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Friday 30 January 2015
'Elvis Files Magazine ISSUE 9' Mini-Review: Overlooked due to the 'Ultimate Elvis' release, the final Elvis Files Magazine of 2014, Issue 9, really delivered the goods.
The magazine included articles on...
- 1957 “What Elvis thinks of his fans”
- Judy Spreckels and Elvis
- Rolling Stone interview with Chet Atkins..
- Interview with songwriter Paul Evans

- Super-fan Elaine Christan continues her exclusive look at various meetings with Elvis, this time September and late 1970.
But the most interesting article "I've Never Been Strung Out In My Life" is a fascinating article about Elvis' “Desert Storm” closing show in September 1974 and how it reveals a completely different show from what we know..
The comments include "Elvis' lively happy mood was completely contagious. Everyone caught up in his high happy spirit began to clap time and laugh and beat time and just have one wonderful good time, because Elvis was having the best time of all time." - It is a amazing alternate viewpoint
Plus plenty more Rare Candids not featured in previous Elvis Files books.
Go HERE as EIN checks out this sensational issue
(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

 Now Updated - EIN's 'Elvis Star Track': 'King Of The Whole Wide World' - Recorded for Elvis' tenth movie Kid Galahad at RCA's Radio Recorders, Hollywood in October 1961. The song was composed by Ruth Batchelor and Bob Roberts who also went on to write 'Where Do You Come From' for Girls! Girls! Girls!. Elvis realised there was some better soundtrack material here compared to the recent Follow That Dream, and worked hard in the studio. This would be the last soundtrack session that Elvis seemed to genuinely care about. Elvis worked for two days on the song 'King of The Whole Wide World', recording thirty-five takes before he was truly satisfied.
Coming back to finish the song at the end of the second day of recording, the tempo had been increased to match the optimism of the lyrics. This was the raw rock 'n' roll sound Elvis had been searching for. After four more attempts they had the final release in the can.
Perhaps 'King Of The Whole Wide World' should have been a single.
Click here to our 'Elvis Star Track' spotlight - Now Updated with YOUR Comments
(Spotlight: Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57' New Uk Vinyl: Coming Soon from Vee-Tone Records, 'LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56-’57' is a stunning 12” album bringing together in chronological order, all of Elvis’ electrifying and now highly collectible British HMV (His Masters Voice) singles released between March ’56 and March ’57.  This special limited edition of only 500 copies comes in a 180g vinyl format.  When Elvis signed his new recording contract in November 1955, taking him from Sun Records in Memphis, to national music giant RCA Victor, nobody could have predicted the influence he would have on the course of popular music worldwide.  Elvis’ pioneering, early UK singles were released on EMIs, HMV label before being moved by British Decca over to RCA/RCA Victor in 1958.  LOVE ME – The British HMV Singles ’56 - ’57, charts Elvis’ meteoric rise in Britain.  Featuring recordings from Elvis’ Sun Records catalogue and the now legendary RCA ’56 sessions, 16 pure Rock ‘n’ Roll gems, pre-army Presley at his very best!
·         500 Limited Edition;
·         Quality 180g black vinyl;
·         Printed colour inner sleeve;
· Liner notes; Stunning artwork;
· Contains all 8 singles from between March ’56 to March ’57 in chronological order.
SIDE A, 1. Heartbreak Hotel, 2. I Was The One, 3. Blue Suede Shoes, 4. Tutti Frutti, 5. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, 6. My Baby Left Me, 7. Hound Dog,
8. Don't Be Cruel
SIDE B, 1. Blue Moon, 2. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine, 3. Love Me Tender, 4. Any Way You Want Me, 5. Mystery Train, 6. Love Me, 7. Rip It Up, 8. Baby, Let's Play House.
(News, Source;VT/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Larry Geller on Elvis’ Last Birthday (and the other President): Reflections that transcend time: As 1977 began the atmosphere was pregnant with great promise, as the potential of dramatic changes unfolding in the coming year swirled wildly around in my brain. Elvis’ New Year’s concert in Pittsburgh was amazing; I sensed something new in the air.

His voice resonated so beautifully, his frisky attitude, and legendary performance that memorable evening ignited renewed hope in me; despite all his recent physical issues, emotional and other interpersonal anguish that were taking their toll on his health and zapping his life force. But damn, that night was special!

Elvis’ charisma was peaking and the building trembled. Every note, physical movement and nuanced gesture reflected the deep love and personal excitement he was experiencing that night, doing exactly what he did best, what he was born to do – sing from the depths of his soul, spreading joy from his heart…giving whatever he had to give; simply being Elvis.

That night after the show, Elvis and I hung out in his suite at the Hilton, and it was then that Elvis for the first time in years began planting seeds, envisioning his future. I could see it in his eyes, in his overall frame of mind. “Lawrence, it really felt good out there tonight - hey, I love it.”

Then something funny (well, really embarrassing) happened to me. It was around 2:30 am, and the phone rang. Elvis asked me to answer it. When I said hello, the southern drawl on the other end asked if he could speak to Elvis. I was a little surprised; it was highly unusual for someone to call Elvis’ room, and I didn’t recognize the voice. I asked who it was, and the reply was, “This is Jimmy Carter.” My first thought was that someone somehow figured out that it was Elvis’ suite and got through. “Ok c’mon,” I shot back; “stop f…ing around, who in the hell is this?” Without sounding fazed he replied nonchalantly, “This is Jimmy Carter, can I speak to Elvis?”

Elvis looked at me and asked what was going on, so I told him. “Oh man, that’s right, I’m expecting his call, give me the phone.” President-elect Jimmy Carter, who was sworn in that month, had arranged the phone meeting. I sat there listening as they were engaged in their conversation thinking, ‘well, I guess it did sound like Jimmy Carter.’ You can only imagine how foolish I felt. When Elvis hung up he looked at me, kept shaking his head from side to side and couldn’t stop laughing.

What a way a wonderful way to start the new year!

A few days later, on Elvis’ forty-second birthday, I drove from Los Angeles to Elvis’ Chino Canyon home in Palm Springs. Most of the guys in our group and a few wives and girlfriends were scattered about the house.

Elvis and I went back to his bedroom so I could take care of his hair. The slate was clean, the future remained unknown, but Elvis was bursting with new ideas. As I was tending to his hair, he went on about his hopes and dreams, struggles and frustrations.  Then he admitted that he had awakened to some painful realities of his situation, and acknowledged that without dramatic changes in his life, both personal and professional, he would not survive.  Yes, I thought, this is a pivotal year; so much to look forward to.

After I finished doing his hair in the bedroom he put on his black suit – he looked fantastic; slimmer and happier than I’d seen him in awhile.   He turned to me and said, “This is my day, Lawrence, my birthday, and I get to do whatever I want.  C’mon man, watch this!”  He had a big smile on his face as he picked up the book The Prophet and a large stack of fresh one hundred dollar bills piled up on his dresser, motioning for me to follow him to the living room, where everyone was waiting.

“Will all you guys please leave me and the ladies alone; I want to talk to them for a while.”  We all left, leaving our wives or girlfriends with Elvis.  For the next forty-five minutes he read to them several of his favorite passages from The Prophet; sections from ‘joy & sorrow, self-knowledge and love.’  Then he said, “This is my birthday, and what I want most above anything else is to give you all a gift.”  As he handed each one a new hundred-dollar bill, he admonished, “Now you have to promise to spend this on yourselves’ don’t give it to your husbands or boyfriends. I’m havin’ Robinson’s keep their store open late tonight just for you.  No one’s gonna bother you; I’m sending security with you.  So you all go and have fun for me on my birthday.”

So here we are, celebrating Elvis 80th birthday. Of course I know that he was born in 1935, but Elvis 80 years old?  I just can’t wrap my head around that.

Because Elvis is timeless.

(Article, Source: written by Larry Geller/Bruno Tillander)

..............Read EIN's review of The World Knows Elvis Presley....But They Don't Know Me by Bruno Tillander

"Graceland Too" be sold: Hundreds of Elvis Presley vinyl singles and albums, a pink Cadillac and the antebellum mansion that became a quirky Elvis shrine will be auctioned this month. Everything that was "Graceland Too" and all of owner Paul MacLeod's vehicles will be auctioned Jan. 31 at the mansion in Holly Springs, Attorney Phillip Knecht said.

MacLeod, who gave tours for $5 any time of the day or night, died July 17.

There was no way to keep it going as a tourist attraction, said Knecht, who represented MacLeod during his life.

"Paul was one of a kind, and his family and heirs have no interest in maintaining the attraction," he wrote in an email. "The building itself is also in poor condition." Graceland Too is not affiliated with Graceland. It's about halfway between Graceland, Presley's last home in Memphis, Tennessee, and his birthplace in Tupelo. A fundraiser and celebration of MacLeod's life was held there Aug. 12, during Elvis Week at Graceland.
"Most of the money that was raised at the August fundraiser went to paying for the event itself, and the rest was used for various estate purposes. We have estate claims totaling over $25,000, so there was never any hope we could have paid off all the claims," Knecht wrote.

Spur K Auctions will run the auction, including online bidding. Its website includes a list of 329 vinyl records, more than 250 of them by Presley. A good number are multiple copies, including six copies of the "Elvis Christmas Album." Graceland Too will open for previews the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 30. MacLeod's artwork also will be auctioned. However, Knecht wrote, "Several of us are attempting to save some key pieces from Paul's collection (mostly Paul's own artwork, and not Elvis Presley 'stuff') for preservation, possibly in our local museum."
Online: www.spurkauctions.com (News, Source: AP/Seb D.)

Monday 26 January 2015 - - - 2nd News Update - - -
 EIN's 'Elvis Star Track': Today EIN starts a new spotlight 'Elvis Star Track' - where every Monday we will choose a particular song that we think is worth looking at and commenting on. Sometimes we will choose a "classic", more often a relatively obscure song.
This idea has been suggested by a few EIN readers and we are happy to oblige. You can send us your thoughts or comment via our EIN FB page. We will add the most interesting comments to our 'Elvis Star Track' article.
The first Elvis tune we have selected is a movie soundtrack song that could have possibly become a single release.
'King Of The Whole Wide World'
Recorded for Elvis' tenth movie Kid Galahad at RCA's Radio Recorders, Hollywood in October 1961. The song was composed by Ruth Batchelor and Bob Roberts who also went on to write 'Where Do You Come From' (the flip of 'Return To Sender') for Girls! Girls! Girls!. Elvis realised there was some better soundtrack material here compared to the recent Follow That Dream, and worked hard in the studio.
This would be the last soundtrack session that Elvis seemed to genuinely care about. Elvis worked for two days on the song 'King of The Whole Wide World', recording thirty-five takes before he was truly satisfied.
In fact there were five major reworkings on 'King of The Whole Wide World' during the first day alone. The first day stopped after an incredible thirty-one attempts.
Coming back to finish the song at the end of the second day of recording, the tempo had been increased to match the optimism of the lyrics. This was the raw rock 'n' roll sound Elvis had been searching for. After four more attempts they had the final release in the can.
Sadly the fabulous long Boots Randolph sax solo plus the rock’n’roll drum ending would be edited out to create the short faded-out original mono EP release.
Perhaps 'King Of The Whole Wide World' should have been a single.
Click here to our 'Elvis Star Track' spotlight for more info and great photos and also send us your comments and thoughts about 'King Of The Whole Wide World'.
(Spotlight: Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wayne Jackson Back Home!: Great news today as we hear that Wayne Jackson is out of hospital and back home.

"Back home at last! Says Wayne,"What they say is true, there's no place like home. Let me take a moment and just thank each and every one individually who prayed for me and kept me in their thoughts. I was so sick, and yet there was a steady hand guiding the big ship.
My love to all of you!"  - Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson has played with all the greats from Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Neil Diamond to Elvis Presley. Wayne's sweet trumpet is one of the most recognised soulful sounds in the last 50 years of pop music.
(News, Source;WJ/ElvisInfoNet)

Pennsylvannia Starwatch - Orion or Elvis? Both stories work: Without a doubt, the constellation Orion the Hunter is probably the most recognized constellation in our night sky. You may think the Big Dipper is the most recognized, but it's not officially a constellation. It's actually the bright part of the much larger constellation Ursa Major, the Big Bear. The Big Dipper outlines the rear and tail of the bear that's rising in the northeast sky during these midwinter evenings.

Orion the Hunter is without a doubt my favorite constellation, shining stately in the south-southeastern sky with its three bright stars outlining the hunter's belt. There are also many other bright stars and constellations that surround Orion, and after 8 p.m., they're all high enough above the southeastern horizon to enjoy. I like to call that part of the sky "Orion and his Gang."

In most of the western world, we use the Greek and Roman titles and mythology for the constellations, but there's nothing set in celestial stone that says you have to. I break the rules all the time.

For example, the Greek interpretation of the constellation Pegasus the Winged Horse, now flying above the western horizon, is classically seen as a horse flying upside down with puny wings. At my star parties, I show him as a horse flying right side up with huge wings. That's what he really looks like, as far as I'm concerned.

bring this up because at my star parties, I sometimes show Orion as a hunter, the king of the constellations, but I've also shown him as Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. In the classic interpretation, Orion the Hunter is holding up a club in one hand and a lion by the scruff of his neck in the other. Orion as Elvis (preferably the older Elvis of the 1970's), is holding up a microphone in one hand and is holding off all his fans with other. You can see that, can't you? In both cases, the hunter and Elvis are sporting a bright belt with three sequins made by the three stars in a row.

Elvis is also way over-glittered with a really gaudy, bright, reddish sequin on his right shoulder, the bright star Betelgeuse, and an equally bright blue stone on the inside of his left shoe, the equally bright bluish star Rigel. Is Rigel his blue suede shoe?

In real astronomical life, Betelgeuse is known as a huge super red giant star that at times pulses out to nearly a billion miles in diameter. Our sun isn't even one million miles in girth. Betelgeuse shines at us from about 640 light years away; one light year equaling nearly six trillion miles. Rigel is nearly sixty million miles in diameter and more than 770 light years away. Rigel's claim to fame is that it cranks out about 130,000 times more light than our sun. That's quite a sequin on his blue suede shoe.

In the classic Greek interpretation, Orion the Hunter has two hunting dogs, a big one and a small one. The big dog is outlined in the constellation Canis Major to the lower left of Orion. The bright star Sirius, the bright star we can see in the night sky any time of the year, marks the nose of the hound.

Remember one of Elvis's early hits, "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog"? Well, that hound dog takes the place of Canis Major as Elvis's pesky hound. In both Canis Major and Elvis's hound dog, the big pooch is standing on its hind legs with the star Sirius marking the canine's snout.

In "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog," Elvis accuses that hound of never catching a rabbit and not being a friend of his. Well, guess what? That hound dog is chasing a rabbit across the sky, the faint constellation Lepus the Hare to the right of Canis (the hound) Major. As you can see in the diagram, the hound dog is stlll quite a ways from the hound's jaws, and it doesn't look like he'll catch up anytime soon.

Strap on your blue suede shoes, hopefully well-insulated, and head outside to see the King of Rock and Roll in the heavens. Don't just hang around the Heartbreak Hotel. (Mike Lynch is an amateur astronomer and author of the book, "Stars, a Month by Month Tour of the Constellations." Contact him at mikewlynch@comcast.net.) (News, Source: Republican Herald)

King of the Hilton - Memories of Elvis Presley's Las Vegas Years (by Anne E. Nixon with Richard Harvey): Anne E. Nixon's new book, King of the Hilton, is attracting significant discussion on Elvis message boards and forums.

In King of the Hilton Anne relives the excitement and thrill of being in the main showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton as Elvis performs to one sold out audience after another.

Anne saw Elvis in Vegas 40 times! and in a captivating account based on her notes and transcripts from each show she brings them all to life plus details many of her side adventures along the way. Rich in detail and fascinating minutiae King of the Hilton is one of those rare releases.....a book written by a fan for the fans.

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review

Coming soon: Anne E. Nixon answers your questions!

Saturday 24 January 2015
Ginger Alden Interview: Ginger Alden spent the last nine months of Elvis' life by his side before his untimely passing on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42.
Her recent book, 'Elvis & Ginger' is not a sleazy tell-all but rather offers a clear-eyed chronicle of their courtship, she was 22 years his junior, revealing previously unknown details about the final year of “The King’s’’ life while setting the record straight about their relationship.
EIN contributor Ken Sharp recently interviewed Ginger Alden to publicise her recent book, as featured in the Sydney Telegraph.
As with all her interviews there were restrictions on what questions could be asked.
Go HERE for edited highlights from the interview..
(Interviews, Source;SydTele/ElvisInfoNet)

The Elvis Files Magazine Issue 11 - March 2015: What an absolute stunner of a front cover.
Erik Lorentzen notes, We are working on the next magazine and can promise you all the greatest article, with some awesome photos (unpublished) that you ever have seen from Elvis' four shows in Philadelphia, April 1957.

Articles include
- Elvis and Streisand
- The Philadelphia Flyer

Go HERE to subscribe to this excellent magazine.

Due to our distraction with 'Ultimate Elvis' EIN missed our look at the last two issues of the Elvis Files Magazines. Our mini-reviews will be coming this week. To be honest Elvis Files Magazine Issue 9 was one of the very best!


(News, Source;EFiles/ElvisInfoNet)

Rolling Stone Mag Readers Top Ten:  Had Elvis Presley lived, he would have turned 80 years old this month. It's hard to imagine Elvis doing concerts in 2015, but Leonard Cohen is a few months older and manages to do three-and-a-half hours without breaking a sweat. Hell, Chuck Berry is 88 and still at it. If Elvis had managed to lose the weight and get healthy, there's no reason why he couldn't still be shaking his hips onstage. Sadly, that's not the way his life worked out. But he's still the king of rock & roll, and to celebrate his birthday Rolling Stone magazine asked their readers to vote for their favourite Presley song.

These are the results.
10 "Mystery Train"
9 "Kentucky Rain"
8 "An American Trilogy"
7 "Heartbreak Hotel"
6 "Love Me Tender"
5 "Can't Help Falling in Love"
4 "Jailhouse Rock"

3 "In the Ghetto" - Elvis spent much of the 1960s churning out cheesy B-movies and lifeless soundtracks while new acts like the Beatles and Bob Dylan made him seem like a relic. His brilliant 1968 comeback special shot him back to the forefront, and he took his newfound energy into the studio to cut "In the Ghetto." It's a song about the vicious cycle of poverty and despair in America's inner-cities, and it eventually hit Number Three, cementing the fact that Elvis was back.
See EIN 'In The Ghetto' Spotlight here

2 "If I Can Dream" - Just two months after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, Elvis Presley stepped into the Western Recorders studio and laid down this moving tribute to the civil rights hero. It was the stirring climax to his 1968 comeback special, and he belted it out with incredible passion. The song rose to Number 12 on the Hot 100, and today many see it as one of the greatest vocal performances of his career.

