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RECENT ELVIS news items on the site now include:

>35 Years ago Today Elvis bids "Adios" for the very last time: On June 26th 1977 Elvis walked on stage at Indianapolis for the very last time.
The Indianapolis Star newspaper review stated, "Elvis performs in true Presley style before 18,000"
Indianapolis once again prepared to great royalty-the hip-swivelling singer who has been called the King of rock 'n' roll since the Mid-1950s.
Elvis. His name was everywhere: on posters, buttons, souvenir books, T-shirts, hats, and homemade clothes that proclaimed with personal touches, admiration for a man idolized by millions.
Elvis appeared, in a gold and white jumpsuit and white boots, bounding onstage with energy that was a relief to everyone. At 42, Elvis is still carrying around some excess baggage on his mid-section, but it didn't stop him from giving a performance in true Presley style.

> 'A Boy From Tupelo - Complete 53-55 Recordings' Elvis collectors' holy-grail 'Little Mama' is included. Out in AUGUST 2012 the deluxe book + 3CD set has been announced for August release. For over five years “Follow That Dream” /Sony Elvis Committee president Ernst Jorgensen has been working on the Definitive Elvis At Sun Records & book, which is possibly the most ambitious project of his entire career. - SEE NEWS BELOW

> Bee Gee, Robin Gibb dies at 62; Robin Gibb, one-third of the Bee Gees the pop group that stood at the forefront of the disco era with its "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. The singer-songwriter was 62. Robin Gibb and his brothers, Maurice and Barry, produced a string of memorable hits starting in the mid-sixties. Only Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks and Paul McCartney have outsold the Bee Gees. Elvis recorded their song "Words" back in 1970 at his 'That's The Way It Is' season.

>Conversations with the King Journals of a Young Apprentice (Book Review): Elvis' youngest stepbrother, David Stanley released his latest book this week. This is a book about Elvis which has an important difference to others......it provides new insight into the wisdom and gifts Elvis never openly discussed in public. The untold stories of each chapter revolve around life lessons encouraging and assisting readers to discover the lessons and answers in their own lives. Conversations with the King is challenging and it is thought provoking and it is unlike any other Elvis book you have probably read! To find out just how different and how important Conversations with the King is: read EIN's detailed review here

> 'The Elvis Files' New Books Publication dates: Erik Lorentzen has confirmed the following publication dates and has supplied a fabulous look at 'The Elvis Files, Volume 1 (1953-1956)'.'The Elvis Files Volume 5 (69-70)': release date May 22. 'The Elvis Files Volume 1 (1953 - 1956)' is set for release December 15 2012 Go HERE for more info about the soon-to-be-released Elvis Files

>CKx plan New Elvis Presley Projects: American Idol owners CKx are considering new Elvis Presley projects including a Graceland upgrade, Elvis duets album and possible hologram tour. The company that owns the rights to American Idol is restructuring the TV show in light of the recent ratings drop but also developing projects for its other assets, including the creative exploitation of Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali.
CKx, which will change its name to Core Media Group, has especially big plans in store for Presley: an upgrade of the Graceland museum is in the works, as well as a possible Elvis drama series based on the singer's early life. Core is also in talks with Sony about a potential duets album.

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Recent EIN Exclusives & Highlights:

