"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)





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Saturday 14 May 2005
‘Young and Beautiful’ TV Guide single – an unreleased gem: The TV Guide mini-CD of an unreleased version of ‘Young and Beautiful’, from the movie Jailhouse Rock, is a true delight. (CD Review, Source: EIN)

EBTP Air Dates Outside the USA: The Elvis By The Presleys TV special airs in the USA on CBS on May 13. Here are confirmations for other countries so far: UK - ITV May 18; Australia - ABC June 5; New Zealand - TVNZ May 28; Germany - Sat 1/Kabel 1 - date to be announced; Asia - Star TV - date to be announced; Denmark - TV2 - date to be announced; Finland - YLE - date to be announced. (News, Source: EPE)

Countries/Networks airing new non-USA '68 and Aloha TV Specials: As previously announced, new one-hour editions of Elvis: '68 Comeback Special and Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii have been offered to non-USA stations that are airing our Elvis By The Presleys special. Here is the listing of countries/networks so far: UK - ITV '68 Special and Aloha; Australia - ABC '68 Special and Aloha; Germany - SAT1/KABEL1 '68 Special and Aloha; Asia - STAR TV '68 Special only; Denmark - TV2 '68 Special and Aloha. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis Rules on Television: We have updated our Spotlight article about Elvis' amazing impact on TV. There are now nearly 100 entries and the 11 new additions include "Elvis By the Presleys" the CBS mini-series "Elvis", Johnny Bravo and several TV/DVD documentaries. (Spotlight, Source: EIN)

The CBS "Elvis" mini-series - EPE's position: We found this message from EPE to a fan about the CBS mini-series. It was received by the fan before the mini-series aired on TV. Considering how the mini-series was hyped, including by EPE, it is seen as a "cop out" by a number of fans: "The "Elvis" mini-series on CBS is not a production of EPE. Although our permission is not required to do a movie about Elvis, we did give its producers our full cooperation in an effort to influence it positively and help the producers make as good a film as they could. It is not a documentary, it is a "fact-based drama" and should generate interest in the real Elvis among new audiences. As those things go, it's among the better ones and we're satisfied with it, as are many of the fans we're hearing from, but we're sorry to hear that you are not. All mail we receive about the mini-series is shared with its producers so they will be aware of the reaction we are seeing. Thank you very much for your concern. We hope you will enjoy our TV special "Elvis By The Presleys" Thanks & best. Graceland Staff". (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Goldie Hawn on Elvis: Actress Goldie Hawn is currently in Australia. She appeared on Australia's top rating entertainment program, Rove Live, where she mentioned how lots of famous stars used to come and visit her when she was doing Laugh-In in the 1960's - she said the Elvis came to visit her at the studio in 1968 and it wasnt long after he did the Comeback Special. She said he was "soooooo handsome, like no other guy" AND then she added "poor Elvis, he didnt even know where he was or who he was, cause of the pills" - and all the audience started laughing." Not surprisingly, many Elvis fans were less than happy about Goldie's latter comment. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Friday 13 May 2005

"Elvis by the Presleys" book debuts at #7 on New York Times Best Sellers List & CD debuts at #15 on Billboard Album Chart: The book Elvis By The Presleys will debut at #7 on the New York Times hardcover non-fiction bestseller list a week from this coming Sunday (for the list dated 5/22/05). When this week's Billboard album chart is published, you will see Elvis is on it once again. The CD Elvis By The Presleys debuts on the chart at #15. (News, Source: EPE)

FTD Update - "Tickle Me" release: FTD records will release in addition to the 1969-concert of July 26th (with the laughing version of Are You Lonesome Tonight), the already announced “Elvis Today” album on a 2-CD set and a 7” package with the songs from “Tickle Me”, all this with bonus songs and alternative tracks. The proposed date will be July 1st. (News, Source: The United Elvis Presley Society/ElvisNews.com)

"Elvis by the Presleys" CD sampler: This is a special promotional-only CD sampler given out by American Airlines to first class passengers only for one day. Track listing: Heartbreak Hotel (recorded Jan. 10, 1956 at RCA studios Nashville TN) Separate Ways (recorded March 27, 1972 RCA's Studio C Hollywood CA) I Got A Feelin' In My Body (recorded Dec. 10, 1973 at Stax Studios Memphis TN). (News, Source: Paul Lichter/ElvisUnique)

Rare video footage of The King: Click for a two part article about Elvis' reign in Las Vegas, watch rare video of him, the Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Las Vegas, and comments by his co-star in Kissin' Cousins, Cynthia Pepper. (News/Audio-visual, Source: 8 Eyewitness News)

Priscilla says Elvis relied on drugs: Elvis Presley's ex-wife Priscilla has stunned fans of the King of rock 'n' roll with her revelation he took vast amounts of sleeping and diet pills. The actress admits her late husband became dependent on drugs to make him look and feel good as Elvis' career became too much for him to handle. She says: "He would use amphetamines to stay awake because he would have late-night manoeuvres that would go way into the early morning hours and he was given pills to stay up. "From there he had to sleep - then get hours of sleep in - so then he would start taking sleeping pills. "It was just such an accepted thing - diet pills to lose weight before the movie that he had to do... You get used to it because it's easy." (News, Source: IrishExaminer.com)

