'If I Can Dream' - Elvis with the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra.

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EIN Spotlight by Piers Beagley

'If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' to be released October 30, 2015 is being promoted as "The remarkable new album features classic Elvis vocal performances with brand-new orchestral accompaniment, along with a duet with Michael Bublé, and appearances by Il Volo and Duane Eddy."

An exciting revisit of Elvis’ work, If I Can Dream focuses on the iconic artist’s unmistakable voice, emphasizing the pure power of The King of Rock and Roll. By acclaimed producers Don Reedman and Nick Patrick the album features Elvis’ most dramatic original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Several tracks have been previewed before release and EIN asked its readers to comment...

Elvis Presley & The RPO "Burning Love": With less than a week to go before the release of 'If I Can Dream', the new album of Elvis songs re-recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, fans now have a chance to listen to the new version of "Burning Love".
To be honest, to these EIN ears it sound GHASTLY! Who would put out-dated twirly violins all over such a good rock'n'roll song! The arrangement is corny to say the least.
'If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra' will be released on Oct. 30.
CLICK HERE to Vevo to hear the new Elvis RPO "Burning Love".
EIN's more interesting reader's comments are posted below

Elvis & Michael Bublé 'Fever' duet: Elvis' "new" album 'If I Can Dream' is due out Oct. 30.
The special preview of the record's Elvis vs Bublé track “Fever” has been debuted and in a video clip. Bublé talks about lending his voice to Presley’s iconic tune. “I do open my show with it and I always loved it. I think it’s a really incredible sexy, smoldering song… For me to do this today is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. this is a highlight of my career.”
Click HERE to Vevo for a sneak preview and more

EIN is thrilled that opinions on this new album are so varied ...


From Joe K:
I have just given all seven of the currently available tracks a listen, and here are my grades.
Burning Love (C-) - this one's a damn mess, and really was a poor choice for this particular project.
Fever (B+) - as much as I don't like Michael Bublé, I love the interplay between Michael and Elvis on this track, the orchestral arrangement is really well done and I found myself tapping my foot to the song.  Unbelievably, I prefer this version to the original.
Bridge over troubled Water (A-) - this one had me in tears right from the beginning, it's such a beautiful song, and the strings absolutely add something to Elvis' vocals.  The only thing that I found a little offputting about this number is the twangy guitar sounding item.
And the Grass won't pay no Mind (B) - honestly it doesn't sound all that different from the original to me, maybe that's a good thing.
You've lost that loving feeling (A) - perhaps the second best track on the album so far, another dramatic effect from the strings combining with Elvis' vocal. This one I was ready to listen to a second time when it was over.
American Trilogy (C) - definitely a weak point on the album, this new version is not anywhere close to as enjoyable as the original. But then it's hard to top near perfection.
If I can Dream (A) - The other "best" track on this album. Once again the strings and Elvis' vocal combined make for a very dramatic song. I actually didn't like this one the first time I heard it, but it has definitely grown on me now.
Overall grade (B) - this is a worthy release, and it should very well!

From Jack
I loathed Burning Love the strings on that to me are all over the place. I really enjoyed the slower songs that have been previewed such as Bridge and If I Can Dream.
Overall I will probably buy the album but I do think they should have released Elvis On Tour before this.

From PeterB:

Sorry folks but for the life of me I cannot see why a purist Elvis fan like myself would see fit to purchase this album.
For a start they have wrecked “What Now My Love” to the point where it sounds “bent” right at the end.
I think the limit of tampering was reached with the 1981 Guitar Man album. If you listen back to that it sounds dated
as will this new album soon. The originals always prevail and have stood the test of time.
Who picked Buble? Lady Gaga would have taken that one to No.1 on the charts.
Sony should just try and improve the sound and mixes of the original recordings as they did with the Beatles’ stuff.
Don’t like the way this is heading for so called younger fans. Elevator music at best.
Nah, put this one in the same sad $10 bargain bin as Viva Elvis.

From Memphis 9
I think Elvis music belongs to him and him alone. BURNING LOVE a rocker has lost the edge and FEELING he wanted it to have. Elvis was about the song ,the emotion and the feel Priscilla you bombed on Burning Love. Felton Jarvis had a better concept of Elvis songs and arrangements.
I think this is more about making money off of the Presley name than "creating something Elvis himself would have wanted" .