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  • Elvis Presley Crypt Pulled From Auction after Fan Uproar: Thanks to everyone who signed the online petition that Elvis Matters started against the sale of Elvis' crypt at the Julien's auction. With the effort of Elvis fan clubs all over the world Elvis Matters gathered over 10,000 fans who signed the petition - and for now the crypt will remain empty - as it should!
    The news made newspapers worldwide....
    Julien's Auctions announced in May that it would sell the empty tomb at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, at its "Music Icons" auction last weekend. However Julien said that after seeing fan reaction, the company won't sell the crypt "until Forest Hills finds a plan that best suits the interests of the fans while respecting and preserving the memory of Elvis Presley."
    Elvis Presley was interred there after he died on Aug 16, 1977. Two months later, Elvis and also Gladys his mother were reburied at his Graceland home. The original crypt has remained empty ever since.
    Hopefully it will now stay that way.
  • ...
  • 'Elvis At Madison Square Garden' FORTY YEARS AGO THIS MONTH: Elvis' June 1972 concerts in Madison Square Garden were a key part of his stunning career. It was on June 9th 1972, forty years ago today, that Elvis finally took on and conquered the USA's major city of New York.
    "He looked like a prince from another planet, narrow-eyed, with high Indian cheek bones and a smooth brown skin untouched by his 37 years.
    When Elvis started to work with the mike, his right hand flailing air, his left leg moving as though it had a life of its own, time stopped, and everyone in the place was 17 again. It was a lesson in dominance; we had just seen the comic who couldn’t control anybody, not even himself, and that had got us nervous; now Elvis made it all right again."

    EIN contributor Daniel Massey and Colin Escott check out this major Elvis concert at Madison Square Garden
    Go here to read this special EIN spotlight 40 years on!

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    'From Memphis to Hollywood' new FTD book delayed:  Not-so-good news from FTD and Flaming Star. The book/CD "From Memphis to Hollywood", which was originally set for release this month, has been delayed due to technical problems.
    Elvis Matters notes that the new release date is August.

    SEE EIN's preview pages of this great book HERE.


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  • VIVA ELVIS' Star DVD Review: Now that we know 'VIVA ELVIS' is to close, the timing is perfect for STAR to release their specially edited version of the show's recut classic Elvis songs. Described as .. for ELVIS FANS, Cirque Du Soleil Fans and Non Cirque Du Soleil Fans - one thing's for sure… after watching it… the album itself can't be played without seeing the sensational footage created on this dvd. It has nothing to do with Cirque Du Soleil, but if you did see the show in Vegas, it will bring back some memories as some footage is linked to it. The STAR DVD label in the past have created some of the best-edited and impressive Elvis videos of all-time. Their '1st, 2nd & Forever' is worth watching again and again. Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley explores this fun new release - & features some cool Elvis screen grabs.
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  • 'Follow That Dream' 50th Anniversary Spotlight: Follow That Dream was Elvis’ 9th movie and although filmed after ‘Blue Hawaii’ the Elvis "travelogue formula" still hadn’t been established. ‘Follow That Dream’ was still a fresh chance for Elvis to try out his relaxed comedic style of acting and without the added pressure of too many soundtrack songs. Filmed almost entirely on location in Florida it is one of Elvis’ best films. It was released 50 years ago this week on May 23rd 1962.
    A great number of Elvis fans share an appreciation for this particular movie even though that appreciation is virtually absent from all critical texts. There are two reasons for this continued level of likeability. One of course is that Follow That Dream is a pretty good movie. The second, less obvious reason, is the fact that it says something good about human nature and that observation makes you feel a little bit better about living.
    Go here as EIN contributor Harley Payette takes a fascinating look at this fan favourite.
  • 'The Wedding' EIN Spotlight: Whatever people's own personal feelings are toward Priscilla, Elvis clearly loved her. We can debate whether he was ‘pushed’ in to marriage by outside forces or whether Elvis who belonged to the women of the world should have married at all, but the fact is that Elvis did marry Priscilla 45 years ago. May 1st 1967 was no ordinary day in Elvis' life.
    There were however some odd choices to the day and the ‘last minute’ exclusion of some of those who grew-up with Elvis was a particularly bad and hurtful.
    Marty Lacker was Elvis' co-Best Man at the wedding and he has kindly given EIN permission to publish his story of what happened on that famous day.
    Go here to Marty Lacker's story with some great Elvis & Priscilla photos


