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Friday 30 August 2019
Ernst Jorgensen's Top Five 'Suspicious Minds': For the 50th anniversary of 'Suspicious Minds' "Ultimate Classic Rock" got Ernst Jorgensen to pick out his Top 5 favorite recordings of 'Suspicious Minds' from the eight years that ELVIS sang the song. EIN wish that we had thought of this great idea.
.. Back when Elvis released 'Suspicious Minds' on August 26, 1969, he was on the cusp of his final grand musical resurrection. The Chips Moman produced 'Suspicious Minds' would prove that at Memphis' American Sound Studio Elvis was singing better, and making more consistently great music, than he had in years.
Here are Ernst Jorgensen's Top Five.
5. American Sound 1969 (The Outtakes)

The undubbed master from the original recording session in January 1969. As Elvis had learned the hard way in the mid-'60s, without a great song, it doesn't matter how good a singer you are. This basic version of the song, before all the overdubbed musicians and singers, and without the legendary "endless" ending, proves just that point. This naked version shows just how strong the song and Elvis' performance are. Possibly more poignant than any other version, this has timeless beauty, which will forever stand the challenge of time and fashion.

4. Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite, Jan. 14, 1973.
The most known version of all and also on film. The claim at the time was that Aloha From Hawaii was watched by no less than 1 billion people. The show has reappeared again and again on TV, and if people have a memory of his exceptional performance of the song, this version is most likely what they remember.

3. As Recorded at Madison Square Garden, June 10, 1972.
"Suspicious Minds" would be a highlight of most shows for the rest of Elvis' career, and literally hundreds of versions exist. This New York version represented a triumph for Elvis. He had never played in New York City, and basically felt that people "up there" didn't like him, based on the devastating criticism that the New York media had given in his early career.

Four sold-out shows at the Garden was a sweet revenge and triumph, and his band probably never played better than here.

2. ELVIS LIVE 1969, Aug. 25, 1969, Midnight Show.(Elvis In Person)
When Elvis returned to live performances on July 31, 1969, he had compiled a set list of many of his older hits, mixed it with some new songs, and highlighted it with a seven-minute version of "Suspicious Minds" to be the climax of the show. His faith in the song was immense - it hadn't even been released as a single yet. This performance, on the eve of its release as a single, has a unique extended instrumental introduction, and displays Elvis and his band at their most passionate, virtuosic and barely-in-control best. By the end, Elvis is spent; he has given everything to his performance.
1. Original studio recording, January 1969, American Sound Studio, Memphis
In 1969 Elvis had just relaunched an otherwise fading career with, first, the NBC TV show and then the legendary recording sessions in Memphis. The first release from the sessions, "In the Ghetto," brought him back to the top of the charts. "Suspicious Minds" was the second single from these sessions and took him back to the No. 1 spot. It is one of Elvis' most enduring hits.
Go here to UCR for the article and video links
(News, Source;UCR/ElvisInfoNet)

“Elvis Loving You Roadster” For Auction: This weekend GWS Auctions out up for sale the unique Elvis Presley owned hot rod - the “Elvis Roadster” - auctioned for the first-time ever. The hot rod is a one-owner car and has never been offered for sale publicly or privately. The phenomenal, one-of-a-kind car is among the extraordinary items up for grabs from the King and other entertainment giants.
Twice on display at the Smithsonian, exhibited at the Petersen Automotive Museum and the National Hot Rod Museum, the car was featured prominently in Elvis' first movie starring role in 1957's “Loving You.” More than a mere prop, the Elvis-driven hot rod played a pivotal part in the film, including a loving, detailed description of its unique characteristics.
Hot-rodding pioneer John Athan custom-designed and built the auto in 1937. The groundbreaking car could reach speeds of more than 100 mph. Elvis who loved cars almost as much as he loved music, wanted to buy it, but Athan refused to sell it to him.
The roadster had too much sentimental value: Athan, who died in 2016, and his wife had driven it from LA to Las Vegas to get married. Athan is the only owner the car has ever had. Furthermore, Athan’s wife will help sell the car on auction day at the live event. She is 89 years old.
The Presley movie made the car a star and gave it the moniker that lasts to this day. Despite its auto exhibit status, because the roadster has never been offered for sale, it has flown under the radar for Elvis collectors, until now.
The auction also features Elvis’s personal white 1973 Lincoln Continental stretch limousine; the last motorcycle he ever purchased, a 1976 Harley Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide; and a Circle G Ranch GMC pickup truck; as well as other, never before seen Presley memorabilia.
The GWS Auction will take place at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood this Saturday, August 31, 2019, beginning at 10am PT. Click here to GWS auctions for more
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

New FTD releases Delayed- 'ELVIS: American Sound 1969' FTD 5CD Box-Set: To celebrate FTD’s 20th Anniversary, FTD is pleased to announce the release of 'ELVIS: AMERICAN SOUND 1969' a 5CD Deluxe Complete sessions release.
Keen collectors were disappointed when the recent  'American Sound 1969' was announced as a DIGITAL release only for the general public. The Memphis 1969 session collection features over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis’ 1969 American Sound Studio sessions, which resulted in his From Elvis In Memphis record later that year. From Elvis In Memphis ranks among Elvis’ most universally beloved records, spawning the iconic hit 'In The Ghetto'. However FTD have the solution... 
With 'Suspicious Minds' celebrating its 50th Anniversary on August 26th 2019, Elvis’ pivotal Year of 1969 can be celebrated with 'Elvis: American Sound 1969' a deluxe box-set featuring all known and previously unreleased outtakes from the legendary American Sound Sessions, Including “In The Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds”.
This 5-CD set that’s part of FTD’s new ‘Sessions’ series, includes a 28-page booklet with rare photos and memorabilia.
Go here to 'FTD Releases' for the full-tracklist.
EIN notes that in all honesty only a very few outtakes have not yet been released by FTD and these are...
Long Black Limousine – Takes 1,2,3 & 5
Wearin’ That Loved On Look – Takes 1,2, & 5
You’ll Think Of Me – Takes 11, 19, 20 & 22
In The Ghetto – Takes 5-10 - .... and that is all.
However to have all these session gathered together on a 5 disc set with 28-page booklet plus uniform remastering makes this an essential collector's purchase if you can afford it.
Both the FTD 'ELVIS: American Sound 1969' box-set and ‘Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee’ Double-Vinyl releases are now delayed until the last week of September. (see details below): (News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 27 August 2019

'Suspicious Minds' - Elvis' Greatest Single?: "It was fifty years ago today".. 'Suspicious Minds' was released on August 26th 1969. While the NBC '68 TV Special, along with the single 'In the Ghetto' had pushed Elvis back to the forefront of popular culture, it would be the release of Elvis' last US Number 1 single that would ultimately prove to all the critics that Elvis was a still relevant contemporary musical force.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary EIN looks back in detail at the history of this classic song, including new interviews with Marty Lacker and Bobby Wood, as well as insights from composer Mark James and producer Chips Moman.

Go here for this fascinating spotlight

(Spotlight, Source; EIN)

Elvis and the ‘Suspicious Minds’ fade-Out: Interestingly Rolling Stone magazine in article by Stephen Betts discusses the dramatic fade-out on Elvis classic single 'Suspicious Minds' released August 26th fifty years ago!
the article includes..
In mid-January 1969, Elvis Presley and his entourage arrived at American Sound Studios in Memphis for a scheduled 10-day recording session with studio producer Chips Moman and Presley’s longtime RCA producer Felton Jarvis. These would be the first sessions Presley had done outside of Nashville or Hollywood since his last Sun Records sessions in 1955 and would take place just weeks after Presley’s triumphant 1968 comeback special. Aired on NBC during the Christmas season, the special fueled a renewed interest in Presley to shift his focus in the studio from movie-soundtrack fodder to songs he could feel more invested in recording and performing.
With a rhythm section made up of the studio’s famed house band, the Memphis Boys, led by guitarist Reggie Young, the sessions injected elements of Memphis soul, gospel, blues, and country into the resultant cuts, compiled for an LP titled From Elvis in Memphis. The single released from the album was the Mac Davis-penned “In the Ghetto,” a Top Five hit for Presley and his highest-charting hit since 1965’s “Crying in the Chapel.”
Perhaps the most well-known of the songs recorded during these sessions, however, was one written by Houston-based singer - songwriter Mark James called “Suspicious Minds.”
In 1968, James had cut the tune as a single for New York-based label Scepter Records. Also produced by Moman at American Sound using many of the same musicians as Presley’s version, James’ more subdued country-sounding take on the song failed to chart.
ELVIS' rendition, however, which hit stores 50 years ago this week, became an instant smash. By mid-1969, the King had logged 17 Number One hits on Billboard’s pop chart. This would be his 18th and final US chart-topper.
One of the more unusual aspects of the single is the fade-out that begins at about 3:35, lasting for several seconds before fading back in and resuming normal volume, then fading out again for good. While accounts vary as to how this came about, one version is that the edit was producer Jarvis’ idea, executed at a Las Vegas studio in early August after witnessing Presley onstage during his series of concerts at the International Hotel. During the epic performance of the then-unknown track, Presley and the band would attack then retreat several times, lowering their collective volume on the tune and thereby enhancing its already intrinsic dramatic effect. With a running time of around eight minutes during most of the performances from July 31st to August 28th, 1969, “Suspicious Minds” became one of the more irresistible showpieces of the triumphant Vegas concerts.
The eight takes of “Suspicious Minds” from the Memphis sessions are among the 90 tracks included on the just-digitally released American Sound 1969 collection, which boasts several rare and previously unreleased takes from Presley and the legendary musicians. This month Sony also released Live 1969, a spectacular 11-CD box set that collects 11 of the performances from the International Hotel shows.

Go here for the full RS article - - -- see EIN Spotlight above for the full story
(News, Source;RS/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Meets The Beatles': "It was fifty-four years ago today!!"... on August 27, 1965 An EIN spotlight on this famous night in 1965 when the Fab Four finally met the King. In 1965 The Beatles manager Brian Epstein initiated contact with Colonel Parker, and the decision was made that on the night of August 27, the Beatles would come to Elvis’ home for an informal get-together. Intensive security arrangements were worked out, and it was agreed that no press would be involved and no pictures would be taken or recordings made of whatever happened.

"So many things could have gone wrong,"
says Jerry Schilling, "If Colonel and Brian hadn’t gotten along, it wouldn’t have gotten past the phone-call stage. But there were no ego battles, and from the start it was approached as a pair of music greats coming together out of admiration for each other."

Piers Beagley and Chuck Crisafulli tell the story of this amazing night.

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Prince's Estate take charge of home Tours from EPE: Since October 2016 Graceland Holdings (the company responsible for the Graceland tours) started to run the Paisley Park tours at PRINCE's home & recording studios at his $10 million Minnesota home – six months after Prince died in an elevator at the property.
Visitor estimates were originally 1,500 to 2,000 fans who might tour Prince's home every day during peak season. This put the figure close to Graceland's 600,000 per year but Paisley Park certainly doesn't have that "Homely" visual appeal of Elvis' old mansion and apparently the high visitor numbers did not eventuate.
The late superstar’s sister, Sharon Nelson, insists the estate is happy with the way Graceland Holdings ran the place as a museum, but economic reasons have forced her and other family members to make the change.
Graceland Holdings’ contract expires next month (Sep19), when bosses from the estate’s administrator, Comerica, will make a final decision on how to operate the place.
Despite the likely similarity to the Graceland concept apparently Prince didn't like comparisons noting "Prince doesn't want anybody "to feel like they've walked into Graceland" when visiting Paisley Park."
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

'Friday Night Lights' New Import CD: A new release from the Straight Arrow label - AUDIENCE RECORDINGS - and a direct follow-up to our July release called 'Kentucky Rain'
The Las Vegas, February 20th, 1970 Dinner show was previously released by the "SR" label from an inferior, basically unlistenable source. The show was incomplete with cuts and running way too slow.
Now you have a chance to listen to this fantastic concert in the best possible quality, for the first time.
The Las Vegas, February 20th, 1970 Midnight show is previously unreleased and it was never available in good quality and in complete form - until now! It is one of greatest Elvis shows ever with “Polk Salad Annie” and “Suspicious Minds” being reprised!!
We decided to add 5 bonus tracks, recorded during the February 21st, 1970 Dinner show. These tracks were never available in decent sound quality either. This release is presented in a de-luxe 8-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, February 1970.
Go here to 'All The Elvis CD News' for full tracklisting and details
(News, Source;SA/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 24 August 2019
Mixing 'Elvis LIVE': The new ELVIS LIVE box-set features eleven Elvis 1969 performances which have all been remixed by Grammy-winning Memphis engineer Matt Ross-Spang.
Previously Matt Ross-Spang has worked on 'Way Down in the Jungle Room' and The Searcher soundtrack all done in 'Sam C. Phillips Recording Service' in Memphis.
Recently he spoke to Bob Mehr of the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the importance of the project.
"It is Elvis, so you try not to think about the gravity of the assignment," says Ross-Spang, sitting behind his studio console at Phillips.
"But then people would pop into the studio... and Phillips has these wonderful echo chambers and acoustically, it's amazing. If you walk in the front door, it almost sounds like Elvis was here recording."
His first job for the Elvis estate and Sony/Legacy came in 2015.
"I worked on 'Way Down in the Jungle Room' - the studio
outtakes and unreleased takes. Then we did some live recordings from 1972, and studio recordings of those rehearsals for The Searcher soundtrack, and now this wonderful box set of Elvis at the International Hotel. They've all been amazing to work on. Everything Elvis is special."
"Live 1969 was the biggest show Elvis could do and you get to hear, for lack for a better word, his goofiness, his humor and hear him build his confidence back up as a performer.
The only thing I wanted to do was make sure you really heard Elvis through everything. I mixed it kind of old school. The great thing about Sony/Legacy is they want to do it right, using an analog console, doing it with analog gear. I did use some digital stuff for tape restoration. But main thing was just getting in there and riding the faders like they used to, to make sure you can hear Elvis' voice and then defining the band around that.
I tried to work fast. I always feel like the first impression is the best impression. I didn't want to overthink it, because there was a rawness to it that I wanted to keep.
On a lot of my favorite records, things jump out. The guitar solo might be a hair too loud, or a tambourine comes in a little too hot. But that's what pulls you in. I didn't want to make it like more modern records where everything is in its perfect little place.
It's a live concert. They're playing things a little faster than they would on the record, so things need to be punchy.
One of the unique highlights of the set for Ross-Spang was in the musicians who backed Presley including keyboardist Larry Muhoberac.
"He brought an extra funkiness. He played Wurlitzer and piano and played it a little bit differently and brought a real funkiness to the songs. The whole band really spread out on some of the songs, you could tell Elvis wanted to have fun with it."
Despite the somewhat daunting volume of material, more than 14 hours of audio, LIVE 1969 reveals a bigger story.
"To the non-Elvis fan, if there is such a thing, it might seem a crazy amount of stuff. But what's cool is hearing them refine the show as they go along, and Elvis refining how he tells his story. To me it's almost like a documentarian thing of witnessing him make it the best show possible. The box set as a whole is incredible."

Go here to Comm Appeal for the full article
(News, Source;MCA/ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

Now $135 (down from $160) <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £85.00

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites.

'Elvis Is Back' next Complete Sessions FTD: Ernst Jorgensen was in Memphis for Elvis Week and at the panel discussion he informed the audience that the next FTD "Complete Sessions" deluxe box-set would be the 1960 'Elvis Is Back' post-army sessions.
'Elvis is Back' was originally released by RCA in April 1960 and was recorded at two sessions March and April at RCA Studio B.
The sessions included ‘Girl Of My Best Friend’, ‘Stuck On You’, ‘Fever’, ‘It’s Now Or Never’, ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’, ‘Reconsider Baby’ and ‘Such A Night’.
FTD have released nearly all the sessions already (see 'E.I.B' FTD review) however there are still a few outakes we haven't got from tracks including 'Make Me Know It' , 'Soldier Boy', "Mess Of Blues', 'Fame And Fortune' and 'Girl Of My Best Friend'.
(See Keith Flynn's marvellous ELVIS Sessions site for all the info)

EIN rated the 'Fun In Acapulco Complete Sessions' very highly

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Dolly Parton Regrets telling Elvis ‘No’: Country music legend Dolly Parton just spoke out to express her regret over refusing to let Elvis cover her song I Will Always Love You, saying that it “broke her heart” to say no.
In a BBC Dolly Parton documentary will soon air the 73-year-old singer said that she’s “very protective” of her songs, explaining that’s why she refused to let Elvis cover the tune.
'I Will Always Love You' was Dolly’s first number one hit on the US Country charts when she released it in 1974, and it was later famously covered by Whitney Houston in 1992.
As she has previosuly explained Parton refused to let Elvis cover the song after his Col Parker insisted she would have to sign over half of the publishing rights.
“Elvis already had it worked up and he loved this song, in fact Priscilla had told me not very long ago that when she and Elvis were leaving the courthouse after they divorced, he was singing that to her. That "I Will Always Love You".
(EIN note: 'I Will Always Love You' was first released by Dolly on RCA March 18, 1974. Elvis' courthouse divorce settlement was on October 9, 1973. So it is INCREDIBLE that Elvis sang it to Priscilla that day)!
But it wasn’t about Elvis. Colonel Tom wanted to have his share on that song and I wouldn’t allow it because it was my most important copyright.
I’d already had a number one song myself, and it broke my heart because Elvis didn’t get to sing it.
But I’ve been protective of my songs, like you are with your children through the years”.
The BBC documentary is called 'Dolly’s Country' and it will take fans on Dolly’s 50 year journey through her career.
(News, Source;BBC/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 21 August 2019 - - - - Fifty years ago today. . . .

It was fifty years ago today that RCA started professionally recording ELVIS LIVE 1969 at the International Hotel Las Vegas. RCA recorded eleven concerts, all of which have now been released in the new deluxe box-set. Fifty years later fans can truly reminisce about all the excitement that Elvis generated as he returned to live performances. The eleven concerts would be culled to produce the 'Elvis In Person' 13-track album which would be released in November 1969. In 2019 EIN suggests you relive every concert day-by-day on their 50th anniversary.

Elvis history with Ernst Jorgensen: While over in Memphis for Elvis Week 2019 Elvis historian Ernst Jorgensen appeared on WREG News TV to talk about the new 1969 LIVE box-set and Elvis in general.
Unfortunately the questions were a little simplistic - "Is Elvis the greatest that ever lived?" - "How much does Elvis consume you?" but Jorgensen is fabulously animated in his replies, obviously enjoying the interview.
There is a marvelous reaction to the question, "Is there any new Elvis find that still surprises you today?"
He says about the 1969 LIVE set, "This is a music fan's dream, 11 consecutive shows professionally recorded"

Runs 6 minutes, worth a watch.
Click HERE to You-Tube

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Unleashed' in Cinemas Worldwide: The company that brought the '68 Special' 50th anniversary event in the cinemas worldwide are going for another replay.
Their publicity says...Experience the King Like Never Before With 'Elvis Unleashed'.
Elvis Presley returns to big screens across the globe this fall with the new music special, "Elvis Unleashed," featuring previously unseen footage on movie theater screens of Elvis as he filmed the iconic "68 Comeback Special." The two-day cinema event, which includes outtakes and performances that reveal a new side of the King, will air in cinemas on October 7, with an encore screening on October 10.
"Elvis Unleashed" captures the spontaneous moments and stories behind the legendary special, and sheds new light on Elvis as a cultural icon.Each screening will include a new 30-minute segment with Los Angeles Times lead music writer Randy Lewis in conversation with actor Dennis Quaid, rising pop/country artist Jade Jackson and the esteemed director and producer of the "68 Elvis Comeback Special," Steve Binder, to discuss Elvis's life and legacy. Quaid and Jackson are set to perform some Elvis classics, while Randy Lewis discusses the behind-the-scenes interactions that Binder had with Elvis and his manager Colonel Parker, as well as celebrating the King.
This brand-new content is produced by Spencer Proffer, CEO of Meteor 17, and Dave Harding, in association with ABG.
Tickets for US screenings of "Elvis Unleashed" can be purchased at www.FathomEvents.com and participating theater box offices.
Fathom Events will present "Elvis Unleashed" in more than 800 US movie theaters -  for a complete list of U.S. theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website.
International cinema locations and ticket-on-sale dates will be announced at a later date.
Click here to Fathom Events for Theatre locations & info
(News, Source;FE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Singer Presents Elvis' Import Re-Release: This bootleg set was first released in 2011 and sold out immediately, mainly because of the many completely unreleased tracks. Most of these tracks are still only available on this set and we’ve got a lot of request for this CD. So we decided to make a low budget version and give everyone the possibility to own these recording on the label that made them available. As with all Venus releases all tracks are uncut and the sound is top notch!
Tracklisting: Musicians warming up - Nothingville / Guitar Man (part 1 - evil section, take 1) - Let Yourself Go (section 2 - takes 2,3,4,5 take 6, take7) - Trouble / Guitar Man (opening - take 1, takes 2,3) - Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child /Where Could I Go But To The Lord (rehearsal, incomplete) - Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child /Where Could I Go But To The Lord (take 1) - It Hurts Me (composite of section 4 - take 1 & “After Karate” section 1 - take 1) - Guitar Man (section 1 - escape, takes 2,3,4, takes 5,6,7,8) - Calliope Carneval (section 2 - escape, take 1) - Big Boss Man (section 3 - escape, take 1 - Big Boss Man (section 3 - escape, take 2) - It Hurts Me (section 4 - escape, take 1) - It Hurts Me (section 4 - escape, takes 2,3,4, take 5) - It Hurts Me (section 4 - escape, take 5-7) - It Hurts Me (section 1 - after Karate, take 1, takes 2,3, takes 4,5) - Saved (alternate take) - Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Where Could I Go But To The Lord / Yes Yes Yes / Up Above My Head / I Found That Light / Saved (master with count-in) - Nothingville / Big Boss Man / Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Trouble / Guitar Man (master) - If I Can Dream (take 5 with count-in)
(News, Source;VN/ElvisInfoNet)

