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Hi Everyone,
Welcome to AUGUST 2009 & the soon-to-arrive Elvis Week in Memphis.

Apologies for the short break but just when we thought we had some spare time to write some updates, the death of Michael Jackson drove us into a tailspin. The Jackson-Lisa Marie connection is obvious but the "bad doctor & over-prescribed drugs" Elvis-Jackson comparisons also started coming out.

Below are all the full details in yet another E-Alert packed with recent Elvis news, interviews, reviews, unique photos and with plenty to read!

Coming up in the next couple of weeks on the EIN website watch out for ..

- Book Reviews: 'Elvis Vegas '69' & The Advanced Elvis Course.
- Interview: Ernst Jorgensen talks about the new 'From Elvis In Memphis'.
- Interview: Jimmy Velvet discuses his astounding life with Elvis and other legendary Rock'n'Roll stars
- CD reviews: In-depth look at the new FTD 'The Wonder Of You' & 'From Elvis In Memphis'
- DVD Review: ''Elvis Hollywood Volume 1"

plus - ELVIS WEEK EIN Exclusives.
EIN's roving reporter Sanja Meegin is soon to arrive in Memphis to bring us daily EIN Exclusives of all the excitement of Memphis 2009.

Make sure you check out the website daily from August 8th > August 16.

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Have an great Elvis Month!
Piers & Nigel

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Recent EIN News Highlights:

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    Elvis; Concert Review 1969: EIN 40th Anniversary special Spotlight: Forty years ago today Elvis returned to Live concert performances. All the media were there but so were the true fans. EIN contributor Joan Gansky was one of the lucky ones and wrote a delightful, personal review.
    "The atmosphere throughout the entire hotel was nail-bitingly electric! It is difficult for me to describe and paint a true portrait of attending in person this unique occasion - but I'll try my best. I want, and hope, you will understand the excitement of what has to be the pinnacle of Elvis' career to date! I vaguely recall the Sweet Inspirations perform - followed by a seemingly lengthy act by comedian Sammy Shore. The audience grew impatient. At last! The curtains closed. A pause. . . . A white shoe, a hand "peeked" round the curtain - now open - the thrill of a lifetime as Elvis simply stood there. He smiled happily, looking far more dynamic than any photo I had ever seen of him! - attired in white, with a long sash (belt) and a splash of color in the red kerchief (scarf). . ."  

    Click here for her unique eye-witness account & photos of this fabulous event.

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  • Plans for the Elvis Hotel and Vegas Casino have been cancelled: Graceland tycoon Robert FX Sillerman has lost millions in property deals and is getting out of the property business after two failed projects. "I think I have shown conclusively that I am not knowledgeable enough about the real estate business," he said. "I think I should leave it to other people to pursue." His decision comes amid a flurry of lawsuits surrounding the construction of a luxury golf resort on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. The project has failed and is in default on loans and guarantees. "That project has stopped," he said, "I'm not in the real estate business".
    "The plans for the Elvis Presley Hotel and Casino have been cancelled, Las Vegas is in a depression and I do not think there will be any need for additional hotel rooms in the city for at least the next five to seven years." Sillerman's best deal may have been in 2005, when he bought American Idol, the talent show that has franchises around the world and tops US TV ratings.
  • 'My Years With Elvis & The Colonel' book OUT NOW: Charles Stone's new book "My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" is out now. A hardcover book with unreleased pictures allowing one an inside view of the memories of Elvis Presley's tour producer, Charles Stone.
    Colonel Parker was a smart manager and naming one of Elvis' albums "Something For Everybody" was also a stroke of genius. The title not only fits the Elvis' LP, but also the content of the new book by Praytome Publishing: never-before-seen pictures, new information, new documents and paperwork, new inside views...

