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'Elvis : Vegas 69' 50th Anniversary

EIN's Piers Beagley asks the questions - 2019


Ken Sharp is a New York Times best-selling writer who has published an astounding number of books about musicians such John Lennon, David Bowie, Kiss, Cheap Trick, LA's Wrecking Crew as well as Elvis Presley.

He authored the stunning FTD book 'Writing For The King' as well as the unique 'Elvis Vegas 1969' and has published a multitude of interviews with key Elvis acquaintances in major music magazines such as Goldmine, he has also supplied sleeve notes for some major Sony ELVIS releases.

It has been a while since EIN has caught up with Ken Sharp - and with the 50th anniversary of Elvis' 1969 Return-To-Splendour about to be celebrated we thought it was about time to find up what he was up to.

EIN Piers Beagley asked the questions..

Ken Sharp is a New York Times best-selling writer who has published an astounding number of books about musicians such John Lennon, David Bowie, Kiss, Cheap Trick, LA's Wrecking Crew as well as Elvis Presley. Ken Sharp is also a recording artist with five albums released, his first back in 1994.

He authored the stunning FTD book 'Writing For The King' as well as the unique 'Elvis Vegas 1969' and has published a multitude of interviews with key Elvis acquaintances in major music magazines such as Goldmine, he has also supplied sleeve notes for some major Sony ELVIS releases.

Ken Sharp Interview June 2019

It has been a while since EIN has caught up with Ken Sharp and with the 50th anniversary of Elvis' 1969 Return-To-Splendour about to be celebrated we thought it was about time to find up what he was up to.

EIN: It has been a fair while since we last spoke, what has been you main preoccupation of late, recording or writing?

Ken Sharp: I’m keeping myself busy both writing articles for music magazines, books, liner notes and most importantly for me on a personal level, I’ve released two albums since we last spoke, “New Mourning” and “Beauty In The Backseat” — I’ve released five albums to date — with a new album on the way this year. I’ve been honored to be blessed with some amazing special guests that have appeared on my last two albums, John Oates of Hall and Oates, Ace Frehley of KISS and Rick Springfield among others. My music is a blend of melodic pop and a healthy dose of Philly soul. My life is 24/7 music, music, music, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. If anyone wants to check out my music, you can find my albums on iTunes, Amazon, etc and you can get physical copies of my albums and vinyl single direct from me. (EIN note - go to for all the info)

EIN: it is always impressive to see how many books and magazine articles you manage to get published while also recording and publishing your own records. How do you manage to juggle your time?

K.S: I get up very early in the morning often at 4am and start working , whether it’s recording or writing songs, transcribing interviews, doing research et al. So much to do and so little time so I try to hustle and get as much done as possible.

EIN: One of my favourite books of recent years was your 2015 fabulous publication ‘Sound Explosion’ about LA’s “Wrecking Crew”. How long did it take you to research such a detailed book?

K.S: That book was a true labor of love and took a few years to put together. I interviewed many members of the Wrecking Crew along with artists, producers and songwriters that worked with them. Working on the book was a fascinating experience and through the memories and reminiscences from those I interviewed I feel I was able to paint a picture of what it was like to be in the recording studio in the 60s as hits ranging from “Be My Baby “ to “Good Vibrations”, “If I Can Dream” to “River Deep, Mountain High” were created.

EIN: I can truly say that anyone interested in the 60's era of LA recordings - and they had so many stunning hits, not only Elvis need to buy this book! The list of musical creativity pumping out from those studios, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Glen Campbell, The Byrds, The Mamas & the Papas, Sonny and Cher, Phil Spector even Frank Sinatra they did everything - as well as being the backing-band for Elvis' Comeback Special! Living in LA do you have any particular personal story you can share about visiting these studios or talking to these amazing musicians?

K.S: For me, it was a blast to go into Radio Recorders and imagine a young Elvis recording many of his essential recordings. It was a thrill to meet with Dave Gold at his home; he was co-owner of Gold Star Studios, the home of the “Wall of Sound,” and see microphones he saved that we’re used in the studio along with a piece from their infamous echo chamber heard on records ranging from “Be My Baby,” “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, “Walking In The Rain” and many more.

EIN: In the book you interviewed so many musicians, such as Mike Deasy, who had also been involved with Elvis’ LA recording sessions however at the time they were purely session musicians. Do you feel working with Elvis Presley was different to them than other musicians and in particular what did you learn from super-drummer Hal Blaine about working with Elvis?

