The Name Code II: The God of Elvis Volumes 1 & 2, Christopher Byrnes Matthews, Lulu Publishing, 2008, Softcover, 534 pages/546 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1847992314/ ISBN-13: 978-1847992703


There was a strong critical response to our recent interview with author/researcher Chris Matthews on his Name Code trilogy. In this article Chris responds to the major criticisms about his controversial findings and offers us more food for thought.

When first made aware of the subject of the NAME CODE books, many people react with varying degrees of astonishment, mirth or barely controlled anger. The very idea of prophetic and messianic name messages being hidden in the names of Elvis Presley is seen to be totally ridiculous by many and by some as also being unspeakably blasphemous.

Everybody is entitled to voice their opinion, but those founded solely on emotion and ignorance should not be taken too seriously. The Name Code books and the 1700 coded messages they contain are based on a close examination of biblical history and the Hebrew language. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the vocal Name Code critics know little of biblical history and nothing at all of Hebrew, and thus could not tell Archelaus from Antipas… or an aleph from an ayin.

This does not mean that a critic’s skepticism should be condemned. Far from it. Skepticism is a very healthy attitude. One has every right to remain very skeptical while one examines the actual content of The Name Code books. On first glance the possibility of a messianic name-code phenomenon being centered on Elvis Presley does seem farcical. It would appear that once more the memory of Elvis Presley is being targeted for crass commercial purposes. Elvis’ name written in Hebrew? Elvis’ name read backward? What sort of idiot would do such things?

Interesting questions….

Israelis write Elvis’ names in Hebrew all the time. Go to the Elvis Inn, Jerusalem and one will see it everywhere, even written in the paving stones.

And who was the first ‘idiot’ to write ‘Elvis’ backward?

Ahh…That would appear to be Elvis himself. He registered a company by the name ‘SIVLE’. It is a word that also is to be found associated with various Elvis fan clubs. Check it out on the internet.

Admittedly I might have been the first to combine the two themes and write all of Elvis’ names in Hebrew both forward and backward. The Name Code books evolved from this event as I started to document the weird coincidences I uncovered. One might like to consider the NAME CODE concept farcical… but there are possibly a few facts we can agree on:

FACT 1. Elvis was a singer. He was often called an ‘ idol’.

FACT 2. By dictionary definition an ‘idol’ is an image of a god that is worshipped by its followers.

COINCIDENCE 1. If one writes ELVIS ARON AARON PRESLEY as a forward and backward alignment in Hebrew a series of words and numbers can be read in exact sequence that carry the meanings:

Elvis! / One as an ‘Encore!’ One is to sing! A ‘number one’ is the song! To declare as a ‘god’ as is a singer!....

Even the skeptic would have to admit that such an alignment of words and phrases seems unusually ordered and biographic. It is almost as if Elvis was predestined to sing But of course, that isn’t logically possible… it has to be just a ‘random coincidence.’ Common sense would seem to suggest that if one can do this with Elvis then such messages must be contrivable in many peoples names.

Unfortunately, this is not so. Finding a random reference to singing in a random person’s name alignment is not difficult. Finding someone with a message that approximates Elvis’s is seemingly impossible. After checking hundreds of names the one that comes closest to matching Elvis’s is that offered by Vernon Elvis Presley.

FACT 3. Vernon Elvis Presley was Elvis’s father.

COINCIDENCE 2. Depending how one writes the name Vernon one reveals sequences of words and variant ‘messages’ beginning:

(1) To establish is a son, Elvis!...

(2) And one to sing is Elvis!...

(3) To arrive to sing is Elvis! ….to declare as a ‘god’ as is a singer…

At this point any self respecting Hebrew literate skeptic finds themselves confronted with a dilemma . The coincidences are compounding far too fast. This should not be happening.

From hundreds of checked names Elvis has the best biographic singing god messages.