    EIN however does not agree with the statement that Colonel Parker was a "smart manager" especially in Elvis' later years. Go here for info and to Order Your Copy - - -

  • All the 2009 new Book Releases. The Memphis Lullaby book & CD signings: The Memphis Lullaby’ was voted number 3 in the top twenty Elvis book list compiled by ‘Elvis Presley: A Life in Books.’ All of the 1000 limited edition books have been released by the publisher. The book can still be purchased but only 1000 books have the special limited edition label. We have been informed that the labeled, signed limited editions books will become collector’s items as there were only 1000 made. Go here for ALL the updates on 2009 new ELVIS books. Unique to ELVIS Info Network
  • 'Elvis: Vegas '69', Ken Sharp EIN interview: 'Elvis: Vegas '69', will be the essential Elvis book purchase of 2009. The new 200-page book commemorates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s historic return to live performance. Written by Ken Sharp author of the critically acclaimed ' Writing For The King' the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis's return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis' miraculous artistic and creative rebirth. EIN recently interviewed Ken Sharp to find out more about the book, what to expect, who were his contributors - and whether he has met Lisa Marie! (Yes he has!). Click here to this interview and fabulous Elvis in 1969. . ..

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  • Lisa Marie posted this message on June 26th.
    Michael Jackson - "He Knew".

    Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general. I can't recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death.

    At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, "I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did."

    I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that.

    As I sit here overwhelmed with sadness, reflection and confusion at what was my biggest failure to date, watching on the news almost play by play The exact Scenario I saw happen on August 16th, 1977 happening again right now with Michael (A sight I never wanted to see again) just as he predicted, I am truly, truly gutted.

    Go here to the complete Lisa Marie message & EIN's Jackson/ Lisa Marie page

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  • Myrna Smith EIN Interview: Myrna Smith is one of the original Sweet Inspirations, the backing group who sang with Elvis in concert from 1969 until the very end. She has also worked with stars from Aretha Franklin to Van Morrison and has provided the world with some of the best soulful harmonies that have ever been recorded. It was actually Myrna who introduced a young Lisa Marie to her future husband Michael Jackson. In 2004 EIN's Piers Beagley interviewed Myrna Smith when she was in Australia along with the TCB Band. She talked in depth about her time with Elvis, Colonel Parker, her relationship with Lisa Marie and lots more. Go here to this recently re-discovered interview
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  • Shawn Klush returns to tour Australia: From the publicity… With 'Completely Elvis' the Elvises are in the building November 2009! Taking you on a classic journey from the rockin' 50's, through the sensational 60's and finally into the triumphant 70's; in concert and in costume.
    Highlighting Elvis' classic costumes including: the 1950's Gold Lame suit, GI Blues uniform, Blue Hawaii outfit, '68 Comeback Special leather suit and the Las Vegas and Concert Years jumpsuit. Shawn Klush (USA), Donny Edwards (USA), Brandon Bennett (USA) and Stephen Kabakos (Canada) each depict, with amazing accuracy and energetic performances the look, sound and unique vocal styling of Elvis, the 'King of Rock & Roll'.
    Costumes, charisma and charm are coupled with the songs that made Elvis the undisputed 'King of Rock and Roll'. This combination of artists is not like any ever seen in Australia before. The shows are in November.
  • 'From Elvis To Garth' Bobby Wood & The Memphis Boys; EIN contributor Pamela Mays Decker turns a much-needed spotlight on Bobby Wood, keyboardist and a musical inspiration behind Elvis' important 1969 Memphis sessions. Extraordinarily the 40th anniversary of Elvis' pivotal recordings at American Studios has essentially passed without so much as a whimper and with no respectful fanfare from EPE. As part of The Memphis Boys Bobby Wood recorded some astounding material which totalled over 100 chart hits in four years – a feat yet unmatched. He is writing his memoirs subtitled "From Elvis to Garth" which is slated for later this year. Click here to this fantastic article.
  • 'Dixieland Delight' Book - Update: There is more news about the up-coming Praytome multimedia package. However no release date has been confirmed as yet. From the press release:
    >> Dixieland Delight will soon become a true collector's item and will be manufactured in the well-known quality that Praytome Publishing is famous for. We spared no efforts to make this the definitive package to document the 5 sold out shows in Huntsville, AL in 1975. About 4 years ago, when author Bud Glass came up with the idea for a book / dvd combo about these shows, nobody knew at that time that so much information and pictures would show up. So there was only one way to do it right - to expand the book into a great Multimedia Box Set. It's been a lot of work since then and the closer we get to the day of its release, the more excited the team members of Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing get. As announced previously, the box set consists of 4 different releases and will be released in 4 different steps.
    You have to come back to the official website to check for the announcement of the final release date for this set.<<< Click here to Praytome site for details.
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  • Single-disc DVD 'The Ed Sullivan Show' hits stores on August 4!: Elvis Presley first appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in the fall of 1956, and the world was never the same. Elvis’ subsequent appearances on the popular variety show set the stage for him to become one of the most iconic figures of the twentieth century. For the first time ever, all of these historic performances will be available on a single DVD when Image Entertainment releases “Elvis: The Ed Sullivan Show – The Classic Performances” on August 4.
    Special features include: “Remembering Ed and Elvis,” “Why Ed Didn't Host Elvis' First Appearance,” “Elvis and Ed: Intros and Promos,” “Caught on Celluloid: The First Moving Pictures of Elvis Presley,” “Special Elvis Moments,” “Jerry Schilling’s Home Movies,” and documents from the Graceland and Sullivan archives.
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  • Inside Jailhouse Rock - The Sequel: Elvis Unlimited has re-affirmed its shortly to be released box set, Inside Jailhouse Rock - The Sequel:

