"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)





Elvis Rules On Television!

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EIN has often said that Elvis has become an integral part of our socio-cultural fabric. His name, image or likeness appears regularly in our daily lives in our conversations, in movies, in newspapers and magazines, as part of television and radio commercials and on television. Many fans may not realise that Elvis has been the narrative theme or secondary device for many television programs.

To date there have been few serious examinations of Elvis themes on television and most listings of Elvis on television have focused on US programming. What follows is arguably the most comprehensive listing of Elvis themes, reference points and motifs on the small screen, taking in programs from the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

This article does not cover Elvis's own appearances on television - these are comprehensively covered in many other published works.

In August 2005 this article was expanded to include feature films with an Elvis theme.

Science Fiction Genre

Parallax - Children's program made in Australia and originally released in 2004. In the episode 'Achey Breaky Heart', a white jumpsuited Elvis (with silver hair!) has a prominent role as the headline act at a school rock 'n' roll dance. Whoever did the Elvis singing wasn't half bad and it was good to see school kids dancing to and enjoying an Elvis act.

Quantum Leap - this science fiction show premiered in 1989 and enjoyed a prime time run until 1994. Starring Scott Bakula as Dr Sam Beckett and Dean Stockwell as his ever present comrade, Al Calavicci, the show was a 1990s equivalent of the 1960s cult classic Time Tunnel, albeit with a twist - the lead character travels through time and at each stop he inhabits the body and mind of a storyline character. In an episode called 'Memphis Melody' Sam inhabits the body of Elvis in July 1954. two days before he is signed by Sam Phillips. Sam's goal is to ensure Elvis gets the contract and also that another aspiring singer, Sue Anne Winters, gets her chance at stardom. The episode was entertaining and showed Elvis in a positive light. Available on DVD from Amazon

Sliders - this science fiction show involved travel between parallel (Earth) worlds. Starring teen heartthrob, Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory, Sliders was a fun show that raised interesting ideas about what might happen if you introduce ideas from one reality to another.

In the 1st episode of ‘Sliders’, the main character pulls up suddenly at a huge billboard. He gets out of the car and stares up at a very large picture of Elvis, in a Tuxedo. It is advertising Elvis’ latest show in Las Vegas.

In a 1995 season one episode, The King Is Back, Mallory and his companion, Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (Cleavant Derricks), arrive in a world where Rembrandt's exact double is as popular as Elvis - but he's been dead for eight years! Not surprisingly, Rembrandt's appearance creates chaos. An interesting play on the Elvis is alive theme, made more interesting as the King in this story is an African-American. Available on DVD from Amazon

The Twilight Zone - One of the most popular science fiction shows ever made, The Twilight Zone enjoyed two prime time runs (1959-64 and new episodes made in 1985-86). Created by Rod Serling, it featured stories from the fifth dimension - imaginative fantasy stories depicting the diverse array of human hopes, desires, strengths, weaknesses, fears, prides and prejudices in ways never before done on commercial television. Apart from featuring many soon-to-be famous actors, The Twilight Zone boasted a fine group of story writers. In the opening episode to the 1986 series, Jeff Yagher played an Elvis impersonator transported back in time to 1954 where he meets the real Elvis preparing for an historic audition. A fight over Elvis' music ensues and the real Elvis is killed, leaving the impersonator to assume the King's mantle. The episode was aptly called "The Once and Future King". Available on DVD from Amazon

The X-Files - It’s a clear case of “when your partner’s away, the Agent will play” in the X-Files episode “Never Again.” Mulder, forced to take some accrued vacation time, goes to Graceland for an Elvis experience while his partner Scully gets a tattoo.

Supernatural/Horror Genre

Eerie, Indiana - another short-lived US TV show from 1991-92. This series had a supernatural theme and while odd, was quite an interesting comedy-drama. The central character was 13 year old Marshall Teller (Omri Katz of 'Dallas' fame) who decided his new home town was indeed eerie. Full of oddball characters and events the series included Elvis coming out of his suburban home in the morning to collect the daily paper. The scene formed part of the opening titles, and the inclusion of Elvis, complete with sunglasses, bathrobe and cadillac in the drive, symbolised the Elvis is alive/FBI conspiracy theme. Available on DVD from Amazon

Freddy's Nightmares - the TV adaptation of the Nightmare on Elm Street character, Freddy Kruger, included an episode called Heartbreak Hotel. The storyline revolved around an Elvis sighting in the sleepy town of Springwood. Clever lines punctuated the show ("Nope, left this morning to do a concert with John Lennon") which includes a dead Elvis with snarled upper lip and blue jumpsuit.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes - From The Stories of Stephen King - Horror maestro Stephen's King book of the same name was turned into a shortlived TV series in 2006. The episode "You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band" features Joe Sagal as Elvis, the Mayor of Oregon. Available on DVD from Amazon

Dramas/Action Adventure

Civil Wars - this early 1990s US legal drama had as the major storyline in its pilot episode, a man, who on becoming an Elvis impersonator, faces divorce. In one sequence: Charlie: "He's back." Sydney: "Who's back?" Charlie: "Elvis..Who do you think?" The show starred actress Mariel Hemingway.

Crossing Jordan: In a 2002 episode, Miracles & Wonders, we were treated to a clever plot involving not only the "Elvis faked his death" theory but also the much written about similarities between Elvis and Jesus Christ (in this episode Saint Francis of Assisi). In particular the power of Elvis as "healer" is nicely explored in the storyline. The story begins as Elvis tribute artist, Walter Aaron Gulick (remember Kid Galahad), turns up dead at the morgue, and suspicions are raised when it is revealed the deceased shared the same time, date and place of birth as Elvis. In addition, the deceased has had his fingerprints surgically removed! Featured throughout the episode are several Elvis songs (Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender and Are You Lonesome Tonight?) and there is a great exchange between two of the show's regular stars:

Nigel: "The lynchpin of my entire belief system is based on the fact that Elvis Presley died August 16, 1977."

Bug: "You're all shook up about this, aren't you.

