"Elvis & You" is a comprehensive look at everything in the Elvis world

Elvis & You: Your Guide to the Pleasures of Being An Elvis Fan, Laura Victoria & John O'Hara, Perigree Books, Softcover, 2000, 626 pages

Elvis & You: Your Guide to the Pleasures of Being an Elvis Fan is just that - a pleasure to read, to skim, to enjoy. Within its 626 pages is packed an amazing amount of data, detail, fact and conjecture. Whether you want to know the well known or the obscure or both you will find this book delivers and literally allows you to travel The King's world in style. The authors are to be commended on the vast breadth of material they present.

The chapters cover everything from 'The Life of Elvis' to 'Collecting Elvis' to 'Elvis In Cyberspace'.

Fans of impersonators will delight in the chapter devoted to this aspect of Elvisana, while hard core fans will revel in chapters examining Elvis' love of firearms, his food habits, martial arts, motor vehicles, money and spirituality. In addition there are chapters focusing on Elvis' charity work, his movies, Elvis and animals, Army life, fan clubs, Elvis in Art and Elvis and Style. All in all a veritable pot pourii of information.

Elvis & You is one of those books you can pick up, open to any page and discover something new. It is not the sort of book you read from cover to cover - more so it is a reference tool you consult to settle arguments, to learn, to amaze in the incredible life of The King of Rock & Roll:

"His curiosity for answers had not abated. He was still searching for his purpose in life, still feeling he had not found his calling." (Priscilla Presley)

Many chapters include a guide (Essential Elvisology) to further reading on the chapter subject matter and there are numerous photos that add to the book's interest. Throughout each chapter are interesting quotes from those who knew, worked with or worshipped Elvis:

"I always thought that if someone was messin' with me and Elvis happened by, he'd give them a karate chop for me." (Donna Deen)

'Elvis & You: Your Guide to the Pleasures of Being An Elvis Fan' will have wide appeal among fans and also non fans interested in learning more about the man who continues to captivate the world.

Elvis and You is the all-in-one, hands-on, resource guide to the universe of Elvis and his fans. It's a comprehensive guide to visiting, navigating, and understanding the world of the King. You'll discover the many pleasures of Elvis-things to do, places to go, activities, projects, and adventures-all kinds of ways to experience the King.

Here's some of what's inside Elvis and You:

  • 545 photographs! Many photos of Elvis never before published
  • Essential Elvisology: facts, stats, and trivia every Elvis fan needs to know
  • Locations of annual Elvis fan gatherings and conventions nationwide
  • How to throw an Elvis party or Elvis wedding
  • How to build your Elvis "shrine"
  • Fans' personal Elvis stories and testimonials
  • A guide to Elvis in cyberspace: web sites, chat rooms, newsgroups, and web rings

If you're only now discovering Elvis and don't know a thing about the Elvis fan world, or if you've been wild about him since the 50's, belong to a fan club, and travel to Graceland twice a year-whatever type of fan you may be-this book is for you. In the spirit of Elvis and his philanthropic nature the authors will donate a portion of their royalties to charity.

About the Authors - Laura Victoria Levin and John O'Hara are lifelong Elvis fans. They give "Elvis and You" lectures nationwide. Their Elvis & You website will be launched in 2000.

Reviewed by Nigel Patterson, Copyright, Elvis Information Network, June 2000

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