'ELVIS: Opening Night 1972'


- Review by Piers Beagley

Elvis’ Las Vegas season 6 ran from January 26th through February 23rd, 1972. Elvis was in great shape both physically and vocally, and he was once again serious about performing.

In 1972 Elvis seemed keen to keep his set-lists refreshed and so on Opening Night January 26 1972 Elvis premiered 'You Gave Me A Mountain', 'Never Been To Spain', 'A Big Hunk O'Love' and 'An American Trilogy' as well as using 'See See Rider' for the first time as his opening number.

The accompanying 20-page booklet includes photographs and memorabilia plus introductory notes.


EIN's Piers Beagley provides an in-depth review of this recent MRS release

Memphis Recording Service, UK/EC, 2023, Hardback, 1CD, 20 pages, MRS10001072

Compilation produced by Joseph Pirzada, design by Kev Reape. DES Remix, audio Restoration and Remaster by Studio D.

Elvis’ Las Vegas season 6 ran from January 26th through February 23rd, 1972. Elvis was in great shape both physically and vocally, and he was once again serious about performing. Some critics noted that the oldies were delivered at lightning speed with Elvis hardly saying a word between them to the audience. But Elvis meant business and Billboard Magazine characterized the season best by saying, "The tight, fast paced, just long enough show had no weak spots, well worth the show room’s minimum. Presley gave the audience what they came to see."

In 1972 Elvis seemed keen to keep his set-lists refreshed and so on Opening Night January 26th 1972 Elvis premiered 'You Gave Me A Mountain', 'Never Been To Spain', 'A Big Hunk O'Love' and 'An American Trilogy' as well as using 'See See Rider' for the first time as his opening number. Also included were 'Polk Salad Annie', 'Proud Mary' and 'Suspicious Minds' so the set-list was one of Elvis' very best.

RCA was also there to do some multi-track recordings on February 14th – 17th for a live album that was to be titled, "Standing Room Only”.

This was Elvis’ major set-list shake up for 1972. Only two extra songs, ‘Burning Love’ and ‘For The Good Times’ would be added for Elvis’ ‘On Tour’ MGM recordings. This important concert was only previously released as a bootleg although FTD did release a few ‘Bonus songs’ on their ‘American Trilogy’ CD.

see FTD ‘American Trilogy’ review here.

The Package
Again this MRS set is presented as a slim Book / CD combo with its 20 pages featuring a good selection of Elvis at the Hilton during this January '72 season - including Elvis first wearing his blue "owl" suit - plus some fun memorabilia. The photos of Elvis trying on his new jumpsuits with Col Parker in his Las Vegas suite are an interesting oddity, while the use of Elvis trying on his red jumpsuit for the front cover is a great idea. Elvis looked so odd in this pose in his lounge-room but it works a treat as a (fake) "on-stage" photo.

Audio: This soundboard cassette on previous releases has sounded very thin, lacking bass - with hardly any Jerry Scheff - and “tinny”. Here MRS have employed the latest technology to vastly improve the audio and the results are amazing. Whereas the previous versions – including FTD – sounded as if they were recorded down an old 3KHz phone-line, now the concert has a real power, excellent bass line and is in “newly created” stereo. It is very, very, impressive.

This version (bar the occasional cassette peak distortion) sounds close to RCA multi-track quality.

The added reverb also gives the ambience of the performance a large “arena feel” and while it doesn’t sound like the more intimate Las Vegas Hilton showroom, to me, a brand new set-list like this deserves a big arena sound.

Concert Review
The original cassette missed out the first few minutes so now a newly spliced ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ and ‘See See Rider’ get the show off to a powerful start. Jerry Scheff’s bass and Ronnie Tutt’s drums power the rhythm section with the nice stereo effect of James Burton (right channel) and Glen D Hardin’s piano.

The new “stereo” mix also emphasises the excitement of the crowd.

‘Proud Mary’ was another excellent intro song - Elvis was working hard together with the backing vocalists along with his musicians and they sure were giving back. Listen out for Elvis’ karate action “Yeah, hah” at 01.13.

The first premiere for the night was ‘Never Been To Spain’ and while the Elvis and the backing vocals slip up at points it’s a very fine first live version.

Elvis introduces himself as “my name is Howard Hughes. I went to Nassau and had my body re-built”.

The next important premiere, "a song by Frankie Laine” ‘You Gave Me A Mountain’ is performed at a comparatively slow tempo and without the OTT vocals of later versions. Sung very gently, with a tender vibrato to his voice, the lyrics impart a real emotion of lost love. Worth noting that this was the very first performance of a song that Elvis would perform right up to his final June 26 1977 performance.

“I have a new record that goes like this” Elvis introduces his new single ‘Until It's Time For You To Go’. Another first and again a beautifully tender version, the “stereo” string section – solo violin- and backing-vocals create a marvellously pleading quality.