Digimon Adventure - The character, Etemon, in this anime series is a parody of Elvis. He is given to saying "Thank you, thank you very much"; "Uh huh"; and "I'm the King".

E Street - popular Australian drama series that saw 404 episodes telecast from 1989 to the mid 1990s. One of the central characters, publican Ernie Patchett (Vic Rooney), was a big Elvis fan and in one episode he and his bride (Chelsea Brown) were married by an Elvis impersonator.

Johnny Bago - this shortlived quirky, comedy-drama aired in 1993. The theme was similar to The Fugitive. In one episode,'Spotting Elvis', a gun-happy Elvis with pink cadillac appears within an eco-political storyline. Ripe with references to his "disappearance", Elvis tells the lead character, Johnny, "I just wanted to eat, I lost it!". The Elvis character is portrayed sympathetically as vulnerable and Johnny works to repair his low self-esteem.

L.A. Law - one episode of the popular legal drama series centred around a defendant trying to have a real estate contract made void because the house he bought is haunted. The defendant claims that while the ghost does not rattle chains, he sings and the voice is that of the King!

Las Vegas - Catching a glimpse of Elvis in this popular TV show is not unusual. Colorfully attired ETAs often appear in the background in the casino and several episodes have involved an Elvis sub-plot. In the show's 4th season one episode featured a travelling Elvis exhibit. Available on DVD from Amazon

The Miraculous Mellops: Litle known children's adventure series from the early 1990s. TV.com lists it as having an episode featuring Elvis impersonators.

Renegade - An Elvis theme was featured in the 3rd season (1994) of Lorenzo Lamas' 'bounty hunter' hit show. In the episode "The King and I" Reno gets into a bar fight where a polite stranger helps him out. Before Reno can say thanks the stranger drives away in an old pick-up (the tags say "KING"). A young woman watching it all (she turns out to be a tabloid reporter) then crosses horns with Reno in her attempt to get the "scoop": Is Elvis really alive and well? Available on DVD from Amazon

Walker, Texas Ranger - one episode of Chuck Norris' highly successful TV series involved a storyline involving an Elvis impersonators contest.

And we've saved the best (drama) for last:

Elvis - this critically acclaimed, but ratings devoid half-hour show faithfully recreated Elvis' early years (before signing with Sun Records). Starring Michael St. Gerard as Elvis, the 10 episode program was co-produced by Priscilla Presley and aired originally between February and May 1990 in the US. While it was not successful in finding a large audience, the critics loved it and it had the distinction of being the first TV show to tell the true story of a real-life superstar.

The episodes focussed on 'vignettes' from Elvis' life in 1954-55 before he became famous. While 'Elvis' was very authentic with the Memphis period carefully recreated, many viewers found it too slow as it lacked the glitz and drama fans were most familar with in the Elvis story. For trivia buffs, one of Elvis's co-stars in Wild In The Country, Millie Perkins, played Gladys Presley in 'Elvis'. Overdue for DVD release!


Alf - Alien life form (Alf for short) was a popular comedy for three years in the 1980s. In an episode called 'Suspicious Minds', Alf and his adopted Earth father, Willie Tanner, discuss the possibility of Elvis settling in their neighbourhood. Subsequently a man named Aaron King takes up residence several doors away from the Tanner home. The man is aged in his early 50s, has a southern accent and sings in the shower. Alf sets out to prove it is Elvis and tapes a phone conversation with Aaron King, which when played backwards sounds awfully like a young Elvis. The episode is full of Elvis jokes and themes (Aaron King indicates his pleasure at being given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by Alf, with Elvis' trademark 'Thank you, thank you very much').

By the end of the story Alf discovers that Aaron King is in fact a Tupelo truck driver named Clarence Williams III who happens to be a huge Elvis collector. Alf can't accept the truth and is insistent: 'In my heart, I'll always know you are Elvis.' In an earlier episode of Alf, Alf suggests that Neal Tanner use the Elvis ceremonial package for his wedding in Las Vegas. Available on DVD from Amazon

Ally McBeal: Elvis songs were a regular inclusion in this offbeat comedy. It will be released on DVD in October 2009.

Boy Meets World: In one episode of this popular youth series, Cory is looking for Shawn at Chubbie's, Chubbie calls out an order and Shawn comes up to the counter. Cory remarks his amazement to which Chubbie replies "No, this is amazing." He calls out another order and Elvis comes up to the counter. The King takes his food and says "Don't tell anyone I was here."

Designing Women - This very popular sitcom ran from 1986 to 1993 and starred Delta Burke and Dixie Carter as Suzanne and Julia Sugarbaker, owners of an interior decorating business in Atlanta. Their business partners were Jean Smart and Annie Potts as Charlene Stillfield and Mary Jo Shively. The character of Charlene is a big Elvis fan allowing for Elvis references to be a regular part of the show. In one episode the theme of Elvis as religion is suggested when Mary Jo finds a shovel with the face of Elvis it (a play on the Shroud of Turin).

In another episode, E.P. Phone Home, the lead characters find themselves in Memphis with four tickets for a VIP tour of Graceland. This particular episode is rich in Elvis symbolism, including the standard believer/non-believer dichotomy and a character Vern, a truck driver from Mississippi whose son died of lukemia at a young age and who was buried with a TCB belt buckle. The Vern character is an integration of Vernon, Jesse Garon and Elvis' occupational background. At one stage in the narrative, Vern makes a telling statement: "I don't know what it is that Elvis gives people. But whatever it is, I felt it. It picked me up. Kept me going. Got me through."

Other fans are presented in stereotypical fashion, allowing a dramatic tension between Charlene and her co-workers. Elvis souvenirs also function in the plot to heighten this tension. A religious significance is another theme in the episode with Julia initially rejecting Elvis ("I'd rather be buck naked to the town clockonly to be converted as the episode closes (her conversion symbolised by her placing an 'E.P. Phone Home" bumper sticker on their car. Are You Lonesome Tonight features in the episode. A touching and gentle portrayal of what Elvis means.

