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It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that EIN's special Roving Reporter Sanja Meegin could not attend Elvis Week this year due to other important commitments. Another reason being that this year is a "minor year" before the huge 40th celebration that with be next year's. I know that many EIN readers will share my disappointment, however below we have added the most important stories from the Promised Land 2016.

Wednesday 17 August 2016
Graceland Candlelit Vigil 2016: An estimated 8,000 fans gathered this year at the Graceland gates to remember the king. The numbers of fans who stayed to walk through the gates was not helped by the atrocious weather with rain pouring down throughout most of the evening. Presented by Elvis Country Fan Club this year's theme was 'The Impossible Dream'.
Graceland public relations director Kevin Kern described 2016 as “an average Elvis Week" especially in comparison to next year’s Elvis Week which will mark the 40th anniversary of Presley’s death as well as the opening of a new $45 milllion Elvis entertainment complex, which will be be “massive.”
As a fan noted, "To actually walk up the driveway and then through the Meditation Garden surrounded by other fans all in quiet remembrance is unlike anything else. The love and passion for Elvis and all he did is contagious and can truly be felt at the Candlelight Vigil."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Did Elvis' Spirit Stop the Protests Last Night?: In an fascinating piece about the potential Graceland protests that were supposed to happen at the Vigil last night  Memphis Police officer James Schmedes tells about this strange coincidence..
This is the story as written by MPD officer James Schmedes from Memphis' Old Allen Station about the protests last night at Graceland.
... "So there we were, about a block south of Graceland. The call had come down for the riot team to move into position, the protesters were getting out of hand. So we dressed in as the rain began to fall and got into position. The line looked like some kind of modern day Roman legion with armor of plastic and Kevlar instead of leather and bronze. Hickory sticks and pistols took the place of sword and spear.
We stood there waiting for the order to move up. Ready to go and feeling that anticipation before the action, time seemed to stand still for a moment when lightning cracked across the sky above us. Imagine, just at the second when things are going to get hairy four things happen at once.
Lightning flashes. From behind us Elvis starts singing "Are You Lonesome Tonight". The rain comes down by the bucket and everyone is drenched instantly. - The crowd disperses.
So I ask you, did Elvis stop the violence that was about to break loose in front of his home? This was a scene from a movie and very cool to be a part of.
The other officers standing next to me felt the same way, it was surreal. I've never been a real Elvis fan but I think I am now!"

(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 16 August 2016 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2016 - - - -

Still I recall all the good times together,
The love we shared, the fun and the laughter,
How I wish you could feel what my heart says tonight dear,
I miss you and I wish you were here.

All through the night I will see memories passing,
The way you looked the sound of your laughing,
How I long for the touch of your hand holding mine dear.
Oh I miss you and I wish you were here.

Lord, I miss you and I wish you were here.

Monday 15 August 2016 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2016 - - - -

Watch Video of the 2016 Candlelight Vigil - REPLAY: Thousands of Elvis fans gather around the gates of Graceland for the annual Candlelight Vigil and to celebrate the life and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
The ceremony for the 38th anniversary is organized as always by the Elvis Country Fan Club.
After the opening ceremony at the gates of Graceland, fans will walk up the driveway to Meditation Garden and back down carrying a candle in quiet remembrance. Gates remain open until all who wish to participate in the procession have done so, which typically takes until the early morning hours of August 16, the anniversary date of Elvis' passing.

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 14 August 2016 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2016 - - - -

Big Sales at Elvis Auction: The bidding was fast and furious, with the 200 different Elvis collectibles generate some $730,000 in overall sales.
associated with the King commanded ransoms befitting royalty during Saturday's Elvis Presley auction at Graceland.
The items were offered by third-party collectors from around the world, as bidding took place online, on the phone and live at the Graceland Archive Studio.

The most significant and hotly contested item during the auction was a "Birth Record" from Presley's delivering physician, the historical document after a fierce volley of bids was won by Elvis Presley Enterprises' archivist Angie Marchese for $87,500 so it can be put on display as part of Graceland's museum exhibits.