    Why the sequel, you ask? Well, Inside Jailhouse has already been done by the legendary Ger Rijff. The "Inside" series was also created by Ger Rijff. His "Inside" titles include Inside King Creole, Inside Loving You and Inside Jailhouse Rock. Therefore, an "Inside" book is incomplete without it's creator, Ger Rijff. So in cooperation with Ger Rijff, we have decided to do the sequel to Inside Jailhouse Rock.

    Inside Jailhouse Rock - The Sequel will follow the typical format of our Inside series which will be a limited edition box set including a book, DVD, vinyl record, and much more.

  • & ANOTHER Jailhouse Rock book!: JAT announces its latest release: With Elvis in Gold due for release next week, Joseph Tunzi has announced his next release will focus on Jailhouse Rock.
  • DJ Fontana and Bill Black inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame": "We had to click in the studio and we had to get along on the road," says DJ Fontana of being in Elvis's band. "I appreciate that they're doing it," said drummer DJ Fontana (right). "I never played rock 'n' roll until I joined Elvis, and look at me now, here I am," said inductee and drummer D.J. Fontana. "This is great. It worked out good!"
    "Elvis himself actually was a good rhythm guitar player. He played on a lot of songs with us, too -- the whole band. He'd sing and play. And he was good at it. He could do anything he decided he wanted to do."
    "It's kind of a blur after this many years," said Fontana, 78. "When we worked, we were doing six and seven days a week. We'd be in this town tonight and Chicago the next night. It was 400 and 500 miles overnight. So that's about all we had time to do -- get to where we're going, sleep a couple hours and go back and work again.
    "It's hard to find three or four guys who work together and everything gels just right. . . . There'd be arguments, of course, but in five minutes, it's over. We had to click in the studio and we had to get along on the road."
    Bill Black sadly died of a brain tumour back in 1965; he was only 39.
  • Dewey Phillips being honored during Elvis Week 2009: On Thursday, August 13th, there will be a Brass Note Dedication for Dewey Phillips at 9:30 AM in Memphis, TN. The ceremony will take place in front of W.C. Handy Park, located on the northeast corner of Third and Beale Streets. The Beale Street Brass Note Committee will be honoring Dewey Phillips with a brass note on Beale Street’s “Walk of Fame.” Read EIN's review of the excellent book "Dewey and Elvis"
  • FREE ELVIS CONCERT Downloads! "Elvis That's The Way It Is" The International label provided an incredible offer of free High Quality Elvis TTWII Concert downloads. AUG 10 DS - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZRXH4ECB . AUG 11 DS - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=II01XL1N . AUG 12 DS http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6IRI7C1Y . AUG 13 MS http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2EZBT02D . CD ART PRINT: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BDYZKTGY (6 CD covers). This was due to an error of them being released in mono for the original TTWII deluxe set. See below for info regarding the upcoming DVD only releases.
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  • 'The Wonder Of You' new FTD release: Announced today FTD will release a new TTWII soundboard 'The Wonder Of You' on June 29, 2009. This features the complete Dinner Show August 13, 1970 performance as recorded by RCA at The International Hotel, Las Vegas. This release has been mixed in its entirety by Vic Anesini and comes as a single disc digipack. This is the famous "Red Ladder" jumpsuit concert which was filmed as part of the legendary "That's The Way It Is" movie, unique performances include; 'Stranger In The Crowd', 'In The Ghetto', 'Make The World Go Away' and 'Don't Cry Daddy'.
    This is the performance which gave us 'The Wonder Of You' and 'In The Ghetto' as seen in the TTWII Special Edition movie.'The Wonder Of You' track was also released on the FTD CD 'The Way It Was'. 
    The timing is fascinating as only a week ago the import label Audionics also announced the bootleg release of exactly the same concert on a CD called 'Stranger In the Crowd' but as a 3-panel digipack with 16-page full color booklet. Click here to order from EIN