Eek! The Cat - In one episode of this children's animated show Eek! is given the job of impersonating Melvis, an obese feline entertainer in a white, despangled jumpsuit.

Father Ted - irreverent English comedy about small island clergy. In one hilarious episode, Father Ted dresses up as Elvis (and most of his co-stars do too!). Funny stuff. Available on DVD from Amazon

Johnny Bravo - Children's show from the Cartoon Network. The titular hero was a blond haired, hip swinging, hair combing "Elvis" complete with "down south Elvis drawl" and wise-cracking attitude. Johnny was actually quite inept but had a huge ego. Episodes from this very amusing show were released on video in 2000 by Warner Home Video.

DVD releases of the show were released in 2007

Pizza - this almost obscure Australian comedy program aired early in the new millennium on the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). Revolving around the trials and tribulations of characters in a pizza delivery company, the first episode featured several Elvis impersonators who in one scene get into a fight with a group of KISS impersonators. Different and the humour was not to everyone's liking.

Spitting Image - In one episode of this very clever and funny Claymation based satire, Elvis gets a run. The episode is called "I'm Sure Livin' Since I Died".

The Simpsons: Viva Las Simpsons - despite its Homer "Elvis" Simpson cover (where Homer appears complete with black Elvis wig, white jumpsuit and microphone), there is actually no Elvis story on the four stories on this video of the popular TV series.

In one episode (Viva Ned Flanders) we do however get to hear Elvis singing Viva Las Vegas and there is a smattering of secondary jump-suited characters. The Simpsons is also notable for its opening credits scenes that include Bart (during Season 1) repeatedly writing on the blackboard 'I did not see Elvis'. Available on DVD from Amazon

Sledge Hammer - unusual situation comedy starring David Rasche as Detective Inspector Sledge Hammer. Produced between 1986 and 1988 Sledge Hammer was described as 'a wild burlesque on tough cop shows' - a satire. Effectively the Dirty Harry of television, Sledge Hammer was the ultimate tough cop, uncompromising and totally self-confident. In one episode, All Shook Up, Hammer goes undercover as an Elvis impersonator to catch a nutter who takes pleasure in killing Elvis imitators (a theme explored very well in The Elvis Murders, a book by Art Bourgeau). Available on DVD from Amazon

The Adventures of Mark and Brian - little known 1991-92 comedy centred around two real life radio disc jockeys, Mark Phelps and Brian Thompson. The DJs had a popular morning shift program on KLOS-FM in Los Angeles. They staged many humourous stunts including a giant 8 by 16 foot head of Elvis being towed across the country to Graceland, in homage to the King. Another stunt involved Robert Goulet serenading Los Angeles on Valentines Day from a helicopter with a giant loudspeaker. Unfortunately, while many of the stunts were hilarious on radio, they did not translate well to the small screen.

The Best of the Worst - Another short-lived US comedy again from 1991-92. The series, hosted by Greg Kinnear, was a celebration of the dumb, stupid, and non-functional things in life. Elvis impersonators featured in one episode.

The Last Precinct - short-lived 1986 send up of shows such as Adam 12, this comedy about a bunch of misfit police officers included the character of 'King' (played by Pete Wilcox) - an Elvis impersonator. His police uniform had been altered to look like a jumpsuit. King also sang to prisoners in jail and arrested them with comments like: 'You have the right to remain silent, baby.' The main star of this misfire was TV's Batman, Adam West.

WKRP In Cincinnati - Life in a wacky radio station, telecast between 1978 and 1982. In one episode, nerdy Les Nessman delivers an editorial saying they should let Elvis rest in peace. The editorial results in a phone call from the King which in turn sets off a 'bring Elvis in alive' campaign. Luckily an Elvis stampede allows the real Elvis to escape. The episode closes with Les and late night DJ Mona Loveland conversing: "If you're out there somewhere, please, stay out there somewhere". In reply, Mona says: "Elvis is alive. He has to be. There's just too many people that need him." Outside their window Elvis smiles.


News Magazines/General Entertainment/Variety

The Don Lane Show: Prior to Graceland being open to the public, Don Lane did his weekly Australian TV show live from Graceland. It included a tour of the mansion and grounds and interviews with Graceland staff, including the cook. It was very unique at the time in that they did a split-screen effect, where Don (at Graceland) hands Bert Newton (in the Channel 9 studio) a piece of paper.   During the show, they had guests perform Elvis songs. The show ended with Don walking from the house down to the front gates.

Eat Carpet - Shoot Me Tender - Eat Carpet is an alternate, often irreverent counter-culture program from Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). A 1997 'Eat Carpet' program was devoted to a diverse collection of Elvis film shorts and shocked many fans.

The six vignettes included He May Be Dead But He's Elvis, an hysterical if very bad taste look at sending 'dead Elvis' out on tour and to Hollywood with the promotion Necrophilia Hawaiian Style. In Elvis Lives, we are treated to Elvis sitting on the toilet; One Night With You shows a young couple in bed making love to the strains of the title track - the male being unaware the female is fantasising about sex with Elvis not him. Diary of A Madman meanders nowhere and the final untitled short is an amusing look at an older Elvis joining his family at the breakfast table.

Hosting Shoot Me Tender was Australia's answer to Elvis, Elvisa, a Greek-Australian female impersonator and the program also featured an interview with one of the world's best Elvis impersonators, Max Pellicano. Max to his credit played along with the madness of the program.

48 Hours - in 1992, this CBS newsmagazine show aired a Crazy About Elvis edition looking at Elvis' enduring popularity.

Good News - the TNT magazine show profiled an Elvis impersonator and showed him rising from a coffin in New York's Washington Square and singing Elvis hits.

Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric - US newsmagazine show from 1993-94. Generally sensationalist in nature, it featured headline grabbing human interest stories and celebrity profiles including Elvis.

