Interview: Grace Pearl

author of 'Beyond The Stars: My Seven Years With Elvis'

Interview by Nigel Patterson, November 2020

Grace Pearl is a medium. Her latest book, Beyond the Stars My Seven Years with Elvis, was recently published (EIN’s book review is coming soon). Grace kindly agreed to talk to EIN about her new book and her relationship with what she calls the Entity of Elvis Presley, recalling conversations that vary from what brought him to drug abuse, to admissions about his one true love, even discussions about the meaning of life. This is an intriguing and interesting interview which will likely engross some readers and frustrate others.

EIN: Grace, many thanks for taking time to talk with EIN today. Firstly, I suspect many EIN readers will not be sure what a medium is. Could you please enlighten us?

Grace Pearl: I ’m delighted to talk with EIN readers who are fans of Elvis because Elvis wanted the general public but especially his fans to know who he really was in his last life on Earth.

For those who are not familiar with mediumship, let me give you a short explanation.

No matter how mysterious mediumship may sound, it is an inherent ability that all of us possess to varying degrees without necessarily being aware of it. Telepathy, intuition, automatic writing, clairvoyance and channeling are only a few types of psychic abilities.

Everyone has experienced telepathy. You suddenly think of a person you haven’t heard from in six months. The telephone rings and it’s that person. Suddenly, comes to you an idea you would have never thought of about a particular situation you’re dealing with. And you feel a strong emotion with it. You decide to act upon that intuition. You realize later on that it was the best decision and you’re glad to have listened to your “little voice” - in fact, to the message your Soul has sent you.

A friend of mine, who was not familiar with mediumship or with the possibility of being contacted by Entities, had a powerful experience with her deceased mother a year after her death. She was asleep. She was woken up by the sensation of a finger gently tapping her on the shoulder. She saw a shadow in the bedroom, felt her mother and a wonderful sense of well-being. She couldn’t be mistaken: when she was young and was making too much noise with her siblings, her mother used to tap her on the shoulder.

Many artists will say that while they were composing, writing or painting, they lost all track of time and space, and whatever they were creating was inspired to them or given to them or they received it in a dream. Elvis was a highly skilled medium. He realized early on in his career that he was in a trance when he was singing, coming out of it hours after the show, as if he was coming back from another planet to Earth. It was only in his last years, after all the reading he had done on spirituality, that he became acutely aware that he had come on Earth to love people through expressing himself in music.

Thinkers, scientists and, in fact, people from all walks of life will acknowledge in amazement that they received an idea, a solution or a discovery in a dream or that it was inspired to them when they weren’t thinking about it or looking for it, or when they went for a walk in a park or the woods.

Channeling is the ability to communicate with Entities and to receive and relay their spiritual messages, which can be expressed in thoughts, spoken or written words, images, sounds, sensations, emotions or knowing.

EIN: When did you first realise you were able to communicate with spiritual entities?

GP: For a very long time, I had no idea that I had that ability. As much as I wanted to progress spiritually, I didn’t have an ambition of becoming a medium. I had been pursuing a passionate spiritual quest through books, meditation, and practicing daily different techniques like breathing and visualization. I had also lived different experiences of a spiritual nature. Yet, I could not make links between them. As it might have happened to you, there came a time when I asked myself, “What have I come to do on this earth?” I felt that there had to be a higher purpose to life, and I was searching for something I couldn’t identify.

I went to see two mediums. Neither of the sessions with them were enlightening nor convincing nor answered my question about what I came to do on this earth. I called two or three other ones referred to me, but I didn’t get a good feeling from our phone conversations. I decided to stop searching in that direction and to keep searching through books. Two years later, a colleague and friend of mine talked to me about a female medium she had consulted who had impressed her and seemed genuine. That medium gave me crucial information about the reason why I came on Earth, which shook me. That motivated me to write my first book – an essay on a social issue. Still, that session answered my question only partially.

Through a new friend, I finally met “the” medium I had been waiting for, and the Entities he channeled for me answered at last the question, which had turned into an obsession. The first session with them was the most compelling and significant experience I had ever had until then. The Entities told me among other things: “You have a gift, the gift of mediumship. You are a highly skilled medium and you have a very developed intuition. You catch everything that comes from the outside – from the Entities, from the stars as well as from matter. You adapt well to external energies, but you do not use them. Your lack of confidence limits you. You have great potential, but up to now you have used only twenty percent of it. The goal of your present life is to achieve a complete realignment and be in the service of others.”

