Christopher Byrnes Matthews, author of

The Name Code I: The Path To Graceland; and

The Name Code II: The God of Elvis

talks to EIN


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Interview published May 2008

Introduction: In the past decade EIN has published a number of highly controversial articles and interviews. Arguably what you are about to read is the most controversial subject ever involving Elvis!

Researcher and author Chris Matthews has published three volumes which challenge the very basics of not only our belief system about Elvis but also his role in the world and who is the true Messiah.

In The Name Code: The God of Elvis Volumes 1 & 2 and The Path to Graceland , Matthews offers one of the most confronting and challenging expositions ever published.

In a highly confronting interview, author Matthews unlocks the hidden secrets of the Elvis' world's very own Da Vinci Code....The Name Code: The God of Elvis!

EIN: Chris, please tell us the Chris Matthews story, your background etc.

CM: I am Australian and 54 years old. For most of my working life I have been a watercolour artist. I have also had a long time interest in writing. My first novel, Al Jazzar, ( a spy thriller set in Israel and Jordan ) won a major Australian literary prize and was published in 1982.

EIN: How would you describe your three books about Elvis?

CM: THE NAME CODE books are unlike any other books ever written about Elvis Presley.

A number of authors over the last thirty years have commented on or made investigations into the messianic and religious imagery that has become increasingly associated with both the life and the memory of Elvis Presley. The questions have often been asked: Why do tens of thousands of people gather annually in semi religious ceremonies to remember the ‘King’? Why is Elvis often depicted with a halo? Or bearing a cross? Or having the flaming Sacred Heart of God beating in his chest? Why is Elvis often directly compared to Jesus? Why, in ridicule or reverence, is only Elvis made the focus of such veneration?

None of these questions has ever been satisfactorily answered before. Now THE NAME CODE books offer completely new insights and break new ground in understanding the Elvis Presley phenomenon. They present evidence that secret messages are encoded in some people’s names. Foremost among those people whose names do carry secret messages is Elvis Presley himself. THE NAME CODE books fill more than 1700 pages and display 1700 examples of name messages. The books are complex, comprehensive and very confronting.

EIN: How long did your research take?

CM: Ten years, about three of which were dedicated full time to the project.

EIN: What are your credentials for this type of research and what is your background with the Hebrew language?

CM: I have had a 40 year interest in Middle Eastern history, politics and religion. I did a basic Hebrew study course during my first 6 month visit to Israel in 1974.

I have visited or lived and worked in Israel 9 times since then. The last three of these visits were for the purpose of researching THE NAME CODE books.

EIN: How did you discover there were hidden coded messages in the Elvis Aaron Presley name?

CM: Quite by accident. I had long been intrigued and amused by the commonly seen images of Elvis depicted with halo, angel’s wings, Sacred Heart etc. Utilizing this public fixation, I decided to feature Elvis as an Archangel in a satiric novel I was writing. In order to further justify his angelic elevation I decided to look for …or fabricate some sort of farcical hidden message in his name. Because Hebrew is a ‘holy’ language it seemed a good place to start. So

I started translating Elvis’ names into Hebrew. I was rather stunned with the happy ‘coincidences’ I uncovered. By coincidence, the exact Hebrew word for a shining Angel was to be found perfectly enclosed in the reverse reading of ‘Presley’.

EIN: What is the fundamental basis for the Name Code?

CM: All secret ‘codes’ by definition involve a systematic deviation from the actual language on which they are based. (If the language was not modified in some way… there would be no code to ‘decode’.) The most cunning feature of The Name Code is that it incorporates two very different languages: Hebrew and English. It is their clever interaction that masks the fact that coded messages are hidden in some names.

EIN: Please describe the Name Code methods.

CM: Expressed in brief and using the name ELVIS PRESLEY as an example the Name Code methods are as follows:

(1) Write the name forward and backward in Hebrew as one chain of letters. (ELVISPRSLYYLSRPSIVLE…)

(2) If one recognizes words within the chain of letters that appear to be unusually biographically descriptive or follow some other theme, then introduce new word breaks to try and form these words into a comprehensive “message”.

(3) If a message is found to exist, the syntax or grammatical construction will tend to follow the English language format, not the conventional Hebrew structure. The message must be translated and read from the Hebrew script one word at a time into English. If one tries to read it in Hebrew from start to finish as one Hebrew sentence, it won’t make sense.

(4) Hebrew has no words such as ‘a’, ‘is’ or ‘an’. They need to be added to the message where needed as happens with every conventional Hebrew into English translation.

EIN: The idea of precisely placed messages in Elvis’ names is both confronting and highly challenging. What is the subject of these messages?