From Alan C:

I like the idea very much and this is a great Way to once again get Elvis in the media. Lots of people will hear Elvis on the radio now, many for the first time, and a certain part of these will go and buy some of his back catalog.
If we can go by the sales rank at Amazon,  Elvis will also get another top album in the UK and in the US (as I am writing this the album is at #2 on the Amazon.UK sales rank and #3 on the Amazon.com ).
Also some of Buble's fans will hear the duet, and maybe also get a new respect for Elvis,  now that they find out that their idol loves Elvis. Maybe fans of the Royal Philharmonics will do the same! !
Regarding the songs : I prefer most of the originals ( and also think that they have not chosen Elvis' Best vocals on several of the tracks) But I still think they have done a fantastik job on the album.
I must say though that What Now My Love sound GREAT with this new backing,  I almost got tears in my eyes when I first heard it. And I'm really looking forward to hearing it through my headphones.
I have ordered both the US and UK cd, the single and the deluxe vinyl and cd box set. I hope that all fans who care about Elvis' legacy as a chart topper will do the same, and maybe by a few for gifts too.
And I don't think we can say this is like putting a moustage on Mona Lisa,  because then we would have destroyed the original, here we still have Elvis' originals, and I honestly think that many new people will look those up once they have heard this album.


A detailed look from EIN contributor Bryan Gruszka
Thought I’d drop in a comment about the new “If I Can Dream” release, from both a lifelong fan’s and a newer fan’s perspective:

I’ll start with myself. In general, my comments would be as follows:
1.       Most of the arrangements sound very similar to the original arrangements, especially If I Can Dream and You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling. Thus, the idea that these songs have been “ruined”, as some fans are saying, is a bit far-fetched in my view. There’s really very little difference. Trilogy is another example. The arrangement sounds very close to Elvis’ original. I do like how Elvis’ vocals are more up front in certain songs, most particularly Bridge Over Troubled Water, which is perhaps my favorite of the selections I have heard.
2.       I enjoyed the Fever duet quite a bit. In my view, Fever is a weak choice for any album that intends to appeal to a modern audience. It doesn’t have much of a hook. Michael Buble sings this type of music and has been successful with it, so he was a natural choice to add to Fever, and I think he blends in seamlessly.
3.       I was not thrilled with the version of Trilogy used. It is not the Aloha version and lacks the punch of that one as Elvis doesn’t accentuate the high notes as he does in the Aloha version. In my view it lessens the impact of this song. The Duane Eddy guitar is a bit out of place but there’s very little of it in the song, so it certainly doesn’t ruin it.
4.       When I first heard Burning Love I found it a bit odd, but upon repeated listening I do have to say that the extra instrumentation gives it a bit more punch and makes it seem faster-paced as well. The violins are unusual, but they have grown on me.
5.       Weakest songs out of the ones I have heard – Steamroller Blues (not sure the new arrangement adds anything here. It might even make the song seem “cheesy” where a better arrangement making it a “studio” version (as was done to You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling) might have been a better idea) and And the Grass Won’t Pay No Mind (odd choice here, not the strongest of songs at all, and the arrangement really sticks close to the original so nothing was added in my view).

Now on to the newer fan. This is a friend of mine who got into Elvis from me showing her That’s The Way It Is. She loves the late 60’s and the 70’s most of all and is really not a fan of the 50’s or early 60’s (with some exceptions).
1.       She loved Trilogy. It brought her to tears. Trilogy is perhaps her favorite Elvis song and the new version really moved her, whereas it didn’t do too much for me as I stated.
2.       She loved Fever, and said the new arrangement was excellent. MY friend really has little time for most earlier Elvis stuff, and although she likes the song fever It was never one that she played regularly at all, but she thought the duet was excellent and modern.
3.       While I thought If I Can Dream was pretty much the same as the original (and thus lacking anything to pull in new fans) my friend thought the new arrangement was outstanding and she liked it better than the original. If I can Dream is her favorite Elvis song so she’s very familiar with it, but to her ears the new version was quite different in its impact.
4.       My friend glossed over And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind entirely. She didn’t know the song and the new arrangement didn’t capture her attention at all. She talked through the entire time it was playing, as opposed to several of the other selections where she was quiet and asked me to repeat them.
5.       My friend absolutely loved Burning Love. This was very interesting to me as she does not like that song. She was never a fan of Burning Love. She doesn’t hate it but it’s not a song she really listens to. In short, it does nothing for her. However, she really liked this version and in particular mentioned the violins as part of the reason why. She said the added instrumentation gave the song more body and depth. I was quite surprised as I assumed that she’d tune out when Burning Love was playing, as she usually does.