Other Big Sale numbers were
- Elvis' Black Star Sapphire ring worn gifted to his bodyguard Al Strada sold for $35,000 on an estimate of $15,000

- 1911 Indian Head Gold $2 ½ Coin and Diamond Ring, which Elvis wore in the 1970s sold for $40,000.
- Black shirt, pants and gold metal belt ensemble, sold for $37,500

- Red and white western style pants from "Loving You” for $42,000 on an estimate of $15,00 to $20,000; - The offered iconic, western-style red pants, with bold white piping elements (see right), were produced for the film and featured in several scenes, as they were part of Deke Rivers’ “on-stage” performing wardrobe, which also included a satin shirt and scarf, also in the same style.
- Blue dress shirt Elvis from “The Trouble With Girls” $13,750
- 24 of Elvis’ pool balls which included table chalk from Graceland $15,000.

The next Graceland Elvis auction is planned for Oct. 29 during the three-day opening celebration for the new hotel, The Guest House at Graceland.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Dwight Icenhower wins Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist 2016: Last night in Memphis Dwight Icenhower won the 2016 Ultimate ETA championship. Dwight began his career 18 years ago as a junior in high school performing in a high school musical.
Dwight performs 4-5 shows weekly and he keeps the audiences asking for more. Born four years after the King passed away, Dwight has studied every move that Elvis
made and has mastered the 50's, 60's, and 70's eras of Elvis' career. He has performed all over the United States as well as in England, Brazil and Mexico and has toured Japan several times.
He's had the opportunity to share the stage with  some personal friends of Elvis including: DJ Fontana, The Jordanaires, The Sweet Inspirations, Cynthia  Pepper, Julie Parrish, Charlie Hodge, and Joe Esposito. You can expect to see more of him in 2016!
Also congratulations to Ben Thompson who came second and third place winner Victor Trevino Jr.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Westgate (Hilton) Las Vegas Elvis Statue now Lit Up!: Ever since the Elvis Presley statue was moved into the Westgate Hotel, we Viva Las Vegas fan club members have said that it looked dark and it was hard to take good pictures. We wished for different lighting. Well, our wish has come true! Thanks to a member's discovery, we know that the WG has installed new lights! She sent me before and after photos. I also went there with another member to check it out.  - It was weird to see the statue moved yet again. We also noticed the showroom sign has a name. We will be there on the August 14th to decorate the statue for Elvis Week. Nice to know the Westgate is still taking care of Elvis!
- Sue L President of the Viva Las Vegas Club.

