"Elvis At Sun": should it be on the charts?

There has been considerable comment on the Elvis messageboards about Elvis At Sun's absence on album charts around the world.

While the album's lack of chart action is disappointing it should not be surprising.

BMG is generally focusing its promotional efforts on the '68 Comeback Special and Aloha DVD releases. In Australia, BMG promotion will peak around Father's Day in September.
Can we expect BMG to promote every Elvis release or is it more reasonable to see them be strategic in their marketing efforts?

While the Elvis At Sun album is an excellent release with significantly improved sound quality and historic merit, EIN believes it has only limited appeal to the broader market, while the two DVD releases should appeal very widely. An interesting side issue to the debate surrounds how well the Comeback Special and Aloha DVDs will sell.

It has been consistently argued that sales of Elvis CDs will never match those of mega selling artists like Eimenem, The Beatles and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers because of BMGs marketing approach to Elvis - release a continual stream of "greatest hits" compilations, thereby diluting the market for major Elvis releases such as Elvis 30#1 Hits.

The same cannot be said of Elvis DVD releases. So will sales of the two DVDs match mega DVD sales enjoyed by The Eagles, Robbie Williams etc, artists who regularly achieve Platinumx4 DVD sales figures.?

We will watch this issue with interest. Arguably this will be a better indicator of how popular Elvis is in 2004 than his album sales.

(Elvis Commentary, Source: EIN, 12 July 2004)

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