Thus, I’d have to say that this CD will be a different experience for the newer fan or non-fan as it is for us, the regular fans. While I found most of the songs to be quite similar to the originals with nothing really “new” to add, my friend loved almost all of them, and she is much more in line with the target audience than I am. I was actually surprised with her reactions to both Fever and Burning Love. I assumed she’d ignore both, but she enjoyed both of them quite a bit. My personal view is that as long as new fans are interested and the CD does well I am fine with it. To be frank, the idea of just releasing the originals and letting them speak for themselves just doesn’t work in my view. That’s been done many times before and I think the well is poisoned. The general public will simply think “why are they releasing Elvis stuff AGAIN?” and ignore it, especially without any marketing push.

Releasing something like this CD, on the other hand, is novel and different, or at least different enough to keep people interested. Right now, the CD is #1 in Music > Vocal > Pop, #2 in Music > Rock, and #3 in Music overall on Amazon.com and that to me is far more important than whether or not the songs on the CD are  the original versions. After all, if I want the originals I can play them anytime, and if someone new wants to hear the originals after they’ve bought the new If I Can Dream CD, then I think that that shows the CD was a success, as it brought new fans into the Elvis fold.
A good case in point is Elvis #1s – yes, the songs were all originals but
A) there was a huge marketing push for the CD, perhaps the biggest I’ve seen in my lifetime for an Elvis product, and
B) there was  a backstory about how all of the songs were remastered in a way that had never been tried before, giving the CD a hook. This, coupled with A Little Less Conversation, brought in a lot of new fans.

I can’t tell you how many people I know who are not really Elvis fans but who bought the Elvis #1s CD. It really gave Elvis and his music a huge bump amongst the general public, and I think this CD has the potential to do the same.

From Evan:
Love the concept, love the sound, love the song choice. It just needed a few more rarer songs (ie; Bringin' it Back, I'll Never Fall in Love Again, I Need Somebody to Lean On). I sincerely believe that it will be a success.
We just need a Rock album of 70's Elvis with a hard rocking band behind him. Songs such as Power of My Love, Patch It Up and T-R-O-U-B-L-E would pull apart sound systems with the right music.

From Stella:
Elvis isn't rolling over in his grave, but he might come back and bonk everybody on the head who thought this was a good idea. I have read Priscilla thought this was needed to keep him relevant?  Priscilla has made for the most part good decisions concerning his legacy, this one I do not agree with, but I have read there are others who have listened to this in its entirety and have loved it.  I am lucky to have seen him in person over 30 times in Las Vegas and on tour, knowing that he put a lot of passion into his music. But strings on burning love? Of course I hope this release is a success, but this is not for me.

From Jeanne:
I've listened to every track that's available from this CD, and I hate them all! They've ruined Elvis' songs. Why can't they leave his music alone?  The original tracks are perfect, just the way they are! (I guess I'm a purist, but Elvis left us a music legacy that should not be tampered with.)

From Henk:
I do like this new album, and i heard nothing bad so far. How can you say Burning Love sounds ghastly? Your comments about this album are the opposite of other official websites about Elvis which are are positive about this album.
if you don’t like this album fine, but  don’t let it show so much on your website there a lot of fans who do like this album.

From Dorrene:
I have loved Elvis and his music since 1966 or so, a young kid. I am not really liking the new CD. I have tried to keep an open mind and it just doesn't sound as good as the originals. Way too many strings and to me, it just doesn't seem to fit. I have no music background, however, Elvis music has always moved me. This new CD does not.
Would like to know the thoughts of other Elvis fans. We need to tell EPE to quit messing with Elvis and his music. Joe was a good conductor and could get a great feel for the song.
Sad to say, I am not a fan of this project.