1 "Suspicious Minds" - Elvis was just two years into his marriage with Priscilla when he recorded "Suspicious Minds," but things were already falling apart. It's clear he poured some of that disappointment, particularly over his own failings as a husband, into the song. Written by Mark James, it became his first Number One hit in seven years and was a regular highlight of his live show
See EIN 'Suspicious Minds' Spotlight here.

See the full RS list here

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Dancing With The King' Tupelo Gala:  Fans can enjoy an entire weekend in Tupelo – March 27 -29 as 'Dancing With The King' celebrates Elvis’ music through dancing.
EIN's friend and Elvis historian Roy Turner wants fans to know about this great event.
Packages can include many extras not available anywhere else – like a special historical tour where special guests Guy Harris and Sam Bell will share their childhood memories of Elvis.
Saturday March 28th features, the Dancing With The King Gala dinner and professional dance show. Our all-inclusive package includes accommodations and admission to location attractions like the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum.
Only 125 fan packages available! Don’t wait!
- If you LOVE Elvis’ music or you love dancing (think Dancing With The Stars), you’ll LOVE
Dancing With The King!! Enjoy Elvis’ music while watching amateur and professionals dancers show off their best dance routines.
You can purchase tickets to just the gala event, March 28th or the whole weekend.

Their vision is - While it is true that just about everyone knows about Elvis Presley and some of his music, few people are aware of the true scope of Elvis’ recording career. If you count his recordings that were done in a studio, the count is well over 700 songs. If you add in his live recordings, the count exceeds 900 tunes!
Elvis changed the scope of music forever and with new music came new ways to dance. Dancing With The King is designed to celebrate Elvis’ music through dancing to his songs. It is our hope that dance participants will explore the full range of his music as they prepare to dance at our event.
Tupelo, Mississippi is the birthplace of Elvis and the ideal location for an event of this type. Elvis fans coming for the gala will find many things to do and explore as they get to experience Elvis’ roots
Go HERE for info and Gala and Weekend packages.
(News, Source;RoyTurner/ElvisInfoNet)

Ronnie Tutt Inducted into The Classic Drummer Hall of Fame: Great News that Ronnie Tutt has been inducted into the 'Classic Drummer Hall of Fame'.
The magazine notes...  Whenever you see film of The King slaying an audience in one of his trademark jumpsuits, the man driving the groove and punching Elvis' every move is none other than the great Ron Tutt. Whether in the studio or on the stage, Presley trusted Ron to support the emotion of the moment and the feel of the music.
Of course when an artist spends a decade working with an icon, his other work can often be overshadowed. However, after Elvis' death, Tutt was invited to join Neil Diamond as his permanent touring and studio drummer. In addition, he's either performed with or recorded with such greats as Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers, Los Lobos, Elvis Costello and Jerry Garcia. He's even worked with pop stars Billy Joel, the Carpenters, Stevie Nicks and Michael McDonald, and his work on Roy Orbison's In Black and White Live is time capsule worthy.
In addition to other projects, today Ron Tutt still plays with the King as part of the "virtual Elvis" tour along with his former band mates and an audio-visual representations of ELVIS.

Congratulations Ron.
More info Here at >> The Classic Drummer Hall of Fame
(News, Source;RTFB/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: With the festive season over Elvis' Christmas releases have all dropped out of the charts.

'Heart And Soul' re-enters the Billboard Top Catalog Album Chart at 45 for w/e 31st January, 2015. It also drops from 7 to 10 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
'He Touched Me' - The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Vols. 1 and 2) drops from 2 to 29 on the Music Video Sales Chart.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Wedesday 21 January 2015
'Elvis & Nixon’ Filming with a Big Cast: Two American icons meet as “Elvis & Nixon” goes into production and fills out its cast with five new names. Michael Shannon (“Boardwalk Empire” and “Take Shelter”) and Kevin Spacey are already in place to play rock'n'roll superstar Elvis Presley and US President Richard Nixon.
Alex Pettyfer of "The Butler” takes the role as Jerry Schilling, Elvis's closest friend, who joins him for December 1970's impromptu visit to the Capitol.
Johnny Knoxville will be on hand as Elvis' chief minder, while singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira plays Elvis's romantic interest.
Colin Hanks, meanwhile, is involved as lawyer and presidential aide Egil Krogh, who became instrumental during Elvis's unscheduled meeting with Nixon.
Director is Liza Johnson who has been twice nominated for the Berlin International Film Festival's Golden Bear.
Ferreira will portray the love interest of Presley’s friend and member of the Memphis Mafia, Jerry Schilling, played by Alex Pettyfer.
This is not Ferreira’s first time on the silver screen. The singer has appeared in a number of independent films, along with the Eli Roth-directed horror movie, ‘The Green Inferno.’
The Liza Johnson-directed film documents the Dec. 21, 1970 meeting of Presley and Nixon, which was orchestrated by the iconic singer who expressed his distaste for drug culture and suggested the former President work as a “Federal Agent-at-Large” for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.
In a weird coincidence back in 2013 Alex Pettyfer was engaged to Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough (right) even going together to see mom Lisa Marie Presley perform in concert.
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

'The True Elvis was Energetic, Powerful - a Rock God': Salon has re-published an article looking back at Elvis' fabulous "Comeback Special". It includes...
..."Had he lived, Elvis Presley would’ve turned 80 this month. As with each passing of his January 8th birthdate, I go back to Elvis’ shining moment and enjoy it anew. With evangelical zeal, I talk about it, watch it on YouTube, and share it via social media. The moment isn’t his first Sun recording, 1954’s “That’s All Right,” or his 1956 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, although both of those are pretty great. For me, Elvis’ shining moment is Elvis, his NBC Christmas special, which aired December 3rd, 1968. He was thirty-three, a new dad, and unbeknownst to all, even himself, he was at the peak of his powers. Part of the thrill of viewing the footage is watching fit, glistening Elvis realize this while the cameras roll.
The clownish, Falstaffian Elvis persona is nowhere in sight; the overweight, jump-suited 70s-era "Fat Elvis" favored by the media, so prominent in the collective memory of the general public, does not yet exist. It rankles me to realize that this sad, bloated, premature-death-bound man, who epitomizes Elvis to most, looms larger than the rock and roll animal of Elvis.
Most people refer to Elvis as “The ’68 Comeback Special,” because it effectively revived Presley’s career for nearly another decade until pills, and the pressure of life claimed him.
Soon after it aired, Elvis would take his new-found energy and renewed confidence, and spend it well. He released his best album, 1969’s From Elvis in Memphis, a decidedly non-schmaltzy collection of country soul and funky rock, produced by hip session guitarist and co-writer of “Dark End of the Street,” Memphis’ own Chips Moman. The same sessions produced his massive worldwide hit “Suspicious Minds,” which rocketed to the U.S. number one spot, past The Beatles’ “Come Together” and Sly & the Family Stone’s “Hot Fun in the Summertime.” In a spectacular reprieve from decline, Elvis was back, all due to that ’68 special.
Paradoxically, the apex of the show comes in the unscripted “unplugged” segment, wherein Elvis jams informally with his pals, including old road buddies, guitarist Scotty Moore – integral to the early Sun recordings – and drummer DJ Fontana, both of whom he’d abandoned a decade earlier when he headed to Hollywood. They play blues, R & B, and rockabilly, and tell stories and make fun of each other between songs. This segment is raw, somewhat lo fi, even occasionally punky. Here more than anywhere else, Elvis often seems possessed, yet controlled just enough, tapped in to a fount of spirit and soul, invoking a carnal essence that hangs about the small studio space like an entity, drawing open multiple mouths and teasing lips into astonished, toothy grins. Elvis glistens with sweat, and thrashes at his guitar as if in a roadhouse. It’s one of the only instances where you get to see and hear him actually play, and he tears it up...

EIN hopes that the new generation pick up on this story and discover the glory of the "Comeback Special" for themselves.
Go to Salon for the full article here
Go HERE to EIN's spotlight 'The Night Elvis Reclaimed His Crown'
(News, Source;Salon/ElvisInfoNet)

How Elvis & "The Happiness Project" Helped Save A Soul: Australia Big Brother 2013 winners Tim Dormer and Ben Zabel made it to Graceland and just in time as Zabel, 32, who has bravely made public his struggles with depression, was admitted to a Brisbane hospital on November 15 after overdosing on prescription drugs. He later explained that he’d suffered a “panic attack and swallowed too many antidepressants”.
The trip was planned to coincide with the 80th birthday celebrations of the late rock and roll icon and has been recorded for a web-based series The Graceland Happiness Project.
The pair was in luck at Graceland, meeting Priscilla Presley as well as Lisa Marie. They were also given permission to record a track at

the historic “Sun Studios”.
Dormer said, ‘‘To see Ben’s excitement and how much joy it brought him to be there made it all worthwhile. I identify with the way that Elvis wanted to take care of his mum, they grew up very poor like my own family, so his success enabled him to provide a better life for them all.
‘‘Meeting Lisa Marie, is something that will stay with me forever,” says Zabel.
It is difficult to think Ben nearly didn’t make it there, but the Graceland experience was no doubt a big help in fixing his problems.
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 19th January 2015 - - - 2nd News Update - - -
UPDATED Reviews - 'Ultimate Elvis' Book Review: 'Ultimate Elvis – The Complete And Definitive Recording Sessions' is a this three-volume, deluxe set that not only comprises all the session information available to date, based on Keith Flynn's incomparable website and includes comprehensive notes on each session, discographies, letters, original sheet music covers plus huge index all included in its 1,800 pages.
The book includes around 3,000 stunning high-quality photographs many of them previously unseen, relating to the time period in question.
The promotional publicity for this three-volume set was very impressive with the original publishing date of August 2014 missed as more photographs were discovered and the content expanded. Finally published in December 2014, Elvis enthusiast Brian Quinn checks out this astounding deluxe package to discover if it is as good as promised.
Go HERE - Now updated with a new 2,000 word in-depth new review from super-fan Neil Colombari- -
(Book Reviews, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

What is Presley's single greatest song?: Rolling Stone magazine is running a quick poll. This month marks the 80th anniversary of Elvis Presley's birth. Graceland celebrated the occasion with a long party that featured Priscilla and Lisa Marie, screenings of Viva Las Vegas and Jailhouse Rock and an enormous eight-tiered cake.
Now Rolling Stone have a question for you: What is Presley's single greatest song?

Elvis obviously wasn't a songwriter, but anything he covered throughout his entire career is fair game. Feel free to go with an early Sun classic like "Mystery Train" or "That's Alright, Mama," a huge 1950s hit like "Hound Dog" or "Don't Be Cruel" or a late jam like "Suspicious Minds" or "Burning Love." There's also a ton of gospel and Christmas music. Pick whatever Elvis song you want, but please only vote once and only for a single selection.
You can vote HERE via Email or in RS comments

It might be interesting to discover which Elvis songs are Rolling Stone readers favourites
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New Elvis Show on Vale Radio (ex UK): There is a new Elvis radio show "The Elvis Room" that started last week presented by five-time Sony Award winning presenter James Burrell. The show is an hour long on-line weekly Elvis programme and is being presented "for the love of Elvis".
Burrell Informed EIN that, "The show will feature some major hits for the casual fan... but also include tracks from the FTD cds, out-takes, live stuff - no holds barred, legacy editions and Essential Elvis cds too. It will also include a song each week from an artist that Elvis liked (I have researched Elvis' record collection) and also a song by bands or artists that Elvis influenced (for example, recently The Saints' punk cover of Elvis' 'Kissin Cousins' was featured!)." 
The show will be.. "a bit more than just the usual string of hits."
On Saturday at 10pm GMT it can be accessed by going to www.thevaleonline.com/radio
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"Elvis: The New Recordings" Producer Messages EIN: "Elvis: The New Recordings" producer Larry Jordan (who we do agree has done great work with other artists in the past such as Jim Reeves) was not impressed with EIN's opinions about his new CD - as noted below. His reply included some of the following comments..
"Were you trying to "stack the deck" against this unique product? It's of course a matter of opinion to state that some '60s sounding sax "ruined" a song, but the Elvis songs we used WERE from the '60s, so at least it was authentic to the period, was it not? Would you have preferred a 2015 "heavy metal" treatment?
To those who say the originals are always best, I ask: are you still watching b&w TV with rabbit ears and using rotary dial phones?
Our emphasis was on Elvis's VOICE, and the rest of the crew assumed lesser importance to us. It is arguably true that you can hear Elvis's vocals better on our CD than on most of the originals. That is especially true on those songs in which we dispensed with off-key and redundant BGVs by the Jordanaires.
The musicians I've used on all my overdub projects are strictly professional, are veterans of the music biz, have accompanied big
league artists (INCLUDING ELVIS), and are no slouches. They would not have agreed to play on this CD merely to provide "schmaltzy" or "dodgy" accompaniment.
I considered calling it "The New Overdubs" but the thought amongst others in the decision making position was that the public doesn't know what "overdubs" are. I personally have had people ask me to explain that word, so this may be the case.
Please note that in ALL the product descriptions, including the back cover of the CD itself, it is made clear what these are: new musical settings. So there is no deception involved.
" - Larry Jordan
Go HERE to Read more about this CD and the tracklist
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'Doin' The Best I Can' New Import CD: Out soon on Straight Arrow is the 2CD set 'Doin' The Best I Can', featuring two shows recorded on February 16, 1973. Most Elvis experts agree that the „post Aloha“ winter engagement was his weakest up to that point. Perhaps his inner turmoils played a role, but a rather severe throat infection most definitely did. It was so serious that midnight shows on Feb. 13, 14 and 15 ended up getting cancelled and dinner shows were performed against doctors advice. At some of the shows it was clear that the infection seriously hampered his ability to sing. Still, being the professional that he was, he tried to do the best he could. This is also what you will hear on the previously unreleased concerts from this engagement on this new Straight Arrow release. Presented in truly excellent audience-recorded audio, they give us interesting insights of Elvis at work under trying circumstances. His voice is not at its best here, his condition prevents him from firing on all cylinders, but still he’s
giving solid and professional shows. And that’s one element that certainly deserves to be acknowledged more than it is today.
The February 16, 1973 concerts are taken directly from original „booth recorded tapes.“ The Feb. 16, 1973 D/S was previously released ('A Dinner At The Hilton' 2007) from an inferior audience recorded source. These CD have nothing to do with Straight Arrow’s excellent „booth tape“ version! The Feb. 16 1973 M/S is a completely new show, even for die-hard Elvis fans. It has never been in circulation - in any form! These tapes were rediscovered recently and we believe that you will agree with us that this is another great find. A real must - not just for the hardcore collector. Another quality Straight Arrow release!
Go Here to EIN's 'All the CD News 2015' for full tracklistings
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'Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! The Ultimate Collection' Japanese Box Set:  Sony Music Japan have announced their  10 CD box 'Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! The Ultimate Collection' in March 2015.
The ten CDs contain 280 tracks in total with the albums themed as 'Top 20 Hits 1 (1956-59)', 'Top 20 Hits 2 (1960-65)', 'Top 20 Hits 3 (1966-77)', 'Rockin' Elvis 1', 'Rockin' Elvis 2', 'Pop'n Sweet', 'Elvis on Screen', 'Exotic Elvis', 'Sings Singer-Songwriters', 'Heartfelt Ballads'.
Interestingly there is no LIVE/ On Stage CD.
Go here to Japanese website to see all the tracklisting and the CD cover images.

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'The Last Farewell' New Import Box: Announced by the 'Parkhill' label (whoever that is) five CDs in a pewter box set plus a book of 80 pages (28 by 28 cm) with unseen photo’s, never published before.
The publicity promises, "The complete masters and outtakes from the last Graceland sessions. Superb Sound Quality, better than ever was thought possible. The best there is!".
Limited to 1000 copies.
Release date end of February.

EIN notes that this is presumably audio taken from the previous 'Welcome To The Jungle' VENUS bootlegs which covered the same session in amazing detail.
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'Uniondale Hysteria' New Import CD:  The MxF label will release soon the first volume of a trilogy dedicated to Elvis’ historical performance at Uniondale Nassau Coliseum. This first cd is entitled 'Uniondale Hysteria' featuring the Uniondale, June 22, 1973 8.00 PM Show.
The June Tour represent the second and last tour of the year, Elvis on tour means Elvis at the top of his possibilities. Uniondale is the third step of the tour, in the Nassau coliseum Elvis performs four shows in three days. On stage is an impressive figure in the Pharoo jumpsuit, the rocker attitude still intact, the voice great, the atmosphere enormous, the demand terrific, 16,500 lucky people attended at the show.
The show is unreleased and complete, here we present the show directly from a first generation copy of a privately-recorded 60-minute cassette. The sound was restored trying to remove the background noise trying to let intact the feeling of the concert and overall your listening pleasure. The sound quality here is good, considering it was taped from the audience in a big hall.
Like its predecessors, this new release will be presented in a beautiful four panels digipack with a collection of photos taken during show. As
bonus the first 100 copies will come with a 12x12 card, represent a memorabilia flyer of the Uniondale. All the photos & memorabilia & newspaper clips come from the Steve Rino & Bob Rush book, Elvis June 1973 tour.
The recording is in good quality and the superb show give to Uniondale Hysteria the status of UNIQUE.
Go Here to EIN's 'All the CD News 2015' for full tracklistings
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Saturday 17th January 2015

Phillip Harrington New Elvis Photos: Phillip Harrington worked as a professional photojournalist from 1940 until about 1990 when he retired. His noteworthy photos span 50 years from both in America and internationally. Notably, Harrington photographed Elvis Presley early in 1956, a critical year in Presley's career.
While plenty of Harrington's photos of Elvis are well-known, his archivist son is now offering several fabulous rare or unseen photographs for sale.
They show Elvis performing on stage at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio on May 26, 1956, and some absolute between performances gems from backstage at the University of Dayton Fieldhouse, May 27, 1956. As well as multiple photos of Elvis at his Audubon home.

Check these out and go HERE to the FineArt website for more images and a chance to buy copies.

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Colonel Parker meets Elvis 60 years ago: It was on Saturday, January 15th 1955 that Colonel Parker saw Elvis perform for the first time. Parker, along with Tom Diskin, traveled down to Shreveport to the Louisiana Hayride to witness Elvis live on stage having heard such positive reports back from Elvis' Texas performances earlier in the week. Afterwards the wily Colonel would be-friend Elvis' manager Bob Neal and Elvis' career would be changed forever.
At the time Parker's clients included country music stars Hank Snow and Eddy Arnold but Parker would soon realise who his future goldmine would be.