'The European Side Of Elvis / Words And Music' New Import CD: Housed in a beautiful slipcase is a 6 panel digipack with 2 rare albums. The publicity notes... This limited Edition collectors pack contains masters and rare alternate tracks.
"Words and Music" was only released on CD in Australia in the mid 80's and is very hard to find these days. We present it here with rare bonus tracks and mixed with Elvis quotes just like the original release.
"The European Side Of Elvis" was never released on CD.
All tracks on this album are rare alternate tracks !
This stunning new release is a great addition to your Elvis CD collection !
EIN Notes -This is the sound of the barrel being scraped- to describe the tracks on "The European Side Of Elvis" as rare alternate tracks is ridiculous...
'It's Now Or Never (undubbed master) & 'Surrender (spliced take 7)' are both on the FTD Elvis' Golden Records Vol3 ... 'You Don't have To Say You Love Me (take 2)' is on the FTD 'That's The Way It Is'.... Ask Me (rejected 1963 master) is on the FTD 'Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee' etc etc
Go here to 'All The Elvis CD News' for full details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 19 August 2019
ELVIS New Animated Series On Netflix: Netflix has picked up a new animated series inspired by the late music icon, Elvis Presley. The streaming service confirmed Friday, the 42nd anniversary of Presley's death, that it has ordered Agent King, an adult action comedy co-created by Priscilla Presley and singer John Eddie. Priscilla Presley and Eddie will executive produce the new show, with Mike Arnold to co-executive produce and serve as showrunner and writer. Arnold has previously penned episodes of the FX series Archer.
Agent King imagines Presley, who died at age 42 in 1977, as a spy in addition to the King of Rock and Roll.
"Priscilla Presley & John Eddie co-created AgentKing, featuring Elvis Presley as a
covert government agent who fights to keep America safe while also maintaining his cover as the King of RocknRoll."
Priscilla Presley shared her excitement in a statement Friday. "From the time Elvis was a young boy he always dreamed of being the superhero fighting crime and saving the world! Agent King lets him do just that! My co-creator John Eddie and I are so excited to be working with Netflix and Sony Animation on this amazing project and getting the chance to show the world an Elvis they haven't seen before," she added.
News of the series follows word Australian director Baz Luhrmann is making a new biopic about Presley. Austin Butler will play Presley in the film, which begins production in early 2020.
(News, Source:VariousElvisInfoNet)

New ELVIS Museum on Australia's Gold Coast: Greg Page may no longer be the "yellow Wiggle" but he odes own the largest collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia outside the US which he is now bringing to a new ELVIS PRESLEY Museum at Queenslands's Gold Coast.
A co-founder of kids’ supergroup The Wiggles, Greg Page began amassing his Elvis collection about 15 years ago after an earlier visit to Graceland.
Last Friday, the 42nd anniversary of Elvis’ death he noted, “That visit made me connect with the story of The King’s life, not so much his fame but his personal struggles on and off the stage.”
Page invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of his Wiggles fortune buying Elvis collectables including clothing, jewellery, furniture, photos Cadillac cars and even Presley’s marriage certificate from his 1967 wedding to Priscilla.
In 2009, he loaned the valuable collection to the
NSW town of Parkes which runs Australia's biggest Elvis Festival each January.
Dubbed The King’s Castle, part of the now-permanent attraction has been brought to the Gold Coast for what Page hopes will also be a long-term exhibition.
The exhibition which opened today at the Italo-Australian Club at Clear Island Waters, includes ‘priceless’ items such as a black onyx, gold and diamond necklace that Presley wore in his last show.
Go HERE to the Museum Website for tickets and more info
(News, Source;ABC/ElvisInfoNet)

Remembering Presleymania: In 1956-57 Elvis was considered by many to be the devil incarnate, a vile sexual pervert out to destroy the morals of teenage girls. The following excerpts taken from The Elvis Atlas (by Michael Gray and Roger Osborne) – an innovative approach to the Elvis story which through the use of road maps takes the reader on a wonderful tour through Elvis Presley’s America – highlight the stir that Elvis’ on-stage performances caused:

“The trouble with going to see Elvis Presley is that you’re liable to get killed. The experience is the closest thing to getting hit on the head by an atomic bomb. All to see Elvis sing, stomp, stagger and strum.” (Frank Beckman, Free Press)

“Elvis, leaning backwards like an intoxicated seaman with a gale at his heels while the fans whistled, screamed, wept, stomped their feet, jumped up on their seats, ran up and down the aisles and shrieked over and over again ‘Ohhh Elvis, Elvis!” (Paul Wallace, Long Beach Press-Telegram)

“A hard working stripper who tried anything like it would find herself a guest of the country.” (Variety)

A ban on lewd movements and wiggles on stage was enforced by Louisville Police Chief, Carl Hestis.

Female students of Notre Dame High School burned Elvis souvenirs together with an effigy, and prayed for forgiveness for their teenage excesses. “girls shrieked and Elvis shrieked, but he was outnumbered.” (Post-Dispatch, St. Louis)

“On stage he is obscene, ridiculous and sullen, yet he gets $50,000 a week because of his appearances. Off-stage he appears polite and good-natured, only too eager to tell the truth about the way he acts and feels.” (Donalee Donaldson, Lakeland Ledger)

“Tennessee fugitive from a barber shop.... Elvis Presley, who allegedly sings.” (Jim O’Connor, Daily News)

“The sound from the audience was like 12,000 girls having their heads shaved at once.” (Don Duncan, Tacoma News-Tribune)

“His performance was the most disgusting exhibition this reporter has ever seen. He has a sulky look and his infrequent smile is almost surly. The act was merely variations on a single theme, except that each wiggle was a little more ‘low down’.” (Marjorie Howe, Sioux City Journal)

“At the first tap of the Presley leg, the auditorium exploded.” (David Lee, La Crosse Tribune)

Note: Following the Elvis show a letter was sent from La Crosse to J Edgar Hoover at the FBI. It read:

“The filthiest and most harmful production that ever came to La Crosse for exhibition to teenagers.... sexual gratification on stage...a strip-tease with clothes on...may possibly be a drug addict and sexual pervert.”

Perspectives on Elvis’ passing - Mick Farren: The outpouring of grief and tributes following Elvis’ death in August 1977 was unprecedented in the music world. (The late) Mick Farren, author of many books, including four about Elvis (Elvis In His Own Words; Elvis The Illustrated Record; The Hitchhikers Guide to Elvis; and Elvis & the Colonel) was, at the time, a journalist with Britain’s New Musical Express. Farren, once a prominent figure in the Sixties (counter culture) underground, remembered the idol very much as thousands of his generation will – as a brash, brazen young man who started something totally original and vital and then opted out.
Even Elvis’s comeback was not to Farren: “His return was for the blue-rinse and double knit set. He was fated never to return to rock and rollers and overgrown juvenile delinquents who had sweated out their adolescence with him.” There is a sense of loss in Farren’s article, but the loss came in 1958 not in 1977. (Source: Elvis Man & Myth A Personal Comment on the Legend, Nigel Trevena, Rooster/Bantam, UK, 1977)

Elvis as a religious figure: Since the Elvis’s death at Graceland on Aug. 16, 1977, at age 42, there have been alleged post-death sightings of Elvis. It gave him a resurrection theme to go with his divine pop culture status as “The King,” after a rise from humble beginnings in a stable-like home in Tupelo, Miss.

In 2006, Gregory L. Reece, a former instructor at the University of Montevallo, wrote a book called “Elvis Religion: Cult of the King.” Reece explored the possibility that Elvis had founded his own religion.

''I don’t think there’s an Elvis cult,'' Reece said. ''But there are a lot of religious references to Elvis in popular culture.''

Reece, a former Methodist minister who has taught classes in religion and philosophy at several Alabama colleges, once taught a class at the University of Montevallo applying scientific methods of analyzing religion to the cult of Elvis Presley. He did a similar presentation at the American Academy of Religion, which caught the attention of a book editor.

Some say the intense devotion to Presley constitutes not just reverence but worship, and that his life bears messianic parallels. Presley died and many think he lives on; pilgrims constantly throng his home, Graceland in Memphis, as if it’s the Holy Land; his image on objects turns them into icons; relics from his lifetime are treasured; a priesthood of Elvis impersonators imitate him in reverence.

Elvis has become a god and his followers may be on the verge of creating a religion, argued Ted Harrison, in his 1992 book ''Elvis People: The Cult of the King.'' Harrison wrote that it’s the early development of a religion, and the impersonators are a representation of Elvis on Earth in the way priests represent Christ at the Mass.

"When I started working on the book, I assumed he was correct, but I just couldn’t find any evidence of it,'’ Reece said. ''My book is kind of a response to his. I have a different take on it. I couldn’t find any evidence of any communities of people worshiping Elvis. I didn’t find the pilgrimage to Graceland being overly religious. But the religious imagery of Elvis is very prevalent in popular culture.''

Presley grew up Pentecostal, imbued with gospel music, at First Assembly of God in Tupelo, Miss. But his religious curiosity later ran to yoga, New Age, numerology, astrology, the occult, astral projection and reincarnation.

An ‘incarnation theme’ - Presley sought spiritual explanations for why he of all people was plucked from the obscurity of Tupelo to become a celebrity. Presley fans tell the story as if it were the story of Jesus: He was born in a house little bigger than a stable and he died betrayed by his friends.

''He’s a poor boy from Tupelo who become as an international star,'' Reece said. ''He’s a transcendent figure. It’s the incarnation theme, divinity incarnate.''

There are also the tales of Presley being seen alive after his death.

''It’s not something that many people literally believe, but it helps put Elvis in that religious context,'' Reece said.

Presley’s father is said to have told Elvis that during the act of conception, a strange blue light hovered over Vernon and he passed out - a mythic parallel to stories in which gods fathered children. ''The idea of Elvis as a religious figure has become an image throughout popular culture,'' Reece said. ''The idea of the Elvis religion has become prevalent. The idea that Elvis is a religious figure and people are making the pilgrimage out of religious devotion. Even though that isn’t really happening. In our mass consciousness, we accept that to be true.''

There’s even a stained-glass window of Elvis in the chapel at his birthplace in Tupelo. Elvis devotees usually disclaim any religious intent. ''If you even mention the idea they might be worshiping Elvis, it’s an offensive idea,'' Reece said. ''They’re very quick to tell you that’s not what they’re doing.''

Reece noted that legendary Delta blues singer Robert Johnson also died on Aug. 16, in 1938, and that Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, died on Aug. 16, 2018. “It does seem emotionally significant,” he said of the date.

Reece said he was in Mentone earlier this month to browse the world’s longest yard sale when he saw a 1970s-era bust of Elvis that was also a lamp. “There’s an Elvis beyond the real artist, this fabricated mythological Elvis,” Reece said. “The fabricated Elvis of pop culture is who Elvis is for me. Maybe that’s where he is, in yard sales.”

But Presley’s impact on America is clearly more than kitchsy lamps on the roadside.

“He’s become an icon of the culture,” said retired Birmingham attorney Mike Burrell, author of “Land of Grace,” a comic novel about an Alabama-based Elvis cult published in July 2018 by Livingston Press. “Seeing him in that jumpsuit is like seeing George Washington crossing the Delaware.” (Article, Source: Greg Garrison, al.com)

Bob Hope's jokes about Elvis: EIN recently reviewed (and interviewed the author) Elvis in Vegas, Richard Zoglin's latest, critically acclaimed book. Richard's previous release was Hope: Entertainer of the Century (the most comprehensive bio of the legendary Bob Hope).

In Hope, Zoglin recorded a number of jokes about Elvis that Bob Hope used in his comedy routine. They include:

"He'll be the only private the Army ever had that can roll the dice without taking them out of his pocket."

"Can't wait to see Elvis on guard duty, yelling, 'Halt, who goes there, friend or square.'"

"Elvis is asking for deferment, on the grounds that it would create a hardship for Ed Sullivan."

(News, Source: Hope: Entertainer of the Century, Richard Zoglin)

Saturday 17 August 2019 - - - Elvis Week - - -
1969 50th Anniv 'Elvis Returns to Vegas' Concert: One of the real highlights of ELVIS WEEK 2019 has to be Friday night's special 'Elvis Returns to Vegas' 50th Anniversary concert.
At the Graceland Soundstage and completely Sold Out this was a real chance to understand the power and the passion of Elvis' 1969 return to live performing in Las Vegas. The concert featured Elvis on the big screen with performances by Elvis’ TCB Band James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, and Glen Hardin along with original members of The Imperials Terry Blackwood and Jim Murray, and Estelle Brown of The Sweet Inspirations.
Sadly of course no professional footage was recorded of Elvis' great 1969 return
(stupid tight-ass manager!) but luckily RCA were there to record eleven concerts.
Tonight's show - featuring the usual TTWII footage - started with the stunning power of 'That’s All Right' with the Sold Out crowd cheering on the presence of the TCB Band and genuine Elvis musicians.
The concert was produced by Andy Childs who cleverly acknowledged the performers with informative on-stage interviews giving the crowd a chance to hear from the musicians themselves what working with ELVIS was really like. Estelle Brown was on fine form while James Burton led the way with his chickin'-pickin guitar work and Glen D Hardin glowed with enthusiasm. There was also special ackowledgement to Ronnie Tutt on drums as well as Imperials' Terry Blackwood and Jim Murray.
EIN's Sanja Meegin was there bathing in Elvis' glory - and has posted some special videos and photos on EIN's Facebook page - GO HERE.
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Karate Master Kang Rhee Has Died: In an extraordinary coincidence Elvis Karate Master Kang Rhee died yesterday August 16th. It was Kang Rhee who helped teach Elvis martial arts.
Rhee trained in Kong Soo Do, Chang Mu Kwan, Kwon Bup, Kang Duk Won and Han Kuk Hap Ki Do in the 1950s and 60s. He started PaSaRyu Association in Memphis in 1966. Countless Memphians learned the martial arts at Rhee’s studio – including martial artist Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Elvis Presley.
Elvis trained with Rhee from 1970-1974 in Memphis. Elvis was awarded the 8th degree black belt by Rhee in 1974.
Elvis gave Rhee a custom deluxe Eldorado Cadillac. Elvis’ father Vernon purchased the car for Elvis, who used it as his personal car for 10 months before gifting it to Rhee.
Rhee gave Elvis his karate nickname, Tiger.
Rhee produced an annual charity karate championship that benefitted St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He was given the State of Tennessee Governor’s Award in 1988, won numerous Certificates of Appreciation from the City of Memphis Mayor and was named the Tennessee Ambassador of Goodwill in 2001.
Kang Rhee's style of Karate and Martial Arts encompasses the PaSaRyu system - see more at their facebook page
Go HERE to EIN's interview with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace
(News, Source;EPE/SM/ElvisInfoNet)

'Graceland Legends induction ceremony': Earlier yesterday Elvis Week featured the first "Graceland Legends" inductions.
Established in 2019, Graceland Legends recognizes and honors noteworthy musicians who have come together to create, excite and inspire, leaving an everlasting legacy on pop culture and music that will endure forever.
EIN notes that it seems a little late in the day to start doing these. These should really have started 30 years ago when the like of Sam Phillips was alive.
EIN's Mandy Squair was there to see EPE honor The TCB Band and The Blue Moon Boys as the inaugural inductees into Graceland Legends.
Accepting the awards for the Blue Moon Boys were Scotty Moore’s grandson, Bill Black's daughter and D.J. Fontana’s wife.
How nice to see Graceland doing something positive about Elvis' all-important musicians if albeit a little too late.
(News, Source;MS/ElvisInfoNet)

Friday 16 August 2019 - 42 years ago today the world lost the greatest entertainer of all time

ELVIS Forever - 2019: - August 16th, 1956, Elvis arrived on board an American Airlines flight to Los Angeles International airport in order to start work on his first film role, The Reno Brothers soon to be renamed 'Love Me Tender'.
Elvis was only 21 years old and at the start of his incredible trajectory to become the world's biggest superstar.
Little did Elvis know that he was already halfway through his all too-short life on earth.
In the same month Elvis would tell fans, "I've been lucky. You know something? I just feel sometimes like it's all a dream, like I'll rub my eyes and wake up and it will be over. I hope not. I hope it never happens. I hope it never ends"
Sadly, just 21 years later, it would end far too soon.
Forty two years on we all are once again thinking about tragic end to Elvis' incredible life and how much he did for us in his all too short life-time.

In 2019 EIN's Piers Beagley looks back at why the legacy of ELVIS is still so important to us - along with memories of Elvis from Jerry Schilling, Linda Thompson, Alan Fortas, George Klein, Joe Esposito, Marty Lacker, Lamar Fike and Larry Geller
(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Thursday 15 August 2019 - - - ELVIS WEEK - - -

Watch the Candlelight Vigil REPLAY: It is Thursday night in Memphis as thousands of fans honour the life and legacy of Elvis Presley and observe the annual Candlelight Vigil at Graceland.
Thousands of Elvis fans have gathered around the gates of Graceland for the annual Candlelight Vigil and to celebrate the life and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
The ceremony for the 41st anniversary is organized as always by the Elvis Country Fan Club.
You can watch the vigil live from Graceland starting at 8pm. CT USA tomorrow =1am GMT on Livestream. 11am Sydney time


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

The ceremony for the 41st anniversary is organized as always by the Elvis Country Fan Club.

The Elvis Country Fan Club included these words in the service...

... People around the world are present with us tonight, in person, in spirit and via all the media outlets to honour the many unsurpassed achievements of Elvis Presley. This candle is lit for those people that are not able to be here in person, we acknowledge their presence with the lighting of this candle.

The theme for this year's Candlelit Service is "It Keeps Right on a A-Hurtin'"

It has been 42 years since Elvis has walked this earth. As it was only 42 short years that Elvis accomplished more than any other entertainer. And it keeps right on a hurtin' every minute of the day ... for every year and for every year to come.

When we see your picture, hear your magnificent voice, and a walk in your footsteps, our hearts break down and we cry a million tears. It just keeps right on hurtin' since your gone.

Yes, Elvis it does keep right on hurtin' and it always will, since you're gone. We miss you more than words can express.


Lisa Marie shared this message with the Elvis fans at the vigil....

"I am sorry that I am not able to be there with you this year. by now you will have read that it is not possible for us to do so. Please know that our hearts and spirits as they are with you regardless. I have said many times before that there's nowhere else I'd rather be and no one else I would rather be with at this time than with you. thank you for your continued love and support. Most sincerely Lisa Marie, Riley, Ben, Harper and Finley"

(Photo from the 2017 Elvis candlelit vigil)

Wednesday 14 August 2019 - - - ELVIS WEEK - - -

Watch the Candlelight Vigil Live: Tomorrow evening the world will honour the life and legacy of Elvis Presley and observe the annual Candlelight Vigil at Graceland on Thursday, August 15.
Thousands of Elvis fans will gather around the gates of Graceland for the annual Candlelight Vigil and to celebrate the life and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
The ceremony for the 41st anniversary is organized as always by the Elvis Country Fan Club.
You can watch the vigil live from Graceland starting at 8pm. CT USA tomorrow =1am GMT on Livestream. 11am Sydney time


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review): Thirty Pieces of Silver - The Betrayal of Elvis Presley (Joyce Rochelle Vaughn): In all likelihood few EIN readers will be familiar with this 713 page opus released in 2016. It has largely slipped under the radar in the Elvis world.

With its striking title and controversial subject matter the writing of the book by African American, Joyce Rochelle Vaughn, who was raised to hate Elvis and his' music, was 40 years in the making.

EIN's Nigel Patterson has compiled a detailed 2,500 word review taking us inside this large coffee table release which examines and challenges various claims made about Elvis, from him being racist to the claims in Elvis, What Happened? (aka The Bodyguard Book)and Sonny West's later release, Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business.

A book which will divide readers, it is powerfully written and offers a viewpoint which will challenge many fan's beliefs. Read Nigel's full review to find out more. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

'The Auction at Graceland' Disappoints: The highly promoted August 13th Graceland-Authenticated Auction that featured some cool artifacts from Elvis' personal and professional life had somewhat of a disappointing outcome this year - with many of the high ticketed items not selling and being passed in.
Whether this was due to the price being set too high or lack of collector interest it was hard to tell.
The noted highlight of Elvis' 14k diamond ring gifted to JD Sumner in 1974 with a minimum bid of $20,000 was passed in after only 5 bids, although the signed agreement giving Col Parker a portion of Elvis' publishing rights was sold at $9,375 a little under the estimated $10,000
The Auction included over 400 artifacts from Elvis' career and was held on Tuesday, August 13 at the Guest House at Graceland.
All the items in the auction were offered from third-party collectors and none of the items come from the treasured Graceland Archives which continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for sale.
Auction highlights results are as below
- 1970s Elvis Presley's 14k Large Diamond Stage Ring Gifted to JD Sumner in 1974 - Former Mike Moon Collection Estimate $40-50,000 - No Sale
- Incredible Elvis Presley Pictorial Poster for September 2, 1957, Concert at Portland Stadium $30-50,000- No Sale
- Elvis Owned Custom Black Three-Piece Tuxedo Made for His 1969 Film The Trouble with Girls - Former Mike Moon Collection $25-30,000 - 2 bids No Sale
- 1967 Elvis Presley's Saddle Made by Mike McGregor $20-30,000 No Sale
- Elvis Presley, Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley Signed November 21, 1955, Agreement Giving Colonel Tom Parker a Portion of Elvis' Publishing Rights $10-20,000 - $9,375
- Impressive 22.18 ct Opal and Diamond Ring that Elvis Presley Gifted to Linda Thompson $10-15,000 - 18 bids - $23,750
- 1970 Elvis U.S. FDA Drug Abuse Control Badge Gifted to Sonny West - Former Mike Moon Collection $10-15,000 - No Sale
- Elvis Signed Guitar - Signed in Concert $8-12,000 - 4 bids $8,125
- Elvis Wardrobe Shirt from 1969 Film Charro $8-10,000 - 2 bids $6,250
- 1970s Elvis IC Costume Brown Patterned Shirt Gifted to Ed Hill - Former Mike Moon Collection $8-10,000 - 4 bids  $8,750
- Immaculate 1954 Sun Records 209 Unplayed 45 RPM 7-Inch Single of "That's All Right" / "Blue Moon of Kentucky" - $8-10,000 - 8 bids $3,250
- 1973 Elvis Presley's Stage Worn Scarf from "Aloha from Hawaii" Afternoon Concert Rehearsal Scarf with Heavy Makeup and Original Concert Ticket Stub $6-8,000 - 8 Bids $6,250
- Elvis Presley Double Signed and Inscribed Loving You Soundtrack Album with Photo of Fan with Elvis - $3-5,000 - 10 Bids $2,875
Click here to The Auction to see all the results
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Still the King 42 Years After His Death: Whether you think of Elvis Presley as the young, energetic singer with the dynamic good looks and gyrating hips that shook the music world in the 1950’s, or the more mature Elvis with the long sideburns and sequined jumpsuits who performed in Las Vegas, his career spanned decades. Music fans around the world were devastated by news of his death on August 16th, 1977.

