"Elvis and Other Celebrities" Book Release

(Elvis News, Source: Elvis Unlimited, 22 July 2004)

Elvis is said to be the most photographed man in history. If not the most photographed, he is certainly one of the most photographed anyway. From every angle and corner, Elvis has been exposed, "recycled" and captured, almost from the day he first stepped in at Sun in Memphis, to record that little single for his beloved mother - or from the day he redefined popular music.

Since then, every moment and movement of his life and career has almost been captured on film. The result: an enormous collection of Elvis photos spread around the World. But what was missing in that huge collection - for a big deal - was some crucial information of what, whom and who was seen on the pictures. "Who is Elvis standing with on that pictures?," you have probably asked yourself a hundred times.

That problem has now been solved by Elvis Unlimited. They will publish the book "Elvis And Other Celebrities" by Martin Kloster very soon.