(News, Source;VLV/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 13 August 2016 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2016 - - - -
Elvis Tribute Artists prepare for Ultimate Contest: Elvis Week is in full swing clebratinng all things Elvis- from his music, movies and his personal life.
One of the biggest events of the week is the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Contest.
There are ETAs from Australia, the UK, Brazil, everything like that. Japan, as well, and it's awesome.
But no matter where they were from, all ETAs have a story on how the King of Rock 'n Roll changed his life.
"I was waiting tables and going to the University of North Texas and somebody said 'Have you ever thought of doing Elvis?' And, at first I thought 'Nah, not at all.' Then I gave it a shot and a couple of years later, it turned into a full time career," said one artist.
For some Presley brings back memories of the good old days.
"My dad was playing records when I was a little kid, and he used to play and play them all and I used to say 'Who's this?' and he'd say 'That's Elvis Presley.' And I'd say 'Well, I want to sing like him.' And he'd say 'No one can sing like Elvis Presley.'"
Whether an amateur at the contest or a vet, all of these men have a love for all things Presley which makes Elvis Week so much fun.
"Winning this competition isn't life or death to me. It's more of just being a part of the competition."
The Ultimate Elvis Contest First Place Winner receives The title of 'Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2016', Recognition by EPE, Cash prize of $20,000 plus a contract to perform with Legends in Concert.
The Final contest is tonight at the Orpheum - Click here to EPE for info
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Restoration work about to begin at Elvis’ Circle G Ranch: As the faithful gather in Memphis for Elvis Week events, work is about to heat up just to the south at Presley's former Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake.
Destin, Florida-based real estate developer Davage "Buddy" Runnels Jr., who bought the property at Goodman Road and Miss. 301 in 2014 for an undisclosed price, says the first visible steps are at hand toward creating what he hopes will be become a showcase destination for Elvis fans visiting Graceland.
"Within the next 120 days, there will be work people can see," Runnels said Friday. He said those initial steps include relocating the cottage where Elvis and Priscilla honeymooned in 1967 to another spot on the property and starting work on a stable reconstruction project.
The work, when it begins, will represent tangible evidence of a massive and ambitious plan that in time calls for a sprawling, musically-themed "leisure entertainment destination." Runnels' vision includes a $3.2 million first phase that he said in April he hoped to have complete within a year.
Included in long-range are restoration of the honeymoon cottage and stables, a restaurant, a "dynamic water display" with fountains on the property's 14-acre lake and construction of a memorial to children killed in the Holocaust.
Less visible, but equally important to the project moving forward, is infrastructure work by Horn Lake, also about to begin.
Elvis bought the ranch in the 1960s as a getaway that would still be near Graceland. After he and Priscilla married, they spent part of their honeymoon there, but the property has fallen into disrepair in the years since Elvis' death.
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Groups threaten to "Shut Down Graceland": What is going on in Memphis this year -  as yet more demonstrations are being announced as Black Lives Matter and other protest groups announced that they plan to "Shut Down Graceland."
Protest leaders say the mass demonstration is planned for 6:00 PM Monday. They said they specifically chose Graceland because it is Elvis week and they know it will raise awareness.
Leaders say they also chose Graceland because "it demonstrates one of Memphis's most common forms of financial inequality"
If carried out, the Elvis Week demonstration will be the third high-profile protest by Black Lives Matter and other
groups in the last month.
Most recently in front of Graceland, where some protesters were detained for blocking traffic.
At the time, activists said they wanted their demands met by the city, which they admitted would take time.
Mayor Jim Strickland just responded this week to questions from the first community meeting.
(News, Source;JG/ElvisInfoNet)

Lisa Marie has checked into rehab: More bad news for Elvis Week as it is reported that Lisa Marie, 48, is reportedly seeking treatment for a painkiller addiction at the exclusive Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, which costs $400 000 a month.
Lisa Marie has previously spoken openly about being addicted to drugs and alcohol as a teenager and admitted she was shocked to still be alive.
Speaking in 2003, she said: “”[I used] cocaine, sedatives, pot and drinking -- all at the same time. I just couldn't be sober.
“I don't know how I lived through it.”
At the time, she credited Scientology for her recovery.
It has been a difficult time for the singer, as she recently filed for a legal separation from Michael Lockwood after 10 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. She initially filed for divorce, but then changed the status, though the reasons why are not clear.
Lisa Marie has requested full custody of the couple's seven-year-old twin daughters, Finley and Harper, and asked for her estranged spouse to receive monitored visitation. They already have a postnuptial agreement in place to divide their assets.
Lisa Marie also has children Riley Keough, 27, and Benjamin Keough, 23, from her previous marriage to Danny Keough.
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 10 August 2016 - - - - ELVIS WEEK 2016 Starts Today! - - - -

Download the 2016 Elvis Week Event Guide: Even if you are not going to Memphis, the 2016 Elvis Week event guide is now available for download!

The event guide has everything from a schedule of events to Candlelight Vigil information, as well as information on Graceland's upcoming events, the 2016 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Semifinalists and much more.

Elvis Week officially starts today -  August 10-16, 2016.

Join great performers and guests as they share their favorite Elvis stories and music.


Click here to download the 2016 Elvis Week event guide!

