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Sunday 30 June 2019

Elvis Live 1969 receiving significant promotion on major music websites: The upcoming Elvis Live 1969 boxset is starting to get major coverage via music and entertainment magazines and websites. Billboard, grammy.com and Ultimate Classic Rock are among the leading sites to feature an article, as well as Rolling Stone, whose article included:

Two new collections will delve into the music Elvis Presley produced in Las Vegas and Memphis in 1969, Live 1969 and American Sound 1969, which will be released August 9th and August 23rd, respectively.

Live 1969 commemorates the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ residency at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, which at the time, marked his first live shows in eight years. The musician performed 57 sold-out shows, during which he was backed by two vocal groups — the Imperials and the Sweet Inspirations — a full orchestra and band later known as the TCB Band.

Live 1969 will collect 11 full sets from Elvis’ run recorded in late August, including four shows that have never been previously released in full (two of those gigs, recorded August 22nd and 25th, have remained almost completely unheard since 1969). The set will be released digitally and as an 11-CD box set, with the latter coming with a 52-page booklet featuring rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp comprising historic interviews from Presley, Colonel Tom Parker, Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Fats Domino and more.

Live 1969  is available to  pre-order , along with a separate two-LP vinyl set chronicling Elvis’ August 26th, 1969 midnight show, which will also arrive August 9th. A limited edition version of that record pressed on hot pink and yellow vinyl will be available via the Graceland store.

American Sound 1969 , meanwhile, will comprise 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material that Elvis recorded during the American Studio sessions that produced his acclaimed record, From Elvis in Memphis. That set is available to pre-order and will only be available digitally.

ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

$159.98 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £80.47

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites.

The AFP news service, which many online and print media sources use, is also carrying the following information about the various releases of Elvis Live 1969:

The collections, all due out in August, will delve into the music Elvis produced during his comeback year of 1969.

The largest set of the bunch, "Live 1969," commemorates the 50th anniversary of Presley's residency at Las Vegas's International Hotel, where he performed 57 sold-out live shows after an eight-year absence.

At the time, the musician was backed by his TCB Band, a full orchestra as well as two vocal groups, the Imperials and the Sweet Inspirations.

"Live 1969" features 11 complete sets from his run, including two shows recorded on August 22 and 25 that have remained almost completely unheard since 1969. It also includes four gigs that have never been previously released in full.

The set, out on August 9, comes with a 52-page booklet featuring rare photos, an oral history by Ken Sharp with historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Parker, Tom Jones and more.

'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969'.
There seems to be a big difference here...

$25.98 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £25.97

Both with FREE Delivery
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Presley's residency at the International Hotel marked a turning point in the King's career, as it marked the live debut of "Suspicious Minds," which later shot up the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and "In the Ghetto."

These two hits will be included in an upcoming two-LP, "Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Aug. 26 1969," which features Elvis's complete midnight show.

It will be released on August 9 via RCA and Legacy, with a limited-edition hot pink and yellow vinyl version of the album to be sold through Shop Graceland.

These two upcoming albums will be joined by "American Sound 1969," a digital collection featuring 90 rare and unreleased tracks that Elvis Presley recorded during the American Sound Studio sessions that yielded "From Elvis In Memphis."

The acclaimed record, which is often regarded as one of his best studio albums, peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard 200.

On the various Amazon best sellers charts, the Elvis Live 1969 CD box set has broken into the Top 25 in the UK (where it is also #3 on the box sets chart behind two cheaply priced various artists compilation sets), and it is just outside the top 100 in the US. (News, Source: Bob Klein/Rolling Stone; AFP; Google News)

The Latest CBD Innovation - Elvis Presley Hound Dog Pet Wellness Products: The King of Rock 'n Roll was famously disinterested in his own health but doted on his dogs.

Almost 42 years after Elvis Presley died of a drug overdose his estate is getting into the CBD business, or at least the CBD for dogs business.

Better Choice Company, makers of CBD health and wellness products for animals, announced a partnership with  Authentic Brands Group, which owns Elvis Presley Enterprises LLC, to launch a line of CBD pet products under the Elvis Presley Hound Dog brand.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ABG on the launch of all-new Elvis Presley products,” said Damian Dalla-Longa, co-CEO of Better Choice in a prepared statement.

“It’s important to align Better Choice with brands that are iconic and have global consumer appeal. As one of the most celebrated figures in music and pop culture and avid dog lover, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s influence is unmatched.”

