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"Elvis 'Live in Las Vegas' Set Is Simply Sensational"

Live In Las Vegas - Lavish New BMG 4CD Box Set

Reviewed by Nigel Patterson

In the past few years we have seen so many releases around Elvis' Vegas years (particularly 1969-70) that it is hard to believe that BMG could come up with anything new or interesting. BUT THEY HAVE!

This release is a lavish affair. A stunning silver, black and white cover is complemented by 89 recordings and a superbly detailed 32 page booklet. Of the 89 recordings, 53 are released for the first time and many are classic Elvis.

On disc 2, for example, are great renditions of 'There Goes My Everything', 'Just Pretend' and 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling', while on disc 4 some of the stand-out tracks are 'My Boy', And I Love You So' and 'I'm Leavin'. Disc 1 is simply full of great material!

The inclusion of several versions of the same song (eg. Suspicious Minds, Love Me Tender and Hound Dog) allows the listener to compare versions and pick up differences in Elvis' delivery and mood on different nights. Elvis' humour is apparent on several tracks and his banter with the crowd is always worth listening to.

Tracks of historical interest include 'When The Snow Is On The Roses', 'You're The Reason I'm Living', 'Trying' To Get To You', 'Money Honey', 'Elvis Talks About His Career' and 'Men With Broken Hearts'. The inclusion of the New Frontier recordings from 1956 will please many fans.

Admittedly, several of the tracks suffer from not being of first rate audio quality but this is a small nuisance considering the vast breadth of great material on this box set.

The 32 page booklet is full of rare photos, a great history lesson on Elvis and Vegas by Colin Escott and detailed recording date for all tracks on the box set.

If you don't have any of the new The Way It Is material this is a must buy box set. Collectors will relish it also.

Verdict: Live In Las Vegas - another fitting tribute from BMG to the world's greatest entertainer!

Copyright EIN - April 20, 2003

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