Memphis Sessions Band concert: The legendary Memphis Sessions Band will be performing live in Memphis on August 12. The members of the band are: Bobby Wood (Piano), Bobby Emmons (Organ), Mike Leech (Bass), Reggie Young (Guitar) and Gene Chrisman (Drums). More info on this in our events section. The Dutch will have a special event in the Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam on May 29. It has something to do with the "Elvis By The Presleys" campaign, more info next week. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Elvis may have had bone cancer, says friend: To the world, Elvis Presley was the king of rock 'n' roll, but for one man Elvis was more than a legend, he was his best friend. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli talked to Charlie Hodge about the good times and the bad that he shared with Elvis Presley. Singing before a live audience is something Charlie Hodge has been doing for fifty years. But for nearly two decades he did it as guitar player and right hand man to Elvis Presley. "I haven't met anyone since that I have been close to like a brother," Hodge said. "Elvis and I shared everything." For seventeen years they shared a home at Graceland. "I lived in the basement where there were three TVs on the wall," Hodge said. And they shared the spotlight during nearly 2,000 shows. One of the things Hodge learned from his years with Elvis is that the man who made a career out of his ability to sing and dance at the same time, seemingly wasn't able to drive while talking. Hodge says the more Elvis talked, the slower he drove. "It took forever because Elvis kept talking and driving 15 to 20 miles an hour all the way to Vegas," he said. They were in the Army together when Elvis' mother died. Charlie was there too when Elvis lost a young cousin he'd been very close to. "Elvis said at the time, "I don't think I can stand to see another member of my family die. I think I'd rather go myself," Hodge told us. And when, at the age of 42, it was indeed Elvis's turn to go, Charlie was once again nearby. He walked into Graceland and heard Elvis's father and a relative. "I could see they were both crying and I knew something was wrong," he said. So Charlie went upstairs where Elvis lay dead on the bathroom floor." They were pressing on Elvis's chest and stomach trying to get him to breathe," Charlie said. But Elvis never breathed again. Now, more than 27 years later, Charlie finally feels free to talk about a conversation he says he witnessed between Elvis's father and Elvis's doctor. In that conversation Charlie claims the doctor said that Elvis had bone cancer. "I kept it in strictest confidence until Mr. Presley passed away," Hodge said. We spoke with Jerry Francisco, the doctor who conducted the autopsy on Elvis. He told CBS 2 that Elvis did not have cancer and that he died from heart disease. One thing is clear though, Elvis' sudden death forced Charlie and others who loved him to reflect on a life cut short. Charlie Hodge did so by putting pen to paper. "My friend, I know you've just crossed over and passed the final test, I'm taking care of business and I'll do my very best," he read. Dr. Francisco says he does not believe Presley's death was brought on by the abuse of prescription drugs, but he readily admits others disagree. Charlie says he would have tried to help Elvis, if he'd had any idea that his friend was in such poor health. (News, Source: CBS/Sanja Meegin)

Thursday 12 May 2005

(1) Fan comment on "Elvis" mini-series, part 2: "That movie HAS to be the Worst yet! I don`t normally post messages, but right now I just have to say what a total joke that Elvis movie was! My Lord, this second part tonight was just BAD. Whoever was in charge of the casting should be shot. But one of the worst things tonight was the ending, watching this guy lip synching! Just terrible! If I Can Dream - it looked like it was so forced. And it was so obvious he was lip synching. He wasn't natural at all. I hope I wasn`t the only one sitting here laughing at this MESS! Everything about this whole movie was just 'not right'. lol Geesh!" (News, Source: Vince Everett, alt.elvis.king messageboard)

(2) Fan comment on "Elvis" mini-series, part 2: "My curiosity got the best of me tonight, I'm sorry to say. I actually sat down and watched 45 minutes of this program. I can still hear my wife say, Honey, if this is getting you that mad, why are you watching it?" (News, Source: Rob, For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

(3) Fan comment on "Elvis" mini-series, part 2: "What truly saddens me.... for those of you who have actually slogged through the bulk of those reviews..... is the large percentage of reviewers who believe that this mini portrays Elvis as a MUCH BETTER person than he was, because it was so 'tightly controlled by the estate' due to 'Priscilla's tireless and dedicated efforts' to 'clean up his image'." (News, Source: Eileen, For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Priscilla talks to TV Guide: With the "Elvis" mini-series and "Elvis By The Presleys" receiving solid media publicity, the US TV bible, TV Guide, talked to Priscilla about her EPE sponsored documentary. (Interview, Source: TV Guide, Elvis-Express.com)
New book - "N.Y. '72": On May 17 Elvis Unlimited will release a book and a CD titled "N.Y. '72". The 32 page book will contain a collection of never before seen pictures from the press conference that Elvis held before his concerts in Madison Square Garden in June 1972. Beside the pictures from the press conference the book will also contain text and information about the shows plus some never before seen pictures from the shows. The book will also include a bonus CD containing the press conference. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)
Radio Times "Elvis" cover: Elvis is on the front cover of next week's UK Radio Times magazine as ITV is screening the "Elvis By The Presleys" documentary on Wednesday 18th May 2005 at 9pm. Radio times has re-printed an interview with Derek Johnson originally printed in 1997 in Radio Times (stating that Elvis said he wanted to take an overdose when Pris walked out on him). Johnson was also the journalist who wrote a story that Elvis had murdered a man before he became famous. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com/EIN)