  • Norah Jones inspired by Elvis: She has sung 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' in honor of Elvis and now Norah Jones says everyone should visit Elvis Presley's Graceland home at least once in their lives for inspiration.
    The 33-year-old musician is a huge fan of the late 'King of Rock 'n' Roll' and going to his mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, and the city itself inspires her songs.
    She said: 'I love it in Memphis. It's the most amazing city full of warm people and great food.
    'Everybody should visit Elvis' home Graceland once in their lives and while they're at it they should take a trip to the Sun Records museum. It's the record label that launched Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.'
  • Lisa Marie's Favorite Elvis Songs: Ever wondered what Lisa Marie's favorite songs by her father are? Well Lisa Marie has now shared her list of her top 12 songs by Elvis in the iTunes playlist titled "Lisa Marie's Favorite Elvis Songs."
    Her favorites include 'Just Pretend', 'How Great Thou Art', 'Such A Night' and 'Polk salad Annie'. This is her complete list...   
    1. Just Pretend
    2. Mary In the Morning
    3. How Great Thou Art
    4. Polk Salad Annie
    5. It's Over
    6. You Gave Me a Mountain
    7. Such a Night
    8. An American Trilogy
    9. I'm Leavin'
    10. Until It's Time for You to Go
    11. Ku-U-I-Po
    12. Kentucky Rain
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  • 'Graceland Through The Years 1957-1977' Amazon release date July 9: Boxcar have informed EIN that the worldwide release date on Amazon for the new deluxe Graceland book is July 9th, although some delaers have giot their copies earlier. 'Graceland Through The Years 1957-1977' is a sensational production by MRS' Jo Pirzada featuring everything you need to know about Elvis and Graceland. Featuring 450 pages and including 1000 photos many never published before with masses of photos of Elvis and his friends at Graceland. With informative text and also including the original purchase documents and blueprints of Graceland. In quality print and hardcover book, it is all together bound in a 12 by 10 inch hard cover cardboard sleeve slipcase like Boxcar’s previous outing last year of ‘The Final Curtain’.

    To guarantee your copy make sure you get your orders in.
    To ensure your pre-order CLICK HERE TO AMAZON UK>> Elvis Presley's Graceland, Through the Years 1957-1977 .


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  • Elvis Presley duets album Back On?!?: Music mogul Clive Davis is "in the midst" of an afterlife-inspired project of his own: an Elvis Presley duets album. Apparently Priscilla Presley brought him the idea and it “struck a responsive chord” with him.
    “I immediately thought, My God, to go through his repertoire and not to be a slave to his tracks but to have some freedom to perhaps change some tracks as we see fit. Could Lady Gaga do 'Viva Las Vegas' with Elvis? You know, different ideas. We all have to explore what’s fresh and new, even if it explores the departed.” Maybe Gaga could even perform with Elvis' hologram. “Elvis would be great,” Davis agreed. Though, on second thought, perhaps Elvis should perform with Jo Calderone (Lady Gaga's fictional male alter-ego) and we can see who does Elvis better.
    EIN's Brian Quinn has also heard from official sources that after the recent success of the Tony Bennett Duets album, SONY are once again interested in the often-discussed Elvis Duets album.
  • Rock Sex - N -Roll (Book Review): Has the prodigous Joe Tunzi-Paul Lichter partnership hit another bullseye with their latest release...... Rock Sex-N-Roll, a photo-book showcasing Elvis' breakout year, 1956?


    Nigel Patterson recently re-entered EIN HQ to find out if the release lives up to the high promise of its pre-publication pr.

