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Year: 2014

'Final Countdown To Midnight' NYE 1976 - in-depth Review: The deluxe 2CD/DVD set released by Backdraft label is the ultimate look at Elvis' 1976 New Year's Eve performance. Previously available via CDs with peak-audio distortion and on DVD/VHS with low quality fan-footage, now Backdraft have published a 106-page book plus remastered high-quality audio and incredible DVD featuring multi-camera angles. It has to be one of the essential Elvis releases of the year.

There is no doubt that Elvis’ final New Year’s Eve concert was certainly his last "Great" performance of his life. The nearly COMPLETE concert video which premieres to the world here will attest to the above statement. This DVD debuts newly discovered films, some of which have been transferred in High Definition and are positively stunning! The rich, vibrant colours provide a truly novel viewing experience.

The 106 page book boasts many rare and unpublished photos, detailed information about the show and an eyewitness text! The double CD set is also complete (unlike the edited FTD 2003 official release).

Go here - EIN's Piers Beagley provides an in-depth review of this amazing deluxe box-set.

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Year: 2013

'Love Me Tender' Blu-Ray Edition Review: Elvis' first movie now out on high-quality Blu-Ray in 1080 presentation. This release contains the same extras as featured on the 2006 50th Anniversary DVD release with the added commentary by Jerry Schilling plus short bonus documentaries. However since 2006 a large number of viewers have moved across to High-Definition viewing at home and enjoy the look of movies in their own Home-Cinema set-up.
'Love Me Tender' was always an oddity as the first movie vehicle for the King Of Rock'n'Roll - so is this BluRay upgrade really worth it?
Go HERE as EIN's Piers Beagley - with the help of Harley Payette - checks out this new Blu-ray release. Plus some cool Screen Grabs..
However at only $14 how can you go wrong? Let's hope this leads to Blu-ray releases of other Elvis movies.
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Year: 2012

'Prince From Another Planet’ In-Depth Review: Of all the live concert recordings released by RCA during Elvis Presley’s lifetime, none carried the historic significance of his long-awaited New York City shows at Madison Square Garden and now the two RCA recorded concerts and newly found fan-filmed video footage been released in one deluxe package for the 40th Anniversary Edition.

"PRINCE? MAKE THAT KING!" - Go here as Arjan Deelen reviews the new Sony ‘Prince From Another Planet’ package.

It’s been a while since a new Elvis release generated as much publicity as ‘Prince From Another Planet’ - But is it as good as our high expectations?

Now with videos and reader feedback
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'VIVA ELVIS' Star DVD Review: Now that we know 'VIVA ELVIS' is to close, the timing is perfect for STAR to release their specially edited version of the show's recut classic Elvis songs. Described as .. for ELVIS FANS, Cirque Du Soleil Fans and Non Cirque Du Soleil Fans - one thing's for sure… after watching it… the album itself can't be played without seeing the sensational footage created on this dvd. It has nothing to do with Cirque Du Soleil, but if you did see the show in Vegas, it will bring back some memories as some footage is linked to it.

The STAR DVD label in the past have created some of the best-edited and impressive Elvis videos of all-time. Their '1st, 2nd & Forever' is worth watching again and again.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley explores this fun new release - & features some cool Elvis screen grabs.

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Sensational DVD 'documentary' suggests Elvis Found Alive: You all know the basic ‘Elvis didn’t die’ conspiracy story - Elvis and Vernon inadvertently became involved with the Mob and Elvis (aka Jon Burrows) entered the Witness Protection Program (of course wouldn’t the rest of his immediate family have also needed to go with him?..….oh, I get it, don’t ruin a good conspiracy theory with factual realities.  Sorry for that Chief!) 

Or was it that Elvis, tired of his life, faked his death for anonymity? Or was it that Elvis wanted to go undercover as a Federal Agent?, or was it…….OK, so there are several theories why Elvis didn’t die on 16 August 1977. 


Anyway I digress. Joel Gilbert's latest 'documentary' presents sensational evidence that Elvis did not die in August 1977!! Gilbert has taken the original Elvis conspiracy theory and ‘value added’ by incorporating stunning new information and conspiratorial elements to its evil web of deceit and intrigue......not to mention a controversial new album featuring a very familiar voice!!

