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Eliza Presley case back in court: The Probate Lawyer Blog reports: We've written extensively about the efforts by Eliza Presley to prove that she is half-sister to Elvis Presley and daughter to Vernon Presley, based on DNA and other evidence. Much of this same evidence also supports Eliza's claim that Elvis Presley is actually alive. You can get caught up to speed starting here, if you haven't followed this case before. It's been more than a year since we last wrote that Eliza's case was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. This meant that the court in which she filed her lawsuit was not able to hear the case; rather, the case had to go to a different court. Because of this and other legal hurdles, Eliza has never had her "day in court" to present her evidence to a judge or jury.
As we wrote then, Eliza was at the end of her road -- emotionally and financially -- and was not able to continue with the case. Trying to re-write the history books, which is what Eliza was literally trying to do, is no easy task. This is especially true when there are those who will go to extraordinary means to try to stop her.

Eliza has recently contacted us again and informed us that she has been able to restart the lawsuit, due in large part to previously undisclosed information her legal team received about Vernon Presley. But, she was forced to try a different legal approach this time. Unfortunately, Eliza is not able to disclose exactly where her case is proceeding or how. She said she is relieved that she can finally finish what she started. Eliza was able to share this redacted letter from her attorney that disclosed something quite interesting about her case:

A third court proceeding has been started ... Ms. Presley intends to re-file in Probate Court in Tennessee ... She believes strongly that she should be recognized as Vernon Elvis Presley's child, and that she should be allowed to claim her share of the four separate trusts he left as his "unknown heirs" due to her adoption at birth. (News, Source: Danielle & Andy Mayoras, The Probate Lawyer Blog, 10 June 2012)

DNA investigator claims "bombshell proof" in Eliza Presley case: The head of Eliza Presley's forensic team has issued a press release.

I am the lead Forensic Investigator/Coordinator on this case. People should know that Eliza is the real deal. We intended to find Eliza's father, and by default the DNA proved not only Eliza was the child of Vernon; but also half sister to a VERY ALIVE! Elvis Presley that gave his DNA. Dr. Hinton did not lie about treating Jessie aka Elvis. The DNA cannot be faked. Impossible. For the doubters, this isn't the only evidence we have. Nothing is instant. We are taking the steps to process the evidence.

We have a bombshell! proof that shows- Elvis does live and is 74 and has to be very much alive. This is the real deal. No he doesn't want to come out, and no I'm not going to force him out into the public eye against his wishes. Please accept this he's 74 doesn't want the attention, has been used time & time again and frankly doesn't owe US anything. He served our country, established a new Genre in Rock n Roll, paid his dues. NOW he just wants to be left alone. Did Michael Jackson teach us anything? (Source: LindaHoodSigmonTruth)

EIN Commentary: This press release begs disbelief!

Not only is the name of the investigator missing but it is only published on an "Elvis Underground" website not by the mainstream media! And why is a forensic investigator commenting on what "Jesse" allegedly thinks? Isn't his role simply to be a scientific expert witness? Is the media release a case of trying to create credibility by using the device of an expert authority? Has the forensic examiner met "Jesse", as his words would suggest he has.

It also begs the question: who is the release aimed at? The mainstream media or Eliza Presley's supporters?

Importantly, the release states that "Jesse/Elvis" doesn't want attention yet Eliza Presley has been interviewed on TV this past week candidly talking about her allegedly very much alive brother! Does something not ring true here!

Anyone familiar with the "Elvis is alive" story over the past three decades will know that there have been many claims yet no hard evidence. The "Elvis Underground" as it is called, is still active, albeit a shadow of its former self. One Memphis Mafia member described it as an "asylum for the loonies", while a prominent fan club president was less damning, calling it " island for lost souls".

Whatever, the Underground continues to be characterised by churlish squabbles, unsubstantiated claims, ego-driven building of power bases and logically flawed argument!

The twists and turns never cease to amaze and often stretch credibility.

Undoubtedly, many in the Underground are genuine in their beliefs while others are morally challenged or psychologically flawed.

So will the "bombshell" claimed (DNA) be revealed and submitted for court ordered analysis, or, after 30 years, will this turn out to be just another unsubstantiated claim?

On the surface, the Eliza Presley DNA results appear to have merit for further scientific consideration. However, there remain important questions about the legitimacy of the samples tested.

Linda Hood Sigmon, on her website states:

But I have seen all of Eliza's DNA lab results which show what she has stated is the truth.  The results are exactly as Mr. Yates and the current head of her forensic team have stated.  This will be the news story of the century.

The DNA issue is a particularly complex one and unless Ms Sigmon is a qualified DNA expert and can also prove all samples tested are as claimed, her statement must be considered to be a personal view and not fact or categorical truth.

The credibility of Eliza Presley's case is also not being helped by "factually incorrect" statements on Ms Sigmon's site - the very thing they accuse others of doing against them, they openly engage in!

On Monday 19 October EIN published a news item about Eliza Presley's case. That story was provided to us by a person who did not want their name mentioned. The contents of the story reflect one theme currently active in the "Elvis Underground". For the record, EIN did not write that news item. As a result of that story EIN received a volume of "hate mail" from supporters of the Eliza Presley camp. This is a poor reflection on at least some of its membership.

On the alternate side, it has been pointed out to EIN that if you read our Eliza Presley Archives page we have in fact been very supportive of her case, which in itself can be seen to involve bias. We accept this point even if supporters of Eliza Presley have conveniently quickly forgotten it. To verify EIN's contention simply read everything below.

Sadly, when we have published something the Eliza Presley camp don't agree with, they go on the attack. They deride others and would have us believe their story because it IS the truth while those against them are untruthful charlatans or have a personal vendetta. All this without giving the world what it needs - categorical, scientifically and legally accepted facts. They seem unable to understand that, in the absence of accepted facts, their claims have no greater legitimacy than the claims of those who oppose them.

For example, it is easy to make the claim that Nigel Patterson is a fraud, Jesse Presley is a fraud, Eliza Presley is a fraud or Linda Hood Sigmon is a fraud. But this doesn't mean it is true! It is simply one view or unsubstantiated claim.

We've heard baseless claims for three decades now, on more than one occasion been told "Jesse" would be meeting his supporters soon or was 'coming out', and seen genuine, caring fans part with their hard earned money to help support someone they never see in person. It is this latter issue and its variations which EIN takes strong exception to!

Enough is enough. It is time for the "Jesse is Elvis" camp to put up or shut up rather than dragging the story on with rhetoric!