  • Dr Nick on 'E.T.' and 'The Insider': Once again Dr. Nick appeared on the sensationalistic US TV shows 'E.T' and 'The Insider' in a comparison between the final days of Michael Jackson & Elvis and the influences of their respective doctors. While publicising his new book, out February 2010, Dr. Nick said some rather unbelievable facts about his treatment of Elvis.
    Dr. Nick stated, "The only times I saw Elvis he was always straight. I never saw any signs that he was taking anything (drugs)."
    The program played the supposedly 'very rare' fan-video of Elvis on stage while featuring the "Strung Out" Desert Storm dialogue. They showed 1975 Black Aztec jumpsuit footage mislabeling it "Sept 1974" - as well as Elvis slurring his words badly during the Aloha 1972 media announcement. The program stated that Elvis eyes were "vacant and glazed over" and idiotically stated that in November 1972 "Elvis did not admit to his reliance on prescription drugs."! (EIN- As if any pop star would!)
    Dr Nick went on to state, "I don't regret anything that I gave Elvis, I think they were all medical necessities. The problem was I didn't know everything he was taking from other people."
    Nichopoulos said drugs in Elvis' system were not at "toxic or lethal levels" when he died. However most of the autopsy team at Baptist Memorial Hospital attributed the death to "polypharmacy" or drug interaction, but former medical examiner Dr. Jerry Francisco said last year he stands by his 1977 ruling that Elvis died of cardiac arrhythmia, not drugs.
    After Dr Nick's appearance on The Insider what do you think of his actions? Have Your Say - Click here to 'Dr. Nick: Medically Irresponsible or Misunderstood?'
  • Gordon Stoker Hospitalised: Jordanaire Gordon Stoker, 83 years old, has been released from the hospital where he was treated for bronchitis and diabetes. He's doing well, although his doctor has discouraged him from going to Memphis for Elvis Week 2009.
    Gordon was one of the members of the Jordanaires who sang with Elvis on his earliest studio recordings and live show.Go here for our EIN Spotlight on Gordon Stocker.
  • Elvis Karate man George Waite Died: George Waite, a Kempo practitioner and producer of the soon-to-be-released film that was funded by Elvis called 'The New Gladiators' passed away on Wednesday after a year-long illness. A deal was struck with EPE to get this film out, but sadly George Waite did not see it released - missing the moment by two short weeks.
  • New ELVIS Cirque du Soleil Update: Every week, staff members and directors of the upcoming Elvis Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas offer us a special "insight" on Elvis. It gives fans the chance to meet some of the creators, and discover the creative challenges of this impressive production. New online is a word from the director of the show and the director of creation.
    "It's gonna be sexy & funny & energetic and Elvis' kinda' humor. There's the bigness of Elvis Presley - but you know what? He was human just like you and me." 
    Director Vincent Paterson tells us about his background and role in the creation of this major production. There is a summary of
    the show's story, and starting today Vincent tells us about his first encounter with Elvis' work as a kid.
  • Alfred Wertheimer's Elvis images part of Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition: Our good friend Al Wertheimer tells us exclusively he has a new Elvis photo exhibit which will be a part of the new Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition. It Shows Elvis before He Was “The King of Rock ’n’ Roll”. This exhibit will debut at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on Elvis' 75th birthday, January 8, 2010. The exhibit will remain there until March 28, 2010 and then travel to museums across the USA throughout 2013. The exhibit is titled, " Elvis At 21: Photograghs by Alfred Wertheimer" and it will feature 56 striking images of the king. We wish Al much success with the exhibit. Read EIN's review of the Wertheimer book, Elvis at 21: New York to Memphis
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  • Elvis or Michael Jackson - who is the bigger star in death?: In response to your comments about claims Michael Jackson is bigger than Elvis, EIN has examined the claims and finds them to be exaggerated. Read the other side of the story as we expose the hype and reality.

