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Hi everyone,

Welcome to 2009 and our best wishes to you all for a peaceful yet fun-filled year full of ELVIS ELVIS ELVIS.

Looking back at 2008 - which was always going to be a 'quiet' year - there was as always the un-expected surprise or two - like the media attention due to Priscilla appearing on the US 'Dancing With The Stars' TV series and then the end of year blast with the "new" DUETS album that once again put Elvis back into the media limelight. Not forgetting the 40th Anniversary of the '68 Comeback' TV special.

Sadly BMG/SONY didn't put as much marketing or promotion behind the new '68 Special' CD re-release as we would have hoped, however nothing could stop ELVIS from earning more this past year than even Madonna or Justin Timberlake!

Our man is still an unstopable machine!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elvis for Jan 8th. I am sure his spirit is somewhere celebrating his 74th Birthday.

So here is yet another packed E-Alert full of recent Elvis news, interviews, reviews, video links and with plenty to read!

And, as requested, some rather interesting candid photos from our EIN contributor - and fabulous Elvis photo collector, Sanja Meegin. Please note that EIN now has a FACEBOOK page with fresh and rare candid Elvis photos which is updated regularly. Join the group and Get on the mailing list!

Coming up in the next couple of weeks on the EIN website watch out for ..

  • FTD reviews: In-depth look at 'Love Letters from Elvis' & 'Memphis Tennesee'
  • DVD Review: 'The New York Experience' Elvis live at Madison Square Garden
  • Rex Martin talks to EIN (Part 3)
  • Marty’s Musings (all of Marty Lacker’s contributions to the EIN site for 2005-6 added)
  • Bootleg Vs Official release: FTD's 'America' 1976 concert Vs the 1976 bootleg 'Royal Gambit In Richfield'
  • EIN interviews Adrian Payne, author of The Australian Elvis Discography & Price Guide
  • Madison's "Standing Room Only" bootleg series. EIN reviews 'Greensboro', 'Red Hot in Richmond' and 'Hillcrest Blues' .
  • Elvis Book News – a new section on EIN providing news, reviews and other information about Elvis books released in late 2008 and 2009

    As always there is plenty to read on EIN so don't forget to check out the website for all your Elvis news.

    Piers & Nigel

Elvis' 2009 Birthday Celebration: On January 8th 2009 Elvis should be celebrating his 74th birthday.

The EPE Birthday Celebrations start in Memphis on January 6th.

Go here for the full calendar of events along with EPE ticket purchase information for each event.

Recent EIN News Highlights:

  • Elvis Australian Chart update: The Elvis 'Christmas Duets' CD is at #20 in the Australian ARIA charts for Christmas week. This is its fifth week in the album charts. This is Elvis' highest album chart position since Elvis The King made it to #4 in August 2007. On the Country Chart, the album remains #1 - its eighth week on the chart. This is Elvis' 28th top 20 hit album since January 1965. The compilation CD, Elvis Country peaked at #66 in November 2006 after a 38 week stay on the chart.
  • .
  • 'Elvis Christmas Duets' : At #1 on the Country album chart - and up seven places to #31 on the Main Album Chart. See EIN's exclusive Rocky Barra (Strictly Elvis) review. . . "What a treat! I really like everything about this project. The snow scenes, the photo chosen for the cover, the quotes by the artists, and I believe the project stands for itself. There is so much involved in a project like this – picking songs in the appropriate key and in a style that is natural for the singers involved, the hours of work to make it sound like a singular project, and all the licensing and agreements that have to be taken care of in today’s recording industry with everyone under contract to different companies. I haven’t said this in a long time, but 'Well done, RCA'. This is one Christmas release that won’t have to be “repackaged” every Christmas, but will stand for years on its own merit."
    Go here to the full review.
  • .
  • Susan Henning’s "68" Book Released: Susan Henning’s book on her life and friendship with Elvis has been released. Described as "Susan Henning's loving memoir of Elvis. You will enjoy the love story and the nostalgic photographs of Suasn and Elvis from their movie "LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE" , their reunion on the TV Special "68," and snapshots from Susan's personal photo album. 80 pages of love, laughter and wonderful memories." The book was released through Rainbow Rhapsody Press (Lincoln, CA). For lots of information, ordering a signed copy, plus a delightful PDF preview of the book, Click Here... Susan Henning Website.
  • Elvis' jet sells at auction: Elvis Presley's 1962 Lockheed Jetstar JT 12-5 was auctioned off today at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas.