And it is time for one of the several "Jesse's" (yes there is more than one person claiming to be "Jesse/Elvis") to accept that at 74 years of age this is his time to make proper peace with his fans. Elvis was not a selfish person by nature, the same it seems, cannot be said of "Jesse". (Oct 25 2009)

Is Elvis alive? and does he have a sister?: She claims to be the sister of the king of rock and roll and she believes Elvis Presley is still alive.

Eliza Presley was adopted at birth and says when she started a mission to find out who her biological parents were, she never imagined her journey would take her to Memphis. What stunned her even more was that after some DNA comparisons, Eliza said she learned she was not only related to Elvis Presley, she was his half-sister.

She claims DNA tests have confirmed she was fathered by Elvis’s dad, Vernon Presley. Even more astounding is that Eliza asserts the tests proving her relation to the king of rock and roll also proves he’s still alive.

She says her DNA was compared to a man claiming to be Elvis, who’s DNA just happens to match both sides of Elvis’s family tree.

"It just took my breath away and I looked at it and I said are you sure and he said oh yeah, there's no doubt about it. I said you have got to be kidding me, this person's my brother,” Eliza "[I] didn't expect it - not by a long shot."

Eliza took it to mean only one thing – Elvis lives.

"For him to turn out to be alive, it's such a blessing and I'm so grateful for that."

Today Eliza say she is thrilled to be able to talk to her brother she never knew she had, although she is not sure the public will ever see or hear from him again.

"I don't know if ultimately he will. I highly doubt it,” Eliza said. “He's tried to live as much of a ‘normal life’ as you can live over the last 32 years."

Eliza says the DNA profiles proving her relation to Elvis are currently under seal in court documents.

She filed a petition in August to have Vernon Presley officially acknowledged as her father.

Friday night Eliza was the featured guest at an Elvis Celebration at the Rib River Ballroom in Marathon. (News, Source: Jonalee Merkel,, 24 Oct 2009)

See Eliza Presley's TV interview

Eliza Presley case takes surprising turn?: EIN has been advised that: Sources have brought back this overwhelming news from the Chancery Court in Memphis. It appeared the hearing that was supposed to take place on October 13, is not on the docket--at all--not now or any time soon.

The attorney for Alice Tiffin aka Eliza Presley never served Lisa Marie Presley, and the service by publication resulted in no response from "the heirs." Service was restricted to the "UNKNOWN HEIRS OF VERNON E. PRESLEY" with
nothing listed in terms of service of process to the KNOWN heir(s). She has, then, only attempted to serve by publication the *UNKNOWN* heirs of Vernon Presley while there is no effort listed to serve LMP, who is, after all, a defendant. According to our sources, the status of the court case has been listed as "NONE."

It is the belief of many now that "Eliza filed this suit for publicity and to solicit monetary support for herself, and has no intention of her case ever coming to trial. She is simply allowing it to languish in the court system while she parades around as Elvis Presley's half-sister, accepting support and donations from all the easily-duped Elvis fans."
(19 Oct 2009)

Elvis is alive and he's my half-brother, says woman coming to Marathon:

By Robert Mentzer • Wausau Daily Herald • October 18, 2009

Elvis is alive, and his half-sister is coming to town.

It's a long story, involving conspiracies and cover-ups, love-children, DNA tests and the courts. But Eliza Presley says she has incontrovertible proof that she shares genes with the King of Rock 'n' Roll -- and not only that, but she's been in regular contact with him.

And this week, Presley's unlikely friendship with a Weston native will bring her to north central Wisconsin for a benefit in the village of Marathon, an event described as an informational presentation and a celebration.

Here's the short version: Eliza Presley, born Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, grew up in an adoptive family. When as an adult she sought out her birth mother, she found that her mother had lived near Graceland in Memphis, and had at times been a part of Elvis' coterie.

For a time, Presley, 47, believed she was Elvis' daughter. But according to DNA tests -- she claims to have tested her DNA with both sides of Elvis' family -- the true match for her father was not Elvis himself but his father, Vernon. Presley is suing Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to try to establish her genetic link to the family. And it was through this struggle that she came to be in contact with "Jesse," whom she now refers to as "my brother," who claims to be Elvis himself, living in secret.

It was also through her highly publicized legal battle, she came to be in contact with Jaime Cheyka-Maguire, 32, of Halder. And it's Cheyka-Maguire who has arranged the event that this weekend will bring Presley to Marathon."As an Elvis fan, I'm happy he's alive, period," Cheyka-Maguire said. "I don't care about his reasons for faking his death."

Life-changing friendship - Cheyka-Maguire (shown above with Eliza Presley left) grew up in Weston in a family of Elvis fanatics. She was an infantwhen Elvis Presley died in 1977 -- or, depending on your view, faked his death. Only months before, Cheyka-Maguire's parents had canceled a trip to see Elvis in concert because her mom, Cindy Cheyka, was going into labor.

When Cindy Cheyka heard the news that Elvis had died, she immediately packed her car, left Jaime with her mother, picked up her husband from work and headed south to Memphis.

That trip became an annual event for the family -- in the past 32 years, they've gone 30 times, missing only for a family funeral one time and a new baby another year. And Elvis' music was a fixture in the Cheyka home.

"Elvis is the king," Cindy Cheyka said. "There's no other man on this earth who has a voice like Elvis. Elvis is it."

When Jaime first began dating Jacon Maguire, now her husband, Cindy Cheyka was taken aback to learn that he was not an Elvis fan.

"I said, he's gotta go. He's out. He's never going to be accepted by this family," Cheyka said. (Ultimately, Maguire came around.)

In an interview, Cheyka-Maguire called Elvis Presley "one of the greatest men who ever walked the face of the earth."

So last fall when she saw a news report on television that a woman had come forward claiming to be Elvis' half-sister, she took notice. She told her whole family about it. She researched the case. And via the Internet, she got in touch directly with Eliza -- not really expecting to hear back from her. When she got the call from Eliza, she said, things changed for her.

"It was life-altering at that moment," Cheyka-Maguire said.

The two became friends. They talk on the phone nearly every day, and send text messages back and forth.

The Cheyka family believes that, unlike others who've claimed to be related to Elvis over the years, Eliza Presley is not a scammer. "DNA doesn't lie," Cheyka-Maguire said. And they emphasize that Eliza has never asked them for money. The friendship between Eliza and Jaime, all parties say, is a real connection.

Still, it's not as if no one in Cheyka-Maguire's life has raised eyebrows at the idea.

"My husband's family, some of them think I'm crazy because they don't understand," she said. "I'm OK with that. If it means I'm friends with Elvis' sister, then call me crazy, that's all right with me."

Elvis is family - Eliza Presley said she is not after money, though her legal bills and bills for DNA testing have been extensive.