This would enrich Parker beyond his wildest dreams while only a few years later put Elvis onto a mind-numbing treadmill from which he could never escape.

Go HERE to read EIN's crucial spotlight 'The Dark Side of the Colonel'

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'Loose As A Goose' New Import CD: Out soon is the new Straight Arrow's double-digipak CD release, called 'Loose As A Goose', featuring the August 19th, 1970 Las Vegas dinner and midnight shows. These recordings were first released in 1998 ('Double Dynamite' set) and were never re-released - until now.
17 years have passed, and it is the right time for the ultimate release of these special recordings.
To call this new Straight Arrow release "a nice upgrade“ would be like calling the Mona Lisa an "okay“ painting! The label was able to retrieve the first generation Rick Rennie cassettes from the August 19, 1970 dinner & midnight shows (the originals are lost) and then carefully enhanced every second on the tapes. As it turns out, that earlier release of these two show was edited, so this new SA release presents Rick's 1st generations tapes in their complete form for the very first time. To give you an example, the dinner show on "Double Dynamite" was about 45 mins; now it‘s 56 mins!
Still, one edit remains in the DS recording, the one made by the late

Rick Rennie originally. Rick told us about 10 years ago that ‘Love Me Tender’ just went on and on, with Elvis being mostly preoccupied with entertaining a few lucky ladies in the front rows. This went on for almost 15 minutes, and all around him Rick could hear people starting to "boo" Elvis. He felt embarrassed about this moment and edited it from the tape. Interestingly, the label on the tape reads: "Elvis - the booed show. Edited." Even though Elvis’ performance on this night was quite strong overall, you can hear in parts that Rick’s account rings true. Elvis’ off-color jokes receive only polite applause, if even that, and during ‘Polk Salad Annie’, he accidentally falls flat on his face!
But make no mistake about it, even these moments cannot distract from the pure dynamite of Elvis’ vocals & showmanship at the time. Especially on the newer stuff he sings at full throttle. The midnight show is even better: it’s 70 action-packed minutes of Presley at his mightiest, rockinest, lovinest… It’s „Elvis 1970“, and that really says it all for the true fan & connoisseur. Even more so than the TTWII recordings, these tapes give us a unique insight into Elvis performing live in his element & at the peak of his considerable powers. At the same time, these recordings are significant because they give us the first glimpses of what was to come…
As with every Straight Arrow’s "upgrade“, this beautifully designed double-digipack edition is limited to 500 copies. Go Here to EIN's 'All the CD News 2015' for full tracklistings
These shows never sounded better! Elvis never sounded better!
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Elvis RIAA Official Sales overtaken by Garth Brooks: Country star Garth Brooks, who came out of retirement last year according to the Recording Industry Association of America has surpassed Elvis Presley as the solo artist to sell the most albums in the United States. But Brooks remains well-below the all-time top-sellers in US history, The Beatles.
Brooks and Presley, who died in 1977, have repeatedly swapped spots for number one Solo Artist on the list. Brooks' career soared in the 1990s as his country songs won a crossover audience and his first album in 13 years 'Man Against Machine' was last week certified Platinum, meaning it has sold at least one million copies.
Using the RIAA certifications alone, Brooks has again risen to the top, with 135 million albums against 134.5 million for The King.
Presley's estate has in the past disputed such rankings as the industry association focuses on sales of albums rather than singles and ignores Elvis' long
string of blockbuster 1950s hits as well as ignoring the million plus selling Budget compilations.
The recording association lists Led Zeppelin in fourth place for all-time US album sales, followed by the Eagles, Billy Joel and Michael Jackson.
Please see EIN's detailed look at Elvis' Genuine Sales figures here - "Is Elvis The Biggest Selling Artist?"
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Elvis First Acetate NOT purchased by Graceland: Our friends at Elvis Express note..  "My UN-Happiness" In the recent Graceland auction, what's being billed as the most historically important 78 rpm record ever offered for sale, sold on the day for $300,000.
Elvis was 18 years old when he went in to the Memphis Recording Service at 706 Union Avenue in 1953 with just his guitar, paid $4 and when Marion Keisker asked "who do you sound like?" he now famously replied .... "I don't sound like nobody." and how right he was.
Fans around the world hoped that Graceland / EPE would be in the fight for this historic piece of music history which should be sitting on display at Graceland as the very start of the Kings music career. But sadly  it was not and now EER hear from one our sources that this treasure of Elvis / music history was on its way to its new home in Japan.

EIN agrees that if this is true, EPE have seriously let down the Elvis fans who would have loved to have seen this unique part of Elvis' legacy in the Graceland display room.
(News, Source;EER/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: With the festive season over Elvis' previous Christmas releases have all dropped out of the charts.

However 'Elvis' 30 No.1 Hits' is a re-entry at 181 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts for w/e 24th January, 2015. It also re-enters the Country Catalog Album Chart at 9.
- 'Heart And Soul' rises from 13 to 7 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'The Essential Elvis Presley' also re-enters the Country Catalog Album Chart at 16.
- 'He Touched Me' - The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley (Vols. 1 and 2) remains at 2 on the Top Video Sales Chart.

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Thursday 15th January 2015
NOW UPDATED - 'Ultimate Elvis' Book Review: 'Ultimate Elvis – The Complete And Definitive Recording Sessions' is a this three-volume, deluxe set that not only comprises all the session information available to date, based on Keith Flynn's incomparable website and includes comprehensive notes on each session, discographies, letters, original sheet music covers plus huge index all included in its 1,800 pages.
The book includes around 3,000 stunning high-quality photographs many of them previously unseen, relating to the time period in question.
The promotional publicity for this three-volume set was very impressive with the original publishing date of August 2014 missed as more photographs were discovered and the content expanded. Finally published in December 2014, Elvis enthusiast Brian Quinn checks out this astounding deluxe package to discover if it is as good as promised.
Go HERE to check out Brian Quinn's review - Now updated with some detailed comments from author Shane Brown and Elvis expert Jordan Ritchie - -
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'Elvis The New Recordings' Overdubbed new CD: There is some publicity going around about a new Public Domain release called 'Elvis The New Recordings'.
However fans should not fall for any idea that these are "New" Elvis recordings. Rather they are old 'PD' recordings with (in our opinion) some very dodgy and old-fashioned new overdubs.
What to own a copy of the sublime originals 'Fame and Fortune' or 'Solider Boy' ruined by a very sixties-sounding corny saxophone overdub, well this is the CD for you!
The publicity notes, "This is VERY unique. At last count there were about 8000 Elvis CDs on Amazon, and most of these are merely repackagings of the same songs over and over and over and over again. 
However, there is a new 2015 CD called 'Elvis The New Recordings' that is very different. Some world-class musicians from the Atlanta jazz scene, Nashville and Europe, got together to pay tribute to Elvis in this 80th anniversary year, by taking 26 select tracks from his vast repertoire, (EIN note- they are only Public Domain, NOT from Elvis' complete repertoire, nor even from the era of the cover photo!) remastering and remixing them
(including getting rid of some of the distracting original instrumentation and/or background vocals), and then combining his voice with tasteful NEW musical settings. It's very impressive. Billboard magazine and the BBC have called the results "stunning".
EIN adds, Everyone's idea of "tasteful" is a personal matter, so if you want the pure perfection of the original 'Can't Help Falling In Love' with some added schmaltzy orchestral overdubs well this might be the Elvis CD you have been waiting for.
The original Vic Anesini remasters certainly showed how wonderful the original studio tapes could sound - but maybe if you have never enjoyed Scotty, Bill and DJ or the Jordanaires (Those damn "distracting original instruments and background vocals!") this is worth you checking out. (ps - if you disagree with us we'd like to know!) - GO HERE for plenty of samples and make your own mind up. (or you can click here to buy)
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"The Elvis Influence": Yes, "Before Elvis there Was Nothing". But now in a very cute "Elvisualization" - via spotify - you can see how some of today's top artists are connected to Elvis.
The site notes, "You might not see Elvis Presley atop the charts these days, but “The King” played an undeniably crucial role in the history of music — and his influence continues, whether you listen to him every day or not. Elvis was arguably the first mainstream radio and television rock star, and he still makes his way to your ears and eyes, because he influenced so many of today’s top artists directly or indirectly.
In celebration of The King’s 80th birthday, here’s a nifty web app that connects any artist to Elvis through deep data and Spotify playlists. You can make your way from just about any artist you can think of, to the King, often in surprisingly few steps. (The app looks
for the shortest possible way from the artist you enter and Elvis, favoring “influenced by” when possible.)"
Unfortunately while EIN would like to see some genuine explanation of where Elvis' influence lies in say 'Amy Winehouse' it only states that 'Amy Winehouse' was influenced by Carole King who was influenced by Elvis.
A cute idea, which looks great, but all too simplistic
Check out The Elvis Influence here and the wonderful ElvisVisualisation HERE
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'A History of The King and the City in New Photos': A new self-published series of books. "If I Can Dream: A History of The King and the City in New Photos and Never-Released Documents From 1956 to 1965" is one of a series from author Jerry Klein.
Publicity notes, As we celebrate his 80th birthday, Elvis Presley remains unequaled and unparalleled in every respect of his professional achievements. No one has even come close enough to be measured up against Elvis, and no one will, for good reason. There will never be another Elvis Presley.
To understand Elvis one must understand his world, the world he grew up in, the world he experienced as an child and later as an adolescent. In short, one must understand Memphis the way Elvis experienced it in his younger days, before fame and fortune changed his life forever.
This is the purpose of 'Elvis and Memphis'. It takes the reader back to a time when Memphis was undeniably a different city than it is today, and it does so through photos and documents, some that have never been released or seen until now. ''Elvis and Memphis' is a compilation of five volumes of rare or never published photographs, documents and recently surfaced facts associated with Elvis Presley in the Memphis of his early and latter days.
Volume II - If I Can Dream describes Elvis in the context of Memphis from 1956 to 1965, the first stage of Elvis' skyrocketing career, and his stunning success."
EIN knows little about these books except we note that the Vol 2 is only 62 pages and costs $20. -Go here for more info.
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Monday 12th January 2015

'Elvis Presley, Rock Around The Bloch!' Cover: A new FTD book 'Elvis Presley, Rock Around The Bloch!' by David English and Pal Granlund published by FTD books, RCA, Flaming Star will be coming soon, early in the year.
A hardback book containing 288 pages which tells the story of the USS Arizona benefit concert that Elvis performed at the Bloch Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii on March 25, 1961. It includes first-hand accounts from people who were there, newspaper articles from the time and numerous photographs (over 130 of which have never been published before).

This is the full cover design.

FTD were working on a Bloch Arena release as far back as 2007 so it is great to see the concert finally being released officially with a full-size book.

Author David English promises Audio content, back cover and preview pages all due soon.

(News, Source;DE/ElvisInfoNet)

Wayne Jackson shows improvement in Hospital: Better news today as, although Memphis Horns' Wayne Jackson is still hospitalised with congestive heart failure, today his wife Amy happily notes that his condidtion has improved, "There have been small, but encouraging, signs of progress today. Thank you for the amazing outpouring of support from all over the world! It has been a tremendous help in bolstering me up, and I know Wayne feels all the love, support and prayers you all are sending his way. Praying for continued progress ahead.
Many, many thanks, Amy"

Wayne Jackson has played with all the greats from Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Neil Diamond to Elvis Presley. Wayne's sweet trumpet is one of the most recognised soulful sounds in the last 50 years of pop music.
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‘Ultimate Elvis’ & James Burton: ‘Ultimate Elvis’ publisher Erik Lorentzen at last got the chance to present the finished package in person to a delighted James Burton.

Lorentzen noted, “After dinner with James Burton I was finally able to present him with his copy of the Ultimate Elvis books. He was thrilled about them.  "This must be the most important books about Elvis ever released" was his first comments. And as he kept looking and looking at them and really enjoyed reading the session pages he said, "I just wish Elvis could have seen this".
He promised that he will get back to me with his comments after going through all the pages.- Erik L.

So now with a LIMITED EDITION of 2,000 boxes worldwide orders are close to being Sold Out - GO HERE for INFO and More Example Pages & ORDER details including the Special Deal being offered by The Elvis Files. Don't pay over $400 as some dealers are suggesting - buy it direct to your door from Elvis Files for $330.
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Parkes Elvis Festival Celebration: The 23rd annual Parkes Australian Elvis Festival had more than 150 events over the five days. The fun went right through the day and into the night and there was certainly something for everyone to join in and enjoy. The five day festival which ended yesterday was enjoyed by all.
Long-time supporters of the annual Parkes Elvis Festival street parade claim Saturday’s crowd was the biggest yet, with estimates of more than 5,000 attending but with over 15,000 fans arriving over the weekend.
Elvis artist, John Collins has been coming to Parkes for the festival for a decade - and has always participated in the parade, no doubt the highlight of the program.
“That was the biggest crowd I have ever seen,” he said. “People were lined up all the way down the main street - and they were more that four or five deep. It was fantastic, the enjoyment they had was obvious.”
The parade again featured a huge number of Elvises, floats and vehicles. There were also many children dressed in costume who took part, as well
as many visitors. A surprise participant was state MP, Andrew Gee who actually sang live all the way down the parade route.
The major concerts of the 80th Birthday Celebrations were provided by ETA Justin Shandor (2010 "World's Ultimate ETA"), while the Sunday Gospel service remained most regular's favourite event. Justin Shandor also sang at the Service, 'I Believe' and 'You'll Never Walk Alone' which received standing ovations. Fans noted his incredible voice - powerful and so like Elvis!
(News, Source;MandySquair/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 11th January 2015

Wayne Jackson In Hospital: More bad health news as the Memphis Horns' Wayne Jackson has been hospitalised over the weekend with congestive heart failure.

Wayne Jackson has played with all the greats from Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Neil Diamond to Elvis Presley. Playing first with The Mar-Keys at STAX and then with The Memphis Horns, Wayne's sweet trumpet is one of the most recognised soulful sounds in the last 50 years of pop music and he was a major contributor at Elvis' 1969 Memphis Sessions.
His family say, "Prayers are needed as Wayne is in ICU"

EIN sends their love, support and prayers.

(News, Source;WJ/ElvisInfoNet)

Footage of Elvis 1957 Ottawa concert: To mark what would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday, CBC Ottawa dug through the archives to find some footage of his visit to the nation's capital. Presley visited Ottawa and performed a concert on April 3, 1957.
On the 30th anniversary of Presley's death in 2007, CBC reporter Cory O'Kelly spoke to some of the Ottawans who attended the 1957 concert. Click here to see some of the concert and hear memories of the event. The footage of Elvis is sadly only a few seconds.
However Elvis enthusiast and FTD audio engineer Kevan Budd has added, "The full clip is about two mins in length, short but exciting, `Heartbreak hotel`is just the first line, but a good example of how Elvis would get the audience going right from the start. The clip features sound, starts with the band warming up as can be heard followed by Elvis winding the audience to fever pitch with "Well, well" then Elvis starts 'Heartbreak Hotel'. I came across the footage about 8 years ago and sent a copy to Ernst."
Go HERE for EIN's exclusive spotlight on 'Elvis In Ottawa'
(News, Source;KBudd/CBCOttawa)

Sony Music Holland 80th Anniversary CD: Sony Music Holland has released a special double RCA CD today, 'Elvis Presley 80th Anniversary Special Edition'.  The CD will be available in stores but also at all the venues of the ‘Elvis 80th Anniversary Concert’ that is on tour through Holland and Belgium.
The show is starring multi award-winning Elvis Tribute Artists Ben Thompson and Chris Connor, both from the UK.
The CD features 49 classic Elvis tracks, starting with 'That's All Right' and 'Heartbreak Hotel' but also features gems such as 'Just Pretend' and 'I'll Remember You'.

Fans who will buy the CD at the venue will also be able to enter a contest and have a chance of winning a special collector’s item, made available by Sony Music Holland.
Go here for more about the Holland and Belgium ‘Elvis 80th Anniversary Concert’ tour info and dates

(News, Source;Rogier van Luyken/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 10th January 2015
'Ultimate Elvis' Book Review: 'Ultimate Elvis – The Complete And Definitive Recording Sessions' is a this three-volume, deluxe set that not only comprises all the session information available to date, based on Keith Flynn's incomparable website and includes comprehensive notes on each session, discographies, letters, original sheet music covers plus huge index all included in its 1,800 pages.
The book includes around 3,000 stunning high-quality photographs many of them previously unseen, relating to the time period in question.
The promotional publicity for this three-volume set was very impressive with the original publishing date of August 2014 missed as more photographs were discovered and the content expanded. Finally published in December 2014, Elvis enthusiast Brian Quinn checks out this astounding deluxe package to discover if it is as good as promised.
Go HERE to check out Brian Quinn's review
(Book Reviews, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Watch Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony: Elvis' Birthday Proclamation Ceremony included a visit from the Presley family, birthday cake and the proclamation of Elvis Presley Day in Memphis and Shelby County.
Fans from all over the world enjoyed the ceremony, despite the frigid temperatures, and afterward fans chatted with Lisa Marie Presley and snapped selfies with her. Priscilla Presley thanked fans for their support, and she and Lisa cut the cake. The cake featured eight layers, one layer for each decade of Elvis' legacy, and was topped off with a gold crown.
Birthday events continued with Conversations on Elvis, an Elvis Dance Party, a double screening of "Jailhouse Rock" and "Viva Las Vegas" and more.
Go HERE to watch a replay
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Graceland Auction Results: The high bids kicked in at the second official Graceland Auction. The Elvis' 78 acetate “My Happiness” sold for an incredible $300,000!  The acetate is considered the holy grail of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Lorisa Hilburn, the niece of the late Ed Leek, stated, “It was surreal—it was so much fun. We’re just so excited—this is such a blessing. We plan to put the money towards the college education of several family members. After 60 years in a vault, I really hope the winning bidder gets a chance to enjoy the acetate and share it with the public."

Riding the momentum created by the successful inaugural auction in August of 2014, various pieces of jewelry, movie memorabilia and personal items were among the 67 lots in the auction curated and authenticated by Graceland Authenticated.

Other top items included Elvis “That’s all Right” signed by Elvis, which sold for $32,500 against an estimate of $10,000 to $15,000. Elvis’ friend Ed Leek was with Elvis to witness the initial production of Elvis’ first Sun Studio record, a 78 RPM record of “That’s all Right” and grabbed one of the records, which Elvis signed to Ed, writing “To a good pal, Elvis Presley” on the label.

A treble clef gold and diamond ring gifted to Sammy Davis, Jr. sold for $32,500, against an estimate of $20,000 to $25,000.