I was extremely surprised to be told that I was a highly skilled medium. However, once you know what you have come to do on this earth, you still have the choice to accept it or not. Embarking on such a particular path is a daunting challenge, which requires total faith in yourself and devoting yourself to that new experience. Nonetheless, you can’t escape the fact that you also know that your Soul had chosen this experience for your present life.

EIN: How do entities come to/interact with you?

GP: Those Entities who told me that I was a highly skilled medium also gave me in that session an exercise to do five days later, in the evening, at a specific time and place outside my house. They gave me precise instructions: “Be alone, close your eyes and stretch out your hands toward the stars. Do not think, just listen to yourself, let all words and emotions come, and pronounce anything that comes to mind. You will perceive a presence on your left, which will be a surprise for you.” That’s how I started to channel Entities.

Over the following months, I kept doing the exercise those Entities had given me. I did it again in the evening, outside the house and at the same place and time, once or twice a week. I could keep my arms up in the air for any length of time without feeling any tiredness, as if they were held up by energy. Although it was summer, I had to wear a winter coat because I would get very cold during those sessions. When fall came and it got colder outside, I decided to do the sessions with those Entities inside the house. The only difference was that I sat instead of standing and covered myself with a blanket instead of wearing a winter coat.

As I didn’t know what to expect, each one was a new adventure. They told me I was in a learning process. They explained that stretching out my hands toward the stars was my personal means of establishing the communication with Entities. They gave me all kinds of pieces of advice and taught me in different sessions to use the vibrations I was accumulating in my hands to regenerate my body, adjust my balance and boost my energy.

After six months, one night, they said, “You are ready to channel aloud.” The next time I sat down on my reclining chair to do a session, I channeled new Entities. I noticed that they were conveying their messages in a different manner from the first ones. I felt that they were different from those but they didn’t revealed their identity to me either. As I got more used to channeling them, I felt the communication with them to be warmer and I became more comfortable with them. I felt enveloped in love when I was in communication with Entities, even euphoric at times.

EIN: How does the communication process work?

GP: To channel Entities, one has to enter into a deeply altered state of awareness called a trance. Some mediums do this through an unconscious trance (asleep): they enter a cataleptic state and the Entity influences them and talks through them. Others, like me, do it in a conscious trance (awake). We allow our ego to be set aside, the Entity influences us, and although we are aware of the messages coming through, all our normal ways of being are suspended during the communication including our sense of time and space. Some people develop this ability through a high form of discipline and study, others are more naturally gifted and need less training. Practice, discipline and dedication enable a medium to develop his or her full potential, in order to better help others understand their true reality and their life.

There’s a basic rule, which applies to all mediums: communicating with Entities requires total faith and surrender and no anticipation or expectation of the experience to come because anticipation and expectation prevent spiritual experiences from happening.

However, everyone is unique in his or her own way and will have a different life experience. Thus, each person’s spiritual path will be unique and each person’s challenges and struggles will also be unique. For example, I feel or sense the presence of Entities while one friend, who is also a medium but uses another type of psychic ability, has strong physical sensations, and a second one who is a clairvoyant sees them as color light forms.

I can only describe my own experience. I receive Entities awake, in an altered state of consciousness. I lose all sense of time and space, my breathing widens, my body becomes colder, and my hands become increasingly numb as time goes on, often becoming paralysed. The numbness disappears the moment the session is over. Either the Entity or Entities start the communication, or I do. Then, I translate the messages. I cannot remember the content of the session afterwards any more than mediums who do it unconsciously (asleep), precisely because I am in an alternate state of consciousness. That’s why we record the sessions. In my journey with Elvis, I went further as a medium. Under his guidance, I lived all kinds of experiences that I didn’t know I was able to live and that I shared in Beyond the Stars.

EIN: Undoubtedly, many people are sceptical about claims of contact with those who have passed on. How do you answer that scepticism?