K.S: Yes, I do think that there was an extra layer of excitement from some of these seasoned session players when working with such a superstar like Elvis. But what always comes through when speaking to these folks and others that worked with him was how professional, easy-going and hard-working Elvis was. The fun nature of working with him certainly resonated with session legends like Hal Blaine. It was particularly fascinating speaking to some of the session players who were a part of Elvis ‘68 comeback special. For instance, the red electric guitar that you see Elvis playing at the beginning of the show was borrowed from Al Casey, one of the Wrecking Crew musicians involved in the special.

EIN: Looking back to your ‘Writing For The King’ book and other interviews it is frightening to realise how many of these amazing musicians and composers have passed away in the last few years. Do you feel lucky that you were there at just the right time before it was all too late? It must be a thankful realisation that you did all that research just in time.

K.S: I feel extraordinarily lucky and fortunate that I was able to speak to 140 songwriters for that book. Since that book came out 13 years ago, sadly many key songwriters who I interviewed for the book like Jerry Leiber, Dennis Linde, Clyde Otis, Ben Weisman and many more are gone. Given those tragic losses, I wish I was able to start working on my book many years earlier as I would have loved to have interviewed Otis Blackwell, Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman, and countless others.

EIN: Of all the Elvis' acquaintances that you interviewed who made the most impression on you?

K.S: For the Writing For The King book, apart from speaking to the likes of Leiber and Stoller, Mark James, Mac Davis, Paul Simon, John Fogerty, and others, I was especially excited to conduct two extensive interviews with Freddy Bienstock who was able to provide deep insight into the machinations behind the songs Elvis would go on to record.

EIN: Is there someone in particular that you wanted to go back and re-interview that you now realise you missed your chance?

K.S: Even though I interviewed Freddy Bienstock twice, I wish I had the opportunity to have done a few more interview sessions. Getting to speak at length was a coup in itself and with Freddy also now gone, I remain grateful for that wonderful opportunity.

EIN: Back in 2006 or thereabouts you interviewed over 100 people for your marvellous book about Elvis' Las Vegas comeback ‘Elvis Vegas 69’, now looking back did you even comprehend the importance of these interviews as all too many cannot be repeated?

K.S: Sadly, I never had a chance to see Elvis live. My friend and fellow Elvis fan, Larry Elliott, and I were supposed to see him at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in the summer of 1974 but we get not get our parents to take us. That remains a major regret of mine. I first got into Elvis in the late ‘60s. My first Elvis album was “Elvis’ Golden Hits Volume One” and my first single with my own money was 'Don’t Cry Daddy'. Elvis’ “ In Person-Live From The International Hotel” was my favorite album growing up and my friend Larry Elliott and I used to play that on the record player in our sixth grade classroom and dance and gyrate to the music. It was so exciting then and now.

Putting together the “Elvis: Vegas ‘69” book was my way of vicariously putting myself thick in the action. I worked for years tracking down as many people involved in his return to Vegas, from members of the TCB Band to Priscilla Presley to Emilio Muscelli, the maitre d’ who’d seat folks inside the International Hotel showroom. I’ve had many dreams of being there and happily have been to the hotel many years later and was taken on a tour of the stage and backstage so I was able to conjure what it was like. Doing the book was my way of time traveling and being in Vegas to witness Elvis in July/August of ‘69.

EIN: I love that concept of yours - you missed out on seeing Elvis in the flesh but almost realised the same excitement but working so much on the book!

Of all the stories you heard about the 1969 Las Vegas shows who's stories impressed you the most, or gave you the biggest thrill to hear?

K.S: While there are many stories told in the book that were eye opening and revelatory, I’m still moved hearing the story Sonny West told how after the opening show that the Colonel was in tears hugging Elvis, both united in the triumph that went down on July 31, 1969. A rare display of emotion and vulnerability for The Colonel and Elvis was seemingly very moved as well by that, which remains deeply touching for me.

Sonny West: I was over to the side of the stage when he came off and said, "Man, Elvis! Good God! You are something!"
He kinda grinned and said, "It felt good."
He was ready to go more. He realized this was the start of being back and doing what he really wanted to do.

EIN: You have written books about both Elvis and The Beatles. Quentin Tarantino would suggest that you have to be a Beatles OR an Elvis fan, so which is it to you?