An RCA Award to Colonel Parker for “In The Ghetto,” sold for $16,250, against an estimate of $6,000 to $8,000.

Go HERE for the full auction results

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Moving Forward' New Import CD: The forthcoming release from the "SR" label is titled "Moving Forward" and will feature the unreleased show from Las Vegas February 22, 1970 Dinner Show.
As everybody knows SR concentrates it's work on early 70's live period of Elvis' activity, trying to produce always unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his possibilities. With the new release, we are proud to present the complete show from February 22th dinner show, a rare show from a Vegas winter season. Elvis' love of singing is clear in this AUDIENCE RECORDED tape. The Vegas second season allows Elvis, after paying his debt to the golden past in the ’69 season, to demonstrate his true abilities. We see the best of Elvis in songs that will become the fulcrum of the Elvis show until 1972. The combination of all his latest four singles with the new songs although covers, give to listener something unique that unfortunately will be no repeated in the future.. Elvis still has the ability to take a song and turn it in HIS song…Polk Salad Annie or See See Rider are the perfect example.
Talking about the show , the show is solid and rough no too long the classic 60 minutes of pure energy , Elvis worked hard performing 14 songs, including his new single “Kentucky Rain.” together the best repertoire of the season.
This recording come from an early generation copy of the master tape, the sound quality is good considering the early season.
(News, Source;SR/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: With the festive season over Elvis' previous Christmas releases have all dropped out of the charts. Sadly there is little to cheer about US Chart-wise on his Birthday.

'Heart And Soul' rises from 15 to 13 on the Billboard Country Catalog Album Chart for w/e 17th January, 2015.
'He Touched Me': The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley' rises from 8 to 2 on the Music Video Sales Chart.
There are no other Elvis entries on the Billboard Charts.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 8th January 2015 - - Happy 80th Birthday ELVIS !!! - -


EIN wishes Elvis all the best, where ever he is, celebrating his 80th Birthday.


Fifty-three years ago today in 1962 Elvis celebrated his 27th birthday at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas - (photo right).


Elvis was there with Memphis girlfriend Bonnie Bunkley as well as Joe Esposito & friends. Elvis also met up with one of his favourite songwriters Don Robertson.
President Nigel Patterson of the Elvis Information Network Fan Club (Australia's oldest Elvis fan club) was also there to present Elvis with a special Birthday cake. 

(Book Review) 'King of the Hilton - Memories of Elvis Presley's Las Vegas Years' (by Anne E. Nixon with Richard Harvey): Anne E. Nixon will be a familiar name to many long time fans. In her latest book, King of the Hilton, Anne makes us part of the audience as she relives the excitement and thrill of being in the main showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton as Elvis performs to one sold out audience after another.

Anne saw Elvis in Vegas 40 times! and in a captivating account based on her notes and transcripts from each show she brings them all to life plus details many of her side adventures along the way. Rich in detail and fascinating minutiae King of the Hilton is one of those rare releases.....a book written by a fan for the fans.

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review

We need your help ............... ask Anne E. Nixon a question:

EIN will be publishing an interview in the next few weeks with Anne E. Nixon, author with Richard Harvey of the great new book, King of the Hilton and we want our readers to contribute questions for Anne.

So here is your chance to ask someone who saw Elvis in concert 40 times and has written hundreds of articles and several books about Elvis.

All you need to do is to send your question or questions by email to EIN
.......Questions close on Wednesday 13 January 2015.......

Watch Birthday Proclamation Ceremony & Auction at Graceland LIVE: If you can't be in Memphis for Elvis' Birthday Celebrations, you can watch them live on Graceland's Livestream site.
The Auction at Graceland and Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony will both be streamed live from Graceland on Thursday, January 8.

The Birthday Proclamation Ceremony begins at 9:15 a.m. CST,
9am Memphis = 3pm London UK  = 2am Friday 9 Jan Sydney, Australia

.. followed by the Auction at Graceland that evening at 6:50 p.m.

GO HERE at 9am Memphis for LIVE STREAM

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley's 80th Birthday Celebrated With Reissues, New Website: January 8th marks what would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday, and, to commemorate the King, Legacy Recordings have planned a yearlong celebration of Presley's music for modern-day Elvis fans. First up, the singer's The Complete '60s Albums Collection Vol. 1 has been released onto iTunes. The set highlights all the LPs Presley recorded between 1960 and 1965 with newly mastered sound for the digital medium. The collection includes Elvis Is Back, G.I. Blues, His Hand In Mine, Something for Everybody, Blue Hawaii, Pot Luck,
Girls! Girls! Girls!, It Happened at the World's Fair, Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 3, Fun in Acapulco, Kissin' Cousins, Roustabout, Girl Happy, Elvis for Everyone and Harum Scarum.
On Presley's birthday, a new website called ElvisTheMusic.com has gone live live, featuring a comprehensive online database of all things Elvis. Graceland will also livestream an 80th birthday celebration for the singer starting at 10:15 a.m. EST; Priscilla Presley is scheduled to appear at the event.
Legacy Recordings will team with Spotify to reveal its own official music collection, the "#Elvis80: The Fan Favorites Playlist." The label also promises a new project coming this summer that "features Elvis like he has never been heard before."
More releases will follow throughout 2015. See Music Website ElvisTheMusic.com here.
(News, Source;RollingStone/ElvisInfoNet)

Guralnick Elvis Biographies Now On Kindle: Out Now enhanced e-book reissues of Peter Guralnick's two-part Elvis biography, "Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley" and "Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley."
The e-books, released in time for Elvis' 80th birthday on January 8,  include a wealth of supplemental content, from rarely-heard interviews with Sam Phillips to newly-shot video segments.
Originally released in 1994, "Last Train to Memphis" tracks the first 23 years of Elvis' life, from his childhood in Tupelo through his first Sun recordings, to his mother's death in 1958 not long after he was drafted into the U.S. Army. The book was a national bestseller, hailed as a "triumph of biographical art" by The New York Times.
New content for the e-book includes original interviews with key figures such as Sam Phillips, producer Buddy Killen, girlfriend June Juanico and newly-filmed video segments of Guralnick discussing how he came to write the book and bring Elvis' early years to life.
"Careless Love" was originally published in 1999 and chronicles the last two decades of his life. The book was also a national bestseller, cementing Guralnick's place as one of the greatest biographers of our time. The e-book also features audio from original interviews with sound engineer Bill Porter, '68 Special musical director Billy Goldenberg, bassist Jerry Scheff, as well as new video segments with fascinating anecdotes from Guralnick's research.

A Grammy-winning author, critic and expert on social history, Guralnick has written numerous books on American roots music, soul and R&B. A member of the Blues Hall of Fame, he has also written scripts for documentaries like Martin Scorsese's "The Blues" and the Grammy-winning "Sam Cooke/Legend" and wrote and co-produced "Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock 'n' Roll." Guralnick will be a special guest at Conversations on Elvis on January 8 for Graceland's Elvis Birthday Celebration.

OUT NOW - Less than $9 for each Enhanced E-book!

Elvis 80th Birthday Express, Has Left Sydney!: Sydney Central Railway Station was rockin’ and rollin’ this morning as the Parkes Elvis Festival left the station.
Over 400 Elvis-fans boarded the train heading to the Australian Elvis Birthday capital of the world and who will join the expected 18,000-plus fans already gathering in Parkes. (Pics thanks to Geoff McD)

Wednesday 7th January 2015 - One More Sleep to Elvis' 80th Birthday !!!
Memphis Birthday Celebrations Commenced: The Memphis official Elvis 80th Birthday Celebrations start today with the Graceland Insiders special reception.
A special birthday event includes a private evening tour of Graceland Mansion decorated for the holidays plus a reception across the street in Graceland Plaza. The reception will be a progressive event moving about the plaza area and will include Elvis' airplanes, the Automobile Museum, Sincerely Elvis and the Elvis in Tupelo Exhibit. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cash bars will be available. The special evening tour of Graceland Mansion will include the iPad tour, Elvis Christmas music playing throughout the mansion grounds and a special presentation in our new Graceland Archives Studio. Special guests include Elvis' studio musicians, Norbert Putnam and David Briggs. Insiders may purchase only three additional guest tickets in addition to their own.Go HERE to EPE for full details.
(News, Source EPE)

Elvis 80th Birthday Express, Sydney Australia: Sydney Central Railway Station will be rockin’ and rollin’ tomorrow morning as more than 400 Elvis look-a-likes and fans make their way to the annual Parkes Elvis Festival on the Elvis Express.
The Elvis Express departs for the small Australian country town of Parkes at 9.23am Thursday 8 January and returns on Monday 12 January.
“This year will be our biggest year yet as the ‘Roustabouts’ fan club head to Parkes to celebrate the King’s 80th birthday” NSW TrainLink’s Chief Executive Rob Mason said.  Elvis Express first started nine years ago with 16 fans onboard but this year tickets were sold-out within hours.
Tomorrow will see over 400 Elvis-fans boarding the train heading to the Australian Elvis Birthday capital of the world and who will join the expected 18,000-plus fans already gathering in Parkes. Record crowds are expected for the 23rd anniversary of the Parkes

Elvis Festival, which will take place from Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 January 2015. The theme of the 2015 Festival is ‘Roustabout’.
Every year more Elvis fans gather in this tiny Australian country town to celebrate Elvis' birthday than in Memphis!
It is apparent that Parkes Elvis Festival is something on everyone’s bucket list, and why wouldn’t it be when people of all ages can don a wig and glasses to relive the rock’n’roll heyday that took the world by storm. The Festival features a jam-packed five-day program of events including four days of free Cooke Park Main Stage entertainment, Tribute to Elvis competitions, the main Street Parade, displays of Elvis artefacts at Greg Page’s The Kings Castle Elvis Exhibit, the Elvis Gospel Service, and over 100 other unique Elvis-themed events. Check out the Festival website and program here.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' legacy lives on in National Archives: As Elvis' 80th birthday approaches the US National Archives has noted a few Elvis items among its holdings.
There’s the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in Washington, D.C. There’s the national collection of World War II draft cards in St. Louis, Mo. Immigration records are scattered across the network of regional offices depending on where a person entered the United States.
And then there are the Elvis files. They include record albums, sheet music, court case depositions, a famous photo of The King shaking hands with President Nixon and a mythic pair of women’s panties where a vendor was sued for using Elvis’ likeness on clothing without permission.
"We find unexpected things all the time,” said Joel Walker, National Archives at Atlanta, “When you’re dealing with all of the federal government’s records from the 1700s to the near present, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to find some unexpected nuggets.”
Elvis Aron Presley, who enthralled women and angered their parents with his gyrating hips in the 1950s, would have turned 80 Thursday. While many fans of the singer may long to visit Memphis to see his home, Graceland, and to see items related to the crooner, it’s not the only place to see items related to the king of rock ‘n roll.
Georgia Elvis fans can simply visit the National Archives at Atlanta’s main facility to see a little slice of Elvis’ place in the history of the federal courts - where the co-composer of an Elvis #1 gave up their rights for $50 !!
The archives hold the file for a case in which Jean Norris Beasley sued Bernard Weinman and Lee Rosenberg, Southern Belle Music Inc., Elvis Presley Music Inc.,the RCA and Babb Music Publishers after Beasley saw Elvis perform the song, “Too Much,” on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956.
A court transcript reveals details of how Beasley found out Elvis had recorded the song while watching the show. During her testimony, she recounted a telephone conversation she claimed to have had with Weinman while the show was still airing.
“Well, when I first talked to him, I asked him what television show he was watching and he said ‘Steve Allen’ and I told him that Presley had just done ‘Too Much’ on the Ed Sullivan Show,” Beasley said in the transcript. “I said, ‘When and where did he get the tune? How did you get it to him?’ and he said, ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’”
Beasley asserted that she had co-written the song with Weinman and that she was not aware that Elvis was given permission to sing it. Sheet music released after Elvis’ version was recorded listed Weinman and Rosenberg as the song’s co-authors.
Beasley was fighting for royalties, but appears to have lost her case as court records show she ended up selling her rights to the song, and a few other songs, to Weinman and Rosenberg for $50.
Walker said the file is an example of pop culture items that can be found at the National Archives at Atlanta.
(News, Source;APO/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 6th January 2015

(Book Review): Elvis Presley: A Southern Life (Joel Williamson): By the deliberate construct and emotionally powerful force of its narrative, Joel Williamson's latest book, Elvis Presley: A Southern Life, is one determined to stimulate analytical thought by serious students of the Elvis story and ignite ire among those readers expecting a straightforward and non-controversial (read: rose colored glasses) biography.

Williamson compellingly intertwines the agents of change in the 1950s: rising affluence, upward mobility, sexual awakening and a singer whose voice and hips spoke to millions of young girls blossoming into womanhood and determined to break free from the shackles of the conservative society of their parents.

But at the same there are elements in the presentation of his argument that are concerning.

Read Nigel Patterson's controversial 3,000 word review

Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley comment on the planes saga:

Lisa Marie Presley comments on upcoming auction of Elvis' planes: Lisa Marie has issued this short statement about the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II jets:

We have not owned the planes for years. We have leased it, It is the owners who are doing all of this to try and get more money.  (News, Source: Presley Pride (Facebook)/ @LisaPresley)

Priscilla's strongly-worded Response to the Auction of Elvis' Planes: EIN realises that EPE no doubt want to own the planes so as to "cut-out the middle man" and increase their base profits. We guess that EPE thought they would be the only definite buyers and would offer less than seller K.G. Coker wanted. So it makes business sense for him to put them up for sale (two months ago) or now to auction, if only to scare EPE to a higher price.
After both the August Graceland auction and the high prices being demanded by EPE for the new Hotel, EIN can see K.G. Coker's logic in pushing for a better price.
After all, if new EPE owners ABG want the big spenders as part of their Elvis "clients", then EPE/ABG suppliers will be thinking they should spend big in return!
Priscilla posted a strongly-worded response at the weekend,
.." It's very disheartening and unsettling that you point your fingers at my daughter, Jack Soden, EPE as a whole, our partners and myself as the blame for the sale of the planes. Do you honestly think we want them sold? Have you never thought that the owners are the culprits? That perhaps THEY are greedy, unwilling to be fair, or are being TOTALLY unreasonable? Shame on you for using threats of not going to Graceland or that we're going to lose loyal fans. Or asking what's next? Putting your two cents on an issue you know nothing of the DETAILS is quite disturbing. This is a business matter that needs good common sense and good business sense that anyone in our position needs to apply.
A quote Elvis stated many times:
"Don't criticize what you don't understand, son... you never walked in that man’s shoes."
I state my case." - Priscilla Presley

(News, Source;PP/ElvisInfoNet)
Read more at EIN's comprehensive Sale of EPE page

'Elvis Presley, Rock Around The Bloch!' new FTD book: A new FTD book 'Elvis Presley, Rock Around The Bloch!' by David English and Pal Granlund published by FTD books, RCA, Flaming Star will be coming soon, early in the year.
A hardback book containing 288 pages which tells the story of the USS Arizona benefit concert that Elvis performed at the Bloch Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii on March 25, 1961. It includes first-hand accounts from people who were there, newspaper articles from the time and numerous photographs (over 130 of which have never been published before).

Supporting audio will accompany the book.

FTD were working on a Bloch Arena release as far back as 2007 so it is great to see the concert finally being released officially with a full-size book.
Author David English promises more promo information soon with the full cover art soon after that.

(News, Source;DE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis article in new issue of German mag, Dynamite: The new edition of German language magazine "Dynamite!" will be released on 21/01/2015.

It  features an article on Elvis.............

"Kochen wie der King: Elvis' X-mas - Dinner"

which translates to:

"Cook like the King: Elvis' X-mas - Dinner".

(News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin)

Monday 5th January 2015 - Joe Guercio has passed away!
Joe Guercio Has Died: Very sadly after a false rumour in recent days, Joe Guercio, Elvis' long-time conductor and musical director, has died. The news has been confirmed by James Burton and Donna Tutt. Joe was hospitalised recently after a fall and apparently died due to complications.
Joe enjoyed a prolific career, but is best known and admired for his work with Elvis. He was musical director and conductor for Elvis' concert shows from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1977 and Elvis' final performance.
When EIN talked with Joe Guercio in Honolulu at the 40th Anniversary celebration of 'Aloha'  he was surprisingly cool about the whole event.
Guercio told me that while the original "Aloha" was an astounding telecast it was other concerts that he remembered as being more emotional. He talked about the excitement of Madison Square Garden, the hysteria and explosion of the flashbulbs "It seemed like the whole of New York was there, it was important to Elvis" - but was disappointed that more
video footage hasn't been found. His favourite memory he said was of the first time they played 'An American Trilogy' in Atlanta, Georgia in June '73  and the whole place going wild. The standing ovation and screams from the crowd as Elvis first sang "I Wish I was in Dixie" were unbelievable - Guercio said that his hair stood on end and they had to pause the song just to let the emotion of the crowd subside. He was far more excited about the large touring shows that the staid Las Vegas concerts.
Guercio said of Elvis, "Elvis was the original. He was what it was and he was totally real. He took us to a new place, Elvis started a whole other thing. Everybody copied Elvis but Elvis is Elvis. He changed everything and took it to the world."
Of the 'Aloha' 40th celebration Guercio noted that the whole TCB Band had only played the show at the H.I.C. Arena fairly recently which was far more important - and noted that the 'Elvis Presley In Concert' show was still rolling on.

Sadly there have been a few changes since then. The TCB Band are no longer involved in the EPE 'Elvis Presley In Concert' event - and now Joe Guercio will no longer been conducting the band. RIP Joe Guercio.
(News, Source;RTuttFB/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis 80th Birthday Celebration on FOXTEL:  Australian cable TV is celebrating Elvis' 80th Birthday all this week. The main feature is the four hour 'Elvis: Complete, King of Rock N Roll' which shows Friday evening on the BIOGRAPHY channel & with later repeats.
The fun all started yesterday with three Elvis movies back-to-back, 'Kid Galahad', 'Fun in Acapulco' and 'Paradise, Hawaiian Style'.
Upcoming programmes this week...
'Elvis: Summer of '56', Elvis and June Juanico. Witness the earliest home movie footage of Elvis, which captures a rare "day in the life" glimpse of the icon as a 21-year-old.
Years before he meets Priscilla, 21-year-old Elvis Presley is in love with a small-town girl, June Juanico, from Biloxi, Mississippi. Elvis had picked June out of the crowd at one of his concerts. After a chance meeting a year later, they started dating in May 1956. Contains some of the earliest home movie footage of
Elvis, which captures a rare "day in the life" glimpse of the 21-year-old Elvis. A 2010 program.
On the Biography channel - Tuesday, 06 Jan 21:30 - plus repeats
'Elvis: Complete King of Rock 'n' Roll - Episodes 1-4'
To celebrate Elvis' birthday, four hours of the best footage and performances have been compiled with rare and exclusive interviews from his early days, to his rise to fame, to his final 24 hours. Elvis complete chronicles the King's birth in 1935, through his breakout years, first hit songs, tour of duty, and falling in love with Priscilla, to becoming one of the greatest entertainers of all time.
Biography - Friday, 09 Jan 2015 19:30  for 4 hours - plus later repeats
The TCM movie channel is also running back-to-back Elvis movies starting with 'Viva Las Vegas' on Thursday 8 Jan, 8:30 pm.
'Viva Las Vegas' is followed by 'It Happened at the World's Fair', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Elvis On Tour'. The films all repeat the following day.
Check your Foxtel or Optus TV guide for more info
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 3rd January 2015

Donna Douglas has died: Elvis' co-star in Frankie & Johnny, Donna Douglas (born Doris Smith and best known for role as Elly Mae Clampett in the hugely popular TV show, The Beverly Hillibillies passed away on New Year's Day after a battle with pancreatic cancer, aged 82.