"(Vernon Presley's) estate was distributed years and years ago," she said. "I could care less about that. That's not what this whole thing's been about. Like I told the judge last year ... I don't make any apologies for what I'm doing."

Still, she said, one consequence of her legal case could be to expose the truth that Elvis is alive.3 ofl, she said, one consequence of her legal case could be to expose the truth that Elvis is alive.Advertisement

"This shouldn't be measured by what someone says," said Garrett Andrews, a forensic investigator working for Eliza. "It should be the DNA, the scientific evidence. This shouldn't be measured by what someone says," said Garrett Andrews, a forensic investigator working for Eliza. "It should be the DNA, the scientific evidence."

For now, most of that evidence is under seal as the court case is ongoing. But Presley, Andrews and others say the truth will all come out.

Linda Hood Sigmon, 63, has been part of a community of people who believe that Elvis faked his death for decades. She lives in North Carolina, where she has published a newsletter and now operates the Web site It was 17 years ago that she was first contacted by "Jesse," the man who claims to be Elvis himself."I became acquainted with him for the first time in 1992," Hood Sigmon said. "We've grown to be close friends. I'm honored to be his friend."

It was through Hood Sigmon that Eliza came to know Jesse/Elvis. Eliza claims that her DNA has been tested against his, proving not only their relationship but also the veracity of his claim to be the King.

Hood Sigmon said she was "really frightened for Jesse" when she heard about Eliza's case. But after being in touch with him, he has given Eliza his blessing to proceed with her case.

"He said he was not so concerned about the DNA, as long as people didn't know his location," Hood Sigmon said.

For Eliza Presley, though, it's a personal quest.

"My children are Elvis Presley's nieces and nephews. And yet I never had a chance to know him and meet him prior to last year," Presley said. "To me, he's the family I've been searching for."

Eliza Presley update: EIN has received as number of enquiries about our 2nd part to Eliza Presley's interview.

The delay in publishing the final part of Eliza's interview is due to her experiencing health and other issues.

However, the latest development is that Eliza re-filed her claim in Chancery Court in Memphis on 14 August. More soon.

Read part 1 of EIN's interview with Elvis's "half sister"

(19 Aug 2009)

Eliza Presley speaks EXCLUSIVELY to EIN!: Is Eliza Presley Elvis' half sister?

Independently tested DNA evidence apparently suggests Eliza is Vernon Presley's biological daughter and therefore half-sister to Elvis!

In Part 1 of her exclusive interview with EIN, Eliza speaks about:

  • her early life
  • how she came to suspect she was related to Elvis
  • contact with "Jesse Presley"
  • the next step in her legal case to prove her claim
  • that controversial DNA evidence! (Source: EIN, 1 June 2009)

Dr Donald Hinton exposed?: EIN hopes to publish its exclusive interview with Eliza Presley shortly.

Meanwhile, not surprisingly, many people do not believe Eliza's claim that she is Elvis' half sister. Barbara Lee Rowe, a cousin of Elvis', has published an informative and clerly named website: The Kin of Rock and Roll.

On the site is an interesting article looking at Dr Donald Hinton and Linda Hood Sigmon, two prominent figures in the continuing saga of Elvis having faked his death. (3 May 2009)

Memphis woman Eliza Presley seeks DNA test to prove she's Elvis's sister: In the three decades since the death of Elvis Presley in a Graceland bathroom spawned a generation of conspiracy theorists, legions of supposed love children have made claims on the King.

The majority have quickly been exposed as scams, hoaxes or the delusions of obsessed fans. Never before has a court found sufficient evidence to reopen the music legend's estate, as a Tennessee judge has now ordered, in the bizarre case of a Memphis woman claiming to be half-sister to The King - who, she says, is very much alive.

Eliza A Presley - an adopted name - says she has DNA evidence that the rock 'n' roll legend lives on, and that they share the same father. Faced with the refusal of Elvis's closest living relative, his daughter Lisa Marie, to provide a DNA sample, she has launched a lawsuit to force her claim to be examined. Her success so far is the talk of a city which has never quite got over the loss of its favourite son.

The roots of the case date back to 2002, when a Kansas City psychiatrist claimed to have been treating Elvis, now using the name of his stillborn twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley. The allegation was picked up by a local Fox station, Fox 8 News, which attempted to match a DNA sample provided by the man claiming to be Jesse to that of Elvis.

A Memphis businessman and collector stepped forward with some of Elvis' medical records, including tissue samples from two liver biopsies and his post-mortem. The samples were sent for testing and came back negative - but not just between Jesse and Elvis.

It was also discovered that the DNA from the singer's liver did not match that from his post-mortem, a claim that has supported many of the subsequent web-based theories.

Astonishing though this finding appeared to be, it also heralded a dead end for the Fox investigation, or so the station thought. Earlier this year it was contacted by Ms Presley, then Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, who had her own interest in Elvis.

Ms Presley had recently discovered that she was adopted, and was casting around for answers. Prompted by friends who saw a likeness between her sons and the Pelvis, she began to wonder if she could possibly be a genuine lovechild.

This was not such a leap as might be imagined: her mother had lived close to Graceland in her youth and was friendly with Elvis and his family, a fact documented in newspapers of the day.

With the station's help, she began an investigation which soon took some curious turns.

First, Ms Presley collected DNA samples from two of Elvis's first cousins, one maternal, one paternal. These were sent to an Arizona lab to be tested against her own DNA, and the sample from the man claiming to be Jesse.

Incredibly, Jesse was found to be biologically related to both Elvis cousins , proving, at least in Ms Presley's mind, that he was indeed the King.

Then her DNA was tested against Jesse's, and again a match was found. However the relationship was not father-child, but siblings.

Finally, Ms Presley's DNA was tested against both cousins. It came back a match for the paternal side, but not the maternal. This final piece of evidence confirmed what Ms Presley now suspected. It was not Elvis Presley who had impregnated her mother: it was his father, Vernon.

She was Elvis's half sister.

Ms Presley stresses that when she first contacted the station, her only interest was in the Elvis DNA. She had never believed Jesse's claims, assuming that he was just another member of the lunatic legions clamouring for a piece of the Graceland pie. Nor had she given credence to classic Elvis conspiracy theories, with their allusions to the waxlike appearance of the King's corpse and the misspelled name on his tombstone.

Now she is a believer. “He has to be [Elvis]. There's no two ways about it. You can't fake the DNA.”

But can you?

While the respected forensic scientist who tested the DNA, Tony Tambasco, said that the results “look like wow”, he acknowledges that many unrelated people can exhibit similar DNA markers. The only way to prove it irrefutably would be to test Lisa Marie, he said, adding: “The issue could easily be resolved.”