Read EIN's full review of the Elvis Found Alive DVD and CD here


Year: 2010

'Elvis On Tour' BluRay Review: In 1972 Elvis was still riding high from his commercial and critical rebirth. Hoping to recapture some of that special Elvis magic directors Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge followed Presley on his 15 cities in 15 nights 1972 tour, the results of which became Presley’s 33rd and final film, Elvis On Tour. Long out of print on VHS, it makes its DVD and Blu-ray debut with this release.
It has taken 38 years for the movie 'Elvis On Tour' to be finally been released on BluRay - however the classic opening of 'Johnny B. Goode' has been replaced with 'Don’t Be Cruel' and the disc comes with no extras. So are we being ripped off once again or does the brilliance of the new technology take the film to new heights?
EIN fan club member Carolyn Mitchell checks out the new BluRay disc... having seen it 100 times before is it really worth purchasing again?
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'Elvis On Tour' DVD Review: In 1972, Elvis was still riding high from the commercial and critical rebirth that started with the ’68 Comeback Special and continued with his return to live performances the following year. His previous documentary, Elvis: That’s The Way It Is was a success, showing the King at the height of his physical and vocal ability. Hoping to recapture some of that magic, directors Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge followed Presley on his 15 cities in 15 nights 1972 tour, the results of which became Presley’s 33rd and final film, Elvis On Tour. Long out of print on VHS, it makes its DVD and Blu-ray debut with this release.
Blog Critic General Jabba reviews the new DVD and raises some good points.
(DVD Reviews, Source;EIN/BlogCritic)

'Elvis Coming Home' STAR DVD review: The STAR label has just released their ‘ELVIS: Coming Home’ DVD which features an all new mixture with brand new edits of Elvis' songs and videos highlighting the fascinating late-sixties period.

Running 70 minutes and with 25 tracks some of the featured songs include Going Home, Just Call Me Lonesome, Fools Fall in Love, A Little Less Conversation, It Hurts Me, Let Yourself Go, Power of My Love, Tomorrow is A Long Time, Singing Tree, I’m Movin’ On, Come What May, All I Needed Was the Rain, Almost in Love, U.S. Male, Too Much Monkey Business, Stay Away and Almost.

STAR have created NEW video clips using all the Elvis footage available. This includes TV footage, rare photographs, movie clips and personal Home Videos. 

EIN's Piers Beagley explores this new release and discovers some true creativity, fun and sexiness along the way,, Go here to the handsome 'US Male!' (DVD Review, Source;EIN)

DVDR Review:

King 'n' Me (Bootleg Edition)





'Love Me Tender: The Love Songs' the EIN DVD Review: The publicity states that, 'Love Me Tender: The Love Songs', hosted by Golden Globe-nominated actress Ashley Judd, is the first-ever in-depth look at the love songs of Elvis. It also states that, "Love Me Tender is Elvis as you’ve never seen him."

EIN's Piers Beagley finds it hard to believe that this documentary could really be so revealing. He discovers The Good, The Bad and The Disappointments within this mainstream DVD release.

But costing under $20, surely there has to be some value-for-money time for 2 hours spent in Elvis' company?

Go here for our insightful review and to find out.

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Quirky film with great Elvis portrayal: Robert Patrick gives one of the best interpretations of Elvis Presley in the movie Lonely Streetsince Bruce Campbell showed The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as a nursing home resident fighting mummies in Bubba Ho-Tep.

This is the same Patrick who as the cyborg T-1000 terrorized Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, who played Col. Tom Ryan in CBS’ The Unit and who portrayed Johnny Cash’s father in Walk the Line. Patrick regularly pops up in movies and TV as either a villain or iron-jawed tough guys.

But Patrick is unrecognizable as any of his signature roles as Elvis – or rather Mr. Aaron -- in the entertaining Lonely Street(Bridge Home Entertainment, $19.99, 88 minutes running time, Rated: R).

Based on Steve Brewer’s first novel in his Bubba Mabry series, Lonely Streetis a quirky, humorous film that also stays faithful to the spirit of the authors’ amusing series.

Bubba (Jay Mohr, Gary Unmarried) is a down-on-his-luck Albuquerque private investigator who takes just about any job to pay the bills.

In Lonely Street, Bubba may have the job of his life when he is asked to keep tabloid reporter Hank Tankersley away from a client – “Mr. Aaron,” who bears a striking resemblance to Elvis Presley. Mr. Aaron (Patrick) attributes his survival to downing wheat-grass shooters and practicing tai chi while living in New Mexico for more than 30 years.

When Hank is killed, Bubba tries to find out what the reporter was planning to do with his story as well as prove that he had nothing to do with the man’s death. The investigation gives Bubba a primer on the music industry, courtesy the scheming pony-tailed record producer Jerry Finkelman (Joe Mantegna) and leads him to the hooker with an agenda Bambi Gamble (Nikki Cox) and tabloid editor, Felicia Quattlebaum (Lindsay Price, Lipstick Jungle).

Mohr shows Bubba’s humor and slacker mentality as well as his innate desire to do the right thing, so evident in Brewer’s novels. Mantegna gives his usual spot-on performance, getting caught in the absurdity and campiness that pervades Lonely Street.

But it’s Patrick with his limited screen time that steals the show, mumbling like Elvis yet also showing a regal quality that made that boy from Mississippi grow up to be The King. Only Campbell in Bubba Ho-Tep can beat Patrick as Elvis.