From Tim:
I actually kind of liked it. I didn’t think I would at first. I’m happy they left the guitar riff and drums in. Still not near the original, but if it sells good and keeps Elvis’ memory still on the charts, I’m really happy.
Elvis forever!

From Carl:
They have absolutely destroyed "Burning Love".  This was about as stupid as painting a mustache on the "Mona Lisa".

From Bob P:
I am impressed with Burning Love. I love the instrumentation at the start and the definite ending to the song rather than a fadeout.
I am able to shut my eyes and see Elvis in performance with this orchestra behind  him and everyone is having a great time!!!
The other songs I’ve heard are very good as well – I am looking forward to getting the whole album.

From Jerry M:
The only track I like of the ones I’ve heard Is If I Can Dream.  Burning Love is awful.  Doesn’t mesh well with the overall album concept.  I won’t be purchasing this CD.

From Pat OD:
The whole RPO sounds all over the place and they are supposed to be professionals, give me a break. There is something wrong even if I cant seem to put my finger on it.
Sounds like the so called Elvis comeback album, the whole thing sounds as if it is all over the place and like a dog's dinner, bloody terrible.
The RPO did not know about Elvis at all it seems.
Similar to Moman and Steve Binder, they had no idea and why he never had those producers again, they where all about themselves not about Elvis.
ELVIS IS ELVIS - at best when he produced himself.

From Mike S:
I thought it was just awful! Strings on "Burning Love"?! This was just a terrible choice! I listened to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling", and thought that one was pretty good---but then it always comes back to me that Elvis' recordings were perfect the way they were!
Yes, there are those who will say if you don't like these new overdubs, then you don't have to listen to them, but somehow it scares me that the more overdubs that are put out, the more they may overshadow the originals in years to come, and they will get lost in the mix. I would hate to see that happen.
I can see why the record companies would want to introduce Elvis' music to new generations of fans. I think it would be wonderful for Elvis' music to live on for generations to come, but they are trying to gain new fans through these new overdubs, and this is NOT Elvis' music or the sound that made him famous!
I hope the record companies don't go overboard with this overdub idea.
A few are ok, but I hope this doesn't keep happening. I'm not crazy about the idea of duets either.
I bought the "Elvis Christmas Duets" CD, and thought it only fair at best.

From Matt C:
I’ve really liked most of what I’ve heard so far but must agree that Burning Love is a bit odd… it doesn’t offend but it won’t be the track I use to sell the concept to family and friends. Funnily enough even Trilogy seems a bit weak even with the full orchestra backing (I don’t think they used Elvis best version(s). But I loved 'What Now My Love' (I can’t believe how perfect his vocal is being in concert, without the modern technology like an earphone so you can hear yourself), 'You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling' (fantastic backing and backup singers' alternative harmonies), even the much maligned 'Fever' with Michael Buble… I love that he feels so honoured to do it and I’d much rather a duet with him than a duet with another wailing woman a la Xmas Duets.
I wish they’d gone harder at 'If I Can Dream' as the differences are too subtle and I reckon losing the 60s feel could have really brought this song into the 21st century… it’s one of his greatest vocal performances and a new backing might have made it timeless. Cannot wait to hear 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'… if they get that right, it will be worth the price of admission on its own.
And to all some dissenters… Elvis was not immune from changing his backings when performing his back catalogue so it’s hardly sacrilege… It’s great to have different versions, his voice is so much clearer in many of these (the Colonel was right on that… turn Elvis up, and everyone else down!) and of course we always have the originals if it all becomes too much!
Overall verdict… good idea **** 4 stars