Kurt Russell's "Elvis" of 1979 outdoes current CBS mini-series: The first part of CBS' Elvis miniseries was dwarfed Sunday night by ABC's Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. In a 9-11 p.m. matchup, the Elvis Presley biopic shook up 13.9 million, compared to the 22.5 million averaged by the denizens of Wisteria Lane and Seattle Grace Hospital, according to Nielsen Media Research. Individually, Desperate Housewives (26.1 million viewers) ranked second for the TV week ended Sunday; the just-renewed Grey's Anatomy (18.9 million), eighth; and Elvis, 17th. The numbers weren't bad for the Presley project, they just weren't Presley-esque. A generation ago, in February 1979, an ABC TV movie on the rock god, also titled Elvis, was a bona fide event, playing to a packed house of 43 million. Of course, network ratings aren't what they used to be, either. In 1979, Elvis's Super Bowl-esque numbers weren't enough to snag the show most watched honors. In the weekly rankings, it placed sixth, one ignoble notch below the ABC sitcom Angie. The 1979 Elvis starred Kurt Russell. The 2005 Elvis, which concludes Wednesday, installed the Irish-born Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as the Memphis-bred hipster. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Linda Thompson says Elvis' life miserable with Paparazzi: Elvis Presley reportedly spent the last five years of his life in misery trying to evade the paparazzi and hordes of fans who hounded him every where he went, revealed his ex-girlfriend. Former beauty queen Linda Thompson who dated Elvis said that that her life with Elvis was like that of two vampires. "We literally were awake all night and slept all day. The world was turned around for him because he wasn't free to go out among society," ratethemusic.com quoted Thompson, as saying. Thompson, who is now married to songwriter David Foster, admitted that there were some terrifying times for the couple, when the paparazzi attacked them. "They jumped on the car they were throwing themselves on the windshield. It really wasn't safe for him to go out. In the five years I was with him we went to dinner one time and we sat there with guards around us and people ogling and watching every bite," she added. (News, Source: ANI/Sanja Meegin)

Elvis "Hit Making Team" Releases "Vegas in the Morning" Commemorating the 100th Birthday of Las Vegas: Over the last year and half, literally all of the Elvis Presley Music Entourage has wound up back in the studio recording new music with the young singer/songwriter John Krondes, along with his partners in song, The Jordanaires. This is the first time since Elvis' death in 1977 that the Presley "Hit Makers" have made new recordings together. Elvis composer Paul Evans and singer/songwriter John Krondes co-wrote "Vegas In The Morning" as a birthday present for the "Centennial City" Las Vegas. The only previous trademark song for Las Vegas ironically was "Viva Las Vegas" performed by Elvis and the Jordanaires, the very same Jordanaires that sing with John Krondes and the Sweet Inspirations on the new Vegas Party Theme "Vegas In The Morning" some 40 years later. (News, Source: Funky Sound of America)

Wednesday 11 May 2005
Elvis by the Presleys - the "Target" bonus disc (DVD review): Target stores in the US are offering a limited edition of the Elvis by the Presleys 2CD featuring a bonus DVD with selections from the upcoming 4 hour DVD version of the titular release. The "bonus disc" makes fascinating viewing with two nicely produced chapters. (DVD review, Source: EIN)

Reasonable debut on Billboard chart expected for "Elvis by the Presleys": According to Hits Daily Double it looks like the "Elvis By The Presleys" album will probably enter the US chart this week at #14 with 49,333 sales. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

"Elvis" mini-series - fan comments (1): "My biggest complaint was the way they portrayed Elvis - as talkative, assertive, even argumentative. That is not the image I have of Elvis in the '50s. I think Elvis, in the '50s, was shy and quiet off stage (at least in the presence of adult authority figures). I too thought the "Blue Suede Shoes" looked strange with the gold lame suit. Also, maybe a minor point, but the use of Elvis' studio recording where Elvis was portrayed singing "live" bothered me. Also, Hal Wallis never directed "Love Me Tender" - I've seen this historical mistake portrayed before. Vernon was portrayed badly in my opinion - seemingly an abusive husband - was he? All and all, we'd be better off if this special wasn't produced. Bill" (News, Source: Sanja Meegin/Yahoo Echat)

"Elvis" mini-series - more fan comments (2): "Gladys drinks BEER???...never heard that before. Colonel said, "You can quit, while you're ahead"???....didnt know anything about that. Elvis wore BLUE SUEDE SHOES with his GOLD LAME' SUIT???....I have photos from that 1957 Chicago International Ampithearte......HE NEVER wore those shoes!...they were GOLD!. I have more, but these were my main concerns. Jack" (News, Source: Sanja Meegin/Yahoo Echat)

The aftermath of the Elvis mini-series (3): We found this interesting posting on the alt.elvis.king messageboard: "I want to smack the collective news media in the head. After the movie, local CBS News (Las Vegas) gave a special Elvis report. They asked people on the streets opinions on Elvis. All great of course. Then the news reporter on the street says, "Elvis was a deeply troubled man with an even more troublesome entourage.". Then they lost the signal from the reporter on the street. (probably some Elvis impersonator pulling the plug) As usual, they always report on the negative or make up shit and never the positive about Elvis?" (News, Source: Craig, alt.elvis.king messageboard)

Official Priscilla Presley website: Priscilla Presley has her own web site. (News, Source: PriscillaPresley.com)

Stage musical about Priscilla's life: "Burning Love" (a working title) is a live musical event based on Priscilla Beaulieu Presley’s life. This musical, written by Stan Zimmerman and Jim Berg will take the audience on an emotional ride in this fun and upbeat biographical journey through the romance of Elvis and Priscilla. The music will feature new songs written especially for the show as well as popular tunes from the period. Burning Love is currently in development and will be staged in 2006. Stay tuned for details. (News, Source: Official Priscilla Presley website)

Lauderdale Courts gets nod for National Preservation Month: The saving and renovation of Elvis' teenage home, Lauderdale Courts, is featured in this week's PARADE magazine (May 8th edition) as an inspiring preservation effort for the publication's "Tell America's Story" Preservation Award Contest. (News, Source: EPE)

Lake George Elvis Festival: Visit LakeGeorgeFest.com to learn all about this year's Lake George Elvis Festival, June 17-19, in Lake George, NY. (News, Source: EPE)