The short bonuses on Lonely Street’s DVD include a look at how this independent movie got made – which included luck and creative fundraising that falls just short of putting on bake sales and car washes. Mohr also tells how he and Cox (Las Vegas) were married shortly after filming ended more than two years ago.

There are also production stills set to original songs by Elvis impersonator James Brown and a music video.

Lonely Street will make you remember why Elvis was The King; read Brewer’s novels to find out what Bubba did after his brush with Elvis. (DVD Review, Source: Oline H. Cogdill, Mystery Fiction Columnist, sun-sentinel.com, 2 Sep 2009)

Elvis The Ed Sullivan Shows (DVD Review): There is such an obvious sense of abandon in The Ed Sullivan Theater during these performances, it is electrifying. 1956 was Elvis Presley’s breakout year, yet music snob Ed Sullivan originally wanted nothing to do with him.

When rival Steve Allen booked Elvis and handily beat Sullivan in the ratings, the impresario changed his tune. Suddenly Presley was booked for three appearances, and the show was on.

Ironically, due to a serious auto accident, Sullivan himself missed the first event. Actor Charles Laughton introduced Elvis Presley to America that night, and it was a night to remember.

The King was in all of his element September 9, 1956. And so was his band. Even as a life-long fan of Rock ‘N Roll, I had never seen this footage before. It is everything you would expect a legend to be founded on.

Besides the charisma of Presley himself, the band behind him are unbelievable. Watching Scotty Moore take a solo during “Ready Teddy” is a joy. It is no wonder that musicians such as Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck readily acknowledged him as an influence.

Drummer DJ Fontana is another presence who just shines in his moments. For this reviewer though, it is The Jordanaires who kind of steal the show. Watching them harmonize behind Elvis during “Don’t Be Cruel” is a wonder.

Presley’s second appearance on the show is probably the most famous, because Sullivan was so scandalized by Elvis’ dancing. I was always wondering just how crazily sexual things got, and have to report that this stuff is pretty tame by modern standards.

Still, the third apperance of Presley on Sullivan was shown waist-up only. On this one Ed Sullivan is such a condescending jackass you just want Elvis to pop him one. “I want to tell the country that this is a real decent, fine boy,” says Ed.

Jeez, what a jerk.

The bonus features are pretty minimal. There are some home movies by the “Memphis Mafia,” and some embarrassing moments of Ed mentioning Elvis at various times. Besides that, I would say that John Byner’s comedy bit is the best of the bunch.

Elvis - The Classic Performances is wonderful just for what it is. A legend performing live in his prime. It is probably the best material available to see him in all of his glory. (Source: Greg Barbrick blogcritics.org, 30 Aug 2009)

Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works - DVD Disc 1 review: With this highly anticipated set now available, Rex Martin has received his copy and presents his initial thoughts on the first DVD disc of the set. Does it live up to expectations? Rex provides the early answer! (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Visit Rex Martin's Page on EIN

EIN Comment: There has been nearly an overwhelmingly positive response to the release of Elvis That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works. Some fans have gone as far as to hail it as "The greatest ever unofficial release!" And already, with copies of the set very hard to obtain, sellers are raising their prices. EIN has received reports that in some cases, the asking price in the EC has climbed to around 250 Euros.



Elvis The Mini Series (DVD Review): What it takes to effectively portray the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll should never be underestimated.  Each fan has his or her own preconceptions and expectations about how Elvis should be portrayed on screen and this makes the acting challenge particularly problematic.

So when Elvis The Mini Series was in development, the producers had an unenviable task in selecting their Elvis, not to mention how to fit such a complex and rich story into 2 hours screen time!

How does Jonathan Rhys Meyers stack up as Elvis?

How strong is the storyline?

How worthwhile is this TV mini-series produced with the blessing of EPE?

Read EIN's DVD review to find out

(Source: EIN, July 2008)

Elvis Presley The Greatest Hits Collection (EMI) (DVD Review): Not to be disrespectful or anything, but I’m just wondering how this set could possibly be considered ‘The Greatest Elvis Collection’ when Presley wasn’t even alive for one of the concerts that is included?  The DVD is even rather shamelessly titled ‘Elvis Lives’?  The concert it presents was performed to “commemorate the 25th anniversary of Presley’s death”. This is one confusing package. 

Moving along, from that particular DVD we have a double-disc set entitled “He Touched Me – The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley”. Now I’m not terribly fond of stating the obvious, but I’m obliged to mention that it really doesn’t take a musicologist to realise that Elvis wasn’t exactly at his peak while singing hymns.  The only Elvis that should be legal these days is footage of the guy with a painted-on leather jacket, slicked back hair and those hips shaking like he wanted to fuck every teenage girl in Memphis.  Rating 1 out of 10 (Source: Greg Reason, tsunami mag #94)

EIN Comment: While we agree with the reviewer that this is a confusing package, we’re not quite sure which planet he’s on when it comes to his uneducated assessment of Elvis and gospel music.  His comments certainly suggest HE is no musicologist!!