And yet, more than four decades later, the man with the voice and style that changed popular music forever, remains the King of Rock and Roll. Millions around the world still buy his music and hundreds of thousands visit Graceland every year to see where he lived, died, and remains buried today. Elvis is so popular he ranked No. 2 (behind Michael Jackson) on Forbes’s list of Highest Paid Celebrities for 2018. The list, released every October, showed Elvis pulling in $40 million last year.

This week, to mark the anniversary of his death, officials estimate 20,000 people or more will gather at Graceland for “Elvis Week”. How has he remained so deeply ingrained in our hearts, minds, and culture, so many years after his passing?

“He’s probably the most important star of all time,” notes acclaimed journalist and author, Alanna Nash. “And I’m not the first person to say that. You can’t argue with the fact that he not only changed, but directed the course of both popular music and popular culture of the ‘50’s.”

The young man from Tupelo, Mississippi burst onto the national scene in 1956 with a style all his own. He moved and danced like no one else before him.
“And he looked like nobody else,” says Nash. “He was an incredibly beautiful human being. And when he started moving or singing you really couldn’t take your eyes off of him. I think he still matters today because the art is so true.”
His art, she says, came from Elvis "just being Elvis. He was so unique his influence can still be felt years later in music, culture, dress, hairstyles, and pop stardom.
“Unlike the stars of today who have managers and choreographers and dressers and people who are assigned for every aspect of what they do, he largely made himself. It was his ideas for what he wore in Vegas, it was his ideas for the music. All of that creativity came from Elvis.”

That creativity carried him through the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, allowing him to reinvent himself in each decade. Nash says that staying power serves as a huge testament to his depth and truth as an artist. She believes it was the loss of that ability to create that led to him, eventually, losing himself.
“I think his decline came partly because he didn’t have many creative challenges. Part of that is because of decisions the Colonel made (his manager Colonel Tom Parker), and part of it is that he couldn’t stand to see what he had become. In some ways becoming kind of a caricature of his former self so that he just had to numb himself out.

Nash’s journey into trying to understand Elvis began with his death. She was working as the pop music writer for the Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal when word broke that he died. She was sent to Graceland to cover his funeral and became the first journalists to view his remains. She would go on to write a series of books on Elvis covering just about every aspect of his life. Two of them serve as book ends of sorts with Elvis and the Memphis Mafia (2005) covering some of the men closest to him, and Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him (2010), covering the women.
She also wrote The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley (2003), a deeply-researched book that looked at the mysterious and often controversial figure who managed and controlled Elvis’ career.

For the Memphis Mafia book, she spoke with three members of Elvis Presley’s entourage - who between them - covered just about every phase of his life, including his cousin, Billy Smith, who was able to detail the early years. Smith, Marty Lacker, and Lamar Fike painted a vivid portrait of what it was like to live with Elvis through the highs and lows of his life and career, and during the later years as he began to slip away.

“They were haunted by Elvis and how they weren’t able to save him,” says Nash. “And it was extremely important for them to be able to tell their story because they’d been blamed for letting him die, and they were blamed by fans who thought they were hangers-on when honestly I think he would have died years earlier without that pack of guys around him to bolster him emotionally, save him from overdoses, and rescue him from lots of frightening situations when he was too drugged to realize what he was doing.”

Her book Baby, Let’s Play House explores his relationships with the women with who touched his life from lovers to friends to family members. It includes interviews with Ann-Margret, Barbara Eden, Cybil Shepherd, and a host of others. It also delves into his extremely close relationship with his mother, Gladys.

“He was really very woman-centered because of his closeness with his mother and the death of his twin at birth,” explains Nash. “He was what a psychologist would call ‘lethally enmeshed with his mother.’ She was always going to be the premiere female figure in his life. But he loved being around female energy and I don’t just mean sexual energy. He liked being around young people and he adored those younger fans. It wasn’t just ‘love me, love me,’ he wanted to know what they thought about the music.”

And yet, he seemed unable to fully commit to a romantic relationship.  Nash recounts a story featured in the book involving an actress named Yvonne Lime.

“She was a starlet and you see her in those pictures when Elvis first bought Graceland and he was showing her around. She said when they were home with Gladys, if Elvis wanted to hold Yvonne’s hand, he had to make sure he sat between her and Gladys, so he could hold her hand, too. It was so Gladys wouldn’t feel left out. That really says it all to me that he just wasn’t psychologically capable of settling down or fully committing himself to anyone.”

Her book on the Colonel came after six years of extensive research that began when she started seeking answers to some of the allegations by members of the Memphis Mafia about the way he handled Elvis. There were decisions that didn’t make sense, deals made that benefited the Colonel more than Elvis, and questions about his background.

“He was an illegal alien from the Netherlands who never made an attempt to become a U.S. citizen. And, of course, you have to ask why, when he lived here all of these years. He never stepped foot out of the U.S. except very briefly to take Elvis on some Canadian dates in 1957 and he was very nervous about getting back over here.”

It did seem odd the Colonel never allowed Elvis to tour in Europe when he was so popular there. Nash met with Colonel Parker three times and traveled to the Netherlands to uncover his story. She says that while the Colonel made a number of bad decisions, he’s credited with others that kept Elvis on top through the years, even when music had radically changed. The Colonel shifted Elvis from records to movies, then when the movies petered out, to Vegas. Still, she says, there was something that struck her with each of her three in-person meetings with Colonel Parker.

“They were strange and wonderful, he was very wily and there was a lot to like about him. He was also very amusing, but there was something predatory about him that was really frightening. It was the only time I’ve ever felt that I’d been in the presence of evil.”

Nash admits that studying Elvis so closely through the years has not always been easy, but it has been very rewarding. While Elvis faced a number of challenges and his life ended far too soon at the age of 42, his music, his art, and his legacy lives on. And will continue to do so.

“I expect Elvis will still be someone that generations will study long after you and I are in the grave," says Nash. “He’s probably the most influential figure in the 20th century.” (Article, Source: Pam Windsor, Forbes magazine)

How Elvis Presley Became One of the Most Influential Performers in History: When Elvis Presley entered the world on January 8, 1935, no one could have predicted the tiny 5-pound infant — whose identical twin, Jesse, arrived stillborn just 35 minutes earlier — would go on to become one of the most influential performers in history.

Elvis changed not only the face of music, but the culture of the entire country — no small feat for anyone, let alone a poor mama’s boy from the Deep South.

“Elvis had an influence on everybody with his musical approach,” legendary soul singer Al Green once said. “He broke the ice for all of us.”

Indeed, that influence can be seen and heard in the performances of countless modern-day entertainers. And Elvis’ songs — “Heartbreak Hotel, “Jailhouse Rock,” “Hound Dog” and “Don’t Be Cruel,” just to name a few — still sound as good as they did when they were first released more than a half-century ago.

His charisma was undeniable. Elvis was electric. He elicited a frenzy among his fans that was unlike anything the world had seen up until that point. During an interview, KISS frontman Gene Simmons once called Elvis an “atom bomb - The word rock star didn’t exist before Elvis Presley.”

From the outside, there was little indication from his modest upbringing in Tupelo, Mississippi, that Elvis Aaron Presley would one day become a cultural icon. But his father, Vernon, knew from the start his boy was something special. It was the loss of Elvis’ twin, he said in a 1978 interview, that set the stage for what was to come.

“I believe Elvis’ career and contribution to the world were fated from the first,” Vernon said. “During his early life, certain things happened that convinced me that God had given my wife and me a very special child for whom he had some very special plans.”

As an only child, Elvis shared an incredible bond with his parents, particularly his mother, Gladys, whom he called “Baby.”

“It’s hard to describe the feelings Elvis, his mother and I had for each other,” said Vernon, who died in 1979. “The three of us formed our own special world.” (read Vernon Presley in-depth interview here)

They were poor, but the supportive and nurturing environment provided the roots Elvis needed to blossom. At 10, he won fifth place in a local singing competition. He got his first guitar at age 11, but never received any formal music training or learned to read music. In 1954, a year after he graduated from high school, Sun Records producer Sam Phillips signed Elvis.

The King’s lifelong friend George Klein, once recalled: “Sam Phillips knew … he said, ‘If I can get a white guy that sings like a black person and has the feeling of a black person, I could make a million dollars.’ And he said, ‘I got him when I got Elvis.’”

His distinct “rockabilly” style, a combo of country and rhythm and blues, led to appearances on the Louisiana Hayride TV show and a management deal with Col. Tom Parker. And things just snowballed from there. In November 1955, Parker sold Elvis’ Sun Records deal to RCA for $40,000. With his first $5,000 advance, the 20-year-old bought Gladys a pink Cadillac.

Elvis’ debut album, released in March 1956, became the first rock-and-roll collection to top the Billboard chart. He continued to set records until January 1957 when, just two days after his third and final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, famously filmed from the waist up, Elvis got his draft notice. He went on to serve two years in the military, most of that time stationed in Germany, where he met 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, who would eventually become his wife and the mother of his only child, Lisa Marie.

Although four decades have passed since Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977, his legacy lives on. To this day, he remains the bestselling solo artist in music history, and hundreds of thousands of fans still flock to his beloved Graceland each year.

“It’s rare when an artist’s talent can touch an entire generation of people,” the late radio and TV icon Dick Clark once said. “It’s even rarer when that same influence affects several generations. Elvis made an imprint on the world of pop music unequaled by any other single performer.” (Article, Source: US Weekly)

Monday 12 August 2019 - - - ELVIS WEEK - - -
Elvis Week is Heating Up: Elvis Week 2019 is heating up and not just the weather. EIN's Sanja Meegin is back in Memphis for her 20th Elvis Week and is soaking up the ELVIS vibes. Once again the weather is Hot Hot Hot - 81% humidity and 36C predicted for the rest of the week.
But what would get you even hotter would be the chance to wear the genuine Elvis 'Tree Of Life' pendant. As a treat for Sanja's 20th visit her good friend and Elvis collector Tom Salva let Sanja wear this 'Tree Of Life' (from a private collection, not EPE).
The 'Tree Of Life' was a special gift to Elvis from his closest friends.
Marty Lacker explained.. "It was an idea I had one night at Christmas '64 while sitting up one night at Graceland where my family and I lived for awhile.  I designed it and drew it up.  Then for Christmas I got the guys to chip in for the beautiful big white bible . We had the tree inscribed in gold inside the cover and we gave it to him for Christmas from all the guys. It had Elvis Presley engraved along the trunk and our names, Billy Smith, Alan Fortas, Joe Esposito, Richard Davis, Mike Keeton, Red West and Marty Lacker which formed the limbs. It was inscribed at the top 'Like a tree planted by the water that bringeth forth fruit in his season”. Then a few weeks later for his birthday I had Harry Levitch, our jeweler, make a medallion necklace with the tree engraved and we gave that to him for his birthday on Jan. 8, '65.  He wore it for many years". --- (Go HERE to Marty Lacker's Musings)
Sanja also met up with Elvis' girlfriend Mindy Miller to find out what it was truly like to spend time with Elvis in private - Go HERE to Sanja's exclusive interview with Mindy Miller
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet

The World's RAREST Elvis Record has been found: Elvis collector Wade Jones (who previously found the 1949 Elvis Memphis bicycle photo) believes he has now found the "Treat Me Nice" movie prop from "Jailhouse Rock".
If so it is probably the only one in existence.
The same label is pasted on both sides of the record and credits Vince Everett on the label.
Wade reports that he has played the record..and it's Hawaiian music. The # in the trail off space on the record is HRC-65B (Hawaii Record Company)
I did quite a bit of research.. and the 45 rpm record that these labels are glued on is "A Song of Old Hawaii / HoloHolo Ka'a" on the "49th State Hawaii Record Company" label, this record company was in business from 1949 to 1958.
I've watched the movie "Jailhouse Rock", and this record was used as a prop when Disc Jockey Dean Jones plays "Treat Me Nice" on the radio, which lights up the phone lines, creates demand..
and then Elvis is seen in the record store scene autographing the Vince Everett "Treat Me Nice "sleeves for fans. (Click for youtube links )
I assume that since only one side of the record was going to be on film...they pasted the same label on both sides of the record. Catalog #41-623 is on the label (same as the Laurel picture sleeve prop) and shows the Jordanaires as the backup singers.
Interestingly the label also credits a misspelled "Stroller-Leiber"  instead of Leiber and Stoller,
Wade says that he purchased it from a record shop in Los Angeles area years ago. The labels show age (easily over 60 years old) an the printing/font seems to be period.
EIN notes that copies of these were released as vinyl bootlegs but Wade is sure he has the movie original.
In his Presleyana price guide Jerry Osborne estimates the price of the ultimately collectable B&W paper sleeve (of which multiples are seen in the movie) at $8,500 so it is hard to guess what the actual VINYL might be worth.
Wade has been in contact with Jerry Osborne who believes it to be 100% authentic and has suggested checking the real value with an auction house.
(News, Source;WadeJones/ElvisInfoNet)

 ‘Live 1969’ Rolling Stone Review: Rolling Stone reviews the new LIVE 1969 box-set as "A Fascinating Snapshot of Elvis Presley in His Comeback Prime"
The review includes..
... There’s a live version of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” from 1969 that captures Elvis Presley in a comical meltdown of uncontrollable laughter. It’s a favorite track for oldies-radio DJs to play during Sunday morning but it’s rarely been heard in the context of the full concert from which it derives. That August 26th “midnight show” is one of 11 complete shows that make up the new Elvis Live 1969 box set, an 11-disc chronicle that documents Presley’s return to the concert stage after an eight-year hiatus of making largely forgettable Hollywood movies.
Live 1969 compiles the dinner and midnight engagements Presley performed from August 21st through 26th at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, but this isn’t the “Vegas Elvis” in a white jumpsuit that’s become a pop-culture caricature and cautionary tale of overindulgence. Here, he’s mainly performing in black two-piece suits that evoke the leather-clad badass from his TV comeback special a year earlier, and arriving onstage not to the fanfare of “Also Sprach Zarathustra,” but to a rock & roll vamp by his band. At only 34, Presley is lean and at the top of his vocal game, if overly corny when he banters with the audience.
The thrilling performances of “Suspicious Minds,” are majestic, with Elvis possessed by the pounding rhythm of drummer Ronnie Tutt. The “Mystery Train/Tiger Man” mash-up is equally combustible, summoning the same dangerous energy that Presley first let loose in the Fifties as a hip-shaking parental nightmare. And “In the Ghetto,” the entertainer’s earnest 1968 attempt at social commentary, is more urgent than schmaltzy.
But it’s Presley’s covers of then contemporary songs that are most fascinating. He imbues the Beatles’ “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude” with Southern soul, and transforms Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say” into an unrelenting rock rave-up. For Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” he all but owns the lyric’s heartbreak. Shannon is in the audience for one performance, and Presley gives him props from the stage. The gig is the same one during which Elvis comes to pieces in “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” supposedly tickled by Sweet Inspirations singer Cissy Houston’s ability to keep on singing, unfazed, while Presley goes further and further off the rails. Still frazzled, he screws up “Rubberneckin'” immediately afterward and asks the band to restart the tune a full 45 seconds in.
With Presley reciting the same stage patter nearly word-for-word in
each of the 11 concerts, it’s these gaffes and unexpected moments that keep Elvis Live 1969 from becoming just an overly repetitive entry for Presley completists.
Instead, the box set serves as a snapshot of a world-class entertainer successfully but gingerly rediscovering the magic that made him so in the first place.

Go here to RS for full review
(News, Source;RS/ElvisInfoNet)
ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

Now $115 (down from $160) <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £80.00

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites.

Elvis Harley-Davidson could break auction record: Elvis loved his motorbikes and now his last motorcycle, a 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide with just 126 miles on the clock, is going to auction later this month at GWS Auctions, and is estimated at US$1,750,000 and $2,000,000.
The current world record price for a motorcycle at auction was set last year when Bonhams sold a Vincent Black Lightning for $929,000, but a spate of celebrity motorcycle sales in recent times suggests the Elvis Presley provenance could result in the sale of the most expensive motorcycle in history.
Elvis Presley's 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide was only ridden very sparingly by Elvis, the bike has been on display at the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, South Dakota, for over 30 years.
Motorcycles once ridden by entertainment superstars have been breaking records in recent years with Rock & Roll's original bad boy, Jerry Lee Lewis, selling his 1959 Harley-Davidson FLH Panhead Duo-Glide for $385,000 at a Mecum auction in 2015. While "the Killer" is without doubt one of the most famous

performers of all-time, his cred on the auction block pales compared to "the King."
Another high profile motorcycle, Schwarzenegger's Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from Terminator 2: Judgment Day fetched $512,000 at auction, beating out the Jerry Lee Lewis Panhead Duo-Glide, and Pope Francis's 2013 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide (€241,500 / US$327,000) as the most expensive modern day Harley-Davidson to sell at auction.
Other examples of superstar provenance considerably enhancing the value of motorcycles include Marlon Brando's 1970 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra-Glide that sold for $256,000, Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone 650 that fetched $450,000 and Steve McQueen's Husqvarna 250 that sold for $230,000. - go here to GWS auctions
Below Elvis is seen riding his earlier 1971 FLH Electra Glide and also his1966 FLH Electra-Glide
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 10 August 2019 - - - ELVIS WEEK - - -
"Elvis 1969 Las Vegas Crown Jewel": Nice to see our hero getting so much general media coverage. USA Today has a cool report..."Elvis' 1969 Las Vegas run was a crown jewel in the King's comeback".
It includes.....
For Elvis the summer of 1969 marked the apex of his legend. With a flurry of concerts in Las Vegas, Elvis took his final stab at greatness. In near-perfect form, the King cemented his legacy before the '70s took their awful toll.
This year, we mark the 50th anniversary of the King's iconic residency at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. Noteworthy at the time, the shows have since proven to be a crown jewel in the King's comeback.
Getting to 1969 had been anything but easy. After his stint in the army and nigh on a decade transforming himself into a Hollywood studio relic, Elvis had left his career as a stage-ready rock ‘n’ roller in shambles.
Fortunately, the King’s December 1968 comeback special on NBC changed all that. With a flourish, Elvis regained his throne, topping the Nielsen ratings for his comeback performance and soaring back to the upper echelons of the Billboard charts. Writing about the performance in Eye magazine, Jon Landau observed “there is something magical about watching a
man who has lost himself find his way back home.”
In many ways, the Las Vegas International was the perfect location for Elvis, who had always been bigger than life, to stage the next phase of his career.
With zero hour quickly approaching, Elvis and his band fell into a rigorous two-week rehearsal session that saw the King lose 15 pounds.
When the shows finally commenced at the end of July, Elvis was greeted with a standing ovation. When the roar finally subsided, he launched into a fiery version of “Blue Suede Shoes.” He burned his way through performances of such classics as “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock,” while showing off his revitalized chops with a medley of the Beatles’ “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude.” With yet another standing ovation, Elvis brought the house down with “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” his climactic encore.
Writing in Rolling Stone, David Dalton described Elvis’ summer 1969 performances as “supernatural, his own resurrection.” His subsequent single Suspicious Minds vaulted towards the top of the charts and was Elvis' first No. 1 song in seven years. It would also be his final US Billboard chart-topper.
Looking out over the horizon, Elvis would understandably have seen nothing but the promise of continuing stardom in his future. Elvis was relaxed, drug-free and physically fit, and at the top of his
game for the first time in as long as he could remember....
There in the late summer of 1969 at the International Hotel, Elvis rediscovered the great source of his unparalleled stardom.

(EIN notes that the article does feature some odd factual errors, but the feeling is still there).
Go here for the full article.
(News, Source;UASToday/ElvisInfoNet)

Taylor Rodriguez 2019 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist: The 2019 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest final round took place Saturday night. Taylor Rodriguez - who represented the Tupelo Elvis Festival - was declared the winner.
Taylor Rodriguez, 21, of Lynchburg, Virginia, has a passion for entertaining. He was introduced to Elvis' music by his aunt, who was a lifelong Elvis fan. When Taylor was 9 years old, he began to seriously study Elvis' music and moves. In addition to being an Elvis tribute artist, Taylor enjoys writing songs, playing guitar and working with youth in his community.
His favorite Elvis song is 'How Great Thou Art' and his favorite Elvis song to perform is 'The Impossible Dream'.

Congratulations to second place winner Radney Pennington and third place winner Cote Deonath, and top five finalists Diogo Light and Jake Slater.

If you want to know more about Taylor Rodriguez - go to his website.
(News, source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

James Burton and Darlene Love talk Elvis' Vegas Comeback: Elvis was terrified, the audience was packed with celebrities — Cary Grant, Ann-Margret, Sammy Davis Jr. — and billionaire Kirk Kerkorian had flown in a slew of critics on his private jet.
Geoff Edgers of the Washington Post recently interviewed James Burton and Darlene Love for their thoughts of this momentous On-Stage return..
.. Backstage Elvis told guitarist James Burton, who had put together the TCB Band for the Elvis' return to the stage, that he couldn’t perform.
“He hadn’t been onstage in nine years,” says Burton, 79. “He said, ‘James, I don’t know if I can go out there. I don’t know if I can walk out there and do this, man.’ I said, ‘Sure you can. Just walk out there and don’t even pay attention to the audience. Just sing to us, man. Make it like a jam session at Graceland.’ ”
50 years later James Burton and The Blossoms' Darlene Love reflect on what they witnessed..
James Burton: Well, Elvis actually came up with that, taking care of business, and that became its logo. Also, he came up with the idea of TLC — tender loving care — for the ladies. But for the guys, TCB, when we walk onstage, when we sing and when we play, it’s taking care of business, man, straight ahead.
- Mystery Train.. just the tempo was so cool and everything and that little guitar riff thing behind the song. And then the solo and everything. Very similar to the original record, but a little more energy, a little more up. And then he jumped into “Tiger Man” and that was kind of a surprise, so we went with it. And that gave me a chance to do some more chicken picking.
- The audience went nuts. He walked out there, and all you could hear was screaming and hollering and clapping. We only had monitors onstage for his voice, but we couldn’t hear each other. .. .And man, it was amazing. It makes you think, how did these guys play together?
- Elvis would just tell stories about things that we had never heard, which is kind of funny onstage. You had to watch him every minute because he may jump into a song or a different song. And we had him covered, man. We watched him like a hawk.
Darlene Love: Elvis was trim, all right. He looked good. That’s why he was able to wear that body suit .. . and he was a, what do you call it, a black belt. So he actually did those kind of moves while he was onstage.
- Elvis was the one that started that leaning over the stage, you know, taking their handkerchiefs, and whatever else they had they
gave him, and wiping his face off with them. So you probably would hear their screams louder than you would hear anybody else’s because he had the microphone in his hands. But it was like that all over the audience.
- A lot of times, as soon as the show is over, people start leaving, especially in Vegas. They go back out and start gambling. But everybody moved very slowly. I think they were letting it all sink in — what happened that night, what happened at that show... and the whole idea that Elvis was on and he was back. I don’t think there would ever be another moment like that. Everybody has their moment, and that was Elvis’s moment.”