    They estimated this plane to go for up to one million US dollars. But after 12 bids, it closed at $700,000.00 US dollars. This is said to be the last jet that Elvis owned. "

  • Want to sing a duet with the King?: So you fancy yourself a singer, eh ... alone, in your car, with the windows up, when no one's looking. Well, now you can test your pipes against Martina McBride and Elvis Presley in private, and if you like what you hear, you can share them with your friends via email. As a promotion for "Elvis Presley Christmas Duets" album, Sony BMG Music Entertainment has created a Web site that allows you to record "Blue Christmas" as a duet with Presley, singing McBride's part from the album
  • .
  • Original Yellow Wiggle donating vast Elvis collection to Parkes Elvis Festival: Greg Page, who was the Wiggle in the yellow skivvie until he had to quit the hugely successful children's group through ill health two years ago, has built up one of the world's biggest collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia. And now he is donating it......... Read full story
  • .
  • US Christmas Charts Updates: The following are the entries for the week ending january 3rd. 2009:
    Top 200 Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - down from #17 to #24 (but increase in sales)
    Comprehensive Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - down from #18 to #25
    Top Country Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets' - remains at #3
    Top Country Catalog Albums - 'Elvis Christmas' down from #2 to #3
    Top Country Catalog Albums - 'ELV1S 30 No.1 Hits' - up from #9 to #8
    Top Holiday Albums - 'Elvis Christmas Duets - remains at #4.
  • .
  • Elvis BOOTLEGS good or bad? - Ernst Jorgensen writes to Elvis Fan Clubs and Websites damning the illegal selling of Elvis Bootlegs. Your response to Ernst Jorgensen's letter The response to our story about Ernst contacting was a very strong and mixed one. EIN offers its views on the issue and publishes your feedback. Is it time to rethink the FTD business model? You be the judge.
  • .
  • 'Elvis That's The Way It Is The Complete Works' boxset release UPDATE: "The producers of this 6CD/3DVD/book boxset are working feverishly to hopefully have it finalised and coming off the production line in January 2009. Given the many elements to the set it is a very complex and demanding process. Production of any kind this close to Christmas makes specific deadlines very difficult to meet - but we are getting very close." View full details of this set
  • .
  • Elvis and Justin Timberlake become the First Rock 'n' Roll Music Superstars to Join Gaia Online: In another EPE youth marketing move, Gaia Online has announced today that Elvis and Justin Timberlake have joined with the leading online hangout for teens and young adults. Virtual goods inspired by these superstars are now available to Gaia Online's more than 7 million users as part of the site's Celebrity Snare section. These two entertainment icons bring with them all the swag and swagger Gaians need to feel like a king - from Justin's microphone and signature fedora to Elvis' guitar and famous blue suede shoes.
    "We're excited that virtual world users will be exposed to Elvis' iconic legacy with these King of Rock 'n' Roll inspired virtual goods," said Kevin Kern EPE spokesman. "This launch with Gaia Online is a natural extension of the Elvis.com website, giving fans even more places to celebrate Elvis online."
  • .
  • Elvis Remixes - a REAL STINKER or worthy update?: Elvis Spankox Re:Version CD: Elvis Reviews of the recent Spankox remix CD are very varied from EIN Nigel's positive review to Gordon Minto in the recommended magazine 'The Man & His Music' stating, "rest assured this one is a real STINKER. . a wanton case of musical vandalism. Sorry but this is sheer BS."!

    Perhaps the real disappointment is that only the 'Public Domain' fifties songs were used - which EPE then only officially sanctioned once the y smelt the dollar signs - and then with little publicity! EPE also copied the original cover which didn't even use Elvis' image. Surely Elvis' first official Remix album should have been a more thoroughly produced release using Elvis' better, more modern-sounding, later songs like 'Let Yourself Go'.