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

The Guest House at Graceland to open in October:  The Guest House at Graceland is a six-story, 450-room hotel, opening Oct. 27 just steps from Elvis' former home. The exterior, with columns, arches and a portico, evokes the feel of a comfortable Southern Colonial home, but the interior design and amenities are modern.
"This luxury hotel is the most significant enhancement to Graceland since we opened in 1982," Priscilla Presley said, "This is huge ... I feel that it's just so right for fans, and our guests, and tourists."
The hotel is the first of its kind in the working- and middle-class Memphis neighbourhood of Whitehaven. Droves of applicants flocked to a job fair Saturday, and the hotel will employ about 450 people. When the hotel opens, room prices will range from $149 for basic rooms to $1,300 for the highest-priced suite.
The location lets Elvis fans stay within walking distance of Graceland and the tourist attractions across the street, but it will likely attract other visitors as well. It will offer the most upscale accommodations in the immediate area.
The Guest House at Graceland also promises to become one of the city's top lodging options, along with the Peabody and the Madison several miles away in the downtown area.
The total investment in the hotel is about $92 million, the hotel is still under construction but colours associated with The King already are present, such as touches of purple and gold in the carpeting and hallways, gold lighting in the 464-seat theatre, and a picture of Elvis in a gold jacket hanging on the textured grey walls of guest rooms. (EIN NOTE - Elvis' head is not showing, the EPE example image -right - is NOT of Elvis!) At 386,000 square feet, it's about 22 times the size of the Graceland house.
"There's not a whole lot of Elvis bling," said Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden. "It's much more subtle. It's very cool."
The circular lobby is illuminated by natural light streaming through large windows.  The Lobby Lounge is an eating and drinking spot with indoor and outdoor seating. Nearby is E.P.'s Bar and Grill, a sports bar-themed restaurant with televisions and a pool table plus another restaurant, Delta's Kitchen, also a coffee bar and room service will be available.
Priscilla Presley said suites will have unique themes. The King's Suite will be designed like Elvis Presley's master bedroom, with rich red and black tones and a custom-draped canopy bed.
The property will also include a swimming pool, adding to the resort feel.
"It really is quite beautiful, and it is subtle, and it is contemporary, and it's classy," Priscilla Presley noted.
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Panama City Center "Elvis" exhibition:  Panama City, Florida,  Center for the Arts is holding an Elvis Exhibition for the whole month of August.
This show is all about the man, the legend, and the pop icon, Elvis Presley, and it's fittingly called "Elvis."
The exhibit opened earlier this month and runs through September 3 in the center's main gallery.

"ELVIS" runs August 2 - September 3, 2016 - and it is FREE.

Click to the Panama City Center for the Arts website for more info






(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Elvis 1968 Electric Guitar at Auction: Elvis Week is rapidly approaching at Graceland, and in honor of the celebration, several of the King’s personal items are going up for auction, including his electric guitar.
One delightful item being auctioned is Elvis' well-used and beautifully worn electric guitar that was used in rehearsal for the 1968 Elvis Special. The instrument features a cherry sunburst finish with mother-of-pearl inlays in the fretboard, and also includes a modern Gibson hard-shell black case. The guitar has an estimated value of $30,000, but bids will begin at $10,000 when the auction opens on August 13.
Along with the guitar are several other valuables from the icon, including Presley’s birth record, a black and gold outfit he performed in, an Indian ring, and a TCB necklace.

The guitar was gifted by Presley to Nancy Rooks, a maid and cook, and her husband, who has had the guitar in his possession for more than 25 years.
The auction will begin on August 13 at 2 p.m. CT.
Go HERE to EPE Auctions to find out more