CM: The messages follow two distinct themes. One theme of messages gives a perfect prophetic description of Elvis Presley’s destiny as a singer prancing the stage in glittering costumes. Interestingly, direct reference is also made to his later drug, dietary and obesity problems. The other line of name-messages precisely mimics the godly-messianic themes of the Old and New Testaments. The detail of the messages is astounding. So too is the scale of the Name Code phenomenon. This is because it is not just Elvis who has names that deliver Name Code Messages. So do his parents, grandparents, great grandparents… In fact all of the extended Presley/Smith clan deliver or contribute to messages in a precise generational sequence.

Because of their biographic prophetic nature and the fact that the messages appear in generations of names that cover centuries, it becomes impossible to rationally attribute their existence to human contrivance. Because of their biblical accuracy and scale it also becomes increasingly delusional to try and dismiss them as just a big ‘random‘ coincidence.

EIN: Then who placed these messages?

CM: The messages state unequivocally that God placed the messages. Unfortunately for many, the ‘god’ who signs his name as author of the name-messages is unfamiliar to most people who currently consider themselves religious or spiritual. Thousands of ‘gods’ from hundreds of national or tribal pantheons have been worshipped by mankind over the millennia. Of these thousands by far the oldest identifiable god is the ancient Bull-god El who was worshipped under various names from Memphis in Egypt to Babel (Gate of El ) in Mesopotamia and beyond.

In later eras the bull horned storm-god Baal was worshipped alongside his father, the Creator-god El. Be it El or Baal, the horned Bull-god effigy pre-dates any archeological reference to Yahweh-Jehovah by thousands of years. Somewhat disturbingly, the Name Messages state that the Bull-god El-Baal wrote the messages.

EIN: Why? What is their purpose?

CM: The Name Code messages state comprehensively and unequivocally that El-Baal is God and ‘Yahweh-Jehovah’ is not. He and any latter day ‘revelations’ attributed to him are just frauds and fabrications. Time and again the hidden messages restate their claim that Elvis is the immaculately conceived son of the Bull-god El. As such Elvis was both God and Messiah on Earth…and Jesus was neither.

EIN: You state that your methodology involves the alignment of the Elvis’ names to reveal messages. You also state that Elvis has dozens of messages hidden in his names. How can this be possible?

CM: With Elvis it is simple. Elvis had many names… and for biographic or biblical messages he had exactly the right names. Reading from his birth records Elvis’ first given names were accidentally mis-spelt and occur as EVIS AARON PRESLEY. When registered on the birth certificate they next appear as ELVIS ARON PRESLEY. Thus one name was corrected but his middle name AARON nowsuffered an accidental misspelling. For the purposes of The Name Code, Elvis had at least five different names and even more name alignment permutations. Elvis Presley is also known as Elvis A Presley, Elvis Aron Presley, E. A. Presley, El Presley, Elvis Aaron / Aron Presley.

EIN: Does changing the spelling of “Aaron” to “Aron” change the messages much?

CM: Incredibly. Firstly, because of this spelling mistake Elvis has two different middle names by which he was known. Both names play major roles in describing Elvis’ destiny as a singer as well as both having huge meanings in forming biblical messages. To consider some basic singing messages first:

In Hebrew ARON can mean I WILL SING (What a nice coincidence…) As spelt in Hebrew but with one typing space introduced, the name Aaron

(A HRON ) translates as NUMBER ONE… THE SONG.

Aligned together with Elvis’ other names as ELVIS ARON AARON PRESLEY.. and read forward and backward one unveils an extensive message a paragraph long that speaks of the glittery Elvis entering into an encore performance, announcing he will sing a Number One song, and being acclaimed as a singing ‘god’ by an adoring public.

EIN: The most controversial and challenging issue in your books is the idea that Jesus is an imposter! You support your contention by stating it is revealed in the Bible. Please tell us about this subject.

CM: The fact that Name Code messages not only appear in the names of Elvis Presley and his family, but also ‘infect’ the Bible seems at first hard to believe. Like it or not, Name Code messages exist in the Bible from the front cover to the back page. Once one has cracked the code they are easy to find. Being a ‘Name Code’… most messages are to be found hidden in names.

Take the New Testament as an example. Well over a hundred different individuals are introduced by name in its first six books. (Joseph, Mary, Jesus Christ, Quirinius the Legate, the 12 disciples, Saul, Centurion Julius, Festus…). Only one of these hundred individuals is described within the New Testament’s pages as being crucified; nailed on a desolate ‘tree’ by soldiers. That one person is Jesus ‘Christ’. By strange coincidence only one of these hundred New Testament characters also has a perfect description of such a crucifixion encoded in his names. By strange ‘coincidence’ that person is Jesus ‘Christ’.