  • .
  • Duke Bardwell & Michael Jarrett - New website, May 2009 European Tour: Elvis’ mid-70s bassplayer DUKE BARDWELL and songwriter MICHAEL JARRETT (I’m Leavin’, I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day) now have a new website up, in order to promote the shows that they will be doing in Europe in May ’09 (Promoters are welcome to contact us now). The url is www.elvisnews.dk and it features fascinating and insightful interviews with both Bardwell and Jarrett, a host of rare shots of Duke & Elvis, an overview of the Elvis releases that Duke plays on, rare audio (including Jarrett’s original recording of ‘I’m Leavin’’, as well as a neat message that he recorded a few days ago for all Elvis fans), a column that Jarrett will do regularly for the website (with Christmas being just around the corner, Michael decided that the first one should be about ‘I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day’). Any suggestions, additions and corrections to the website are welcome. Duke is always looking from pics from his period with Elvis, so if you can help with that, then please drop us a line… See you in May!
  • INTERVIEW - Rex Martin (Worldwide Elvis News Service Weekly) talks exclusively to EIN: EIN recently had the pleasure of spending several hours talking to Rex Martin publisher of the legendary publication, the Worldwide Elvis News Service Weekly.

    The result is a fascinating multi-part interview. In Part 1 Rex speaks about his early years, becoming an Elvis fan, why he started the fondly remembered weekly, his trips to the US and what he has been doing since he ceased publishing the Weekly in 1978.

    For those not familar with Rex's publications, the "Weekly" revolutionised how fans right around the world received their Elvis news while his Elvis booklets (see opposite) offered well researched and rare material for readers to enjoy. EIN invites you to take a trip down memory lane and witness a very important part of Elvis world history....

  • .
  • Elvis is still Top-Earning Dead Celebrity:  Elvis tops the Forbes annual list once again - and without so much as lifting a finger, the Memphis Flash earned a whopping $52 million in the last year. That's more than some of the music industry's biggest living acts command - Justin Timberlake pulled in $44 million last year; Madonna $40 million.
    Elvis is the regular Number One in this top-earning list, with his record only tarnished in 2006 by a Kurt Cobain catalogue sell-off.
    So while things might be topsy-turvy in the financial markets above ground, it's still a bull market in the boneyard. The 13 famous names that make up the Forbes Top-Earning Dead Celebrities earned a combined $194 million over the last 12 months.
    The 30th anniversary of Elvis' death helped boost attendance and merchandise sales at Graceland, and new ventures such as an Elvis Sirius Satellite Radio show add to a long list of publishing and licensing deals.
  • .
  • New FTD Releases: A spate of end-of year releases from the fan club Collectors label.

    December releases from FTD: Here is the cover art work for:

    • I'll Remember You - A soundboard recording from February 3, 1973 in Las Vegas, NV
    • Elvis In Person - Double CD edition of the album Elvis In Person, including bonus songs recorded live in Las Vegas in August 1969 and the complete dinner show from August 22, 1969. Part of FTD's 7" Deluxe series.

    & "Nevada Nights" FTD details: Featuring 44 tracks, it includes Elvis stunning Opening Show from August 19th 1974 as well as the Midnight Show from August 21.

    & "Elvis Country" FTD details: The new "Elvis Country" Classic Album comes in a 7" deluxe package and features 40 tracks, including 11 new "takes" and some undubbed masters.

  • Go HERE for all the FTD tracklisting and ordering information. EIN has the cheapest prices for Australia/NZ.

  • .
    SPOTLIGHT: Jesse D Presley - 'The Forgotten Presley': Born in 1896, Elvis' Grandfather Jessie D Presley was often regarded as the 'bad apple' of his family and with a reputation for being 'mean as hell'. Elvis supposedly had little connection with his Grandfather - which is not surprising since his ex-wife, Minnie Mae, lived with Elvis at Graceland. However with such a passing of time, all may not be as it seems. EIN contributor Tony Stuchbury recently investigated the stories of Elvis' Grandfather and decided that after all he may have been unfairly mis-represented within the Elvis history. 
  • "Fashion For A King" book announced: The Norwegian fanclub 'Flaming Star' is working on a spectacular project. The club hopes to collect pictures of all the jumpsuits Elvis ever wore on stage in the 200 page book "Fashion For A King". Authors Tommy Edvardsen and Atle Larsen hope to have the book ready for print early 2009.
  • SPOTLIGHT: Rick Husky, Elvis - and the TKE 'Man Of The Year' award: In mid 1960 Rick Husky from the TKE fraternity at Arkansas State College came up with the idea of presenting Elvis with a 'Man of the Year' Award for his considerable contributions to charity. Elvis had only recently returned from his stint of Army duty in Germany. Husky got the name of Elvis' secretary from a fan magazine and sent a letter to Graceland notifying him that TKE wished to present him with his award. But even he wasn't prepared for what followed when the world's biggest entertainer actually accepted their invitation to become an honorary TKE brother. Go here to the full story.
  • Inside Blue Hawaii: Here is a preview of the upcoming Elvis Unlimited release "Inside Blue Hawaii". The boxset is due for release near New Year.