Elvis Presley Enterprises said it would not provide a sample because there are so many similar claims that if it did so in this case, it would be obliged to do it for all. Nevertheless it is being forced to defend itself in the courts. Attorney William Bradley said: “Obviously, we would prefer that (the judge) not reopen it but these are matters we will address in court.”

And the claims that Elvis is alive? “Just nonsense,” the estate said.

Nonsense or not, the case has transfixed Tennessee residents. Chris Thomas, a clerk at the probate court which is handling the suit, said locals are startled at the apparent evidence. “A lot of people have been surprised and curious as to what's there.”

However, he added: “All the money's been distributed - there's nothing for this lady to get monetarily.”

For her part, Ms Presley insists she is motivated only by the desire to get to know her brother. “I think it would be such a travesty that he really does die and I never get to meet him,” she says.

Whether fact or fiction (and it must be noted that Ms Presley's biological mother insists it is the latter) the story has proved fertile ground for fans convinced their idol will one day rise again. In an internet poll conducted by Fox News 8, a clear majority, 56 per cent said they either "absolutely" believed Elvis faked his death, or that he might have done. In their minds at least, the King still lives on. (Source: Times Online)

Eliza Presley DNA claim update: The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal reported that although Eliza Presley Monday dropped her request to be named Vernon Presley's heir in Memphis, she plans to refile her claim in another court.

"The issues are still alive and well," the newspaper quoted her lawyer Kathleen Caldwell as saying. "It's not over by a long shot."

William Bradley Jr., an attorney who represents Elvis Presley Enterprises and Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley Lockwood, told The Commercial Appeal that Eliza Presley's case has no merit.

EIN Comment: It is not clear on what basis the EPE lawyer has discounted the Eliza Presley claim. In this day and age unsupported claims are of little use to those wanting to know the truth. While EIN understands EPE's reluctance to "open the (alleged) floodgates" to ongoing DNA claims, from what we have been told and provided other information on, it appears the Eliza Presley claim will have to be settled by DNA experts in a court of law. (News, Source: UPI/EIN, 18 Dec 2008)

Woman claiming to be half-sister of Elvis drops case: A woman seeking to be declared the daughter of Vernon Presley -- and the half-sister of Elvis -- on Monday voluntarily dropped her effort in Probate Court to be named as an heir to the father's estate.
But Eliza Presley, 46, a divorced mother of four from Washington state, more than likely will plead her case in another court.
"The issues are still alive and well," said attorney Kathleen Caldwell, adding that Monday's dismissal was a procedural move. "It's not over by a long shot."
Eliza Presley, who changed her name this summer from Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, initially filed the claim in October, saying DNA from a still-living Elvis Presley showed her to be a relative.
Her mother, former Memphian Florence Sharp Clark of Oregon, said she was part of the Elvis social circle for a period, but that she had no child by Vernon and that the father is another Memphis man.
Clark also has suggested that her daughter has undergone plastic surgery in an effort to bolster her claim of kinship.
Eliza Presley insisted Monday that she can support her claim and said her mother is not to be believed. "I would love to have these thousands of dollars I've allegedly spent," she said. "I have never had plastic surgery of any kind."
Attorney William Bradley Jr., who represents EPE and Lisa Marie Presley Lockwood, said her case has no merit and that over the years there have been a dozen or more people claiming kinship to Elvis, including several Elvis Jrs.
Vernon Presley died June 26, 1979, at age 63. According to common belief, Elvis died in 1977. (Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal, Dec 15 2008)

EIN Comment: We will publish an update on Eliza Presley's next steps shortly

Others who have claimed paternity to the Presley family include:

  • Desiree, daughter of Lucy De Barbin and allegedly Elvis
  • Deborah Presley
  • Lisa Johannsen (claiming to be the real Lisa Marie Presley)
  • Elvis Presley Jr. (ETA)
  • Jesse (name of post August 1977 still alive Elvis)
  • Timothy James Farrell
  • Ernest John Young (aka Jason Presley)

Visit EIN's Conspiracy page to read more about Elvis' alleged illegitimate chiuldren

Eliza Presley DNA claim update - video news item: Following the TV item on Eliza's case we received the following message and link from Carol in Ohio (thanks Carol!):

"Our Cleveland Fox 8 Cleveland has now been contacted by Eliza Presley who claims and has DNA proof that she is Vernon's daughter...Below is the VIDEO for you to see that aired last night on TV.  Her DNA does match Vernon's niece named Donna Presley, but what is astounding is that the DNA of Jesse's (Dr. Hinton's patient from 6 years ago) has now been proven to match both of Vernon's nieces...and hence, making him the REAL ELVIS...No kidding...look at this video.
This woman Eliza really looks like Elvis....she is 46, so is 27 years younger than Elvis. 

PS...This is the ONLY time that the Memphis courts have approved of re-opening a Presley estate!  The Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper has also reported on this."

New DNA Evidence Could Prove Elvis Is Alive:

Did Elvis father any illegitimate children?: As interest in Eliza Presley's claim she is the daughter of Vernon Presley gathers momentum, one fan has asked about any illegitimate offspring fathered by Elvis. Over the years there have been various claims, from Lucy De Barbin to Deborah Presley, Tim Farrell and Elvis Presley Jr., but known have cprovided substantive evidence to support their claims. EIN received the following message:

"Thanks for responding so quickly.  Truth be told, I am an Elvis fan and I am curious to see if Elvis did father any other children - talent like Elvis' should have transcended generations. As far as DNA testing in regards to siblings, a valid DNA sample from Elvis (or Lisa) is not required.  True siblings - those that share both a mother and father - would have about 50% shared DNA; those siblings which share only one biological parent would have about 25% shared DNA.  Therefore, a comparative DNA analysis of these "half siblings" to see if they share a biological male parent would have merit. The test is roughly $400/each according to this website (DNA Testing Siblings, Testing brothers and sisters ). 

However, to get bullet-proof validity, probably having these "illegitimate children" go to at least 3 different reputable DNA labs to be tested would be a good idea. As far as costs for the DNA test, there are so many Elvis fans out there that anyone wanting to contribute to a DNA test fund would not be hard to find. Also, some of these "illegitimate children" may even pay for the tests themselves - I can understand the need of wanting to know who your father is and who are your brothers and sisters.  Maybe all these "illegitimate children" need is just someone to coordinate the whole thing for them so that they can come forward and be DNA tested.   

