"Unofficial" DVD Release of 1976 Shows out!

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The Complete 1976 8mm Films - THE DEFINATIVE EDITION - 4 DVD Set

For as long as Elvis import dvds have been circulating, the only good 1976 set to rely on for the best amount of footage was the crown series. Unfortunately, the set lacked a lot of footage that has since been released, and the footage that was there suffered from bad quality. This set can finally lay the crown set to rest and provide the absolute best quality of all films from 1976 ever released. Since these films presented on discs 1 - 3 are in their raw form, you may see footatge from the same show shot from a different part of the audience in their original audio.

For instance, for the New Years Eve show, there were 5 cameras recording and on disc 3 is each minute of all of the footage captured from all 5 sources. The 4th disc is a compilation of 7 remastered concerts from 1976, using multiple angles and the best possible audio including soundboard recordings to bring the fans 7 complete to near complete concerts for your collection in one disc. To make the disc even better, each concert has its own chapters for each song making it a very enjoyable experience to watch these concerts in their completed remastered form, and skip to your favorite songs. This set shows footage from 43 Concerts and is the DEFINATIVE collection of 1976 8mm films, all derived from their original sources.

Disc 1:

March 17, 1976 - Johnson City, TN (Silver Phoenix Suit) 46 Minutes
March 18, 1976 - Johnson City, TN (Silver Phoenix Suit) 30 Minutes 19 secs
March 19, 1976 - Johnson City, TN (White V-neck, Puffed Sleeves Suit) 20 Minutes 26 Secs
March 20, 1976 A.S. - Charlotte, NC (Silver Phoenix Suit) 2 Minutes
March 20, 1976 E.S. - Charlotte, NC (White Bicentennial Suit) 34 Minutes 19 secs
March 21, 1976 A.S. - Cincinatti, OH (Blue Bicentennial Suit, Rainfall Suit) 6 Minutes
March 21, 1976 E.S. - Cincinatti, OH (Rainfall Suit) 29 Minutes
March 22, 1976 - St. Louis, MO (Gypsy Alpine Suit) 22 Minutes

Total Running Time 3 Hours 10 Minutes

Disc 2:

Misc. Airport footage April 1976 (Several dates) 6 Minutes 50 Secs
April 27, 1976 - Spokane, WA (Alpine Gypsy Suit) 5 Minutes 11 secs

May 27, 1976 - Bloomington, IN (White V-Neck, Puffed Sleeved Suit) 8 Minutes 20 Secs
June 3, 1976 - Fort Worth, TX (White V-Neck, Puffed Sleeved Suit) 9 Minutes 46 Secs
June 4, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (White Bicentennial Suit) 14 Minutes 39 secs
June 4, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (2nd Source of Footage) 17 Minutes
June 4, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (3rd Source of Footage) 5 Minutes 35 Secs
June 5, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 22 Minutes
June 5, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (2nd Source of Footage) 13 Minutes 20 Secs
June 6, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (White Bicentennial Suit) Also shows Elvis' Plane Leaving Atlanta 1 Minute, 22 secs

June 27, 1976 - Largo, MD (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 6 Minutes 28 Secs
June 27, 1976 - Largo, MD (2nd Source of Footage ) 10 Minutes, 44 secs
June 28, 1976 - Philadelphia, PA (White Bicentennial Suit) 5 Minutes 42 Secs
June 28, 1976 - Philadelphia, PA (2nd Source of Footage) 7 Minutes
July 1, 1976 - Shreveport, LA (White Bicentennial Suit) 2 Minutes
July 5, 1976 - Memphis, TN (White Bicentennial Suit) 11 Minutes 14 Secs

July 23, 1976 - Louisville, KY (White Bicentennial Suit) 8 Minutes 50 Secs
July 24, 1976 A.S. - Charleston, WV (White Bicentennial Suit) 16 Minutes 18 Secs
July 25, 1976 - Syracuse, NY (White Bicentennial Suit) 26 Minutes
July 26, 1976 - Rochester, NY (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 32 Minutes
July 27, 1976 - Syracuse, NY (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 24 Minutes
July 28, 1976 - Hartford, CT (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 5 Minutes

August 29, 1976 E.S. - Mobile, AL (White Bicentennial Suit) 7 Minutes 23 secs
August 31, 1976 - Macon, GA (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 31 Minutes 23 secs
August 31, 1976 - Macon, GA (2nd Source of Footage) 16 Minutes 18 Secs
September 4, 1976 - Lakeland, FL (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 3 Minutes 29 Secs
September 7, 1976 - Pine Bluff, AR (Blue Bicentennial Suit) 6 Minutes
Misc Footage Incl. alternate Atlanta and Philadelphia Footage 3 minutes 47 secs

Total Running Time 5 Hours 30 Minutes

Disc 3:

October 14, 1976 - Chicago, IL (Inca Gold Leaf Suit) 25 Minutes
October 14, 1976 - Chicago, IL (2nd Source of Footage) 1 minute, 30 secs
October 15, 1976 - Chicago, IL (Memphis Indian Suit) 5 minutes
October 15, 1976 - Chicago, IL (2nd Source of Footage) 5 minutes
October 15, 1976 - Chicago, IL (3rd Source of Footage) 16 Seconds
October 20, 1976 - South Bend, IN (Flame Suit) 3 Minutes
October 21, 1976 - Kalamazoo, MI (Ace of Spades Suit) 12 Minutes
October 23, 1976 - Cleveland, OH (Ace of Spades Suit) 5 Minutes
October 23, 1976 - Cleveland, OH (2nd Source of Footage) 40 seconds
October 26, 1976 - Dayton, OH (Flame Suit) 3 Minutes