    According to the authors, this could be the best title of the series, with "Blue Hawaii" being a favorite movie for many fans.

    As always, the box is filled with extra collectors items. The package will arrive on time for the holidays. Go here for ordering information.

  • .
  • Aloha Elvis Store opens in Hawaii: The Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates the history of the "King of Rock 'n' Roll," Elvis Presley, with its new Aloha Elvis store. Just in time for the holidays, visitors and fans will delight in a wide array of Elvis memorabilia, toys, games, limited edition items, gadgets and unique souvenirs to please every Elvis fan, young or old. Hawai'i was a favorite destination for The King, and he was a frequent visitor to the PCC. "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," notably recognized for its theme song "Drums of the Islands," was filmed at the Center in 1965. "We are thrilled to share Elvis' love for the Polynesian Cultural Center and his legacy here in Hawai'i with our guests," said Susan Kunz, director of retail stores at the PCC for Event Network. "The store not only offers great Elvis merchandise, but guests also have the opportunity to learn little-known facts about his historical presence in Hawai'i."
  • What killed Elvis?: Lab technicians were playing Elvis music in the background. From somewhere outside the lab, people could be heard crying. "People were just sobbing. It was a sad, sad moment," says Dr. Noel Florendo, a pathology intern assigned to help perform the autopsy of the 42-year-old man on the table at Baptist Memorial Hospital.
    Florendo says he and another intern followed instructions from his former professor, Dr. Jerry Francisco, as they began the postmortem on the biggest legend in music history. Elvis Presley, the world's first rock star, had outraged much of America at first, and controversy was about to follow him to the grave. Even now, Elvis' death could be classified as a medical "mystery," says Maurice Elliott, former vice president of Baptist Hospital and former chief executive officer of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Francisco would attribute the death to "cardiac arrhythmia due to undetermined causes," or, in layman's terms, a heart attack. The rest of the pathology team suspected "polypharmacy." Elvis had a history of drug abuse, and most of those in the room did not see enough evidence of heart disease to justify calling the death a heart attack. Go here for full story..
  • Elvis CHRISTMAS YouTube Special!

    EIN presents a fabulous selection of Elvis Christmas clips with lots of new videos courtesy the new Duets release. There’s a stunning ‘If I Get Home On Christmas Day', the fun of LeAnn Rimes on 'Here Comes Santa Claus', plus the official 68 Special video of Elvis & Martina McBride singing 'Blue Christmas'. We also feature a delightful 'On A Snowy Christmas Night’, ‘Blue Christmas’ (Live 1974), 'Santa Claus Is Back In Town' plus more Christmas goodies. Don't miss out on our other Xmas bonuses such as the very moving video 'Elvis Presley: A Miracle' and then celebrate the joy of Elvis with 'Burning Love' (On Tour rehearsal), ‘Yesterday’ (TTWII) - and for fascinating holiday viewing the documentary "Looking For Colonel Parker". Updated with more than 200 clips - enjoy your Christmas with some great Elvis viewing.('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source: EIN/YouTube)

  • Mixed reviews for new 'Elvis Concerts' book from JAT: Joseph Tunzi's latest release has met with a mixed response. While some fans are praising the full color visuals, others are critical of the book's lack of substance beyond the portraits. Just how many quality photos of Elvis in a jumpsuit do we need to see? Meanwhile, JAT's policy of saying "sold out" once all its supplies are exhausted is quite misleading. What it means is that the print run is now in the hands of Elvis clubs and dealers....and many copies are widely available! JAT's previous release '68 At 40' was in contrast one of the best-ever Elvis book releases.
  • The Elvis Encyclopedia (Book Review): Is Adam Victor's long awaited Elvis book one of the stand-out releases of the year or a half-baked turkey?