The Footy Show (Sydney, Australia) - for non-Australian members there are two major codes of football downunder - rugby league and Australian Rules. In Sydney rugby is King. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Elvis' death, the Footy Show panel dressed up in Elvis wigs and clothing. The show also featured 'Elvis to the Max', Max Pellicano. Amusing if a touch irreverent.
The Footy Show (Melbourne, Australia) - The Melbourne footy show has featured several Elvis themes including editions around August 16 in 1996 and 1997. Max Pellicano appeared in 1997 singing two songs. A Viva Las Vegas theme was also used in the closing episode to the 1999 season and Aboriginal footballer, Nicky Elvis Windmar is a regular guest.

The Midday Show - a stalwart of Australian daytime television for almost 20 years, the August 16 editions in 1987 and 1997 had an Elvis theme. Prominent impersonators, Max Pellicano and David Cazalet were feature performers and the shows included a cross to Graceland and other Elvis related segments. For the 1997 edition, host Kerri-Anne Kennerley appeared as Priscilla.

20/20 - long running newsmagazine show in the US. Even more sensationalist than its counterpart, 60 Minutes, 20/20 presented two Elvis specials questioning the circumstances of the King's death. The September 1979 program was called The Elvis Cover-Up and was presented by journalist Geraldo Rivera. Promoted as a special investigation into Elvis' death, it centred heavily on Elvis' prescription drug habits and an alleged cover-up of the facts surrounding his death. Some of those interviewed included members of the Memphis Mafia, Elvis' stepbrothers David and Ricky Stanley, private detective John O'Grady, Dr Nick and David Darlock (allegedly the voice on a mysterious 'is it Elvis'? recording. Rivera's partner was Charles C. Thompson who later co-athored The Death of Elvis What Really Happened with James P. Cole. Another Geraldo "Elvis" episode was Elvis Wanted Dead or Alive.

Music Shows

The Dotty Mack Show - this music show had a three year run from 1953 to 1956. Simple in concept it featured performers miming to top 40 hits. In the 1956 series Elvis hits were a popular choice, although the sight of people miming to them came across as quite ludicrous.

Shindig - a very popular teen music program from the mid 1960s. Like Dick Clark's 'Bandstand', the producers of Shindig tried valiantly to get Elvis to appear but he never did. However, in May 1965 Shindig devoted an entire show to the King's songs to mark his tenth anniversary in show business.

Dick Clark's Live Wednesday - Clark was unable to lure Elvis onto his popular Bandstand TV show in the 1960s, but one program in this later 1978 series was devoted to impersonators, including of course a number of Elvii.

It's Now Or Never (The Tribute to Elvis Presley) - this 1994 TV special broadcast from The Pyramid in Memphis was a star-studded tribute to Elvis. Priscilla, Lisa and her then husband, Michael Jackson, attended, and some of the performers were: Michael Bolton (Jailhouse Rock), Wet Wet Wet (It's Now Or Never), Chris Isaak (Blue Moon), Tony Bennett (Love Me Tender), Melissa Etheridge (Burning Love), Aaron Neville (Young & Beautiful), Billy Ray Cyrus (One Night) and Michael Hutchence (Baby, Let's Play House).

Long Live The King Country Salutes Elvis - Unsighted US TV special which may be an alternate title for the following listing.

Nashville Remembers Elvis On His Birthday - this 90 minute TV special first aired on 8 January, 1978 and in 1978 was rebroadcast in a one hour format as 'Elvis Remembered: Nashville to Hollywood'. The country music stars appearing included: Jerry Lee Lewis (You Win Again), Merle Haggard (Love Me Tender), Charlie Rich (Lonely Weekends), Ronnie McDowell (The King Is Gone) and Dottie West (An American Trilogy). Jimmy Dean hosted the special which also featured recollections from some of Elvis's movie co-stars: Nancy Sinatra, Jack Albertson, Stella Stevens, Bill Bixby and Mary Ann Mobley.

The Frank Sinatra Show "Welcome Home Elvis" - a slice of musical history, this 1960 special sees the two legends together. Elvis and Frank sing a medley of Love Me Tender and Witchcraft, while Elvis sings Stuck On You and Fame & Fortune. Also released in video and DVD format but greatly in need of video and audio remastering. Also known as The Frank Sinatra Timex Special: Welcome Home Elvis. Available on DVD

The Frank Sinatra Timex Special: Welcome Home Elvis - see previous listing.

American Music Awards: Neil Schmidt reports that the 1978 (or 1979) American Music Awards predated Elvis The Concert by almost 20 years by getting musicians of the day up on stage to play with Elvis. Elvis was on a big screen singing ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ from the 1968 TV show and all the musicians took turns (from memory) to play a solo.

American Music Awards - for a short time from the late 1980s this was one of the numerous annual TV music award shows. Each winner received a statuette modeled on Elvis, ridiculously called Elvii.

The International Rock Awards: appears to be an alternative name for the American Music Awards (see preceding listing)

Viva Las Vegas - EPE produced tribute show broadcast on the US ABC network after the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' death. Targeted at new fans it featured a mix of established and contemporary acts including Bruce Springsteen, Faith Hill, Paul McCartney, Rob Thomas, 50 Cent and Celine Dion. Priscilla Presley also appeared as did Jerry Schilling. Rated very poorly (4.4/7) against repeat programming on other stations and many fans were not impressed. Read EIN's review


Audience Participation Shows

100%: This general knowledge quiz show shown on Britain's Channel 5 from the Grundy organisation was introduced in 1997. It spawned various spin-off series including 100% Sex and 100% Gold and several "theme" specials. One of these was devoted to Elvis.

Small Talk - this comedy premiered and ended its four week run in May 1990. A variant on the Kids Say the Darndest Things concept, it included a feature on a four-year old Elvis impersonator!

The Galen Drake Show - unusual US children's variety show from 1957. The host was originally a radio DJ who interviewed guests of interest to a younger audience. One of these was a young girl who had run away from home because she was in love with Elvis. The David Susskind Show - This syndicated US talk show devoted a program to Elvis impersonators.

The Gong Show - in 1978 this popular US comedy/audience participation show aired one program full of only Elvis impersonators, all of whom allegedly were amateurs looking for a break. In Australia viewers would recognise the concept as New Faces or Red Faces.