GP: I understand this scepticism. An authentic spiritual quest is a personal one. I believe that you get interested in your spiritual reality when you’re ready for it. A particular event in your life may draw you to that search. Most of the time, you’re looking for answers to deep questions. You want to understand yourself and your life. Your present life doesn’t fulfill you. You feel that there has to be a higher purpose to life or you’re searching for something you can’t identify, etc. If you’re sincere, you will get help along the way – as long as you’re attentive and open to the signs you will receive. A friend will lend you a book, another person will talk to you about a genuine medium, and a second one will praise a book on channeling or another genuine medium (as it happened to me). Your spiritual path may be sinuous and not straight (as mine was).

Today, many more individuals are eager to understand themselves and look for a reason to live. Many show a growing interest in spiritual awareness, which is wonderful and necessary to transform our present world into one of love, sharing, and peace. Along with it, mediumship and psychic abilities have become a very popular subject, a subject of much debate, remaining as an intriguing reality.

Whether you get a personal reading, you attend a public session given by a medium, or you read a book of channeling or another book on spirituality, in any case, trust yourself and your feelings – you can’t be wrong. Test that information through your good sense, your own life experiences and your own values. See what suits you. If something doesn’t make sense to you, don’t take it as truth. If some of those messages touch you or are new, enlightening discoveries. If they help you understand yourself or give you tools to better deal with your life and to lead a happier and easy one (as it has with mine), the experience has been worth it. And you will continue to explore your own spiritual reality in your own way.

Beyond the Stars is aimed at searchers who ever they are. And I just hope that the sceptic ones who love Elvis might be curious enough to want to know what Elvis has to say about life and love now that, as an Entity, He has all knowledge and wisdom.

EIN: Your latest book, Beyond the Stars My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley, was recently published. For those readers that bought your earlier release, My Last Life on Earth Elvis Presley, how is your latest release different?

GP: My Last Life on Earth Through My Eyes, Elvis Presley is Elvis ’ book , in which He wanted to tell the truth about himself, use his life as an example to help us understand our true reality and convey a spiritual message to humanity. Beyond the Stars, My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley is my book, in which I relate my relationship, my conversations and my experiences with him.

EIN: When were you first contacted by Elvis?

GP: An amazing sequence of events, which happened to me in the course of a year, led me to be in direct contact with Elvis. They happened so unexpectedly that I lived each of them somewhat naturally. I hadn’t done anything to make them happen, they just did. I lived them for what they were without understanding why. One late afternoon, I went to lie down with no other purpose than to take time with myself. Elvis Presley started talking to me and I heard him as clearly as if I were translating him aloud.

EIN: How did it feel when he contacted you?

GP: When He unexpectedly communicated with me that first time, I was overwhelmed to say the least. Then, every session was a new adventure: a conversation and/or an experience. I didn’t doubt what I was living with him – I could never have made up such things – but being in regular contact with Elvis Presley seemed so unreal. It took me months to believe it and finally, to accept the relationship with the Entity Elvis Presley as part of my life.

EIN: Why did Elvis contact you?

GP: I suppose that you’re asking why Elvis chose me, of all people, to communicate with.

Elvis details in Beyond the Stars the different reasons for that choice. One is related to the fact that I have been on a spiritual quest for thirty years: “We chose you because of the type of medium you are and because of your knowledge of spirituality. You are a person of resonance as I was. You channel consciously (awake), which was required for the experience with me.”

Other reasons are related to some of my personality traits. And to the fact that my perceptions of him could not be altered by already set impressions of him, as I hardly knew anything about Elvis Presley. I only knew what everyone else knew: Elvis was the King of rock and roll, acclaimed all over the world and died young, either from a heart attack or drug abuse.

EIN: Without giving too much away about what is in Beyond the Stars, what are some of the main things Elvis communicated to you?

GP: I would say that Beyond the Stars is mainly about the true reality of life, the true reality of love and the true nature of human beings. Elvis conveys to us in the book so many inspiring messages to help us lead a happy, easy life through expressing our talents and passions.

I found most inspiring his insistence throughout the journey on the vital importance of love and feelings like in these sayings:

“We will have a great experience together, which will show others the importance of reaching a permanent state of love on Earth in order to bring about the changes we need for a better world. I will talk to you again soon. We will have lots of laughs. Take care and go on without fear.”

