The Elvis Treasures (text by Robert Gordon)

Villard Books, Hardcover (with slipcase), 64 pages, SBN: 0-375-50626-8

"Glorious 'Coffee Table' Release Is A Stand Out!"

There are some releases in the Elvis world that stand out from the crowd.

The Elvis Treasures is one of them. Now available, this unusual release is a composite biography, audio CD and amazing set of removable, replica Elvis artifacts from the Graceland archives. It is a great combination, with plenty to offer and intrique any Elvis fan.

Robert Gordon provides the biographical text and it is strong, colourful and insightful:

'The Colonel's faith was in the selling power of his star, and if there were Hawaiian waves and grass-skirted girls, if there was a lightheartedness and a confident air, if there were close-ups of Elvis' dreamy face and a catchy title, the Colonel's marketing machine could churn and both he and his charge would be successful. The Colonel explained this philosophy to Elvis repeatedly - he was proud of his attention to the bottom line.'

The removable artifacts are compelling and make fascinating viewing as they bring you much closer to the spirit and life of The King.

They include:

  • rare promotional photos issued by Sun Records in 1954 and 1955
  • Elvis' original contract with RCA Records
  • a love letter from Elvis to his Memphis girlfriend, Anita Wood, written while he was in the Army
  • an assortment of items typically found in Elvis' wallet
  • tickets to Elvis concerts such as the Frank Sinatra Welcome Home Party for Elvis and the '68 Comeback Special
  • a library book record signed by Elvis
  • an invitation to the Hollywood opening of Viva, Las Vegas
  • copies of telegrams received by Vernon Presley following Elvis' death
  • replica movie posters
  • a script for the karate documentary (The New Gladiators) Elvis wanted to make

The Elvis Treasures also includes a one hour CD called 'Elvis Speaks' featuring rare, candid interviews from the 1950s to the 1970s.

While there are only 64 pages to The Elvis Treasures, each page is a full colour, high quality inclusion that will delight fans and interest non-fans.

Verdict: The Elvis Treasures is Glorious, Fascinating, Unusual, Impressive! This is a release you will appreciate in your Elvis library and one you will revisit time and time again. Recommended. 2002

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