From Freddy S:
I think it is a terrible idea, the whole concept!
Unlike many others I just hate the whole idea
. In my mind it is an insult to Elvis and his musicians to tamper with the King's music. A much heard argument is that it will draw a lot of younger fans to the music of Elvis, and they will eventually discover the Original music.
Well I think that is nonsense, first of all Elvis doesnt need these gimmicks to get discovered by teens, since you tube and spotify is a great medium. Second I know from experience that young folks in general don't like these Micheal Bubblé type of thing and remixes, or even Today's music. A lot of them turn to the old music because they like that a lot more.
And how about this?  Elvis hated the tampering with his music during his life time (for instance he rejected the rough mixes for the Today album, and he was upset when he heard the album mix of Aloha. This was one of the reasons Elvis didn't want to record any new material anymore, since he knew they were messin'it up anyway.
I think all went wrong after the succes of JXL.
I like the 1981 Guitar Man Album, but when you look at it , it is still tampering with the man's music.
I kinda like 'Viva Elvis' too, but still tampering.  Many don't seem to realise that RCA made a lot of money on Elvis through the years and still do (Sony in this case)
Then there is this fact, why do we want to have a Symphonic album?
It is nothing new, since Elvis worked with a 20 piece Orchestra during his life shows!
And it's like you said in your comment about Burning Love, the orchestra sounds so out of date, and I think that goes for the rest of the album as well.  When this is gonna be the succes they expect, hell will break loose, and we will never get another decent release again.
Then it will be goodbye On Tour boxset forever!
I will not waste any money on this. Elvis' Original music is strong enough to draw new fans.

From Ron T:

Burnin' Love is a Bad Idea. It takes away that rocking beat & the feel he had when he sang it.
Some songs MAYBE but not that one it's like trying to do that with the song LITTLE Sister  I don't like it.
Priscilla - what does she know about MUSIC? Elvis didn't listen to her & she was scared to tell him things like THAT!

From Rob G:
New arrangements are terrific and exciting as well as creative - especially Burning Love!!

- and see below for MARTY LACKER's thoughts..

Hear Elvis' Dramatic, Newly Orchestrated 'American Trilogy':
The orchestral record spans the singer's career and, in addition to the work of the orchestra and Eddy, features contributions from Michael Bublé, who sings half of "Fever" as a duet, and opera-pop trio Il Volo, who add texture to "It's Now or Never."
"This is the album I think he always would have wanted to do," Priscilla said. "The label would have never allowed him to have an orchestra. And if it was up to Col Parker, he would have had Elvis just singing — no background, no nothing. I think we have given him the freedom here to experiment with all the orchestras he would have loved in the pieces."
Can it really be better than the stunning original - You Decide!
CLICK HERE for the "new" version of 'American Trilogy'.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Please send EIN YOUR OPINION and Comments click here -

New 2015 "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" Preview:
2015 producer Nick Patrick notes, "Presley recorded this song live on Aug. 12, 1970 at the International and it was extremely difficult to match the live vocal to the orchestra. As it was an ‘in concert,’ recording there was a lot of instrument and audience ‘bleed’ on to Elvis’s vocal microphone but with the technology available to us now we were able to reduce that to a minimum. We also took great care when recording the orchestra and other instruments that they all exactly matched the tempo of the original performance and fit like a beautiful tailor-made suit."
The goal of the project was to make Presley’s original vocal performance sound like a new studio recording. For "You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’," Patrick says this song is a good indicator of these new studio tricks. "It gives Elvis the chance to show off every aspect of his vocal range, from the beautifully sensitive verses to the operatic / symphonic scale of the chorus’s which was right in line with the overall album concept," he says.
EIN questions whether it really does have more of an impact than the original, stunning version which also featured fine orchestra accompaniment.
It is a personal choice so CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - and decide for yourself
Produced in 2015 by Nick Patrick and Don Reedman.

Marty Lacker comments on the "New" Album: Marty Lacker comments about the recent publicity put out by Priscilla (see news story below) about the new orchestral album.
 ... I read that story and comments from Priscilla about the new album and once again she tries to make it about her and not Elvis. Ever since she took over Graceland everything is about her and also her presumed statements about "What Elvis always wanted" or "Elvis would have liked this".  This time she said,  "I was driving down Sunset Boulevard and I  heard Mickey Newbury singing it, and I went 'Oh, my God' and made a U-turn and went back to the house", She then said, "No one usually ever brought songs to him. Elvis picked out all of his songs, with the exception of  movie songs which matched the scenes. No one ever said,  'Hey El, you got to do this song.'
This is BULLSHIT as everyone should know.
I brought him songs for one, and Elvis did all then all except one he didn't finish, "We Had It All" because he didn't want her to think he was singing it about and to her after the divorce. It was during the Stax session. He did do two that night that I had

brought him just as Elvis did in previous sessions. And of course Red West brought him a number of songs that he also did, so did Lamar and of course so did Felton.
How come Priscilla suddenly announces now about bringing Elvis 'American Trilogy'? Mickey Newbury who wrote the song also had Felton Jarvis as his record producer and Mickey Newbury has stated that it was Felton who got the song to Elvis.