"Protecting The King" DVD review

"Elvis A Generous Heart" - Elvis' spirit of giving to others shines through in excellent documentary: The underlying theme of this new documentary is that the two greatest accomplishments Elvis left behind were his:

  • incredible musical legacy; and
  • great compassion in giving.

EIN takes a look inside the documentary. Read our full review

(DVD Review, Source: EIN)

MRS release another winner!: The MRS organisation has done it again. Its Elvis Presley New York RCA Studio 1 The Complete Sessions DVD/CD/book (digipack) package is chock full of sublime audio, visual and narrative treats.

"And if they'd only known what was about to happen, most of the big brass RCA would likely have keeled over from heart attacks." (from the 'Elvis Presley New York RCA Studio 1' book)

The CD offers remastered and restored by Real Bouwman from high quality 24 bit/94k resolution!!! The album features 11 Master tracks, Elvis interviewed by Don Davis, and 24 intriguing session takes. The music is glorious, at times resonating with the searing power and energy of rock 'n' roll's King and at other times beautifully tender.

Buy "New York RCA Studio 1: The Complete Sessions" from HMV UK - out now!!

The recordings range from Blue Suede Shoes and Anyway You Want Me to Tutti Frutti, Don't Be Cruel and So Glad You're Mine. Also in the mix is Hound Dog, My Baby Left Me, One Sided Love Affair and I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You; and when supplemented by 12 takes each of Lawdy Miss Clawdy and Shake Rattle and Roll listening is an absolute aural delight.

The CD also includes three bonus tracks: My Baby Left Me and So Glad You're Mine performed by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup; and Hound Dog from Freddie Bell and the Bell Boys.

The DVD-Audio in 5.1 Dolby Digital features the same tracks (bar the three bonus tracks) as the CD, remastered in high quality 24 bit 96 kHz sound accompanied by rare photographs. For those who have experienced the earlier DVD-Audio releases from MRS you know the very high quality on offer. For those who haven't experienced DVD-Audio this is your opportunity to listen to Elvis as you've never listened to him before!!!

The 68 page book features strong design and high quality paper stock. There are many rare photographs from the famous Alfred Wertheimer Elvis Archives as well as some from the Joseph A. Tunzi Archives; archival session material; and a blow by blow account of Elvis' recording process in the studio.

The visuals are a stunning mix of b&w and color including a knock-out color shot - watch the female fans swoon (page 13) and a hauntingly expressive double page b&w image (pages 56-7).

EIN will publish a full review of Elvis Presley New York RCA Studio 1 The Complete Sessions shortly. (Source: EIN, 13 Nov 2007)

"Elvis' Grave" (DVD Review): One of Elvis world's most obscure films is now available on DVD....Elvis' Grave.

Blending elements from the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre and classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, the plot of this low budget feature is described as:

"A Chainsaw wielding, psycho-impersonator from hell -- on a conquest tour of terror!"

Read EIN's full review of this offbeat 'B' grade film, a film with a scorching rock 'n' roll soundtrack...but does it live up to its pr as a "Southern Gothic Musical"...or is it something even more sinister?

Rated NR for Nauseating Repulsive, this is a film which gives new meaning to the ETA phenomenon!! Blair Witch cohorts...move over! (Source: EIN, Sep 2007)

'Viva Las Vegas' ABC TV special review: This was the mainstream TV focus of this year's 30th Anniversary.

The promos for the program raised Elvis' fans expectations since it promised "never before seen footage", as well as the idea of a re-evaluation of Elvis' triumphs in Vegas between 1969 to 1976 - as the program noted "in 1969 Vegas was a haven for has-beens."

In the end however it comes across as more of a pretty good overall view of Elvis for the general public rather than any revelation for the hard-core Elvis fan. 


The program starts with a historical update on Elvis' past. His creation of 'Rock'n'Roll' in SUN through to the terrible mid-sixties movies. The commentators are the usual EPE suspects, (Priscilla, Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito) but it was good to see enthusiastic fans such as Chris Isaak, Faith Hill, 50 Cent and Beyonce involved. Fans will also spot erroneous dismissive statements like "In 1968 Elvis hadn't had a hit record in seven years." Read EIN's full review and your feedback about the program

"Viva Las Vegas" DVD Review: Elvis movies aren't for everyone. They're cheesy, and they have flimsy plots. Even Colonel Parker viewed them as primarily moneymaking endeavors.

That said, they have plenty of adoring fans and, well, who doesn't want the pure escapism of a movie like Viva Las Vegas from time to time?

