'Beyond The Stars: My Seven Years With Elvis'

author Grace Pearl

Book Review by Nigel Patterson, December 2020

Beyond the Stars; My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley - by Grace Pearl

Ariane Books, USA, 2020, Softcover, 246 pages, Not illustrated, ISBN-13: 978-2896265398

Reviewed by Nigel Patterson, December 2020


Transcribing every experience along the way, Grace Pearl’s BEYOND THE STARS presents readers with the opportunity to explore spiritual reality, regardless of their religion. Her story is also an authentic reminder that the metaphysical world isn’t as distant as we might think – as long as we’re open to it. In addition, Pearl’s detailed transcriptions and convincing interactions with Elvis have the ability to inflict an overwhelming sense of self-reflection in its truest form; a miraculous representation of the beauty that manifests when you optimize your psychic potential. (Publisher’s promotion)

Grace Pearl is a medium and for seven years she communicated with the spirit entity, Elvis.

Underpinning her latest book, Beyond the Stars My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley, is the premise that while we are just flesh and blood, we are also souls, and our soul survives and exists in another dimension, after our mortal passing.


Ms Pearl’s previous book, My Last Life on Earth Elvis Presley was published in 2017 and was told from Elvis’ perspective. Beyond the Stars is told from the author’s perspective. As a result, while there are similarities between the two books, there is also a significant difference in the narrative.

We are introduced to the spirit entity, Elvis (often referred to as He), early in the book, before the author provides the background to her story. The final two thirds of the book detail her communication with Elvis. It covers a wide range of subjects.

From her first steps into the spiritual world to communication with and enlightenment from spirit entities, especially Elvis, Ms Pearl’s journey is one full of doubt, perseverance, and awakening. From reliving her birth while lying in the foetal position on the floor to being entertained by two of the world’s greatest music stars, the journey is an emotional and multi-various one.

Along the way, her road to consciousness is helped by her spirit entities, Elvis, for instance, instructing her in an important daily exercise to accelerate her progress.

The author’s interactions with Elvis are drawn with emotion and tenderness, and invoke great visual acuity:

Elvis and I still had exquisite sessions spent mostly in silence, in which we simply felt our love for each other. In one of them, while I was enjoying our closeness and not asking for more, I felt pulsations in my right hand, then a numbness, then it was if He were holding my hand, caressing it, and stroking my arm, but I felt the touches very lightly.

The communication between Elvis and Ms Pearl is often one of surprise to her:

The type of surprises He could conjure up and the pleasure He got out of creating them astonished me. He sounded very playful that evening: “Hi Love! It’s so much fun, we are going to make music for you. We are going to sing you a gospel song. Okay?

He had the same commanding presence on stage as in his last life, and while leading an orchestra and back-up singers, He sang to me If That Isn’t Love in a powerfully loud voice.

On many occasions Elvis reveals things, some which challenge our usual perceptions of his life:

“In my last life, Entities from this dimension influenced my talent for music and singing, which I realized only in my last years”.

Another interesting revelation is Elvis’ appreciation of John Lennon:

“His tragic death at forty was unfortunate and should have never happened. He was more heedless than I was and didn’t realise how influential and important he was. Sadly, he didn’t take the proper security measures to protect himself as I did.”

Elvis performed ten concerts for Ms Pearl, and on occasion he was accompanied by others, including John Lennon and George Harrison. She recounts:

To mark Valentine’s Day, Elvis gave me another memorable concert and, as usual, He did it as a surprise on the fifteenth....Then, the four of them seated at four white grand pianos, with Elvis and my sister on one side and, facing them. John and George on the other, played Thank You for Being Who You Are, the tender song that Elvis had composed for me.

At times, the accounts have an ethereal feel to them:

I suddenly saw Elvis floating in front of me, wearing a pair of black pants and a red shirt. Very distinctly, I could feel my arm slightly raised and lowered, softly turned on one side and on the other.

The author is direct and honest about her personal struggles, and at times, misdirection in life:

His comment came as a shock. I had known all along that running away from that opportunity had changed the course of my life, but I would never have imagined that it would have altered it to such an extent.

I never talked about the incident. Without going into detail, I will sum it up so you can see how a lack of self-confidence and of life experience can make you stray from the path your Soul has chosen.

At another point, the author discusses the process of recording (writing) her communications with Elvis and how she was so emotionally overcome that she broke down in tears.

Not surprisingly, Beyond the Stars features large doses of “new age” philosophy which may offer support and guidance to those going through hard times, or who are searching for greater meaning in their lives. This comment by Elvis to the author is illustrative:

“When there are clouds, you want to pass through them like a laser beam, but you’re not one. Don’t feel bad about this morning’s exercise. It’s only a setback......You carry my love in your heart, but your heart is also full with your own love and you can pass it on to others.”

On living life in better harmony, Ms Pearl received the following advice from her spirit entities:

Use visualisation instead of meditation, be in harmony with yourself and chase away anxiety and worries, which limit you and blur intuitions; do not give in to the desires and emotions of others, but always come back to your own and express them at all costs, make decisions not to please others but to fulfil yourself. They emphatically stressed never to judge others and their actions or myself and my actions.

For those sceptical of the concept of a “medium” and communication with the departed, I recommend you read Beyond the Stars as one person’s journey in life. Few of us experience what many others do, but we continue to be fascinated with lives that are fantastical, the intricacies of their encounters, and the color in their experiences.

Verdict: Beyond the Stars My Seven Year Journey with Elvis Presley will be a challenging book for many readers. It requires belief or acceptance that communication with those who passed over is possible. If the reader approaches it with an open, enquiring mind, it offers insight to spiritual reality and the “infinite possibilities” of our psychic potential. There is plenty in Beyond the Stars to stimulate, challenge and engage the reader’s mind. The publisher’s description that ‘This book is for you if you are still a kid at heart and you enjoy fantastic stories that are real’, is apt. Grace Pearl’s out-of-this-world adventure is fantastic, but it is also an emotional, revealing and inspiring one.


Review by Nigel Patterson.
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EIN interviewed author Grace Pearl about her life and her books last month - see below -


(Interview) Grace Pearl, author of Beyond the Stars My Seven Years with Elvis, talks to EIN: Grace Pearl is a medium. Her latest book, Beyond the Stars My Seven Years with Elvis, was recently published. Grace kindly agreed to talk to EIN about her new book and her relationship with what she calls the Entity of Elvis Presley, recalling conversations that vary from what brought him to drug abuse, to admissions about his one true love, even discussions about the meaning of life.
In the interview Grace Pearl explains,"Everyone has experienced telepathy. You suddenly think of a person you haven’t heard from in six months. The telephone rings and it’s that person. Suddenly, comes to you an idea you would have never thought of about a particular situation you’re dealing with. And you feel a strong emotion with it.... An amazing sequence of events, which happened to me in the course of a year, led me to be in direct contact with Elvis. They happened so unexpectedly that I lived each of them somewhat naturally. I hadn’t done anything to make them happen, they just did."
This is an intriguing and interesting interview which will likely engross some readers and frustrate others.
(Interview, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)


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