Lisa Marie Presley biggest fan contest: Are you Lisa Marie's biggest fan? Has LMP or her music inspired you somehow? Win a trip to meet and see LMP in concert and win a high-tech laundry system! (News, Source: Official Lisa Presley website)

Tuesday 10 May 2005

‘Elvis By The Presleys' on Australian TV, Sunday 5 June: An EIN ABC source confirms that ABC Australia will broadcast the documentary ‘Elvis By The Presleys' on Sunday 5 June at 8.30pm This will coincide with the provisionally stated release date of the DVD by BMG. In New Zealand the documentary will screen on TV One on 28 May at 7.30pm. The channel TEN publicity department has confirmed with EIN that they will be showing the CBS “Elvis” mini-series later in the year. Unfortunately a broadcast date has yet to be decided, since commercial TV schedules are so flexible. Fortunately for Aussie fans it is unlikely to be shown against ‘Desperate Housewives’, as was the case in the USA. (News, Source: ABC)

Disappointing rating for CBS "Elvis" mini-series: Part 1 of the Elvis mini-series was, as expected, beaten by Desperate Housewives, in Sunday night's US TV ratings. ABC's "Desperate Housewives" (9pm-10pm) scored a 15.6 rating and 24 share, trouncing "Elvis" with a 9.0 rating and 14 share. The rating for Elvis was marginally down on the rating for the CBS Sunday Movie in last week's ratings, while Desperate Housewives (9pm-10pm) increased its rating and share from last week. In the hour 10pm-11pm, "Elvis" held steady (9.0/15), while "Grey's Anatomy", on ABC registered a rating of 11.9 with a 20 share. There are an estimated 105.5 million television households in the USA. A single ratings point represents 1%, or 1,055,000 households. Share is the percentage of television sets in use tuned to a specific program. (News, Source: Maurice Colgan/For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard/Yahoo TV)

"Elvis By The Presleys" DVD chapter listing: In its DVD News section, Elvis World Japan has published the chapter listing for the upcoming "Elvis By The Presleys" DVD. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)

"Aloha" climbs Aussie DVD chart: The deluxe edition of "Aloha From Hawaii" re-entered the ARIA Music DVD Top 40 chart in Australia last week. This week it climbed from #38 to #18. It has been on the chart a total of 17 weeks where it originally debuted at #1. It is still certified 1xPlatinum. (News, Source; ARIA)

Monday 9 May 2005
"Second Night" CD: Set for release on the new import label Graceland Records is the CD "Elvis' Second Night". This CD contains a complete and unedited audience recording of Elvis' May 27, 1977 performance in Binghamton. According to the producers "a real pleasure to listen and complete from the announcement till "Drive carefully"". This CD from the new label that will focus on unreleased late seventies performances comes with an eight pages booklet. The remastering has been done by the same people who did the "Trying To Get To Memphis" CD. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

At least one fan not happy with "Elvis" mini-series: Last night's screening of part 1 of the CBS mini-series was generally favorably received. However one fan had this to say: "The CBS movie blows. This has to be the worst. I couldn't even sit still - maybe it was the runs. It made me f**king ill. Anybody who can watch is from start to end deserves a medal." (News, Source: Elvis-Express.com)

Paul Casey & The Stamps & The Sweet Inspirations in concert:"Official ELVIS of Las Vegas" will be appearing with Elvis Presley's famous backup singers, Gospel Hall of Fame Group- The STAMPS QUARTET, and multi platinum recording artist the SWEET INSPIRATIONS for a special command performance December 31, 2005, at SPOTLIGHT 29 CASINO, Palm Springs, California. 760-775-5566. Paul will be performing with a full orchestra recreating "ELVIS IN CONCERT." (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Paul Casey)

Sonny West "Aussie" tour dates: The dates and venues for the Australian leg of Sonny West's tour "downunder" have been announced. (News, Source: Judy Youngs/Chris Drummond)

"Kid Galahad" on UK TV: Kid Galahad will be telecast on Saturday 14 May at 1.10pm by ITV1, Carlton Central. (News, Source: Joe Lightcloud/epgold.com)

Sunday 8 May 2005

EIN interviews Marshall Terrill co-writer of Sonny West's new book: With Elvis’ close friend Sonny West touring Australia this month, EIN talked to Marshall Terrill, the co-writer of Sonny’s new book ‘Still Taking Care of Business’. EIN asked about the recent rumours of how the manuscript is going and whether this new book will update & correct the scandal-ridden 'Elvis: What Happened'? (Interview, Source: EIN)

TV Guide "Elvis" promo CD: TV Guide, USA issued this one track promo, booklet CD to the media last week. (News, Source: Paul Dowling, World Wide Elvis)

"Comeback Special" DVD nomination for award: The remastered "Elvis '68 Comeback Special" has been nominated for a Vision Award. The annual MOJO Awards show is to be held on 17th June, 2005. Nominations for the Vision Award: AC/DC : Family Jewels Elvis Presley : '68 Comeback Special Various : Live Aid Various : Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues Marc Bolan/T Rex : Born To Boogie The Rolling Stones : Rock 'n' Roll Circus (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Saturday 7 May 2005

EPE offers new edits of "Aloha" and "Comeback Special" to TV stations around the world: Knowing some TV networks outside the USA that are airing the Elvis By The Presleys television program would want some additional special Elvis programming to run the same week, EPE has decided to offer new "special" television edits of material from the Elvis '68 Comeback Special and Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii to them. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis & Liberace: Piano virtuoso Liberace is shown playing the guitar with Elvis Presley at the piano in November 1956 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Both Liberace and Elvis were twins who lost their sibling at birth. Elvis kept up a longstanding correspondence with Liberace, says Peter Whitmer, a clinical psychologist and author of the 1996 psychological biography, "The Inner Elvis." (News, Source: The Associated Press)

