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EIN talks with the Australian promoter of the 2006 'Elvis Presley In Concert' Tour.


The spectacular ‘Elvis In Concert’ tour returns to Australia in October 2006 and Elvis fans are already getting excited. This time it is being presented by Dainty Consolidated Entertainment and includes a new set-list, as well as a special Elvis memorabilia display.

There has however been some negative criticism regarding high ticket pricing, and in particular the pre-sale Platinum packages which can cost over A$500.

Dainty’s Elvis Promoter kindly agreed to answer some questions from EIN.

EIN: Several fans have written to complain about the high pricing of the ‘Special Platinum Packages' that lets you meet & greet the TCB Band. This is sad as this might be the only way that some Elvis Fans can get to 'meet & greet' his band.

DCE: Well it is only recently that EPE has gone into business with Stig Edgren as the world-wide producer of these events. In doing this the whole show has been updated & expanded compared to the earlier touring version. This was when it was re-titled "Elvis Presley In Concert" earlier this year and the same format will continue on the tour world-wide. The way the touring deal is set up is that the overseas pre-sales are being handled by ElvisWorldTour.com and not by us. Unfortunately I can only sympathise with the true fans who really want to get to meet the band but Dainty had nothing to do with these prices.

EIN: Do you know why they are trying this Pre-Sales idea for Australia, as I have never seen this idea being used for the 'Elvis in Concert' Tour for any country before?

DCE: That is just a coincidence with the repackaging of the World-wide Tour. Australia happens to be the first country that EPE are trying this ‘pre-sales’ idea with, and I presume that you will see exactly the same thing happen when the concert heads to new countries. As you know the pre-sale tickets have been selling really well, so I can't see the prices being reduced.

EIN: What do you say to fans who say that even the standard ticket price, $149 for a good seat, is a little high?

DCE: To be honest I believe that for the show you will see, ‘Elvis In Concert’ is fairly priced. It costs a fortune to bring out all the necessary equipment to Australia, and the prices are on-par with seeing someone like ‘Robbie Williams’ in an outdoor stadium. But for Elvis it won’t rain - and I guarantee that he will be on top form at every show! And don't forget that EPE has also added an Elvis Memorabilia display to go around with the tour. 

EIN: So can you tell us what to expect in the display?

DCE: Unfortunately we haven't had that confirmed as yet.

EIN: Why did the Perth tickets go on sale first, and how are the regular Ticketek sales going?

DCE: The Perth timing was purely due to an ‘open-window’ being available between other local concerts sales & commitments. Nowadays ticket sales do go on sale much earlier for concerts in any case. The local ticket sales are actually going very well & we are very pleased so far.

EIN: I was very upset when the 2002 ‘Elvis In Concert Tour’ when it was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales so I sure hope that this show succeeds.

DCE: It certainly was a shame about the last tour. But nowadays there is a really good buzz about Elvis and, since his 2002 Number 1 hit, he seems to be even more back in fashion - & the general public have a renewed interest in Elvis & his music.

Compared to the 1999 version the show has been updated & improved so fans should really enjoy it. If you look at the set-list you will notice that the poorer quality material they used in the 1999 tour (EIN note- 'Elvis On Tour' off lazer-disc) that caused some fans to complain has been removed, and new songs like 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' have been added.

EIN: Any good publicity planned?

DCE: We certainly do have. You should soon start to notice a media blitz. Newspapers, radio etc. And we have several of the TCB band members already being lined-up for interviews with the local radio stations. I can’t tell you the exact timing, but Elvis fans need to keep an ear out on the big Radio stations in the coming weeks.

EIN: Thanks so much for talking with EIN.

DCE: That’s fine. If anything more comes up I will let you know. I'm sure this tour will be a great success, so don't miss out!

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