“We feel for you and we want to help you understand the purpose of life on Earth and the role of your Soul in everyday life. We need you to know that you humans need to change and care for one another.”

“Expressing what you feel inside yourself, letting it guide you and sharing it with others is life itself, and only love will change humanity.”

“If you could only love yourself as we love you and have as much faith in yourself as we have in you!”

EIN: In your book you discuss what Elvis told you about his most intimate feelings. Could you tell EIN readers about this?

GP: Not only did Elvis tell me about his most intimate feelings, He also made me feel them without prior notice. F eeling his love of life and nature, his passionate and energetic character and his vulnerability was truly enthralling. As it was when He made me feel his own personal unconditional love as a father for his daughter Lisa Marie or the different type of love he felt for the three women he loved. Feeling his innermost feelings was unreal.

Strangely enough, I didn’t feel intrusive. On the contrary, I gained an even deeper understanding of the man he really was and feeling him so closely was a priceless gift.

He also made me feel his pain so intensely that it was unbearable. One time, I cried a lot.

Another day, I had been hurting so badly while writing that I couldn’t go on and had to stop. One morning, I got up feeling terribly ashamed of myself for no good reason and physically sick. I found myself back in that emotional state two other times during the day and it left me very rattled. He explained later that, as I was at the time writing the part on drugs for his book, He had made me feel a fraction of the fear, shame, and the panic he had felt when he was doing drugs, to make me understand what he had gone through. He made be go through all kinds of emotions, even trying ones, because, as a writer, I had to feel the words as he felt the music. By feeling deeply his emotions, I would find the right words to use to express the good things as well as the bad things he did.

EIN: When I read Beyond the Stars, it was evident that there was a very close (powerful) emotional bond between you and Elvis. How are you affected by that, and is this what usually happens when you have contact with entities?

GP: Entities of that dimension live in infinite love between them. When I am in contact with them, I feel their infinite love. However, they keep the personality and talents of their last life while they are free of the difficulties, sorrows and pain of human life. Thus, some express their feelings more than others. Above the fact that Elvis was all feelings and had a great capacity to love in his last life, He now lives in infinite love.

The very close emotional bond of Soul’s love between Elvis and I grew during the journey with him. Neither He nor I ever expected it. Our relationship grew, in part because of who He is and who I am and because both of us have a great capacity to feel. But without doing his book, My Last Life on Earth Through My Eyes, our relationship would not have evolved to that level of closeness between our Souls, despite being from different planes of existence.

That an Entity asked a medium to write the story of his last life on Earth was a first and had never been attempted. It’s why when the subject came up, I thought I would die on the spot and I refused to do it; when He finally convinced me to do it, I was scared to death. It was a first for me but for Elvis too. Both of us faced challenges and difficulties. And as Elvis said: “If we had not gone through what we did with my book, including sharing disappointments together, neither you nor I would have learned what we did, and our relationship would never have grown to its current state.”

You ask how I am affected by that. I know that I will never live with another Entity from that dimension a relationship as intense as the one I lived with Elvis. It was an indescribable privilege. I took part in that relationship fully and I’m happy I did. I would lie to you if I said that I didn’t miss him in the weeks following his departure. I will never forget Elvis. How could I? He is part of my life. But I moved on and I’m not nostalgic about it. Not only our relationship but also the whole journey with him remain for me, as a person and as a medium, the most significant, fulfilling experience of my life up to now. Of course, answering all these questions brings me back to those years, but it brings back wonderful feelings.

EIN: I also realised that the communication is a two-way experience. For instance, you were able to show Elvis things he’d never experienced before, including the sights of Europe. What were the highlights for him?

GP: It seems that making Entities see things is an uncommon psychic ability. As He is not physical anymore, Elvis has the visual memories of what he had seen on Earth in his last life. For example, the images He has of Graceland, Las Vegas and Hawaii are the ones he had when he left. However, He has no images of the changes that have taken place since. It is the same for the people he knew. As his daughter Lisa Marie was only nine when he left, I showed him pictures of Lisa as an adult. I also showed him pictures of Desirée, the daughter he had with Lucy de Barbin, whom he had never met. Those were the highlights for him, and I could never forget how happy I was to do it and how emotional Elvis’ reactions were.

