"That's All Right" (CD single)

by Piers Beagley, 9 July 2004

Released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Elvis' first recording, this 3 track single is 6 minutes of musical magic.

The 2 tracks from Elvis' original SUN 45rpm single, That's All Right & Blue Moon Of Kentucky are in as good a quality as you will ever hear (See our 'Elvis At Sun' review).

A limited release single, this is a key CD for your Elvis collection but the real treat is the excitement of the additional 'That's All Right' alternate take.
This earlier version, including 2 false starts, captures Elvis Scotty & Bill on that historical creative edge, fine-tuning their solos and timing. Scotty Moore plays some exquisite free-form guitar notes while Elvis is more strident on his acoustic. These takes have previously been released (most recently on 'Sunrise') however they were from a poor quality tape transfer with the audio noticeably wavering left<>right.

Using Sony New York, who did such a great job on 'Close Up' and now 'Elvis At Sun', these takes show a new-found brightness & clarity. The sound is so clear, almost as if it was recorded yesterday, that it is hard to believe that we are listening to a 50 year old tape that was originally discarded!

Some fans might feel that this is an unnecessary purchase (if they have already bought 'Elvis At Sun') however CD singles have never been cheaper, often half the price they used to be, and this is a great way of celebrating an essential moment in time.

Already at # 2 in the (mid-week) British charts, grab a copy from your nearest record store immediately and play it loud!

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