This DNA sibling test can at least give some credence to the "illegitimate children" claims by showing that they all share the same father.  I understand that Elvis (or Lisa) would then have to give DNA to show that Elvis is that "shared father". But with this DNA sibling test coupled with the claims of the mothers (they all can't be lying and there is that facial resemblance in some of the "illegitimate children") - how then, can the world deny that Elvis fathered these children when DNA proves that they are all related to one another through a male biological parent? Your thoughts on this are much appreciated! Signed, An Elvis fan who just wants to know!" (21 Nov 2008)

Eliza Presley DNA claim Update: Eliza tells EIN:



Hi everyone,

As I keep getting asked about the interview I recently did, here's the info you need to view it:

Elvis Alive Story to air on Fox 8.
Recap airs Tues the 18th @ 6 & 10pm
Eliza's interview airs Weds the 19th @ 10pm. Live chat, Q & A session to follow from 11pm-midnite.
Recap of Eliza's story airs Thurs the 20th @ 6pm.
All times are EST.
So, unless you are in the Cleveland, OH viewing area, you can watch live streaming on their website at: (video posted now)

I'd suggest that anyone who's a fan of Elvis' to watch this, it's that important. Don't watch it for me, watch it for him ...
(18 Nov 2008)

DNA Lab Owner - Elvis is not dead!: The head of an Arizona DNA lab who supports a woman's claim that she's the daughter of Vernon Presley said Friday there's something even more interesting about the case..............Elvis is alive.

"I think the DNA taken from the person named Jessie can only be DNA of Elvis Presley," said Donald Yates of DNA Consultants in Scottsdale. "It's from a live person because the DNA is recent. There are a lot of Elvis impersonators, but I don't think you can imitate DNA. It's hard to get your mind around this story."

Eliza Presley, a 46-year-old Washington state woman who recently changed her name from Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, said in Probate Court this week that she based her Presley kinship claim in part on a DNA sample sent to her from a Jessie Presley.

When asked by attorney William Bradley Jr. if Jessie believes he is Elvis Presley, Eliza replied, "No, actually (he is) Elvis Presley." She did not elaborate and could not be reached Friday.

Judge Karen Webster reopened Vernon Presley's estate Wednesday at the request of Eliza's attorney, but made no other finding and did not set another court date. Bradley, however, repeated his assertion that the case has no merit.

"After hearing her testimony in court, I'm not at all surprised about her most recent revelations," said Bradley, who represents Elvis Presley Enterprises and Lisa Marie Presley Lockwood. "Many individuals who claim to be related to Elvis Presley have vivid imaginations."

Eliza Presley's mother, former Memphian Florence Sharp Clark of Oregon, said she was part of the Elvis social circle for a period, but that she had no child by him or his father. Elvis, who is commonly believed to have died in 1977, would be 73 today.

Yates, who has a doctoral degree in history but none in science, said he concluded Eliza is the daughter of Elvis' father, Vernon Presley, and that Jessie is actually Elvis by comparing his DNA with a Presley cousin, a cousin from Elvis' mother's side, Eliza's and several control samples.

He said neither he nor Eliza has met the man they believe to be Elvis, but that Eliza has talked to him and that he lives at an undisclosed location in the United States.

"I'm an historian and I've never known of a story of a famous person dying and then of rumors being sustained for 25 years that he's still alive," said Yates, who said he also is a former public relations man for Alka Seltzer. "Not throughout human history has a situation like that existed. Jesus Christ died, but he came back pretty quickly." (News, Lawrence Buser, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 11 Oct 2008)

Is "Jesse" really Elvis?: The figure of "Jesse Presley" has occupied "Elvis is alive" folklore for the past two decades. Prior to Eliza Presley's claimk of having received DNA from "Jesse", Dr Donald Hinton published his book, The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words), in 2001, and subsequently "Jesse" again appeared within the Bill Beeny DNA evidence issue.

Conflicting reports subsequently had the "struck off" Dr Hinton, who physically never met Elvis/Jesse, but treated him by correspondence, either apologising or not apologising for having duped fans. Despite claims Dr Hinton did apologise there is no substantive evidence to support this contention.

The story of "Jesse" is a long and sordid one. Essentially, since the early days of the Elvis is Alive" theory, a number of people have worked behind the scenes on behalf of "Jesse" to obtain money and prescribed medications. At times it was suggested "Jesse" would reveal his true identity to the world, but then a convenient excuse would surface as to why this wasn't possible.

For many years there was a thriving "Elvis underground" pedalling the "Jesse" story, active initially via snail mail correspondence and newsletter, and then Internet based through a numnber of now defunct web sites and messageboards.

Photographic evidence of "Jesse" has been unconvincing.

EIN has long stated that in our opinion, Elvis died on 16 August, 1977. No substantive evidence/facts that would stand up in a court of law has ever been provided to substantiate the contrary argument. That a belief to the contrary is still held in 2008 pays testament to the power of some fan's emotional and psychological needs.

For "Jesse's" DNA evidence to stand up in court will require Elvis Presley Enterprises to provide actual Elvis DNA sample for cross-matching and given the science of DNA testing, quite possibly also 'maternal' DNA relating to Vernon Presley (as the story below suggests).

In this latter respect few media outlets have picked up on the other DNA evidence to be offered.......that the DNA tests carried out in Arizona match the genetic make-up of Elvis’ cousin Donna. It is this DNA evidence which is likely to prove the case rather than "Jesse's" DNA.......which is unlikely to be what we are led to believe, and even irrelevant to .

There is no doubting Eliza Presley's strong belief that she is right. While Ms Presley had originally thought she may have been Elvis' daughter, the DNA analysis ruled this out. Ms Presley has told EIN she is not after money, but rather the truth about who her father is.

As for the statement of her birth mother, EIN is aware there are fractious family issues involved which are currently tainting the situation. (Source: EIN, 10 Oct 2008)

Barbara Lee for The Kin of Rock and Roll clarifies her group's position on our item below. EIN posted the original item after receiving it by email:

I just read the articles on your website regarding Eliza A. Presley and was surprised to see the information pertaining to her case, as mentioned on our website, posted on EIN.  In attempting to comment further on the story, I could not open the link on your site as it may not be working correctly.  The comment on your site from The Kin of Rock and Roll was not posted by me or anyone on our staff.  I would be grateful if you would revise the statement to read as follows, as our website will be advised accordingly:

"It should be known  that The Kin of Rock and Roll, the extended Presley family network, through it's founder, Barbara Lee Rowe,  does in no way attempt to make any statement either confirming or disputing the validity of the claim of Eliza A. Presley that she is an heir of Vernon Elvis Presley.  We are waiting to hear directly from Eliza A. Presley, and, as well, awaiting the final decision from the court.  As it is our mission to stand in defense of both Elvis and the Presley family, and to scrutinize myths and misconceptions having to do with both, we may choose to report some story(ies) concerning Elvis and/or family as they come to us, if they may have a general impact on the family and family name.  As there has been no judgment from the court as of yet, we will not offer any further comment at this time other than to say that our original intent for the article on our site was specifically designed to relay the direction of DNA compatibility as it relates to male/female lineage and Ms. Presley's claim. Added emphasis was put on the previous testings of the Presley family males whose DNA was required to link DNA to our male Presley ancestors and, thus, to validate existence of and background for same."  