Donna's other small screen credits included guest appearances on The Twilight Zone, Route 66, Mr. Ed, Dr. Kildare, Adam 12 and McMillan & Wife. Donna remained close friends with her on-screen father in The Beverly Hillbillies, Buddy Ebsen, until his death in 2003.

With Irene Ryan (Granny) also having passed away, the only remaining member of the Clampett clan still alive is Max Baer Jr. (Jethro) who is aged 77.

On the big screen Donna's credits included Bells Are Ringing (1960) and Lover Come Back (1961). In Frankie & Johnny (released 1966), Donna played Frankie to Elvis' Johnny. A full costume, period musical set on the Mississippi River, Frankie & Johnny also starred Harry Morgan (Dragnet; MASH) and Nancy Kovack (as Nelly Blye). In the film Donna and Elvis shared a duet on the fun track, Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter (with Donna's vocal actually the voice of singer Eileen Wilson).

However, Donna's actual voice (as well as that of co-star Sue Ann Langdon) can be heard in the film on the big production number of the title track, Frankie & Johnny.

Donna and Elvis got on well due to their similar interest in spiritual matters. Donna later became a gospel singer and authored children's Christian books.

Donna was well known for her happy personality and was a big hit with fans at comic and film conventions.

Donna was married twice and had one son. At one time the Hollywood magazines ran stories of Donna and Clint Walker (Cheyenne) being a couple. (News, Source: AP/USA Today/EIN)

Looking for a good book on Elvis?: Alanna Nash is one of the most celebrated authors in the Elvis world. Her numerous books and magazine articles have always been rigorously researched, thoughtful and highly entertaining. Alanna's most recent Elvis book is Baby, Let's Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him, and is the 'female' counterpart to her 'macho based' Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations of the Memphis Mafia All The King's Men (reissued as Elvis and the Memphis Mafia):
This is an excerpt from Baby, Let's Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him:

“At an unconscious level, we are always seeking resolutions to childhood dilemmas,” writes psychologist Charlotte Davis Kasl in her groundbreaking book, Women, Sex, and Addiction: A Search for Love and Power. “On some level, we’re looking for a second chance, to get what we missed the first time around. By attracting people similar to those in our families, we are given a chance to heal ourselves, to learn the lesson inherent to our childhood situations.”

In courting Billie, Elvis was attempting to separate himself from his mother and the pain of having lost his twin, even as Billie represented both. A happy relationship with her would have allowed him the chance to obliterate the guilt of surviving when Jessie did not, as well as quell the eternal loneliness of losing his twin, and the pain Jessie’s death had caused their mother. It also would have blunted the sexual shame of covert incest. The fact that Billie spurned him only added to his core belief that he wasn’t lovable. He would have felt terribly empty and rejected, not just as a boyfriend, but also as a person.

Finally, his violent outbursts at finding another boy’s picture in Billie’s purse and his tears at learning she was dating a sailor were predictable escapes. As an adult, still dealing with the seeds of destruction planted in childhood, Elvis would turn that violence inward, deflecting his loneliness and fear with prescription drugs and overeating.


Elvis has left the school: It was near the end of last school year when the note on the corner of the principal's desk caught my eye. I was at Elberta Elementary school in Baldwin County. The writer said that he had enjoyed school that year and he had learned a lot about Elvis.

Whoa. Since when did Elvis become part of the third-grade curriculum?

I immediately asked principal Hope Zeanah to tell me more. This brought a big laugh and a story. Turns out that she is a longtime Elvis fan and for years folks have given her all sorts of memorabilia--like sets of mugs, scarves, photos, etc. and even one large bust of “the King.”

Most of it was in her private bathroom at school which she called “the Elvis museum.” So twice a year, on the anniversary of his birth and death she made an announcement that the museum was open for field trips. Teachers would bring their class to the “museum” to learn about Elvis.

I visit lots of schools across the state. Each has its own culture and own “vibes” so to speak. What I always feel when I visit Elberta is joy. This is a happy place. Students are glad to be there. They feel safe and loved. (And as we know too well, not all children feel this at home these days.)

This culture is established first thing each morning when students gather in the gym for the WEES morning show. There are songs (Take Me Out to the Ballgame is a standard), pledge to the flag, a moment of silence, the school motto, even a weather report and sports report.

Students (Elberta is a K-3 school) handle the entire production. All involved have to interview for the job they want. It is all part of the Leader in Me program adopted by Eleberta Elementary, and several other Baldwin County schools, several years ago. Based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the program is about engaging students and having them understand that they are responsible for their own actions.

All students have a job. It may be delivering the morning mail from the school post office (which is how the Elvis note got to Zeanah's desk), to cleaning tables in the lunchroom, to being a singer on the morning show. There are even “shoe sheriffs” who are designated to tie unlaced shoes of fellow students.

“Our kids have thrived as we implemented this,” says Zeanah. Records show that discipline problems dropped nearly 60 percent in the last two years.

Other notes from students (all delivered through the school post office) back up Zeanah's comment:

Dear Mz Zena, I love you. I like the shoes you ware.

Dear Ms. Zeanah, Would you please tell my teacher to let us go to the zoo on a field trip. My brother's teacher took his class. I am sick of hearing him talk about it. Write me back soon.

Deer Mz Zima, You are the best prinicble I have ever had. Will you please by my princible next year when I am in the 1st grade?

Zeanah was at Elberta Elementary as principal for 16 years. In 2013 she was Alabama Elementary Principal of the Year. She recently joined the Baldwin County central office staff to work with principals throughout the county.

There were lots and lots of tears when she switched jobs. And while Elvis has now left the building at Elberta Elementary, his museum has been re-located to another building. (News, Source: Larry Lee, wsfa.com)

Important EIN Note: Larry Lee asks near the start of his article, "Since when did Elvis become part of the third-grade curriculum?". EIN just wants to say, when we get to third-grade next year you can be sure we'll do a full investigation (there may be a short delay if our crayons don't arrive on time)! But while you're waiting, here is our latest hard-hitting, non-feline contaminated investigative report (where no Elvis related jumpsuits were injured or shrunk during the making of this video):

You ain't nuthin' but a hound dog......Pomeranian dog imitates Elvis: Another day, another Web animal sensation. Jiff, a pomeranian, known widely on the Internet for being able to do a doggie handstand, dressed as Elvis Presley last month.

The impression of the King posted to YouTube is adorably hilarious. It doesn't surprise us that the talented acrobat has over 1.3 million Facebook likes on the public page. (Odd Spot, Source: USAToday.com)

Tinseltown Talks: Co-stars remember Elvis the actor.......including that comedy kiss!: For many, the title "King of Rock and Roll" is reserved for one man.........Elvis Presley.

Had he lived, Elvis would have celebrated his 80th birthday on Jan. 8.


Donna Butterworth with Elvis in Paradise, Hawaiian Style

In addition to his music, Elvis lives on through a phenomenal number of appearances in scripted motion pictures — 31 in all — beginning with "Love Me Tender" in 1956 and ending 13 years later with "Change of Habit."

Although his films were often dismissed due to weak and predictable scripts, critics generally regarded Elvis as a surprisingly good actor. But what did his costars think?

In 1966, 10-year-old Donna Butterworth appeared in "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," the second Elvis film set in Hawaii.

"My mom and dad took me to see ‘Blue Hawaii’ when I was just a little girl and I fell in love with him right then and there," said Donna. "I couldn’t get enough Elvis."

Donna recalls filming her first scene on the cliffs of Makapuu, on Oahu, running into Elvis’s arms.

"I had only met him a few minutes before that," she recalled. "So when the director called ‘action,’ I ran up and got in his arms, and his face was about 4 inches from my face. After all the anticipation of meeting Elvis Presley and working with him, I just froze. I couldn’t believe I was so close to this beautiful man! All the crew cracked up because they knew I was so enamored. In fact, Elvis laughed the hardest — he just loved to laugh."

Unlike Donna, 7-year-old Susan Olsen wasn’t an Elvis fan when she briefly appeared in the talent contest audition scene in Elvis’s second last film, "The Trouble with Girls" (1969).

"I couldn’t understand all the hype over him and I didn’t even think he was good-looking!" said Susan, who went on to play youngest daughter Cindy on the popular ’60s TV show, "The Brady Bunch."

That changed after their first brief encounter.

"I remember that a bunch of the kids’ mothers suddenly started screaming," said Susan. "Elvis had come out of his dressing room and they crowded around him for autographs. So I thought ‘What the heck! I’ll get one too.’ So I went up to him — and I’m not making this up — when he looked at me I thought, ‘Oh, I get it! I see why they like him so much.’ He had this special aura about him. I was just dumbstruck, I couldn’t say anything. He signed the photo, handed it to me, and said, ‘Here ya go darling.’"

Elvis’s leading lady in "The Trouble with Girls" came away with more than just an autograph. Marlyn Mason snagged an on-screen kiss.

"It was a comedy kiss," said Marlyn, indicating that the only fireworks were the real ones in the movie scene.

She took an unusual approach to get the required reaction from Elvis. Just after the fireworks scene, Elvis comes up behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders.

The shocking story behind the kiss:

"I just turned around, off camera, and started undoing Elvis’s belt and trousers!" Marlyn recalled. "Well, I didn’t get very far because it wasn’t a long scene. Elvis got this funny look on his face which you can see in the film. He was great fun to work with, because I could throw anything at him and he’d just throw it right back."

She also recalls a private moment when Elvis shared thoughts about his acting.

"The saddest thing Elvis said to me was ‘I’d like to make one good film because I know people in this town laugh at me.’ I’ll never forget that," she said. "But he was always down to earth and comfortable with himself. Some of that dialogue was so corny, but he managed to bring a realness to it. And I think that’s just how he was in real life. He was a natural comedian, and his timing was just impeccable. I just found him to be a very genuine person."

Despite his fame, Will Hutchins says Elvis didn’t play the celebrity although he was usually accompanied on most of his films by pals — the so-called Memphis Mafia.

"On the set, Elvis was like a host — a Southern gentleman — making sure everyone was having a good time," said Will, who first worked in "Spinout" (1966).

The following year he co-starred with Elvis in "Clambake" which featured a lot of ad-libbing and fooling around on the set.

"It was more-or-less a defacto stag party because Elvis was getting married soon after the filming was finished," recalled Will. "Elvis and his buddies would set off firecrackers. It was pretty wild, but a lot of fun. For the director’s birthday, they had a cake and pushed it right in his face!"

Wilda Taylor appeared in three Elvis Presley films, but strutted into Elvis movie history as exotic dancer Little Egypt in "Roustabout" (1964).

"We rehearsed for about two weeks," said Wilda. "Elvis was in and out of rehearsal hall every so often between his other busy filming days for the other scenes. He knew his material and music well, and I grew to admire him a great deal.

It’s amazing, through the years, how many people know about me and Little Egypt from that film. Oddly enough, I really didn’t know much about Elvis before we worked together, but I found him to be a lovely, darling person, and I was just pleased to be a small part of his life."

With each passing decade since his death in 1977 at age 42, the Elvis legend and legacy continue to grow. When viewed in the context of the often zany ’60s TV and film period, it is gratifying that there exists such an extensive film library of the most celebrated entertainer in history. (News, Source: Nick Thomas, The Daily Item)

Once in a lifetime Elvis opportunity on ebay now!!: Many of you will have received money as Christmas presents. Well hopefully you haven't already spent it because currently on eBay is the Elvis buy of a lifetime - a one of a kind item!

Our lips are sealed as to what it is but bidding is sure to be salty and at crunch time one lucky bidder will be left with the taste of winning.

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Friday 2nd January 2015
Elvis' luxury jets Go To Auction!: Elvis Presley's pair of personal jets, one complete with gilded wash basin and plush sleeping quarters, will go under the hammer in a sealed-bid auction for a piece of mile-high rock and roll memorabilia, Julien's Auctions said on Friday. Jets "Lisa Marie" and "Hound Dog II" that the late King of Rock and Roll helped design himself will be offered together to bidders and are expected to fetch between $10 million and $15 million, the Beverly Hills, California, auction house said.
They are no longer airworthy, but have been on view for visitors at Graceland for the past three decades.
Presley bought the Convair 880 jet from Delta Air

Lines in 1975 for $250,000. He named it "Lisa Marie" after his daughter and spent more than $300,000 refurbishing the jet with a penthouse bedroom, executive conference room, bar and videotape system linked to four TVs. He had the plane painted with his motto "TCB" - "Takin' Care of Business" - on the tail.
He purchased the eight-to-10 passenger "Hound Dog II," a Lockheed Jetstar, also in 1975 for about $900,000 while waiting on the refurbishment of the "Lisa Marie."
Only 65 Convair 880 model jets were produced from 1959 to 1962.
The buyer also has the option to purchase several acres adjacent to Graceland to display the jets, independent of the Presley museum. An agreement between Graceland and the jets' current owners is set to expire at the end of April.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet) View more photos

Elvis Presley What Would Have Been?: A cute article posted by the Las Vegas Magazine about Elvis turning 80 years old next week..
.... The old man wanders through the halls of Graceland. Up on the walls, gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums framed and hanging, serving as a chronological history of success. More than 600 albums sold, 91 gold records, more than any other artist. The day is Jan. 8, and the old man takes a deep breath—today he turns 80. He casts a last glance towards his records, continues down the hall and into his bedroom to go to sleep. He’s lived a long life. The pelvis that belonged to Elvis is only a fond memory. He’s tired.
Is that how it would be if Elvis Presley were still alive today—turning 80 this year, and living peacefully at Graceland? Would the King of Rock ’n’ Roll be shuffling in his slippers through his vast castle of luxury?
Or would Elvis at 80 be in good enough physical shape to able to stage late-in-life Vegas performances a la Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett?

After all, country singer Willie Nelson packs his concerts with fans (he plays Vegas this week), and he turned 81 last year.
As the Justin Timberlakes and Justin Biebers of today fill the MGM Grand Garden Arena, is Elvis still relevant? Do the 21 year olds that fly into town for the DJs and pool parties even know who Elvis the Pelvis was? Despite the ever-changing Las Vegas culture, the facts still remain.
Today, Elvis is still the biggest-selling solo artist of all time. The crown of rock ’n’ roll still belongs to Elvis; he has yet to be usurped. Besides Graceland, no other place in the world is synonymous with Elvis Presley except for Las Vegas. It started with the 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas, and his marriage in 1967 to Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, but it was really his ground-breaking 1969 concert series, that helped open The International Hotel, which established Elvis’ reign over the city. With 837 consecutive sold-out shows over a span of seven years, Las Vegas fell in love with Elvis, and has since kept his memory alive.

Although 1976 was the last year Elvis appeared onstage in Las Vegas— and he passed away less than a year later— his legacy flourished in the city. He received a star on Las Vegas’ Walk of Stars, at Hard Rock Café and Hard Rock Hotel, cases of memorabilia are dedicated to The King, and, at one time, a museum was established in

his honor, Elvis-A-Rama, which housed million of dollars worth of memorabilia. And, although the flood of Elvis impersonators and sole exhibits of Elvis memorabilia have waned, you can still find vestiges of the King being celebrated in the city.
It’s not only at wedding chapels that the Elvis impersonator walks again—shows like Legends in Concert at Flamingo, The Million Dollar Quartet and Pete Vallee as Big Elvis at Harrah’s and All Shook Up at V Theater, allow fans to still revel in the performance magic of the man.
So, the big question, will Las Vegas’ love affair with Elvis Presley simply fizzle out? The shortest answer: No. Yes, love can be fickle, and people’s tastes change. But, try and think of a city that loves the man more, and it simply can’t be done.

(News, Source;LVM/ElvisInfoNet)

Joe Guercio in Hospital: Not so good news to begin the new year with from Elvis Matters as they report that Joe Guercio is currently in the hospital.
Joe Guercio has enjoyed a prolific career, but is best known and admired for his work with Elvis. He was musical director and conductor for Elvis' concert shows from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1977 when Elvis made his last concert appearance. In describing that experience, Guercio once commented good-naturedly that conducting for Elvis was "like following a marble down concrete steps." This led to his being a target for a particular practical joker. Guercio later found his stage tux stuffed with marbles and a few hundred more rolling around in his dressing room. Along with the marbles was a note: "Follow the marble - E.P."
Guercio was musical director for the International Hotel in Las Vegas when the work with Elvis began. Along with the obvious contributions he made to Elvis' shows, including many of the
triumphs of Elvis' "concert era", it was Joe Guercio who created the now almost iconic six-note theme for Elvis' stage entrances and bows. It was also Guercio who suggested that Elvis' shows open with 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'.
Guercio said of Elvis, "Elvis was the original. He was what it was and he was totally real. He took us to a new place, Elvis started a whole other thing. Everybody copied Elvis but Elvis is Elvis. He changed everything and took it to the world."
Elvis Matters add, "Please say a prayer for our friend Joe Guercio, who is currently in the hospital."
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: 'It's Christmas Time' drops from 64 to 138 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 10th January, 2015; drops from 6 to 26 on the Catalog Album Chart and drops from 11 to 12 on the Holiday Album Chart.
- 'Merry Christmas, Love Elvis' drops from 24 to 27 on the Holiday Album Chart and drops from 6 to 13 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'The Classic Christmas Album' drops from 5 to 12 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'Heart And Soul' drops from 14 to 15 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'Blue Christmas' rises from 22 to 18 on the Holiday 100 Chart; rises from 22 to 18 on the Holiday Airplay Chart and rises from 25 to 24 on the Holiday Digital Songs Chart.
- 'Here Comes Santa Claus' rises 83 to 79 on the Holiday 100 Chart.
- 'He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley' (Vols.1 and 2) rises from 11 to 8 on the Music Video Sales Chart.
- Elvis drops from 64 to 88 on the Artist 100 Chart.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 1st January 2015 - - - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers

'Elvis Presley, Rock Around The Bloch!' new FTD book: A new FTD book 'Elvis Presley, Rock Around The Bloch!' by David English and Pal Granlund published by FTD books, RCA, Flaming Star will be released early in the year.
Focussing on Elvis' stunning March 25th 1961 benefit performance at the Bloch Arena in Hawaii, the book will (no doubt) feature stunning photos, text and vintage articles.
FTD were working on a Bloch Arena release as far back as 2007 so it is great to see the concert finally being released officially with a full-size book.
It was one of Elvis' all-time greatest performances.
The concert was quite recently released by the MRS label along with a mini-size 100-page book 'Such A Night in Pearl Harbor' back in 2012.
It will be interesting to see how much FTD can improve the audio quality.
Author David English promises more promo information soon  with the full cover art soon after that.