(Go here to the full WP article)
(News, Source;WP/ElvisInfoNet)

Friday 9 August 2019 - - - ELVIS WEEK 2019 Starts Today ! - - -
Elvis Week 2019 Starts Today: Once again the crowds are descending on Memphis to help celebrate the life and legend that it Elvis. EIN's roving reporter Sanja Meegin has just jetted into the Promised Land and will be reporting back on all things ELVIS.
Elvis Week 2019 is August 9-17 - already announced by EPE are additional special guests, Ronnie Milsap will speak at the American Sound Studio Panel, BJ Thomas and "Suspicious Minds" songwriter Mark James will be there too. Sony Music's Ernst Jorgensen and John Jackson will speak on the Elvis in Vegas panel and the Sweet Inspirations' Estelle Brown will be on hand to celebrate Elvis in Vegas at both the panel and concert, and Former Members of J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Quartet featuring Donnie Sumner, Ed Hill and Larry Strickland will perform at the Elvis Gospel Homecoming on August 17.
Elvis tribute artist champs Cody Slaughter and Shawn Klush have been added to Elvis Unplugged shows.
Click here to EPE for the full schedule"
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Week App' Free Download: EPE once again for Elvis Week 2019 let your fingertips do the walking with the Elvis Week app!
They say that the app has everything you need for Elvis Week. You can check out a daily schedule of events, list of special guests, map, a virtual candle, photo booth and more plus you can build your own personal schedule for the week.
It's a free app - Click here to EPE

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Johnny Rivers and Elvis Presley - Sun '54 & Memphis '64: Darrin Lee Memmer's latest book examines a range of issues from Elvis and Johnny Rivers' friendship to the history of the recording of the song, Memphis (Tennessee), where the author's revealing research challenges a number of commonly held beliefs around Elvis and Rivers' recording of the song. In this respect, the author includes the transcript of Johnny Rivers' interview with Dick Clark on American Bandstand discussing why he recorded Memphis.

In a book which also incorporates information about Ricky Nelson's proficiency in the martial arts and a fascinating musical history of a particular part of the sixties, Memmer manages to include a large number of well known and obscure celebrities and recording artists of the day.......names such as Steve McQueen, Jayne Mansfield, the Dan-Dees, Lonnie Mack, the Hubs, Bo Diddley (who remembers Bo's 1963 single Monkey Diddle backed with Memphis?), Gene Vincent, Jan and Dean, Sandy Nelson, the Hollies, Dave Berry and the Cruisers, Lonnie Mack, the Surfaris, Chuck Berry, and the Shakers.

In relation to the Beatles recording of Memphis, Memmer insightfully records the small change they made to improve the song.

Darrin Memmer's rigorous research continues to set high standards and the primary source material he uncovers highlights the lack of rigour applied by many other researchers. His latest book is a fast paced and revealing read. Music historians will be particularly interested. (News, Source: EIN/Darrin Memmer/Amazon)

Was number of Elvis’ consecutive sold-out shows in Las Vegas 636 or 837?: Initial marketing pr for Robert Zoglin’s excellent book, Elvis in Vegas, suggested that Elvis’ “Sold Out” run in Las Vegas was 837. History (and EPE) told us it was 636.

While the marketing pr for Elvis in Vegas was quickly corrected when the error was identified, it begged the question of where the 837 number had come from. It turns out journalist John Katsilometes (Las Vegas Sun) investigated the issue back in 2015 and reported:
The number has grown into the rock ’n’ roll equivalent of Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak: 837 consecutive sold-out shows performed by Elvis Presley at the International and Las Vegas Hilton from July 1969 through December 1976.

But the real number is 636.
Memphis Mafia's Joe Esposito (RIP) noted, that he was in the showroom for every one of Presley’s Las Vegas performances. “I’ve always thought 837 was the number, (but) I couldn’t tell you exactly how they figured that was the number. … We were not counting up the shows at the time.”
“That’s news to me,” said Sam Thompson, who headed Elvis’ security team. “I’ve always thought (837) was the number, but it was not something we discussed when Elvis was playing at the Hilton.”
In September 1978, more than a year after Presley’s death, then-Las Vegas Hilton owner Baron Hilton unveiled a bronze statue of the King that still stands in the lobby of Westgate Las Vegas. He was joined by Presley’s father, Vernon, and former wife, Priscilla. They pulled away a drape to reveal the statue of Elvis in his Vegas heyday and a plaque noting he had performed 837 consecutive sold-out shows at the hotel.
Ever since, that number has been held up as the official total of sold-out shows during Elvis’ reign at the International and Hilton.

But the figure was revisited when Westgate took over the former LVH and pursued a partnership with EPE and Graceland in Memphis for the “Graceland Presents Elvis: The Exhibition, the Show, the Experience,”. When the venture was announced, Westgate officials touted that Presley had performed “more than 600” sold-out shows. As plans for the partnership advanced, Graceland’s chief archivist, Angie Marchese, dove back into the files and counted every performance in the showroom. She arrived at 636.

Those who were around at the time say they aren’t sure how the 837 figure surfaced. There is a sense Presley’s manager, Col. Tom Parker, bumped the number up to add zeal to the Presley legacy.

But others maintain that Hilton himself created the figure. Hilton commissioned the statue and had final authority in what was written for the plaque.

The Clark County Fire Department’s listed capacity for the showroom during the Presley era reportedly was 1,150. But under the direction of the late Emilio Muscelli, the hotel’s legendary maître d’ and food and beverage manager during Presley’s headlining days, upwards of 2,000 fans were stuffed in for each performance.

(News, Source: John Katsilometes, Las Vegas Sun)

Read EIN's review of Richard Zoglins's book, Elvis in Vegas

Read EIN's interview with Richard Zoglin

Revisiting Blue Hawaii: Pop culture analyst and author, Tom Lisanti, has written many books on his favorite topic. In his almost 450 page Hollywood and Surf Movies, Lisanti includes chapters on two Elvis films, Blue Hawaii and Girl Happy. EIN found the following excerpts about Blue Hawaii particularly interesting, and some amusing. (The book also contains some surprising information about a number of Elvis' co-stars.......not always positive):

(pr for the film) Exotic Romance ... Exotic Dances ... Exciting Music in the World's Lushest Paradise of Song!

Blue Hawaii is arguably Elvis Presley's best post-Army musical - even more entertaining than the overrated Viva Las Vegas. It excellently blends comedy, romance, music, lush locations and a bit of surfing to make it a beach movie well worth viewing.

A new leading lady was needed fast so Wallis offered the film to his recent discovery Pamela Tiffen ........ Astonishingly, the newcomer turned it down! Tiffin explained in Fantasy Femmes of the Sixties Cinema (EIN Note: another book by Tom Lisanti) that she was advised by many people in the industry not to do an Elvis Presley movie as it could hurt her fledgling career. She abided by their advice but years later regretted it.

Publicity photos to the contrary, there are no shots of Elvis or a stunt double surfing. Presley is seen only lying on his board in the bay or coming out of the surf carrying it.....Blue Hawaii remains a spectacular travelogue come to life with pleasant songs, pretty girls and Elvis at his peak.

Unlike Elvis musicals to follow, here at least the songs mesh into the plot. Standing out are "Rock-a-Hula Baby" and the poignant "Can't Help Falling In Love", which was touted for an Academy Award nomination.

Angela Lansbury had been appearing in the dramatic play A Taste of Honey on Broadway when she was offered the role of Southern-fried Sarah Lee, the mother of Elvis' Chad Gates. The British-born actress jumped at the chance to play this comical character even though she was only ten years older than Presley.

"Well, when I met Elvis and he spoke to me and I didn't faint," contunues (Darlene) Tompkins with a laugh. "Now, after all these years knowing how much he impacted my life and how much I miss him, I should have fainted." (EIN Note: As reported by EIN last month, sadly Ms Tompkins passed away, aged 78, on 18 July following complications after suffering a stroke).

When Blue Hawaii opened it received mostly positive reviews, but no one expected it to be such a huge hit. It grossed $4.2 million, becoming the eighteenth highest grossing film of 1962 per Variety. "The movie's success really , really surprised us becaise it was done so light-hearted", admits (Darlene) Tompkins. "We had so much fun just filing it nobody expected it to be as big as it was."

As for Elvis, the film's success had a negative effect on his acting career in that his manager Col. Parker steered him away from anything different and challenging.

Memorable lines from Blue Hawaii:

(Potential client Abigail Prentice questions Chad to see if he would make an appropriate tour guide)

ABIGAIL: Mr Gates, do you think you can satisfy a schoolteacher and four tennage girls?

CHAD: Well, uh, I'll sure try, ma'am. I'll do all I can.

(Chad announces to his parents that he will not work in the family business and will not give up his girlfriend Maile)

SARAH LEE: Oh, Daddy, what'd we do wrong?

FRED: Offhand, I'd say we got married.

Leaving Graceland: In the fourth part of Robert "Yoshi" Kim's adventures in becoming a successful Elvis Tribute artist, Yoshi discusses his meetings with Elvis' housekeeper/cook, Nancy Rooks, and Elvis' close confidante and spiritual adviser, Larry Geller. (Right with Yoshi)

Among other things, Yoshi relates what Larry told him about Elvis' death on August 16, 1977.

(Almost Elvis, Source: Yoshi Kim)

‘All Shook Up’ is lots of Elvis-inspired fun: A popular musical comedy combining Elvis’ music with Shakesperean themes continues to get patrons “All Shook Up” as this recent review in the San Diego Union Tribune attests to:
... What do you get when you mix Elvis Presley’s music and elements of William Shakespeare’s plays? A funny musical showing at San Diego's Horton Grand Theatre through Sept. 1.

San Diego Musical Theatre’s production of the musical comedy “All Shook Up” features at least 25 of Presley’s popular tunes and themes from various Shakespeare plays, especially “Twelfth Night.” It is enjoyable, funny and features terrific singers who belt out many a tune about finding, losing or desiring love.
The show takes place over a 24-hour period — though it seems longer with all the plot twists, turns and pairings involved — during the summer of 1955 in “a small you-never-hear-of-it town somewhere in the Midwest.”

While the Elvis element is likely to attract a certain older generation, the show is so entertaining that even those decades younger will also enjoy it.


Left: Jesse Bradley, as roustabout Chad, and Krista Feallock, as the love-struck tomboy mechanic Natalie, star in San Diego Musical Theatre’s production of “All Shook Up - copyright: Heather Longfellow

Frequent SDMT leading man Robert J. Townsend in his directorial debut aptly staged the 20 actors and with delightful choreography by Michael Mizerany — showcased early with the opening number “Jailhouse Rock” and continuing throughout the nearly three-hour show — the musical is frequently fast-paced and energetic.

“All Shook Up” is a about a roustabout named Chad (Jesse Bradley), who was recently released from a stint in jail and stops in a small town to get his motorcycle fixed. He is surprised to find the local mechanic is a young woman, Natalie (Krista Feallock), who dreams of heading out on the open road with er dream man, but feels destined to stay home because of her widowed father, Jim (Richard Van Slyke). Chad is also stunned to learn the town has outlawed “loud music, public necking and tight pants” in the name of decency and makes it his mission to get the townspeople to rebel.

Dennis (Noah Filley) however is in love with Natalie, his longtime friend, but cannot find the courage to tell her. In a comedic twist of fate, these characters — and several others in town — “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” though in each case it is unrequited. The exception is the forbidden love of teens Lorraine and Dean (Brooke Henderson and Brendan Dallaire). Lorraine’s mother, Sylvia (Erin Vanderhyde) objects because of their ages and his mother — the overbearing Mayor Hyde (Barbara Schoenhofer) — because it is an inter-racial relationship circa 1955.

All the main actors come across as well-suited for their roles. Bradley has enough swagger as the Elvis-wannabe, Feallock ably switches between the sweet and charming tomboy who finally wears a dress to attract Chad, to cross-dressing as another roustabout named Ed in order to befriend Chad. Vanderhyde as the “I’ve been burned by love” honky tonk owner is full of “don’t mess with me” personality and an amazing voice, while Henderson, as her headstrong 16-year-old daughter is full of sass. Filley is enjoyable as the awkward widower trying to reenter the dating scene and Schoenhofer is perfect as the unyielding, rule-enforcing mayor.
Several of the musical numbers are especially good. They include the cute “Teddy Bear/Hound Dog” mash-up, “It’s Now or Never,” and the entire cast in “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” which closes Act I. “Devil in Disguise” is particularly funny and Vanderhyde’s powerful, emotion-driven voice in “There’s Always Me” is wonderful.
“All Shook Up” can be seen at 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m. Sundays through Sept. 1 in the Horton Grand Theatre, San Diego.
Tickets are $30 to $70, available at sdmt.org or 858-560-5740.
(Review, Source: San Diego Union Tribune)

Just released!!!!


Wednesday 7 August 2019 - - - Two Days to start of ELVIS WEEK 2019 - - -
New 'ELVIS' USA Tour!: Elvis has been slacking off recently but at last the King of Rock 'n' Roll Returns to the US Stage when EPE presents 'ELVIS - SEEN/UNSEEN'.
Described as a "One-of-a-kind concert experience" featuring brand new, never-before-seen footage, live on-stage performances and special appearances from Jerry Schilling and Priscilla Presley.
This show is one of the most unique concert experiences of recent years, and it will feature amazing on-screen performances from the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll, backed live on stage by the one and only TCB Band.
The first announced dates in the US debut tour include October 30 at The Wellmont Theater (Montclair, NJ), November 1 at Theatre at Westbury (NY) and The Music Box at Borgata (Atlantic City, NJ) on November 2.
Marking 50 years since Elvis’ triumphant return to live performing the 2019 tour will feature Elvis joined on stage by his the the TCB Band featuring Glen Hardin, Ronnie Tutt and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, James Burton.
In addition to an amazing performance, the evening features special appearances by Priscilla Presley and long-term Elvis associate Jerry Schilling, who will be sharing intimate stories, personal photos plus rare home movies.
Priscilla Presley said, “We’re back and better than ever! I am honored to be part of this return of Elvis to the stage, and to see The TCB Band once again bringing his music to life with new unseen footage and a few surprises. Jerry
Schilling and I will be sharing stories and screening amazingly intimate home movies. This will be a once in a lifetime show... you won’t want to miss.” For Elvis fans across the US ELVIS: SEEN/UNSEEN is a chance to experience the man who changed the course of popular music.
EIN notes that the Jerry Schilling / Priscilla Presley and 'unseen' home-movies is similar to the last 'Elvis / RPO' tour concept and the up-coming new UK tour.
2019 ELVIS: SEEN/UNSEEN US Tour Dates:
October 30 – Montclair NJ – The Wellmont Theater
November 1 – Westbury, NY – The Theatre at Westbury
November 2 – Atlantic City, NJ – The Music Box at Borgata

Fans can purchase early access pre-sale for the upcoming ELVIS: SEEN/UNSEEN Tour from today, general public tickets will go on sale Friday, August 9 at 10am. EDT. Click here to EPE for Tickets and more info.
(News, Source:EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'AMERICAN SOUND '69' FTD Clarification: There are plenty of collectors who were wondering whether the new Deluxe FTD 5CD set of 'AMERICAN SOUND '69' is actually the "Complete Sessions".
As EIN has been noting in our previous FTD news, the release would be the (nearly) complete sessions.
Now FTD have clarified what the set will contain to Trevor Cajiao of 'Elvis The Man & His Music' - The most important parts read:
"Although originally intended as a Sony download release only, FTD agreed to release a limited physical edition after requests from many of you.
As this was put together somewhat hastily, clarification is needed regarding the content.
The digital set was never intended to be the 'complete' sessions. Therefore it does not include sub-standard, inconsequential and fragmented material that has surfaced illegally on bootleg over the years.
It features all the recordings deemed essential by the producers.
We will only be manufacturing to satisfy initial orders."

EIN noticed from the start for instance that the tracklist is obviously missing 'Only the Strong Survive' takes 2-7 "Dear Georgie"! - go here to FTD News for full tracklist
(News, Source;ETMHM/ElvisInfoNet)


'At the Movies' new PD box-set: Elvis Presley 'At the Movies' 1956-62 Film Soundtrack Collection is a new 3CD set from "Public Domain" label New Continent.
Features all of Elvis' movie soundtracks that fall under the EU "Public Domain" rule from 'Love Me Tender' to 'Girls, Girls, Girls'.

Contains 85 tracks BUT absolutely nothing you don't have already (and in better audio) but it does feature a rather dramatic front cover.

3CD Box set
Buy it at Amazon Uk for only £8.87

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Rocks Again In 1975' New Import: Another 4-CD import box-set gathering together four of Elvis' great concerts from May 1975 called 'Elvis Rocks Again In 1975 - From Lake Charles To Murfreesboro'

EIN notes that collectors will realise that all these four concerts have been previously released.

CD.1 04.05.1975 A/S Lake Charles
- Cajun Tornado,
CD.2 04.05.1975 E/S Lake Charles
- A Profile. The King On Stage CD4
CD.3 06.05.1975 Murfreesboro
- The excellent 2001 FTD 'Dixieland Rocks'
CD.4 07.05.1975 Murfreesboro
- Keep The Fire Burning

The barrel is running very dry..



(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

31 July 2019 .... It was FIFTY YEARS ago today ... Elvis was back in Las Vegas ..
Elvis’ in 1969 - the triumphant return: - By Maria Davies / Rex Martin
Ian Fraser-Thomson 1969 fan Interview: he was there for Opening Night show and the Press Conference
Sunday 4 August 2019

(Interview) Eric Wolfson, author of 'From Elvis in Memphis': In a very interesting and detailed interview, Eric Wolfson talks to EIN's Nigel Patterson about how his upcoming book, From Elvis in Memphis (part of the popular Bloomsbury 33 1/3 series), came about and what we can expect in it.

Eric also discusses why American Sound Studio was so successful and whether, by the late 60s, Elvis' recordings could have been improved through more innovative use of contemporary recording techniques.

If you are interested in Elvis' recording sessions and how they led to the stunning impact of "The Memphis Sessions" this is a fascinating read.

(Interview, Source: EIN)

Read Eric's interview

ELVIS Baz Luhrmann Biopic 2021 Release Date: Baz Luhrmann's anticipated Elvis Presley biopic has been given a release date of 1 October, 2021 by Warner Bros.
With lead actor Austin Butler staring as ELVIS and cast from a shortlist of five contenders which also included Miles Teller, Harry Styles, Ansel Elgort and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Butler will play the King of Rock in the drama, which is described as a story that will "delve into the complex dynamic" between Presley and his manager Col. Tom Parker.
Oscar winner Tom Hanks will portray Col Parker who controlled every aspect of the performer's life.
The movie's timeline will span 20 years, "from Presley's rise to fame to his unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and the loss of innocence in America".
The ELVIS biopic marks Luhrmann's first film since The Great Gatsby.
Butler's most recent work includes a role in Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, alongside Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.
The plan is to shoot in early 2020 to accommodate Hanks' schedule.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'The Auction at Graceland' On-Line Bidding Open: The August 13th Graceland-Authenticated Auction feature artifacts from Elvis' personal and professional life.
Highlights include his 14k diamond ring gifted to JD Sumner in 1974 and the signed agreement giving Col Parker a portion of Elvis' publishing rights.
The Auction at Graceland is a highlight of Elvis Week when collectors and fans get a chance to bid on a piece of Elvis history. The auction will include over 400 artifacts from Elvis' career.
Online bidding is now open for the auction which will be held on Tuesday, August 13 at 12pm EDT / 11am CDT in the Guest House at Graceland and online.
All the items in the auction will be offered from third-party collectors and none of the items come from the treasured Graceland Archives which continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for sale.
Highlights will be displayed at Elvis Presley's Memphis and later at Graceland Guest House.
Auction highlights include
- 1970s Elvis Presley's 14k Large Diamond Stage Ring Gifted to JD Sumner in 1974 - Former Mike Moon Collection Estimate $40-50,000
- Incredible Elvis Presley Pictorial Poster for September 2, 1957, Concert at Portland's Multnomah Stadium $30-50,000
- Elvis Owned Custom Black Three-Piece Tuxedo Made for His 1969 Film The Trouble with Girls - Former Mike Moon Collection $25-30,000
- 1967 Elvis Presley's Saddle Made by Mike McGregor $20-30,000
- Elvis Presley, Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley Signed November 21, 1955, Agreement Giving Colonel Tom Parker a Portion of Elvis' Publishing Rights $10-20,000
- Impressive 22.18 ct Opal and Diamond Ring that Elvis Presley Gifted to Linda Thompson $10-15,000
- 1970 Elvis U.S. FDA Drug Abuse Control Badge Gifted to Sonny West - Former Mike Moon Collection $10-15,000
- Elvis Signed Guitar - Signed in Concert $8-12,000
- Elvis Wardrobe Shirt from 1969 Film Charro $8-10,000
- 1970s Elvis IC Costume Brown Patterned Shirt Gifted to Ed Hill - Former Mike Moon Collection $8-10,000
- Immaculate 1954 Sun Records 209 Unplayed 45 RPM 7-Inch Single of "That's All Right" / "Blue Moon of Kentucky" - Memphis Pressing $8-10,000
- 1973 Elvis Presley's Stage Worn Scarf from "Aloha from Hawaii" Afternoon Concert Rehearsal Scarf with Heavy Makeup and Original Concert Ticket Stub $6-8,000
- Elvis Presley Double Signed and Inscribed Loving You Soundtrack Album with Photo of Fan with Elvis - $3-5,000
Click here to The Auction at Graceland to bid
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Petula Clark ‘Elvis angled for a threesome, he was raring to go”!: Over 10 years ago UK singer Petula Clark was telling the same story about “Elvis raring to go” and it’s back in media again as, age 86, she is publicising another release. (See EIN's original story from 2006)
While it does go to show the Media’s fascination with ELVIS over 40 years since his death, it is a shame that Clark, Tom Jones et al always feel the need to use ELVIS as a vehicle for their publicity.
The tabloid story has also been using the FAKED photo of Elvis with Petula Clark...
... At age 86 Petula Clark talks about being consoled by John Lennon, her friendship with Karen Carpenter – and her close encounter with the King
Clark is among the bestselling British female artists of all time, with one of the largest chart spans of any artist in history. She made her debut as a child entertainer shortly before her tenth birthday in 1942;
this October, the month before she turns 87, she will return to the West End in Mary Poppins.
It was in 1964 that she became famous worldwide, with Downtown, the smash hit that beat the Beatles to a Grammy and led her to be anointed “the First Lady of the British Invasion”. It went to No 1 in the US.
She worked with Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and Steve McQueen. Stand out – Quincy Jones was “wonderful”, and she and Harry Belafonte “adored each other”. They inadvertently caused a media storm in 1968, when Clark took Belafonte’s arm during a duet for her one-hour special for NBC;
One of Clark’s great friends was Karen Carpenter, who she met in Los Angeles at the 1969 premiere of Goodbye, Mr Chips, in which Clark starred alongside Peter O’Toole.
When Clark and Carpenter met Elvis Presley in his dressing room after a show, he angled for a threesome, she says. “He was raring to go. Karen was lovely, but she was kind of innocent. I felt sort of responsible for her, so I got her out of there. Then I looked round, and Elvis was at the door, and he looked at me, like: ‘I’m going to get you one day.’” But he never did, she tells my voice recorder directly. “Some people think he did. I think he put out the rumour that he did. But he didn’t.”
Any regrets? “I didn’t find him that attractive,” she says apparently offhandedly. But when I ask what period of Elvis it was, she jumps at the implication.
“Oh, it was when he was at his best! But he was almost too much.”
A recording of Petula Clark’s 1974 Valentine’s Day concert at the Royal Albert Hall will be released later this year.