If that crucifixion message really just happens to exist by random coincidence, then it does so at odds of more than 100 to 1. Also numbered among our 100 New Testament characters is Judas Iscariot. By biblical account and Christian tradition he was the treacherous ‘dog’ who betrayed God on Earth (i.e. Jesus Christ).

There is only one out of the first 100 New Testament characters that carries an abusive ‘betrayer of God’ message hidden in his names. And yes, it is Judas Iscariot. By coincidence another 100 to 1 shot. But that these two central characters should randomly both carry such biographically descriptive messages compounds the odds (100 X 100) and pushes them out to a 1 in 10,000 chance.

Only one of the first hundred New Testament characters voices doubts that Jesus actually died on the cross and then rose from the dead. Again, only one New Testament character has such a message encoded in his names. And yes, it is doubting disciple Didimus Thomas that carries the ‘feeling the hands of a corpse’ message.

The compounding random chance odds? One in a million.

Disciple Andrew, Son of Jonah also carries a name-message that matches his New Testament role. So does his brother Simon Peter.

The random chance odds have just hit 1 in 10 billion.

Once the biographic messages are recognized in the New Testament, the accompanying anti-Jesus messages are soon found. According to them Jesus was a real person but he was not the Messiah and he did not die on the cross. He was rescued alive. Hence there was no redemptive death and no resurrection. Thus there is no gift of Salvation for the faithful. But this does not matter. According to the god El-Baal there is to be no murderous divine judgment so there is no need for divinely granted salvation.

Also in the names and epithets of the New Testament Disciples of Jesus one recognizes another incredible feature: there are messages describing Elvis. Elvis is identified precisely by name. As is his residence called ‘Grace….’ Elvis is apparently a ‘Rock’ singer. It is said that the corpse of this singing God is also buried at his ‘Grace…’ residence next to his mother.

EIN: Your books state that Elvis is not only the El-Baal Messiah… but also the Messiah Son of David.

CM: Once again the ultimate proof is all in the names and their inherent messages. The most comprehensive way for El-Baal to completely gut Judaism and Christianity is to claim all their holy titles, thrones and godly symbols for himself.

In Judaism the concept of God on Earth is expressed in the stories of Yahweh inhabiting the Mosaic Ark of the Covenant. (Known in Hebrew as the Aron of God. ) The promised Messiah is from the majestic line of King David; thus he is a Son of David. As such he represents a virtual reincarnation of the All Wise King Solomon who was the literal and quintessential Son of David. The Christians combine the two concepts in one as Jesus Christ, who is supposedly a Son of David as well as God on Earth. They also see their Jesus Son of David as the new Messiah Son of Aaron, the priestly intermediary between man and God.

Therefore it is seen that the Jewish and Christian concepts of God on Earth and Royal Messiah include terms such as Aron of God, Sacred Heart, Star out of Jacob, Immanuel, Shiloh, Rod out of Jesse, Shoot /Branch out of Jesse, Son of David, Seed of David, Son of Aaron.

Through the Name Code messages the god El-Baal comprehensively claims all of these titles for himself. Most of them are found contained and explained in Elvis’ own vast array of name messages. Those that are not in his names are found to be enclosed and encoded in perfect generational sequence in the names of his parents and 4 grandparents.

Early in the Name Code books it is illustrated how the Elvis Presley family tree perfectly matches and mimics that of the core generations of the royal House of David.

King Solomon / Shlomo the Wise is the quintessential Messiah Son of David. The names King Elvis Aaron Presley carry exactly the same intrinsic meanings as Solomon’s names and titles. Added to that:

Solomon had a parent called David.

Elvis had a parent whose name means David in Hebrew.

Solomon had a grandfather called Jesse.

Elvis had a grandfather called Jessie (Spelt the same as Jesse in Hebrew).

Solomon had a great grand parent called Obed.

Elvis had a great grand parent called Obediah

Solomon had a great great grandfather called Boaz.

Elvis had a great great grandfather whose Gaelic name has the same meaning as Boaz. The parallels between the Presley family and the House of David do not end there. That is just the appetizer.

EIN: The thought that Jehovah is a fiction will incense many people. Your thoughts on this.