EIN note: many Elvis documentaries are originally released in video and DVD format. Increasingly they are then telecast, particularly on cable/pay TV channels.

A&E Biography: Elvis Story of a Legend - Unsighted Arts & Entertainment channel biography.

A Little Bit Of Elvis - fascinating documentary following British comedian, Frank Skinner, as he attempts to verify the authenticity of a purported shirt once belonging to Elvis that Skinner bought at auction. The documentary starts in Britain and quickly moves to the Us where Skinner travels around the country tracking down those that might be able to confirm the shirt's authenticity. During his travels, Skinner meets with Scotty Moore and gets to sing Peace In The Valley with The Jordanaires. Wonderful viewing.

Almost Elvis - Elvis Impersonators and Their Quest for the Crown - fascinating documentary from John Paget giving viewers an incisive look at the world of Elvis impersonators. Critically acclaimed and deservedly so. Released in 2000 by Blue Suede Films. Available on DVD from Amazon

Dr. Nick & The Colonel - Unsighted European documentary looking at two of the most infamous figures in the Elvis story.

Elvis All The King's Men - this six volume documentary set features the remembrances of Memphis Mafia members Lamar Fike, Billy Smith, Marty Lackar, Red West and Sonny West. The six volumes are:

  • The Secret Life of Elvis
  • Rocket Ride to Stardom
  • Wild In Hollywood
  • The King Comes Back
  • Collapse of the Kingdom
  • The Legend Lives On

Interesting collections of serious and humorous stories. Also released on PAL and NTSC video.

Elvis A Portrait By His Friends - Originally released on video this documentary by Marty Lackar and co. is a touching tribute to Elvis.

Elvis & June A Love Story - Originally released on video and then seen on cable TV, June Juanico's one hour audio-visual record of her time with Elvis in the 1950s is very good. While the "love story" aspect is arguably overblown, the inclusion of very rare home video footage and June's recollections of the good times make for very interesting and enjoyable viewing. A DVD edition was released by Brentwood Home Video in 2002. Available on DVD

Elvis by the Presleys - Fans were divided on the merits of this 2005 TV documentary (2 hours). The division was principally due to the fact that The Beaulieu family (Priscilla's mother, father and sister) provided substantial input to the narrative. Pleasingly, the issue of drugs was not glossed over, thereby giving the documentary an added presence for an EPE sanctioned program. A DVD edition contained more than 2 hours additional footage. A book by the same name were also released. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis Classic Albums - originally released on DVD and video as part of the Classic Albums series, this 2001 producction has enjoyed numerous screenings on television. The title is somewhat of a misnomer as the documentary really looks at Elvis' impact in 1956 rather than the making of his first LP, Elvis Presley. Includes interviews witrh Sam Phillips, Dixie Locke, Ernst Jorgensen and biographer, Peter Guralnick. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis '56 - this solid hour long documentary (originally released on video and later on DVD) focussed on Elvis' television performances during 1956, a pivotal year in the Elvis legend. It was a time when "Elvismania" was at its peak and The King transformed both the music charts and television with his fresh, raw sound. It was a time Elvis had to be censored, initially on The Steve Allen Show and subsequently on The Ed Sullivan Show. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis - He Touched Their Lives - This was a very popular ITV documentary from 1980 hosted By David Frost. It followed 'The U.K Fan Club' flying off to Graceland & seeing the Elvis sites. On its original telecast on 23 December 1980 the hour long special attracted an audience of 14 million.

Elvis His Best Friend Remembers - Released in 2002 by Universal Home Video, this DVD documentary was also screened on various cable/pay TV channels. With a playing time of 2 hours 10 minutes, it is a very interesting look inside Elvis' world by The King's close friend and road manager, "Diamond" Joe Esposito. Includes hundreds of rare photos and great recollections from Joe. Easily one of the better "insider" documentaries with high production values and absorbing content. Available on DVD

Elvis In Hollywood - interesting if superficial look at Elvis' 1950s film career. Interviews with Elvis' co-stars and band at the time. Creative editor was BMG/Castle Music's senior honcho Roger Semon. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis Induction to Demob - Unsighted European documentary looking at Elvis in the Army.

Elvis Is Alive! - If you can get past the first ten minutes of this ridiculous, boring, low budget documentary you will be doing well. Documentary makers travel in search of Elvis. Available on DVD in The USA and Germany. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis Lives! - hosted by Chris Isaak, this early new millennium TV special was a surprise as it avoided copying other specials by focussing on what Elvis' peers and contemporary rock artists think about his musical genius. Initially rumored for DVD release (by BMG) with bonus footage but due to copyright problems as of mid 2005 we're still waiting.

Elvis Memories with Marge Thrasher Volume 1

Elvis Memories with Marge Thrasher Violume 2 - These two speciasl aired on Channel 13 WHBQ Memphis TV.

Elvis Presley's America - Interesting audio-visual record of an Elvis Week US tour by members of the British Fan Club. With its "fan" focus, offers a different perspective than the more commercial releases of its type. DVD release in 2001-02 including as a double feature with Sun Days with Elvis. Available on DVD

Elvis Presley's Graceland - originally released as a video documentary there have been two DVD releases of this tour of Graceland originally hosted by Priscilla. Has also screened on cable TV. Available on DVD from EPE

Elvis Promised Land The Life & Times of Elvis Presley - Documentary previously released as part of the DVD/CD/booklet package, Elvis The Journey (see that listing). Available as single DVD with variable audio-video quality.

Elvis Presley The Last 24 Hours - well made documentary looking at the final months of Elvis' life. Originally released on DVD with bonus audio CD tribute by The Jordanaires and a color booklet featuring a copy of Elvis' last letter and a "revealing personality report". Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Complete Story - this 93 minute documentary was released in 2000. Some solid archival footage and quite good look at Elvis' whole career. Also released on DVD/video by LaserLight (see EIN review under Reviews).