Read full review (Source: DVD Verdict, Sep 2007)

"Protecting The King" (DVD Review): EIN's Nigel Patterson recently warmed up his home theater to view David Stanley's directorial film debut, "Protecting The King". It is the story of Stanley's coming of age, his loss of innocence after becoming one of the King's bodyguards while still a teenager.

With a mixed emotional element but several very powerful scenes and flashes of important insight, "Protecting The King" proves to be a strong directorial debut by Stanley.

At times the film has a brutally frank edge, and this is unlikely to endear it to some fans. However, it will have merit for those wishing to better understand life around Elvis with its incredible pressures and temptations; and for fans interested in exploring the human frailties and weaknesses which often afflict those thrust into such a surreal existence. (Source: EIN, Sep 2007)

Read EIN's full review

'Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley' Book/DVD In-depth Review: The DVD contains recently discovered unreleased film of Elvis performing 6 songs, including ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, live in Tupelo Mississippi 1956. It is fascinating to see Elvis performing to hometown crowd of 10,000 instead of a TV studio audience and we get to see the only filmed performance of  'Long Tall Sally’ live in the fifties. 

The limited edition book written by Tupelo historian Roy Turner contains over 200 photographs of Elvis in Tupelo many previously unknown. EIN's Piers Beagley investigates this historically important record of "Elvismania" near its peak. (Source: EIN, 11 June 2007)

"Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley" (Book/DVD Review): EIN has received the latest release by Joseph Pirzada. Does it live up to expectations?

The answer is a resounding YES!

The set is an historically important record of "Elvismania"near its peak. And the incredible "live" concert with both sound and vision will blow most fans away.

Read EIN's capsule review (Review, Source: EIN, 5 June 2007)

"Elvis Presley has left the building" (DVD Review): August 16, 1977 was the death the music world stood still. The King of Rock 'n' Roll died at his mansion home in Memphis, Tennessee.

What followed was a media blitz and a level of public interest rarely seen in contemporary society. And the fact that these were a global phenomenon only served to emphasise the significance of Elvis' passing.

Join EIN as it takes a look at a new DVD release, "Elvis Presley has left the building". As public memory fades over time, what we find is an important and historic audio-visual record of media and public reaction in August 1977. Read our full review (May 2007)

'Once Upon A Time in 1977' EID DVD review: Nicely coinciding with the release of FTD’s ‘Unchained Melody’ CD, EID presents a compile of fan videos taken at Elvis’ first tour in February 1977. By editing together seven concerts of home-video material (in varying degrees of poor quality) EID have cleverly created a ‘complete’ Elvis concert featuring 27 songs. With home-video that is pretty unwatchable, fuzzy and filmed from downright far away at times, this can only be made for the serious Elvis collector. And can one learn anything from it? So while feeling in the mood for some more 1977 Elvis, EIN's Piers Beagley investigates. (Source: EIN, April 2007)

Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert (DVD Review) By Vish Khanna:

"Perhaps taking a cue from the macabre notion that enabled the long deceased Nat “King” Cole and Hank Williams to duet with their still kicking kids, Elvis Presley’s original “TCB” band recreate the experience of seeing the King in the flesh in an oddly fascinating way. A large cast of musicians and vocalists re-learn parts and routines, re-vitalising classic Elvis ’70s fare such as “C. C. Rider,” “Suspicious Minds” and “American Trilogy” before a packed arena while a giant video screen depicts Presley performing with the same group of people some 30 years earlier. Only Elvis’s voice is pre-recorded; the band have rehearsed this show so that they are perfectly in sync with Presley’s vocal cues, right down to bowing to his musician introductions. Occasionally eerie, it’s quite a spectacle and the DVD’s directors weave both eras of the “TCB” band together smoothly. Plus: Interviews." (Source: Exclaim!, 7 April 2007)

Read EIN's review of "Elvis Lives"

"Elvis, How Great Thou Art A Portrait of the Artist" (DVD and CD single review): Linda Ann McConnell's new documentary portrait of Elvis is an impressive work.

Featuring very rare clips of Elvis live on stage in the 1970s and offering an appreciation of both The King's musical and socio-cultural impact, there is much to enlighten and enjoy.

Read EIN's full review (Source: EIN)

"Jukebox Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 1" DVD: As we reported on 1 January 2007, the Payless Entertainment Group has released this budget DVD in Australia. It features 16 video tracks plus an introductory track with Bill Haley & The Comets singing Rock Around The Clock.

Of the 16 tracks six are by Elvis, four song clips: Heartbreak Hotel; Blue Suede Shoes; Don't Be Cruel and Too Much, and two newsreel clips: Elvis Returns To Tupelo and Elvis In The Army.

Other song clips include Travelin' Man (Ricky Nelson); Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly); Ain't That A Shame (Fats Domino), Mack The Knife (Bobby Darin), Wake Up Little Susie (The Everly Brothers) and Okee Shamokee Pop (Big Joe Turner).

