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Elvis, How Great Thou Art

A Portrait of The Artist

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The ‘How Great Thou Art’ Project was founded in May 2005 and is a not-for-profit community organisation based in Scotland whose mandate is to create and present arts that will inform, inspire and entertain.

A board of managers, manage the project on a voluntary capacity. The second artistic project we produced in 2006 was the film, ‘Elvis, How Great Thou Art, A Portrait of The Artist’ in association with L.A.M. Productions. The majority of people’s time, resources and funding were donated including: The writer, director, producer, script editors, music composer, photographers and owners of film footage. Due to lack of funding the film has still not been finished but nine copies of the work were made to be sent out to the sponsors, advisors and reviewers as a courtesy.

The ‘How Great Thou Art’ Project wishes to inform people that it has come to our attention that unauthorised copies of the film have been made and are being sold as DVDs. Reports suggest that these are being sold on eBay although this has yet to be confirmed.

We are writing to confirm that the film is not being sold by ‘The How Great Thou Art Project’ or L.A.M. Productions. It was never our intention to release commercially a DVD of the film not least because it was unfinished but if this had changed we would have approached each of our partners to seek their permission. We would not have proceeded without further approval because we are very aware that this would have been in breach of our original agreements and contracts.

The film is protected by copyright law. We are naturally very disappointed that unauthorised copying and distribution of the film has taken place because it is an infringement of the copyright in the film, including intellectual property rights and music rights, and because the film has still not actually been officially released and was not intended for DVD release. If anyone has any information regarding this product for sale please inform us.

We are hopeful our wishes will be respected and that illegal copies will not be reproduced and distributed as we have special plans for the film and hope they will not be damaged by encroachments of all our copy rights.

It is particularly disappointing that this has happened when the film was produced as a tribute to Elvis Presley’s artistic achievements, specifically to be shown at suitable Elvis events, for inclusion within a theatre production, ‘The Memphis Lullaby’ and for entering into film festivals in a non profit use capacity only. The board with permission from the producer of the film agreed that in the meantime the film would still be screened at ‘one off’ events as a way to promote Elvis Presley’s art all over the world.

As Elvis Presley said, “The truth will come out sooner or later.” We are hopeful that we will find sponsorship to complete the film.

The ‘How Great Thou Art’ Project in association with L.A.M. Productions are currently in pre production to introduce the play, ‘The Memphis Lullaby’. The film is Act 4 of the stage play. We have just received a contribution towards the costs for the theatrical production and are now seeking further sponsorship for the production costs. Once the funding is in place we will be advertising for an actor to play the role for three productions in 2007.

If you or a business you know would be interested in supporting this not for profit production please contact:

To view the first frame of the film please go to

The ‘How Great Thou Art’ Project in association with L.A.M. Productions.



Source: Board of Directors- The ‘How Great Thou Art’ Project.



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