Elvis Week 2007

Exclusive EIN Photos by Sanja Meegin


By EIN Roving Reporter Sanja Meegin

WELCOME to a selection of a few of my favourite ELVIS WEEK 2007 photos.


Right: Nothing could beat the impact of the sensational 30th Anniversary Concert.



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Outside of Elvis, the best show in town was Jamie Aaron Kellie (right) who nightly rocked Beele Street's EP's Delta Kitchen from floor-to-ceiling.

An absolutely stunning performer, he was one of the BEST Elvis styled singers EIN had ever seen.

His vocalisations were magnificent and he had a lovely style choosing more obscure Elvis songs (Poor Man's Gold, Come What May) while throwing in some Johhny Cash and Sam Cooke along the way.





To start the second half of the 30th Anniversary Concert, Priscilla emerged in the middle of the audience, shaking people hands and saying hello as she made her way to the stage.

This was jaw-dropping, giving a lovely intimate and friendly feel to her appearance. Priscilla seemed to be the most confident I have ever seen her.


A beautiful shot of Graceland's living room.


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The new 'All Access' Elvis jumpsuits exhibition is astounding even for non-jumpsuit fans.

There are so many suits that have never been seen by the public before.


At The Vigil: Starting a little earlier than usual Graceland finally started to let people file through the gates. Members of the Elvis Country Fan Club handed out candles to the fans which were all lit from the sacred flame. The music of our man Elvis played constantly.

Very slowly we made our way past the gates and started the long walk to the Meditation Garden. As you get closer to the meditation garden and see the floral tributes from all over the world you can’t help but think that Elvis touched so many lives of people in all walks of life. 

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Of course, Elvis Week isn't Elvis Week unless you share some special times with good friends. . . .


Thanks for visiting. See you next year.



(Right: James Burton & Sanja out on Beale Street)


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Photos Sanja Meegin.

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