    Read our article

  • 'That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Shows' new DVD only release: The ‘International label’ that recently brought to you the critically acclaimed ‘Elvis – That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Works’ is now to release a DVD only version of the editors cut now titled Elvis – That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Shows’. The 2 DVD’s are dual layered, (equivalent to 4 DVD’s and without loss of quality) factory pressed and are filled with 6 hours of the complete shows with excellent edits, lots of amazing multi angle sequence shots different to that of the previous release.
  • 'Elvis Hollywood Volume 1' DVD Out Now! The first “real” STAR dvd is out now,after the tremendous success of the STAR dvd series, the producers take the “final” step, and will produce a factory pressed import DVD ! A dream come true for all STAR fans around the world!
    'Elvis Hollywood Volume 1' will kick off with the first 4 movies, and has 17 (!!) new clips with all the clips for Jailhouse Rock re-done.
    Highlights are LOVING YOU (record version) TELL ME WHY (Elvis second screentest), FIRST IN LINE (ode to Judy Tyler), MY WISH CAME TRUE (Elvis “dream” of becoming an actor) YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (new edit, 3 performances make the record version, and 2 extra versions are included)
    All previous and new STAR dvds will be re-released this way, and all will have lots of extras including new artwork and double layer discs! All discs come with fully animated menus, with sound. All movies are divided into separate tracks in the menu, so if you just wanna play the “Jailhouse Rock” songs.. the choice is yours! And last but not least, there is a “bonus feature” segment, including extra songs, outtakes and rare movies. After this release the series will continue in “chronical” order, volume two will have: GI BLUES, FLAMING STAR, WILD IN THE COUNTRY, BLUE HAWAII and FOLLOW THAT DREAM. EIN review coming soon.
  • 'Elvis -The Return Of A Prodigy', new August CD: From the producers of “Plugged in & Geared Up”  comes the fully remastered & edited Las Vegas show of “69. The special 40th anniversary "ELVIS LIVE IN LAS VEGAS ’69" Edition
    - The earliest known soundboard of 1969 to date
    - Newly discovered '69 audio
    - The differences between the later released shows of end August 1969 will strike you.
    This is the August 3, 1969 Dinner Show, straight from the original ‘69 reference mix. It is completely remastered and edited. This is the earliest soundboard to date of Elvis first Las Vegas engagement in 1969. It’s also only the sixth live performance he gave,  the music is very different from the late August  released live performances. This is to date the closest you can get to the opening show of  July 31st, 1969.The liner notes are a review of somebody who actually was there. It will give you a very lively idea how it looked. The more than 50 photos of the same show (many in color) included will help you even more to imagine the first few shows of 1969. As a bonus we included some interviews prior to the opening show and original radio spots of 1969.
  • Tupelo June ELVIS Festival increases profit!: The King's home-town festival is staying in the black.
    The Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival, which lost $46,000 three years ago, made $92,944 this year — almost $13,000 more than it made last year. That word comes from the Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association, which started the festival as a fundraiser 11 years ago. Executive Director Debbie Brangenberg says lower ticket prices attracted enough people to offset a drop in sponsorships. After the loss in 2007, the festival cut back from two downtown stages to one, and cut out a car giveaway that cost $25,000.
  • Australia’s ‘She Is the King’ to perform at Elvis Week 2009. 'She Is The King' (right) the only woman ever to be selected by EPE to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition is to appear at this year's Elvis Week 2009 in Memphis. Catch her performance at Elvis After Dark (Graceland Crossing) August 16th 2009 @ 3pm.