During his lifetime Presley was famously an animal lover, with a particularly warm spot in his heart for dogs.

The official Graceland blog reports that Elvis had many pets over the years, including a turkey named Bowtie, a mynah bird that repeated the excuses he heard for Presley being unavailable ("Elvis is asleep," "Elvis isn't available," "Elvis isn't here."), two wallabys from Australian fans (he donated both to the Memphis zoo), various farm animals and many dogs -- Sherlock, Brutus, Snoopy, Edmund, and Get Lo, a Chow he once had flown back and forth to Boston on his private plane for kidney treatment. He often gave dogs as gifts, such as the poodle, Honey, he gave to his wife, Priscilla, for Christmas 1962.

Presley was beloved by millions of fans worldwide, not least among them President Richard Nixon. According to a memorandum written after a meeting of Nixon and Presley at the White House, the King of Rock ‘n Roll denounced the Beatles as “a real force for anti-American spirit.” The memo noted “Presley spent most of the rest of the meeting telling Mr Nixon that he wanted to give his name to the administration's law-and-order campaign "to restore some respect to the flag".

Nixon, doubtless unaware that Presley had a multifaceted addiction to various prescriptions drugs, awarded him a special badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, a precursor to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Presley’s death August 16, 1977, was originally reported as “cardiac arrhythmia” without any drugs involved. That finding was soon contradicted by a toxicology report which found very high levels of the opiates Dilaudid, Percodan, Demerol and codeine, as well as Quaaludes, in Presley’s blood.

“Better Choice’s dedication to championing the health and wellness of ‘man’s best friend’ is admirable and we are pleased to join them in their mission through this partnership,” said Daniel W. Dienst, ABG’s executive vice chairman, in a prepared statement. “Launching Elvis Presley Hound Dog chews and treats infused with CBD is a natural extension of the Elvis Presley brand as Elvis loved his dogs as much as we do. We are excited to collaborate with Better Choice on this category.” (News, Source: Peter Page/ctpost.com)

Thursday 27 June 2019
'Live 1969' 50th Anniv Official Announcement: Finally SONY have decided to officially announce the new 11CD live set that EIN has been promising for weeks. They state..
'50th anniversary box set, digital reissue will celebrate Elvis Presley’s triumphant 1969'
The 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s transformative Las Vegas residency at the International Hotel will be commemorated this summer with 'Live 1969', a deluxe 11-CD box set out August 9th on RCA / Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony. Marking his return to the stage for the first time in eight years, Elvis’ 1969 Vegas run featured 57 sold-out shows and the live debut of his signature #1 hit “Suspicious Minds” (the track celebrates its 50th anniversary on August 26th). The transcendent performances included The King of Rock and Roll backed by two vocal groups (The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations), a full orchestra and a band later known as the TCB band.

The 11 Elvis performances being released are - as EIN stated back in May - all complete shows and sadly with no "Bonus extras" such as rehearsals or any RCA test tapings.
August 21 1969 Midnight Show - BMG 'Viva Las Vegas CD2'
August 22 1969 Dinner Show - FTD 'Elvis In Person CD2'
August 22 1969 Midnight Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 23 1969 Saturday Dinner Show - Recent VINYL release
August 23 1969 Saturday Midnight Show - FTD 'Elvis At The International' (one of EIN favourite shows)
August 24 1969  Dinner Show - BMG box-set 'Live In Las Vegas CD1'
August 24 1969 Midnight Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 25 1969 Dinner Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 25 1969 Midnight Show - FTD 'Hot August Night'
August 26 1969 Dinner Show - FTD 'Live In Vegas'
August 26 1969 Tuesday Midnight Show - FTD 'All Shook Up'

All the performances have been specially remastered for this new 50th anniversary release by Matt Ross-Spang

Live 1969 is the definitive collection of The King at the height of his power. For the first time ever, it features the release of eleven complete performances from Elvis’ August 1969 engagement at Las Vegas’ International Hotel. Of these performances, four are being released in full for the first time ever – including two Elvis shows that have remained almost completely unheard for fifty years (August 22nd and 25th). The package also includes a 52-page booklet with rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp curated from historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Parker, Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Cissy Houston and more.
- Also, being released on August 9th is the vinyl 'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969'. The Double-vinyl release features Elvis’ complete set from August 26’s Midnight show. The material includes a repertoire of blues-tinged rock ‘n’ roll, beautiful ballads and his two, brand-new hit singles “In The Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds.” The performance also gives rare insight into an otherwise very private man, as Elvis cracks jokes and tells in-depth stories about his career.
'Live 1969' and 'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, August 26, 1969' are available for pre-order now via EPE etc
(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS 'Live 1969'
Keeping an eye on the prices.

