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“Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley ”

When details of Joseph Pirzada's lates book and DVD set were first announced, EIN predicted it could well become the #1 Elvis release of 2007. This would be after Pirzada's two Memphis Recording Service volumes were the #1 releases of 2005 and 2006.

So has Joseph Pirzada achieved the hat trick?

After reading Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley and viewing the accompanying DVD, quite simply the answer is a resounding YES! It will take a mighty effort by anyone else to top this set in 2007.


This is a STUNNING release. Historically important, it offers a sensory feast of incredible Elvis audio, video and information.

The set's essential importance is its DVD content. Featuring previously unreleased audio-visual film of Elvis performing live in Tupelo at his 1956 Homecoming, it is mouth watering stuff!

The DVD is a long overdue record of Elvismania near its peak. It provides us with the most detailed look at "Elvis the Pelvis" as he tears up the stage while thousands of young girls often drown out his vocal through their fits of deafening screaming. You will savor this film time and time again!

The DVD also includes 45 seconds of color footage taken of Elvis' evening performance, a TV newsreel of his homecoming, and the Homecoming Parade.

The audio-visual material is nicely complemented by a DVD Audio section comprising 21 tracks of the two Tupelo concerts.

While a DVD only edition of Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley will be released, EIN recommends the combined book and DVD set.

The book features hundreds of very rare color and b&w visuals and a strong narrative penned by Tupelo's own, Roy Turner. Throughout its 172 pages there is a treasure trove of archival material and little known information which adds appreciably to our knowledge and understanding of The King.

The book includes a photo of arguably the first Elvis impersonator, the first ever known Elvis signature published for the first time, and sublime visuals from a range of photographers including John Heath and Gloria Wedgworth. The 49th Exposition Mississippi-Alabama Fair program is also reproduced.

Had the book been released without the DVD it would have proudly stood by itself as a premier publication.


DVD: Region Free

Audio: Dolby Digital

Film: Dolby Digital; Running Time: 33 minutes 14 seconds

DVD Audio: Dolby Digital; Running Time: 51 minutes 13 seconds

Book: 172 pages

Verdict: Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley is an incredibly important release. Featuring the only known complete audio-visual live concert of Elvis from the 1950s and a strong, value added photo-journal, this set should be a mandatory inclusion in the collection of every Elvis fan.

(EIN will publish a more detailed review of Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley shortly)

Keith Flynn comments on audio-visual technical aspects of the Tupelo release

I too have been sent an advance copy of this set - and to answer some questions:

The sound seems to be better than on "A Golden Celebration" but this is probably just better mastering as opposed to when it was mastered in the 80's for that box set.

It's a soft cover book - the same as the first two MRS volumes, although the actual digipack cover doesn't seem to be of the same (very high) quality card used on the previous two volumes.

The footage is shown in the correct sequence it was recorded (Obviously!) and it is shown at the correct speed. Some bits of this footage has been seen before (on various DVD's) but it was only in parts, and it was took from the "Newsreel" footage. This is the original uncut "Raw" footage filmed by FOX and never been shown in it's entirity before now!

I personally don't think there is anything on this release that will dissapoint the real fans - but there are obviously going to be a few who will knock this release.

It's only human nature to complain about things - and after all there's no pleasing Elvis fans! We are the worst fans in the world for complaining!

This is what it is - a virtually complete Elvis concert from the 50's on video. Who would ever have thought this would see light of day. "MRS" went directly to FOX for this to see what was actually filmed this day - and this is the results.

No-one ever approaching FOX until now to see what they actually had filmed! This does make me wonder if the people who filmed "Pied Piper Of Cleveland" have ever been approached directly! I know it seems like a silly question - but have they? Especially when realising the "MRS" people went directly to FOX and got the complete footage - something that had never been thought of before!

"MRS" is quickly becoming known to be "Pulling rabbits from hats" so to speak with regard to what they are releasing re unreleased material - maybe their next release will be the "Pied Piper" - Who knows!

All in all - an essential release! (Source: Keith Flynn, FECC board)

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Tony Stuchbury: I'm enjoying my copy right now.................It's the most comprehensive package anyone could want with regard to Elvis In Tupelo. Great work by The Memphis Recording Service yet again!

Fran Thompson (UK): Wow! This should be a great release. Its incredible how much great material they are still finding 30 years after Elvis's death.

Cara: I treasure my copies of Memphis Recording Service 1 and 2 and I believe Joe Pirzada is #1 for Elvis releases today.

Stefan Aaronsen: Numero uno!!!

Bill Holzer: I appreciated your review as I was thinking of buying this from

Mary: A live concert of Elvis from the 1950s. I cant believe it, I've dreamed of this since I was a young girl. A hunka, hunka burning love in my lounge room.

Stan Winston: This sounds like a fantastic release. Can't wait for it to go on sale.

Peter J: It was only recently when I first saw the first Memphis Recording Service volumes. I hadn't thought they'd be so good but they are. The new release with its Elvis concert has to be a must see.

Sue Taylor: WOW!!! MRS has outdone itself again.

Bazza T: When is the Sun set coming??

Jenny: Where can I buy this set from?

Sally Benson: Thanks EIN for another great review. I'm champing at the bit to get my hands on this one. Elvis live in concert at his youthful apex. I'm shivering now just thinking about it.

Mike Connors: Well done MRS. You keep on giving fans what we want.

Tony Tonks: The MRS organisation is to be congratulated on yet another top notch production. MRS is giving the fans some visually and historically important footage and audio. The sound quality on the Audio DVD with MRS2 was incredible so I cannot wait for Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley. The questions now are, what else has MRS in store for fans and can FTD match the MRS productions?

Paul Phillips: I have been skeptical of the MRS releases but I have to admit I don't own them and haven't seen them. How good do others think the latest one is?

Eunice: I heard Joe Pirzada interviewed on radio and the set sounds AWESOME!!

Barry C: My mama was there at Elvis's show in Tupelo. I will be buying this in her memory.


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