CM: Most of humanity does not believe in the existence of ‘Jehovah / Yahweh / Allah ’. Hence most of humanity already believes he is a fictitious god. Observant Jews, Christians and Moslems make up much less than 50% of the world’s population and have always done so. Secular academics have long maintained that supposed ‘pagan’ gods such as the Bull-god El long predates the first mention of Yahweh-Jehovah. Secular academic research has also long maintained that the Hebrew Patriarchs were originally pagan worshippers of the Bull-god El. The cult of Jehovah is a relatively recent invention. So in repeating these facts, The Name Code books are saying nothing new. Where the Name Code books do break new ground is in setting forth the somewhat unsettling evidence that while Jehovah is a complete fiction… the ancient god El-Baal is not.

Some people might be offended by this. That cannot be avoided. Unfortunately there are those who are least well informed who tend to get the most incensed. Those with the initiative to read at least one of the books will likely start form a different opinion. When made aware of the evidence it is hard to deny that something very strange and totally unique exists in the names that make up the Presley family. (e.g. the Royal House of David / Presley name parallel briefly mentioned above.) They will have to ultimately admit that name messages also exist in both the Old and New Testaments. They infect it like a virus.

How else do they explain the blatantly biographic words and phrases found in the names of Jesus, Judas, Thomas, Andrew, Peter, Simon the Zealot…? Who put them there? Was it Jehovah? And if it was Jehovah…why did he put the anti-Bible pro-Baal messages in the Bible? And why did he also put such godly and prophetic messages in Elvis’ names? Name messages present quite a dilemma for conventional belief systems.

EIN: Elvis’ immaculate conception will interest many fans. Please tell us about this.

CM: Reference to this weird Presley story is mentioned in a few Elvis biographies. (e.g. Albert Goldman’s ‘ELVIS’ and Alana Nash’s ‘ELVIS AARON PRESLEY: Revelations From the Memphis Mafia.) According to the Goldman account, Vernon claimed to have known the exact moment of Elvis’ conception ‘‘because at that instant he blacked out’. Goldman argues that Elvis came to see this as a sign ‘’ that at the critical moment his father’s body had become the vehicle for a higher being… thus Elvis came to believe that the man he called ‘Daddy’ was no more his father than Joseph was the father of Jesus.’’

Vernon must have drawn similar conclusions from the strange ‘sign’, why else would he seek to make such a connection between too obviously unconnected events: i.e. his sudden black out… and his wife’s conception of a son? Vernon also told Elvis about the strange occurrence on the night of Elvis’ birth when, on going outside into the backyard, he saw with astonishment the heavens were ‘’ringed around with a blue light.’’

Again, like at Jesus’ birth one supposedly witnessed heavenly signs of brilliant light from above. All very strange. It is more than understandable that anyone of rational mind would dismiss such family tales as total nonsense. Even Christians who tend to believe in such things as heavenly signs and immaculate conceptions would find it most offensive to claim that Elvis like Jesus was not conceived by mundane human sexual union, but through God by way of an angelic visitation.

So, one should logically dismiss any suggestion of an Elvis ‘immaculate conception’ as a load of rubbish. But then, how does one account for the message encoded in his first recorded names: Evis Aaron Presley? An alignment of that name in Hebrew as EVI S A HRON PRS L YY L SRP NO R’ HA S IVE EVIS AHRON PRSLY produces a series of words reading:

‘My father… which is one conception to declare is of God by an Angel! It indeed is a way behold which is to bring in Evis Aaron Presley!’ Similarly, a forward and reverse alignment of the names ELVIS AARON PRESLEY written in Hebrew provides the sequence of words:

Elvis! 1 conception to declare is of God! As an angel indeed is a way behold to transport one Elvis Aaron Presley!

And these messages are just the beginning. Both his parents also carry multiple messages encoded in their names that prophetically describe Elvis as a gift of God. Vernon ’s identifies ‘Elvis’ specifically by name as a ‘son to be established’ being ‘of God by and angel’ and arriving ‘to sing and prance.’ Specific reference is also made to Vernon blacking out during sexual intercourse and to the blue light in the sky on the night of Elvis’ birth. The unsettling ‘coincidences’ continue to compound.

EIN: Your findings also involve combining various names to produce other hidden messages. Is this a matter of trial and error?

CM: It was, especially in the beginning, but after a while I started to understand the system. The first name I found that seemed to contain messages was Elvis’. It seemed totally ridiculous but the words were there. The descriptions of his singing career were just so graphic. And then I could see that woven through the same words were equally graphic messianic images and meanings. I immediately started checking dozens of other names of singers, actors, politicians etc…but in none of them could I find or contrive messages like those woven through Elvis’ names.

I found no evidence of immaculate conceptions in the names of Perry Como or Boy George. So then I checked Elvis’ parents’ names. At first I did them individually as Gladys Love Smith or Vernon Elvis Presley. The messages found therein seemed to validate those found in Elvis’ names. Then I realized that one could see them as providing complimentary parts of the same message. So I joined the names together as Gladys Love Smith & Vernon Elvis Presley…. or as Vernon Elvis & Gladys Love Presley. It was after all quite natural to pair the names of a husband and wife. So the messages got longer and even more descriptive.