November 30, 1976 - Anaheim, CA (Memphis Indian Suit) 17 Minutes

December 3, 1976 D.S. - Las Vegas, NV (Memphis Indian Suit) 42 Minutes
December 4, 1976 D.S. - Las Vegas, NV (Sweet Inspirations Opening Act) 8 Minutes
December 4, 1976 D.S. - Las Vegas, NV (Inca Gold Leaf Suit) 35 Minutes
December 8, 1976 D.S. - Las Vegas, NV (Blue Rainbow Suit) 3 Minutes
December 12, 1976 C.S. - Las Vegas, NV (Ace of Spades Suit) 1 Minute 12 secs

December 29, 1976 - Birmingham, AL (Inca Gold Leaf Suit) 43 Minutes
December 30, 1976 - Atlanta, GA (Ace of Spades Suit) 41 Minutes
December 31, 1976 - Pittsburgh, PA (Black Phoenix Suit) 31 Minutes
December 31, 1976 - Pittsburgh, PA (2nd Source of Footage) 16 Minutes, 20 Secs
December 31, 1976 - Pittsburgh, PA (3rd Source of Footage) 30 Minutes, 36 Secs
December 31, 1976 - Pittsburgh, PA (4th Source of Footage) 8 Minutes
December 31, 1976 - Pittsburgh, PA (5th Source of Footage) 5 Minutes

The December Tour In Pictures 9 Minutes, 30 Secs

Total Running Time 5 Hours, 30 Minutes

Disc 4:

EID Presents "The Complete Phoenix Over Tennessee Performance"

This new dvd from EID contains the complete performance from Elvis' opening Tour Show for 1976. The sound has been synched with the excellent audience recording heard on the cd "Phoenix Over Tennessee." Elvis was not moving like he used to, but his voice was still incredible. On this night, Elvis has almost an entirely different band (including drummer, piano, keyboards, ect..) and as a result, all of the songs are played different than normal. You will notice a lot of the songs that are usually sung at a rapid pace were slowed down considerably on this night with Elvis clearly singing each and every word.

Highlights from this show include Until It's Time For You To Go, the very first live version of Hurt, the first on tour version of America The Beautiful (aside from the NYE '75 show), and Burning Love (which is not found on the cd).
Recorded live at the Freedom Hall, Johnson City/Tennessee, March 17, 1976. 2001 Theme, See See Rider, I got A Woman/Amen, Love Me, You Gave Me A Mountain, Tryin' To Get To You, ASll Shook Up, Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel, Until It's Time For You To Go, Hurt, Polk Salad Annie, Introductions/What'd I say, And I Love You So, How Great Thou Art, Love Me Tender, Let Me Be There, America The Beautiful, Burning Love (incomplete), Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Mystery Train/Tiger Man, Can't Help Falling In love, Closing Vamp, Announcements.
Running Time 1 Hour 10 Minutes.

EID Presents "The Complete Running For President Performance"
Once of Elvis' best and most unique concerts of 1976 is finally available in it's entirety. Using the actual soundboard recording and video of the performance, you can see extremely rare footage of Elvis inviting several children onstage for scarves and kisses, walking on stage with the American Flag in hand, and singing Hound Dog for a little boy wearing an Elvis jumpsuit because it was his birthday. A must for the serious collector!!
2001 / CC Rider / I Got A Woman / Amen / Love Me / Let Me Be There / You Gave Me A Mountain / Steamroller Blues / All Shook Up / Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog /Heartbreak Hotel / Polk Salad Annie / Introductions / And I Love You So / Hurt / Burning Love / America The Beautiful / Funny How Times Slips Away / Fairytale / How Great Thou Art / Can't Help Falling In Love
Running Time 1 Hour 8 Minutes

"Sensational In Cincinatti"
Remastered footage from March 21, 1976 using all alternate footage than featured on Disc 1 using the evening shows soundboard recording. See Elvis Split his pants during Polk Salad and leave to change into his Rainfall suit.
Running Time 30 Minutes

"Chicago Beat - The Movie"
Remastered footage of the October 14, 1976 performance using the soundboard recording for the audio.
Running Time 30 Minutes

"EID Presents Love Letters From Nevada"
The Love Letters show has been remastered with the master audio, not the bootlegs cd, so the sound is more clear than any release of this show ever. The running time on this show is 37 minutes. Highlights are If You Love Me, Let Me Know, America, Bridge Over Troubled Water, What Now My Love (Spoken Version), and a phenomenal How Great Thou Art.
Running Time 37 Minutes

"EID Presents Shining In Birmingham"

This DVD contains the complete mind-blowing performance running 1 hour and 4 minutes. 4 different camera angles are used as well as a newly remastered version of the concert from the soundboard creating the ultimate archive of this magical night. All songs he sang are featured including Fairytale, Its Now or Never (Using the real version, not the 77 version), Polk Salad Annie, a complete version of Early Morning Rain, Hurt, For The Good Times, First TIme Ever I Saw Your Face, and Unchained Melody.
Running Time 1 Hour 4 Minutes

"EID Presents Elvis - The Complete New Year's Eve Performance"
All Elvis fans have seen bits and pieces of this historical show from one source or another. For a while, we had a good release in Rockin' New Year's Eve, but we still suffered with some footage so fuzzy and color-bled that it hurt our eyes just to watch. For the first and only time, this magical show is now available to all Elvis fans and collectors alike with each and every single song Elvis sang at this concert in beautiful quality! With the help of STAR, FTF, and EID we finally get to see the real footage of all songs including Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Unchained Melody, and Rags To Riches! As an added treat, all footage has been magnificently restored from the original films for optimum results making this by far the most complete and best looking release yet.
Running Time 1 Hour 9 Minutes

Total Running Time 5 Hours 50 minutes

Total Running time of entire set: 20 Hours



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