Another thing Priscilla said this time was about how Elvis thought he would "love to do the album with the full orchestra". I can tell you that in 20 years that I was close to him I never once heard him say anything like that and if he had wanted to work with a full orchestra RCA would not have stopped him from doing it.
What's she gonna' come up with next? -  Marty

(News, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

'If I Can Dream' UK Super-Deluxe version: 'If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' is a remarkable new album featuring classic Elvis vocal performances with brand-new orchestral accompaniment, along with a duet with Michael Bublé on Fever.
The UK super deluxe version of the album includes 3 additional tracks on CD, 2 heavyweight LP, a poster, 12" booklet, all housed in a box.
An exciting revisit of Elvis’ work, ‘If I Can Dream’ focuses on the iconic artist’s unmistakable voice, emphasising the pure power of The King of Rock and Roll. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, the album features Elvis’ most dramatic original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. "This would be a dream come true for Elvis," Priscilla Presley says of the project. "He would have loved to play with such a prestigious symphony orchestra. The music…the force that you feel with his voice and the orchestra is exactly what he would have done."
Go here to 'Elvis FTD /SONY News 2015' for a closer look
Release date 30 Oct. 2015. From RCA Records
On Amazon UK for £36.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK. - Click HERE.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

The album features a scintillating duet with best-selling jazz-pop singer Michael Bublé on “Fever.” The album also includes additional contributions by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Duane Eddy adding his signature sound to “An American Trilogy” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo lending their outstanding vocals to “It’s Now or Never.”

As producer Nick Patrick said, “This is the record he would have loved to make.” If I Can Dream also highlights Elvis Presley’s diverse musical tastes and appreciation for great vocalists spanning a variety of genres from standards to opera. If I Can Dream is part of the ongoing ELVIS 80th Birthday Celebration in 2015.
'If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' may be pre-ordered now

The UK version features an alternate cover - you decide

- Check out the great Amazon Pre-order prices below...


Tracklist, 1. Burning Love, 2. It’s Now Or Never, 3. Love Me Tender, 4. Fever (feat. Michael Bublé), 5. Bridge Over Troubled Water, 6. And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind, 7. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, 8. There’s Always Me, 9. Can’t Help Falling In Love, 10. In The Ghetto, 11. How Great Thou Art, 12. Steamroller Blues, 13. An American Trilogy, 14. If I Can Dream

<< US for only $11.98 <. . . . . > UK for only £9.99 >>
(News, Source;Sony/ElvisInfoNet)


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NOW UPDATED - 'Ultimate Elvis' Book Review: 'Ultimate Elvis – The Complete And Definitive Recording Sessions' is a this three-volume, deluxe set that not only comprises all the session information available to date, based on Keith Flynn's incomparable website and includes comprehensive notes on each session, discographies, letters, original sheet music covers plus huge index all included in its 1,800 pages.
The book includes around 3,000 stunning high-quality photographs many of them previously unseen, relating to the time period in question.
The promotional publicity for this three-volume set was very impressive with the original publishing date of August 2014 missed as more photographs were discovered and the content expanded. Finally published in December 2014, Elvis enthusiast Brian Quinn checks out this astounding deluxe package to discover if it is as good as promised.
Go HERE to check out Brian Quinn's review - Now updated with some detailed comments from author Shane Brown and Elvis expert Jordan Ritchie - -
(Book Reviews, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song': EIN contributor Brian Quinn supplied us with his review of last night's UK Elvis special....
.. However the UK Daily Star's journalist Mike Ward was also impressed with the show. He writes.. "The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song has made me see the light. I'll be honest with you, it’s quite rare for me to experience a blinding epiphany while watching an ITV entertainment show. But that’s pretty much the effect The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Song has had on me. I’m not kidding.
Elvis Presley, it’s finally struck me, in a moment of startling realisation, really was extraordinarily special. His squillions of adoring fans have been right all along. Why has it taken me all this time to twig? What kind of cloth-eared ninny am I?
Watching this Elvis special really has had a powerful effect on me.
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