City of Memphis reviewed: You need to open this up today -- NOW !! -- and read what the New York Times has printed about MEMPHIS!! Makes you want to start Elvis Week tomorrow, rather than wait for August. (News, Source: New York Times/Bill E. Burk)

Friday 6 May 2005

New Elvis "home" recording?: According to a posting on the alt.elvis.king messageboard a home recording of Elvis singing the song "Primrose Lane" has apparently been found. (News, Source: alt.elvis.king)

"Elvis By The Presleys" book incensing fans: Comments by Lisa Marie Presley in the new book, "Elvis By The Presleys" have many fans more than animated. In the book Lisa says: "Elvis surrounded himself with people who sucked the life out of him!" and that "Elvis fed too many rats to too many snakes!" Also causing angst is the fact that apart from Priscilla, Lisa Marie and Elvis' cousin Patsy, "The Presleys" co-authoring the book are Priscilla's mother and father, Ann & Paul Beaulieu, and Priscilla's sister, Michelle Beaulieu Hovey, who is married to one of the EPE heavyweights, Gary Hovey. (News, Source: Various)

Elvis mini-series "honest", "enjoyable": There's a tendency to dismiss a network miniseries called "Elvis." Do we really need another four hours retelling that story? Why are we doing this? For this biopic, however, the advice is to drop the cynicism. Viewers should have a good time watching CBS' "Elvis". (Review, Source: Cincinnati.com)

Sonny West tour "downunder" - slow ticket sales: With the New Zealand leg of the Sonny West tour already cancelled, it appears the Aussie leg is in for a rocky ride. Word just in is that slow ticket sales have seen this Sunday's show at the Smithfield RSL cancelled, for the same reason a question mark hangs over other announced dates, and plans for a Canberra show are now highly unlikely. A lack of promotion is being blamed - apparently there was no marketing budget allocated by the promoter who was relying on each venue promoting the show. (News, Source: Various)

"Elvis By The Presleys" Australian update: The word is that the ABC will screen "Elvis By The Presleys" in Australia during June. BMG Australia has slipped release of the DVD to a provisional date of 5 June. The double CD will still be released on 29 May. Meanwhile, the Aussie release of the companion "Elvis By The Presleys" book (originally due for publication in early May) has been delayed by a few weeks. (News, Source: Email/BMG/Bookworld)

Double Trouble press book "autographed by Elvis" for sale: A copy of the Double Trouble press book allegedly autographed by Elvis is starting to attract bids on eBay. With nearly two and a half days to go bidding is at US$81.00 (still way short of what a genuine Elvis autograph is worth). eBay #7512660252. (News, Source: eBay)

Thursday 5 May 2005

Unreleased Elvis audio now online: Click for BMG's site for "Elvis By The Presleys". It includes photos, links, Elvis on TV and unreleased audio of Jailhouse Rock and Too Much Monkey Business. If you're looking for trouble... (News, Source: BMG)

"All Shook Up" cast recording CD: The cast recording of All Shook Up will be released stateside on 31 May. (News, Source: BMG)

"All Shook Up" CD - Special Edition - multi-item set: Barnes & Noble has this item listed for release on May 17. German Import Album details: Release Date: May 17 2005; Label: BMG GERMANY; Catalog No.: 1 UPC: 667344324621. The price is: US$257.99! (News, Source: bn.com)

"Elvis By The Presleys" singing pop-up item: We found this pop-up singing promotional item for Elvis By The Presleys on ebay. You open it and Elvis sings Blue Suede Shoes. (News, Source: ebay)
"Elvis By The Presleys" CD + DVD: Target stores on the US are selling this special edition release for Elvis By The Presleys. The DVD contains two features: Driving Mrs Presley and Elvis - The Generous. (News, Source: ebay)

UK campaign amasses amazing numbers: Since the Elvis #1 singles were reissued on 3rd January, The King has sold over 750,000 units and amassed some other amazing statistics in the process. (News, Source: Sony/BMG)

"Candle In The Wind" book due out mid June: Bill E. Burk's long-awaited new Elvis book, Elvis Aaron Presley: Candle In The Wind is scheduled for release around 15 June. "Candle" is being released as a 8 1/2 x 11, laminated hardcover pressing, featuring more than 100 coated enamel pages. Bill advises that the book will contain 132 photos - 48 in color and 84 in b&w. Many are rare. Click to order your copy today (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis World magazine going full color: Now in its 19th year of publication, Elvis World, the respected quarterly magazine from Bill E. Burk, will now be released in full color commencing from its May 2005 issue. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

TV Guide "Discover Elvis" Sweepstakes Winner on "The Early Show" (CBS): The winner of TV GUIDE's Discover Elvis Sweepstakes will appear on today's edition of The Early Show on CBS (USA time). Part of the prize package was a trip to Graceland, which including getting to ride on the grounds in a golf cart like Elvis did. See this week's Photo Spotlight on Elvis.com. This sweepstakes is a promotional tie-in with TV Guide's May 2005 Elvis covers and the CBS presentation of the "Elvis" mini-series aring in two parts - May 8 and May 11, and the Elvis By The Presleys television special airing May 13. (News, Source: EPE)