What is on offer is a seminal experience, a piece of rock 'n' roll heaven presented in a glorious stage show guaranteed to excite.

Read EIN's full review of this release (Source: EIN, Jan 2007)



Rare "underground" Elvis film: EIN takes a look back at "Evil Elvis Christmas", one of the rarest Elvis related films ever made. As an underground "slasher" movie with numerous Elvis world references and liberal doses of humor and blood and gore, "Evil Elvis Christmas" is a very different type of Elvis related film. (Film Review, Source: EIN)

Note: Evil Elvis Christmas is yet to be released on DVD

'ELVIS LIVES' 25th Anniversary Concert DVD review: At last Elvis fans get the chance to re-live the 25th Anniversary “Elvis The Concert” performance. When Elvis majestically appears, walking 'on-stage' it is as if he has never left us! With clever editing, plus impressive Surround-Sound this DVD has a fabulous atmosphere. Giving EIN's Piers Beagley goose-bumps of excitement within the first minute, there seems little more that need be added. But there's always more... and a few grumbles too! (Source: EIN, October 2006)

"The Elvis Cover-Up" - Geraldo Rivera 20/20 documentaries: EIN recently obtained a copy of the unofficial DVD release of the "20/20" investigations into Elvis' death. Based on a "leaked" copy of the toxicology report on drugs in Elvis' body when he died, and the book, "The Death of Elvis What Really Happened" by Thompson & Cole, the original hour long special (September 1979) plus several follow-up stories are enlightening 'tabloid' viewing.

Rivera exposes the role of Dr Jerry Francisco in going public with a cause of death (cardiac arrythmia) at odds with the official autopsy findings (polypharmacy). The 20/20 investigations were instrumental in leading to the indictment of "Dr Nick". Also featuring a lucid Ginger Alden, the DVD is compelling viewing.

In a follow-up to the most controversial article EIN has ever pubished (the Beeny DNA evidence), EIN examines the iconic Rivera reports. (Source: EIN, September 2006)

'Love Me Tender' 50th Anniversary Edition - DVD Review: For the very first time an original Elvis film has been given the special edition treatment on DVD. It has added audio commentary by Jerry Schilling, plus three new featurettes, as well as including Alanna Nash's fascinating insights on The Colonel. It also features the trailer snippet of Elvis singing the sought-after missing song 'Lonely Man' - so is this at last a worthy upgrade? EIN contributor Harley Payette reveals all in this in-depth review. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Kraig Parker's 50th Anniversary Tribute (DVD Review): Kraig Parker is one of America's premier Elvis tribute artists. On watching his impressive DVD, The 50th Anniversary Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, it is easy to see, and hear, why. Recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 and HD Widescreen, with The Jordanaires on background vocals, this is a professional and energetic show where all you need to do is pump up the volume and enjoy one of the world's finest. (Source: EIN)

"Elvis Presley - Behind the Scenes at the Seattle World's Fair" (DVD Review): Albert Fisher was there when Elvis filmed his 13th motion picture during the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. After more than 40 years he has dusted off the historic 8mm footage he captured of both events. EIN takes a look at the candid footage, now released on DVD, which shows Elvis as we rarely see him, off-camera and behind-the-scenes. ( Source: EIN)

The TCB Gang - The Way It Was (DVD Review): When seven close friends of Elvis get together at the Las Vegas Hilton to reminisce, you just know it's going to be a fun time! And The TCB Gang doesn't disappoint, as the seven entertain the viewer with many great stories and recollections. EIN takes a close look at what is a very nice change from the countless biographies of The King being released on DVD seemingly every month or so. (Source: EIN)

Steve Preston's "Promised Land" (DVD release): A "teaser" DVD for an upcoming full concert DVD featuring UK's premier Elvis tribute artist, Steve Preston, has been released. EIN recently sampled what is on offer and found Preston's performances are visually and aurally impressive. They are highly suggestive of a superb concert with a performer not only in control of his artistry, but one who has also established a strong connection with his audience. (Source: EIN)

"Colonel Parker De manager van Elvis" (DVD Review): No male looms larger in the story of Elvis Presley than Colonel Tom Parker. EIN takes a close look at who was the Colonel, as revealed in Constant Meijer's documentary made after his fascinating journey of discovery across two continents. Was the Colonel a machiavellian manipulator, simply misunderstood, or a brilliant salesman? Meijers documentary allows us to explore these and other interesting themes. (Source: EIN)


"Elvis Killed My Brother" (Film Review & Interview): In 1990 the short film, Elvis Killed My Brother, opened to critical acclaim in Perth, Australia. Made on a restricted budget funded by the WA Film Council, the intention was to secure funding for a full-length feature film around the same subject. Sadly, additional funding was not forthcoming and this gem of a short film was largely forgotten....until recently.