  • 'April Fool's Dinner' import CD Review: Originally issued as the classic vinyl bootleg 'Rockin' with Elvis April Fool's Day', this new Audionics/Southern Comfort release 'April Fool's Dinner' is somewhat of a nostalgic ride for hard-core Elvis collectors. With upgraded audio - at last taken straight from the original Master Tape - the show itself is a classic of Elvis having fun, singing well and enjoying being back on stage. While the concert is taken from an audience tape there are plenty of highlights as well as some fine bonus tracks from the Midnight Closing Show. A packed CD plus an exceptionally glossy well-designed cover. Go here for the full review.
  • Bob Dylan demanded an Elvis as payment!: The New York Post reports that Bob Dylan made sure he got paid when Andy Warhol coaxed him to The Factory to do a screen test. The famed folkie grabbed one of the Prince of Pop's famous silkscreens off the wall, a new bio reveals. In "The Genius of Andy Warhol," out in November from Harper, Tony Scherman and David Dalton say Dylan's six-minute take in front of the cameras -- "acting cool, pretty much keeping his mouth shut" -- came with a price. Playwright Bob Heide, a Factory regular, tells the authors that when the audition was over, Dylan "got up and walked over to one of [Warhol's] panels of Elvis with a gun and said, 'I think I'll just take this for payment, man.'

    That was the only the time I ever saw Andy blushing, just kind of cringing. Somebody demanding payment!" Dylan never made it into one of Warhol's flicks. Go here for more on Andy Warhol & Elvis

  • 'The Dark Side Of Colonel Parker' - EIN Spotlight: June 26th 2009 was a special date that commemorates four unique events of the Elvis World.
    1. The 100th Birthday of Colonel Parker.
    2. The 32nd Anniversary of Elvis' final concert in Indianapolis.
    3. The 30th Anniversary of the death of Elvis' father, Vernon Presley.
    4. The 30th Anniversary of the revelation to Elvis’ estate that Colonel Parker was still fleecing his client.

    Although comedian Nipsy Russell stated that "Every entertainer should go to bed at night and pray he finds a Colonel Tom Parker under his bed when he wakes up in the morning" - is that really the truth?
    It is a fact that after Elvis' death an official investigation found that "both Colonel Parker (and RCA) acted in collusion against Presley's best interests. Colonel Parker was guilty of self-dealing and overreaching and had violated his duty to both Elvis and to the estate."
    While there is no doubt that Elvis and The Colonel's story is extremely complex, in this in-depth Spotlight EIN takes a look at the darker side of Colonel Tom Parker - and includes plenty of insights from Elvis’ colleagues and friends.
    . Go here for this fascinating investigation- and also Have Your Say.
  • 'Flaming Star' an in-depth Spotlight: Flaming Star was Elvis' post-army chance to prove himself in a dramatic role and as a serious actor. Elvis had complained about his previous film 'GI Blues' being so lightweight. He even went as far as telling Priscilla that he was "goddamn miserable" about it. With terrible timing 'Flaming Star' would be released just 4 weeks after the family-friendly 'GI Blues' and unfortunately it would falter at the box-office. Described by US critic Leonard Maltin as "along with Jailhouse Rock, Presley's best film", Flaming Star is too often ignored by Elvis fans. 50 years on EIN contributor Harley Payette turns a well deserved in-depth spotlight at this often over-looked film. After reading this article there is no doubt that fans will want to revisit this fine Elvis western.
    Go here to this fascinating in-depth review.

Click HERE to EIN - for all the recent ELVIS News you may have missed.

Rare 1970's Candids - From Sanja's exciting new EIN/Facebook page.


Click Here to our EIN Rare ELVIS Photographs page.

Elvis photographer Richard Weede EIN Interview: On October 28th 1956 Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the second time. This was the first time that Elvis had been at the New York CBS studio since Elvis' previous Ed Sullivan appearance had been linked in live from a studio in Los Angeles.
Richard Weede, an aspiring photographer, was also in the CBS Studio that day and captured some fabulous candid images of Elvis at the Ed Sullivan rehearsals. His father was the famous opera star Robert Weede, so Rock'n'Roll was certainly not a staple at his home!
It was only recently that an envelope of these lost photographs was discovered - images that beautifully capture a classic moment in Rock'n'Roll history. EIN's Piers Beagley recently interviewed Richard Weede about his iconic 1956 Rock'n'Roll images.

Go here for the exclusive interview and 1956 photographs.

A stunning 1969 shot from Ken Sharp's 'Elvis:Vegas '69' book

'Explore Elvis' Dressing Room in 1969': EPE is offering a Virtual Tour of Elvis' backsatge Vegas dressing room. It’s 1969 and you're at the International Hotel in Las Vegas for Elvis’ opening engagement. While Elvis is on stage, you've used your backstage pass to gain access to his dressing room to take a look around! As you explore Elvis’ virtual dressing room through this online interactive experience, you can read Elvis’ personal telegrams, play a few chords on his guitar, look through the clothing on his clothes rack, flip through the Colonel’s scrapbook, and lots more. This virtual experience features photos, artifacts, video and audio clips and much more – and your pass gets you all-access...

