Elvis' Bible for sale

The Tupelo, Mississippi gentleman that owns this Bible has decided to go in other directions with his collecting so it's up for grabs although he will still have several other Elvis items left, signatures and so forth, but nothing else of such a personal nature. We have heard several different versions of how the bible came into his possession.

The most interesting two and that ones we like best are:

1. It was a presentation Bible from an admirer.

2. It was a gift from a family member.

The seller's story:

"Many folks don't know that Mr. Presley was a God chaser. That is to say, he chased after God's own heart all of his life. Also most of his adult life was also a practicing martial artist.

Many years ago I had the opportunity to train with and under the direction of some folks that were in the same martial arts school, training or hanging around at the same time as he was. They all told me what a super nice guy he was and that he expected no favors his training. Just wanted to work as hard as anyone else for what he received. Did you know that he was one of the very first to use martial arts in a movie?

I will leave it up you to go back and look, might be fun. Anyway for me it was awesome having the Bible in my hands taking the pictures and putting it up on ebay and posting on this site. Yes I did read a little bit. Just couldn't help myself. Of course, as I watch some of my young Black Belts and higher ranked color belts work out it also reminds me of just how old I am getting."

The letter by Patsy Presley and pictures may be viewed at: http://www.tupelokarate.com/elvisbible.htm

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Web Site: www.tupelokarate.com

(Elvis News, Source: PRWEB, 5 September 2004)

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