(News, Source;Tabloids/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 31 July 2019 .... It was FIFTY YEARS ago today ... Elvis was back in Las Vegas ..
'Elvis Needed a Reboot in July 1969. So Did Las Vegas': Today is the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ Vegas comeback show, on July 31, 1969. This was a milestone and is being celebrated by the new RCA 11-CD boxed set of his ’69 Vegas performances, a reunion concert in Memphis next month and major Elvis Week celebrations.
Author Richard Zoglin reports in the New York Times.
... In the late sixties Elvis’ bona fides were in question when he returned to LIVE on-stage performances after more than eight years. His ’69 comeback show was a make-or-break gamble.
Unfortunately Elvis’ Vegas years are mostly recalled in the tabloid press as a period of commercial excess and artistic decline: the bombastic shows, the gaudy white jumpsuits, the ballooning weight, the erratic stage behavior, the drugs. “For many,” wrote Dylan Jones in “Elvis Has Left the Building” “Vegas Elvis was already Dead Elvis.”
But for that 1969 comeback, and at least a year or two after, Elvis was at his peak as a stage performer, and he created a show that not only revitalized his career, but changed the face of Las Vegas entertainment.
The younger generation was going to arena concerts, not hanging out in the Sands Hotel lounge. So it was fitting that Las Vegas, a town blindsided by the rock revolution, would turn to a megawatt rock ‘n’ roll star as the agent of its reinvention two weeks before Woodstock would take place in upstate New York.
Elvis’ return to the stage in Vegas was a make-or-break career gamble. Colonel Parker had envisioned a traditional
Vegas show, with chorus girls and choreography. Elvis wanted something different: a concert to reconnect him with his fans and showcase all the music he loved.
But when Elvis walked out, to a throbbing rhythm intro, grabbed the microphone with a trembling hand, and launched into “Blue Suede Shoes,” the audience went wild.
It was the old Elvis, rocking as hard as ever, on a song he hadn’t done in a decade. He followed with more vintage hits — 'All Shook Up', 'Don’t Be Cruel,' 'Hound Dog'. He did them faster than in the old days, almost as if he wanted to get through them as quickly as possible, to get to the more mature and varied material he was starting to record. He sang “In the Ghetto,” the social-protest song that had been released in the spring and became a hit. He did covers of songs identified with other artists — Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” Ray Charles’s “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” the Beatles’ “Yesterday.”
The high point of the show was a galvanic, seven-minute version of a song almost no one in the crowd had heard before: “Suspicious Minds,” which would be released during his Vegas run and give him his first No. 1 hit in seven years.
The show lasted an hour and 15 minutes, and Elvis was on fire throughout — prowling the stage like a panther, doing karate kicks, sweating and downing water and Gatorade. He was huffing and puffing after just a few minutes, but the voice never faltered: richer, more expressive, more powerful than ever. “I never saw anything like it in my life,” said Mac Davis, the singer-songwriter who had written “In the Ghetto” for him and was in the audience that night. “You couldn’t take your eyes off the guy. It was just crazy. Women rushing the stage, people clamoring over each other. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face the entire time.”
Presley talked to the audience too — nervously, with a few corny jokes and a lot of self-deprecating asides. But that was part of the appeal: this was no slick Vegas performer with polished jokes and programmed patter. Elvis seemed just as awed by the occasion as everyone in the audience.
He played for four solid weeks, seven nights a week, two shows a night — not a single evening off — and every gig was sold out. The critics raved; David Dalton in Rolling Stone called Elvis “supernatural, his own resurrection.” Richard Goldstein, writing in The New York Times, said watching him “felt like getting hit in the face with a bucket of melted ice. He looked so timeless up there, so constant.” The hotel instantly signed him up for five more years.
Elvis brought something new to Las Vegas: not an intimate, Rat Pack-style nightclub show, but a big rock-concert extravaganza. He showed that rock ’n’ roll (and country and R&B too) could work on the big Vegas stage. And he brought in a new kind of audience: not the Vegas regulars and high rollers, but a broader, more middle-American crowd: female fans who had screamed for Elvis as teenagers, families who made Elvis the centerpiece of their summer vacation. It was the same audience that Vegas would discover, over the next couple of decades, as it embarked on its own reinvention — a foretaste of the Vegas we know today, the Vegas of Cirque du Soleil, theme-park hotels, and (more recently) a new generation of pop-star residencies, from Elton John to Lady Gaga.
Go here to the NYT for the full article.
(News, Source;NYT/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Live 1969' SONY Promo Video: SONY have released a cute promo video for the brand new "Elvis Live 1969" deluxe 11CD boxset and also the double August 26 1969 vinyl release.
Worth a look - only runs 1 /12 minutes

Unfortunately they state that "Elvis hadn't performed on stage for over 11 years" - which is crazy seeing that the March 1961 Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbour fund-raiser was one of Elvis' best concerts of all time.
Elvis also performed two concerts in Memphis on February 25 1961.

Click here to YouTube to see the promo video

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Lisa Marie Writing a Book?: Tabloid rumors today (from the same company that published Elvis: What Happened!) that Lisa Marie has signed a book deal with Gallery Books.
"A mystery source" (tabloid-speak for made-up rumor) said that the Lisa Marie book is such a bombshell, she has sold it to Gallery Books for between $3 million and $4 million.
The tome “promises shocking revelations about Michael Jackson and a completely new understanding of Elvis”.
Lisa Marie, now 51, was married to the King of Pop from 1994 to 1996.
They secretly wed in a private ceremony before unveiling the relationship publicly on MTV, and splitting just two years later.
In 2010, she offered a somewhat cryptic account of how the marriage ended in an interview with Oprah Winfrey: “There was a very profound point in the marriage when he had to make a decision. Was it the drugs and the sort of vampires, or me? And he pushed me away.” She added that by “vampires” she meant “sycophants.”
The allegations have returned with the release of HBO’s “Leaving Neverland,” and Jackson’s estate has sued over the doc. The marriage is covered in the film, but Presley hasn’t commented.
Lisa Marie, who’s also been married to Danny Keough, Nicolas Cage and Michael Lockwood, has been open about her past addiction to painkillers, writing the foreword for the book “The United States of Opioids.”
Her new book is one of a number of high-profile projects on ELVIS a Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic on the King of Rock ’n’ Roll will shoot next year.
EIN is awaiting confirmation from Gallery books.
(News, Source;tabloids/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis News from earlier in the week....

Remembering "Presleymania" - Toledo Teen Tussles with Elvis: At the height of his popularity in the 1950s, Elvis created pandemonium during his 'live" performances and attracted the ire of not only parents, but also jealous boyfriends and husbands.

One incident, in Toledo, Ohio gained nationwide press coverage when Elvis was confronted by an unemployed 19-year-old sheet metal worker named Louis Balint and a fight ensued.

But was the fight between Elvis and Balint real?

The aftermath to the incident is interesting - Balint, a former Los Angeles drama student, offered this explanation:

A “sharp character” approached him at a bar between Presley concerts and promised him $200 if he would stage a fight with the singer to generate positive publicity. Only a month before, Presley had been in a fight with a Memphis gas station owner, which drew national attention; you know what they say about there being no such thing as bad publicity.

“To show you how phony the fight was,” Balint told The Toledo Blade, “the guy who fixed it had me give the cops my age as 19. I’m 22. The guy said 19 would sit better with the young chicks. I still haven’t seen the jerk,” he added later in the interview. “If my old man hadn’t read about it in the Los Angeles papers and sent me the money I’d still be in the clink.”

The Associated Press picked up the story and interviewed Balint’s 20-year-old wife, Joan. She denied carrying a photo of Presley. “I don’t like him, but then I don’t like most singers,” she said. “But I do think Liberace is pretty good.” (News, Source: Elvis November 1956, upcoming book by Paul Belard)

Jimmy Page talks Elvis, Scotty Moore: Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is once again re-visiting his musical roots via comments on Instagram.
He recently posted a marvllous and rare photo of Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore, who had been a major musical inspiration of Jimmy’s early years.
Jimmy has revealed an untold story about his biggest influence on electric guitar, the great Scotty Moore..

"On this day in 1999, I presented a Gibson Guitar to Scotty Moore at Air Studios. Scotty Moore had been a major inspiration in my early transitory days from acoustic to electric guitar.
Scotty Moore's character guitar playing on those early Elvis Sun recordings, and later at RCA, was monumental. It was during the 50s that these types of song-shaping guitar parts helped me see the importance of the electric guitar approach to the music.”


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

New Elvis Week Guests Just Added: With Elvis Week 2019 just a few weeks away, Graceland is excited to announce event more guests have been added to the line-up and events.
Musician BJ Thomas (I Just Can't Help Believin') will join us for the American Sound Studio Panel and celebration concert. BJ Thomas has topped the pop, country and gospel music charts with hits like “Hooked on a Feeling” and “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head,” which won the Academy Award for best original song in 1969.
Ronnie Milsap, in addition to his August 13 concert, will also share his memories of Elvis at the American Sound Studio Panel. Ronnie Milsap is one of the most successful country music artists of all time and a Country Music Hall of Fame inductee. He has sold over 30 million albums and has had 40 #1 hits. As a session player for Chips Moman at American Sound, Ronnie played on Elvis’ “Kentucky Rain” and sang harmony on “Don’t Cry Daddy.” In addition, Ronnie performed for two of Elvis’ New Year’s Eve parties.
Mark James composer of “Suspicious Minds”, “Moody Blue” and “Always On My Mind” will be part of the American Sound Studio Panel on Aug 13.
Songwriter Mark James penned hits for singers such as Brenda Lee, B.J. Thomas and Elvis Presley – most notably, Elvis’ hit “Suspicious Minds.” James worked closely with Memphis producer Chips Moman and James was a staff songwriter for Moman’s publishing company.
Ernst Jorgensen will join the American Sound Panel on August 14 and Elvis in Vegas Panel on August 17.
Ernst Jorgensen joined BMG in 1988 and became a member of the committee founded to restore the entire Elvis Presley catalog. With the 1992 5-CD box set "The King of Rock 'n' Roll - The Complete Masters," the project earned Grammy nominations, worldwide sales of close to a million copies. Produced by Ernst and his partner Roger Semon, the box set spurred two decades of restoration of the Elvis Presley catalog, with Jorgensen as a central figure as both producer researcher and historian.
Ernst and Roger Semon also run the collectors label Follow That Dream.
Previous ETA winners Shawn Klush and Cody Ray Slaughter will join the multiple tribute artist concerts that are now becoming the largest part of Elvis Week.
If you want to know about the Elvis Week 'Elvis Tribute Artist Contest tickets' click here to EPE.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis In Vegas' new Elvis Week Event: Hear stories and memories from those who shared the stage with Elvis, starting with his 1969 return to the live performances through the 1970s at the new Elvis Week event 'Elvis In Vegas'. Hosted by Tom Brown, confirmed guests include TCB Band members James Burton, Ronnie Tutt and Glen Hardin, Elvis historian Ernst Jorgensen and John Jackson of Sony/Legacy Recordings, plus original members of The Imperials Terry Blackwood and Jim Murray.
Looks interesting
Saturday, August 17 at Graceland Soundstage,

Click here to EPE's Elvis Week Schedule for more info



(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

‘The Show Won’t Go On’ New Book: Author Jeff Abraham has written to EIN.. “Believe it or not, it is coming up on 15 years that Al Dvorin was killed in a terrible car accident. His horrible unexpected death made quite an impression on me and inspired to write my first book which comes out in September -- “The Show Won't Go On: The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and Historic Deaths of Performers Onstage” (Chicago Review Press) co-written with Burt Kearns".
Show business has inspired artists to test their limits and create death-defying performances, but not everyone lives to tell the tale. For centuries, audiences have witnessed surprising deaths of entertainers from all walks of the business
This project began with an Elvis Presley tribute concert in 2004. Elvis’s announcer, Al Dvorin, the man who’d say, “Elvis has left the building” at the end of shows back when Elvis was alive, spoke the phrase into a microphone after the performance by Elvis impersonator Paul Casey. Al got a standing ovation, then signed autographs in the lobby. One of us was there at the Trump 29 Casino in Coachella, California, that night, when some fan suggested to Al that he write his autobiography. “I know, I keep putting it off,” Al replied. “But I will one day. I have time.” He set off for home in Las Vegas the next morning, only to be killed in a car crash in the desert.
This unfortunate Elvis-related event led to a discussion that turned into a study of performers who died after a show. These were the show people who took their bows, wiped off the greasepain and made it to the car or plane or back to the hotel room and then, like poor Al Dvorin, wound up “leaving the building.”
"From comedian Dick Shawn to country star Onie Wheeler, this morbid survey of performers who literally died onstage is a remarkable read. Abraham and Kearns have managed the impossible -- an obsessive book about death that is truly a celebration of life." -- Kliph Nesteroff, author, The Comedians.
Click to Amazon for more info and to pre-order
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Lana Del Ray to play Priscilla?: The meteoric rise of Elvis has been depicted several times onscreen, and the story will be told one more time in an upcoming big-screen biopic from director Baz Luhrmann.
With the recent news that Austin Butler has landed the lead role as Presley and Tom Hanks is set to play manager Col. Tom Parker, the late star's former wife is offering her opinion about who she thinks should be portraying her in the still-untitled biopic.
Recent reports have singer Lana Del Rey wanting to take on the role of Priscilla.
Media reports state that Del Rey feels it's a role she was born to play and that she has her agent contacting Baz Luhrmann hoping to get her cast.
Lana does look like Priscilla and has decided there's no way she won't get the part.
Despite the singer's reported enthusiasm, her lack of acting experience is reportedly a source of doubt for Luhrmann although he did use her song "Young & Beautiful" on the soundtrack for "The Great Gatsby".
When asked about the possibility Priscilla told media, "I like Lana" clearly giving her stamp of approval to Lana.
Priscilla Presley has clearly always been one of Lana Del Rey's muses. Besides their striking resemblance, LDR nods Elvis' ex-wife's fashion sense frequently and even croons "Elvis is my daddy" in her song Body Electric.
The movie is described as focusing on the late entertainer's rise and zenith, with a major aspect being his relationship with Parker.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

EIN exclusives and News from earlier in July ...

(Book Review): Elvis in Vegas: How the King Reinvented the Las Vegas Show (Richard Zoglin): EIN recently interviewed senior editor of Time magazine, Richard Zoglin, about his new book, Elvis in Vegas.

To complement our interview, EIN's Nigel Patterson provides a detailed review of Zoglin's book, a release that offers a lot more than its title suggests, and a book that is clearly one of the most important Elvis releases of 2019.

Read Nigel's detailed review of Elvis in Vegas: How the King Reinvented the Las Vegas Show

Read EIN's interview with the author, Richard Zoglin

Understanding Elvis and his life (excerpted from Elvis and the Memphis Mafia by Alanna Nash with Billy Smith, Marty Lacker, and Lamar Fike):

Lamar Fike (about Elvis and Gladys): I've never seen anybody connected like Elvis and Gladys were. It was just amazing.

Billy Smith (about Scatter the chimpanzee): When we took Scatter back to Graceland, the maids had to feed him because we were gone so much. One day, a maid named Daisy went out there, and she had her wig on, and that damn chimp grabbed the wig right right off her head. It scared a couple of years off her life. We always thought she poisoned him. And it wouldn't surprise me. Because not long after that, the monkey came up dead.

Marty Lacker (the Aug 1971 Vegas season): When Elvis went back to Vegas in August of '71, they had him playing three shows a day because of the overflow crowds. When he finished his engagement, he'd broken his own attendance record.

Lamar Fike (Elvis and demo records): After a while, the demos got so locked that Elvis literally became a parody of himself. because Elvis would just ape whatever the demo singer was doing. And a lot of times, the demo singer was trying to sound like him. So Elvis would end up copying a guy who was copying him.

Billy Smith (was Elvis superstitious?): Elvis wasn't all that superstitious, himself. If a black cat ran in front of the car, he didn't turn around and go back the other way. And he didn't believe in "lucky" shirts or good-luck charms.

Marty Lacker (Elvis and Priscilla's wedding): The truth is, the suite the cermony was in was big enough for the rest of the guys to be there. But the Colonel invited who he wanted, and in essence told the others to go f*** themselves. (News, Source: EIN/Alanna Nash: Elvis and the Memphis Mafia)

Blue Hawaii's Darlene Tompkins Dead at 78: US actress Darlene Tompkins is most famous for her role as Patsy Simon in Elvis' 1961 movie Blue Hawaii. Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1940 her real surname was 'Perfect' but after her parents' divorce she took the surname of her stepfather. Her family worked in theatre and so it was no surprise that she wanted to get to Hollywood. Winning a beauty contest led to her appearing in commercials while he first movie role was in 1960's 'Beyond the Time Barrier' and then 'The Ladies Man' starring Jerry Lewis.
She then co-starred opposite Elvis in Blue Hawaii as Patsy Simon one of the teenage girls. In 1963 she had a role in 'My Six Loves' with Debbie Reynolds and also has a small part again with Elvis in 'Fun In Acapulco'. She continued acting with parts in several television shows.
Earlier this year she suffered a stroke which caused a serious fall, bruising and bleeding on the brain.

She died last Thursday July 18, 2019 aged 78.


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Ger Rijff RIP: It was a shock to us all that one of the legendary icons of the Elvis World Ger Rijff passed away last week aged on 67.
Elvis author and specialist Gordon Minto worked with Ger Rijff on multiple projects over the years.. he adds his condolences....
‘Ger was a legendary figure in the Elvis-world when I got to know him back in the 1980s, so it was particularly thrilling to meet with him and become friends, subsequently sharing some great times both in England and Holland. In the 1990s though, he invited me to write the text for his 60 Million Elvis TV Fans … book about Elvis’s appearances on the Ed Sullivan shows.   I also worked on Inside Jailhouse Rock - though for  reasons not relevant here,  Jim Hannaford received the main writing credit. I also did a number of sleeve notes for some of his ‘alternative’ CD releases! What was he like to work with?  Really good - I had almost complete freedom to write whatever I wanted. I felt we connected - he liked my writing and I loved his artwork and ability to find really stunning photographic material to share with dedicated fans.  In summary, he had great creative energy - producing some of the most wonderful Elvis product ever issued - most of which stands the test of time and remains relevant today.
He was one-of-a-kind, a maverick who was less interested in commercial success than producing high quality Elvis releases for fellow fans. If only more people adopted that principled approach nowadays … RIP my friend.’ - Gordon Minto.
EIN will feature a Ger Rijff spotlight to honour our good friend - coming soon.
Shown above with Elvis photographer Alfred Wertheimer.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis in Vegas’ Wall Street Journal Review: The respected Wall Street Journal this weekend reviews Richard Zoglin's 'Elvis in Vegas' and features a photo by EIN contributor Paul Gansky...
The review includes... ‘Elvis in Vegas’ : The King’s Second Coming
The response to Elvis’s Las Vegas show redefined the singer and the city, replacing faded glory with fresh showbiz success.
In July 1969, Elvis Presley was busy gearing up for his first live-venue concert in nearly a decade. The site was a spacious 2,000 - seat theater in the new, ultra-swank, high-rise International Hotel in Las Vegas. His manager, Col. Tom Parker, decided that it would be too risky to be the opening act at an untested showroom, so the hotel first booked rising star Barbra Streisand, fresh from her Academy Award-winning role in “Funny Girl.”