(News, Source;DE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Black Jacket and Karate Pin on EBay: Up for sale on EBay for US$30,000 is one of Elvis most favorite jackets that he wore on many occasions.
The jacket comes with IKKA karate patch and a Kenpo association stick pin.
It also comes with a letter of authenticity from Charlie Hodge.
It is being sold by the reputable Dina Collection.
With only a few hours to go there are no bids but plenty watching.

Click HERE to Ebay to check out all the images and to bid


(News, Source;Ebay/ElvisInfoNet)

Circle G UK Elvis Birthday Party: The Circle G Foundation which is saving Elvis' Circle G ranch for his is having an Elvis Birthday celebration in Liverpool, UK.
Of course we all know that Elvis would have been 80 years old on January 8th 2015. And we believe that it's the perfect time to celebrate his life and legacy
The Circle G Foundation Invites You To Join Us
Friday 9th January And Saturday 10th January 2015
The Jurys Inn, Liverpool, UK

An exclusive video interview with super-fan Cricket Coulter-Harris will be screened at our party on Jan 10th
Cricket will share some of her unique experiences and memories of times she spent around Elvis.
We've got some amazing auction items and we'll also have some genuine and rare Elvis artefacts on display including a gun holster, stage worn item, a book that all belonged to Elvis and more.......
So come on buy your tickets- Click HERE for details and tickets
(News, Source;GC/ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review) The world knows Elvis Presley....but they don't know me: The name Bruno Tillander will be familiar to many European fans and some in the UK and USA.

He has been involved in the Elvis world for many decades and established the Swedish Elvis fan club magazine Tidskriften Elvis.

To find out what lies behind the intriguing title of Tillander's new book, how it differentiates itself from many other books about Elvis and why it was unfairly criticised for its pre-publication promotion, click here to read Nigel Patterson's comprehensive review

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

Elvis Birthday Celebration EPE Schedule Of Events: EPE has published their list of events planned in Memphis for Elvis' Birthday celebrations.
Priscilla is also quoted by Cover Media Group stating that both she and Lisa Marie will be in Memphis for the celebrations. "I will celebrate it with my daughter in Graceland. I sent Lisa Marie a message yesterday to say, 'Do you realise it would have been your father's 80th birthday in January?' My God where did the time go? It just doesn't seem that long ago."
These are the highlights.
Wednesday, January 7
Official Graceland Insiders Reception and Graceland Tour 6pm - 9pm. For Graceland Insiders, includes a private evening tour of Graceland Mansion decorated for the holidays plus reception. Special guests to be announced.
Thursday, January 8
- Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony 9:30am Graceland's North Lawn. Free admission. Birthday cake cutting and a proclamation of Elvis Presley Day by Memphis and Shelby County officials. Fans who are unable to attend can watch the ceremony live via Elvis Presley's Graceland LiveStream.
- Conversations on Elvis 1pm at Holiday Inn Memphis Airport Hotel and Conference Center. Karate champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace friend of Elvis' and author Peter Guralnick plus other special guests.
- The Auction at Graceland 7pm. Graceland Archive Studio. All 68 of the genuine Elvis artifacts from third-party collectors on offer.
- Elvis Birthday Dance Party 8pm- 12am, Holiday Inn Memphis Airport Hotel.
Friday, January 9
- Fan Club Presidents’ Event 10am – 12pm. Special guest to be announced
- Double Feature Screening of Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas 7pm Orpheum Theatre, downtown Memphis. Celebrate Elvis’ birthday with a special double feature at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Memphis.
Saturday, January 10
- Hound Dog Tour: A Musical City Tour Celebrating Elvis by Backbeat Tours 1pm.
- Tribute to Elvis: Birthday Celebration 7:30pm Cannon Center downtown Memphis. Evening of music celebrating Elvis' birthday.
Go HERE to EPE for full details
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Birthday Celebrations Guests Confirmed: Elvis' 80th birthday will be celebrated at Graceland with a host of Elvis fans and special guests, including Priscilla Presley (as EIN already noted above).
- Two of Elvis' studio musicians, David Briggs and Norbert Putnam, will help kick off the birthday celebration with the Official Graceland Insiders Reception on Wednesday, January 7.
Priscilla Presley will join fans on the north lawn of Graceland on January 8 with the Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony. Putnam and Briggs will speak at Conversations on Elvis, along with karate champ and Elvis' friend Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (photo right) and Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick.
Dixie Locke Emmons, who dated Elvis as his career was taking off, will speak at the Fan Club Presidents' Event on Friday, January 9, along with two of Elvis' childhood friends from Tupelo, Sam Bell and Guy Harris.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Priscilla Talks Elvis: Priscilla Presley in in England staring in the pantomime 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. She recently talked about Elvis and her life.
... "Elvis was a lovely, sensitive, authentic man. People think they know Elvis, but my regret is that over the years his memory has sometimes been reduced to a caricature. The real Elvis was a man of great depth, who really thought about things. He was very spiritual and he loved his family. He was the lavish showman too... but when he was at home he liked simple things like reading and listening to gospel music.
Nothing compares to falling in love with someone like Elvis, but life at Graceland wasn’t quite as glamorous as people think. Elvis lived by night and wanted me with him all the time. Some people might have been happy to live that kind of life, but I was young. I wanted to get a job – I wanted to act. That wasn’t allowed.
Elvis had the same attitude that a lot of men had back then – a woman’s place was in the home. After we divorced, I was in a daze.
My first concern was to make sure our daughter Lisa Marie was OK. But as time went on, I wondered what I was going to do with my life.
I’d been on set for some of Elvis’ movies and acting had always appealed to me, but the thought of standing up in front of a room full of people scared the hell out of me.
In the late 70s I started acting classes, but I couldn’t get on stage because I was terrified of making a fool of myself. After six months, the instructor made me stand up in front of the class and said, ‘I want you to sing and dance and whistle. I want you to be a tree and a rock’.  And it wasn’t so bad. I knew I was never going to be a great actress, but I’d finally beaten that fear. I got a few jobs and in the early 80s, I was asked to join the cast of Dallas as Jenna Wade. Suddenly I was a real actor.
I stayed with the show for five years and was wondering where life was going to take me I was offered a part in a film called The Naked Gun.
The first time I met Leslie Nielsen, I walked into a room full of actors, writers and film crew.  Leslie could tell I was nervous but he smiled and said, ‘Priscilla, come and sit next to me.’ I thought, ‘What a gentleman.’ Little did I know what was coming next – he’d put a whoopee cushion under my chair!
There was this huge ripping sound and I cracked up laughing, Leslie had tears streaming down his face and the whole room dissolved into hysterics.
So maybe the craziness of living with Elvis had prepared me for the craziness of a movie like The Naked Gun.
Priscilla appears as The Wicked Witch in 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' at the Opera House in Manchester.
(News, Source/DailyMail/ElvisInfoNet)

Two New JAT Books in 2015: JAT have announced two new books for March 2015.
'The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977' will be an Elvis keepsake forever. This will be the perfect companion piece to the elaborate "Elvis Sessions IV The Recorded Music of Elvis Aron Presley 1954-1977."
The "Vinyl Artwork" book will contain most of the original photography for the albums, singles and extended plays released in Elvis Presley's lifetime. Many of the photos will be the full gorgeous images as they were originally photographed with many never before seen in their entirety. Many of these photos are considered to be some of the greatest photography on Elvis Presley.
Pictured with each image will be the original release it was used for. However, the book goes far beyond that, as it also covers the alternate artwork, letters and documents, some of the original artboards and layouts that were worked on, and details examining the photographer, date, and place where they were photographed. Lastly, it will also investigate the changes and corrections such as the use of reversed photographs and the use of photos that were altered on the original art.
In essence, "The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977" will not just be a photo journal, but rather a historical record on how this artwork

was created. The book surely will be a work of art featuring the greatest artist of all time.
You can pre-order for US$195
EIN notes that surely this same material has been recently published in the 'Ultimate Elvis' sessions book.

'From St. Paul To Fort Wayne' will be a photo journal covering Elvis' appearances in St. Paul, Minnesota in October, 1974 and his appearance in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 25, 1976. There will be roughly 120 unpublished photos in this title.
Retail $79.95 Plus $35 postage

Go HERE to the JAT site to Pre-Order

(News, Source;JAT/ElvisInfoNet)

Volo museum Unveils Rare Elvis Cadillac DeVille: It's no secret that Elvis Presley had a thing for big, beautiful Cadillacs. While many have been traced, one example managed to stay off the grid after Presley's ownership.
This 1974 Cadillac DeVille only surfaced recently and was unveiled at the Volo Auto Museum, Volo, Illinois. It was purchased by the museum from a seller in Ohio.
Presley purchased the car new on Sept. 26, 1974, at Madison Cadillac in his hometown of Memphis. The sedan had been converted into a station wagon here in Chicago by Moloney Coachbuilders.
The GM battleship-sized behemoth cost almost $16,500. Underhood is a 472-cubic-inch V-8 engine with enough gusto to move the 5,000-plus pound cruiser.
It wasn't the only vehicle Presley purchased that September day; he bought four other cars and gave them

away. The lucky recipients included his uncle Vester Presley and musician Sonny West. Presley never bought cars for the long haul and this white and pink DeVille was later sold in July 1975 to a dealer in Birmingham, Alabama.
Presley's Cadillac had accumulated just over 5,000 miles on the odometer. It bounced was eventually sold in November 1977 just three months after the King's death. The new buyer paid $50,000 for it. From there, it stayed out of the limelight and seldom driven.
Records indicate that during the 1990s some light rust was addressed and the car was repainted, but otherwise it remains in original condition. The car's odometer shows it's been driven a mere 8,000 miles. "Most of Elvis' cars have been out there, on tour, this one has been basically unseen, unknown for nearly 40 years."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: 'It's Christmas Time' drops from 53 to 64 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 3rd January, 2015; remains at 6 on the Catalog Album Chart; rises from 12 to 11 on the Holiday Album Chart and drops from 49 to 58 on the Top Album Sales Chart.
- 'Merry Christmas, Love Elvis' drops from 132 to 154 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart; drops from 21 to 22 on the Catalog Album Chart; rises from 27 to 24 on the Holiday Album Chart and drops from 5 to 6 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'The Classic Christmas Album' drops from 105 to 126 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart; drops from 12 to 19 on the Catalog Album Chart and drops from 3 to 5 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'Heart And Soul' up from 17 to 14 on the Country Catalog Album Chart.
- 'Blue Christmas' remains at 22 both on the Holiday 100 Chart and the Holiday Airplay Chart but drops 24 to 25 on the Holiday Digital Songs.
- 'Here Comes Santa Claus' remains at 83 on the Holiday 100 Chart.
- 'He Touched Me' - The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Vols. 1 and 2) drops from 7 to 11 on the Music Video Sales Chart.
- Elvis drops from 58 to 64 on the Artist 100 Chart.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 25 December 2014 - MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY!

Everyone at EIN wishes all of our readers a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Santa Claus Is Back in Town
(Jerry Leiber/ Mike Stoller)

Well, it's Christmas time pretty baby
And the snow is falling on the ground
Well, it's Christmas time pretty baby
And the snow is falling down
Well you be a real good little girl
Santa Claus is back in town
Got no sleigh with reindeer
No sack on my back
You're gonna see me comin' in a big black caddilac

Oh, it's Christmas time pretty baby
And the snow is falling on the ground
Well you be a real good little baby
Santa Claus is back in town

Merry Christmas everybody & all the best for your Festive Season! 

Merry Christmas from Erik Lorentzen: Elvis Files producer Erik Lorentzen has posted,, "Dear Friends... I hope everyone of you will have a great Christmas holiday with your friends and families. Also all the best for the next year to come and as always let's TCE!"
One of his best Christmas presents (and mine too) must be the excellent comments and reviews from fans worldwide about the 'Ultimate Elvis' deluxe set.
Elvis Matters have announced they have already Sold Out of their stock.
But fans do not fear, you can still get some remaining books straight from Erik at the Elvis Files. (Click Here)
(News, Source,EL/ElvisInfoNet)

EIN's Rare Elvis Photos Facebook page now with 12,500 members - including several of Elvis' own friends and colleagues So Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs - from EIN's V-P Sanja Meegin.

Now with over thousands of great photos and with more added every day – including YouTube footage.


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Australian Elvis Parkes Festival: The countdown is on! It's only 12 more sleeps until the start of the 2015 Parkes Elvis Festival, so get those jumpsuits glitzy, boost up that bouffant and shine those sunglasses - it's time to throw a party fit for the King.
Don't miss your chance to be among the first in the world to celebrate Elvis Presley's 80th birthday on Thursday 8 January. Parkes Elvis Festival is planning a special day jam-packed with party events, from Miss Priscilla to a special outdoor screening of 'Roustabout' in Cooke Park.
It’s been 37 years since Elvis Presley left the building, yet an expected 18,000-plus Elvis fans will gather in the Central NSW town of Parkes, doubling the population, to celebrate the King’s 80th birthday in January.
Record crowds are expected for the 23rd anniversary of the Parkes Elvis Festival, which will take place from Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 January 2015. The theme of the 2015 Festival is ‘Roustabout’.
Every year more Elvis fans gather in this tiny Australian country town to celebrate Elvis' birthday than in Memphis!
It is apparent that Parkes Elvis Festival is something on everyone’s bucket list, and why wouldn’t it be when people of all ages can don a wig and glasses to relive the rock’n’roll heyday that took the world by storm. The Festival features a jam-packed five-day program of events including four days of free Cooke Park Main Stage entertainment, Tribute to Elvis competitions, the main Street Parade, displays of Elvis artefacts at Greg Page’s The Kings Castle Elvis Exhibit, the Elvis Gospel Service, and over 100 other unique Elvis-themed events. Check out the Festival website and program here.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

More Elvis News from Earlier this week ....
'Elvis' Christmas Album' - Best Selling Christmas Album of All-Time: Just a happy reminder for this holiday period, according to the certifications of the Recording Industry of America, Elvis' Christmas Album, recorded by Elvis Presley has shipped at least 13 million copies since its original release in 1957. That makes it the biggest-selling Christmas album of all time. The album has been re-issued and repackaged several times, and continues to be a perennial holiday best-seller.
It sold three million copies upon its original release in 1957 and has sold an additional ten million copies in the various forms it has been reissued in. It hit the number one spot on the Billboard charts in 1957 and remained there for four weeks. Released on October 15, 1957, it would be the first of two Christmas albums released by "The King." The second, Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas, wasn't released until the early 1970s.
Christmas was always Elvis' favorite holiday. The annual display of blue lights decorating Elvis' home Graceland was, and still is, a legendary Mecca for tourists and locals to behold. Nothing gave Elvis greater joy

than giving out Christmas gifts to family and friends. So the Christmas album idea seemed a natural for Elvis.
Interestingly, the biggest controversy regarding the album came from one of America's most beloved composers. On the album, Elvis did a cover version of Irving Berlin's classic "White Christmas." At the time, "White Christmas" was the biggest-selling record of all time.
After hearing Elvis sing his song, Irving Berlin called for the song, and the entire album, to be banned from radio airplay. He considered Elvis' "White Christmas" to be a "profane parody of his cherished Yuletide standard." He ordered his staff in New York to telephone radio stations across the U.S. and demand the song be removed from airplay. Many U.S. stations ignored Berlin's threats, but at least one American disc jockey was, indeed, fired for daring to play a song from the album. Canadian stations refused to play the album.
Ironically, Elvis actually had based his "White Christmas" version on the song as recorded by African-American Clyde McPhatter and his group The Drifters. McPhatter and The Drifters had released their own version of "White Christmas" a few years earlier, but it had caused no controversy whatsoever. This was mainly because the record was only played on black radio stations. The Drifters' "White Christmas" was not to be heard on mainstream radio stations for a couple of decades, although it had been a hit on the R&B singles chart in 1954 and '55.

We look back now, and listen, to this 1957 version of Elvis Presley. Who could ever imagine the life he would lead in the next twenty years? This slim, fresh-looking, swivel-hipped maverick who delighted the kids and scared the pants off their parents was in the early stages of, quite possibly, the single most successful career in the history of music and all of show business.
Good old Elvis. I always loved the guy. Wherever he is, I hope he has a Merry Christmas this year. It would be great if these people who bring so much pleasure to so many people derived as much pleasure from life themselves.... - Eddie Deezen.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Chip Young Passed Away: Another "Nashville Great" the renowned session guitarist and producer Chip Young passed away on Saturday, December 20, 2014 aged 76.
For over four decades, Chip Young lent his distinctive thumb-style picking to timeless country recordings, including Elvis Presley’s “Guitar Man”, Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” and Charley Pride’s “Kiss an Angel Good Morning.” As a producer, he helmed recordings by acts such as Delbert McClinton, Jerry Reed, Gary Stewart (“Your Place or Mine”), and Billy Swan (“I Can Help”). More recently, Young played on recordings by My Morning Jacket, Todd Snider and Candi Staton.
Born Jerry Marvin Stembridge in 1938, the Atlanta native began his professional career playing with guitar legend Jerry Reed and singer-songwriter Joe South during the late 1950s. Young toured with South and eventually signed with Lowery Music, where he began writing songs, engineering recordings and publishing demos. He joined the Army in 1961, and

after his discharge in 1963 Young moved to Nashville to become a touring guitarist behind Reed.
Chip Young soon became an in-demand studio guitarist in Nashville, and went on to back Ann-Margret, Eddy Arnold, Skeeter Davis, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Willie Nelson,Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley, among many others. Young was also a regular member of Presley’s studio band between 1965 until 1976 and the final 'Jungle Room' sessions.
In the photo Chip Young is front row second left. The photo is from the 1970 "Nashville Marathon" which produced such hits as 'I've Lost You' and 'I'm Leavin'' and you can hear Chip Young's guitar jamming with Elvis on 'Got My Mojo Working'.
In 1968, Young bought a farm in nearby Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and opened his own studio, Young ’Un Sound. He produced recordings by country artists Reed, Swan and Delbert McClinton, as well as artists on the popular charts including Jimmy Buffett and Johnny Mathis. Young opened a Nashville studio in 1978, where he recorded Joe Ely, Larry Gatlin,Tom T. Hall, Reba McEntire, Johnny Rodriguez and the Statler Brothers.
In 2000, Young released Having Thumb Fun with My Friends, an album of guitar duets with other studio legends, including Chet Atkins, Grady Martin and Scotty Moore. Young was inducted into the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame in 2009.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet)

Coming to EIN in the next fortnight:

Elvis Presley: A Southern Life

(Book Review)

The world knows Elvis Presley....but they don't know me (Book Review)

King of the Hilton

(Book Review)

Joe Esposito talks about Elvis

(36 minute video segment from the Larry King Live program)

Elvis at 80 (London, England event): Thursday 8 January 2015 marks 80 years since the birth of Elvis Presley. The evening will begin with an hour-long talk by Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission. Following a short break, the glorious Viva Las Vegas will be screened.

