Billboard reviews the new Elvis remix: Rubberneckin'

45rpm cover artwork for the original release of Rubberneckin' in 1970. The song was the 'B' side to the major hit Don't Cry Daddy.

The single peaked at #6 on Billboard's Top 100 and became another million seller for The King.

The flip side, Rubberneckin' was re-mixed by DJ Paul Oakenfold in 2003

Billboard review of the 2003 re-mix:

While a novelty song is always good game, reconfiguring an old Elvis track for modern times is serious business. "Rubberneckin'," from Presley's last feature film, 1969's "Change of Habit," previews the upcoming "Elvis 2nd to None," the follow-up to RCA's enormously successful 2002 release "Elvis 30 #1 Hits," which itself offered a (dreadful) new mix of "A Little Less Conversation."

Blessedly, Paul Oakenfold's "Rubberneckin'" remix is a surprising delight, frantically paced with a millennium-era knee-bobbing dance beat and yet managing to retain the innate sensuality of the original. Both the radio edit and 5:19 12" mix keep the focus on the King and his clutch of soulful background singers, managing to accomplish the near-impossible: Not only will reverent Elvis fans get down and dirty with their walkers, but current-day club kids will embrace this with hip abandon. Great fun.

Source: Elvis 2nd To None / September 2003

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