Book Review :

Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations

(Lorina Bolig)

Revised and edited edition (2009)

Reviewed by Nigel Patterson, October 2009 ©

Book specifications:

  • Paperback: 806 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1434840689
  • ISBN-13: 978-1434840684

EIN first reviewed Lorina Bolig’s exhaustive research into Elvis’ ancestry following the release of the first edition of Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley in 2007 when it was a voluminous 482 pages. 

In 2009, Ms Bolig has published a revised and updated edition which has blown out to a mammoth 806 pages (1,000+ when we add the Citation Source Name Index currently under construction - see note below), making it, I believe, the largest single volume book yet released about Elvis. 

I never cease to be amazed by Ms Bolig’s findings.  The current volume represents 17 years of painstaking research, dead ends, countless revisions and amazing revelations. 

Once you master how to read the genealogy structure (at first it may appear confusing, but simply read the entries from one generation to another and you'll quickly work it out) Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations is an eye opening and magical journey around the world.  From Kings and Queens of France and England to lessor titled mortals, Elvis' family roots spread far and wide across several continents and many countries.

Consider this very small cross-section of entries in Elvis’ family tree:

  • 4th Generation: Johannes Valentine Bressler/Preslar/Prerslar/Presley, Walburg, Germany
  • 7th Generation: Morning Dove (gu-le-di-s-go) White, USA
  • 11th Generation: Deliverance King, Salem, Masachusetts, USS
  • 13th Generaion: Elizabeth Montgomery (not the actress!), England
  • 22nd Generation: Sir John De HARSYCK(E), Norfolk, England
  • 29th Generation: Simon II Huntingdon De SENLIS 4th Earl of Northampton, Leicestershire, England
  • 34th Generation: Willa BURGUNDY, Princess of Burgundy
  • 37th Generation: Louis I (The Pious) The Fair Prince of France Frankish/Hioly Roman Emperor
  • 41st Generation: Gauthild ALGAUTSDOTTIR, Sweden
  • 43rd Generation: Harald HRAEREKSON King of Haithabu, Norway
  • 49th Generation: Fridleif Frodasson, Denmark
  • 50th Generation: Crimthann Cass, King of Leinster

It is little wonder genealogists say most people are ignorant of just how closely related they are to the famous and infamous! 

This is a sample entry from Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations:

Twentieth Generation (17th Great Grandparents)

660526. Sir Roger HARSYKE, son of John HARSYKE Sir and Agnes CALY, was born about 1394 in Southacre, Norfolk,England, died in 1453, about age 59, and was buried in Cancel, Southacre, Norfolk, England.

Roger married Alive WITTINGHAM.

Children from this marriage were:

330263. i. Margaret (Arsick) HARSDYKE

660527. Alice WITTINGHAM,daughter of Nicholas WITCHINGHAM and Unknown, was born about 1396 in Fishley, Norfolk, England.

Alice married Sir Roger HARSDYKE.


Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations

Lorina Bolig is currently compiling a detailed Source Citation NAME Index in pdf format which will be shortly available for FREE on her website.

The NAME Index will make it easy to find specific ancestors quickly.

To buy Ancestors Of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations see the link to Amazon below. The online book seller has it discounted by nearly 25%. The price represents great value for money!

The “small world” reality highlighted in Ancestors Of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations is similar to that also proven by the popular online game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Both essentially beg the question in one’s mind, just who am I related to?

The 2009 edition of Ms Bolig’s book includes more than 300 pages detailing the 1,700 sources behind her research and a 44 pages long Name Index.

Despite the author's exhaustive efforts, there is some missing information for a number of Elvis' ancestors. Not surprisingly, archival information going back centuries is sometimes unreliable, incomplete, confusing and/or conflicting.

Undaunted by the occasional obstacle, Ms Bolig has persevered to produce the most authoritative and exhaustive examination of Elvis' ancestry.

Verdict: 17 years of painstaking research….... numerous fascinating revelations ……….1,700 sources..…....806 pages compiled by a qualified genealogist.…...…for these reasons the 2009 revised edition of Ancestors Of  Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations quite rightly places itself as the definitive and most comprehensive genealogy study of Elvis Presley ever undertaken. A mandatory reference tool in any Elvis library.

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For more information on Lorina Bolig's work:

Read EIN's review of the original 2007 edition of "Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations"

Read EIN’s interview with Lorina Bolig

Spotlight Article: "The Rosella Presley Story Revealed!"

From Amazon: Ancestors Of  Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations has been Revised and Edited. Containing over 1700 detailed sources. This treasure is unique. You will not find another Elvis genealogy that contains such detailed information, verifying Elvis real family. Elvis has very interesting heritage, with many royal lines as well as sharecroppers, and many more. Amazing Ancestry. You may find yourself being related. The author is Elvis' 8th cousin One removed. It only takes one ancestor and you could be related.

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