And then there are the addresses. Addresses can identify someone as much as personal names can. Some addresses are inextricably linked to their owners or former occupants. This is undoubtedly the case with Elvis. So then I started increasing the name alignments by sequentially adding the lines of Elvis’ birth address: ELVIS AARON PRESLEY… 306 OLD SALTILLO ROAD … EAST TUPELO … LEE COUNTY … MISSISSIPPI … AMERICA …

The results were amazing. I now had multiple cohesive comprehensive messages paragraphs in length.

EIN: You have published two volumes of The God of Elvis and one volume of The Path to Graceland . Why three separate volumes?

CM: THE NAME CODE books fill more than 1750 pages. For ease of publication it was necessary to present the investigation in three volumes instead of just two.

EIN: How does The Path to Graceland differ from The God of Elvis volumes?

CM: THE GOD OF ELVIS books start the investigation of the Name Code phenomenon with Elvis himself and then moves sequentially through his whole family plus Rock & Roll friends, associates and ‘disciples’.

THE PATH TO GRACELAND investigates another seemingly unconnected pattern of Name Code messages that also ultimately forms a path that leads to Graceland.

These Name Code messages are found in the names of every British and Israeli Prime Minister and every American President. Further investigation proves that other ‘paths to Graceland ’ are also found encoded throughout Old and New Testaments and the Koran.

EIN: We are intrigued that your research also uncovered hidden codes in the names of other celebrities and politicians. Please tell us about this.

CM: The scale of the Name Code messages is world wide and covers at least 2500 years. The proof of this assertion is in the name messages themselves. As mentioned earlier, Jesus and disciples Judas, Thomas, and Andrew all have biographic name messages encoded in their names and epithets. They all lived 2000 years ago. And from more recent eras George Washington, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Disraeli, Tony Blair… and George Walker Bush all have biographically prophetic name-messages. The current American President George Bush provides about 40 name messages, among them are ones that graphically describe his fear of ‘Babylonian missiles of mass destruction’ and consequently going to war to destroy them.‘ Babylon ’ just happens to be the biblical name for Iraq .

EIN: You also reveal that eight generations of Elvis’ ancestors have hidden codes in their names. Why did it stop at eight generations?

CM: It was impossible to investigate any further back. Eight generations is as far back as the Presley family tree is accurately recorded.

EIN: What role, if any, does Elvis’ birth twin, Jesse Garon Presley have in the Name Code messages?

CM: Considering he died at birth, Jesse Garon plays a huge role. His name messages are truly stunning and part of the reason for this is another remarkable ‘coincidence.’ Just as Elvis’ names suffered two very unfortunate misspellings

(EVIS AARON became ELVIS ARON)… so did his dead brother’s names.

JESSE GARION on the doctor’s birth records was later recorded as JESSIE GARON which multiplies his names and name messages just like it did with Elvis. As unsettling as it may be to many, combinations of the names JESSE JESSIE GARION GARON PRESLEY give a perfect description of Jesus. In biblical scripture and tradition Jesus is a ’Gift of God’. (‘God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son…’). Jesus is a one time carpenter who received the Spirit of God in the form of a ‘Dove that abided with him.’ Jesus is also described as being ordained by God to prepare his ‘threshing floor’ and then condemning the sinners of the world to the burning fires of hell.

All of these images are only ever associated with Jesus. Just one basic Jesse Jessie Garion Garon Presley message provides the opening description:

There is a Gift of God! To abide is a dove! To prepare a threshing floor! To declare by God to burn is a fire of condemnation…

If one wants mention of Jesus by name, plus his birth in a stable, plus Mary, plus being ‘without sin’ … then one merely adds the Saltillo Road birth address to the Jesse Garion Presley name alignment. The message then begins:

A Gift of God! To abide is a dove ! To distinguish by is Jesus! …….

When seen in full, there is no doubt that Jesse Garon symbolizes Jesus. The mocking symbolism of this Jesse ‘Jesus’ Garon being long dead and buried in a long lost grave is quite obvious. While Jesse ’Jesus ‘ rotted in an unmarked grave, Elvis went on to become the most recognizable man to ever walk the face of the Earth.

EIN: Could it be that all names have hidden coded messages using your methodology?