Perched on a stool on a bare stage, she presented a jarring mix of show tunes and catty jokes about the still-unfinished hotel that fell flat with audience members and reviewers alike.
Presley, whose month-straight run was now planned to follow Streisand’s, took time off from his rehearsals to see her on the next-to-last night of her engagement. “The first thing that struck him was how big the stage was, and how poorly her stripped-down show seemed to fill it,” writes Richard Zoglin in “Elvis in Vegas,” a smart and zippy account of the watershed moment when the King of Rock ’n’ Roll came to Sin City to reclaim his squandered talent. “He was also put off by her wisecracking Jewish New Yorker shtick. Midway through the show he turned to one of his Memphis pals and muttered, ‘She sucks.’ ”
A journalist and author of show-biz books, including a biography of Bob Hope, Mr. Zoglin is in his element outlining Vegas’s glory years, when topless dancers and off-color comedians like Mr. Greene earned the desert resort its reputation as Sin City. During his frequent visits from Hollywood, Presley was a player in this hedonistic netherworld, and he enjoyed the Strip with his entourage as a nocturnal playground where he could escape the pressures of his movie career.
Presley proceeded to transform the cavernous, chandeliered Showroom Internationale, a theater twice as large as any in Vegas, into a private sanctum. He was loose enough to make light of his long hiatus and ill-fated movie career, ad-libbing to the audience this was “my first live appearance in nine years. Appeared dead a few times . ” The ecstatic response from the crowd and critics on opening night led to an unprecedented run, with every show a sell-out, drawing more than 100,000 people all told and grossing $1.5 million. As Mr. Zoglin notes, Presley at this point was able to give his fans the master showman they craved without sacrificing his artistry. “In that 1969 comeback show and for at least a year or two after it, Elvis was at his peak as a stage performer: trim and still impossibly handsome, his voice richer and more expressive than ever, his onstage charisma undimmed by age and the years of absence.”
Click here to full WSJ review - See EIN's exclusive interview with author Richard Zoglin here
Click here to Joan & Paul Gansky's story of 'ELVIS LIVE 1969'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Jimmy Page Talks ELVIS again!: Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has once again told a touching story about Elvis Presley on his social media last week and he recalls Led Zep playing the rather obscure ‘Frankfurt Special’
Jimmy Page commented that... “During the 1970 Led Zeppelin tour of Europe, sandwiched between Essen and Berlin, I played Frankfurt with Led Zeppelin with its close proximity to US military bases the audience always had a strong showing of those servicemen and women.
Elvis Presley had been stationed at Friedberg whilst in the army and it’s rumoured that Elvis himself attended some shows in Frankfurt back in the day.
Because of that it’s highly probable that we played ‘Frankfurt Special’ that evening in the rock ‘n’ roll medley during
‘Whole Lotta Love’ to pay tribute to both Elvis, Frankfurt, and G.I. Blues.
If we didn’t play it that time, I think we played it every other time we played Frankfurt!
(News, Source;JPage/ElvisInfoNet)

Austin Butler to play ELVIS in new biopic: Aussie director Baz Luhrmann has announced that the Shannara Chronicles star Austin Butler has been cast as Elvis Presley in his new biopic.
News came in earlier this month that Austin Butler was one of the finalists to play the iconic musician in the new Baz Luhrmann’s movie and now he’s beaten out Harry Styles and Miles Teller for the role, though Luhrmann took his time making a selection.
Luhrmann explained how he concluded that the 27-year-old Butler was the right actor to bring Elvis to life in his movie:
"I knew I couldn’t make this film if the casting wasn’t absolutely right, and we searched thoroughly for an actor with the ability to evoke the singular natural movement and vocal qualities of this peerless star, but also the inner vulnerability of the artist. Throughout the casting process, it was an honor for me to encounter such a vast array of talent.
I had heard about Austin Butler from his stand-out role opposite Denzel Washington in The Iceman Cometh on Broadway, and through a journey of extensive screen testing and music and performance workshops, I knew unequivocally that I had found someone who could embody the spirit of one of the world’s most iconic musical figures."
Austin Butler has primarily made an impression in the TV realm, recurring in shows like Life Unexpected and being the lead in the short-lived The Carrie Diaries and The Shannara Chronicles. On the big screen, Butler’s credits include The Dead Don’t Die and the upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
He will act in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic alongside Tom Hanks who is playing Colonel Tom Parker. While the movie will chronicle Elvis’ path to becoming a worldwide phenomenon, it will specifically frame this story through his complex relationship with Parker.
Baz Luhrmann has brought in some of his frequent collaborators such as Craig Pearce writing the script, and Catherine Martin serving as production and costume designer. Warner Bros will release the picture worldwide.
(News, Source;JoanGansky/ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS: American Sound 1969' FTD 5CD Box-Set: To celebrate FTD’s 20th Anniversary, FTD is pleased to announce the release of 'ELVIS: AMERICAN SOUND 1969' a 5CD Deluxe Complete sessions release.
Keen collectors were disappointed when the recent  'American Sound 1969' was announced as a DIGITAL release only for the general public. The Memphis 1969 session collection features over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis’ 1969 American Sound Studio sessions, which resulted in his From Elvis In Memphis record later that year. From Elvis In Memphis ranks among Elvis’ most universally beloved records, spawning the iconic hit 'In The Ghetto'. However FTD have the solution... 
With 'Suspicious Minds' celebrating its 50th Anniversary on August 26th 2019, Elvis’ pivotal Year of 1969 can be celebrated with 'Elvis: American Sound 1969' a deluxe box-set featuring all known and previously unreleased outtakes from the legendary American Sound Sessions, Including “In The Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds”.
This 5-CD set that’s part of FTD’s new ‘Sessions’ series, includes a 28-page booklet with rare photos and memorabilia.
Go here to 'FTD Releases' for the full-tracklist.
EIN notes that in all honesty only a very few outtakes have not yet been released by FTD and these are...
Long Black Limousine – Takes 1,2,3 & 5
Wearin’ That Loved On Look – Takes 1,2, & 5
You’ll Think Of Me – Takes 11, 19, 20 & 22
In The Ghetto – Takes 5-10
.... and that is all.
However to have all these session gathered together on a 5 disc set with 28-page booklet plus uniform remastering makes this an essential collector's purchase if you can afford it.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

‘Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee’ FTD Double-Vinyl:  FTD is pleased to announce the release of “Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee” limited edition, a double-vinyl set.
The album contains great alternative versions of songs from The Lost Album sessions in May 1963 and January 1964.
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the album is released in 180-gram format.

EIN Notes: This double-album looks a real stunner with tracks such as 'Memphis, Tennessee', 'Echoes Of Love', 'Please Don't Drag That String Around', 'Devil In Disguise', 'What Now, What Next, Where To', 'Blue River'  and 'It Hurts Me' all on the same album.

Go here to 'FTD / SONY CD News' for the full-tracklist.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Ger Rijff, Elvis Author, has Died: Before the FTD label, before The Elvis Files, the MRS and Boxcar books there was Ger Rijff and Tutti Frutti productions.
Ger "Tall-Hair" Rijff was one of the first classic Elvis super-collectors and publishers. He visited the RCA vaults along with a young Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon in the early 1990s and they all went on to publish stunning Elvis products. Rijff died last weekend aged 67.
Ger helped obsessive Elvis fans dreams come true via some truly magical and original books and music releases.
Ger Rijff published the classic 'Long Lonely Highway' "A pictorial coverage of a rock-Odyssey through 1050's America", as well as other top-rated books such as 'Inside Jailhouse Rock', "Florida Close Up', '60 Million TV Viewers Can't Be Wrong', 'Inside King Creole' and 'The Hottest Thing That's Cool'.
His legendary books and "Boot" productions helped push Ernst Jorgensen to create FTD as a quality publishing house.
Anyone who worked with him knew that Ger certainly had "his moments" but when he was on good form he was a scream! (Right with RCA's Chick Crumpacker)
Ger was also one of the best artists and cartoonists around.
Ger Rijff also helped work with Bob Pakes with setting-up the wonderful website 'Elvis: Echoes Of The Past'
Bob Pakes writes today, "Ger Rijff was the absolute leading expert on 50's dates and photos! No one even came close. And Ger was the first with his classic and specialized books.
Before FTD and Lorentzen started publishing specialized books, Ger had done it all.
Same can be said with regard to the boot market: Ger's labels were the absolute best! I will always vividly remember waiting for the postman to bring me the latest boot with all new and extremely rare music, in the coolest designed covers! Ah, those were the days!
But those days are gone. Forever. Nowadays books are much less exciting when compared to Ger's titles. And the boots, even the best FTD releases, can simply not be compared to the stuff Ger put out in the glory days of Elvis boots!
Those days are gone. - And Ger is gone.
What this guy has achieved and what he is leaving behind ... well, no one comes close."

EIN had plenty of contact with Ger over the years and I am proud to have known him.
He use to write "Rijff sez hi Aussie!" and I used to send him postcards from far-away places.
A message from him recently said, "Although Im really falling apart, and should be asleep now, I had to share the story with you guys. Rijff is everywhere ! : ) bye!"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review): Graceland's Mystery Man (George R. Baugh): George Baugh had a front-row seat at pop culture history.

A teenage friend of Elvis', he later worked as a security guard at Graceland.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently sat down to read George's memoir of his friendship with, and time working for Elvis.

Read Nigel's review of a book which could have been a lot better ..............

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

(Interview) Richard Zoglin (author of Elvis in Vegas) talks to EIN: Time magazine contributing editor and theater critic, Richard Zoglin, recently talked with EIN's Nigel Patterson about his much anticipated new book, Elvis in Vegas.

In an illuminating interview, Richard discusses, among other things:

  • why Elvis was so important to Vegas;
  • how Elvis redefined the Vegas show;
  • the important role Colonel Parker played in the success of Elvis' comeback to Vegas in 1969;
  • the impact of Elvis' lack of a musical director for his Vegas shows;
  • Elvis fans and his decline;
  • Elvis and rock critics; and
  • mob rule, Howard Hughes and the corporatisation of Vegas.

Read the full interview ...........(Interview, Source: EIN)

Elvis Week New Guests Ronnie Milsap, Pat West, Sheriff Bill Morris and Bonya Rhodes McGarrity (Elvis’ secretary): More news about Elvis Week 2019.
A Ronnie Milsap concert has been added to Elvis Week 2019 at Graceland in Memphis, August 9-17
Six-time GRAMMY Award winning singer Ronnie Milsap will perform a concert at the Soundstage at Graceland on the evening of Tuesday, August 13.
As one of the most successful country music artists of all time and a Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Ronnie is a 12-time ACM and CMA winner, has sold over 30 million albums and has had 40 #1 hits.
Ronnie also has a special connection to Elvis, which makes this Elvis Week appearance an exciting addition. As a session player for Chips Moman at American Sound, Ronnie played on Elvis’ “Kentucky Rain” and sang harmony on “Don’t Cry Daddy.” In addition, Ronnie performed for two of Elvis’ New Year’s Eve parties. Ronnie is a known as a great storyteller, so concert goers will likely be treated to some wonderful first-hand stories of his time with Elvis in addition to a night of incredible music.
Other Elvis Week highlights include- the American Sound Studio panel with Memphis Boys Bobby Wood and Gene Chrisman and back-up singers Mary and Ginger Holladay who will share stories and memories from their time with Elvis in 1969 for his recording sessions at American Sound;
Other highlights are 'Conversations on Elvis', 'American Sound 50th Anniversary Celebration concert', '1969 50th Anniversary Concert – Elvis Returns to Vegas', 'Elvis Presley Gospel Homecoming concert'
Plus new additions to the Aug 15 Conversations on Elvis include Pat West (above with Elvis) who was a college student when she began working for Elvis as a secretary at Graceland and who married Red West, personal friend former Memphis Mayor and Shelby County Sheriff Bill Morris plus Bonya Rhodes McGarrity, a Memphis native who worked at Graceland as Elvis’ secretary from 1961-1963. (Go HERE to EIN's Tribute to RED WEST)
The cornerstone event, the Candlelight Vigil, will begin on Thursday, August 15, at 8:30 p.m. CDT at Graceland’s front gate. The Candlelight Vigil will be open for all to attend. No special passes or wristbands are required.
Click here to EPE's Elvis Week Schedule for more info
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

James Burton added to Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot Show at Graceland: Legendary guitarist James Burton, a member of Elvis' TCB Band, has just been added a special guest performer at Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot at the Soundstage at Graceland on August 21.
It will also be James' 80th birthday, so the show will double as a huge birthday celebration for him.
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Burton organized Elvis' TCB Band and performed and recorded with Elvis from 1969-1977. Burton has recorded and performed with artists such as Johnny Cash, the Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, John Denver, Merle Haggard, Joni Mitchell, Roy Orbison, Elvis Costello and many more. He has also been inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
Burton will perform at the 1969 Elvis Returns to Vegas event on August 16 and will share his memories of Elvis at the Elvis in Vegas Panel on Aug 17 during Elvis Week.
Iconic guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and 3-time Grammy-award-winner Brian Setzer is a “Musician’s Musician,” credited with continually taking chances with innovative and daring musical styles, while single-handedly resurrecting two forgotten genres of music (rockabilly in the ‘80’s and swing in the ’90’s). Along the way, he has scored chart-topping hits, sold 13 million records and received the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award throughout his decorated career as founder / leader of the Stray Cats, his 19-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra, and as a solo artist.
He is consistently cited as one of the world’s greatest living guitarists, and has a best-selling, extensive line of elite Gretsch signature model guitars bearing his name.
Tickets are on sale now - get them now at gracelandlive.com!
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Friday 5 July 2019 .... "It was 65 years ago today ...."
July 5th '65 Years of Elvis Rock 'n' Roll' - It All Started On This Day: On July 5, 1954, Presley joined guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black at Phillips' studio in an effort to generate some sides for Phillips' newly launched Sun Records label. The session resulted, mostly by accident, in the recording of the bluesy "That's All Right," among other tunes. The next day they went back to into the studio and recorded a rockabilly-flavored take on the Bill Monroe classic "Blue Moon of Kentucky." By week's end, according to Elvis historian Peter Guralnick, Phillips had the recordings in the hands of a few tastemaker Memphis DJs. Once "That's All Right" hit the airwaves, Elvis was on his way.But Presley wasn't exactly an overnight sensation. He'd first gone to Memphis Recording Studio in the summer of 1953 to cut a do-it-yourself record of the ballad "My Happiness," a hit for the Ink Spots. (Cost: $3.98 plus tax.) Phillips' secretary, Marion Keisker, was intrigued by his voice and made a note of his name and phone number. Around this time, Phillips' studio had been rented by Chess Records and other established labels to record blues artists such as Howlin' Wolf, Ike Turner and B.B. King. Phillips was
famously prescient in anticipating the convergence of African-American musical styles with country and pop into a phenomenon that didn't yet have a name. Sam Phillips had Presley back in his studio in January 1954 to record a host of songs but none of them captured the sound Phillips was looking for. At the July 5, 1954, session, Phillips took another shot on Presley, this time pairing him with Moore and Black. The spark of "That's All Right," a variation on a tune Presley knew from Mississippi bluesman Arthur Crudup, came during a break when the three thought they were just goofing around. Phillips finally got what he wanted. By the end of the month, Presley had incited a frenzy at his first professional concert performance in a Memphis park. Sun Records released more Elvis singles (including "Baby Let's Play House" and "Good Rockin' Tonight") as his regional hits became national sellers. Elvis would leave Sun for the big leagues of RCA Records by the end of 1955. But Phillips secured his place in musical history, and made a tidy profit even if it wasn't $1 billion. (Right; Elvis back in Sun Studios Dec 1956) Phillips' vision of Presley as the one who could achieve crossover success by expropriating African-American influences was reinforced by the very first reference to "Elvis Presley" in Variety, which came in the Aug. 24, 1955, weekly edition. The story wasn't about Elvis per se (those came just a few weeks later) but about a movement in Houston led by the local branch of the NAACP to clean up the airwaves of sexually suggestive "race music" played on radio stations. "Most of the 26 were by Negro artists," Variety reported. The list of included Ray Charles' "I Got a Woman," B.B. King, the Dominoes' "Sixty-Minute Man," the Midnighters' "Annie Had a  Baby" and "Work With Me Annie," and two versions of "Good Rockin' Tonight": one by R&B hitmaker Roy Brown - who wrote the infectious "Have you heard the news / there's good rockin' tonight" and one by the singer who would soon be on a first-name basis with the world - ELVIS.

'Elvis: From Georgia To Florida' April 1975 FTD Review: Mid 1975 found Elvis back in good form and having fun on stage. This 5" digipack double-soundboard features two concerts from April 1975. The Opening Show at the Coliseum in Macon on April 24, 1975 and previously unreleased Lakeland April 27, 1975 Afternoon Show. Elvis always had an extra spark on the first date of a tour and would often include some new songs in the set-list.
Unfortunately soundboards from the start of this tour all have the same inherent 'problem' an audio-mix with a HEAVY bias towards Piano tracks - there was often very little drums, guitar or orchestra in the mix. FTD have already released 'Elvis In Atlanta' two concerts from this same tour, plus the April 27 Lakeland Evening show so can this set really provide anything new?

Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell & EIN's Piers Beagley check out the reality of this new FTD double-pack with mixed feelings.....
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis Live 1969 receiving significant promotion on major music websites: The upcoming Elvis Live 1969 boxset is starting to get major coverage via music and entertainment magazines and websites. Billboard, grammy.com and Ultimate Classic Rock are among the leading sites to feature an article, as well as Rolling Stone, whose article included:

Two new collections will delve into the music Elvis Presley produced in Las Vegas and Memphis in 1969, Live 1969 and American Sound 1969, which will be released August 9th and August 23rd, respectively.

Live 1969 commemorates the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ residency at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, which at the time, marked his first live shows in eight years. The musician performed 57 sold-out shows, during which he was backed by two vocal groups — the Imperials and the Sweet Inspirations — a full orchestra and band later known as the TCB Band.

Live 1969 will collect 11 full sets from Elvis’ run recorded in late August, including four shows that have never been previously released in full (two of those gigs, recorded August 22nd and 25th, have remained almost completely unheard since 1969). The set will be released digitally and as an 11-CD box set, with the latter coming with a 52-page booklet featuring rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp comprising historic interviews from Presley, Colonel Tom Parker, Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Fats Domino and more.

Live 1969  is available to  pre-order , along with a separate two-LP vinyl set chronicling Elvis’ August 26th, 1969 midnight show, which will also arrive August 9th. A limited edition version of that record pressed on hot pink and yellow vinyl will be available via the Graceland store.

American Sound 1969 , meanwhile, will comprise 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material that Elvis recorded during the American Studio sessions that produced his acclaimed record, From Elvis in Memphis. That set is available to pre-order and will only be available digitally.

ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

Now $115 (down from $160) <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £80.00

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites.

The AFP news service, which many online and print media sources use, is also carrying the following information about the various releases of Elvis Live 1969:

The collections, all due out in August, will delve into the music Elvis produced during his comeback year of 1969.

The largest set of the bunch, "Live 1969," commemorates the 50th anniversary of Presley's residency at Las Vegas's International Hotel, where he performed 57 sold-out live shows after an eight-year absence. At the time, the musician was backed by his TCB Band, a full orchestra as well as two vocal groups, the Imperials and the Sweet Inspirations.

"Live 1969" features 11 complete sets from his run, including two shows recorded on August 22 and 25 that have remained almost completely unheard since 1969. It also includes four gigs that have never been previously released in full.

The set, out on August 9, comes with a 52-page booklet featuring rare photos, an oral history by Ken Sharp with historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Parker, Tom Jones and more.

'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969'.
There seems to be a big difference here...

$22.18 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £21.99

Both with FREE Delivery
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Presley's residency at the International Hotel marked a turning point in the King's career, as it marked the live debut of "Suspicious Minds," which later shot up the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and "In the Ghetto." These two hits will be included in an upcoming two-LP, "Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Aug. 26 1969," which features Elvis's complete midnight show.
It will be released on August 9 via RCA and Legacy, with a limited-edition hot pink and yellow vinyl version of the album to be sold through Shop Graceland.
These two upcoming albums will be joined by "American Sound 1969," a digital collection featuring 90 rare and unreleased tracks that Elvis Presley recorded during the American Sound Studio sessions that yielded "From Elvis In Memphis."
The acclaimed record, which is often regarded as one of his best studio albums, peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard 200.
On the various Amazon best sellers charts, the Elvis Live 1969 CD box set has broken into the Top 25 in the UK (where it is also #3 on the box sets chart behind two cheaply priced various artists compilation sets), and it is just outside the top 100 in the US.
(News, Source: Bob Klein/Rolling Stone; AFP; Google News)

Jerry Carrigan (Elvis drummer) Dead at 75: Jerry Carrigan who was in the first rhythm section at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals and was later an in-demand session player in Nashville, has died at his home in Chattanooga. Carrigan died on June 22, he was 75. (Carrigan far right with Elvis at the "Nashville Marathon" sessions)
Jerry Carrigan played drums on Elvis' Nashville and STAX sessions. His work can be heard on the 'That's The Way It Is', 'Elvis Country', 'The Wonderful World of Christmas', 'He Touched Me', 'Raised on Rock / For Ol’ Times Sake' recording sessions and more..
The Alabama-born Carrigan was just a teenager when he and his friends David Briggs and Norbert Putnam, who played bass, helped to create the Muscle Shoals sound under the guidance of producer Rick Hall. They played together on some of the earliest Fame records, including Arthur Alexander's "You Better Move On"- covered by The Beatles .
That led to Carrigan playing in the Muscle Shoals backup band that opened for the Beatles before their first U.S. concert in Washington, D.C., in 1964. The three Alabama musicians later moved to Nashville, where they became some of the most in-demand session players, known as the Nashville Cats. He became a prolific musician, playing with Elvis Presley, George Jones, Kenny Rogers, Porter Wagoner, Waylon Jennings and more.
Jerry Carrigan played on Charlie Rich's classic "Behind Closed Doors," Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler," Ray Stevens' "Everything Is Beautiful," and Tony Joe White's 'Polk Salad Annie'.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Live 1969' 50th Anniv Official Announcement: Finally SONY have decided to officially announce the new 11CD live set that EIN has been promising for weeks. They state..
'50th anniversary box set, digital reissue will celebrate Elvis Presley’s triumphant 1969'
The 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s transformative Las Vegas residency at the International Hotel will be commemorated this summer with 'Live 1969', a deluxe 11-CD box set out August 9th on RCA / Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony. Marking his return to the stage for the first time in eight years, Elvis’ 1969 Vegas run featured 57 sold-out shows and the live debut of his signature #1 hit “Suspicious Minds” (the track celebrates its 50th anniversary on August 26th). The transcendent performances included The King of Rock and Roll backed by two vocal groups (The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations), a full orchestra and a band later known as the TCB band.

