Elvis No. 1: The Complete Chart History of Elvis Presley (Joseph A. Tunzi)

JAT Productions, Chicago, 2000, Softcover, 320 pages, Illustrated, ISBN: 1-888464-06-2

"Elvis No. 1" is a big book full of fascinating chart facts and represents a much needed record of Elvis' huge impact on USA music charts.

Everything an Elvisphile will ever want to know about Elvis on the US charts is here:

  • History of the Billboard Charts
  • Pop Singles Charts
  • Under the 100 Pop Singles
  • Country Singles
  • Extended Play Charts
  • Pop Albums
  • Country Albums
  • Christmas Charts
  • Easy Listening
  • R&B
  • Sheet Musics Sales Chart
  • Video Sales
  • Music Reviews
  • Cashbox Charts
  • Complete Discography
  • Elvis & The Grammys
  • US Gold & Platinum Certifications....and a lot more
The information provided for each listing is impressive:


  • date of chart debut
  • peak position
  • weeks on chart
  • basic recording data

and offer Elvis historians a wealth of useful and often difficult to find information.

A reproduction of The Billboard Hot 100 is also provided for each release (corresponding to its peak position on the chart).

The inclusion of country, R&B, Easy Listening and Christmas charts adds real meat to the book as against, what most other publications do, concentrating on only the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In so doing, Joseph Tunzi provides a much more effective and comprehensive view of just how big Elvis' impact was on the music scene, cutting across different music genres which are by implication, often quite different music markets to the mainstream "popular" sector. Joseph Tunzi's catalog of Elvis' chart successes is simply staggering to consider in its totality.

Many fans will appreciate the consolidated listings of Elvis releases on the various Cashbox charts. Cashbox once rivalled Billboard as the music industry chart bible and is fondly remembered by many non-USA fans as the American chart usually printed in music magazines in countries like England (New Musical Express; Melody Maker) and Australia (Go-Set). Sadly, Cashbox ceased to exist in the late 1980s.

Elvis No. 1 features many photographs in both color and black & white. The full color pages are crystal clear but arguably unnecessary in a book that is necessarily content based. And given the high price of Elvis No. 1, I couldn't help think that its price could have been reduced significantly if most of the color visuals had been omitted. Alternatively, including them throughout the book (rather than as a consolidated "color section"), presentationally, may have been a better option.

The weakness of Elvis No. 1 is its relatively poor structural design. It can be hard to follow the book's flow or easily find certain information. I found myself having to regularly refer back to the "Guide to Elvis No. 1". However, given the substantial amount of valuable content in the book this is only a minor concern.

Verdict: Despite a relatively poor book design this is an important book release recording Elvis' immense impact on the US music charts.

Elvis No. 1 is available from: www.elvisunlimited.com

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