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

August 13 Graceland Auction: This year's Elvis week auction will offer amazing artifacts from both Elvis’ theatrical and musical careers as well as remarkable personal tokens and gifts. Also starring in this auction are Elvis’ original birth record, never-before-seen concert footage, J.D. Sumner’s TCB Necklace, an outstanding photo archive collection and Elvis’ own personal American Express card!
Auction highlights include:
- January 8, 1935 Elvis Presley Birth Record Document from Delivering Physician Dr. Robert Hunt - Also Details the Birth of His Twin Brother Jesse. Estimate: $80,000 - 100,000
- 1973-74 Elvis Signed American Express Card - The Finest Elvis Credit Card in Existence - He Never Left Home Without It! Estimate: $40,000 - 60,000
- 1971 Mathey-Tissot Custom-Made Watch with “ELVIS PRESLEY” on the Bezel - Gifted by Elvis to Felton Jarvis - Estimate: $10,000 - 15,000
- J.D. Sumner’s Diamond-Studded TCB Necklace Gifted by Elvis Presley.  Estimate: $20,000 - 30,000
-  Elvis Presley's Signed and Inscribed Guitar Case (Possibly One of His First). Estimate: $10,000 - 15,000
- 1957 8mm Film of Elvis Presley Performing at the Chicago Amphitheatre - Nearly 5 Minutes of Unpublished Footage of Elvis in his Famous Gold Lamé! Estimate: $15,000 - 20,000
- Incredible Terry Wood Photography Archive Chronicling Elvis Presley’s September 26, 1956, Concert in Tupelo, MS - Estimate: $15,000 - 20,000
-  Boots Worn by Elvis in "It Happened at The World’s Fair." Estimate: $10,000 - 15,000
- 1960's Elvis Presley Owned Electric Guitar Gifted to Graceland Maid and Cook Nancy Rooks' Husband. Estimate: $20,000 - 30,000
- 1969 Elvis Presley Blue Dress Shirt from "The Trouble with Girls." Estimate: $8,000 - 10,000
Go HERE to EPE Auctions to find out more
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Glen Hardin at Elvis Week 2016: When Elvis needed the best piano player to join the TCB Band, he looked no further than Glen D. Hardin.
Glen spent many years on the road and in the studio with Elvis, also appearing alongside him in his iconic TV special, "Aloha from Hawaii." Glen will share his memories of working with Elvis at An Afternoon with Elvis' Piano Man, Glen D. Hardin, on Monday, August 15 during Elvis Week.
Glen, a Texas native, grew up with Joe B. Maudlin and drummer Jerry Allison, both members of Buddy Holly's band, The Crickets. After Holly's death, Glen played with the band and became an honorary member. In addition to writing hit songs, he was also in-demand session pianist, and he worked with John Denver, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings etc.
Elvis called Glen in 1970 and asked him to join the TCB Band to replace Larry Muhoberac. Glen toured and recorded with Elvis until 1976. He also arranged many of Elvis' hit songs, like "Let It Be Me," "The Wonder of You" and "I Just Can't Help Believin.'" Elvis would decide to do a new song on a whim, and he and Glen would often stay up overnight working on arrangements.
After working with Elvis, Glen worked closely with Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris.
Glen and musician Andy Childs will share stories and music at the Elvis Week event on August 15. Elvis Week Main Stage, Graceland, $25 - Tickets on sale now - Go here to EPE
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Week 2016 Schedule Announced: EPE have announced their preliminary schedule for Elvis Week 2016.
Elvis Week is August 10-16, 2016.
Join great performers and guests as they share their favorite Elvis stories and music. Guests for 2016 include drummer DJ Fontana, TCB Band member Glen Hardin, Elvis co-stars Francine York and Celeste Yarnall, former members of The Stamps Quartet, Terry Blackwood and The Imperials, Charles Stone, Terry Mike Jeffrey, Andy Childs, Jamie Kelley - and many, many more!
Their schedule of events includes the Candlelight Vigil, The Ultimate ETA Contest, Official Graceland Insiders Contest, Conversations on Elvis: Elvis' Co-Stars, The Auction at Graceland and much more!
Tickets On Sale Next Week - Click here to EPE for the schedule
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)
EIN fans do not worry Sanja Meegin will be back in the Promised Land for August 2017 to file her fantastic insider reports on Elvis Week 2017 - the big 40th anniversary .

Forever Elvis - A 2015 commemorative Spotlight: Elvis touched the soul of every true fan and that hot August night in 1977 the fans returned the love. The funeral for the famous musician stopped the city. Thousands of people packed the streets, sharing their grief and love for the man who was gone. They followed the casket, which was festooned with flowers, and then, together, started singing one of the musician's most popular songs. Never before had so many voices joined in glorious harmony.... There is a universality to grief.