The 11 Elvis performances being released are - as EIN stated back in May - all complete shows and sadly with no "Bonus extras" such as rehearsals or any RCA test tapings.
August 21 1969 Midnight Show - BMG 'Viva Las Vegas CD2'
August 22 1969 Dinner Show - FTD 'Elvis In Person CD2'
August 22 1969 Midnight Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 23 1969 Saturday Dinner Show - Recent VINYL release
August 23 1969 Saturday Midnight Show - FTD 'Elvis At The International' (one of EIN favourite shows)
August 24 1969  Dinner Show - BMG box-set 'Live In Las Vegas CD1'
August 24 1969 Midnight Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 25 1969 Dinner Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 25 1969 Midnight Show - FTD 'Hot August Night'
August 26 1969 Dinner Show - FTD 'Live In Vegas'
August 26 1969 Tuesday Midnight Show - FTD 'All Shook Up'

All the performances have been specially remastered for this new 50th anniversary release by Matt Ross-Spang

Live 1969 is the definitive collection of The King at the height of his power. For the first time ever, it features the release of eleven complete performances from Elvis’ August 1969 engagement at Las Vegas’ International Hotel. Of these performances, four are being released in full for the first time ever – including two Elvis shows that have remained almost completely unheard for fifty years (August 22nd and 25th). The package also includes a 52-page booklet with rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp curated from historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Parker, Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Cissy Houston and more.
- Also, being released on August 9th is the vinyl 'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969'. The Double-vinyl release features Elvis’ complete set from August 26’s Midnight show. The material includes a repertoire of blues-tinged rock ‘n’ roll, beautiful ballads and his two, brand-new hit singles “In The Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds.” The performance also gives rare insight into an otherwise very private man, as Elvis cracks jokes and tells in-depth stories about his career.
'Live 1969' and 'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, August 26, 1969' are available for pre-order now via EPE etc
(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

$159.98 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £80.47

Both with FREE Delivery
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'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969'.
There seems to be a big difference here...

$25.98 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £25.97

Both with FREE Delivery
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New 'American Sound 1969' DIGITAL release: In addition to Live in 1969, RCA / Legacy Recordings will release 'American Sound 1969' digitally on August 23rd. The collection features over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis’ 1969 American Sound Studio sessions – which resulted in his From Elvis In Memphis record later that year. From Elvis In Memphis ranks among Elvis’ most universally beloved records, spawning the iconic hit “In The Ghetto.”

American Sound 1969 is available for pre-order now: https://Elvis.lnk.to/AS1969PR

More info coming soon..

(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' Deluxe FTD Review: Released by FTD back in March 'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' is a 3-CD set that the publicity noted included more than an hour of previously unreleased false starts and complete takes!
The 28-page booklet includes rare photographs, memorabilia, session data, Movie Trivia and an updated overview of the movie by Alan Hanson - with all tracks recently remixed and remastered.
A Mexican locale, some Tijuana horns, plus the interesting presence of the Mexican ‘Amigos’ at the recording sessions presented a novel setting for Elvis.
If you like Elvis, sunny locations, sixties movies packed full of songs and the Latino sound then there is no doubt that Fun In Acapulco must be one of your favourites.
But 56 years after the original album and movie can there really be that much of interest left in the vault unreleased?
EIN's Piers Beagley investigates this massive set, discovers all the Previously Unreleased Delights - and wonders if 33 minutes of Guadalajara might be too much for some...
A FTD Deluxe set deserves a proper review and EIN gives you 4000 words plus to see if you really need to add this limited release to your collection!
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Ken Sharp Interview 2019: Ken Sharp is a New York Times best-selling writer who has published an astounding number of books about musicians such John Lennon, David Bowie, Kiss, Cheap Trick, LA's Wrecking Crew as well as Elvis Presley.
He authored the stunning FTD book 'Writing For The King' as well as the unique 'Elvis Vegas 1969' and has published a multitude of interviews with key Elvis acquaintances in major music magazines such as Goldmine, he has also supplied sleeve notes for some major Sony ELVIS releases.
Packed full of unique interviews, fans have asked EIN whether "Elvis Vegas '69"is being republished for the 50th anniversary.

It has been a while since EIN has caught up with Ken Sharp - and with the 50th anniversary of Elvis' 1969 Las Vegas Return-To-Splendour about to be celebrated we thought it was about time to find up what he was up to.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions.. and YES you can get copies of 'Elvis Vegas 1969' now at a special price for the 50th anniversary.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Book Review): Elvis September 1958 - Germany Bound (Paul Belard): Paul Belard's latest visual and archival record of the Elvis story focuses on just one month, September 1958. This was the month Elvis prepared for his departure from the USA on deployment to Germany to continue his Army training.



EIN's Nigel Patterson took a tour of duty through Germany Bound. He has taken inventory and you can read what Nigel found here:

Read Nigel's review ......


..(Book Review, Source: EIN)

'Elvis Summer Festival '72' New Book: Another high-quality Elvis book from author Keiran Davis.
This volume is dedicated to Elvis' 1972 Summer Festival in Las Vegas.
The 154 page book includes stories, documents, photographs, architectural drawings and more from Elvis' 1972 Summer Festival at the Las Vegas Hilton.
This book contains the final diary / memories of Peggy Elzea (in addition to those of many other fans) who attended some of the shows.
It was Peggy Elzea' diaries that made Keiran Davis' 'Live At The International' such an incredible book. (See EIN review and Interview with the author here)
154 page, hard-bound, full colour book

Priced at UK £40 & Rest Of The World £55

The book will sell-out!

Click here to his website to purchase


(News, Source;KD/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis LIVE Aug 23, 1969 Album Review + Elvis Concert Review 1969: ... "The atmosphere throughout the entire hotel was nail-bitingly electric! It is difficult for me to describe and paint a true portrait of attending in person this unique occasion - Elvis' Return to Splendor LIVE in 1969 - but I'll try my best.  I want, and hope, you will understand the excitement of what has to be the pinnacle of Elvis' career to date!"
Joan Gansky was lucky because not only was she in the audience for Elvis' TV musical renaissance of the '68 NBC Special but she also saw Elvis at his most dynamic - first at his August 22nd 1969 Midnight Show and then the following night at his August 23rd Dinner Show.
Joan Gansky has written this insightful and emotional article for EIN in 2019, fifty years later, looking back at this special event from 1969 as well as providing her review of the new RCA vinyl album of the August 23rd Dinner Show.
One of EIN's most important articles we have ever published - Go here for Joan and Paul Gansky's incredible articles and exclusive photos
(Review/Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis: Now In Person' New Book: If fans weren't tempted before these new promo shots for the new Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) 'Gold Standard' series book 'Elvis: Now In Person' celebrating Elvis' 50th Anniversary of his return to live concerts in Las Vegas sure look mouth-watering!

The book features 400 pages with new articles, plus plenty of photos including Elvis at the construction of the International Hotel, Elvis’ Vegas Press conference plus a detailed look at Elvis' fantastic 1969 Summer Season performances from 31 July to 28 August 1969.

The book is available for Pre-Order through the Elvis Shop London.

Or Pre-order with Elvis Files - Send € 105 by PayPal to: sales@elvisfiles.no (includes shipping with DHL)

Erik Lorentzen promises lots of new previosuly unpublished photos....

(More example pages below)


(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

MRS ‘The Complete ‘50s Movie Masters' VINYL Review: The MRS label released ‘The Complete ‘50s Movie Masters & Alternate Recordings’ for Record Store Day 2019.
The double LP set features one side of vinyl dedicated to each one of Elvis' four fifties movies and includes additional gems such as the STEREO 'Love Me Tender' recordings, 'Treat Me Nice' and 'Jailhouse Rock' in STEREO as well as the delightful 'Crawfish' Movie Master Edit from King Creole.
This was a neat idea, one side for each movie with a couple of extra bonus tracks, nice audio mastering plus a stylish 24-page massive inside booklet.
We get ‘Love Me Tender’ on one side with 7 tracks, ‘Loving You’ on Side B, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ as a sensational Side C and to my surprise all of ‘King Creole’ fitting neatly into the final side and with a cool Bonus Track not on the original RCA vinyl.
With the 24-page album-size gatefold booklet it truly is a stunning presentation.
Released on 180grm Vinyl and with quality audio remastering.
EIN's Vinyl-lover Piers Beagley spins these new discs and checks out the sumptuous packaging
(VINYL Review, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

MRS ‘Made in Germany – Private Recordings’ VINYL Review: The MRS label released ‘Made in Germany: Private Recordings’ which features the best of the remastered private recordings Elvis made in Germany, for Record Store Day 2019.
The audio from Elvis' private recordings has been painstakingly cleaned, repaired, and restored, using the most sophisticated technology.
Elvis vinyl fans can now enjoy these truly historical recordings including the newly found 'Like A Baby', 'He Knows Just What I Need', 'His Hand in Mine', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' and 'Cool Water' for the very first time.
Limited Edition 180-gram 2LP set with a 24-page photo spread gatefold with stunning pictures and with several photos not featured in the recent MRS Book/CD combo.
Released on 180grm Vinyl and with quality audio remastering.

EIN's Vinyl-lover Piers Beagley spins these new discs of Elvis' German Private Recordings and checks out the sumptuous packaging...

(VINYL Review, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis Presley - Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969' OUT TODAY: Great news for Elvis VINYL collectors a brand new PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 1969 Las Vegas performance was released today for Record Store Day.
'Elvis Presley - Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969'  2 LP Vinyl
Label: CMG / Legacy
Following his triumphant comeback special for NBC at the end of 1968, Elvis Presley made a highly-publicized return to live performance in 1969, booking an exclusive engagement at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. Elvis treated audiences to a raucous rock set inspired by the recent sessions for his just-released studio album From Elvis In Memphis, backed by vocal groups The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations as well as an early version of his famed TCB Band. Live In Las Vegas 1969 showcases this incredible, important phase in Elvis' career with a previously unreleased set from the first of many engagements at The International Hotel.
Click here to RSD for more details
(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

Two new book releases from Paul Belard: Elvis author/researcher, Paul Belard, has published the latest photobooks in his ongoing project to present a comprehensive pictorial record of Elvis' life. His new titles are Elvis 1956 January-February and Elvis September 1958 - Germany Bound.

Paul has numerous other titles nearing completion including Elvis May 1956; Elvis October 1958, and Elvis November-December 1958, as well as the thematic volumes, Elvis A Humanitarian; Elvis Badges, Cops and Guns; and Advertising Elvis.

Contact Paul Belard for purchase information

Other titles from Paul Belard already published are:

Elvis In Hawaii November 1957
Elvis March 1956
Elvis April 1956
Elvis December 1956
Elvis The Gospel Singer
Elvis Las Vegas April - May 1956

'Elvis LIVE UK Tour 2019': A new tour showcasing Elvis Presley's greatest hits has been announced.
Elvis' Greatest Hits tour will hit six arenas across the UK in November/December 2019.
As well as performances from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra this time the show will also feature the TCB Band.
Priscilla Presley and long term associate Jerry Shilling will also appear on stage at each date, sharing stories, personal photos and rare home movies.
The 2019 tour marks 50 years since Elvis made a triumphant return to live performing with a Las Vegas residency in 1969. Priscilla noted, "We're BACK and better than ever!"
"I am thrilled and honoured to be returning to the UK. Please join me live on stage to present this brand new show backed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, Elvis' TCB Band, never before seen new footage of Elvis and more surprises, including, Jerry Schilling and myself on stage sharing our stories. This will be a once in a lifetime show... you won't want to miss."
Tickets for Elvis's Greatest Hits tour go on sale on Friday, April 12. Dates are:
November 25 - Manchester Arena
November 26 - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
November 27 - Birmingham Resorts Arena
November 28 - Sheffield FlyDSA Arena
November 29 - Glasgow Hydro
December 1 - London O2 Arena
UK Elvis in Concert tickets are available from 12 April, 9am go to Ticketline.co.uk, bookingsdirect.com or ticketmaster.co.uk
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis - Made In Germany’ In-Depth Review: The new MRS 'Elvis - Made In Germany – The Complete Private Recordings’ 4CD set contains more than 3 hours of the private recordings Elvis made while off duty in Germany when he was serving as a soldier in the US army during the 1958 -1960 period and, includes rare tracks from a recently discovered tape comprising over an hour of unheard personal recordings.
The 152-page hardback book contains rare photographs and documents plus a comprehensive text provided by Gordon Minto, which discusses each of Elvis’ RCA studio (non-film) recording sessions held during 1957-58, before focusing on the private recordings he made in Germany.
The BONUS CD features the essential RCA studio masters from 1957-58.

With such an expansive book, along with hours of Elvis jamming with his friends in Germany, there is plenty to discuss as well as finding out what extra material this set contains over the official releases.

Go here as EIN's Nigel Patterson & Piers Beagley provide an in-depth review of this new MRS release

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Best (and Worst) Books of 2018: What were the best Elvis books published in 2018? The worst? The most incredulous?

EIN's Nigel Patterson, with help from Piers Beagley, has compiled an extensive list of the best and worst Elvis books of last year.

The 14 award categories include the best:

  • general biography
  • "subject specific" release
  • composite (book/CD and/or DVD) release
  • "insider" memoir
  • photo-journal
  • fiction release
  • ebook
  • book for younger readers
  • non-english text
  • re-issue
  • fan club/fan publication
  • most incredulous release

Plus EIN names its top two Elvis books of 2018!

To find out what they are (and why) and read about more than 70 other Elvis books published in 2018 click here..(Spotlight, Source: EIN)

'The Best Of The '68 Comeback Special' CD Review: The original NBC TV Special featured Elvis playing with so much passion that it inspired a career renaissance
Released to cash-in on the recent “Elvis All-Star Tribute” one can only hope that the mass of Post Malone and Ed Sheeran fans will consider Elvis’ amazing musical legacy worth checking out.
Elvis never looked cooler than in the 68 Special and this surely has got to help.
The original ELVIS NBC soundtrack vinyl album was obviously the very first selected ‘Best Of’ while BMG’s marvellous 1998 “Memories” double-album was an expanded version. This new ‘Best Of’ has presumably been selected by Rob Santos and John Jackson.
Elvis was SO DAMN GOOD performing for the NBC TV special that any alternate edit has to be enjoyable so EIN thought it worth giving the new set a spin. With all of Elvis’ USA sales getting a positive bump after the new TV show we know that this new set is being played in a fair few homes.  
EIN's Piers Beagley investigates, can another '68 ComeBack Special compilation really be worth buying all over again?
and Have Your Say! Does this really help Elvis' great legacy...  
(CD Review, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Larry Geller talks to EIN: Larry Geller, Elvis' personal hair stylist and spiritual confidante, recently talked with EIN's Nigel Patterson about a range of Elvis and Larry related issues. Larry's fascinating and candid interview traverses issues including:

  • Elvis' last few years and his dramatic plans to change his life and career from September 1977
  • new claims about Elvis by Aurelia Dupont Yarbrough and singer-songwriter, Leo Sayer
  • meeting Elvis for the first time - and later working for him
  • "What was Elvis really like?", what Larry tells fans who want to know
  • Elvis and UFOs
  • Vernon Presley and the "blue light" over the Presley home in Tupelo the night Elvis was born
  • Larry's new company, Wisdome Organics, based on his Holistic Hair Care Philosophy

Read Larry's interview

(Interview, Source: EIN)

'Elvis: St Paul To Wichita: Oct 1974' FTD In-Depth Review: A live soundboard 5” double-digipack this time focussing on Elvis' Tour 12 which went from September 27 to October 9.
Two concerts St. Paul, Minnesota October 3, 1974 and Wichita, Kansas October 7, 1974 are included with three bonus songs from October 4, 1974.
Best of all these are both previously unreleased soundboards.
While Elvis had performed some memorable shows earlier in 1974, the September-October 1974 tour was not one of his best, with highlights sparsely dotted across the shows. The infamous College Park performance was during this tour, but by October 3 it was clear Elvis was up and enjoying himself.
In high energy and good humour Elvis at one point jokes, "By God, you might have been wrong for so long, but you were right tonight J.D!"
The soundboard audio quality is excellent.
Click here as Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell & EIN's Piers Beagley check out Elvis' performance
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork) 

'What was Elvis searching for?' EIN Spotlight: The question is raised – but never answered – in the title of HBO’s recent absorbing, imperfect documentary 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'.
At the start it seems clear what the teenage Elvis was searching for – an escape from the oblivion of poverty in the American South. Yet his quest was cultural as well as financial.
Later Elvis read obsessively, seeking out such books as The Impersonal Life, Joseph Brenner’s guide to self-discovery and Kahil Gibran’s book of fables, The Prophet. In his copy of Gibran’s tome, Elvis jotted down the line: “A singer can sing his songs but he must have an ear to receive the song”.
So what exactly was Elvis searching for?

In this fascinating EIN Spotlight respected author Paul Simpson takes a close look at this all important question which, for some reason, was basically ignored in the recent HBO documentary..

(Spotlight, Source;PaulSimpson/ElvisInformationNetwork)


Don't forget that EIN's Elvis Facebook page regularly features fabulous RARE newly discovered photos of Elvis.

This week celebrated our 25,000 members! - including several of Elvis' own friends and colleagues

So Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs.

Now with over thousands of great photos, News and with more added every day – including YouTube footage.


Click here to Facebook - Elvis Information Network group.

The VINYL Boom: Over 7.6 million vinyl LPs were sold in the USA during the first half of 2018, a 20% increase from the previous year, while in Australia vinyl sales increased by $3 million, the same increase of 20%. In the same period CD sales however dropped by 15%.
Elvis vinyl is still selling very nicely with ‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ recently in the UK Top ten VINYL charts.
And there is plenty of Elvis Presley vinyl on offer....

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ on GOLD Vinyl: ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits was re-released by Sony Music on GOLD Vinyl on 12 October. UK's Entertainment-Focus have posted this cute review.
... What is there to say about Elvis Presley that hasn’t already been said?
It may be 41 years since the icon died tragically at only 42 years old but his music continues to live on, and likely will forever. It’s actually mind-blowing to think that his music has survived for almost as long as he was alive. In 2002 Sony Music released a new greatest hits collection titled ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits, which dominated charts across the world and sold millions and millions of copies. 16 years on from its original release, ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits has been reissued on 2LP vinyl.
Taking inspiration from the album cover, the release has been pressed on gold vinyl making the whole package feel very special.
Presley was an incredibly prolific artist so getting this collection down to 31 tracks was no easy feat. It also includes the ALLC Junkie XL remix.
 What was achieved with ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits though, is a

collection that gives you all the highlights you need from The King’s career to showcase the incredible impact he had on music. The album opens with Heartbreak Hotel and there isn’t a single filler track here.
It’s actually near impossible to pick out highlights across the 2LPs because every single one of these songs is a classic.
Of course no Elvis collection would be complete without Suspicious Minds and that track is near the end of the track listing on the final side.
The release features the artwork from the original 2002 release and it’s a beautiful, high-quality gatefold. I mentioned earlier about the gold vinyl but what I’ve not commented on yet is the sound. The CD version was a little patchy given that the songs were all recorded at different times. It’s not as noticeable on the vinyl release and the quality is crystal clear. The warm crackle of vinyl adds to the overall feel too.
ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan. While he had plenty of great songs that aren’t featured here, this collection truly is the definitive one to own. There’s not a single bad song here and it’s lengthy enough to give you value for money. The whole vinyl package is fantastic and it looks as good as it sounds.
They don’t make artists like Elvis anymore and they probably never will again.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ GOLD Vinyl Double LP.


'ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits' is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan.

The Official 'A Boy From Tupelo' Vinyl album is still selling, while there are some interesting Public Domain Vinyl releases out in the UK including 'Jailhouse Rock' with 16 tracks even including 'Lonesome Cowboy'! Also the rather odd CD called 'Girls! Girls! Girls! + Loving You' with thirty tracks including Bonus tracks such as 'Is It So Strange' and even 'Good Luck Charm' out 29 October 2018 from Hoo Doo Records!





'68 Comeback Special - 50th-anniversary' deluxe box-set.

Priced at around US$150 and £95.40 in the UK.

Not cheap if you already own the DVDs and CD box-set but the Blu-Rays are still pretty tempting.

'68 Comeback Special - 50th-anniversary': More publicity out for the new box set.
... '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) is set for release on November 30 and includes five CDs of music plus two Blu-ray discs featuring video content.
After spending most of the decade in Hollywood making forgettable movies and mostly boring music to accompany those films, Presley staged a comeback in 1968 with a TV special that was simply called Elvis and aired on Dec. 3.
Part of that program featured Presley singing some of his old hits, as well as a few new songs, surrounded by a lavish, Hollywood-style backdrop. But another section of that show spotlighted Presley, decked out in black leather and armed with a guitar, sitting on a stool on a spare stage that also included guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana, two-thirds of the trio that catapulted Presley to fame in the mid '50s with their work on the Sun sessions and early RCA recordings.
That "sit-down" performance included raw takes of some of their best records, including "That's All Right" and "Heartbreak Hotel."
There were also scorching versions of "Baby, What You Want Me to Do" and "Lawdy, Miss Clawdy" that pretty much signalled Presley's return to rock 'n' roll.
The Comeback Special, as it was later called, opened the door to Presley's terrific Memphis records from 1969 and his renewed success in the '70s until his death in 1977.
The '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) collects all of the existing audio and video from the show plus rehearsals and sessions recorded with the Wrecking Crew.
The CD Track-listing is a previously noted by EIN - see below.
The book also features rare photos and memorabilia and full recording data
There is over 7.5 hours of footage across 2 newly mastered Blu-ray discs, overseen by Thom Zimny.

Blu-ray Disc 1:
- Elvis NBC TV Special originally broadcast on December 3, 1968
- Black Leather Sit-Down Show #1 - June 27, 1968
- Black Leather Sit-Down Show #2 - June 27, 1968
- Black Leather Stand-Up Show #1 - June 29, 1968
- Black Leather Stand-Up Show #2 - June 29, 1968


(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

Blu-ray Disc 2:
- Trouble/Guitar Man TV Show Opener - June 30, 1968 - All Takes and Raw Components
- If I Can Dream TV Show Closer - June 30, 1968 - All Takes
- Huh-Huh-Huh Promo - June 30, 1968
- Elvis Closing Credits Without Credit Roll - June 30, 1968
- If I Can Dream Special Music Video 2004 - June 30, 1968
- Gospel Production Number - All Takes and Raw Components
- Guitar Man Production Number - All Takes and Raw Components
- Blu-ray Special Feature Re-Cut

Bud Glass Elvis Super-Collector 2018 Interview: Bud Glass is the co-owner of The King’s Ransom Elvis Presley Museum and is a world authority on locating and authenticating rare Elvis Presley artifacts of all kinds. In the past he published the very popular series of  'ELVIS: Behind The Image' books and DVDs.
Not only does he own one of the largest collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia in the world, he is also an Elvis Presley historian, documentary producer as well as a consultant to major collectors.
Glass’ artifacts have been featured on multiple TV shows and he has even loaned artifacts to Graceland.
EIN heard that Bud Glass has recently started a new project - "Elvis Relics" - and we wanted to know more.
Go here as we discuss fake Elvis memorabilia, dodgy Elvis signatures, the death of Elvis' close friends, can one ever own enough “ELVIS  rarities” and much much more
EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions..