From hundreds of names father Vernon has the best ‘son Elvis is a singing god’ message. The basis of these singing messages can be found in the letters RN /RON as is found in the names ARON, AARON & VERNON. Another word meaning singer / to sing is also found in the reverse reading of PRESLEY

FACT 4. It is generally considered that at the very end of Elvis’ career he did not sing as well as in his younger years. His voice was not as strong and clear. Some critics judged his last concerts as ‘awful’. They no longer paid tribute to his former great talent. They said he was too old and should retire gracefully.

COINCIDENCE 3. An alignment of the names ELVIS ARON gives the same critical summary:

Elvis? One to sing is awful! A ‘tribute’ is without! One as is bad! One to sing is terrible! Of ‘old age’ as is one Elvis! One to sing is awful!

What a coincidence… Lots of singers lose their touch as they get older. But out of them all… only Elvis has name-messages which prophetically predict the event.

FACT 5. Contributing to Elvis’ decline as a stage performer were his health problems. He was grossly overweight and felt humiliated by the fact. Between tours he secluded himself at Graceland. His unhappiness led to even greater bouts of binge eating and excessive consumption of sweetened soft-drinks. At the time of his death Elvis weighed more than 250 kilos.

COINCIDENCE… A phonetic alignment of Elvis’s two variant first names: EVIS ELVIS delivers a shattering sequence of phrases:

To fatten is Elvis! Which is ten to gluttonize! To drink… To fatten / to stuff! To humiliate / to put to shame is a reality. Which is ten to devour. To drink… To fatten is Elvis!

Some Elvis fans are not happy to be reminded of such facts, but what can you do? The photographs of the era tell their own story.

By strange ‘coincidence’ every possible alignment of Elvis’ given names EVIS /ELVIS / AARON /ARON PRESLEY gives a varied biographic message. And the messages are not coy about describing Elvis’ frailties or his triumphs. By ‘coincidence’ everything is described. Examples are:

Messages paralleling the weird Elvis conception and birth stories told by father, Vernon.

The long term Presley family poverty.

The imprisonment of his father, Vernon.

Elvis’ insomnia and sleepwalking.

Elvis’ ultimate singing glory.

Plastic surgery to ‘beautify’ his nose.

Being crowned ‘The King’

Being a ‘god of rock’.

The split with Red West.

The compulsive overeating and the resultant shame and humiliation.

The later drug dependency.

The weird ways Elvis would often be compared with Jesus.

By strange coincidence it is all there. For longer messages on many of the above subjects one can also align Elvis’ names with his addresses.

Elvis is associated with about 30 different residential addresses.

By strange coincidence, the best birth of Elvis message is found in his actual birth address. The best death of Elvis message is found in his Graceland death address. By strange coincidence one can also read a message descriptive of the bathroom circumstances of Elvis death from a translation of the date of his death. ( August 16 th 1977 appears in Hebrew as Elul 2 nd. , 5737. )

..And then of course there are the weird messages that say that Elvis was God on Earth. What a coincidence… People have been writing weird Elvis Religion and Elvis Faith books for years. This phenomenon was certainly was not the invention of the author of the Name Code books. On first glance any ELVIS = Messiah / God on Earth equation seems totally ridiculous. The incredible on going biographic message ‘coincidences’ are one thing… but God on Earth? What possible connections can Elvis have with such a concept?

By strange coincidence…. quite a lot.

FACT 6. Of fundamental importance to the Elvis Presley singing messages were the variant middle names Aaron and Aron, which together can provide such phrases as ‘Number one is the song I will sing!’ But in Israelite history both words carry far different and far greater religious implications.

Moses’ brother Aaron was the first Levite High Priest. As such he was the first anointed ‘messiah’ in Israelite history ( Lev. 8:9). He served the Ark of God which contained God’s Earthly Presence.( Exodus 40:1-15, Num. 3:5 ) In Hebrew the Ark is called the ARON. Thus in the Jewish religion GOD ON EARTH is symbolized by THE ARK OF GOD. Among Aaron’s duties was the need to present burnt offerings and tributes to the Aron of God. These tributes included meat, breads and incense-resins that were also burnt on the sacred fires. As High Priest, Aaron was singularly distinguished to present the most sacred tributes.