Cost is only $1.99 to get access to this virtual online backstage experience for 24-hours.
Worthy of Colonel Parker - Viva Las Vegas!

Click here for EPE Back-Stage Access.

Fabulous candid photo from 1970

'Blue Hawaii' FTD Soundtrack in-depth Review: Blue Hawaii was one of Elvis' biggest-selling albums and most fans would have purchased these songs previously on the original vinyl and then again via BMG's extended 1997 release. Despite it's travelogue style 'Blue Hawaii' has always been one of the essential albums to own even for non-soundtrack fans. So can this FTD extended movie soundtrack release really be the definitive version to make it worth buying all over again. EIN's Piers Beagley puts on his Hawaiian-shirt and digs deep to discover plenty of reasons to enjoy this 2 ½ hours of fun. Can there really be that much to say over this old chestnut? - you betcha'!

Rare candid photo of Elvis on top form.

New BOX SET release from the International label - Showroom Internationale 1971: The latest release from the ‘International label’ Showroom Internationale 1971, will feature an unreleased stereo soundboard performance from the closing night Jan/Feb 1971 Las Vegas engagement, the February 23rd 8pm show – his penultimate appearance of that time.

The 2CD/Book set will also feature the January 28th Midnight show (previously released on the Fort Baxter label as ‘Lean Mean and Kicking Butt’) but this time, unlike before, is directly mastered from the original reel tapes thus clearly showing vast noticeable  sound improvements to its original release.

Read the full news release and view more photos

Newly discovered scratched rare fan photo.

3,200 Rare Elvis Photos!
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Black Angels in Vegas released!: The first release from a brand new label Venus Productions is titled Black Angels in Vegas.

This 2 CD-set contains the August 30, 1974 Midnight show, professionally re-mastered from a newly discovered first generation soundboard tape. The sound quality is stunning! The set will comes with in a beautiful full color, hardcover book with many rare and unpublished pictures plus extensive liner notes, spread over 84 pages. Black Angels In Vegas (Venus Productions)

Note: This show was released before by the Rock Legends label in 1996 and had the title: "Elvis Night Fever In Vegas"-also 2 CD-set.

Fabulous quality candid photo of Elvis in his car - Most definitely real!

‘FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS: LEGACY EDITION’ OUT NOW! & new details: OUT THIS WEEK the new ‘From Elvis In Memphis Legacy Edition’ features 36 tracks - including the Original Mono single Masters. CD 2 features the 10 songs of the LP ‘Back In Memphis’ plus another 10 bonus tracks, grouped as The Original Mono Single Masters. Four are (mono) reprises of songs that appeared on the LPs: "In The Ghetto," "Any Day Now," "The Fair’s Moving On," and "You’ll Think Of Me." The other six were all originally non-LP single sides at the time of their first release: "Suspicious Minds" (the Grammy Hall Of Fame and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, written by Mark James); "Don’t Cry Daddy" (Mac Davis) b/w "Rubberneckin’"; Eddie Rabbitt’s "Kentucky Rain" b/w Shirl Milete’s "My Little Friend"; and finally, guitarist Johnny Christopher’s "Mama Liked The Roses."

Added to EIN today is the BMG publicity release which promises podcast promos - as well as radio series. Click HERE for FULL BMG Promo Details - Sleeve PHOTOS - and complete tracklisting.

Elvis and Priscilla candid - Real or Fake!!!

Finally here's a strange & fascinating interview for you..

Eliza Presley speaks EXCLUSIVELY to EIN!: Is Eliza Presley Elvis' half sister?

Independently tested DNA evidence apparently suggests Eliza is Vernon Presley's biological daughter and therefore half-sister to Elvis!

In Part 1 of her exclusive interview with EIN, Eliza speaks about:

  • her early life
  • how she came to suspect she was related to Elvis
  • contact with "Jesse Presley"
  • the next step in her legal case to prove her claim
  • that controversial DNA evidence!


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