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis Presley: The Searcher' DVD Review: For fans of Elvis’ music there is no doubt that the HBO documentary “Elvis Presley The Searcher” was one of the best programmes ever made about Elvis and where his inspiration and music came from.

Fans were therefore pleased to know that the documentary would be released on DVD. The vision quality is excellent and it is a joy to slow-mo through some of the newly found clips and historical footage of Elvis.

However, how can such a fine documentary feel like such a let down as fans discover there are no DVD extras included that look deeper into Elvis' search?
EIN's Piers Beagley looks at the recent Australian DVD releases to find a good value-for-money documentary is also one of the biggest Elvis marketing failures in years and a disgrace.

Go here for the full review, a look at the "Questions & Answers" bonus material plus the special 20-page booklet. Is it really what Elvis fans wanted in this special DVD release?

(DVD Reviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

The Searcher DVD - OUT NOW

The standard versions are available from under US$18 and £14.99 in the UK.

'The Searcher Collector's Edition' costs $33 from Amazon USA.

(Book Review) The Comeback - Elvis and the Story of the 68 Special (Simon Goddard): The past two months have been a busy period regarding Elvis' legendary '68 Comeback Special. Marking its 50th anniversary, the Special was shown in cinemas and two new books were published, one by Steve Binder (Director/Producer of the Special) and the other by noted rock music analyst, Simon Goddard.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently took a few deep breaths and submerged himself in the Simon Goddard release.

Having previously read a number of the author's cerebrally challenging books, he was not surprised to find that Goddard's treatise on Elvis' legendary Comeback Special is one hell of an intellectively challenging and dizzy rollercoaster of a ride....... a journey most rewarding for those brave enough to go the distance.

Read Nigel's detailed review (Book Review, Source: EIN)

UPDATED - ‘Where No One Stands Alone’ In-Depth Review: It is forty years since Elvis Presley entered a recording studio and he seems very reluctant to record anything new. So in terms of releasing a "new" album of Elvis material the topic has always been a tricky one. After commercial failure of the last Elvis / RPO album that concept has been dropped in favour of an Andy Childs led “Re-Vamp” of some Elvis Gospel.
Recorded over fifty years ago there is no doubt that some of Elvis’ Gospel songs might benefit from some sensitive modern production. And, after all, there is an interesting selection of tracks to work with. Not only that, but Lisa Marie was also involved in the recording.
So can a new ‘Re-Vamp’ of Elvis Gospel really work and can we recommend it to Elvis collectors?
Click here as EIN's Piers Beagley and Bryan Gruszka are back again to cause "Double-trouble" and supply a very detailed review, discovering what's good and bad...
And HAVE YOUR SAY - what do you think of the new album? Are we wrong in our opinions?
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)
MORE UPDATES with YOUR FEEDBACK - Our review certainly has stimulated great debate with comments from "The two of you haven’t a clue!" to "A great, sobering review" - Now updated with even more of your comments - go here to check out the full review and send EIN YOUR THOUGHTS

(Book Review) The Elvis Experience (Dave Hebler): As a member of Elvis' Memphis Mafia, Dave Hebler was part of Elvis' inner sanctum at least until his acromonious sacking, along with Red West and Sonny West, in 1976, and the subsequent publication of the infamous book, Elvis What Happened?.

Over the years, Dave, Red and Sonny West reclaimed respect in the Elvis world, at least with many fans, if not the Presley family and EPE.

Dave Hebler's new book was released during Elvis Week 2018.

The Elvis Experience has a 'fan friendly' feel to it. There are many amusing and fun stories and the author does not shy away from discussing at least some of the not so positive aspects of his experience working for Elvis.

To find out more about "The Elvis Experience" you can read Nigel Patterson's in-depth review here.

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

EIN founding President, Nigel Patterson, interviewed by Pop Music Research Blog Spot: EIN recently interviewed Dr Mark Duffett and reviewed his excellent book, Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Songs.

Due to Nigel's keen interest in "Elvis world" history and the socio-cultural aspects of the Elvis legend, Dr Duffett decided to "turn the tables" and interview Nigel for his insightful pop music research blog.

In a three-part interview Nigel discusses a wide range of topics including:

  • what the Elvis world was like in the 1970s;
  • the most important "landmarks" (changes) in the Elvis world since August 1977;
  • answers the question: "Do Elvis fans have a shared, collective ethics or morality?";
  • Elvis' unfairly maligned film canon;
  • Elvis as a socio-cultural force;
  • an attempt to establish a national fan club in Australia in the late 1990s;
  • the issues that most divide Elvis fans;
  • the biggest myths that still persist about Elvis;
  • what Elvis' interests in reading say about him as a person;
  • have those closest to Elvis been straight with fans about what he was really like; and
  • a lot more......

Read part 1 of the interview

Pop Research Links . . .


... some of the best in popular music research compiled by Dr Mark Duffett


an interview with EIN's Nigel Patterson


Documentary 'The King' set for DVD and Blu-ray release: Eugene Jerecki's 'road trip' across America in Elvis' Rolls Royce Phantom V will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 2 October in the US.

The film suggests that America, like Elvis, has squandered its potential and betrayed the promise of its glorious beginning. As Harlem rapper Immortal Technique tells Jarecki in the film: "If Elvis is your metaphor for America, we're about to O.D."

Jarecki's "The King" is essentially a filmed essay, with musical interludes and commentary provided by guest artists (Emmylou Harris, Chuck D), journalists (Dan Rather) and celebrities (a seemingly irrelevant but quite eloquent Mike Myers), many of whom discuss Elvis and America from the back seat of the large luxury car, purchased at auction for the production. (Entering the Rolls in Nashville, musician John Hiatt breaks into tears, struck by how "trapped" Elvis must have felt.) News, Source: EIN/Amazon)

For all 'The SEARCHER' News and Reviews go to EIN's spotlight on 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'

UPDATED - Elvis Presley: The Searcher (HBO film review): EIN's Nigel Patterson takes an in-depth look at Thom Zimny's documentary film about Elvis and his music.

What Nigel finds will surprise many fans. Discover what's The Good and The Bad about this new documentary looking at Elvis' music.

Is the film a masterpiece (the definitive Elvis documentary), over-rated or somewhere in the middle?


Read Nigel's review here

(Film Review, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - EIN review ‘Elvis: The Searcher’ Deluxe CD boxset: If your main interest in Elvis is his music then HBO’s ‘Elvis: The Searcher’ will probably become your favourite documentary ever produced about our hero.
The companion 3-CD deluxe edition box set offers an expanded 55-track overview of Elvis’ career as heard in the film including familiar hit recordings, powerful vocal performances and rare outtakes plus a bonus disc of additional recordings relevant to the film - including several early singles that inspired Elvis.
Thom Zimny said, "To live with the music of The Searcher over a period of years was more than a privilege. It changed my thinking about the emotional life of songs, both for those who make them and those who listen to them."
While keen Elvis fans may already own all the chosen songs Director Thom Zimny's selection is so eclectic that there is still plenty to enjoy and discover. But does the box-set really work without having seen the film?
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley provides an indepth review and investigates how the new box-set works compared with the HBO documentary.... Now updated with YOUR Comments
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Book Review) Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Songs (Mark Duffett): Given Elvis recorded around 700 songs during his lifetime, compiling a list of his 100 finest recordings is no mean feat.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in Mark Duffett's latest book and found a wonderfully woven narrative full of intriguing analysis and musical surprises as it counted down to #1 and then offered 100 more.

For lovers of Elvis' music this is an essential read.

Read Nigel's detailed review

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

'ELVIS ON TOUR - 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' IN-Depth Review: Amiga International's long awaited LIMITED-EDITION boxset featuring 9-CD’s, all remastered, of all known recordings made for the Golden Globe Award-winning concert documentary ELVIS ON TOUR is OUT NOW. It includes the premiere of the complete rehearsal recorded in Buffalo, NY on April 5, 1972, with three previously unreleased performances.
The 13-inch boxset also includes a huge 128-page hardcover book containing detailed essays of the entire April 1972 tour with RARE AND UNPUBLISHED photographs and related memorabilia.

When considering the lack of attention paid to this concert documentary, it seems a shame that so few official releases have emerged. It is for this reason that AMIGA International presents this deluxe package to honor the excellent recordings made for the much neglected "Elvis On Tour" film.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley supplies a 5,000 word indepth review - includes stunning photos and discovers that this AMIGA 'On Tour' box-set is the BEST deluxe Elvis release since the 2012 FTD 'Boy From Tupelo'

Includes plenty of example photos demonstrating the massive size of this deluxe coffee-table book.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

FTD will NOT end in 2019:  A fair number of uninformed supposed Elvis "insiders" (even some Fan Club Presidents) have been publishing fictional stories that the FTD label is planning to close in 2019.
Ernst Jorgensen had strongly denied this story stating, that FTD has plans to continue for the foreseeable future.
In an interesting interview about 'The Future of FTD' - with Trevor Cajiao in the recent ETM&HM magazine - Ernst Jorgensen's main points were....
1. FTD will not be closing in 2019
2. The 'Classic Albums" series is nearly complete but there are more to come, noting 'Aloha' and 'Madison Square Garden' are still to be done.
3. Expanded "complete session tapes" releases are being considered
4. Plenty more soundboards to come
To read the complete story including answers about FTD deletions and other future ideas please read the December issue of ETM&HM.
For what's left for FTD check out our detailed listing
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED - Trying To Get To You: The Truth Behind The Elvis And Roy Orbison Show Rumours: For decades there has always been an unsubstantiated rumour that Elvis Presley appeared as a guest on Roy Orbison's TV show on the local station KOSA.
The Roy Orbison website notes that both Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley performed on Roy’s TV show in late 1955.
Respected author Colin Escott wrote in his book Good Rockin’ Tonight about a kinescope of Elvis on the Roy Orbison TV show actually existing.
Some keen Elvis fans have said that they have seen this very kinescope at Elvis Week shows back in the 80s.
But like infamous Pied Piper of Cleveland does this footage really exist and is there any real proof that Elvis did appear on the Roy Orbison TV show?
Shane Brown (author of Reconsider Baby: Elvis: A Listener's Guide) has done an immense amount of investigation and thinks he has found the answer.

Go here as EIN contributor & author Shane Brown investigates and checks the facts and the fantasy.
(Spotlight; Source;SBrown/ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis:The Last Movies' FTD in-depth Review: Charro!, The trouble with girls, Change Of Habit, finally Elvis’ last soundtrack recordings are brought together in a cohesive release that works as a companion set for the FTD 7” Classic Album series.
“The Last Movies” contains outtakes and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia and photos.
In this period Elvis' voice had matured and the sound of ‘68/’69 was a great musical turning point for Elvis with the NBC TV special and the Memphis sessions. While some of the movie compositions were not as good as he deserved, with Elvis sounding vocally great at this time what does this new Classic Soundtrack have to offer?
The one disc contains previously unreleased material, including "rough mixes" and also multiple outtakes from 'The Trouble With Girls' 'Almost' session.
EIN contributor Ian Garfield checks out this new FTD Classic soundtrack album release....
(FTD Reviews, Source;IanGarfield/ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - 'ELVIS: That's The Way It Was & This Is How It Is Today': Elvis is no longer with us but his spirit lives forever. Elvis fans always discover something quite magical when they get the chance to “Walk-a-mile-in-his-shoes”. Graceland, when not overrun by crowds, feels very special indeed. Standing in the quiet you can almost feel the spirit of Elvis still inhabiting his home. The feeling in Memphis’ Sun Studios can bring fans to tears.
One of the places that Elvis spent a large part of his life is the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel – now the Westgate. Elvis performed a stunning 636 concerts in the Hilton showroom and the impact of his incredible legacy can still be felt. - NOW with more great Hilton photos - plus EIN Readers Feedback.
Arjan Deelen recently returned to the classic hotel to investigate “Elvis Hotspots” and discovered that behind the showroom stage it is relatively unchanged.
(Spotlight, Source;ArjanDeelen/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Book Review "Reconsider Baby: Elvis: A Listener's Guide": Elvis Presley made over 700 recordings during his life. This book by author Shane Brown examines all of them. Session by session, song by song, Reconsider Baby takes the reader on a journey from Elvis’s first recordings in 1953 through to his last performances in 1977.
This significantly expanded and revised edition of 2014’s Elvis Presley: A Listener’s Guide provides a commentary on Elvis’s vast and varied body of work, while also examining in detail how Elvis and his recordings and performances were discussed in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications from the 1950s through to the 1970s.
The text draws on over 500 contemporary articles and reviews, telling for the first time the story of how Elvis and his career played out in the printed media, and often forcing us to question our understanding of how Elvis’s work was received at the time of release.

Can another detailed examination into Elvis' musical legacy really be worth buying? (Hint, the answer is a big YES!)
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley reviews the newly expanded look into Elvis' musical legacy, including some choice book extracts...

(Book Reviews, Source,ElvisInformationNetwork)

Mindi Miller Interview with EIN: Mindi Miller was a working actress when she met Elvis in early 1975. She was interested in karate (she performed all her own movie stunts), exploring spirituality and the Bible and so they had a lot in common.
Mindi Miller and Elvis bonded over their common interests and soon afterwards he asked her to go on tour with him in April 1975.
She stayed friends with Elvis through the years - along with members of the 'Memphis Mafia' - and attended his funeral.

EIN's Sanja Meegin recently caught up with Mindi Miller to talk about her close friendship with Elvis over the years.
In this fascinating interview she discusses. . .
- Her first night with Elvis
- How Elvis persuaded her to cancel her overseas movie & modelling plans
- Their mutual interest in Karate
- Graceland and meeting Lisa Marie
- Attending Elvis' funeral 
. . . and much much more...
Go here for EIN's Sanja Meegin and her intimate and detailed discussion with the delightful Mindi Miller - Now with Reader Feedback.

(Interviews, Source;SMeegin/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Official Elvis CD Box-sets at bargain prices through Amazon UK

'Marty Lacker: A Life Well-Lived' & Elvis at American Studio's Interview: It was with immense sadness that last month EIN had to report on the death of our great friend - and a true friend to Elvis - Marty Lacker. We will miss him dearly.
Marty is well-known as one of the key members of the Memphis Mafia and also co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. He was known for both his honesty and being forthright with his opinions. He was the only member of the Memphis Mafia who still watched and commented on recent Elvis News. He had no issue with holding people to account (especially ones who would inflate their importance within Elvis' legacy) and would regularly ask EIN to add his comments or to correct any inaccuracy.
Elvis fans often ask about Marty Lacker's background, how he came to meet Elvis, as well as his involvement in the music industry outside of working for The King.
As a prelude to Ken Sharp's fascinating interview with Marty Lacker and a discussion about Elvis' famous American Studio' Memphis sessions, EIN presents "Marty Lacker: a life well-lived" in which Marty tells of his life in the music industry, his friendship with Elvis along with his dislike of the over-controlling Col Parker.
Go here to learn all you need to know about Marty Lacker as well as Elvis outstanding Memphis American Sound sessions in 1969.
(Spotlight; Source,KenSharp/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Marty Lacker RIP : Sadly Marty will no longer be able to answer all your those fascinating questions, but his honesty and openess should not be forgotten.

- Chips Moman (RIP) later thoughts on Elvis
- Being a consultant on 1979 "ELVIS" movie.
- The demonstrations in Memphis this Elvis Week.
- Felton Jarvis as Elvis' Executive Album Producer.
- The Jungle Room sessions
- Elvis might have some illegitimate children
- Why did Elvis never travel to holiday in Europe,
- Is David Stanley, Holy Priest of truth, OR a liar

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' to remember the great man.

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

'The World of FTD' In-Depth Review: The new deluxe book 'The World Of FTD' has been received by some lucky fans and Elvis collector Mike Lodge has provided EIN with a very detailed review - of well over 3 thousand words!

The book was authored and designed by Keith Flynn with input from a large number of other Elvis specialists including EIN's Piers Beagley, EM&HM's Trevor Cajiao, Geoffrey McDonnell, Gordon Minto and many others.
It is 1,200 pages, hardbound three book set, chronicling every release by FTD.The book also features 100s of high-quality photos from the collection Erik Lorentzen
KJ Consulting are proud to publish this Box Set which weighs 8 kilos.

Unfortunately the book has not arrived in Australia yet so I have not seen the final product!
Go here to see his very detailed review - plus more new preview pages - EIN thanks Mike Lodge for the review
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Book Review: A Little Thing Called Life: Finally, Linda Thompson's memoir has been published.....and it has been well worth the wait! Linda's life, not only with Elvis, but with two other global icons and her own amazing career is an engrossing and revealing read.

Inside its nearly 400 pages Linda reveals her life as an individual, as a mother and as a partner. We learn of the similarities and differences between the three.

Alternating between the light, dark and shades of life in between, A Little Thing Called Life is an honest and intimate account of the incredible life of an amazing woman, from the three men who shared her life and her family to the highly successful and varied career that she continues to enjoy. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review

UPDATED - 'Way Down In The Jungle Room' EIN Review:  Released for August 2016 this SONY Legacy pack celebrates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ last recording sessions which took place in Graceland’s Jungle Room.
The publicity noted the sessions “have been newly mixed by Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording” and “includes both outtakes and in-the-studio dialog, providing a ‘fly-on-the-wall experience’ of what the sessions were like".
Elvis' original 76/77 albums were fairly uninspired collections (bar a few fine singles) and on the original LPs it was almost impossible to glimpse any sign of creative input from Elvis through the syrupy overdubs. It wasn't until the release of FTD’s magnificent ‘The Jungle Room Sessions’ that many fans began to understand the raw emotion, close camaraderie and Elvis’ personal feelings that were revealed by these intimate Graceland sessions.
To produce that same kind of revelation for the 'General Public' would be a very tricky project but that is exactly what the new legacy team has done - and to great effect.
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley discovers the old Elvis magic and what is special for Elvis Collectors in our in-depth review
Now Updated & Expanded with Your Comments - James Burton talks about the Jungle Room sessions & more
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)
- - .

In Australia - buy this great release for only $23 at JBHiFi click here . delivery only $1.70!

Please Do Not be ripped off by other Australian Elvis shops.

UPDATED - Paul Dowling EIN Interview Part Three: Paul Dowling is without doubt one of the major names in the Elvis World. He started collecting and selling Elvis vinyl over 40 years ago and has one of the world's largest Elvis Presley record collections. He started his "WorldWide Elvis" shop back in the seventies, way before the internet, where fans could get hold of rare Elvis records and memorabilia.
With such a fascination with Elvis, Dowling not only became a big name in the early years of Elvis bootlegs but later became friends with Ernst Jorgensen and helped RCA with various official releases.
In the final part of our fascinating interview Paul Dowling discusses ....
- Dodging the FBI agents that were sent after him
- Unreleased Elvis material that still hasn’t come out
- Why does Ernst Jorgensen doubt this claims
- His BMG project 'For The First Time Ever' - what happened
- The true story of obtaining the Million Dollar Quartet tape
- His thoughts on Paul Lichter, Sean Saver, Sherif Hanna, Rex Martin
- Spending time with Alan Fortas
- Jim Curtin, newly added story 
Go here - Don’t Miss Part Three of our exclusive EIN interview - an essential read for Elvis collectors.
(Interviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)


'Elvis Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash FTD Book Review: Focusing on Elvis in late 1970 and early 1971, "Elvis Presley Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash" is the new FTD Book/CD combo by Flaming Star/FTD.
Produced by David English, Pål Granlund and Paul Richardson, this book presents a detailed chronicle of Elvis’ personal life and public career between the autumn of 1970 and the early weeks of 1971.
It is a hardcover, large-format book with 450 pages that offer detailed coverage of Elvis’ life and career over the important four months from October 1970 to January 1971.
The publicity promised hundreds of photographs, many of them candid and previously unpublished and new and exclusive interviews.
It also comes with a bonus CD with unreleased versions of studio-tracks plus Elvis’ concert in Portland, Oregon on Nov 11th 1970.

Can it really be as good as promised? EIN's Piers Beagley investigates and discovers plenty .. Go here to our indepth review featuring plenty of extracts and wonderful photographs.
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Ultimate Elvis' New Electronic Edition: Announced by Elvis sessions expert Keith Flynn for publication November 1 is the brand new concept of the 1750 page super-deluxe Elvis sessions book 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition.
This incredible three volume book will now be available as an e-book on an i-pad or android tablet.
- Created in HTML5
Fully updated e-books will open in any web browser on any operating system, so no need for separate downloads for different operating systems.
- Life-Like 'Flipping' Pages
Flip through pages as if you are reading an actual book, but also being able to zoom-in to view smaller images and captions.
- View as Double or Single pages
View as double pages on a computer or laptop etc, and single pages when viewing in portrait on an i-pad or Android tablet.
- Fully Navigational Table Of Contents
Jump back and forth to the sections of the books you want to read, instead of flipping through numerous pages to find what you want.
PRICED AT - all 3 Volumes for £60 = US$93
On sale from November 1st 2015.
Try Before You Buy - Download free zip-file containing 27 pages from Volume 1, before you decide to buy the complete set. - NOTE - These books are MASSIVE so you will need approximately 1GB of spare disc space for these three volumes, - Click HERE to Keith Flynn's 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition to try.
Go HERE to EIN's independent review of 'Ultimate Elvis'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Did Elvis Record 'Tiger Man' At Sun?: A question that has puzzled Elvis fans through the years is whether he actually recorded the song ‘Tiger Man’ during his years at SUN studios.
The basic question is why did Elvis refer to 'Tiger man' several times in concert as “The second song that I ever recorded, not too many people heard it”?
And if Elvis DID record it, then why hasn’t any reference to it at SUN or proof of its existence been found?
Elvis would first perform ‘Tiger Man’ in concert at his first 1969 Las Vegas International season and would continue playing it through the years – usually in a medley with Mystery Train - until his last performance at Saginaw on May 3 1977. He would sing it over 150 times on stage!
The thought that there might be an acetate or undiscovered tape of Elvis at SUN singing ‘Tiger Man’ is a mouth-watering concept - but is it an unlikely fantasy or strong possibility?
Go here to our detailed 'TIGER MAN' spotlight as EIN's Piers Beagley puts in the hard yards to check the facts from the fantasy .
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

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