K.S: Actually, he’s wrong. I’m both a huge Elvis and Beatles fan: Elvis is my favorite artist and The Beatles are my favorite group so happy to champion both extraordinary artists. I have always been fascinated by Elvis’ meeting with The Beatles in August ‘65 and have asked both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr about that meeting. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that historic summit meeting!

EIN: You wrote the sleeve notes for the 40th anniversary legacy ‘On Stage’ release, including..

"Backstage, Elvis was a twitching ball of nerves, pacing the dressing room like a panther....
Rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson remembered, "When the curtain was ready to go up, he was visibly shaking but he was ready."
Opening with a raucous rendition of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes," Elvis, dressed in a stylish jet black Bill Belew designed outfit, grabbed the mike and sang the song's opening couplet, "Well, it's a one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready" and boy did that cat go.
"When he walked out on that stage it was magical," enthused Priscilla Presley. "The energy was incredible. He was like this tiger on stage that was unchained. It was like watching an animal unfold in front of your eyes with this magnetism that drew everyone in. I'm sitting there in the first row seeing him perform and my mouth dropped open, 'My God, it's a totally different Elvis."'
During the press conference that followed opening night, Elvis fessed up that he indeed was nervous "for the first three songs or so, before I loosened up. Then I thought, 'What the heck. Get with it, man, or you might be out of a job tomorrow."'

How do you personally compare Elvis' 1969 on stage performances to his MGM filmed 1970 concerts?

K.S: I love both the 1969 and 1970 Vegas engagements. The 1969 engagement marked Elvis is long-awaited return to the stage and after his bad experience in Vegas in 1956, Elvis truly delivered in Sin City and re-claimed his artistry as a consummate performer. By the time 1970 can around, he was more confident and was inserting many new songs into the set, beautiful songs like “Just Pretend,” “The Next Step Is Love,” “Don’t Cry Daddy,” “Kentucky Rain,” “I Just Can’t Help Believing” and rip roaring rockers like “Patch It Up” and others. If I could take the way back machine to either ‘69 or ‘70 I’d be one happy boy.

EIN: What did you make of the recent ‘Comeback Special’ celebrations? Did you see the special cinema presentation and what did you think of the NBC ‘All Star Tribute’?

K.S: I did see the comeback special in the theater and enjoyed it immensely along with the mini documentary presentation before hand. As for the NBC all-star tribute, while I will always support getting Elvis additional exposure to new generations of fans, I enjoyed Mac Davis and to a lesser extent, John Fogerty and Keith Urban but overall I was not particularly impressed by others that performed.

EIN: It is so upsetting that so many close Elvis colleagues have died so recently, Joe Esposito, Red West, Sonny West, Marty Lacker, George Klein, just to name a few. As an author do you feel that the loss of these contacts changes the way that we can understand and research Elvis is amazing legacy?

K.S: I feel very grateful that I was able to speak with all of the above folks for my books and articles. These gentlemen offered the keys to Elvis his life and losing these folks is very sad. As a writer and author, not having Elvis is closest friends available to provide insight and information makes it even more challenging to illuminate Elvis‘s legacy.

EIN: How astounding that EPE managed to sort out their differences with Red West just as they were making the documentary ‘The Searcher’. It was just in time. What did you think of the documentary? Did you think it did Elvis' legacy a disservice by leaving out the last few years of his life, when surely Elvis was searching the most?

K.S: I was very happy that EPE were able to get Red onboard with that project. I was able to interview Red West for my 'Writing For The King' book and he shared deep insight into the writing songs he wrote or co-wrote for Elvis like 'Separate Ways', 'If You Talk In Tour Sleep' and 'If You Think I Don’t Need You'. I enjoyed the documentary and interviewed the director about it. I can’t second-guess why the last few years of Elvis’s life we’re not covered but I think him contextualizing his life, his influences and his psyche, they did a fine job.

EIN: What was it like to interview Ginger Alden?

K.S: I enjoyed speaking to Ginger tremendously I found her to be very articulate and real, and feel the book was her way to set the record straight after so many years.

EIN: Since you first published your book ‘Elvis Vegas 69’ they have been a plethora of Elvis photo books published by the likes of FTD and The Elvis Files but none have come as close to you or amazing in depth research and all the interviews you did delving deep into those crucial months of Elvis' Las Vegas return-to-splendour.

