"Elvis In Canada": Historic Photo Record of Elvis’s Only Concerts Outside the USA

The name, Bill E. Burk, conjures up various images for many Elvis fans:

  • Bill E. Burk……investigative journalist
  • Bill E. Burk……007
  • Bill E. Burk……long time friend of Elvis’
  • Bill E. Burk……author of some of the best ever books about Elvis
  • Bill E. Burk……exposer of myths in the Elvis world

The one thing you know you are getting with a Bill Burk book is that it will be a quality release.

And Elvis In Canada is no exception.

Elvis In Canada (2nd edition) Bill E. Burk, Propwash, USA, 1996, Softcover, 68 pages, Illustrated, ISBN: 1-869941-05-5

Detailing Elvis’s only concert tour outside the USA, the book covers all three of his Canadian concerts in 1957: Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Unlike other Bill Burk books Elvis In Canada is a photo-journal, a collection of some great black & white stills showing a young and incredibly handsome, dynamic performer live on stage, off-stage and numerous photos of ecstatic Elvis fans, photos that symbolise the saying:“Every picture tells a thousand words”.

As is usual with a Bill Burk release, Bill dispels one or more myths in the Elvis world. The candid photo of Colonel Parker hanging on to the front of the stage in Ottawa clearly dispels the myth that the Colonel could or did not travel outside the USA because he was an illegal immigrant!

While essentially a photo record, Elvis In Canada features a short but incisive narrative for each concert. The account of broke and hungry teenagers, Joyce Sirkett and Diane Heaybird, is an uplifting ‘good news’ story while there is an interesting record of how comedian, Rich Little, came to do an ‘impression’ of Elvis in his show.

Elvis In Canada also includes interesting transcripts of Elvis’ interviews with Gord Atkinson (host of Campus Corner on radio station CFRA) and Mac Lipson (from radio station CKOY) and a listing of Elvis fan clubs in Canada.

Verdict: Elvis In Canada is a very important historic photo record of Elvis’s only non USA tour and of those halcyon days when ‘Elvis-mania’ ran wild. Recommended. Availability: Elvis In Canada is available from Sid Shaw’s ‘Elvisly Yours’ organization: www.elvisly-yours.com. It retails for seven pounds ninety-five pence.

This review was prepared by Nigel Patterson, President, Elvis Information Network, © 2002

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