What a coincidence. In Israelite history Aaron looked after the Aron. And due to a weird spelling mistake Elvis had both names: Aaron representing the priestly Messiah… and Aron representing God on Earth. But more than that, Elvis’ name alignment ELVIS ARON /AARON PRESLEY can supply a message detailing the full historic relationship:

One Levitical which is an Ark! Aaron to be distinguished singular it should be said is to burn a fire. Behold, a fire is one tribute and for is one god of the House of Israel. Meat, and a custom is Aaron to declare for God. To cover with resin a fire. Behold a leader is to carry one. One in a Temple is an Aron… Aaron is to break bread for God.. To cover with resin a fire…

What a coincidence…Elvis has a complete description of the functions of the Jewish Temple encoded in his names. By added coincidence the message gets considerably more detailed if one adds his full Graceland address to the alignment. And one does not have to be a Hebrew literate Einstein to realize where the word Levite ( LVI ) is encoded in ‘Elvis.

Mentioned in this article are just a handful of the sequential ‘coincidences’ listed in THE NAME CODE / THE GOD OF ELVIS books. Within the GOD OF ELVIS Volume I every aspect of biblical narrative of the Aron of God is acted out in full with all main biblical characters named and placed in correct generational sequence. To understand the extent and significance of the Presley /Biblical parallels one has to read The Name Code books.

Undoubtedly those people with no idea of the mathematical principles defining random probability might be quite prepared to accept it all as just ‘random coincidences.’ The more educated will realize such a head in the sand stance is myopic and unsustainable. In all human history there is no precedent of such chains of sequential ‘coincidence’ as are illustrated in the Name Code books.

But to the ignorant and the intellectually indolent there is no way of proving that Aaron was the High Priest and that the Ark he cared for was called an Aron. They will reject any such associations. They will keep believing that the world is safely flat and that the Name Code author ‘made up’ all this stuff about biblical parallels in Elvis Presley’s names. It is all too difficult …

So the challenge is there:

If you are skeptical but intellectually too lazy to check it out for yourself… it might be best to stay out of a debate that is too deep for you. Just sit on the couch and watch ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. It is far less threatening.

If one is skeptical, non-Hebrew literate but still wants to prove THE NAME CODE phenomenon to be a total fraud... then go for it with both hands. Read the free downloads and read the books. Read your Bible and bone up on your history. Check it out with someone who does speak Hebrew. Contact EIN with your findings.

If one is Hebrew literate and also hates the NAME CODE concept… then good for you. You are the ones we are waiting for so please step up to the plate. The salvation of the world as we know it might rest in your hands…

Read the Name Code Methodology as found for free on the downloads, then possibly you can show everyone else where the books are wrong. Perhaps you could them how the sequence of biographic words claimed to be in Elvis’ names really do not exist. Or you could demonstrate how messages describing Aaron and his Aron of God can be contrived in virtually any name… such as your own… or John Lennon’s… or Homer Simpson’s… or George Bush’s. Rip The Name Code apart. But for god’s sake don’t just make unsubstantiated claims. Show enough conviction in your intellectual stance to put your money where your mouth is.

After eleven years I am more than sick of Hebrew literates who claim a Name Code ‘cannot exist’, yet refuse to read the evidence. I am fed up with those who baldly say any ‘message’ can be contrived into any name yet frantically avoid the chance to demonstrate their literary skill even when offered money to do so.

Against all logic and reason the Name Code exists. And perhaps the biggest ‘coincidence’ of all is found by aligning Elvis Presley’s names with one of his Los Angeles addresses. This message states that to understand who God is one should

‘.. get a dictionary and translate messages from Hebrew into English’.

Fancy that…

Published May 2008

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