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Movin’ Mobile - (A Madison release)

Madison is one of the best producers of quality import CDs and this is no exception. The 12 page booklet & sleeve is excellently designed with great photos of Elvis looking tanned & healthy is his Silver Phoenix suit.

This great 1975 summer tour can be encapsulated by the simple newspaper headline “Streamlined Elvis still has the old magic.” Elvis was in great form during this short southern tour, in fine humour and full of energy.

We already have several of these shows released, including Madison’s own recent ‘Fly Trouble’, as well as RCA’s excellent Dallas 6th June concert in the EAP box-set. Interesting to note that shamefully RCA did not even include one photo from the 75 tour in their EAP box-set!

The real interest in this show is the pleasure of hearing a newly released concert showing Elvis on top form & really enjoying himself. While the tracklist and performances are very similar to other summer 1975 concerts there are some nice highlights.

This was the June 2nd Monday afternoon show at 4.30pm, and you can immediately tell that Elvis is in a great mood as soon as he jokes, “Good evening Ladies & gentlemen my name is Johnny Cash. What is it Monday afternoon? I have never in my life done a show on Monday afternoon! Thank you .. .. good grief!” (This was of course a lie!) Elvis’ hearty laugh during ‘Love Me Tender’ - when a fan tells him she’s seem him 3 times in concert - is infectious.

Later on Elvis has a great time singing ‘Why Me Lord’ and teasing J.D. Sumner even more than usual.

At the beginning of ‘The Wonder of You’ there is a cute moment when Elvis stops the band noting, “Just a minute, hold it. Old Chinese proverb say, ‘Cannot sing with water in mouth’!” – very funny. ‘Burning Love’ that follows also demonstrates that Elvis still had burnin’ love in his soul. An excellent version where, although he inevitably forgets some lyrics (& amusingly “la-lass” them!), he still rocks out to a great ending.

‘I’ll Remember You’ delights as always and Elvis’ enthusiasm shows with ‘Let Me Be There’ getting a reprise. A real highlight is ‘Mystery Train/Tiger Man’ where Elvis spontaneously responds to a request, “Wanna’ hear Mystery Train? Ok, here goes”! You can hear the crowd go wild as Elvis pulls off an energetic performance. He’s not holding back.

Technically there are a couple of problems with this CD. While the audio quality is excellent for a soundboard (similar quality to other June shows, if a little “trebley”) there were a few on-stage bass-feedback problems during the first half. Unfortunately the show is also incomplete with the start, as well as part of TROUBLE missing.

The final Bonus of ‘Let Me Be There’ in STEREO from March 21st 1976 is strange in that it is almost like a binaural release. Elvis’ vocal is on the left channel only with most of the musicians while the right channel basically contains the drums & organ. It is still a great treat.

Verdict – If you own other June 1975 concerts then this can’t be an essential purchase. However, the cover design is first rate and with Elvis obviously enjoying performing for the 10,000 strong crowd, in great form and in a happy mood – what more could you want?

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