CM: Definitely not. If one claims that Elvis and all his ancestors + presidents + prime ministers have name-messages… it tends to give the impression that hidden messages are to be found in every name. But this is not the case. In researching The Name Code books I checked thousands of names for possible prophetic biographic or biblical messages. Most names are seemingly devoid of any messages. In the Name Code books only about three hundred people are listed as carrying them. Thus they are very rare. They exist only in specific places and mostly in specific sequences.

EIN: Your research did not only uncover hidden codes in the Elvis Aaron Presley name but it found links in the Bible. Tell us about these.

CM: The hundreds of generational Presley family messages match and mimic every era of Biblical stories. Interwoven with these recognizable parallels are other messages which describe what really happened in these ancient times.

Paralleling Old Testament stories they name Moses and describe the persecutions and massacres that his Yahwist followers inflicted on El-Baal worshippers down through the ages. The purpose of these messages is to state that El-Baal is God and Yahweh-Jehovah is not. In a display of incredible cunning, The Bible is found to contain exactly the same sort of messages. Dozens of them. Some are half a page long. The long hidden messages praise the god El- Baal but curse and abuse the Bible, its lies and the judgmental concept of god that it propounds. The first example of such an abusive message is to be found on the actual cover of

The Bible itself. The actual title THE BIBLE aligned forward and backward provides the following exact sequence of easily understood words and phrases:

The Bible?! Here is as a sewer! The nonsense as is ‘ God.’ Here as pray, to be amazed! Pray! BAAL IS GOD! Here as a ‘sewer’ alas is a ‘Bible’!

The messages hidden within the pages of the Bible and the Koran are no less graphic.

EIN: El-Baal….the Bull-god. What is the background to this & how does it relate to Elvis?

CM: Again at first glance there seems no rational connection between Elvis and ancient pagan concepts of god such as El and Baal….except for a couple of strange coincidences.

El and Baal were the quintessential pagan rock idol gods.

Elvis Presley was also the quintessential rock idol ‘god.’ And Rock & Roll music has long been denounced by its detractors as inherently pagan in its tempo, beat and social influence. The dancing it inspired was denounced as debauched and licentious. Exactly the same condemnations are leveled at Baal worship in the Bible. The symbol of the ancient storm-fertility god Baal is the lightning bolt. By strange coincidence, Elvis Presley’s chosen symbol is also the lightning bolt. It even adorns his grave plaque.

All of the above could be dismissed as largely circumstantial… but then one finds the name messages. Reference has already been made to the strange Presley immaculate conception myth and the array of hidden messages that appear to validate it. Exactly the same alignment of names: EVIS ELVIS PRESLEY also triumphantly delivers messages revealing the identity of Elvis’ real godly father.

My father? Whom is El! Pray, who is a ‘Bull’ who is as God! By an angel is a gift. Baal is one who is to import!

The message states that Elvis’ father is the Bull-god El. The child brought about by the angelic ‘gift’ is Baal.

El is the Father. Baal is the son. The messages perfectly match the ancient Semitic pantheon. As God and Son of God, El and Baal can be regarded as virtually synonymous. An array of dozens of Presley El-Baal messages supports this conclusion. The Bull-god Baal is also known by the ancient epithet The Cloud Rider.

This too is explained in dozens of Presley name and address messages that detail every aspect of ancient El-Baal worship and its relationship with biblical Israel .

EIN: What is the significance of the Presley paternal-maternal lines in your research?

CM: The extensive Presley family tree is utilized to act out numerous biblical parallels. In the Presley family tree everything fits in perfect generational and perfect paternal-maternal sequence. An example is the Son of David parallel spoken about earlier. To be the Son of David one needs to be descended from the royal line of David….but should this descent be on the paternal side or on the maternal side? In ancient times Jewish descent had to be paternal. In the more modern era Jewishness js judged as coming through the maternal line.

The Presley family tree answers and solves this dilemma by using a perfect symmetric interaction of both maternal and paternal lines of descent to form its Son of David parallel. It also states unequivocally that the Presley /Hood /Smith/ Mansell bloodline is ‘’doubly Jewish and doubly majestic.’’

EIN: Have you perhaps stretched issues in your search. For example, on page 153 you state: Solomon had a great great grandfather whose name can mean Fortress in Hebrew. Using the word “can” is not definitive.

CM: Many names have more than one attributed meaning. Sarah can mean a female singer or a princess. From its word roots, the name Boaz can mean with strength. It can also mean as afortress.

EIN: Chris, undoubtedly many fans will be skeptical about your books. What do you say to those who may doubt the veracity of your research?

CM: Skepticism is good. It is a far healthier attitude than reliance on blind faith and mindless conformity. As far as the Name Code books are concerned people should definitely check out their claims for themselves.

