DVD Review:

Elvis...A Generous Heart Collector's Edition Vol. 2

Tangiers Entertainment, USA, 2007, Catalog #SP9936

Narrated by Warren Schaeffer; Directed by Marino Amoruso

"I am so lucky to be in a position to give. It's really a great gift to be able to give." Elvis Presley

"I want to make people happy." as recalled by Elvis' friend, George Klein

The above quotes symbolise the intent of this new DVD. The result is an affective documentary nicely weaving together a biographical portrait of Elvis and his often overlooked compassionate acts of generosity.

The underlying theme of the documentary is that the two greatest accomplishments Elvis left behind were his:

  • incredible musical legacy; and
  • great compassion in giving.

From Elvis buying the FDR presidential yacht and donating it to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, to the legendary "Elvis Aloha From Hawaii" satellite TV concert which raised $75,000 in 1973 for cancer research and his 1975 concert to raise funds for the victims of a tornado in Mississippi, Elvis' acts of kindness, compassion and generosity are a very important reflection of the man behind the icon.

As the documentary suggests, if a person's true measure of success is not his material accomplishments but what he gives to others, then Elvis Aaron Presley was truly a successful human being.

Elvis' acts of giving are well known to fans but assume added significance when presented in the context of a documentary looking at these unselfish acts thematically.

We are well aware of how Elvis would give away cars, jewellery, houses and holidays to not only his friends but also to total strangers. As highlighted in Elvis A Generous Heart, at times Elvis was not just giving gifts to one person but giving gifts to a dozen or more people at the same time.

It is staggering to even try and contemplate the value of everything Elvis gave away to others not as fortunate as himself.

The world's first ever satellite concert by an entertainer...

with all ticket proceeds going to aid cancer research

Those interviewed throughout Elvis...A Generous Heart are George Klein, Johnny Phillips (nephew of Sam Phillips) and Lowell Hays (Elvis' jeweller). While interviews with several more people who knew Elvis may have added more variety to the documentary the picture presented by these three interviewees is a strong one.

The documentary also includes rare video footage of Elvis live on stage in the mid 1950s; at the Frontier Hotel in 1956; and intruiging narrative about Elvis and both Beale Street and the Shake Town or "Shake Rag" area of Memphis.

Video quality: Very Good

Audio quality: Very Good

Chapters: There are four chapters: Prologue; Becoming King; A Remarkable Life; A Generous Heart

Verdict: Elvis...A Generous Heart is a touching tribute to Elvis' great spirit of giving to others. Focusing on the second of Elvis' greatest legacies, it is an important release which effectively reveals Elvis' kindness and generosity in the context of his broader life story.

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What others have said about "Elvis A Generous Heart"

Heather: Wow! This really is great. I'm a big Elvis fan, and I'm so glad to see someone show the positive side of Elvis. The interview with Lowell Hays is really interesting to hear all those stories. I always like to hear George Kline tell his stories. I like this DVD a lot. Very positive and uplifting. I'm so glad to see that the DVD also shows all of the good things being done in the name of the King even today. This is a must have for my collection.

California Dreaming (Los Angeles): Bought this at Wal-Mart. I loved the totally new interviews with close friends of Elvis, like Lowell Hays and Johnny Phillips and George Klein. I had always heard about how kind and generous Elvis was and this was so cool hearing about his good deeds from those very, very close to him. I'm sick of hearing the bad news about Elvis. This DVD was a refreshing take on the "real" Elvis. I recommend this DVD to any and all Elvis fans or those to want to learn more about this kind, talented and loving man.

Mary Woods (USA): This film is great!

Joe D. (New York): This is, without question, one of the best films ever done about the King. It's totally different than anything ever done on him. It really shows, in a warm, moving way, the great generosity and kindness Elvis exhibited throughout his life. The interviews with Elvis' good friend, George Klein, and the interviews with Elvis' jeweler, Lowell Hays are so moving and interesting. Every Elvis fan NEEDS to own this DVD.





















































































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