A brief discussion with Mick Gerace, Australia's leading Elvis tribute artist

(Interview, Source: EIN, 27 July 2004)

The planned TCB Band concert in Sydney has unfortunately been postponed, EIN talked to the organiser & front man Mick Gerace.

EIN - Everyone who has heard the news about the postponement of your Sydney concert with the TCB Band is disappointed, can you tell us more?

M.G - It's very unfortunate but we suddenly had an unavoidable problem come up with the timing that we regrettably couldn't work around, so we are working hard to set up a new date in November.

EIN - How has the show been selling?

MG - It's been selling really well, which makes it even more disappointing. We have already sold over half the tickets with fans coming from all around Australia and from New Zealand too. The State Theatre is such a fabulous venue and of course August is a special month for all Elvis fans. Not only that but we also wanted to help Australia in the celebration of the fiftieth Anniversary of Elvis' first recording and the birth of rock 'n' roll! We were very excited, as were the TCB Band, so it's really sad.

EIN - When can we know the new date?

MG - Of course we have spent the money on promotion already so we are very keen to make sure the November concert works out and we have a few exciting new ideas for the concert in the pipeline too. We should be able to confirm the new date within the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately this time it couldn't be helped but I'll confirm the new date with you as soon as I can.

EIN - Mick, now that the August show has been postponed is there a chance of other shows being added to the tour?

MG - We are certainly looking at the possibility of additional shows. However it will depend on the availability of the TCB Band and Myrna Smith. Finding time within their busy schedules is always a difficult thing.

EIN - What else are you working on at the moment?

MG - An exciting project is the possibility of releasing a recorded concert from the TCB Band/Myrna Smith tour last year. We're looking into all the logistical issues, and hopefully we can resolve these so a CD can be released.

EIN - So this would only be a CD release, there wouldn't also be a DVD edition?

MG - At this stage it would be a CD release and only if and when we can sort out all the logistical issues. While we have video footage from the shows the DVD medium is a very expensive one and it probably wouldn't be cost-effective for us to put out a DVD. But you never know.

EIN will bring you news of the rescheduled Mick Gerace, TCB Band & Myrna Smith concert as soon as the new date(s) is known.