Elvis in the shower.......

with and without Sir Tom Jones!

(devised by Rex Martin.......

and inspired by Tom Jones' story of the day Elvis serenaded Tom while he was in the shower)

(13 March 2009)

(Reader feedback follows this article)

Last year EIN published the following news item. Last month the story was resurrected by a number of media outlets:

Veteran crooner TOM JONES was once serenaded by singing legend ELVIS PRESLEY while naked in the shower.
The Delilah hitmaker was getting ready for a show in Las Vegas when Elvis, who died in 1977, interrupted Jones' preparations to sing him a tune.

Jones says, “He couldn’t wait. I was in the shower and I could hear Elvis Presley singing. When I opened my eyes he was leaning over the door singing to me. I didn’t have any clothes on. I think he was checking me out.”

Elvis and Tom share a quiet moment out of the shower

The story inspired EIN contributor, Rex Martin (publisher of the legendary Worldwide Weekly Elvis News Service) to look at the best shower scenes in Elvis' body of film work.

And EIN poses the question: "Did Elvis have a thing about interrupting Tom?"

But let's momentarily digress, as

Sir Tom also had this to say about Elvis in an interview published recently on Metro.co.uk:

Who’s your all-time favourite singer?: A singer cannot do everything great; they shine in different areas. The kind of stuff Frank Sinatra sang, he sang great. But he couldn’t sing rock’n’roll music or rhythm’n’blues. If you want to listen to blues, you listen to Howlin’ Wolf or John Lee Hooker. But, then again, Hooker could not sing Fly Me To The Moon. Elvis covered a lot of ground, he had a big voice. His range was almost as big as mine.

Would you have liked to record with him?: His manager Colonel Tom Parker would never allow it. Elvis would come to Caesar’s Palace when I was playing and he wouldn’t even come up and do something on stage with me as he knew Parker wouldn’t like it. We’d go back to his suite and sing all night in private. They were always watching for someone recording it. I tried it once. There was a lad who worked for me called Chris Ellis. We were in my suite in Hawaii and Chris slipped in a tape. Joe Esposito, who worked for Elvis, just walked over and stopped it. We just wanted a souvenir of me and Elvis singing together.

And before we get back to the best Elvis shower scene in an Elvis film, it appears Elvis liked to interrupt Tom, as this photo shows:

Elvis acknowledged by the audience during a Tom Jones concert in Las Vegas

But back to the best Elvis shower scene.............where we present the winner and worthy runner-up:


Lucky Michele Carey getting to Elvis in the shower in Live A Little, Love A Little


Elvis himself, in G.I. Blues


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Your Feedback

Steve: Hilarious stuff!!!

Amber Smith: Thanks Rex, a great photo article. Just imagine how many female fans would have traded places with Michele Carey in that scene.

Briony Wills: Michelle Carey was one lucky lady.

Bob Simpson: What, the king checking out Tom Jones in the shower. Tell me it isn't so. If media stories are anything to go by, Elvis wasn't the king of everything!




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