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While many fans enjoy Elvis simply for his music, his appeal is in fact much broader than that. Elvis is one of our most recognisable socio-cultural icons.......his name, image and likeness appearing far more often in everday life and the mass media than it does in the music media.

One aspect of Elvis' socio-cultural appeal is artworks devoted to him. While the "Velvet Elvis" icon, Thomas Kincade painting of Graceland and works of artists like Nate Giorgio (Elvis collector plates) are well known, there are many other artistic bodies of work celebrating his life and times.

Over the years, EIN has presented a number of articles and interviews about Elvis art:


New Betty Harper "Elvis" artworks: Hundreds of artists worldwide find their inspiration in Elvis for the creation of their artwork. Among the most famous, we know Joe Petruccio and Betty Harper. Their work is used very often on official Elvis merchandise. Betty has just published a series of new artworks on her website. You can take a look at these stunning creations here (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Read EIN's interview with Betty Harper

Click to view: "Elvis Pencil Sketch" by Harry Magruder

Now on eBay - THE VIRGIN ELVIS: One of the more unusual Elvis art items we've seen.

New Mexican Retablo influenced art from W.D. HARDEN. Made from recycled sheet metal, bottle caps, vintage cigar boxes, glass "gems", punched metal flashing & plywood. ( Source: eBay, 19 Nov 2008)

Million Dollar Elvis Artworks

Thomas Kincade

Kata Billups
















































































































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