Upping the pace Elvis rocks into an excellent 1972 ‘Polk Salad Annie’ and it rocks out as the new MRS remaster adds the Jerry Scheff funky-bass that was missing in all previous releases.

The usual “Oldies but goodies” are next. A slow paced ‘Love Me’ is followed by a fine ‘Little Sister /Get Back’ including a lengthy James Burton guitar-solo between the two songs where Elvis sounds like he’s enjoying the show and being distracted by his adoring fans. “Now you got it” Elvis notes to James Burton at the next solo spot!

‘All Shook Up’, ‘Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel’ are ripped through while a fine ‘One Night’ – for some reason not performed during the 'Elvis On Tour' concerts – follows.

“Lord God, have Mercy” and a typical 1972 slow-fast ‘Hound Dog’ is next - "….it's an old hound dog!” Elvis jokes during the slow section. A lengthy James Burton solo pushes it to a longer than usual version.

Next is the brilliant live premiere of ‘A Big Hunk O'Love’ and the band rock out - “piano, piano… go for it Jerry Lee” says Elvis to Glen D Hardin. Elvis sounds enthused by playing this live for the very first time. One of Elvis’ very best live versions, the stereo ambiance also makes this pump – play it loud through speakers.

‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is fabulous and heartfelt. The new “stereo” helps open up the emotion of the lyrics and the gentle drums (left) along with swirling violins are beautifully placed. It’s obvious that Elvis has plenty of energy at these Opening shows. The crowd give it the ovation it deserves.

‘Lawdy, Miss Clawdy’ is another great performance where Elvis’ enjoyment is palpable. Elvis should have kept this in his set-list more over the final years.

The real revelation of the night was the premiere of ‘An American Trilogy’. It is an incredibly moving version, very carefully sung by Elvis and with more sensitivity than later versions. The quietness of the ‘All my trials’ section is stunning – and the openness of the “stereo” ambiance sublime. Quite extraordinary for the very first live version. Once again the audience explode with appreciation – Imagine hearing Elvis sing this for the very first time!

Elvis’ introductions are short and sweet and this time uses an instrumental version of ‘Never Been To Spain’ as the backing music.

The premiere of ‘I'll Remember You’ follows where beforehand Charlie Hodge has to “bring up the charts” to help everyone with the new song. Again this is a fabulous first version, very carefully and tenderly sung. For some reason Elvis appeared to drop this beautiful song from his regular set-lists until his later June Madison Square Garden concerts. There is certainly no sign of it during his “Elvis On Tour” recordings.

A crowd-pleasing ‘Suspicious Minds’ .. “tough way to make a living, … I’ll never, never, never lie to you” follows. Elvis is still putting in some serious effort and enjoyment to this classic in early 1972 and it’s a superior version with great, extended Ronnie Tutt ending.

An exhausted Elvis notes, “OK, You’re fantastic” and thanks Sammy Davis Jnr as well as comedian Red Skelton for being there as he cruises through the closing ‘Can't Help Falling In Love’.

Fans who enjoy the newly released "Elvis On Tour" concerts really need to hear this upgrade of Elvis' 1972 Opening show. One of the best MRS releases of all-time.

Overall Verdict: While a large number of fans think that Elvis started losing inspiration and impetus after the power-year of 1970, his rejuvenation of his first live performances in 1972 demonstrate another more positive aspect. Introducing the new songs 'You Gave Me A Mountain', ‘I'll Remember You’ , 'A Big Hunk O'Love' and the brilliant 'An American Trilogy' would enrich Elvis’ live shows for the rest of his career. So while I have listened to the bootleg recording multiple times before, as you can tell, I have never ever truly enjoyed this concert or appreciated its importance until this sensational MRS audio Remaster. Elvis was in superb form and this set-list is one of his best. If the MRS “Studio D” engineer can recreate this beauty from such an average sounding cassette tape I cannot wait for more…

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Please note that the low-res personal scans used in this review do not show the true quality of the images

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Review by Piers Beagley.
-Copyright EIN February 2023
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26 January 1972 Opening Night
– Las Vegas.
01 - Also Sprach Zarathustra
02 - See See Rider
03 - Proud Mary
04 - Never Been to Spain
05 - You Gave Me A Mountain
06 - Until It's Time for You to Go
07 - Polk Salad Annie
08 - Love Me
09 - Little Sister/Get Back
10 - All Shook Up
11 - Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel
12 - One Night
13 - Hound Dog
14 - A Big Hunk O' Love
15 - Bridge Over Troubled Water
16 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
17 - An American Trilogy
18 – Introductions
19 - I'll Remember You
20 - Suspicious Minds
21 - Can't Help Falling in Love

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