th January at the Cook Park Main Stage. Dean Vegas, Renowned Australian Elvis Tribute Artist will host the Guinness World Records™ attempt.
In 2007, 147 Elvis impersonators converged on Parkes to sing Love Me Tender, breaking the previous record of 78.
Click here to Parkes Elvis Festival website for Festival Schedule and complete details.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

2010 News & Shows

Australian 'Rock'n'Roll' Cruise for November: The "Blue Suede Cruise" about to set sail 20th Nov, 2010 leaving from Sydney, Australia. The luxury cruise features 12 great acts performing 50's and & 60's Rock 'n' Roll over a week long cruise around the South Pacific Islands. From Elvis, to The Beatles, Roy Orbison, including some great early Australian talent like Lonnie Lee, Jade Hurley, Darryl Cotton and more. Elvis entertainment features Mark Andrew, Elvis to the Max, plus She is the King.
Go here to check it out.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Welsh Porthcawl Elvis Festival this weekend: It's the same every year the Welsh coastal village of Porthcawl is swamped with Elvis's from all over the world, here to celebrate one of Europe's biggest Elvis festival. This weekend thousands upon thousands of Elvis fans will fill the hotels and pubs around Porthcawl - it's all great fun though and there's something entertaining in watching scores of Elvis's compete to be the year's official best Elvis.
The beach, windswept and looking desolate in the September chill, was full of Elvis's on horseback. It's all quite bizarre and left me, all shook up.
The Grand Pavilion will tonight host the Elvies the annual award for the best Elvis impersonator -
(News, Source;ElvisPorthcawl)

Dean Vegas on tour in Australia: Having recently returned from a successful tour in the USA, Australia's Dean Vegas is back on tour, playing weekends throughout September to December including the October Tallangatta Rock'n'Roll Festival in Victoria.
If you are in Australia and want to catch up with one of the contest winning ETAs..

Go here for Australian TOUR dates and more info

(News, Source;DeanVegas)

Justin Shandor Wins EPE Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest: EPE congratulates Justin Shandor of Portland, Oregon, who won the 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest title at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. Justin was the winner of the Las Vegas Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary round presented by Legends in Concert.
Second was Kevin Mills of Cinnaminson, New Jersey, winner of the Tupelo Elvis Festival preliminary round.
Third was Jay Dupuis of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, winner of the Silver Slipper Ultimate ETA Contest preliminary.
Victor Trevino, Jr. and Matt Cordell rounded out the top five.
Go here to Sanja's exclusive Elvis Week report.
And if click here you want to find out more about the 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

EPE announce Top Ten Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Finalists: While Elvis impersonators upset many hardcore Elvis fans there is no doubt that the Elvis ETA shows are packed out this week in Memphis. On Wednesday night the Orpheum was packed with fans as 23 of the best Elvis tribute artists in the world took the stage to compete for the ultimate title. The following Elvis tribute artists were selected as the top ten that will go on to compete in the final round tonight Friday August 13.
Top ten finalists (in alphabetical order) are: Matt Cordell, Jay
Dupuis, Stephen Freeman, Tim Hendry, Dwight Icenhower, Kevin Mills, Justin Shandor, Cody Slaughter, Victor Trevino, Jr., Danny Vernon.
Stay tuned later tonight when the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2010 will be announced. Go here if Elvis ETAs fascinate you. (If not steer clear!)
(News, Source;SanajM/ElvisInfoNet)


HT Long Sings The Golden Hits of Elvis Presley (CD Review): Malaysia's HT Long has deservedly enjoyed a long and highly successful career as the leading Elvis stylist in South East Asia.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently put on the headphones to listen to another of HT's wonderful album releases. From the opening lines of I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry to the final bonus mystery song, what he found was a delightful aural treat. HT's smooth Elvis vocal was in its element travelling through tracks including Echoes of Love, Never Ending, I'll Be There, Hawaiian Sunset and a perennial favorite, Love Me Tender. (July 2010)

Read EIN's full review


“Geraceland” (CD Review) - rap beats and cool grooves re-energise the Elvis legacy: Leading Australian Elvis stylist, Mick Gerace, has spent the last year recording his latest album, the cleverly titled Geraceland.  Featured on the album are the legendary James Burton, Sweet Inspirations and Aussie hip hop artist, Tone Z.

