Call to boycott EPE products and Elvis Week

Source: Email, 1 July 2004

It appears there is growing concern among fans about how they are treated by Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland.

A campaign has been started calling on fans to boycott EPE sponsored items including Elvis Week (with the exception of the Candlelight Vigil). The campaign is gathering momentum hitting the Elvis messageboards and private email groups. Responses from fans suggest there are many of who agree with the boycott call.

Below is an open letter to fans from Randall and Kelly Bart.

Dear Elvis Fans,

For many years, Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) has been avoiding the Fans' concerns regarding the future of the Elvis' legacy and the future of Elvis International Tribute Week. For too long they have had the attitude that the Fans will come no matter what.

It is time for the Fans to stop being taken advantage of by EPE.

Our concerns have been discussed on Fan message boards, at round table discussions hosted by EPE, at the Presidents' Forum online, and at all times they have fallen on deaf ears with the upper management at EPE. It apparently seems EPE only cares about the bottom line, dollar wise.

They don't realize or care that we, the Fans, are the means to the bottom line and have supported them for many years and continue to support them. This dismissive attitude and flagrant arrogance on their part must stop. The establishment at EPE has previously ridiculed and belittled the Fans at meetings, and continue to do so.

Upon Patsy's resignation, many of these issues at EPE became known. After several discussions with Patsy, it is evident that the people at EPE are not who they seem and we the Fans are being used and deceived. Enough is enough and now is the time for Elvis Fans worldwide to unite! In recent years, a number of Elvis Fans have felt that Elvis Week has become stale and many events are being repeated and run into the ground, as if no effort is to be made or money to be spent on new and creative ideas to generate excitement, to keep the Fans coming back year after year.

Many fantastic ideas have been brought to table only to be rejected. Sometimes the reason given was that "no money is available" and other times no reason was given at to why these ideas were turned down. Elvis Week could develop into so much more and with this apathetic approach by EPE, sadly, it is unlikely it ever will.

Unfortunately, we have lost a "Jewel in the King's crown" with the recent resignation of Fan Relations Manager Patsy Andersen. We no longer have someone within the EPE organization representing the Fans' interests.


We, the Elvis Fans, need to stand up and be counted and let EPE know that we matter. Elvis once said, "Without my Fans I'd be nothing." If only the company that bears his good name felt the same way.

After much thought and discussion with Patsy and various Fans, during Elvis Week 2004 this is what is proposed:

The Fans are strongly encouraged to boycott all EPE events with the exception of the Candlelight Vigil, as this night is for Elvis. Attend the Fan Forum on Tuesday, August 10th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Bring questions and voice your concerns. We MUST all stand together and demand answers. Additional action to be announced. More information will be forthcoming soon.

Much of the recent discussions among Fans have focused on Patsy's resignation. It must be reiterated that this is NOT just about Patsy's leaving. Yes, it was the final straw, but this all started with discussions quite a few years ago, and most recently on the Presidents' Forum, about the future of Elvis' legacy and Elvis Week.

There are numerous topics of concern from unsound management decisions and the care of Elvis' artifacts, to the downslide of Elvis Week. Many Fans need to reconsider these factors and seriously contemplate where the Elvis legacy will be for future generations.

Your involvement is vitally important!

Please reply if you are interested and would like to participate in this protest against EPE. NOW is the time to act and be heard. To discuss this further or if you have any additional suggestions or comments, please contact Randall by e-mail at: or call 630-400-7534.

TCB Respectfully,

Randall & Kelly Bart Elvis Fans . . . Steadfast, Loyal and True

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