Cover artwork for CBS TV "Elvis" mini-series soundtrack: The track listing hasn't been announced yet and I guess we need to ask the question - do we really need another soundtrack release? Particularly as the "Elvis By The Presleys" soundtrack has just been released stateside. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Last minute cast changes to "Elvis: The Early Years": OK it's only a "spoof" message, but we couldn't resist this posting on alt.elvis.king from "Joe" - 'To my understanding, last minute, they made some changes to the Elvis movie cast for the Television Epic, as follows: Elvis- to be played by Demond Wilson, formally of Sanford and Son; The Colonel - to be played by Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger; Ann Margaret- to be played by Carroll Channing; Vernon Presley- also, to be played by Demond Wilson in a dual role; Priscilla Presley- to be played by Rip Torn. It should be a good movie'. (News, Source: alt.elvis.king messageboard)

Vernon heartbroken when Elvis coffin photo published: The following article appeared in either the Atlanta Journal or the Atlanta Constitution shortly after Elvis died. Memphis (AP)- Elvis Presley's father says he is heartbroken that the National Enquirer printed in this week's edition a picture of his son lying in his coffin. "I have no idea who would have taken advantage of a family during this situation. I don't know anybody who would want to do that, but maybe someday we'll know," Vernon Presley said Tuesday. "To me it wasn't done by someone who viewed the body while lying in state," he said. "But I understand that there may be some type of camera that you can photograph pictures from a tie clasp or a package of cigarettes." The elder Presley said neither he nor persons close to the family believe the picture was taken by mourners or tourists who filed past the body. "It wasn't done by anyone that went through to view the body, because the photograph I saw could only have been made after the casket was placed in position for the funeral." "It's just awful and I am heartbroken that anyone would take advantage of a family in this situation, but it's like the Caroline Kennedy thing," he said. Miss Kennedy came to Memphis, when Elvis Presley died and and was allowed inside the mansion before the funeral service. She has written an article for Rolling Stone magazine in which she describes the mansion's interior and the singer's appearance in the coffin. (News, Source: Tony, alt.elvis.king messageboard)

Priscilla to appear on the David Letterman show: Priscilla Presley is scheduled as a guest on "Late Show with David Letterman" on 11 May. (News, Source: Email - Amber Smith)

Wednesday 4 May 2005
FTD review - "Big Boss Man" - 1975, Elvis was forty and the year had not begun well. By March however Elvis was feeling better, even joking about his own weight saying, "You should have seen me a month ago. I looked like Mama Cass!" So although early 1975 was not a peak of Elvis’ concert career, this packed release does present us with a remarkable look at Elvis’ 12th Las Vegas season capturing a fine song-list with some excellent performances, the historic meeting with Barbra Streisand, and also some delicious rarities. The latest FTD soundboard is definitely worth investigating as our detailed review reveals. (FTD Review, Source: EIN)

Elvis site forced to close BMG: Sony/BMG has forced the closure of an Elvis website for offering bootleg material on line. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Many pretenders to Elvis' throne: With anticipation high about this weekend's telecast of the new Elvis: The Early Years mini-series, this is an interesting article about other TV dramatisations of the Elvis story. (Spotlight article, Source: newsday.com)

"All The King's Men" CD reissued: The Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana album first released in 1997 has been reissued in digipack format. With many great tracks and special guests it is a worthwhile addition to any fan's music library. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Louisiana Hayride DVD Hank Williams Jr. will present a documentary DVD on the "Louisiana Hayride". Elvis is one of the stars that will be featured. This DVD will be released by Kultur on June 28, 2005 and runs for 62 minutes. The description: The Louisiana Hayride was a radio show that gave fresh talent a chance to perfect their distinct performance styles before a weekly live audience. During its heyday, between 1948-1958 "the hayride" rivaled even Nashville’s famed Grand Ole Opry in the number of country music careers that it spawned. Country music star Hank Williams, Jr. is the narrator of this fascinating country music documentary which explores the Shreveport, Louisiana musical roots of some of country music’s most venerable stars, including Hank Williams, Sr., Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, George Jones and a host of others. This unique program uses old photographs, film clips and live transcriptions of old radio show recordings to tell its entertaining and informative story. (News, Source: Amazon.com/ElvisNews.com)

The Sweet Inspirations in UK: The Sweet Inspirations are touring the UK, 21st - 30th May 2005 performing at 8 venues across the country with Louis Rockafella, The Spirit of Elvis and his band The Dixie Mafia. For show info and details please visit the web site at: www.thesweetinspirations.co.uk. A great opportunity for fans to "meet and greet" the Sweets at all the concerts. (News, Source: Email - Janet Fella)

Star of Elvis musical gets seal of approval From Priscilla: The star of the Broadway musical based on Elvis Presley's music can breathe a sigh of relief: Priscilla likes him. Joan Marcus Cheyenne Jackson in 'All Shook Up' Cheyenne Jackson stars in the Broadway musical "All Shook Up," which uses Elvis' songs. Jackson said Priscilla Presley saw the show last month and told him Elvis would be proud of him. He said Presley told him that she loves that he doesn't take himself too seriously and that he has a warmth that leaps off the stage. Jackson said he could get a million bad reviews, but that was all he had to hear. (News, Source: The Associated Press)

UK #1 Single Sales Figures: The sales figures for the Top 3 Singles in the UK last week were: (1) 'Amarillo?' - Tony Christie Ft. Peter Kay - 47,945 copies sold. (2) 'Signs' - Snoop Dogg Ft. Justin Timberlake - 46,596 copies sold. (3) 'A Little Less Conversation' - Elvis - 27,371 copies sold. The chart total physical sales for the Elvis #1 series so far (including 30,743 for All Shook Up which did not chart because of the additional collectors box) are 624,610, with the biggest seller being "Jailhouse Rock" (41,033), followed by "Are You Lonesome Tonight" (39,978) and "Wooden Heart" (39,072). (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Elvis items available from The Morgan Mint: We've received several enquiries about the Elvis in Vegas Centennial Coin (see 2 May). You can click on the heading link above to access other Elvis items The Morgan Mint currently has for sale. While the Centennial Coin isn't shown it will be added shortly. (News, Source: Christine Bamford)