I am not sure how the outcome is going to pan out and I am waiting to hear back from Eliza.  In the meantime, I will alter my page to reflect this revised statement.  


Original message based on email received by EIN:

The Kin of Rock and Roll Responds to the article on "Vernon Presley's Daughter..."

What is interesting about DNA testing is that the female DNA goes up the female line and the male DNA goes up the male line. How do we know this? Our family researchers for the Hood, Helms, and Presley lines did the DNA testing to connect and confirm our ancestors with descendants. They could only use male DNA to prove the links. All the Presley DNA participants were males from each family line to prove the linking male ancestors to one another and to their descendants.

Thus, the lady in question, by virtue of what we were told with the DNA process, could not prove she is a Presley through DNA but would prove who her mother is/was. She would have needed a brother's DNA to prove that Vernon was the father. Obviously, she didn't have that proof. If she has proof that she is Vernon's daughter, someone in the family, or Vernon, himself, may have known this and chose to keep it a secret. Vernon would have been married to Dee at the time this girl was born. The following information is from DNA Consultants:

"...Matrilineal Ancestry Report, With Extended mtDNA Test

The Premium Female goes beyond the Basic by testing your family genetic roots on both the HVR1 and HVR2 of your mitochondrial DNA. Analysis of the results and matches with others in the Cambridge DNA Concordance and other databases refines the deep history of the haplogroup of your female ancestor and her descendants. Our World-Match ancestry report can help pinpoint the origin and migrations of your female lineage. As with other DNA tests, you receive an easy-to-use test kit by overnight courier (FedEx) and mail it back to our lab in a postage-paid envelop. After your sample has been processed, your test scores are analyzed and matched. You get a comprehensive report along with a description of your mother's and its place in world history and geography...also of course, articles & references and suggestions for further reading.

May be taken by male or female. Includes DNA test, sequencing of Hypervariable Regions I and II, comprehensive family history report, certificate of testing, and lifetime storage of your DNA sample. Compare the Basic Female DNA Test.

Get both a male and female test with the Premium Combo DNA Test. (Females must have an eligible male relative like their brother take the male part of the Combo.)"

Visit The Kin of Rock and Roll website

Judge Rules that Woman Can Make Claim to Presley Estate: A Memphis judge ruled today a woman claiming to be Elvis Presley's half sister could make a claim to Vernon Presley's estate.  Bill Bradley, the attorney representing Elvis Presley's interests, said the claim will not get her anywhere. A woman who changed her name to Eliza Presley testified in court Wednesday that she has DNA evidence that Vernon Presley, Elvis' Father, is her father. Eliza Presley's attorney said the DNA evidence is reliable.
"They've been tested in and retested by various labs and proof is conclusive," Eliza Presley's attorney Kathleen Caldwell said.
Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom when Eliza Presley testified about the DNA. But she said she got Elvis' DNA from an envelope given to her by a person named Jesse.
When she was questioned about who Jesse is, she said Elvis is using the assumed name of Jesse. Eliza Presley's mother Florence Clark said the story is not true.

Clark, a former Whitehaven resident who now lives in Oregon, said she never had a relationship with Elvis or Vernon Presley. "A group of my girlfriends and I used to go to Graceland. We knew Elvis.  I met Vernon once in a crowd and other than that I don't know Vernon," Clark said. (More details below in yesterday's story)
The attorney representing Elvis Presley's interests said it does not matter if Eliza Presley is a half-sister of Elvis or not. She does not have a claim to the estate. "Whatever relation she may be to the estate she has no entitlement to the assets," attorney for Elvis Presley's interests Bill Bradley said.
Bradley said even if Eliza Presley could make a claim to Vernon Presley's estate, the estate isn't worth anything because all the assets are now in a trust to benefit specific family members. Go here for video clip from WMC-TV. (News, Source;EIN, 9 Oct 2008)

Judge Allows Case of "Elvis Half Sister" to Move Forward: Eliza Presely claims Vernon Presley is her father and says she has DNA evidence to prove it.

A Memphis judge says a woman claiming to be Elvis Presley's half sister can make a claim to Vernon Presley's estate. A woman who changed her name to Eliza Presley testified in court Wednesday that she has DNA evidence that Vernon Presley, Elvis' Father, is her father. Eliza Presley's attorney said the DNA evidence has been tested in and retested by various labs and proof is conclusive. Eliza Presley testified about the DNA. But she said she got Elvis' DNA from an envelope given to her by a person named Jesse. She says Jesse is Elvis.

Eliza Presley's mother Florence Clark said the story is not true, that she never had a relationship with Elvis or Vernon Presley. The attorney for EP Enterprise says even if Eliza Presley could make a claim to Vernon Presley's estate, the estate isn't worth anything because all the assets are now in a trust to benefit specific family members. (NewsRadio 600 WREC)

Elvis has a possible half-sister: Elvis Presley may have a half-sister. According to reports his father had a love child, born to Florence Juanita Sharp, who then gave her daughter up for adoption to a Texas family. The woman, who goes by the name of Eliza Alice Presley (likely to be an assumed name, I doubt her adopted parents named her after her sire) is hoping for a financial settlement from Elvis’ fathers’ estate.

Her representative, Donald Yates, reveals DNA tests carried out in Arizona match the genetic make-up of Elvis’ cousin Donna. He tells America’s Globe, “I’m 99.99 per cent sure that Eliza Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley are half siblings.”

As well as the scientific proof, Yates reveals his client has “sworn testimony from family members… relating to who her biological father is.”
Eliza Alice Presley has filed papers in Memphis, Tennessee, claiming she’s entitled to be “recognised as his daughter and allowed to inherit her statutory share of his estate” .

