Elvis Vx JXL

"A Little Less Conversation"

Musical dynamite for the now generation!

Musical dynamite for the now generation!

- "Baby close your eyes and listen to the music"

Hip-Hop and Block Rockin' Beats - this new millennium is the era of the 'Dance Nation' from which Elvis has been sadly missing. But at last this sensational remix by JXL shows Elvis standing 'loud and proud' proving that, once again, he is the King of Rock n' Roll.

"Come along with me and put your mind at ease"

Listening to this new remix is a revelation. Starting with the original guitar riff & drums the scene is set as 1968 (the original was recorded July 3rd for the film "Live A Little, Love A Little"). Then 10 seconds later the extra percussion kicks in and the sound explodes - Suddenly Elvis is here and NOW and rockin' in the new millennium.

Amazingly it sounds so brand new, yet it is still obviously the same old soundtrack song. It sounds dynamic - it sounds alive - Teenagers are voting it as their favourite song of the week!!

"C'mon, C'mon, don't procrastinate"

This isn't hallowed ground that is being disturbed; this is Elvis being allowed to break free of BMG/RCA restraints and being re-discovered by today's kids - And just in perfect time for this all-important year.

It's this kind of music that will debunk the 'fat Elvis' image once and for all and help lead the new generation to discover what made Elvis so important in the first place. What a great justification for hearing more tasteful Elvis remixes.

"Close your mouth and open up your heart and satisfy me"

A lot of Elvis fans tend to stick to Elvis' music and don't listen to what's new in today's scene. However if we want Elvis' musical legacy to continue we have to realize that Elvis was the key that opened the door to the 'Rock n' Roll' revolution in the fifties and that it leads all the way to the new 'Block Rockin' Beats' of today.

"All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me"

Think back to what RCA did to try and promote Elvis to the new generation after he died. 'Elvis sings for Children & Grown-ups too' and multiple other dreadful compilations!! - Elvis must have been turning in his grave.

Elvis never wanted his music to stand still and on hearing this remix he must be smiling now.

If this becomes his new #1 think how happy he would be, at last knowing that his music is still alive and recognized by today's youth culture.

"A little more bite, a little less bark"

The single features the radio edit and a very fine extended mix which, along with some fabulous percussion work and even a great 60's organ break, takes the two-minute original to a glorious 6 minute version. The single also features Elvis' original track, which is strangely the shorter 'film edit' rather than the 45 single version.

"C'mon' Baby, I'm tired of talking"

In England both Elvis and The Beatles are standing with the equal record of 17 number 1 songs each. This brand new number 1 hit, in this new Millennium, will crown Elvis once again the greatest entertainer all time.

This is Elvis' most important single since 'Suspicious Minds'. Buy the CD single; Buy the 12" Vinyl too!

Reviewed by Piers Beagley - June, 2002


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