Tuesday 3 May 2005
Falling in love with Elvis: A multi-million dollar marketing blitz is set to once again put the King front of mind with the public. (News, Source: The New York Times)

The men who would be King: An interesting news pot pourii of Kurt Russell, John Carpenter, Bonanza, Brenda Lee and William Campbell, all done with an Elvis theme. (News, Source: The Star Ledger)

"Joe Esposito's Home Videos of Elvis" update: We received this message following our review of this release on VCD. (News, Source: Sid Shaw)

Elvis Presley festival in Tupelo, Mississppi: The beautiful life-sized bronze statue of “Elvis at 13” by artistic sculptor, Michiel Van der Sommen, is an added bonus for the vast numbers of Elvis Presley fans expected to attend the exciting Elvis Festival in Tupelo Mississippi. There are many bronze statues of the legendary singer in places as far apart as Memphis, Shreveport, Las Vegas, London, Cyprus, and even Israel. But none of them are quite as poignant and accessible as the much photographed figure in Tupelo. Standing close to the little house where Elvis was born, it has become a favourite with visitors who actually embrace, or hold the hand of the young Elvis who is depicted strolling home, guitar in hand, dressed in dungarees. Friday Night's Headliner: Chuck Berry will lead a cast of entertainers who are sure to make the weekend a most memorable occasion. Location: Front Street- Downtown Tupelo. Tickets go on sale May 2, 2005; advance tickets are $10 per night (plus service charge); gate prices are $15 per night. For booking details Tel., 662-841-6598. Contact: Maurice_Colgan@yahoo.com. (News, Source: Maurice Colgan)

Presley thrives on "gigging": LISA MARIE PRESLEY credits the buzz of performing live with killing her plans to quit the music industry. The daughter of rock 'n' roll king ELVIS has suffered at the harsh hands of the media for a quarter of a century, and she admits the unwanted exposure occasionally leaves her craving for anonymity. But the singer - whose ill-fated marriages to DANNY KEOUGH, MICHAEL JACKSON and NICOLAS CAGE have all made headline news - abolishes thoughts of hanging up the microphone every time she rocks out a live venue. She says, "There are points when it gets a little overwhelming. But the redeeming factor is when I do my shows and I'm touring. I meet the fans and I see people singing the songs and I know that I've actually accomplished what I've set out for. "It's not all about my ex-husbands or some craziness that I have nothing to do with." (News, Source: ContactMusic.com)

'Elvis' raised $5,400: Elvis Presley impersonator Brandon Bennett and his "Heartbreak Orchestra" raised $5,400 for the American Cancer Society during his recent "Celebration of Life" concert at the Flemish-American Club in Kewanee. Bennett, currently appearing at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas, came to Kewanee at the request of Allen and Marcia Dragolovich, former Kewaneeans now living in Prophetstown, who wanted to give something back in honor of the 10th anniversary of their daughter Amy (Dragolovich) Sternes, 31, being cancer free. Bennett and his band performed a three-hour concert before a soldout Kewanee audience progressively changing wardrobe to reflect each decade of Presley's career from Memphis sensation to Las Vegas headliner. (News, Source: Kewanee Star Courier)

Monday 2 May 2005
Lisa Marie Presley interviewed on CNN by Larry King: On 30 April, Larry King interviewed Lisa Marie Presley. In an animated discussion Lisa Marie talked about her new boyfriend, the selling of EPE, her music, Scientology, as well as Elvis’ on-going renaissance in the USA. Lisa Marie also talks about the new TV documentary including, LMP: “It's called "Presley by the Presleys," and I'm normally not involved in things like that, stayed away from it, but this is done so well that -- it's done in only his voice, my mom's & mine, my grandparents, his mother. You know, it's through all of our voices. So it's not someone else narrating. It's quite fascinating. And I learned so much about him actually watching -- because there was footage pulled that no one's ever seen. Which is interesting”. And the end of the interview to Larry King’s affectionate comment, “Continued good luck, doll”, Lisa Marie replies a humble “Thank you very much, sir.” She sure is like her Father! Click here for CNN’s full interview transcript. (Lisa Presley's World/Interview, Source: Larry King Live)

"All Shook Up" gets Award nominations: The nominees for the Outer Critics Circle Awards, honoring New York theatre, have been announced. Winners of the 55th annual honors will be announced May 9 at a ceremony at Sardi's Restaurant, May 26. The awards, notable for being the first of the season, are decided upon by a group of writers "covering New York theatre for out-of town newspapers, national publications and other media beyond Broadway." Congratulations to the team of ALL SHOOK UP for their three nominations!: Outstanding Broadway Musical; Outstanding Actor in a Musical - Cheyenne Jackson; and Outstanding Actress in a Musical - Jenn Gambatese. Check out all the details at Playbill.com (News, Source: allshookup.com)