Twist in Vernon paternity case; Mom says daughter is not sister of Elvis: Former Whitehaven resident Florence Clark says she spent some time at Graceland as a teen, but that her daughter most definitely was not fathered by Vernon Presley. Her daughter, Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, now 46, filed a petition in Memphis two weeks ago claiming to have DNA proof that she is Vernon's daughter -- and Elvis' half-sister -- and seeking to be named an heir. She recently changed her name to Eliza A. Presley.
In an intriguing twist her mother now says that her daughter, who she put up for adoption at birth, also used to claim Elvis was her father and that anyone with common sense would know both claims are bogus.
"There is no Presley connection," said Clark, 67, who lives in Oregon. "I would be rich if there was a Presley connection. Do you think I would walk away from that? Would any girl walk away from that if they had a child by Vernon or Elvis?"
Vernon Presley died in 1979 at age 63. Elvis died in 1977 at age 42.
In her Probate Court petition, Eliza Presley, who was born in 1962 in Texas, says she

has DNA testing results that prove she is the daughter of Vernon Presley. She has been unavailable for comment, but Donald Yates, head of DNA Consulting in Scottsdale, Ariz., said he has worked on the case for the past five years and that he is "99.99 percent sure" that Eliza and Elvis are half-siblings and that Vernon is their father. He said there was no DNA available from Vernon, but that samples from other Presley family members, including Elvis, were tested. Yates would not say how DNA from Elvis was obtained. According to her court petition, the discovery is the result of a lifelong search to learn the identity of her father.

Not so, says her mother. Florence Clark said her daughter has known since age 19 that her father was another Memphis man - she moved to Texas when she learned she was pregnant - and that her daughter has spent time with him in the past. Clark said that as a teen she often hung out at the gates of Graceland and eventually met Elvis and joined his entourage on trips to the movies, to the fairgrounds and to a skating rink. She said she also met Vernon on a few occasions, but that there was no romantic involvement with him or with Elvis, who she said used to call her "Brown Eyes."

"That man never touched me, not once, and I'll take any test in the world to prove it," said Clark, who is divorced and has three other grown children. "I have no motive for anything. I just know what the truth is. When she found out I knew Elvis, she started trying to put Elvis as her father. This is the first time I've heard about Vernon." A hearing is set for Wednesday in Probate Court. (News, Source:EIN/MemphisCommercialAppeal, Oct 2008)

Elvis' half sister Eliza Alice Presley update: A 46-year-old woman who claims to be the half-sister of Elvis Presley is asking a court to reopen the estate of the rock-and-roll legend's father, Vernon Presley, and to be admitted as an heir.

According to the petition filed in Shelby County Probate Court, Eliza Alice Presley said her mother gave her up for adoption at birth and that after a lifetime search she learned this summer through DNA testing that Vernon Presley was her father. The divorced mother of four then changed her name from Alice Elizabeth Tiffin.

"I am 99.99 percent sure that Eliza Presley and Elvis Aaron Presley are half siblings and that she is not related to Elvis Presley's mother's relatives and that can only mean that they share a father," said Donald Yates, head of DNA Consulting in Scottsdale, Ariz., who said he has worked on the case for five years.

"There was no DNA from Vernon. The relationship has to be inferred from the DNA from other family members. We're talking about samples from an extended family group." The attorney who handled Vernon Presley's estate was not available for comment and Kevin Kern, spokesman for Graceland, is traveling out of the country. Vernon Presley died June 26, 1979, at age 63. Elvis died in 1977.

He said that included DNA from Elvis, but he would not elaborate on where or how that was obtained.

Probate Court Clerk Chris Thomas said Wednesday a hearing on the Texas woman's petition is set for next month.

"I've never had one where someone comes in after the estate's been closed almost 25 years," he said. "Most of the people involved are dead."

He said Vernon Presley's estate distributed a total of about $200,000 to his heirs and has been closed since 1985. Vernon Presley was the executor of the Elvis estate, the bulk of which went to his only daughter, Lisa Marie.DNA expert Yates said Eliza Presley's mother, Florence Juanita Sharp, lived across the street from Graceland as a teenager, but that little is know about how she might have met Vernon Presley. He said Sharp moved to Pasadena, Texas, where Eliza was born Jan. 23, 1962, and placed for adoption.

Despite the petition seeking to reopen Vernon Presley's estate and be admitted as an heir, Eliza Presley's motive is not money, Yates said.

"Her main goal is to be recognized as Vernon Presley's daughter and Elvis Presley's half sister," he said. "She's spent her entire lifetime searching for her true identity." (News, Source: MemphisCommercialAppeal, 25 Sep 2008)

Eliza Presley Petitions Memphis Court to Reopen Vernon Elvis Presley Estate: Eliza A. Presley, asserting that her father is Vernon Elvis Presley, father of entertainer Elvis A. Presley, filed a petition today in Shelby County Probate Court to reopen her father's estate. Attorney Kathleen L. Caldwell of Memphis placed the five-page petition in the hands of the clerk of court in downtown Memphis. It was filed under docket number D-5830 with expected use of DNA Testing Systems.
The basis of Presley's suit is as a "pretermitted heir." This term designates one who would likely stand to inherit under a will, except that the person who wrote the will did not know or failed to mention the party at the time the will was written. Evidence in safekeeping with the petitioner suggests that many people knew that she was Vernon Elvis Presley's daughter. If true this would have big repercussions for the Elvis Estate.
Presley, 46, was adopted at birth and just recently discovered that she is the daughter of Vernon Elvis Presley and hence half-sister of her father's famous son, Elvis, who died in 1977. The two have different mothers. Their father Vernon Elvis Presley was executor and trustee of his son Elvis' estate. Vernon Elvis Presley died two years later.
Elvis Presley is celebrated as one of the greatest entertainers of all time and news of his death at his Graceland home on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42 shocked the world. The only child of parents Vernon Elvis and Gladys Love Smith Presley of Tupelo, Miss., he left a daughter, Lisa Marie, by ex-wife Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. His will appointed as executor and trustee his father, Vernon E. Presley.
Vernon Presley had no other known children at the time of his death in 1979. A son, Jessie, the twin brother of Elvis, was stillborn, January 8, 1935. (News, Source;EIN/NP, 24 Sep 2008)










Feedback about Eliza Presley's claim

Cory Cooper, Elvis Historian, Consultant, Technical Advisor: For any of the DNA evidence to be objectively examined, "Jesse" who she stated she got the DNA from, would have to present himself. Just like when Bill Beeny and Phil Aitcheson and Dr. Hinton and anyone else made these claims with DNA. They need to put up or shut up, otherwise their whole story is a moot point.

The case can't proceed unless this person that provided the DNA sample shows his face. Otherwise, it's just a blind test with unknown samples.

I also only believe the estate of Vernon Presley was reopened as a procedural manner, not because this person had proof.

Also, for others who have claimed they obtained DNA samples from Elvis' liver biopsies from Baptist Memorial Hospital would mean they obtained them illegally and the chain of command would be broken anyway to show that they came from him.
Email Cory:

Lois Nelson: I cannot believe shocked that ELVIS AARON PRESLEY has a half sister hidden for years till announcement is true on TV FOX. I have been studied her features, oh yes, she has some facial features of Vernon Elvis Presley and KING ELVIS AARON PRESLEY! Wow! But to my options and Laws of 20 years ago plus adoption by other family in Ohio, I feel it is not right for her to claim old estate Vernon died in 1979.OHIO LAWS Limitations of 2 years. Otherwise, she was adopted, she seems greedy for $$$$$.