    Read Nigel's review here


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  • Warhol's 'Double Elvis' fetches $US37m at auction: Andy Warhol's Double Elvis sold for $US37 million ($A36.1 million) and works by Roy Lichtenstein and Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei have broken their own records at Sotheby's contemporary art sale in New York.
    Warhol's Double Elvis (Ferus Type), a silver silkscreen image of Elvis Presley depicted as a cowboy, fetched $US37,042,500. It had been expected to sell for $US30 million to $US50 million.
  • 'Elvis Uncovered' new Sony budget CD: A new budget compile out June 19 from Sony Special Products.
    The promo states.. In the years between his 1968 Comeback and his death in 1977, Elvis Presley reinvented himself as both a bigger-than-life concert performer and an astute interpreter of contemporary pop material. During that period, his studio albums and live concerts were dominated by his distinctive readings of recent hits and older pop standards. This collection spotlights that phase of Presley's career, collecting a dozen notable cover numbers from his last decade. Complete with 8-page booklet and Liner Notes
    Tracklist: 1. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, 2. Proud Mary, 3. Something, 4. You've Lost That Loving Feeling, 5. Sweet Caroline, 6. Words, 7. Bridge Over Troubled Water 8. Hey Jude, 9. Make The World Go Away, 10. My Way, 11. Steamroller Blues 12. Unchained Melody. 
    Go here for info & to pre-order Only $12>
    .Elvis Uncovered .

  • Lisa Marie Presley 'Storm & Grace' New CD Review: Lisa Marie Presley was 35 when her first album was released, 2003's To Whom It May Concern. Her debut's success was followed two years later with Now What. Again, Presley impressed critics and music buyers alike for her mature and earthy material. However, Presley let it be known she felt she was being pulled in directions she didn't want to go. She needed time and inspiration to restart her creative juices. Then announcements for her forthcoming Storm & Grace suggested her 2012 return would be a major departure for Presley. As it turns out, these claims are largely true. Her third album is not as hard-charging as her previous releases, and it is far more "organic," to use Presley's own description.
    But Storm & Grace isn't just a stripped-down "roots" album, with players simply laying down good grooves behind a singer. Thanks immeasurably to producer T Bone Burnett, the musical settings maintain a unified moody tone throughout the 11 songs. The set is full of subdued echo, haunting guitar lines, and the ambiance of a live session trying to capture both the cerebral and emotional elements in each song. Presley's lyrics balance both the dark and the hopeful, her painful trials and hard-won triumphs, a few hellos and many goodbyes. In other words, storm and grace. Her BEST album yet!
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  • Kieran Davis Exclusive Interview: Kieran Davis is the author of the excellent 'Elvis On Tour- November 1971' plus the more recent 'Elvis Live at the International' a book containing 170 pages describing in meticulous detail exactly what it was like to see Elvis in concert in Las Vegas
    Both of his books are packed with sections of tape transcripts, jumpsuit descriptions, photographs of memorabilia, advertising campaign, RCA promotional material along with marvellous fan recollections of seeing Elvis, meeting him and even spending time with him. Go here as EIN interviews author Kieran Davis about how he manages to produce such excellent books and includes with some lovely book extracts and photos.
    Including Peggy Elzea describing spending time close-up with Elvis in 1969.
  • And only THREE days after arriving in Vegas Peggy Elzea does indeed meet Elvis....

    ... I followed Vernon down another series of steps where we turned to the right and went in to a small 8 to 10 foot wide `L' shaped hallway. There was a door with a silly picture of Sammy Shore on it. This was the dressing room area! Vernon walked into a dressing room ahead of us and shut the door. I waited for what seemed like an age and then the door opened with about 3 hands holding the doorknob. It opened back into the dressing room. There was a figure standing in the shadows wearing a white jacket – it was Elvis! He was wearing medium blue hip hugger pants and similar coloured shirt, a white jacket with collar, black boots and a red scarf with a gold curlicue design. He wore a belt that was 6 inches wide decorated every 8 inches or so with gold lion heads that had a ring in their mouth. There were three strands of chains hung between each of the lion heads.