    EIN recently spent a leisurely afternoon with Elvis music playing softly in the background and a nice red at the ready.

    Read what we discovered!

  • .
  • Eliza Presley potentailly drops her case - DNA claim update: The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal reported that although Eliza Presley Monday dropped her request to be named Vernon Presley's heir in Memphis, she plans to refile her claim in another court. "The issues are still alive and well," the newspaper quoted her lawyer Kathleen Caldwell as saying. "It's not over by a long shot." William Bradley Jr., an attorney who represents Elvis Presley Enterprises and Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley Lockwood, told The Commercial Appeal that Eliza Presley's case has no merit. Visit EIN"s "Eliza Presley Archives" to read more
  • .
  • Las Vegas ELVIS project in trouble: New York billionaire Robert FX Sillerman is backing away from an ambitious Elvis-themed resort across the $9-plus billion City Center. Sillerman, in a Security Exchange Commission filing on Monday,indicated it is "unlikely" that his orginal Las Vegas plan will proceed.
    "As a result of the dislocation and turbulence in the capital markets," the filing said,"the Company is reviewing its originally proposed program for the redevelopment of its Las Vegas properties.
    "While no definitive determination has been made by the Company, it is unlikely that the program originally proposed will be undertaken. The Company intends to continue the properties and commercial leasing activities pending any such definitive determination."

Click HERE for all the recent ELVIS News you may have missed.

Rare Candids - From Sanja's exciting new EIN/Facebook page.

Lots of Rare Elvis Photos with EIN: Elvis fans are always after new, rare and exciting photographs. EIN contributor Sanja Meegin has recently started an Elvis Information Network Facebook photo page that features a regular update of fabulous photographs from her amazing Elvis photo archives. Over the years Sanja has brought you her fascinating annual reports from Elvis Week in Memphis and amazing images, so you know she won't let you down. By subscribing to the Elvis Info Network Facebook you will get regular notification of photo updates. 

Click here to access our Facebook Elvis Information Network. You need to be a Facebook Member.

Or Join Facebook - and search 'The Elvis Information Network'


(News, Source;EIN/SanjaM) 

Christmastime stands still at Graceland: Although Elvis died 31 years ago, the king of rock ‘n’ roll is still rocking around the Christmas tree with a new holiday record. And Graceland, his royal digs in Memphis, is sporting spectacular holiday sparkle.
Guests making the pilgrimage to tour Graceland, Elvis’ 14-acre estate, during the holidays get a little added gift with each visit. The staff has hauled out the holly and decorated both the house and the front lawn with many of the same decorations used by the king himself.
Elvis Presley fans may have a blue, blue, blue Christmas without him, but his sparkling Memphis estate, Graceland, should put a smile on your face.
Graceland’s living room is decked out in white during the Christmas season. Much of the Memphis mansion is decorated as it was during the life of Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll. Presley, who grew up poor near Memphis and bought the mansion after gaining fame and riches, died in 1977.
So while Elvis fans chalk up another blue Christmas without him, his enduring magic combines with his love for the holidays and permeates this rock mecca.
For Elvis, Christmas was a special time of year, and the tradition continues. On the evening of Nov. 21, hordes of fans braved the stinging 25-degree chill to watch country superstar Martina McBride flip the celebratory switch and turn on Graceland’s Christmas light display. (Go here for Xmas videos)
McBride, one of a roster of hot country stars who sings Christmas songs along with Presley on the new CD of musical mashups, "Elvis Presley Christmas Duets," was also joined by actress Marlo Thomas and her brother, Tony. The Thomas siblings were on hand to announce a fund-raising campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an organization Presley supported.
As the lights came on, the Briarcrest Christian School marching band began pumping out some musical cheer as Santa, eyes blanketed in trademark Elvis-style shades, waved from the back of a vintage Cadillac that rolled down Graceland’s driveway.
Blue bulbs line Graceland’s curvy driveway and outline the house, a nod to Presley’s holiday hit "Blue Christmas." A giant Nativity scene holds court in the middle of the yard, complete with life-size figures of shepherds, animals, the Wise Men, a manger and a bold shining star above. Santa and his reindeer appear to take flight beneath a massive sign that stretches across an upper portion of the lawn that proclaims: "Merry Christmas to All — Elvis." A green wreath shrouded in ribbon hangs on the front door. And eight vintage lighted Christmas trees — in colors of orange, green, blue and red — are next to the front steps. They are the same trees Presley would use each year. More holiday glow awaits inside.
When guests walk through the front door, they enter a foyer bursting with more holiday decor. To the right, the living room’s plush white carpet looks as stark as fallen snow.
A white artificial tree with white lights and red and gold ball decorations stands near the sprawling white couch, a bundle of wrapped presents nestle underneath the tree. Matching red curtains with white trim that Presley would break out just for the holidays hang in the living room behind the couch.