Kitty: I do not believe that Elvis is alive.  But it’s easier to believe that Vernon could have possibly fathered another child.

I believe Elvis did die because when we got the news of his death, my girlfriend and I flew to Memphis from New York.  Seeing Elvis lying in that coffin and seeing the grief and devastation on Vernon’s face as he sat near the coffin, I have to believe that Elvis did die.  After the funeral, we drove to Tupelo.  A couple of girls from there took us around Tupelo and then drove us to Pontotoc, Miss. to visit one of their aunts because she was related to Milo High, Elvis’s pilot.  Now, this aunt also told us that her daughter was a nurse at Baptist Hospital in Memphis and that she had been present during the autopsy on Elvis.

They had no reason to lie to us; and back then on that day of Elvis’s funeral, there were not yet all of the stories and rumors circulating that maybe he didn’t really die.  So I believe her story that her daughter, the nurse, was present at the autopsy.  Elvis will live on in our hearts forever and through his beautiful music.   

Gerald Sorby: There is no doubt Elvis Aaron Presley died on August 16, 1977. Those who believe otherwise are foolhardy and have deep rooted psychological problems.  

Elvis & Vernon - DNA issues - a Memphis Mafia view: Following our recent news items about Eliza Presley and possible illegitimate offspring of Elvis', prominent Memphis Mafia member, Marty Lacker, has told EIN:

"I have read the stories by Eliza What's hername and by the fan wondering about any illegitimate children fathered by Elvis and I felt it was time for us to come clean. 

I am writing this for myself and on behalf of Lamar Fike and we'd like to inform you that Elvis was not really just our friend, he was really our birth father.  Because he was so special and worked miracles he fathered me when he was two years old and he fathered Lamar when he, Elvis, was only 11 months old.

The chances of that being true are about as good as Eliza being Elvis' half sister or that there are any illegitimate Elvis children out there.  I can assure you if there had been any children outside of Lisa Marie, the mother would have immediately come forward for big bucks. Just as Eliza's mother said she would have if it was true that Vernon fathered Eliza or whatever her real name is.  Her mother effusively stated Vernon is not her father.

In other words, STOP THIS NONSENSE. Most of you claim to be good Elvis fans but those of you who believe or foster this nonsense don't prove that by your actions. This nonsense besmirches Elvis' memory and those of us who were close to him are tired of reading this crap.

The above is not directed at EIN because they do a wonderful job of keeping his memory alive as many fans do.

As Nigel and Piers have always told me, all they do is try to be fair by printing almost everything about Elvis people send them and let the fans make up their own mind about it."

EIN Comment: Thanks Marty! Marty does not always agree with what EIN publishes, for as he says, we publish a very broad cross-section of what is happening in the Elvis world. Despite assertions (from time to time) to the contrary, EIN does not support, nor endorse, a number of views we publish. For instance....EIN has always maintained Elvis died on 16 August, 1977. We stand by that belief today!

Cris: I'm a huge Elvis fan and have been most of my life. I kinda feel sorry for this poor woman. Apparently, she never started out looking for anything to do with Elvis or his family. She was strictly looking for her biological father and his roots. After a lot of research, she came across this path and I truly think this poor woman was in shock. Nobody unfortunately knows her true background, however has she even thought about meeting up with either Priscilla or Lisa Marie under private court to discuss this matter??? Plus I never heard her say one time anything to do with MONEY. Maybe just really wants to know her true background and family history. WE all know Elvis along with his father Vernon were no saints in anyway when it came to WOMEN. LOL They both had their share through out the many years of fame. Anything is possible. :) Thanks for allowing to share this with you.

Marty Lacker: It is getting tiresome to some of us who were close to Elvis to see his life continued to be made a mockery of by either a scam artist or nutcase like this woman, whichever she is.

Her mother has flat out said her daughter is lying and that Vernon Presley never touched, her no less had a romantic affair with her.
If that's not enough, it is beyond comprehension that the so called judge believed her story that Elvis ,using the name Jesse, is the one who gave her the DNA.  Anybody who still thinks Elvis is alive needs psychiatric help and that includes the judge.
Unfortunately Elvis died August 16, 1977 and nobody can change that. Jesse, my ass!

Bronwyn: I believe Eliza Presley's story. She hasn't asked for any money and why would anyone come out and make a claim that they have DNA proof if they don't really have it?

Glenda: At first I thought this was another load of rubbish. Then I saw your photo of Eliza and I thought, muy god there is more than a passing resemblance to the Presleys.

Tom S: What of crock of shite!!!!

Fred W: Tell her to leave Elvis alone.

Brian Wiends: Here we go again. Can't these peopole just let Elvis rest in peace and get on with their lives.

Patricia Johnson: This story is another example of the greed and need for 15 minutes fame that American's crave. I can't wait for her story to unbravel once the court looks at the so called DNA evidence.

Connie Anne: How can someone be disgusted at what this woman is claiming or doing? She has the right to know the truth. Besides, no one should judge if they do not know the entire story, which I doubt anyone has at this time. Maybe she has tried to reach family members and they dismissed her like they have anyone who has ever tried to claim kinship to Elvis Presley? At least this person has DNA evidence, which seems to be more than people I have read about in the past. She even seems to have enough to take this to court. I would think that says quite a bit here.

Penny Lee: I think its great if she ends up being his half sister. Personally I would want to know who my family were if I had be adopted. However, I would not want anything to do with the Presley money. Just knowing that I was related to Elvis would be enough for me.

Anonymous: I’m disgusted by this. Ms Presley makes no appeal to meet her family (she is a half-aunt to Elvis’ children, a sister-in-law to Priscilla) and has never met her brother. Wouldn’t she like to meet his family and get to know more about her late brother? Nope, she’d just like the cash please. I’m not sure how much she would be entitled to, but I’m guessing it won’t be much. If she gets anything at all it will be more than she deserves. I’m not sure how much Vernon Presley has left, but I’m guessing she’s hoping for a cut of the Elvis estate.

Terry Wheeler: Just when we thought it was safe to talk about Elvis again, another crazy story surfaces. Mary Smiley, Gail Brewer-Giorgio, Lucy DeBarbin, Don Hinton, Bill Beeny, the Presley commission, Monte Nicholson, Lisa Johannsen, and the list just goes on. But it had been quiet of late. A case of too good to be true!

Sally Rochester: Good on Eliza for telling her story. If she's right and her DNA evidence matches Vernon's there will be a lot of naysayers with egg on their faces!

Comment on this story














































































































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