In his stellar 22-year career, Elvis Presley was regarded as the most popular singer the world had ever seen, but 37 years after his death, it is easy to forget the importance of his many movies on his incredible career.

As Elvis stopped touring between 1958 and 1970, his films were the only way for his immense worldwide fan base to see and hear their hero in action.

His films were incredibly popular and included the very songs that went on to become classics of his repertoire. Illustrated with clips from the King's best flicks, Adrian Wootton will recount the history of Elvis's extensive career on the silver screen from 1956 to 1973.

+ Viva Las Vegas (U) (US 1964 Dir George Sidney 85 min)
Racing driver Lucky Jackson (Elvis Presley) takes a job at a Las Vegas hotel and meets his match in the assertive Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret). Sizzling chemistry ensues as they tease each other and fall in love. (News, Source: MusicNews.com)

(Book Review) The Elvis Films: Jon Abbott has written extensively on popular culture topics for more than 30 years. This includes more than 400 articles and features for major publications and two years providing an annual report on the U.S. TV season for the trade journal, Television Weekly. His latest book is The Elvis Films.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently warmed up the popcorn and uncapped an icy cold Coke as he sat down to take a leisurely, retrospective trip through Elvis' movie catalog.

What he found was a thoughtful analysis with juicy pop culture diversions, albeit one with a discomforting perspective on the final phase of Elvis' film career!

Read Nigel's detailed review

Graceland names company to handle upcoming Elvis auction: Graceland said Wednesday it has a new company to run online bidding for its next Auction at Graceland. Invaluable, a Boston-based online live auction company, will offer internet bidding for Graceland’s Jan. 8 auction.

The items up for bid include Elvis Presley’s first recording acetate from 1953 (see next story), as well as his first driver’s license and a “Louisiana Hayride” contract signed by Elvis and his parents.

There are 66 Elvis item lots listed on Invaluable’s website, including: a pair of Neo Nautic SUNGLASSES made for one of his concerts at Madison Square Garden, estimated at $12,000 to $15,000; his army first aid kit, expected to bring in $4,500 to $5,500; and an Elvis tour jacket from 1975, estimated at $3,500 to $4,500. (News, Source: Marty Lacker/Sara K. Clarke, Commercial Appeal)

My Happiness acetate (the most important 78 rpm record ever offered for sale) expected to sell for up to $100,000!: At an auction to be held in January 2015, an acetate is on sale for between $75,000-$100,000 recorded by Elvis in 1953, possibly as a gift for his mother Gladys.

Presley recorded the tracks 'My Happiness' and 'That's When Your Heartaches' begin in Sam Philllips Memphis Recording Service. 

When asked by Phillips assistant Marion Keisker on who he sounded like, Elvis responded, “I don’t sound like nobody.”

Also included in the sale in January is a 78 RPM of 'That's All Right' the first Elvis song recorded at Sun Studios. Estimated to go for between $10-15,000, it is also possibly the first record Elvis ever signed.

Other items in the auction include a signed copy of Elvis' first Sun Record, his army first aid kit, prescription sunglasses and assorted police items (blue flashing light, sherrifs badges owned by Elvis).

The auction will take place at Graceland in Memphis on 8 January, which would have been Presley's 80th birthday. A huge exhibition of Elvis Presley memorabilia, the largest ever staged in Europe is currently on display at London's The O2 Arena until 31 August 2015. (News, Source: gigwise.com)

More News and EIN exclusives from earlier in December ....

'Ultimate Elvis Sessions' Selling Very Fast !: Only last week there were 2,000 copies of this great new book in the warehouse direct from the printers - as seen here with Erik Lorentzen the publisher - but already stocks are running low.
Initial independent reviews on the FECC website include...
-- I'm truly blown away by the beauty of these books! And the content, I need a couple months off of work now! :lol:
This set sure does look nice on my book shelf! Kudos to all involved in this project, it's truly a work of art.
-- This is the BEST book package of any Elvis book set. Period. Just incredibly beautiful.
No one will ever come close to doing anything like this in our lifetime!!!
--- Amazingly HEAVY and beautiful Colour printing..... some photos i hadn't seen before for example from Skiing in Vail in Feb 76' lots of big page details.... including canceled Jan 77' recording @ Nashville. Beautifully produced and i'll be looking through this now all week and weekend.Well worth the wait and a joy to hold Thanks Guys!

So now with a LIMITED EDITION of 2,000 boxes worldwide orders are close to being Sold Out - and already being received and praised by Elvis fans in Australia...GO HERE for INFO and More Example Pages & ORDER details including the Special Deal being offered by The Elvis Files. Don't pay over $400 as some dealers are suggesting - buy it direct to your door from Elvis Files. Legendary guitarist James Burton sums it up neatly: 'These are the most beautiful books I have ever seen and the best researched.'.
(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet.com)

Elvis Fan Club Presidents CD: This year's Elvis Fan Club Presidents EPE "Christmas Classics" CD.
It features the three tracks...
I'll Be Home For Christmas, The First Noel and White Christmas.

As usual it includes a Thank You note from Priscilla and Lisa Marie. They note "As we look forward to 2015, the future looks brighter than ever for the Elvis legacy and Graceland with some exciting projects on the horizon"

 A nice collectible.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Such A Night - Rockin' In The Early 60s' 10" Vinyl OUT NOW: Out Now this beautiful 10” album from Vee-Tone Records, features 12 rockin’ floor-fillers recorded and released by Elvis Presley between 1960 and 1962.  This special collector’s edition is limited to only 1000 copies and brings together some of Elvis’ finest early 60s dancers on one stylish compilation.  Great sound quality and stunning artwork make this a must have addition to any record collection!
·       Limited edition, only 1000 copies pressed;
·       Ultimate early 60s dance album;
·       Deluxe 10” black vinyl collector’s edition.
Tracklist:Side A 1. Make Me Know It , 2. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 3.Shoppin' Around 4.Such A Night 5.Slicin' Sand 6.Follow That Dream
Side B 1.Little Sister 2.Put The Blame On Me 3.Steppin' Out Of Line 4.I Want You With Me 5.What A Wonderful Life 6.Gonna Get Back Home Somehow
BY it Direct from Vee-Tone HERE - £19.99 or US$30 - Don't let other dealers rip you off.
(News, Source;Vee-Tone/ElvisInfoNet)

'Hard Knocks' New Import CD: Venus Productions publicity says they are proud to present a new CD with more than 70 minutes of Elvis in the ‘60s! As a follow-up to our respected “Unedited Masters Series” we’re offering you 14 unreleased takes in the well-known Venus sound quality on these ‘60s movie songs.
You always thought that all movie soundtracks sounded bad?
Taken from the original tapes, these recordings will prove you wrong!
Venus say "This will be a great addition to your Elvis collection" - for some reason EIN very much doubts this!
Tracks : 1 Easy Come, Easy Go, Take 10 - 2 I'll take Love, Takes 1-2A and take 3 * - 3 Sing You Children, Takes 18-20 * (take 20 take call only) - 4 She's A Machine, Take 14 * - 5 She's A Machine, Take 15 (master - record version) – 6 The Love Machine, Take 13 - 7 The Love Machine , Take 14 (master - movie version) – 8 Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Take 1 * - 9 Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Take 2 * - 10 Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Take 3 * - 11 Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Take 4 * - 12 Hard Knocks, Take 11 Master – 13 Little Egypt , Take 21 (Master - movie version) – 14 It's A Wonderful World, Take 17 * Track only - 15 Mexico, Takes 1-2 – 16 Marguerita,
Takes 7*, 6 - 17 The Bullfighter Was A Lady, Take 10 (remake) - 18 Wisdom Of The Ages, Take 4 * - 19 Wisdom Of The Ages, Take 5 (Master) - 20 Kismet, Takes 1-2 - 21 Kismet, Takes 3*, 4*, 5 (Master) - 22 Hey Little Girl, Takes 1-2 - 23 Shake That Tambourine, Takes 14 * - 24 Shake That Tambourine, Takes 15*, 17,18,19, 20, 16 – 25 What I'd Say, Takes 1,2 – 26 What I'd Say, Take 3 * - 27 What I'd Say, Take 4 (Master) - * unreleased
EIN notes - Venus releasing multiple takes of 'Yoga Is As Yoga Does', 'She's A Machine' and ' Kismet' - now we know everyone really is scraping the bottom of the barrel!
EIN also spent several days examining the 'Easy Come, Easy Go' soundtrack for the 'Ultimate Elvis' sessions book - we never want to hear another outtake however fine the audio quality!!

(News, Source;Venus/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis: City of Angels' New Import Book/CD: In January 2015, Audionics will release something special. Called 'Elvis: City of Angels' (Audionics 2015-01-2), this release consists of a 120-page hardback book & two CDs, featuring both shows which Elvis performed on May 11th, 1974 at The Forum (Inglewood) in Los Angeles, CA. Audionics is aware that these shows were released before (by the Graceland Records label, 2007 and official Sony/FTD label, 2007 - see EIN Review here-). To bring out the ultimate sound quality, Audionics worked with direct transfers of the original mastertapes.
Compared with its previous release, the evening show is vastly superior in sound. It was not taken from the same compact cassette source you have heard on the FTD soundboard release 'Live In L. A.', but comes from an original reel-to-reel soundboard tape transfer! The sound difference is like night & day. The afternoon show has much improved sound too, coming from the original audience recorded mastertape. The sound (although not excellent) is clearer than before and most of disturbing distortion is gone.
In recent years, some younger fans claimed that Elvis' performances in LA were mediocre. Nevertheless, fans who were present always
mentioned these were "kick-ass performances". It's worth mentioning that these shows were attended by a few members of the hard-rock band 'Led Zeppelin' as well as by Bill Wyman, the Rolling Stones bass player.
The 120-page book is filled with many brand new photos of great quality (both b/w and colour) and what’s most important, more than 120 images have never before been published anywhere! The accompanying text was written by an infamous author.
EIN Notes that "deluxe" books seem to be the new way of luring in the punters to re-purchase previously released concerts.
Go here to EIN's 'All The CD News 2014' for full details & tracklists.
(News, Source;AD/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis’ Cadillac arrives at Beaulieu Museum UK: The Cadillac Seville which was once owned by Elvis Presley is now on display at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu in the south of England. The car, a 1977 model which was purchased in October 1976, is believed to be the last the King purchased for his own personal use, and was driven by him the day before his death. It is finished in a burgundy and silver colour scheme chosen by Presley himself, and still has the original CB radio which he opted to install in order to communicate with the kitchen and guardhouse at his Graceland mansion. After Presley’s death, the car was gifted by his father, Vernon, to Elvis’s girlfriend, Ginger Alden. It was auctioned in Las Vegas in 1994, and sold for $101,500 (approx. £64,600 at current exchange
rates) to a private collector. It was then sold again for $81,250 (approx. £51,700) in August this year, to Elvis fans Steve and Suzannah Hall, who then offered the car up for display at Beaulieu.
One of the first people to see the automotive slice of rock'n'roll history at its new home was Lady Fiona Montagu, wife of Lord Montagu, the founder of the museum.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Millie Kirkham Passed Away Age 91: Very sadly yesterday, Sunday December 14th, Millie Kirkham died in hospital, a few days after suffering a major stroke.
Kirkham's strong soprano voice was a fine counter-point to backing vocalists The Jordanaires once they started recording with Elvis.
Her first major recording with Elvis was on 1957's classic 'Blue Christmas' and she continued performing with Elvis until his 1971 'He Touched Me' gospel album.
Kirkham's strong, clear soprano can be admired on many of Elvis classics especially the 'How Great Thou Art' session and she also appeared in the movie 'That's The Way It Is'.
Her distinctive voice can also be heard on recordings by Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Rosemary Clooney, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Jim Reeves and many many more.
While in her eighties, she performs regularly across the country with Jordanaires paying homage to those classic songs.

In 1998 and 1999, she toured with "Elvis The Concert" and in 2008 she also worked with Ray Walker & Gordon Stoker (RIP) on the 'Elvis Christmas Duets' album (photo above).
Millie Kirkham worked with Elvis from 1957 and - although The Jordanaires were not present - she was there for Elvis' 1969 Las Vegas LIVE comeback. She remembers the excitement "Elvis was very excited about it. He loved to perform on stage. When you looked out there and saw the crowd - the shows were all Sold Out - it was amazing to see the reaction of the crowd just when he walked on stage, he hadn't even sung a song! I was excited because I got to meet Cary Grant." Click here for 6 minute interview -
RIP Mildred 'Millie' Kirkham.
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Mini Interview with Anne E. Nixon: The latest book from noted Elvis author Anne E. Nixon, King of the Hilton has been released.

Many fans will fondly remember Anne's many articles for the iconic magazine, Elvis Monthly, and her books for the British Elvis fan club Elvis 10 Years After and The Elvis Archives.

Anne was lucky enough to see 40 of Elvis' shows between 1972 and 1976 and her ability to bring the excitement of those performances to life in her writing is legendary.

In this mini-interview with EIN, Anne discusses what readers can expect in her new book and some of her experiences seeing Elvis live in concert, including the infamous "Desert Storm" show.

Opposite: Anne E. Nixon and her co-conspirator on King of the Hilton, Richard Harvey

EIN: Anne, what is the strength of King of the Hilton compared to other books on Elvis’ Las Vegas shows?

AN: My aim is to give readers a real sense of “being there”. These are first-hand accounts, eye witness accounts of. I was in the audience and observed - often at close range – what was happening on stage and the effect Elvis had on his audiences. Elvis quotes are taken directly from tapes of the shows and in many instances highlight his great sense of humour or reflect his mood.

EIN: What are some of your greatest memories of your time visiting the US to see Elvis ‘live on stage’?

AN: Just being in Las Vegas and knowing that Elvis was in the same building was exciting enough, and then to get a stage-side seat at my second show, and to get a close-up look at Elvis (and my first kiss!), was ample reward for travelling so far. Seeing Elvis’ birthplace in Tupelo and being able to go up to the front porch of Graceland, plus meeting Uncle Vester, were very special memories too.

EIN: Elvis’ ability to hold his audience.  Please tell us about that.

AN: It was hard to take your eyes off Elvis. He had so many facial expressions I’d never seen in photos or movies. His reaction to clamouring fans at stage-front and those further back couldn’t be anticipated. He was such a dynamic stage performer, holding the crowd’s attention, whether singing Rock & Roll, power ballads, or simply interacting with the audience or his musicians.

EIN: Elvis’ physical and emotional/psychological decline in his last years is well documented.  Having attended shows between 1972 and 1976 what was your perception on how his personal life was affecting his performances?

AN: In 1972 I felt that at times he was perhaps holding back a little, unsure of his audiences’ feeling following the recent announcement of his divorce. He was looser and happier in 1973, although there were indications that there was something amiss.  This became more obvious in 1974 and 1976.

EIN: You attended the 1974 season including the infamous “Desert Storm” show.  What was your reaction to Elvis’ on stage tirade?

AN: With hindsight, we know more now of what was going on in Elvis’ personal life and the reasons behind the tirade.

At the time, though, it was great to see Elvis answering back at his critics and the rumours being spread about him, and most of the audience seemed to agree, judging by their reaction to his outburst.

The closing night speech wasn’t the only tirade he’d given that season by the way, he’d said similar things in other shows prior to the closing show, and they’re all transcribed in the book.

EIN: Was 1974 the turning point in Elvis’ performances becoming erratic?

AN: Probably, although, as mentioned, something had been troubling Elvis in 1973. However, I was never disappointed by any of the 40 shows I saw, whatever Elvis said or did. Most were very good, and some were outstanding.

EIN: The cancelled 1975 season.  How did that impact you at the time – did it surprise you?

AN: It was a complete surprise and a huge shock. It was frustrating because I’d saved hard and looked forward to seeing about 20 shows. It was worrying because it was clear that Elvis was having serious health problems. But at least I was able to return to Vegas in 1976 to see him again.