.. Tips
• Graceland’s lawn light display is visible from the street. For a closer look, schedule your mansion visit for later in the day. If your tour ends at or after dusk, you’ll be able to see the Nativity scene and Santa banner in full glow from the tour bus.
• You can pay your respects to the king at no charge. From 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Wednesdays through Mondays in December, guests can walk up the Graceland driveway and visit the Meditation Garden for free. Although the mansion will be closed most Tuesdays in December, the Meditation Garden will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on those days.
• Check all the details via EPE at www.elvis.com

Rare Candid - Fake or real?

SPOTLIGHT: The Annual Parkes Elvis Festival - backstage politics and lost opportunity?: On 8 December we published a news item about alleged skullduggery behind the scenes and missed opportunity by Elvis Revival Inc., the committee oversighting the Parkes Elvis Festival in Australia.

Today we publish our detailed report on the issues, as well as formal responses by Elvis Revival Inc. and leading Australian ETA, Mark Andrew, and your initial feedback to our original news item.

You be the judge!

Rare Candid - Fake or real!!

Lisa Marie Names Twins Finley and Harper: Lisa Marie Presley has named her girl twins Finley and Harper. Lisa Marie and her husband, rocker Michael Lockwood, welcomed the babies on Oct. 7. Lisa Marie and hubby Michael Lockwood welcomed twin baby girls on Tuesday, Oct. 7. The bundles of joy are the couple's first children together. Lisa Marie gave birth by C-section at 2:46pm. The babies weighed 5 pounds, 15 ounces and 5 pounds, 2 ounces. The newborns and mom are happy and healthy and resting at home. The news broke in August that Lisa Marie, 40, and Michael, 47, were expecting twins. Earlier in March, when news of the pregnancy broke, Priscilla Presley said that she was "ecstatic" at the prospect of becoming a grandmother again.
As it turns out, twins run in the Presley family. Lisa Marie's legendary dad, Elvis was a twin, and her mom Priscilla has younger brothers who are twins. Lisa Marie also has two children with ex-husband Danny Keough. (Right, Grandmother Priscilla and Lisa Marie at the Annual William S. Paley TV Festival's "Elvis '68" at the ArcLight Theater on March 14) (Lisa Marie Presley's World, Source;SanjaM)

Rare Candid - Most definitely real!

New book release series - Teenagers' Hero Vol. 1: A new book entitled "Teenager's Hero" by Steve Rino is due for release is December from Teenagers Hero Publishing. From the press release: This is the definitive book-documentary of Elvis’ live performances in early 1956. With more than 400 pages, sized 30x21 and featuring 445 photos mostly unpublished and never put in the right context. The book has high quality design (soft cover 300g, cloth binding, and 150 glossy pages), 1000 copies printed, each copy numbered. In the beginning the book was thought to be one volume only about the 1956, but due to the great quantity of material that we were able to find during in this period and also the different aspects of Elvis activity during the same year, we decided to give life to two different volumes. The first volume, has as its focus Elvis’ live activity in the first six months of 1956. The author Steve Rino spent two years of research to give life to a day by day photo journal where together with a scientific approach of the day, has been put together a professional layout with relative photos taken from newspapers, magazines and his personal collection. In trying to bring to the reader a feeling of the time through images, newspaper & magazines clips we give life, we hope, to something unique and new in the landscape of books about Elvis. We are proud of the in-depth research of every detail of every one of the 180 days listed, trying to putting in the right order all information, news, photo and tales coming from this difficult research.

Rare Candid - Another most definitely real Elvis Kiss!

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