Elvis The Early Days - unsighted compilation of 1950s live on TV footage and documentary.

Elvis The Early Years - unsighted compilation apparently of 1950s live on TV footage and documentary.

Elvis: The Echo Will Never Die - popular syndicated 1980s documentary hosted by the voice of Top 40, Casey Kasem. A gentle tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Released on DVD in 2004. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Final Chapter - Yet another documentary focussing on Elvis' last years. Not bad. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Great Performances Volume 1 Center Stage - Narrated by George Klein this documentary, one of three very good volumes, is now regularly screened on free to air and cable TV. Volume 1 focuses on Elvis' early rise. Originally a video release. Available on DVD. Some TV screenings of the documentary are introduced by Priscilla Presley. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Great Performances Volume 2 The Man & His Music - Volume 2 looks at Elvis' film career and rarities from his amazing story. Originally a video release this documentary, one of three volumes, is now regularly screened on free to air and cable TV. Available on DVD. Some TV screenings of the documentary are introduced by Priscilla Presley. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Great Performances Volume 3 From The Waist Up - Volume 3 takes its name from the "controversy" surrounding Elvis' early performances. Narrated by U2's Bono and written by "Elvis" biographer, Peter Guralnick. Originally a video release this documentary, one of three volumes, is now regularly screened on free to air and cable TV. Available on DVD. Some TV screenings of the documentary are introduced by Priscilla Presley. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Journey - Combination DVD/CD/booklet, this 2003 release was a standard but well done look at the Elvis story, although the audio-0video quality was variable. The audio CD featured interviews with Elvis and the solid 32 page booklet had solid text and photos. The documentary is seen periodically on cable/pay TV stations. The DVD was later released individually with the title, Elvis Promised Land The Life & Times of Elvis Presley (see above listing).

Elvis The Missing Years - Released in 2001 by Waterfall Home Entertainment and screened on cable/pay TV, this was a combination DVD/CD/booklet/audio documentary package. As its title suggests it is a look at Elvis' time in the Army and Germany. Features rare photos from the time and the DVD documentary is good. The CD features the often issued recordings by Elvis and The Blue Moon Boys such as Maybelline, Blue Moon of Kentucky and That's All Right, Mama as well as interviews from the time and a "We want Elvis" chant by his fans. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll - Originally released on video this is a standard documentary look at Elvis' life and career. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis The Unofficial Biography - Unsighted European documentary.

Elvis VH-1 From Memphis - TV special looking at celebrations around what would have been Elvis' 63rd birthday. Recorded over the period 5 to 11 January 1998.

E! True Hollywood Story - Popular tabloid documentary show started out as a monthly special in 1996 before becoming a weekly show in 1998. An early episode "Elvis" had the theme that Elvis "died rich".

Famous Families: The Presleys: Rock and Roll Royalty - arguably the best Elvis documentary released in the 1990s and released on Pay TV in the US. Released in 1998 and still being re-aired throughout the world on Pay TV channels. Better than most in that it doesn't sensationalise the Elvis story. Adios - compilation documentary examining the worldwide TV media reaction to Elvis' death. A later release of this title included additional footage of the ambulance arriving at Graceland on August 16, 1977. Bootlegged several times with alternate titles.

He Touched Me The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley - this two volume exploration of Elvis' musical roots in gospel music is riveting viewing and arguably one of the best ever documentaries released about Elvis. Featuring more than 3 hours of music and interviews it is a window to seeing Elvis in a new light. Also available on video and DVD.

Joe Esposito: My Home Videos of Elvis - Controversial home video release originally released in late 1980s and I have received one claim that the documentary screened on European television.

Kjell Elvis: It's Now Or Never - Late 1990s Norwegian documentary examining the aspirations of Kjell Henning Bjornestad a 28 year old factory worker with a dream - to appear in the annual Elvis Impersonators contest during Elvis Week in Memphis. The documentary follows Kjell Elvis over two years, detailing his bouts of cosmetic surgery (to make himself look more like the King) and his search for a good manager (he ends up with two, and like Colonel Parker they take 60% of Kjell's earnings). After many obstacles, Kjell finally makes it to Memphis and competes with 70 other impersonators from around the world. Curious, touching and unsettling.

Looking for Colonel Parker - see Searching for Colonel Tom Parker. Available on DVD

Presley - I Don't Sing Like Nobody/Cut Me and I Bleed - superb two part documentary from Britain's BBC. Hosted by rocker, Suzi Quatro, it was (probably still is) the best serious documentary ever released about Elvis' life. Features instructive interviews with those who knew Elvis best (Sam Phillips, Memphis Mafia etc) and some great footage of landmarks throughout Elvis' life from Tupelo to Beale Street and Graceland. Released in 1987 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Elvis' death. Deserves a DVD release.

Private Elvis - see next listing.

Private Presley - documentary based on the book of the same name. Interesting footage of Elvis' time as a G.I. in Germany. Also known as Private Elvis.

Rare Moments With The King - Video/DVD documentary of familar material. Overall, not too bad.

Remembering Elvis - year 2001 documentary screened on pay television and released in DVD/video format. Inconsistent approach mars the final product. Some excellent archival and little known interviews are engrossing but the documentary glosses over other important things. Covers period up to the 1968 Comeback Special. Released on video/DVD by Delta Entertainment.

Searching for Colonel Tom Parker - solid and absorbing Danish documentary originally telecast in 1999. Good footage and interesting story that will be unfamiliar to many fans. Some sources list the documentary as Looking for Colonel Parker. Available on DVD

Sun Days with Elvis - Solid documentary examining Elvis' early days at Sun. Well produced with interesting interviews (Sam Phillips, Marion Keisker, Rufus Thomas, Bill Randle et al) and archival photos. DVD release in 2001-02 including as a double feature with Elvis Presley's America.

The Burger and the King: The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley - this 1996 documentary from Cinemax was based on David Adler's book of the same name. Curious blend of history, gastronomic indulgence and gross eating scenes it made for fascinating if morbid viewing.