Just as mourners in Milan did back in 1901 as they joined together to sing one of Verdi's signature tunes, so too in August 1977 did people gather from all over the world at the gates of Graceland to mourn over their lost idol.

EIN's Piers Beagley contributes a special Spotlight for August 16th - And Elvis will live, Forever.


(Spotlight, Source;EIN)

ELVIS WEEK 2015 - EIN exclusive report: Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in MEMPHIS and at last soaking up the atmosphere!

Today spends her final day in the Promised Land before bidding farewell . She checks out Jerry Lee Lewis' house and of course spent the whole evening at the Candlelit Vigil and Meditation Gardens on a emotional summer's night. This year Lisa Marie, her twins and Priscilla were all there to say a special Thank You to all the fans.

EIN is the only website with these exclusive Sanja Meegin Elvis Week 2015 reports, click here & don't miss out


(Elvis Week 2015, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

ELVIS WEEK 2014 - EIN exclusive report: Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, has packed her bags, and said goodbye to MEMPHIS once again.
With Elvis Week sadly over, EIN's special Roving Reporter finally had the chance to visit Graceland and found some inner peace, the spirit of Elvis and a chance to say Goodbye for Elvis Week 2014. .

EIN is the only website with these exclusive reports GO HERE to see her COMPLETE 2014 Elvis Week report with plenty of great photos - don't miss out

(Elvis Week 2014, Source:Sanja/EIN)

Elvis Week Through The Years - Sanja Meegin looks back: EIN's Sanja Meegin has been to Memphis and attended Elvis Week 13 times in the past 15 years. During that time she has witnessed great concerts as well as met up with many of Elvis’ family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
For the past decade Sanja has done her best to get to every concert, book signing, ceremony, convention, appearance and memorial that she could manage and report back to EIN for those who couldn’t be there to experience it for themselves. Of course that hasn’t been easy when combined with the excruciatingly hot Southern summer temperatures, the lure of cocktails on Beale Street and keeping the hours Elvis kept whilst there – party all night, sleep all day - but she has done her best! - Part of our EIN 100th newsletter celebration!
Go here as Sanja looks back at her fifteen years of visiting the Promised Land and Elvis Week.
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

ELVIS WEEK 2013 report: It was with a heavy heart that we EIN's special Roving Reporter Sanja Meegin could not attend Elvis Week in 2013 due to other important commitments, but there is no doubting that 2013 was a very quiet year with very few Elvis week presentations actually selling out.
Memphis Police still estimated around 30,000 attended the candlelit vigil, while Conversations on Elvis featured the wonderful Mother Dolores Hart.

Go here to EIN's 2013 Elvis Week special for more on Dolores Hart, video clips of the Candlelight Vigil, the special "Elvis at Stax" listening party, the Elvis Tribute Artist competition and more..


(Elvis Week 2013, Source:ElvisInfoNetwork)

ELVIS WEEK 2012, The Sanja Meegin report: "Maybe it's too late, sometimes I even hate myself for loving you..."
Well dear friends all good things come sadly to an end so here is Sanja Meegin's final wrap up of ALL the ELVIS WEEK 2012 insider news from the Promised Land.
On the last day she finally toured the mansion properly to soak up the end-of-the-week loving Elvis vibes.
She saw the sensational Shawn Klush/Cody Slaughter concert - as well as experiencing the ETA finals.
Was it a great Elvis Week overall for 2012? - Click here to see all the photos. -- EIN is the only website with these daily exclusives so click here & don't miss these special SANJA reports.

(Elvis Week 2012, Source:SanjaMeegin)

ELVIS WEEK 2011, EIN reports: Go here for all the details about Elvis Week 2011. EIN has reviews and the news - plus a message from Lisa Marie Presley at Candlelight Vigil:

Click here for Elvis Week 2011 reports & photos.


(Elvis Week 2011, Source:EIN)

(Left:Graceland Wall)



(Right:Elvis' Speedway jacket in the shop window)

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