The Complete Elvis Word for Word Vol. 2

EIN has received the following information from Lars Gjedling of the progressive European Elvis fan club/website, Elvis Unlimited:

"In 2001 did Elvis Unlimited Productions release the 5 CD set The Complete Word For Word. This set contained every interview, speech, commercial etc. that was ever recorded with Elvis. The same year did EUP also release the 2 CD set The Press Conferences. This set contained every press conference that was recorded with Elvis.

Then last year in 2003 did EUP release a second volume of The Press Conferences. The reason for that release was that a new press conference had show up. Plus better tape sources was found for two previous released press conferences.

Now to conclude the complete talking collection with the king is EUP releasing a second volume of The Complete Word For Word. This single CD contains 6 interviews that were not available at the time when the 5 CD box was released, some radio spots featuring Elvis, a backstage meeting between Elvis and some fans and last but not least the 100 % complete Hy Gardner telephone interview from 1956.

This CD together with the 3 releases mentioned above gives you every recorded spoken word beside concert recordings with the king Here is the tracklist for The Complete Word For Word, Vol. 2: July 1, 1956:

  • New York, NY. Warwick Hotel - The Complete Hy Gardner Interview November, 1956.
  • Location unknown - Radio Commercials for RCA's Elvis Presley Autographed Record Players January 2, 1957.
  • New York, NY. - Radio Spot for March Of Dimes January 5, 1959.
  • Bad Nauheim, Germany - Telephone Interview by Tom Moffet January 8, 1960.
  • Bad Nauheim, Germany - Telephone Interview by Dick Clark March 19, 1961.
  • Hawaii - Telephone Interview by Tom Moffet March/April, 1961.
  • Hawaii - Tom Moffet Interview March, 1972.
  • Hollywood, CA. - Elvis talks about the early years, The Movies, The JC Award & Musicians August 1973.
  • Las Vegas, NV. Elvis' suite at the Hilton Hotel - Meeting Japanese fans August 9, 1975.
  • Memphis, TN. Liberty Bowl Stadium - Harold Johnson talk to Elvis

The CD will be released on July 1 - you can pre-order W.F.W. 2 on"