1. Firstly visit the Name Code website. One will find more information there plus more examples of Name Code messages in English and in their full Hebrew script. About 80 pages of free downloads are available from both THE PATH TO GRACELAND and THE GOD OF ELVIS. They contain a full explanation of the code process plus dozens more messages in English and Hebrew.

If readers don’t understand any Hebrew then take printouts of the downloads to show to a local Rabbi or some one else who does. Show him (for example) Translation 22 on Page 45. Ask if the phonetic spelling of ELVIS ARON / AARON PRESLEY does allow a sequence of words the exact meaning of which is:

‘’One as an ‘Encore!’ I will sing! Number one is the song! “ To declare as ‘God’ as is a singer! … 2. Check out the basic Elvis Son of David parallel. If you cannot find the information on line then go to your best local library and read Elaine Dundy’s ‘ELVIS & GLADYS’ which gives the most detail on Elvis’ family tree. Find and confirm the family names Gladys LOVE Smith, JESSIE Presley and M. OBEDIAH Smith. Virtually any Baby Names dictionary will confirm that DAVID means a LOVE / a Beloved One, that ELVIS means ALL WISE, and that SOLOMON means PEACEFUL. The Alcalay Complete Hebrew Dictionary (page 32) lists AARON as meaning PEACELOVER. With just these few names one has verified a basic 4 generation parallel between King Elvis Aaron and King Solomon the all wise.

3.Check your own inherent name meanings and those of your extended family and friends. This will give you some indication of just how unusual the Presley / Son of David parallel is.

4. Get THE PATH TO GRACELAND free download and read all the George Walker Bush and Tony Blair name messages. Show them and the accompanying Name Code explanation to any Hebrew scholar that you can track down. Get them to confirm that the actual sequence of words that are claimed to constitute each message, are actually to be found in the said names.

For those who can read Hebrew, they can check out the accuracy of the Name Code messages and biblical parallels for themselves. The most important thing to remember though is, that the Name Code is based on a cunning interaction between the Hebrew and English languages. The Hebrew text that accompanies every name translation has to be read from the Hebrew and vocalized in its English meaning on a word by word basis. And even those who are fully Hebrew literate would be well advised to keep a complete Hebrew English dictionary at hand. Many obscure Hebrew words are used in the Name Code messages.

EIN: Has there been any independent confirmation of your research findings?

CM: Professor Daniel Sivan, The Chair of Hebrew Language Studies at Ben Gurion University in Israel read most of the final draft of THE PATH TO GRACELAND. He called it ‘fascinating’ and ‘astounding’. He was most complimentary. He even took it to a leading Israeli publisher on my behalf. Unfortunately this leading Jewish publisher did not like the subject matter as much as Professor Sivan did.

EIN: How can you achieve wider acceptance of your books?

CM: By encouraging skeptics to actively investigate the phenomenon for themselves. If they despise the concept of Name Code messages… then they should try to prove that precisely placed Name Code messages do not really exist. Theoretically this should be very easy for anyone with a knowledge of English and Hebrew. (And there are millions of such people).

The basis of the Name Code books is the claim that an unmatchable array of biographic, godly and messianic messages can be decoded from the names of Elvis Presley and his family. If the messages as quoted in the Name Code books only exist through artful contrivance…then surely an equal amount of effort will supply equally apt messianic references from virtually any other name. (e.g. Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Black, Scotty Moore…).

Looked at mathematically about 50% of all other random names should on average provide biographic or messianic ‘messages’ that equal or exceed those claimed for Elvis Presley. Similarly, if prophetic Presidential Name Code messages do not exist then the Watergate messages supposedly found in Richard Nixon’s names should be just as easily contrived from the names of any other American president. Similarly, all other claimed presidential messages should be equally easily contrived from virtually any other name.

The Hebrew literate skeptic is thus actively encouraged to try and rip the Name Code apart. Treat it with total contempt and tear it to shreds! They should attempt to prove that the span of their own messianic and godly name messages can rival or exceed those claimed for Elvis.

I maintain that they won’t succeed, but they should definitely try! And they will learn something in the process. Elvis Presley’s name messages are totally unique. And the more one tries to disprove this fact…the more unique they become.

Thus the more people try to actively disprove The Name Code books, the more acceptance they will win.

EIN: And on a personal level, what is your attitude to what you call ‘the Name Code phenomenon?’

CM: My feelings are still very mixed. On a philosophical level I strongly dislike the basic concepts of ‘Gods’ and ‘Messiahs’… no matter what names they go by. Other aspects of the Name Code phenomenon I found totally enthralling and very amusing. But at the same time prophetic name messages also suggest a degree of pre-destination that I find totally appalling. In the end the Name Code books are a record of what I found encoded in some peoples’ names. They are not a philosophical statement of how I would like the world to be.