Together Mick and the group have produced a masterful concoction which contemporarises the Elvis catalog with a heady mix of rap beats, cool grooves and engaging vibe. 

The music traverses rich territory including a blistering My Babe, funky blues Polk Salad Annie and a sublime rap take on Stranger In My Own Home Town.  Geraceland is vibrant aural experience which impresses with its modern sound but familiar lyrics.

Read EIN’s full review

'Ale house rock' charity record attempt in Suffolk: An Elvis Presley impersonator from Suffolk will attempt to break a Guinness World Record by singing his idol's songs non-stop for three days. Simon Goldsmith, 36, of Little Bealings near Woodbridge, must sing for more than 43 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds to beat the current record.

The delivery driver will start singing at 0800 BST on Friday at the White Lion pub in Lower Ufford. Mr Goldsmith is raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich. His father died of cancer at the hospice last year. Mr Goldsmith, who performs under the name Harry Isaac Presley, needs to beat Thomas Gothje, from Germany, who set the record in 2004.


Keeping voice fresh'"I love crazy ideas and I wanted to do something a bit special, so I looked up some world records and this one really appealed to me," Mr Goldsmith said. "I've got no problem in staying awake for that long, it's just the effect on my vocal chords. "I'm going to have to work on some tricks to keep my voice fresh." A spokesman for Guinness World Records said: "Simon has been in contact with us with the intention of breaking the current world record. "We'd like to wish him the very best of luck in his effort." (News, Source: BBC, 4 May 2010)
Elvis appearance opposite Gordon Brown sparks investigation: (Further to our earlier news item below) an official investgation has begun into whether an Elvis impersonator's performance for UK PM, Gordon Brown, broke the law.

He was hailed by Alastair Campbell as the "megastar" who would boost Gordon Brown's flagging election campaign, but an Elvis impersonator has left Labour feeling all shook up.

Mandrake learns that Corby borough council is investigating whether the performance at the weekend breached the Licensing Act.

(May 2010)

Elvis impersonator Mark Wright greets Gordon Brown in Corby Photo: PA

Lodge Park Technology College, where Mark Wright sang for the Prime Minister, is not allowed to permit performances of live music before 6pm. Damian Wilkins, the health protection manager at Corby council, has contacted Tom Waterworth, the head teacher, to demand an explanation. Under the Act, Campbell, the organiser of the event, and Waterworth, the licence holder, could face criminal prosecution resulting in six months in prison or a £20,000 fine.

The college was unable to get a Temporary Event Notice authorising the performance of music, as plans to allow last-minute event notices were withdrawn by the Government this month. Wright, who is from Corby, had entered the building as the Prime Minister concluded his speech. The impersonator serenaded the Labour Party supporters with A Little Less Conversation.

No flies on Gordon Brown - Mandrake has an inkling why Gordon Brown was never very enthusiastic about jumping into bed with Nick Clegg. North of the border, Clegg is the word to describe a large blood-sucking fly. (News, Source: Tim Walker, telegraph.co.uk)

Elvis joins the campaign trail: The first signs of UK PM, Gordon Brown "upping the tempo" of his campaign have emerged. Brown has now arrived in Corby, Northamptonshire for an NHS rally, and is joined by an Elvis impersonator. In an apparent explanation he told the gathering:

‘I am going to be introducing Britain's Elvis Presley. Only 4% of people in the world now still believe Elvis Presley is alive. But I think there is only about 4% of people, by the end of this election campaign, that will believe that the Conservatives are not a risk to economic recovery in this country.’