Elvis in Vegas - Centennial coin: The Morgan Mint has released the only U.S. Minted coin product to commemorate the 2005 Las Vegas Centennial AND Elvis, featuring a fabulous image of Elvis in concert, against a dramatic backdrop of fireworks and the world-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. "This beautiful, festive design is now available for volume purchases on Brilliant Uncirculated 2005 Silver Eagle Dollars, made of 1 full oz. of .999 pure silver, or on Brilliant Uncirculated 2005 John F. Kennedy Half Dollars. If you’re a fan of Elvis, you gotta love Vegas…and this is the only U.S. Minted coin product on the market that brings them both together. Packaged in protective airtight capsules and deluxe presentation box. This coin has not yet been released to the general public, so you or your group can be the first in the WORLD to own this coveted coin. The perfect
collectible or gift for the devoted Elvis fan. Silver Eagles: $18.95 each (minimum 100 pieces) JFK Half Dollars: $5.75 each (minimum 250 pieces) Average production time: 4-6 weeks. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability. We’ve got lots of other exciting Elvis-themed coin products that you won’t want to miss, so for more information or to place an order, please contact Mike at The Morgan Mint at 516-935-9490, ext. 122". (News, Source: Email - Christine Bamford)

Elvis collection for sale on eBay: Like to obtain an instant Elvis collection? If yes, then check out listing #7511934494 on eBay. But be prepared, the start price is a cool US$10,000.00! (News, Source: eBay)

Sunday 1 May 2005
Elvis vs JXL debuts at #3: The final of the Elvis 18 #1 singles re-released by BMG UK, Elvis vs JXL, has debuted between Tony Christie (still at #1) and Snoop Dog, in third place on todays UK singles chart. It is Elvis' 77th top 10 hit in England. Way Down dropped 28 places to #30. Paranoia has set in with a number of sites claiming the Official Charts Company introduced digital downloads to the chart equation to prevent Elvis' last few songs being #1. This is ridiculous as the introduction of downloads had been known for quite some time and in any case many of the reissued Elvis #1's didn't reach #1 even before downloads were introduced. (News, Source: BBC/EIN)

ITV to screen "Elvis By The Presleys": ITV in the UK has won the rights to show Elvis By The Presleys. (News, Source: Email - John Wynd)

John Wilkinson in UK: Essential Elvis in the UK, have announced that John Wilkinson, Elvis friend and rhythm guitarist, will be this year s guest at their huge Summer convention on the South coast of England. They've booked a brand new venue with many fantastic improvements (including a large, free car park and easy access by train from London). Tickets are on sale now. You can purchase them in the usual way, including their website (www.essentialelvis.com) where you' ll find a safe and secure online ordering service. (News, Source: Essential Elvis/For CD Collectors Only)

10 best Elvis portrayers: The New York Daily News recently published a list of the ten best Elvis portayals by an actor. They were (in chronological order): Kurt Russell in "Elvis" (1979); Jeff Yagher in "Twilight Zone: The Once and Future King" (1986); David Keith in "Heartbreak Hotel" (1988); Michael St. Gerard in "Heart of Dixie" (1989); "Great Balls of Fire" (1989) and "Elvis" (1990 TV series); Val Kilmer in "True Romance" (1993); Huey Lewis in "Twister" (1993 stage play); Christopher Walken in "Him" (1994 stage play); Rick Peters in "Elvis Meets Nixon" (1997); Harvey Keitel in "Finding Graceland" (1998); and Bruce Campbell in "Bubba Ho-Tep" (2002). (News, Source: New York Daily News)

Elvis Insiders Club launched by EPE: Launch of the historic, unprecedented 24/7 Webcam on ElvisInsiders.com from Elvis’s upstairs bedroom window heralds the premiere of the new Official Elvis Insiders members only Web site. Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. has launched the Official Elvis Insiders today, an exciting and exclusive new affinity group and premiere online community for Elvis fans everywhere. The unique program is the evolution of the Official Elvis Collector’s Club which boasts thousands of members from around the world. These additional benefits provide the ultimate online Elvis experience, including an update to the extremely popular message board with a new, much-requested live chat room which will provide members one more way to spend time together in their ever-expanding online Elvis community. It will also allow Graceland the opportunity to host chats with people who knew or worked with Elvis or are involved with his career today. In addition to the 24/7 webcam that allows fans to see what Elvis saw from his bedroom window at Graceland, Elvis Insiders members will receive exclusive access to never and rarely seen photos, artifacts, video clips and documents from the Graceland archives, and they will enjoy confidential information, exclusive updates and news about Elvis before anyone else. Members will be able to explore more of the Graceland archives when, each week another artifact or rare photo or video (updated monthly) is added to the Exclusive Image Gallery and Exclusive Audio and Video Gallery. Upon joining, members receive a deluxe membership kit, quarterly newsletters, weekly e-newsletters and invitations to upcoming parties and events in Memphis for members only. Elvis Insiders receive discounts on all purchases at Graceland, Heartbreak Hotel, Elvis Presley Enterprises gift shops, online merchandise at ShopElvis.com, Sun Studios tours, and The Elvis Catalog. Cost of membership in The Official Elvis Insiders is $29.99 plus shipping. To join go to www.ElvisInsiders.com or call 866-E-Insiders (866-346-7433). (News, Source: EPE)

Lisa Presley's fears for dead snappers: Rocker Lisa Marie Presley pities the photographers who hound celebrities - because they will be punished in the "next lifetime". The singer understands the importance of the media in terms of its coverage of serious news, but she refuses to accept the endless quantity of manufactured showbiz stories and privacy-invading photos that dominate newspaper pages. And Presley fears the crimes of the paparazzi will not go unnoticed in the afterlife. She says, "Well, there's got to be some kind of communication network to let people know what's happening in the world - that's fine and valid, we need that. But as far as the other stuff goes, it's the nature of the beast. "I think they're out of control right now, more than I've ever been. If there is such a thing as life after death, I would hate to see what the paparazzi would come back as in the next lifetime. I wouldn't want to be in their head and in their conscience." (News, Source: contactmusic.com)

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