Book Review: "Elvis A. Eagle: A Magical Adventure"

C.R. Sinclair Summit Publishing Group, USA, 1995, Hardback, 179 pages, Not illustrated.

Elvis Flies High in Magical New Age Adventure!

Elvis A. Eagle: A Magical Adventure by Carl Sinclair lives up to its title. A 'new-age' book with Elvis as its central character. The symbolic plot revolves around Elvis, a bald eagle who leaves the security of his family and super-stardom (captivity) in search of his greater reason for being (freedom and purpose).

Elvis is a messenger and in this role his adventures serve to 'describe our relationship with the eagle in all of us, the messenger between heaven and earth, symbol of spirit and vision - longing to be free'.

Carl Sinclair's story is cleverly written - it can be read as a magical adventure novel or (as the author intended) as a lively and engaging script for a Hollywood movie. It is unlike just about any other Elvis book you will have ever read. Well crafted with evocative imagery and fun to read, this is a book that will appeal to all ages.

Younger readers will love following the adventures of Elvis and his family and friends: Smart Swallow, Joe, Marie, Ike, Black Talon, Kara and Gray Eagle, while older readers will appreciate and understand the familiar challenges of life that unfold at every turn of the page. At times the reader soars high above the world with Elvis, at other times you share the emotions of love and fear or the dilemma Elvis faces:

'The wind suddenly subsided, and with it, the river of fog and moist air running madly through the canyon dried out. Elvis could feel how much Ike's shocking news skewed the perception of his new life, and how much it had changed him.'

Elvis' search is powerfully told - it will make you question the direction of your own life and how to harness the powerful spirit within. Elvis A. Eagle has, not surprisingly, been compared to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It is an intriguing book, full of wisdom and symbolism around life's important values and how we deal with our worldly relationships. Rich in meaning and characters, with a very positive message, it is an appropriate release for the new millennium. And Elvis's message?…you will have to read Elvis A. Eagle to find out.

Reviewed by : Nigel Patterson © EIN 2001