The Continuing Search for Elvis - Unsighted European documentary.

The Cult That Is Elvis - originally a 1990 video documentary that found its way onto television. Apparently won an award for its examination of Elvis's most devoted and obsessed fans. Some of the characters are twin sisters who believe Elvis was their father, a woman whose husband divorced her for obsessive devotion to Elvis, and an impersonator who claims Elvis came to him in a dream. Also known as Mondo Elvis. Disturbing viewing. Released by Rhino Records.

The Day Elvis Died - standard documentary includes flashbacks to Elvis' halycon appearances and snippets from his movies. he best bits are people's reactions to Elvis' death. Released in 1997 by the Visual Group. Available on DVD

The Definitive Elvis - well produced and very long 8xDVD release from Roajon/Passport International Productions was the subject of successful legal action (by EPE and other parties) in the US. Essentially the Elvis story told through small interview snippets with those who were there at the time and Elvis' peers (some of those appearing in the documentary are Barry Gibb, Tom Jones, Ann-Margret, Linda Thompson, Mac Davis, Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell), the DVD release was the biggest selling music DVD (even though it features very little music!) in Australia in 2002. The documentary series is often telecast by cable/pay TV operators in Australia and the EC. The individual episodes (two per DVD) were: The Memphis Years; The Television Years; The Hollywood Years I; The Hollywood Years II; The Army Years; The Memphis Mafia; Elvis and Priscilla; Elvis and The Colonel; The Many Loves of Elvis; The Intimate Loves of Elvis; The Comeback; The Vegas Years; A Man and His Music; The Spiritual Soul of Elvis; Elvis Is Gone; All The King's Disciples:The Fans. Available on DVD

The Elvis Files & The Elvis Conspiracy - two hour long specials hosted by Elvis' friend and co-star in two movies, Bill Bixby. In The Elvis Files, viewers were asked to vote on whether or not Elvis was still alive and 71% voted in the affirmative! Using material largely collected and promoted by author Gail Brewer-Giorgio, the special suggested Elvis had been too involved in an FBI operation and had to drop out of sight (hence his faked death) in order to protect his life.

In the follow-up special (which interestingly took a different, opposing perspective) people like Joe Esposito were interviewed and stated strongly that Elvis was dead: "Elvis is dead. I was there!". Host Bill Bixby concludes the second special by suggesting that the weight of evidence says Elvis is in fact dead.

Both specials were briefly released on video.

The Elvis Mob - Members of the Memphis Mafia (Lamar Fike, Billy Smith and Sonny West) reflect on their time with Elvis in this British TV special.

The King Elvis Presley - released in Canada by Cascadia Entertainment this 80 minutes documentary was digitally remastered and concentrated on three areas of the Elvis legend: Elvis in Hollywood, Elvis on TV and Elvis Live in Concert. Available on DVD from Amazon

The Lost Elvis Home Movies - The content of this documentary had circulated in bootleg form for many years. It was the home video footage taken dureing Elvis' visits with dee-jay and good friend, Eddie Fadal. A DVD and TV edition with digitally remastered video has been issued by Dan Dalton Productions and features commentary by Eddie Fadal's daughter, Janice.

The Rock 'n' Roll Rookie - Unsighted European documentary about Elvis' early years.

The Story of Elvis Presley - This 1990 TV/video documentary was released on DVD in 2001-02. Quite well done with stock archival material and little that is new. Produced by Ray Atherton and Nick Borgias and written by Tom Lavagnia.

True Hollywood Stories - The Last Days Of Elvis - standard Hollywood treatment of Elvis' demise. Sensationalist but very watchable. Available on DVD from Amazon

Viva Elvis - Unsighted TV documentary from Europe or South America.

Young Elvis - unsighted compilation apparently of 1950s live on TV footage and documentary.

Films and TV Movies

3000 Miles to Graceland - Stellar cast including Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Courtney Cox Arquette, husband David Arquette and Christian Slater and an aggressive thrill ride make this much maligned 2001 blood fest watchable. Suspend belief and just enjoy. It's aurally explosive but worth the journey. Available on DVD.

Bubba Ho-Tep - Unusual 2003 comedy-horror film featuring Bruce Campbell as a geriatric Elvis and the late Ossie Davis as a black JFK. Well done cult film is scheduled for two sequels. Available on DVD.

Bye Bye Birdie - OK, Elvis doesn't exactly feature in this film but the character of Conrad Birdie is directly based on the King going into the Army. The film is fun and there is a bouncy soundtrack, not to mention a pre-Elvis Ann-Margret. Remade several years ago with Seinfeld's Jason Alexander in a lead role. Original 1963 film starring Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh & Ann-Margret available on DVD from Amazon

Eddie Presley - Any film (1992) boasting special appearances by Quentin Tarantino and Bruce Campbell (see Bubba Ho-Tep) must have something going for it. Duane Whitaker gives a sterling performance as the washed up (or is he?) Elvis tribute artist trying to make a comeback. Will be too slow and drawn out for some people's liking. Based on a stage play where its tone and pacing would work more effectively. Available as two-disc Special Edition DVD.

Elvis - This two-part mini-series on CBS TV (USA) in May 2005 faltered in the ratings, largely due to its first part being up against the runaway hit, Desperate Housewives. A number of "factual" errors and incidents (eg. Gladys Presley drinking beer; Gladys driving her pink Cadillac) plus a less than convincing lead also marred the release. Overall this should have been a much better production. Aka "Elvis The Early Years" as it only covered the period to the '68 Comeback Special. DVD release scheduled for October 2005 in the USA and Europe. Available on DVD from Amazon

Elvis and Me - the highly touted 1988 TV movie/mini-series based on Priscilla's best selling auto-biography. Dale Midkiff is an unconvincing Elvis; Susan Walters as Priscilla is better. Faithful to Priscilla's book. Ronnie McDowell again provides the soundtrack.

Elvis and the Beauty Queen - Don Johnson as Elvis! Hard to take 1981 TV movie chronicling Elvis' relationship with Linda Thompson. Cheaply made and it shows. Johnson doesn't gel as Elvis; Stephanie Zimbalest as Linda Thompson is good.