Cllick HERE to Purchase a signed copy of "King of the Hilton"

.......Coming soon to EIN.......
*mini-interview with Anne E. Nixon's co-author, Richard Harvey*
*book review of King of the Hilton*
*full interview with the Anne E. Nixon (and Richard Harvey)*
(Interview, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis London O2 Exhibition Review: The UK Telegraph has decided that - "Elvis Presley is a cultural monument as significant as the Elgin marbles". When it comes to Elvis Presley I am with the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire: he was without doubt “the greatest entertainer ever to walk on a stage”.
I accept that goggling at Elvis’s stuff is not for everyone, but if you are an enthusiast, and there are plenty of us, it was both exciting and moving.
In each room the King’s music was playing, and however many times you have seen the snarling, sneering opening number of the ’68 comeback special (“If you’re looking for Trouble…”) it is worth being reminded of just how powerful it is. It is impossible, nevertheless, to grasp how earth-shattering it must have seemed to audiences at the time: they had grown accustomed to the saccharine 1960s movie version of Elvis – unthreatening, middle-of-the-road, and suddenly the raw and gritty Elvis of the 1950s Sun recordings came hurtling into people’s living rooms.
The curators don’t try to sell Elvis to you. They assume you already accept the doctrine that he is the King of Rock and Roll and their intention is to convey a sense of the private Elvis, through his belongings. On display is a mixture of the outlandish and the very mundane, with a fair sprinkling of tat.
Nearly all the clothes come into the outlandish category – these are garish costumes, designed to look good at a distance or on film. The famous concert jumpsuits are like this. They start as fairly simple variations on the theme of a karate suit and as each year passes post-1970 they become ever more rhinestone encrusted and bulky.
The mundane bits and pieces are equally fascinating. I saw Elvis’s school report for ’43/’44 from East Tupelo High School – Grade 3 – sponsored by Glasgow’s Drug Store (“We make our own ice cream”); his social security card (golden of course); the keys to Graceland; his scratched personal microphone with “EP1” written on it in marker pen. A cabinet holds a selection of the King’s cash cards: his American Express poignantly
expired “05/78” – 10 months after he died.
Weirdest item? Probably the letter Elvis wrote – or scrawled in a uncertain hand – to Richard Nixon on American Airlines stationery begging the president to grant him a DEA badge (he did).
This was a cabinet of curiosities, soberly curated by the Graceland archive team. There was no talking down to the visitor, nothing interactive, no “multi-media presentations” – not even any headsets. Just the exhibits and some discreet labels.
To me that is entirely proper, since Elvis Presley has transcended both his era and his musical genre to become a cultural and historical monument. The preservation of his archive is a serious business. And there is a lot of it because Vernon, Elvis’s dad, never threw anything away.
As Angie Marchese explained, thousands of Elvis’s belongings, including a million documents, are now being catalogued and preserved in climate-controlled warehouses. It is right that all these artefacts will be preserved for future generations – just as if they were the Elgin marbles.
Go HERE for EIN's 'O2 London Exhibition' Spotlight full review and pictures,
(Spotlight, Source;Telegraph/ElvisInfoNet)

'I Got A Feelin' in My Body' New Official Remix: EPE / SONY have Ok'd a new remix, 'I Got A Feelin' in My Body' by remixer Tommie Sunshine who has remixed Elvis' 1973 gospel track. "Working with the original recording session of Elvis Presley is nothing short of a psychedelic experience," Sunshine said. "Hearing his vocals by themselves was a window into how incredible of a singer he truly was." Sunshine worked with Denver, Colorado-based producer Wuki for the remix.
Sunshine honored the song's original smooth STAX groove and added in a fresh electronic dance music sound.
To be honest, from EIN's point of view it seems very average compared to other remixes and even other modern versions of the same song.
When EIN first heard 'ALLC' remix we couldn't get enough of it.
This version of 'I Got A Feelin' in My Body' sounds very pale in comparison
Click HERE to Soundcloud to Check It Out

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Christmas 2014 FTDs OUT NOW: The two December FTD 'Classic Album' releases are OUT NOW.
Nothing surprisingly new, just a few BINAURAL outtakes on the Christmas Album and those missing 'Britches' and 'A Cane And A High Starched Collar' outtakes on Flaming Star that you have always desperately longed for!
- 'Flaming Star' Classic Soundtrack Album
1 Flaming Star
2 A Cane And A High Starched Collar
3 Britches
4 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
5 Flaming Star (end title version)
Alternate movie name title tracks
6 Black Star
7 Black Star (end title version)
Plus multiple Outtakes
Go to EIN's SONY/FTD page for full track list

- 'Elvis' Christmas Album' - FTD Classic Album
1 Santa Claus Is Back In Town
2 White Christmas
3 Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
4 I’ll Be Home For Christmas
5 Blue Christmas
6 Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
7 OH Little Town Of Bethlehem
8 Silent Night
9 (There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
10 I Believe
11 Take My Hand, Precious Lord
12 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
13 My Wish Came True, 14 Treat Me Nice, 15 Don’t
Full session for (There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) and 'It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)' Go to EIN's SONY/FTD page for full track list

Actress Mary Ann Mobley Dies at 75: Mary Ann Mobley, who stepped into the spotlight as the first Miss Mississippi to become Miss America and later hit the silver screen opposite Elvis Presley, has died. She passed away Tuesday morning after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 75.
Mobley, a native of Mississippi, was crowned Miss America in 1959. After studying acting with Lee Strasberg, she appeared on a 1963 episode of Aaron Spelling’s “Burke’s Law,” which led to a breakout role opposite Elvis Presley in “Girl Happy” in 1965. She and Elvis also starred in “Harum Scarum” later that same year. Her other notable film roles include “Get Yourself a College Girl” and “Young Dillinger.”
In an interview Mobley talked about working with Elvis.. "Elvis would always joke about the movies he was making. When we were making 'Harum Scarum', he said, 'This isn't going to change history, is it?' The sad thing is that Elvis was a better actor than the mid-sixties movies ever allowed him to be. He could have been great.
Elvis created an amazing legacy, all these people are still coming to Memphis, he made such an impact. No one has the following that Elvis still has. I am so glad I knew him and I'm so glad I got to work with him and I'm so glad we're both from Mississippi."

In addition to her film career, Mobley appeared on several television shows, including “Perry Mason,” “Fantasy Island,” “The Partridge Family” and “Diff’rent Strokes,” and was a recurring panelist on game show “Match Game.” She also performed on Broadway and traveled to Africa and Southeast Asia to make documentary films about homeless and starving children.
Actor Gary Collins and Mobley were married in 1967 after meeting on the set of “Three on a Couch.” Collins, who was also a talkshow host, died in 2012.

Mobley is survived by daughters Clancy Collins, senior vice president, drama development, Warner Bros. Television, and Melissa Collins; son Guy William Collins; sister Sandra Young; and two grandsons, Garrett and Gaston Collins.


(News, Source;SM;ElvisInfoNet)

'Trains, Jet Planes and Morning Rain' EIN Spotlight: Elvis Presley’s cover of 'Early Morning Rain' has exerted an enduring appeal, with composer Gordon Lightfoot going as far as to call it his favourite cover of one of his songs.
The 1971 album 'Elvis Now' is still treasured by one Elvis fan. Gordon Lightfoot admitted that, in the 1970s, he hadn’t paid much attention to the King’s cover of his classic song Early Morning Rain. “It didn’t really register until after he was gone, but I loved the job he did on it. I have it right here on my desk. I keep it here. It’s Elvis Now.
Lightfoot's great regret is that he never met Elvis. He went to one concert hoping to meet up, “There were 18,000 people at the show but by the time I got back there to meet him, a voice said: ‘Elvis has left the building'. I had an appointment! But there were too many people around.”
Go here where respected author Paul Simpson takes a fascinating look at this sometimes overlooked song...
(Spotlight, Source;PaulSimpson/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis In Florida April 1975' FTD In-Depth Review: Mid 1975 found Elvis back in good form and having fun on stage. Officially we have so far heard almost nothing from the first part of Elvis' Tour#13 from April 24 - May 7.  This FTD features material from Elvis' Lakeland concerts on April 27th & 28th as well as Jacksonville April 25 1975.
The St. Petersburg Times commented … "But Elvis' forte is still the rockin' stuff, and he shows he hasn't lost what it takes. His Burning Love puts shame even to his own record version. When he launches into a slow, torchy Heartbreak Hotel, the inflections are vintage 1956"

FTD decided that this interesting selection deserved a release in the larger 7' format.

Go here as Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell checks out this previously unreleased concert and these unexplored April '75 concerts ....
(FTD Reviews, Source:GM/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED - 'Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Elvis' - Review: The promo publicity for the 2014 ITV UK documentary ''Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Elvis'' included rubbish such as "Elvis drank a litre of spirits a day" and that "The singer was so overweight .. that his death was inevitable."
As fans know, Elvis seriously disliked alcohol and although a little overweight at the time of his death a large proportion of the general public are similarly overweight.
The programme also promised shocking facts such as "Elvis was not in good shape" and "His hair would have been “snow white” had he not dyed it".
So was the programme really as unnecessary and sensationalistic as we all feared ?
Go here for the Arjan Deelen - review Plus Reader Feedback .
Did you see the show? - Please send us YOUR Comments
(Reviews, Source;AD/ElvisInfoNet)

'Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Elvis' Watch it HERE: Please read the EIN review above first. - As EIN noted below we had grave suspicions about the new 'Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Elvis' programme that was shown two days ago on UK TV.

An insider commented, "It's not about the facts, it's about gripping and shocking television. I saw the one they did on Michael Jackson, and I was offended by how many times they showed the photos of his dead body. Totally unnecessary in my view, and very sensationalistic."
EIN asks fans to be very wary... BUT you can watch the whole programme HERE on YouTube if you want to know what the fuss is all about.

'Geraldo Rivera Reports: Elvis at 80': Described by mainstream Fox News as "A look back at the life and legacy of The King" the show, broadcast over the weekend, was basically a Fox News sensationalist re-hash of Geraldo's old 1979 ABC documentary.
Back in 1979, "20/20", a popular news-magazine program on the ABC network in the USA, achieved its highest rating ever when it broadcast 'Elvis The Cover Up' Geraldo Rivera's investigation into the death of Elvis Presley. Following the success of the program, "20/20" broadcast several follow-up segments in later editions.
The new programme, hooking in to what will be Elvis' 80th Birthday celebrations, was the usual tabloid simplistic trawl through the Elvis' life-story focusing on the typical drugs and
sadness of the last few years to sensationalise and boost ratings.
While the "Elvis At 80" show featured new interviews with Jerry Schilling and George Klein but was basically a rehash of the old Geraldo programme 'The Elvis Cover Up'.
Please see TCB mid-70s bass-player Duke Bardwell's insightful review below.
Go here for EIN's original review of "'Elvis The Cover Up' Serious investigation or tabloid sensationalism?"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Duke Bardwell reviews Geraldo’s 'Elvis At 80': EIN contributor Arjan Deelen writes... One of the things that I admire about Duke Bardwell is his way with words. He is one of the most expressive guys I know, who can tell you exactly how he feels about any issue. And he does so with great intelligence, insight and passion. Duke saw the Geraldo 80th anniversary special the other day, and I wanted to share his assessment of it. He tells it like it is, and his love for Elvis and his heartfelt anger with Geraldo's phoniness & opportunism shine through from every sentence.
....  That "television show that's fit for a king", is so drastically miss-named, it is paled only by Geraldo Rivera's inept ability to report anything but old, tired, inaccurate sensationalism, that it is hard for anyone that has one grain of sense to see that he spent
more time on his "new look" and trying desperately to twist the ends of his stupid fu**ing mustache that he obviously thinks makes him look creditable, than trying to breathe any new information into an old eulogy.  Yes they got TG thanking him for the bus with the check made out to JD, not TG,…(wtf?) and Brenda and Richard….. also David Stanley and George K from the old '70's bullshit….. same old bullshit.  And Geraldo's big scoop with the Vegas' "Dr to the stars" wife and son, with all the pill bottles he read like it was the first time anyone had ever seen before and he, as the master sleuth he considers himself to be, making intelligent comments like "that's a lot of dope"……while at the same time all of that information has been public knowledge for 40 fu**ing years !!  The only thing new they came up with was the segment on ETAs.  It was good to see Dwight given credit for being the professional that he is but at the same time, there was so little redeeming information released in that hour that I became infuriated with the fact that there are so many
new EP fans coming up all the time and they might actually see some of that bullshit for the first time and have a negative effect on the reality of his accomplishments and his memory.  They cannot let him just RIP !! I thought one of the most candid responses to Rivera's dumbass questions was Larry Gatlin's. I don't know if the broadcast was worldwide, but if it doesn't leave every Elvis fan grinding their teeth about the way they handled our boy, I will be surprised.  I found it infuriating and TOTALLY insulting.  Only a few people got to say what a fine and caring person he really was,  although most of the comments did give props to him and negativity to those around him.  But is the fact that he was a good boy that loved his mother and got hooked on the devil's drugs relate to good reporting….. hell no.  Rivera just had to spend all the show trying to appear to be some great investigative reporter with a scoop.   The only scoop on that show was Rivera himself.  He is a self-serving, arrogant, pretentious asshole that can't stay in the fox hole he dug himself without pissing down his leg or hiding from the fight and making it look like his injuries were heroic.  I despise the ******** (can you tell?) and he makes me want to bathe and scrub my eyes and ears for seeing him and listening to his idiotic putting on airs.  He wants to be legit so bad he is as much an addict as the rest of us.  He must fold himself up into his own asshole to sleep at night to come out in front of the camera smelling like his reporting does.
You know………. I ignore him usually ….. but other people were calling me to watch this …. I had a bad feeling about it because I know what a douche-bag he is ….
Well …. sure 'nuff …. there he was ….. but this time he was coming off like this authority on EP…..  fu** him.  He and Fox news deserve each other. - Duke Bardwell

NOTE -  Duke Bardwell will be coming to Europe again in May '15 and you can see the Tour Schedule here - don't miss the opportunity to meet this truly unique individual. 
(News, Source;AD/DB/ElvisInfoNet) - EIN thanks Arjan Deelen for this review.

'The Real...Elvis Presley (The 60s Collection)' New Box set: The new SONY budget release coinciding with Elvis' 80th Birthday celebrations. Nothing special, a standard collections of Elvis' well-known sixties songs in a 3 CD box-set.
At the cheap price of £7.81 = US$12.20 for 52 tracks
Release date 5 Jan 2015
Tracklist,CD1 - 1 Return To Sender, 2 (You're The) Devil In Disguise, 3 Follow That Dream, 4 Today, Tomorrow and Forever, 5 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello, 6 Roustabout, 7 Good Luck Charm, 8 She's Not You, 9 Suspicion, 10 From A Jack To A King, 11 Witchraft, 12 You'll Be Gone, 13 I Met Her Today, 14 The Lady Loves Me (ft. Ann Margret), 15 I'm Yours, 16 Kiss Me Quick, 17 Memories.
CD2 - 1 A Little Less Conversation, 2 Viva Las Vegas, 3 Such A Night, 4 Frankie & Johnny, 5 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow, 6 You Don't Know Me, 7 Too Much Monkey Business, 8 Big Boss Man, 9 Lawdy Miss Clawdy, 10 What'd I Say, 11 Rubberneckin', 12 (Its A Long) Lonely Highway, 13 I'll Hold You In My Heart (Until I Can Hold You in My Arms),
14 Baby, What You Want Me To Do, 15 There Ain't Nothing Like A Song, 16 Memphis Tennessee, 17 Trouble, 18 Reconsider Baby.
CD3- 1 If I Can Dream, 2 Guitar Man, 3 In The Ghetto, 4 Gentle On My Mind, 5 Only The Strong Survive, 6 Kentucky Rain, 7 Suspicious Minds, 8 Words, 9 Clean Up Your Own Backyard, 10 Don't Cry Daddy, 11 I'll Remember You, 12 Blue River, 13 Wearin' That Loved On Look, 14 Love Letters, 15 US Male, 16 You Gotta Stop,
17 Long Black Limousine
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Ronnie Milsap Talks Elvis: Ronnie Milsap didn't just dominate country music in the Seventies and Eighties, he helped redefine it. An eight-time CMA award winner, Ronnie Milsap was the 1974 Male Vocalist of the Year and was named Entertainer of the Year three years later. These days, Milsap, 71, continues to record and perform, as well as care for his wife, Joyce, who is battling leukemia. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country, Milsap recalls the iconic performers who influenced him..
Q - You ended up in Memphis, working a lot with producer Chips Moman at American Studios. What do you remember about being in the studio with Elvis?
Ronnie Milsap: I got to play on the session with Elvis on "Kentucky Rain." "More thunder on the piano, Milsap," he said. I got to learn what hanging out with Elvis was all about. His big New Year's Eve party, I got to sit and talk with him like I'm talking with you. It was just great. He was the voice of my generation. I had a million questions to ask him, but he wanted to talk about that session of "Kentucky Rain," so we talked about that. I asked him, "Would you like to get
up and sing tonight at this New Year's Eve party?" Elvis said, "No, I want to sit here with my friends and not have to worry about singing." I said, "Well, we know all your songs." He knew we did, but he didn't want to get up and sing and that was fine. It was his party.
Q - What kind of resistance did you encounter from the Nashville country music community because of your Memphis and R&B background?
RM: RCA executive Jerry Bradley told Jack Johnson, "I know all about Ronnie Milsap. We take everybody down to Memphis to see him. He's a great rock & roll singer, he's a great R&B singer, but he's not a country singer." Jack played him that tape and Bradley said, "You know what? That son of a bitch is a country singer!" [Laughing]
Go here to RollingStone for full interview
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elaine Beckett -Easy Come Easy Go costar- Interview: Elaine Beckett was born in England, qualified with an Arts Degree and yet was somehow destined to be a co-star in Elvis’ 1966 movie ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’.

The film was Hal Wallis' last movie with Elvis and the circumstances - including forcing Elvis to wear a scuba suit and with only a low-budget - were not ideal.
Elaine Beckett still lives in LA and it was through a connection with her fine work for ‘The Humane Society Of the US’ that EIN managed to track her down for an interview about her amazing career and her time with Elvis.
Elaine Beckett not only worked with Elvis but met a multitude of fascinating people through her life in Arts and the movies..

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley talks with Elaine Beckett about her amazing life...

(Interview, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

EIN Elvis New Book Selection & Best Of 2014

'Elvis in Hawaii' books released in Kindle format:

The two books by noted author/researcher, Jerry Hopkins, examining Elvis' love affair with the island state of Hawaii are now available in Kindle format. Both books are full of interesting information, arcvhival material, color photos and are priced under US6.00!

The Two Best Books in 2014 that add Appreciably to our Knowledge & Understanding of Elvis:
The Two Best Elvis Related Memoirs of 2014:
Read EIN Interview
The Four Best Elvis Photo-Journal Book Releases of 2014:
Indepth Review soon
Indepth Review soon
Note: Not all these releases are not available from online or regular bookstores (to obtain enquire with your regular Elvis supplier)

(Book Review): CHANNELING ELVIS How Television Saved the King of Rock 'n' Roll: Allen J. Wiener's latest book is now available and what a release it is! Focusing on arguably the most important factor in the making and maintaining of Elvis as an international superstar, Channeling Elvis is a long overdue critical examination of the seminal and underappreciated role television played in the Elvis story.

Allen Wiener's earlier works have been critically acclaimed for their rigorous research, deep analysis and thought provoking narrative. And Channeling Elvis is no different - the result of years of research, first hand interviews with people involved with each of Elvis' television performances and cogent analysis, the author weaves a wonderfully rich and expressive narrative full of texture, color and absorbing resonance.

Channeling Elvis is a very important release in the Elvis canon and a mandatory inclusion in any serious Elvis library!

Read EIN's detailed review here

More great Elvis deals on Amazon

'Young Man With The Big Beat' Cheap Box set: Re-released for 2014 in a Limited Edition cheap slim-line box-set is Elvis' 'Young Man With The Big Beat'.
A great opportunity for those that missed it in

Go HERE for EIN's detailed YMWTBB review

UK price - only £19.99 = Euro25 = US$33 with FREE Delivery in the UK.

Click to Order now special deal >> . . Young Man With The Big Beat -

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)


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