Your book also contained a pile of photos of Elvis performing on stage in 1969, plenty of them brand new to me at the time. What was it like for you "discovering" those stunning photos and how many unseen images do you think you collected in your book?

K.S: It was a thrill and a major source of pride for me to track down images rarely seen or never before seen of Elvis performing in Vegas in ‘69. In addition to dealing with photo agencies and photographers who covered Elvis ‘ engagement at The International Hotel, I was fortunate enough to have gone through over 1000 images in Graceland’s archive and was able to discover some tremendously exciting images. I also must give mighty kudos to my good friends Paul and Joan Gansky who selflessly lent their support, expertise and memories. They witnessed many ‘69 shows and accumulated an astounding collection of International Hotel memorabilia, from match books to hotel brochures, notwithstanding Paul’s superb images of the Hotel while it was being built and his jaw dropping night-time image of the marquee lighting up Vegas. Bright light city indeed!

EIN: I am sure that Elvis fans who missed the chance of buying your book first time round will want to know if it has been republished for the 50th anniversary?

K.S: Sadly I cannot afford to reprint the book in large numbers. However what I can say is that I do still have a Limited Number of copies of the book that I am making available for this 50th anniversary - and will be happy to sign them as well if fans are interested. Even better I am happy to sell them for their original price of $50!

EIN: That's impressive value as I thought your book was a bargain back in 2009!

KS: Yes, no inflation in the Elvis world for me! I’m selling the book for exactly what it sold for when first published plus shipping/handling. I also have a few spare copies of my Writing For The King book as well so if any folks want that one, feel free to get in touch.
Please email

EIN: We all know that there is a Sony deluxe release about to be announced for the 50th anniversary of Elvis' 1969 Las Vegas concerts. Maybe you are not allowed to tell me but can I ask you if you have been involved in any way with this up-and-coming release?

K.S: I’m honored to say that I was involved with the forthcoming Sony box set. In the accompanying book, I contributed the essay and provided an oral history behind Elvis’s return to the stage. 50 years ago if you had told this little kid that he’d be involved in such an important and historic release I would never have believed you. But that dream came true and I’m excited for Elvis fans to get a chance to absorb The King in all his live glory, ‘69 style!

EIN: What are you working on now, more interviews, your music, perhaps another book?

K.S: As mentioned earlier I’m keeping busy writing and recording new songs for an album coming later this year. I continue to do interviews and write for various music magazines and I’m reprinting my books on Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, the power pop band, Raspberries and have a few books planned but too soon to reveal the subject. I’m also taking part in the 20th Annual Elvis Festival taking place on August 25th in Garden Grove, California in late August. I’ll be selling copies of my two Elvis books and also will be one of the performers doing their own take of an Elvis song. In my case, it was too hard to choose one song so I’ll be doing a medley of three Elvis songs, two hits and one deeper track that I love and think would have been a smash hit had it been released as a single—“I Got Lucky.”

EIN: Ken, thanks so much for sparing the time and also for your help in keeping Elvis' legacy shining bright.

K.S: My pleasure, it's always fun to chat. By the way if you or EIN readers want to keep up with all my books and music releases I have a new website since we last spoke, please check it out at this link


EIN Note- Check out our original review of ELVIS VEGAS '69 for more photos and details.

Note photos above are personal low-res scans - you will have to buy the book to see the true high-res quality

Interview by Piers Beagley.
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'ELVIS: Vegas '69' - Book Review: Written by Ken Sharp author of the critically acclaimed ' Writing For The King' the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis' return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis' miraculous artistic and creative rebirth. But does 'Elvis:Vegas '69' live up to its promises?

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Jerry Schilling Interview: Ken Sharp recently interviewed one of Elvis' closest insiders Jerry Schilling for the US Goldmine magazine. Jerry Schilling and Elvis forged a close friendship that lasted from the mid 1950s all the way to Elvis' death in 1977. Jerry Schilling was a trusted friend and confidante who enjoyed an eyewitness take on life inside the gates of Graceland. He was also Lisa Marie's first manager and he still has strong bonds with EPE and Priscilla. His recent book 'Me And A Guy Named Elvis' however was one of the best releases of last year and his honesty was quite delightful. In this long and fascinating interview with EIN contributor Ken Sharp, Jerry reveals some great stories of his life with Elvis.

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