The King's appearance could also explain Alastair Campbell's rather excited tweeting last night. He had promised that a "megastar" would be joining the prime minister today. He tweeted: ‘We are talking big. I mean mega. Could be highlight of campaign.’ (News, Source: Brian Quinn/Mike Bashford/Guardian.co.uk, 24 April 2010)


Many thanks to Barb for this poster and news:

The legendary, world-famous Jordanaires will be performing at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Centennial Theatre on Friday, May 21. They will be backing performer Ron Moore, recognized internationally as Elvis’ voice clone and who returns to Chattanooga by popular demand. Concert proceeds support the Eagles Wings Ranch horse therapy program and the City of Chattanoooga’s Childrens Education Arts and Culture program. It will also be videotaped for a television series on Elvis and Ron Moore. Tickets are $20 and available through www.tix.com or by calling the Choo Choo box office at (423) 702-8976.

Stephen Freeman "live"


Join award winning Elvis Tribute Artist, Stephen Freeman, and the talented Wohlfahrt Haus Cast as they perform a variety of your favorite Elvis Presley songs.  This all new production will feature performances by Stephen never before presented at Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre!!

Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre170 Malin DriveWytheville, VA
For Reservations Call - 1-888-950-3382TWO DAYS ONLY!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18&Wednesday, May 192 Shows each day(Matinee & Evening)


Stephen Freeman's "Echos of a Legend Showband" is a very talented group of vocalists and musicians.  Each artist brings a sincere element of authenticity to the band.  The Echos of a Legend Showband works very hard to bring you, the Elvis fan, a quality tribute show with their top priority focused on re-creating the music as it was originally recorded.   We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the members of the Echos of a Legend Showband!

Photo credit: Harm Lourenssen / Jeeri Berkers

Visit the Frank Anthony website (Netherlands)

The Power of Elvis: Tribute artist Dave Yefko admits he doesn't quite understand "the power of Elvis." He just knows it exists.

"When I'm trying to memorize one of his songs, I can play it over and over for four or five days and never get sick of it," he explained. "It's unreal. All of us (tribute artists) want to do our very best, so as not to tarnish his name."

Yefko, 54, of Plymouth, is one of three performers who will sing tonight during an "Elvis Through the Years" fund-raiser in Nanticoke.

The concert is an attempt by the Plymouth and Greater Nanticoke Rotary Clubs to fight polio in Third World countries, where it is still crippling people, Rotary spokesman Dave Carey said. Some 137,000 Rotary Clubs around the world are working to raise $350 million to match a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he said.

For fans of "the King," Yefko predicted, the concert should be a great experience, with songs ranging from "Blue Suede Shoes" to "Hound Dog" to "Kentucky Rain" to two versions of "Can't Help Falling In Love."

Josh Slosky will portray the young Elvis and Jimmy T will represent the middle-age Elvis, while Yefko will be the mature Elvis, wearing a jumpsuit.

"Those guys are slim; I'm a little portly," Yefko said with a chuckle, explaining why audiences shouldn't expect much hip-swiveling from him.

The show begins at 7 p.m. at the Greater Nanticoke Area High School on Kosciuszko Street. Tickets are $15. (301-9280) (Mary Therese Biebel, The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, Pa, California Chronicle)

Visit the Dean Vegas website (Australia)

Stephen Freeman Concert Update Newsletter

Stephen Freeman in Concert.......

Liberty Showcase Theatre Presents
Stephen Freeman and his
Echos of a Legend Showband

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Showtime is 7:30 PM

Show Only Advance Tickets: $25.00

Show Only Tickets at the Door: $28.00

*Dinner and Show tickets: $40.00

*Dinner tickets must be reserved in advance*


This all new show will feature Stephen and the Echos of a Legend Showband with your favorite Elvis Presley songs!!

 For ticket information contact: 


Liberty Showcase Theatre

101 Fayetteville St.

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