    Elvis walked out of the dressing room looking directly at me with a pleasant smile on his face and his hand extended slightly. With three strides he was standing right in front of me. I thought, "Good grief, he is human size! Except he has an unusually beautiful body." His shoulders were broader than most men of his size and he was somewhat taller than me – easily 6 foot 1. He was very lean with the hips of a boy, in fact they looked just like they did in 'G.I. Blues'. He was so handsomely and tastefully dressed. He smiled so warmly with his eyes as well as his mouth. My right hand was full of my purse and camera so Elvis took my left hand in his and gently stroked my forearm with his right hand. He did it kindly as if he was pacifying someone
    who needed calming down.

    "How are you?" said Elvis
    "Fine, thank you. How are you?"
    "Fine, thank you. How are you?" was his reply as if he was slightly nervous.
    I broke in quickly with, "I am Peggy" and tilted my head to the right, bearing down on it as has become my habit, "I'm from Columbia, Missouri."
    -I'm pleased to meet you, Peggy."

    I began babbling in a soft voice (and with a big smile) something like, "You just knocked me out. That was a marvellous show. You're such a great performer...." Babble, babble, babble.

    Elvis took his hands off of mine, slowly put them on both sides of my face and slipped his fingers on my neck from about an inch behind my ears down to my collar bone (as if he was throttling me). I shut up completely, being in such a doll-like position where Elvis could relocate any portion of my body as he saw fit. He smiled at me and slowly leaned in and kissed me just off centre and to the left of my mouth. His lips and cheek were very soft, warm and dry. It was the most gentle of kisses.



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  • Comeback producer Robert Finkel has died: Emmy Award-winning TV director and 1968 'Elvis Comeback Special' executive producer Robert Finkel has died. He was 94. In his long career, Finkel produced TV series with Andy Williams, Jerry Lewis, Phyllis Diller and other stars. Finkel won a Peabody Award for a show with Julie Andrews and directed sitcoms including "Barney Miller" and "The Bob Newhart Show."
    It was Bob Finkel who hired Steve Binder as the director/producer of the Comeback Special.
  • .
  • Donald "Duck" Dunn, STAX bassist, dies aged 70: Donald "Duck" Dunn, the bassist who helped create the gritty Memphis soul sound at Stax Records in the 1960s as part of the legendary group Booker T. and the MGs and contributed to such classics as 'In the Midnight Hour', 'Hold On, I'm Coming' and 'Sitting on the Dock of the Bay', died yesterday aged 70. When Elvis recorded at STAX in July 1973 Duck Dunn and STAX drummer Al Jackson were there for last two night's recording. Unfortunately Elvis' favourite microphone was lost and the session stopped when Elvis walked out. Only two tracks were recorded 'Girl Of Mine' and the backing track to 'Sweet Angeline' EIN asked Marty Lacker how well he knew "Duck" Dunn and if he knew why Elvis never chose to record any STAX songs?
    Marty Lacker ... Duck and I were good friends as well as me and Steve Cropper.  Duck wasn't too happy with the direction the Elvis Stax sessions were taking and that had a lot to do with the fact that Elvis didn't give a damn about doing those sessions.  Elvis did them because Parker and RCA were nagging him to record, especially Parker.  Duck was a great guy and he was funny as hell.  He and Cropper were like brothers.
    As for the STAX songs as potential Elvis covers, that's one thing that I think of in hindsight - why I didn't suggest some of those songs from the Stax artists and songwriters.  I should have done that at the American sessions where the musicians and Chips would have done those songs justice. I doubt they would have come out that good in Nashville or L.A. sessions. - Marty
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  • 'Elvis: '69 Change Of Habit' new JAT book Special Offer: 1969 was one of the greatest years in Elvis' legendary life and career. JAT Publishing is proud to present 'Elvis: '69 Change Of Habit' the biggest book in JAT's publishing history. This deluxe limited edition hardback features approximately 200 photos printed on fine art paper. Most of these stunning images are being made available for the first time on the pages of this book. Includes world premier photos of Elvis at the International Hotel, in Memphis and in Hollywood. Breathtaking on stage, candids and exclusive images from Elvis' Change Of Habit film. Loaded with gorgeous color photographs. A must for every Elvis fan's collection.
    Prepublication Sale for June 2012 Release - Normally $69.99 Now $49.99
    Click HERE for elvisunique special deal - $49.99.