EIN: The relationship of Elvis and Lucy de Barbin (who you discuss as one of the three women, after his mother, Gladys) who Elvis loved, and “their” daughter, Desiree, is an intriguing one. Please tell us more about this.

GP: The first time Elvis communicated with me, He referred to Lucy de Barbin as the third most important person in his life, just after his parents and even before his daughter Lisa Marie. In our second meeting, He referred to Lucy as the person who knew who he really was in his last life. In other conversations that I relate in my book, He refers to Lucy as his true love. But it’s in his book, My Last Life on Earth Through My Eyes, that Elvis reveals for the first time that secret part of his life and gives the account of his relationship with Lucy de Barbin.

EIN: There are many incredible things in Beyond the Stars, such as the concert Elvis gave you and meeting the two deceased Beatles. How exciting were these?

GP: Elvis gave me ten concerts in all, some with John Lennon and George Harrison. Some were very moving, others were joyful and electrifying, and others, just fun and laughs. I didn`t expect to meet John Lennon and George Harrison nor to have a close relationship with them: to see them participate in those concerts or to have conversations with them. It was an exceptional privilege that I cherish. However, their presence had a spiritual goal.

Those incredible concerts show the extent of our psychic abilities and the way Entities interact with us – a demonstration that the metaphysical world is not as distant as we might think. In my conversations with them, John Lennon and George Harrison conveyed through me spiritual messages to the public. They took the opportunity to give explanations about their last Earth life that they wanted the public to know.

EIN: Grace, you describe your experience with Elvis as a journey. Please tell us about this.

GP: I read that an adventure is a trip without a destination, which applies to my experiencewith Elvis. And a journey when the trip is more important than the destination. A journey requires the protagonist to explore something, either willingly or not. Often, the end result is more existential than physical and tends to be very compelling. I believe that that description applies well to it too.

EIN: Are you still contacted by Elvis today?

GP: No. Elvis’ specific spiritual purpose has been fulfilled. My Last Life on Earth Through My Eyes and Beyond the Stars are published. He went on with his life. Right now, just imagining what He might be up to in his dimension makes me smile affectionately. I’m sure that He has embarked on more and more challenging, daring and demanding spiritual adventures. And He is having a ball! During the years we were together, He showed me day after day his passionate, audacious and energetic nature, his resourcefulness and dynamism - always ready to try something new or different, the fearless, daring type He is - always ready to welcome a challenge and prepared to do whatever is necessary to succeed.

EIN: Have you fully told your communication with Elvis, or is there perhaps another book sometime in the future?

GP: Yes, and there won’t be another book about it in the future.

EIN: Apart from Elvis, what other celebrities or famous people have you been in contact with?

GP: I’m glad that you’re asking that question, because it’s an important one. In general, Entities provide very little information about themselves and don’t disclose their individual identity to the mediums with whom they communicate. They convey spiritual messages to us in order to guide and help us. And they want us to stay focused on ourselves and on our own lives. They don’t do it for fun or to satisfy our curiosity although they frequently use humor; they take it very seriously, deliberately avoiding anything that could distract us from ourselves and from our life. They usually choose a symbolic name or ask the medium to give them a name of his or her choice that illustrates what they represent to that medium. Whenever a well-known Entity discloses its identity, which is rare, it is always for a specific spiritual goal.

Toward the end of my journey with Elvis, I had a very moving, long conversation with Maria Callas, which I cherish too. Again, that meeting had a specific goal.

By now, you know why Elvis Presley disclosed his identity to me: the publication of his book.

There was also a specific reason why Elvis introduced me to Entities that had been well-known and well-loved celebrities in their last Earth life, like John Lennon, George Harrison and Maria Callas: the publication of this book. The three of them agreed to work closely with Elvis, in order to enable me to live experiences that show the extent of our psychic abilities, to reveal other aspects of those Entities’ lives, including the way they interact with us, and to give credibility to this book and help make its message more easily believed. To be able to recount it all in this book, I had to live those experiences consciously, which means that I had to know the two ex-Beatles’ and Maria Callas’ identity.

EIN: Grace, is there anything else you would like to say to EIN readers?

GP: I send you all my love. I hope that you’re staying safe in these difficult times.

Grace, it has been a pleasure talking with you in what has been a fascinating, and for EIN, a very different Elvis related discussion.

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