Elvis and the Colonel - this little known 1992 TV movie was based on the book of the same name by Dirk Vellenga. Despite featuring respected actor Beau Bridges as Colonel Parker and up-and-coming young actor, Rob Youngblood as Elvis, it doesn't fire.

Elvis Has Left The Building - 2004 feature film starring Kim Basinger and John Corbett. Semi-amusing plotline involving Basinger as hapless heroine who everywhere she goes Elvis tribute artists die. Available on DVD.

Elvis Meets Nixon - You'll either love or hate this one depending on your sense of humor. This 1997 'mockumentary' is based on Bud Kreogh's book of the same name. Tony Curtis is great while Rick Peters (as Elvis) hams it up and Bob Gaunson has a field day playing Tricky Dicky! The scenes in a Washington D.C. doughnut shop and L.A. "hippie" record shop are classics! Some think Elvis Meets Nixon could have been better but it is slowly developing a deserving cult status! Actually much funnier than Bubba Ho-Tep. Video release (long deleted); yet to be seen officially on DVD.

Elvis' Grave - Little known 1989 production came to light again in the lead up to the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. It was released on DVD and had theatrical screenings on two continents around August 2007. Described as a Southern Gothic Musical it was decidedly 'B' grade. A scorching rock 'n' roll soundtrack was its standout feature, although there were also moments of neat humor and interest.

Elvis The Early Years - alternate title for "Elvis" (CBS TV mini-series originally broadcast in May 2005 - see listing above)

Elvis (The Movie) - critically praised 1979 TV biopic starring Kurt Russell as Elvis. Produced by Dick Clark it won its timeslot with one of the highest TV movie Nielsen ratings ever (27.3) - beating out Gone With The Wind and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and earned Russell an Emmy award nomination. Songs are not Elvis but by soundalikke Ronnie McDowell. Kurt Russell had a small part in It Happened At The World's Fair (kicking Elvis in the shins) and co-stars with Kevin Costner in the upcoming theatrical movie 3000 Miles To Graceland (see listing above), in which both stars don Elvis jumpsuits in the movie as they rob a Las Vegas casino. Due for DVD release in the US in August 2007 but release delayed. Check Amazon

Evil Elvis Christmas!: Little known underground slasher/horror film. Read EIN's review

Finding Graceland - One of the better "Elvis" films, this 1999 release starring the superb Harvey Keitel as a mysterious drifter and Bridget Fonda. The drifter is on his way home to Graceland in Memphis. And just who is the hobo seen in the final scene in the train carriage? Available on DVD.

Heartbreak Hotel - 1988 feature film about a young man who kidnaps Elvis hoping to fulfill a dream for his mother. Well written, acted and very funny. Tuesday Weld, who appeared with Elvis in Wild In The Country plays the mother, David Keith is fine as Elvis and Charlie Schlatter (The Delinquents; Diagnosis Murder) is the son. Available on DVD.

Honeymoon In Vegas - Entertaining 1992 film starring Nicolas Cage, James Caan (Las Vegas) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City). Available on DVD.

It's Only Make Believe - lightweight offering featuring an Elvis impersonator in love with a Marilyn impersonator. Limited movie/TV release saw this title gain a bigger audience when released on video. Storyline includes Randy Friskie (Tommy Preston/Elvis) and Barbara Bogar (Connie/Marilyn) appearing in the famous 'Legends In Concert' show where Tommy becomes so popular he begins to really believe he is the King. Ho hum....

Lilo & Stitch - Disney's very popular animated family film featured plenty of The King, both musically and narratively. Subsequent films in the series featured much less to nil Elvis. The TV show based on the film only rarely featured The King. Available on DVD from Amazon

Living Legend (The King of Rock and Roll) - another TV movie that went quickly to video. The story revolves around Eli Caulfield (Earl Owensby), the King of Rock & Roll. On stage he is supreme - in his private life nothing goes right and his health is jeopardised by the overuse of prescription medication. Interesting oddity, badly acted but has the distinction of co-starring Ginger Alden (Elvis' real life girlfriend at the time of his death) and the soundtrack is by (would you believe) Roy Orbison!

Revenge of the Elvis Zombies: Little known 'B' grade horror flick from the 1980s.

The Woman Who Loved Elvis - "strong" TV movie with Rosanne Barr as the working class mother obsessed with Elvis. Thought provoking, well acted and scripted. Poignantly directed by Bill Bixby. Deserved to find a wide audience when released. Unfortunately it didn't. Usually screened as a late night movie filler. Available on DVD.

To Elvis, With Love - see next listing.

Touched By Love - 1980 tear jerker film based on true life correspondence between young cerebral palsy victim (Karen) and Elvis. Starring a young pre-fame Diane Lane as Karen and Deborah Raffin as nurse Lena Canada, make sure you have the tissues box handy. Released on video but as yet not on DVD. Also known as To Elvis, With Love. Released as a book in both hardcover and softcover formats written by Lena Canada.

(added August 2005) True Romance - slick, violent 1993 film features a great "Elvis" turn by Val Kilmer. Available on DVD.

Television shows featuring a character named "Elvis" (but not the King!)

Crumbs: Shortlived off-beat comedy (2006) with "Elvis" character played by Reginald Ballard

Good Guys Bad Guys: Australian cop show featuring the lead character, "Elvis Maginnis"

Jungle Run: Children's show which included an ape called "Elvis"

Miami Vice: Crockett had a pet alligator named after "Elvis"

Clarissa Explains It All: Children's show (1990s) from Nikelodeon...like the previous listing featured a pet alligator named "Elvis"

The Strip: Las Vegas private investigator show (1999) with one of the lead characters named "Elvis Ford"


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EIN wishes to thank Robert Vasilevski, Amber Smith, Geri Walker, Barbara Phillips, Neil Schmidt, Jenny Burns and Sally Jeans who provided information allowing us to greatly expand the number of listings in this article.

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