EIN: Chris, is there anything else you would like to say?

CM: Yes. Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you.

EIN: Chris, thank you very much for a very intriguing and thought provoking interview. We wish you well with The Name Code and your future endeavors.

 Read EIN’s review of The God of Elvis volumes

Visit the Name Code website

Buy the books

Chris Matthews responds to your critical feedback

Comment on this interview

From The Name Code website:

Secret messages are hidden in the names of President George Walker Bush and ex- British Prime Minister Tony Blair. These messages predict the Iraqi 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' controversy and the current Iraqi War.

Secret messages hidden in Bill Clinton's names predict his adulterous sexual liaisons.

Secret messages hidden in the names of Osama bin Laden fore-tell of his destiny as the terrorist founder of Al Qaeda.

Secret messages hidden in the names of former President Richard Nixon predict the Watergate Scandal and his subsequent resignation.

In fact, secretly encoded messages can be found in the names of every American President, every British and Israeli Prime Minister, Pope John Paul II, Jesus of Nazareth, Judas Iscariot...and Elvis Aron Presley.

And as if that was not crazy enough...

Hundreds of hidden Name Code messages are also to be found scrawled like abusive graffiti inside the holiest books of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Together they form an instructive pathway that stretches back at least 2,500 years from the present era.

A hundred examples of Name Code messages are displayed on this web-site or are available for free download. The full investigation of this Name Code phenomenon is the subject of three books that total more than 1700 pages.


Nina Tryggvason (Canada) - Elvis fan, Skeptic and Atheist: This is the most hysterical book I have ever heard of. And his debunkers challenge shows just how flawed his thinking is. The entire name code concept depends on the existence of a god – any god  -existing. And there is no evidence for and no logic behind such an existence.

This name code is not proof of a god which proves the name code is real. That’s a circular fallacy. This book belongs with the intelligent design and creation science books in that they all use science sounding words in a non-science context – like very earnest ghost hunters. The only sad part is that this theory lacks the cleverness of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Michael Cane: I have read Christopher Matthews amazing, challenging and totally remarkable three books, "The Name Code". What a pity the immediate detractors of his absolutely uncontrived findings, had not taken the time and effort, {and might I add decency}, to evaluate his work before mindlessly shooting off at the lip. One can only guess that some traits of human behavior will never change. Matthew's findings undoubtedly will upset reinforced values of the religions who have Yahweh, Jehovah or Allah as the basis of their beliefs. Those people who are ignorant of the Bible and history will have difficulty in seeing the incredible parallels that the Name Code delivers re Elvis and his family. I can only say that his remarkable findings are presented in a refreshing, fair and unbiased manner. The surprising contents of these three books left me spellbound and amazed. Congratulations to the author and to EIN for enabling these gripping findings to see the light of day.

Paul Terry King (USA): not to go overboard on this but the bible does say 666 adds up to a  mans name  which gives credence somewhat to namecoding in this article and even the hairs on your head have a number..  elvis liked numbers too. 

David Bowes: Matthews methodology is so complex 99.9% of people will never understand it let alone trying to test its validity.

Tania Billings (USA): EIN does it again and gives us something very different to think about. Isn't it amazing how Elvis crops up in the most unusual ways.

Walter K: Christopher Matthews books belong in the same dustbin as David Stanly's movie.

Jenny Poultis: There are few Elvis sites which would have been willing to touch the Name Code findings in an intelligent way. EIN is one of them. Well done!

Bill C: What a load of tripe.

John Weston: What planet is Chris Matthews on? Secret messages and the Bull-God El. More like a load of bulls..t to me.

Sarah (Herts): You guys at EIN keep coming up with the most amazing stuff to read. Thanks a heap.

Brian W: It seems people can find any fanciful theory and outlandish claims and relate it to Elvis these days. If this research has so much merit how come those in the ivory towers of academia aren't out sprouting the word?

Tony Johns: I found your laterst interview to be so complex it was incomprehensible. At the end I was just scratching my head trying to figure out what I'd just read. How I long for the days when words were easy to understand, like "Wise men say only fools fall in love".

Briony: What an unbelievable interview. My mind is still spinning.

Seb: What is it about EIN? Do you guys deliberately set out to be the most controversial? I suggest you and Chris Mathews see a sood doctor and get the right meds!

Mary Green: There is only one true God and his son is Jesus Christ. Your interview is blasphemy. I won't be coming back to your site.

John (Leeds): Is this for real???

Chris Matthews responds to your critical feedback
































































































































































































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