$159.98 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £80.47

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites.

'Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969'.
There seems to be a big difference here...

$25.98 <<< US Amazon

UK Amazon >>> £25.97

Both with FREE Delivery
Check deals at other sites

New 'American Sound 1969' DIGITAL release: In addition to Live in 1969, RCA / Legacy Recordings will release 'American Sound 1969' digitally on August 23rd. The collection features over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis’ 1969 American Sound Studio sessions – which resulted in his From Elvis In Memphis record later that year. From Elvis In Memphis ranks among Elvis’ most universally beloved records, spawning the iconic hit “In The Ghetto.”

American Sound 1969 is available for pre-order now: https://Elvis.lnk.to/AS1969PR

More info coming soon..

(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Today marks 42 years since Elvis’ final live performance!:

Elvis’ last concert was held at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 26, 1977 in front of a crowd of 18,000. 

The 'Indianapolis News' review included, "Presley may not be able to move like he used to, but the man can sing when he tries. Twice last night he did it magnificently, especially on Hurt, when he made a serious effort to reach some difficult notes. He sang his heart out again on Paul Simon's Bridge Over Troubled Water.. He did approximately 20 numbers if you want to count the quickies. The packed Arena was indication enough that Elvis is still as popular as ever. Well, well, well, well!"

(News, Source: EIN)

'The Dark Side Of Colonel Parker' - EIN Spotlight: June 26th 2019 is a special date that commemorates four unique events of the Elvis World.
1. The 110th Birthday of Colonel Parker.
2. The 42nd Anniversary of Elvis' final concert in Indianapolis.
3. The 40th Anniversary of the death of Elvis' father, Vernon Presley.
4. The 40th Anniversary of the revelation to Elvis’ estate that Colonel Parker was still fleecing his client.

Although comedian Nipsy Russell stated that "Every entertainer should go to bed at night and pray he finds a Colonel Tom Parker under his bed when he wakes up in the morning" - is that really the truth?
It is a fact that after Elvis' death an official investigation found that "both Colonel Parker (and RCA) acted in collusion against Presley's best interests. Colonel Parker was guilty of self-dealing and overreaching and had violated his duty to both Elvis and to the estate."
While there is no doubt that Elvis and The Colonel's story is extremely complex, in this in-depth Spotlight EIN takes a look at the darker side of Colonel Tom Parker - and includes plenty of insights from Elvis’ colleagues and friends. - Go here for this fascinating investigation.
(Spotlight, Source;EIN)

Col. Tom Parker on the 'Gates of Graceland': June 26, - Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, was born on this day in 1909. Get to know more about the wily old Col. Parker with this SANITISED episode of EPE's Gates of Graceland web series.
In this episode, host Tom Brown chats with Charles Stone and Greg McDonald, who worked with Col. Parker on Elvis' career. Find out how the men got to know Elvis and Col. Parker, what the men were like to work with and much more.

As posted in the comments, "WOW..these guys must have amnesia! It's sad that they are trying to re-write history. The fans know the truth though. ... I believe if Elvis fired Parker and got another manager Elvis would have possibly changed his lifestyle. And LIVED a longer, happier life. Parker was a crook!"

To watch EPE's version about Parker go to YouTube CLICK HERE. - Runs 20 minutes. - (News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Steve Dunleavy has died: Australian journalist Steve Dunleavy, who made a name for himself in the US as host & reporter for A Current Affair, and for authoring 'Elvis What Happened?' has died, Monday June 24, aged 81. "It just was very sudden," his son Sean Dunleavy said. "But he was home, it was peaceful. But we don't know what the cause of death was." Born in Sydney in 1938, Dunleavy's media career spanned more than 40 years, with his trademark tabloid style, until his retirement in 2008.

He started at The Sun in Sydney as a copy boy in 1953 and then headed over to The Daily Mirror. He headed overseas in 1966 where filing for newspapers in the UK until he took a job at the New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch. At one stage he was set to be the topic of a Hollywood movie with rumours Paul Hogan or Mel Gibson might play a role.