    Go here for YouTube trailer

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  • New Elvis Week 2012 Guest and Event Announcements: Clarifying EIN's weekend info about Elvis Week. EPE are excited to announce the following will be joining our Elvis Week lineup:
    Mike Stoller will be a special guest at the Elvis Songwriters Showcase on August 11
    Brad Birkedahl and band will perform during the Elvis Week Kick-Off Concert on August 11
    • Ultimate ETA Contest winners Justin Shandor and Brandon Bennett will perform at the Celebrate The King Concert on August 12
    • DJ Fontana, Tom Moffatt, Ginger Holladay and Mary Pederson will join the lineup at the Official Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13
    • James Burton and Joe Guercio will be special guests at the Fan Club Presidents’ Event on August 14
    • Loanne Parker, Dick Grob, Sam Thompson and Charles Stone will all share stories of being on tour with Elvis during Conversations on Elvis – Behind the Stage on August 17
    • David Briggs, Norbert Putnam and Chip Young, session musicians on many of Elvis’ legendary recordings in the ‘60s and ’70s will speak at Conversations on Elvis – In the Studio on August 18.
    The Last Chance Ultimate ETA Contest returns to the Memphis Hard Rock Cafe on August 10, 12 and 13.
    GO HERE for all your ELVIS WEEK 2012 news

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Sanja's Sunday Rare Elvis Photos - added to EIN today:

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Now with over 5,300 photos and with more added every week – including YouTube footage.

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More Rare Candids - From Sanja's exciting new EIN/Facebook page.

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'Another Saturday Night' FTD Review: Mid 1975 found Elvis back in good form and having fun on stage. Slimmed down and looking great in his new Indian Feather jump-suit Elvis seemed rejuvenated and happy to be back on stage.
As the Memphis Commercial Appeal commented … "It didn't seem to matter what Elvis sang, the audience went wild every time he moved and he made if clear he knew what was turning them on."
FTD has now released the Shreveport June 7th 1975 Evening Show - a previously UNISSUED performance, even on bootleg.
While the set-list may seem a little familiar, Elvis sure knows how to put on a crowd-pleasing show.
Go here as Elvis super-fan Geoffrey McDonnell checks out whether this previously UNRELEASED concert offers anything new for Elvis collectors....
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Four New June FTD Releases: The following FOUR releases have been announced by FTD for late June.
'G.I. Blues Vol.1' Classic Album – The long-awaited first volume of G.I. BLUES material in the classic album series. As always in a 7" inch digi pack format with booklet. However like the ‘Jailhouse Rock Classic album’ the first volume will be without the In-and-Outtakes section, which will be featured in Volume 2 and will summarize all the G.I. Blues recordings. A lot of effort (and money) has gone into making these the best sounding G.I. Blues recordings ever.

‘From Hawaii To Las Vegas’ (Unreleased 1973 Rehearsal)- The new 5" digi pack release ‘From Hawaii To Las Vegas’ is from a previously unreleased cassette recording of Elvis’ January 25 1973 dress rehearsal for his January/February Las Vegas Hilton season. The rough audio quality is more than compensated by the fascinating insight into how Elvis worked in order

