Excerpt from EIN's recent interview with photographer Ed Bonja

(Full interview to be published in the coming weeks)

EIN - I believe that we have you to thank for the fabulous tape of Elvis' rehearsal for the Opening show in Las Vegas August 1974?


ED - You are right. I was there for that rehearsal and one other at RCA that Tom Diskin, my uncle, couldn't make. I recorded the 74 rehearsal and Tom said to make sure that I kept the tape because Elvis might want to hear something. Well no one ever asked me for it and so I ended up with the cassette. I used to play it in my car on my way to and from work! Finally Ernst Jorgensen called me and in the end I went to New York and sold it to RCA for practically nothing! That's how they got 'Twelfth of Never'. EIN - Don't you think that it would be fabulous for FTD to put out the rehearsal along with that amazing August Opening Show?

ED - It sure deserves a full release. However while they only actually paid me for the 'Twelfth of Never' they of course have a DAT copy of the whole original tape and have used other stuff since. (Laughing) But of course they didn't bother to send me another cheque for anything else.

ED - People who know me laugh 'cos they know how I'm getting ripped-off with my pictures everywhere. Al Dvorin said to me, "Eddie, when a con-man comes to town the first thing he does is look up your number so he can call you & get something from you!"

ED - Al Dvorin is like a father to me. We are such good friends and often spend hours on the phone just talking about the old days. He's coming here to Vegas next week to do the Elvis Week show and we have so much fun together. I enjoy talking about Elvis and the good old days better than anything else.

EIN - You knew Elvis from when you were a child so, when did Al start working for him?

ED - You know, Al Dvorin worked with Elvis longer than anyone else. He was there on the road even during early days and the fifties. Although everyone knows him mainly for being the Master Of Ceremonies, at Elvis' shows throughout the years Al did almost every job apart from performing on stage with Elvis itself! He was the booking agent, managed the tours, lighting guy, a bandleader & also help set-up everything.

Al worked really hard for the Colonel since the early fifties. He is the nicest guy and also has the sharpest memory for specific events, of anybody I know. If you want to interview somebody about life with Elvis, Al Dvorin is your man.

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