Dunleavy played an inglorious role in the Elvis story, being the journalist who wrote (together with Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler) the infamous book, Elvis What Happened? Released shortly before Elvis' death in August 1977, the tabloid book, nicknamed "The Bodyguard Book" and published by the Murdoch media empire, was a multi-million dollar seller which angered many Elvis fans, worldwide.

All three bodyguards Red & Sonny West and Dave Helber have since blamed Dunleavy for twisting their stories to create Murdoch Tabloid sensationalism - "We had absolutely no control over the content. The publishers wanted to sensationalize the book and our inputs were ignored." - Dave Hebler

(News, Source: TV Tonight/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 24 June 2019
Dave Bartholomew Dies Aged 100: Dave Bartholomew was a giant of New Orleans music and a rock n’ roll pioneer. If you don't know his name you sure know his music with his incredible 'One Night' the classic late fifties Elvis Number One.
Dave Bartholomew as a producer co-wrote such classics with Fats Domino as 'Ain’t That a Shame', 'I’m Walkin'' and 'Let the Four Winds Blow' he died Sunday aged 100.
A trumpet player since childhood and a bandleader and arranger before World War II, Bartholomew befriended Fats Domino in the late 1940s and collaborated with the singer-piano player on dozens of hits that captured Domino’s good-natured appeal, making him one of rock’s first stars and New Orleans a center for popular music. Throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, virtually anyone recording in New Orleans ended up performing Bartholomew songs or working with him in the studio.
Worldwide sales for Domino rivalling Elvis' and eventually surpassing 60 million records. Domino’s boogie-woogie flair and ringing triplets on piano and Bartholomew’s funky, “Big Beat” arrangements, with their second line drum rhythms and chorus of saxophone players, were so distinctive that covers of such pre-rock standards as “Blueberry Hill” and “My Blue Heaven” sounded no less original than the songs by Domino and Bartholomew.
He produced the Lloyd Price hit 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' also cut by Elvis. The Bartholomew-Earl King ballad “One Night” was a hit for Smiley Lewis and a #1 smash for Elvis and a highlight of Presley’s 1968 NBC “comeback” TV special. British rocker Dave Edmunds had success in the 1970s with Bartholomew-King’s “I Hear You Knocking.”
In the early 50s Bartholomew became New Orleans’ top producer and arranger through his years at Imperial Records, where artists included Domino, Frankie Ford, Chris Kenner, Huey “Piano” Smith and the duo Shirley & Lee.
Born in Edgard, Louisiana, in 1918 and a resident of New Orleans since the 1930s, Bartholomew learned the trumpet from Peter Davis, who had mentored Armstrong. When he returned home after World War II service he assembled his own group, which featured such prominent sidemen as drummer Earl Palmer and saxophonist Lee Allen. The partnership between Bartholomew, who called himself a “slave driver” in his quest for the right sound, and the more easygoing Domino took time to fully catch on. But in 1956-57 alone, Domino had 17 songs in Billboard’s top 100. Elvis had great respect for Fats Domino telling people, "Rock 'n' roll was here a long time before I came along. Nobody can sing that kind of music like colored people. Let's face it, I can't sing like Fats Domino can. I know that!"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Lisa Marie as 'Mama Lion with cubs': This was the heading of Lisa Marie Presley's recent Twitter post where she shared a great photo of her and her four children, Benjamin Keough, Riley Keough and twins, Finley and Harper Lockwood.

“Mama Lion with cubs,” Lisa Marie wrote in the tweet and on Instagram, which appears to be from Riley’s 30th birthday celebration.

The sweet black-and-white photo finds the family holding onto each other closely and smiling for the camera. And while a glimpse of life at home is fun to see, fans couldn’t help but chime in about the fact that her son Benjamin looks a little like his grand-father, Elvis Presley.