to create his shows. With little talk, and a lot of music, we are invited to a first row presentation of what Elvis had in mind, and yet he decided to change the repertoire the next day. Among the many songs is "Separate Ways" – rehearsed with and without the orchestra - a song that Elvis chose to never perform in public. This will be a fabulous collectors’ release.
The one track ‘I'm Leavin' It All Up To You’ was previously released on the FTD ‘Stage Rehearsal’ and was one of the best tracks on that compilation. The audio quality was pretty good as we noted in our review "Elvis tries it out in rehearsal and it’s another spontaneous Elvis moment, luckily captured in pretty good sound – the best quality bonus track here."
Tracklist: 1) Something 2) You Gave Me A Mountain 3) Steamroller Blues 4) My Way 5) Love Me 6) It’s Over 7) Blue Suede Shoes, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry 9) Welcome To My World 10) I’ll Remember You 11) Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On 12) An American Trilogy 13) A Big Hunk O’ Love 14) I’m Leavin’ It All Up To You 15) Faded Love 16) I Can’t Stop Loving You 17) Separate Ways

– with band 18) Separate Ways – with band and orchestra 19) Bridge Over Troubled Water 20) Can’t Help Falling In Love - incomplete Recorded on stage January 25, 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton.

‘From Memphis To Hollywood’ Book: Hot on the heels of WELCOME HOME ELVIS comes its sequel, another Flaming Star production written by David English, which brings Elvis from Memphis back to the movie making business in Hollywood, and the actual production of G.I. BLUES. As with WELCOME HOME ELVIS the book features an album – this time not surprising the newly found original mono LP master for G.I. BLUES. As with its predecessor, the book is filled to the brim with great, rare and informative photos and documents.


‘That’s The Way It Is’ Double-Vinyl: A Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set. This release follows the other FTD special edition albums.
• Vinyl cutting by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS
• DMM Copper Mastering
• 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
• Strictly limited pressing

New June FTD Releases Updated: We have updated our FTD official releases page to include the 'G.I. Blues Vol.1' Classic Album & ‘That’s The Way It Is Special Edition’ Double-Vinyl tracklists & more info - Go Here.

(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

'A Boy From Tupelo - Complete 53-55 Recordings' More News: Elvis collectors' holy-grail 'Little Mama' is included. Out in AUGUST 2012 the deluxe book + 3CD set has been announced for August release. For over five years “Follow That Dream” /Sony Elvis Committee president Ernst Jorgensen has been working on the Definitive Elvis At Sun Records & book, which is possibly the most ambitious project of his entire career. The Genesis of rock n roll has to be the combination of Elvis and the Memphis based Sun Records Company, and at last this outstanding labour of love is about to be published.
This will be no ordinary volume of facts and figures. It will be a massive superlative Elvis Presley production including the rarest of pictures, recording data, the real story behind Elvis’ time at Sun with unique Elvis artifacts, photographs, together with a companion of Elvis Sun recordings on THREE CDs which will excite your senses.
FTD has noted that the 3 CD package features 10 previously-unreleased cuts. EIN has been informed unofficially that the following songs have been mastered for the project. 'Little Mama', 'Heartbreaker', 'Heart of Stone', 'Blue Moon of Kentucky', 'Shake, Rattle & Roll' plus the already announced by Ernst 'That’s All Right' from Meridian.
The 'Little Mama' acetate audio which was believed to be unrepairable, is better than expected.
The studio outtakes feature more of 'When It Rains, It Really Pours’. The official full tracklisting has not yet been announced.

The accompanying book is, in essence, a fully-illustrated travelogue. It thoughtfully details the birth of Elvis' career through.
Go here for more 'A Boy From Tupelo' details.