Following an article EIN published last year in which the short film was mentioned, we were contacted by the star of Elvis Killed My Brother, Peter Hardy. Peter provided us with a copy of the short film and agreed to an interview.

Note: this film is yet to be released on DVD

Click for:

"The Elvis Files" DVD released in Australia: This budget priced 1990 documentary is now available in Australia. Despite earlier indications, it is not the Bill Bixby hosted TV special but a documentary about Gail Brewer-Giorgio's book, 'The Elvis Files'. Well produced with a clever script, but overall its argument is unbalanced. Conspiracy theorists will love it! (News, Source: EIN, 14 Jan 2006)

'A Tribute To The King - Scotty Moore & Friends' DVD Review: ‘Scotty Moore was in the delivery room when Rock'n'Roll was born, kicking and howling in the Tennessee night'. This DVD features the star-studded live concert, plus plenty of excellent Bonus extras. The greatest joy is the humility of Scotty Moore himself, along with seeing him laugh & smile at all these great performances. The line-up is incredible from Eric Clapton, to Mark Knopfler, to jazz-guitarist Martin Taylor. See the full review for concert photos & details. In the interview Scotty also tells some great stories, including the fact that Sam Phillips recorded plenty of other songs that Elvis tried out but that Sam never kept them on tape – “I’m sure sorry he didn’t!” (DVD Reviews, Source: EIN)


'Elvis-On Tour; Outtakes' (DVD Review): The revelation here is what fabulous material MGM has hidden in their vaults. There must be a DVD’s worth of quality and exciting in-studio material and possibly 2 DVDs of Elvis in concert. ‘Lost Performances’ gave us the first glimpse of some fabulous missing footage but that was 13 years ago! Surely it is time right now to follow through with the official ‘Elvis On Tour’ the DVD set which at the same time will kill–off the spreading bootleg market. As Ernst said back in 2002 "There is a lot of footage here that people would want to see." (Source: EIN, November 2005)

"Born To Rock" (DVD Review): The fans have been telling BMG they want an Elvis' greatest hits compile on DVD. While we patiently wait, releases such as Born To Rock, with its audio overlays and innovative visual approach to the images we are watching, offers great viewing enjoyment. From its in-your-face psychedelic screens to unobtusive but highly effective touches, this DVD is one to savour. (Source: EIN)
Lilo & Stitch 2 - Stitch Has A Glitch: EIN sat down with the kids, Coke and popcorn to watch the follow up to 2002's biggest conventionally animated hit film. What we enjoyed was a colorful and fun filled story bolstered by some great Elvis music. (Source: EIN)
Elvis & Me (DVD review): While the 1988 TV mini-series based on Priscilla's best selling memoir is yet to see an official DVD release, unofficial copies are available. EIN revisits a series fans either loved or hated, discovering that in 2005 maybe it deserves a second look.

Elvis 1st, 2nd & 4ever (DVD review): Based on the CDs 'Elvis 30#1s' and '2nd To None' this sensational DVD features 81 Elvis video clips cleverly remade & remodelled, some of them truly inspirational! This is a fabulous DVD concept that needs to be released by EPE/BMG. EIN's Piers Beagley examines over 4 hours of Elvis clips and picks his favourites from this hard-to-obtain import release from the ‘23rd Century/Star Company’. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Altered By Elvis: Engrossing film documentary release. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Why Elvis? (DVD Review): EIN casts an eye over the latest DVD documentary release and discovers some surprising things. (DVD Review, Source: EIN, July 2005)

Elvis: The Great Performances - Volume 1 - Center Stage (Direct Video, DVD62001D, Digital 5.1 Surround and Original Stereo, 53 mins, Color/B&W, Rated: G): Elvis features in the first of a series of glorious nearly hour-long showcases of his greatest hits in live performances and video clips as well as rarely seen television footage. These special performances celebrate the incredible career of one of the biggest names ever in entertainment. Highlights include Elvis's first recording of "My Happiness", which he made for his mother, home movies with his friends and family, his first Hollywood screen test and performances including "All Shook Up", "Always On My Mind", "Don't Be Cruel" and "Return To Sender". The wildly talented and larger than life megastar known and worshipped the world over as The King lived a life of extraordinary privilege. A devout Christian, he was an avid reader of The Bible, a student of the Jewish Talmud and he dabbled in eastern mysticism. Elvis adored his daughter, was devoted to his mother Gladys and was passionate about his wife Priscilla. Most of all, Elvis was an artistic revolutionary who redefined contemporary 20th century music. (Source: ABC TV)
Elvis by the Presleys - the "Target" bonus disc (DVD review): Target stores in the US are offering a limited edition of the Elvis by the Presleys 2CD featuring a bonus DVD with selections from the upcoming 4 hour DVD version of the titular release. The "bonus disc" makes fascinating viewing with two nicely produced chapters. (DVD review, Source: EIN, 11 May 2005)
"My Home Videos of Elvis...Joe Esposito" now on VCD: The fondly remembered video Joe Esposito's Home Videos of Elvis is now available on VCD from Asia. EIN takes a look at the rarities this release has to offer. (VCD Review, Source: EIN)
Adios The Last Show VCD: Elvis' last ever live concert has been released in Chile as a picture disc VCD with bonus features. EIN takes you inside the release of this historic concert. (VCD Review, Source: EIN)
Quirky Elvis comedy opens in Australia today: With Bubba Ho-Tep (Elvis vs. The Mummy) opening nationally in Australia today, The Courier-Mail took a look inside the quirky, off-beat comedy. (Review, Source: Courier-Mail)
Elvis Has Left The Building: EIN takes a critical look at Kim Basinger's recent film which uses an intriguing basic premise but suffers from inconsistency in its comedic content and ultimately is flawed, despite a pleasing finale and a very strong soundtrack. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)