(News, Source: Newsweek)

Elvis Plays Graceland!: Great news for rock'n'roll fans as just announced 'Hall of Famer' ELVIS Costello is adding Graceland to his ‘Just Trust Elvis Costello and The Imposters’ Tour.
One of rock ‘n’ roll’s most recognizable names, Elvis Costello, will bring his distinctive sounds to Graceland Live on November 15. The GRAMMY award-winning composer will bring nearly 50 years of pop, punk and pub rock hits to the Soundstage at Graceland. The 2019 tour entitled, “Just Trust” in answer to the musical questions: “Will they play my favorite song?," or, “Can I expect the hits of yesteryear and those of tomorrow?" To which we say: Just Trust Elvis Costello and The Imposters.
Since his debut Elvis Costello has built a decorated career that arguably ranks him among the top-100 artists of all time. Costello’s five-decade career includes hit records in nearly every musical genre, from rock to pop to orchestra, and it has allowed him to collaborate with some of music’s biggest names including and Elvis’ very own TCB Band. Most recently, Costello was honored as an “OBE” by the British government for his “services to music.”
Early access pre-sale tickets for Elvis Costello and The Imposters’ November 15 on sale Wed, June 26 at 11a.m.
Go here to www.gracelandlive.com.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

My Life as the Asian Elvis (Part 3): In the third part of his fascinating series for EIN, ETA Robert "Yoshi" Kim recounts his time filming the Nicolas Cage hit movie, Honeymoon In Vegas, mixing with a young Bruno Mars, "the Black Elvis" Clarence Giddens, and meeting celebrated actor, James Earl Jones.





(Article, Source: Robert Kim/EIN)

Elvis Presley News Report June 2019: Emiel Maier has released his latest roundup of "things Elvis".

Always interesting, Emiel is to be congratulated on his great monthly video release for Elvis fans.

Watch the June 2016 report here



(News, Source;EM/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 20 June 2019
EIN Note: Since EIN posted the news and photo of the new 'ELVIS LIVE 1969' deluxe box-set (see below) Amazon have removed their links and notices. It seems the info was leaked too early. Still NO official word from SONY / EPE. The release date mentioned was August 8. EIN still waits for the official announcement.
'It stinks, it will not sell in LA': Fascinating letters revealing how Sam Phillips struggled to get a young Elvis Presley's music released go to Auction at Henry Aldridge & Son this Saturday.
The letters date from July 1954 when Elvis, then 20, had released his first single and they reveal how a Sam Phillips was faced with record executives and DJs who said it 'stinks'.
The startling criticism has emerged in a series of letters, never seen before in their entirety, due to go up for auction in Devizes, Wiltshire, this weekend.
The fascinating archive, on sale for £50,000, reveals calamitous calls made by moguls who said Presley's music 'would never sell' despite his popularity in Tennessee.
Memphis music impresario Sam Phillips, of Sun Records, had written to industry bigwigs citing 'a new artist who is causing tremendous excitement' in the hope Presley's songs could be heard further afield.
But his letters met with a lukewarm reception, despite him trying to win over the recipients by saying 'this Presley thing is tremendous'.
The letters date back to July 1954 when a then 20-year-old Elvis had just released his very first single, That's All Right. But while the song proved popular in his home state of Tennessee - selling an unprecedented 4,000 copies - record companies and radio stations from Los Angeles to Miami were less impressed.
Miami record distributor, Marvin Lieber, wrote back: 'Locals won't even touch it...as they consider it too racy.'
Nate Duroff, of the LA-based Monarch Records, wrote: 'Elvis Presley records would not sell in Los Angeles. I know for a fact that Western and Hillbilly out here 'stinks' as far as sales.'
The archive of 47 letters cover the 16 months Elvis was signed to Sun Records.
The letters belong to a British collector who is now selling them through Henry Aldridge and Son Auctioneers.
Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said they document the evolution of Elvis Presley and the birth of rock 'n' roll.
'This is one of the most important archives of letters relating to the earliest parts of Elvis Presley's career ever offered for auction. It chronicles the birth of Elvis' career and the genesis of the journey that would lead him on the path to stardom. It is being auctioned almost 65 years to the day his debut single was released.
'Elvis was a nobody when he first signed to Sun Records. He recorded That's All Right and the early correspondence from Sam Phillips does not even mention Elvis by name, he was that unknown. Phillips sent these letters to executives all over America but the response he got back was lukewarm to say the least.
'The rejection letter from Monarch Records stating Elvis Presley would never sell in Los Angeles has to be one of the worse judgments made in the music industry of all time.'
'The current owner, who is British, bought them about 10 years ago and they have never been seen before in their entirety.'
One of the first letters sent by Sun is dated July 29, 1954 to Nate Duroff of Monarch Records.
The letters are being sold in the UK this Saturday click here to Henry Aldridge & Son for pics and more info.
(News, Source;HA/ElvisInfoNet)

The American Sound - 50th Anniversary (TCB Productions): Thanks to producer Ryan for advising EIN of his neat special which celebrates Elvis' legendary American Sound sessions. Ryan told EIN:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ prolific American Sound sessions. In college this past semester, I wrote, produced and directed a special commemorating the 50th anniversary, titling it; “The American Sound – 50th Anniversary”.