The Elvis Files Vol. 5 69-70 Pre-Orders Selling Fast: This is surely going to be the SELL-OUT Volume of this great series. In EIN's opinion the best series of books on Elvis ever-produced.  The Pre-Orders are already the highest ever - so Don't Miss Out. See more new example pages below.
From the desk of Erik Lorentzen... Next month 'The Elvis Files' will Return ... The Elvis Files Vol. 5 1969 - 1970.
Bigger and better than ever: 560 pages & 1,600 photos
– This is a labour of love for me, says Erik Lorentzen, author and long time Elvis fan, who has found images and information never revealed before.
All ELVIS EVENTS in this Time Frame Period 1969-1970 are shown
- Every Working Moment...
- Every Getting to that Busy Elvis Schedule
- Elvis AT PLAY Images. (over 200 Newly Discovered for the first time)
- Plenty of Off Set CANDID Moments.
- All the Recording Sessions have pages of Features (Film & Studio)
- All the " Interviews" are shown.
- Elvis In Las Vegas his return to live performances
- The Tours of 1970 are showcased with Many Rare Pictures
- Houston, Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, L.A, San Fran, Oklahoma City and Denver.
- With many Surprises - more than 1600 PHOTOS on 560 PAGES
Go HERE for more FULL SIZE tasty ELVIS images - EIN has the scoop - plus ordering info and more...
EIN says Don't miss out - this volume will sell-out.

'Elvis In Ottawa' Spotlight & Elvis Interview: Elvis performed in Ottawa, Canada on April 3rd 1957, 55 years ago this month. Janet Fulton was only 13 years-old when she attended Elvis' concert and one of the highlights of her life was not only meeting Elvis but also being kissed by him. Back in November 2011 EIN interviewed Janet Fulton about the experience of meeting Elvis and recently she also provided us with this interesting article on 'Elvis In Ottawa' - 55 years ago this month.
Following the spotlight is Ottawa's radio CKOY Mac Lipson's interview with Elvis on the same day.
"I have never thought I had a good voice. I just enjoy what I'm doing and I put every part of my heart, soul and body into it. But I guess one of the reasons the people have liked it is because it was a little something different" - Elvis Presley, Ottawa 1957.
Go here to this fabulous look at Elvis in Ottawa. 
(Spotlight, Source;JanetFulton/ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Aloha 2013' Packages Now On Sale to General Public: All Elvis fans can now make reservations to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' Aloha from Hawaii. Vacation packages are currently on sale to the public.
Go Here for more info and event details

'I Am An Elvis Fan (Fanatic Edition)' now available for Pre-Order outside USA: Until today the Pre-Order system for the new 'I Am An Elvis Fan' CD was not working for outside the USA.
This has now been fixed and fans worldwide can now Pre-Order the CD as well as Upload their names and photos for the cover.
FOR A LIMITED TIME:  Pre-order your copy of the album now to get your name in the package (while space is available)!
This exclusive offer includes: 21 Fan-Voted Favorite Elvis Songs, 12-page booklet with liner notes and career-spanning photos, An exclusive fan poster including names of fans who pre-ordered before 11:59pm ET on  12 May 2012
This special edition of I AM AN ELVIS FAN is not available in stores
Fans have to pick their Top 3 favorite songs from each of the seven categories:  50s, 60s, Gospel, Love Songs, Movies, Country, In Concert. Then the Top 3 most voted songs from each category will be used to create the I AM AN ELVIS FAN album!  Voting ends at 11:59pm ET May 12, 2012.
EIN notes that the website STILL mentions the eigth category of "R&B" - but strangely that category is not actually featured.


UPDATED 'On Stage' FTD Classic Album Review: The long-awaited double-CD Classic Album version of RCA's 1970's 'On Stage' - and featuring three officially unreleased LIVE concerts. Recorded in Las Vegas February 1970, the original album was released in June 1970 and for Elvis fans the album was an absolute stunner showcasing some fabulous original material.
A few months ago EIN reviewed ‘ReBooked’ the deluxe 4CD bootleg set of Elvis’ Jan/ Feb 1970 Vegas season. Now FTD follows up with a marvellous "Classic Album" version that very cleverly matches the bootleg release giving us 25 brand new unreleased performances.
"I’m about to lose this damn thing. Get me a belt! Excuse us while we forgot what we were doing - because I lost control hours ago!" - Elvis Presley in Las Vegas Feb 19th 1970.
Go here to Piers Beagley's in-depth review with photos and extracts.


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