Elvis Presley: Elvis '68 Comeback Special (Sony/BMG): This is arguably the finest short review we've read about the Comeback Special DVD. Savor the words wriiten by Shane Nichols. (DVD Review, Source: The Australian Financial Review)
Elvis In Concert (Asian DVD): EIN's Piers Beagley sat down and watched nearly 3 hours of The King near the end - the Omaha and Rapid City concerts plus the CBS TV Special. This is his review of an emotionally sad but fascinating DVD experience. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)
This Is Elvis "unofficial DVD" review: With news of an official release on DVD of This is Elvis now effectively 'missing in action', EIN looks at a number of the unofficial releases of both the short and long versions of what is often referred to as the 34th Elvis film. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)
Elvis A 50th Anniversary Celebration: If you've got an hour or so to spare you won't be disappointed in this new documentary. Featuring interviews with Elvis' peers and friends their memories of The King are an important record of how much he was held in awe by his contemporaries. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

The Elvis Collection (Warner Bros): Entertainment Today recently reviewed this boxset. (Source: Entertainment Today)

Elvis In Concert: with a new VCD edition of the Elvis In Concert (September 1977 CBS TV Special) circulating, we have updated our review of this rare item. (VCD Review, Source: EIN)

Follow That Dream (MGM): solid audio-visual transfer and sound production values bring to life, lively rib-tickling, family film. And Elvis gets to act as well!

Spinout: EIN's guest reviewer, Bill Treadway, gives a unique view on one of The King's mid-60's travelogues.

Elvis Presley The Last 24 Hours: EIN takes a detailed look at this recently released DVD/CD. The stories told by members of the Memphis Mafia are candid and caring, if at times unsettling. The release is packed with many bonus features and professionally produced, and has a clear agenda. (DVD/CD Review, Source: EIN, 31 July 2004)

'68 Comeback Special 3DVD deluxe edition: EIN reviews the long awaited, stunning release on DVD of the Comeback Special.

Bubba Ho-Tep: Senior citizen, Elvis The King vs. The King of the Dead. EIN reviews a great new comedy-horror movie starring Bruce Campbell as Elvis and Ossie Davis as a "black" JFK.

Heartbreak Hotel: nearly forgotten Elvis related film from 1988 is a comic, musical and entertainment treat for the whole family.

200 Cadillacs: a great new docummentary looks at an often ignored part of the Elvis story, his acts of gift giving.

Welcome Home Elvis (The Frank Sinatra Show Special): EIN casts a critical eye over the DVD release of this historic show.


Almost Elvis: I cannot praise John Paget's insightful and moving documentary enough. It is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the impersonator's world, delving into the private lives and motivations of its protagonists.

Elvis In Concert (VCD): EIN looks at a VCD release of the 1977 CBS TV Special and compares it to known issues of the special on DVD.

Girls! Girls! Girls; Fun In Acapulco; Paradise, Hawaiian Style & Easy Come, Easy Go: EIN takes a look at another four Elvis DVD releases from Paramount.

Kid Galahad packs a punch!: EIN casts a critical eye over MGM's latest Elvis DVD release.

King Creole, G.I. Blues, Roustabout & Blue Hawaii:Paramount's latest Elvis film offerings on DVD are a timely and very enjoyable offering without representing exceptional value for money.

Elvis' Best Friend Remembers: "Diamond Joe" Esposito's new DVD is surprisingly entertaining and informative look back on life with The King.

"The Definitive Elvis" - A Fascinating documentary: EIN's Piers Beagley spent a day watching all 16 episodes in this comprehensive but flawed documentary release.

Elvis 30 #1 Hits on 5.1 DVD Audio: "A dream come true" says EIN's Piers Beagley in his exhaustive look at the first ever Elvis album released using the new technology.













































































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