"THE AMERICAN SOUND - 50TH ANNIVERSARY" commemorates the 50th anniversary of Elvis' momentous American Sound Studio sessions; focusing on ‘From Elvis In Memphis’; along with the hit singles – ‘In the Ghetto’ and ‘Suspicious Minds’. Being a lifelong fan, I made sure to spend a couple months putting my absolute most into this production, and I hope you and the EIN readers enjoy! My YouTube channel is TCB Productions.

In 1968, Elvis Presley was at a crossroads. Having revolutionized the field of music by bringing rock and roll to mainstream audiences in the fifties; a majority of Elvis’ output in the sixties was made up of a grueling schedule of filming motion pictures, and recording accompanying soundtrack albums. Many consisting of a formulaic structure. With the arrival of The Beatles and The British Invasion, it seemed Elvis’ best days were behind him. That was until June of 1968 when Elvis began filming a television special for NBC simply titled - Elvis. That iconic television event, now known as the ’68 Comeback Special, aired on December 3rd and was the highest-rated television program of the year; re-establishing Elvis’ singing career. Elvis’ career rebirth began to culminate the following year, 50 years ago, when Elvis made history with his milestone recording sessions at American Sound Studio in Memphis and released the highly revered, critically acclaimed masterpiece – 'From Elvis In Memphis'. Following the American Sound Studio sessions, Elvis began assembling a new, top-notch accompaniment of musicians, consisting of a skillful rhythm section led by guitarist James Burton; including two gospel groups, The Imperials, and The Sweet Inspirations.

In May, the brand-new International Hotel in Las Vegas, boasting the largest showroom in the city, announced that it had booked Presley. He was scheduled to perform 57 shows over four weeks beginning July 31st. On July 31st, 1969, after an eight-year hiatus from performing live, Elvis Presley returned to the concert stage and performed in front of over 2,000 people including celebrities such as Sammy Davis Jr., Ann Margret, Dick Clark and Fats Domino at the Las Vegas International.

The 1969 season at the International showed a raw and electric Elvis Presley; full of untamed and fervent emotion. It was pure fire. The shows consisted of a mix of fresh arrangements of his classic hits, exciting new material from the American Sound sessions, a few covers of current and past hits of other artists, and charming on-stage antics and sharing of personal recollections of his career. The engagement broke all existing Las Vegas attendance records and attracted rave reviews from the public and the critics.

There was wild and charismatic energy to Elvis' performances; proving how dynamic and dedicated performer he was. The exhilaration and monumental performing power Elvis possessed was on full display. The vibrant stage presence, aura, and magnetism he had were unequivocally in a league of its own; as his performances that summer attests to that. Towards the end of the engagement in August, RCA officially released 'Suspicious Minds'. Elvis had secured his comeback. The King was back.

In October 1969, RCA released a follow-up album to capitalize on the success of 'From Elvis In Memphis'. That album, 'From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis' was a double album with sides one and two consisting of live performances that RCA had professionally recorded throughout the engagement that August, and sides three and four focusing on remaining material from the American Sound Studio sessions. The album peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Gold before the end of the year.
(News, Source: Ryan Hayes/EIN) - Watch the American Sound 50th Anniversary Special

Adam Lambert Keen to play Elvis in Biopic: US singer Adam Lambert has recently been fronting the band Queen for live performances in place of Freddie Mercury.
But in the past Lambert has always acknowledged a love of ELVIS, often playing his songs.
Adam Lambert now says that he's interested in playing Elvis in the upcoming Presley biopic, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker.
In a recent interview, Lambert said he's been compared to Elvis "quite a bit" and has performed The King's music on stage for a tribute concert. He even claimed to have perfected Presley's signature lip sneer.
The movie in pre-production will explore the King's rise to fame, his music, his life and his complicated relationship with his manager so it is possible Lambert may be too old for the role. An actor has not been cast in the role of Elvis yet.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Graceland - "Fabulous 50s Weekend" This weekend! People who enjoyed the 1950s might want to travel down to Graceland this weekend for a trip down memory lane.
Graceland will be holding its first-ever "Fabulous 50s Weekend" June 21-23. The three-day weekend will be packed with 1950s-themed activities, including a sock hop, after-hours dinner in the Presley Motors Museum, movie marathons, trivia and games, and other activities.
The weekend will also feature two live shows: a "Salute to the King" by acclaimed Elvis Presley tribute artist Victor Trevino Jr. and the legendary Chubby Checker and the Wildcats.
"When you think of the 1950s, Elvis, rock 'n' roll, and Graceland just fit together so perfectly," Debbie Miller, chief marketing officer of Graceland, said in a release. "We know our guests will absolutely love everything we've planned for our first-ever 'Fabulous 50s Weekend.'"
Highlights include:
The timeless Chubby Checker live in Concert (Saturday, June 22)
“A Salute to The King” by acclaimed Elvis Tribute Artist: Victor Trevino Jr. (Sunday, June 23)
Plus- An exclusive Meet & Greet with the legendary Chubby Checker (Big Daddy-O and Gold Record Packages)
Summer Nights Sock Hop Party
Dinner at the Hot Rod Diner (Presley Motors)

Go to EPE for more info and tickets
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Memphis City Council again delays Graceland Expansion: EPE had planned on teaming up with concert promoter Live Nation to produce concerts on the property, which would range from well-known legacy artists to emerging talent. To do so EPE wanted to expand the complex with a new arena meaning additional costing. Presley’s Memphis entertainment complex already features a 2,000-capacity Graceland Soundstage, and with another 464-capacity theater located inside the Guest House at the Graceland Hotel.
According to reports, City Council members in Memphis, have postponed a vote to approve tax incentives for the $100 million expansion project for the fifth time. Council members are reportedly concerned that an improved and expanded concert schedule at Graceland would put up too much competition to the FedExForum, Memphis’ current main concert venue.
Graceland this week offered a new plan without the soundstages but adding a new “auxiliary building.” Most council members wanted more time to review the new plan. Graceland even left the soundstage part out of their latest proposal, rather stating they would use the incentives to build a new “auxiliary building.”
(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 18 June 2019
'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' Deluxe FTD Review: Released by FTD back in March 'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' is a 3-CD set that the publicity noted included more than an hour of previously unreleased false starts and complete takes!
The 28-page booklet includes rare photographs, memorabilia, session data, Movie Trivia and an updated overview of the movie by Alan Hanson - with all tracks recently remixed and remastered.
A Mexican locale, some Tijuana horns, plus the interesting presence of the Mexican ‘Amigos’ at the recording sessions presented a novel setting for Elvis.
If you like Elvis, sunny locations, sixties movies packed full of songs and the Latino sound then there is no doubt that Fun In Acapulco must be one of your favourites.
But 56 years after the original album and movie can there really be that much of interest left in the vault unreleased?
EIN's Piers Beagley investigates this massive set, discovers all the Previously Unreleased Delights - and wonders if 33 minutes of Guadalajara might be too much for some...
A FTD Deluxe set deserves a proper review and EIN gives you 4000 words plus to see if you really need to add this limited release to your collection!
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis: Live 1969' Deluxe 11-CD Set: SONY 50th Anniversary Deluxe "Elvis LIVE 1969" set.
New ELEVEN CD set.
EIN notes that nothing however has been officially confirmed by SONY / RCA as yet.
FOUR of these 1969 Elvis Las Vegas concerts have never been released as full performances on CD.
Limited 11CD box set with 52 page book full of rare photos & memorabilia! One show entirely unreleased! Complete Newly Mixed and Mastered Shows! Celebrate the 50th Anniversary Of Elvis' Triumphant Return To The Stage "I missed the closeness of a live audience. So just as soon as I got out of the movie contracts, I started to do live performances again. " Elvis Presley First chronicled in part on the album Elvis In Person At The International Hotel 50 years ago, Live 1969 showcases this incredibly, important phase in Elvis' career in definitive detail his first live shows following his triumphant, 1968 comeback for NBC after an 8 year absence from playing live. This box set features 11 complete sets from the first of his many engagements at The
International Hotel (several of which are released in full for the first time, with one show entirely unreleased), allowing fans a more definitive picture of The King's glorious return to the concert stage. 52-page book includes rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp curated from historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Park, Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Cissy Houston, Terry Blackwood, George Klein, Fats Domino and more. -- No full tracklists disclosed as yet - Full info soon.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Role cut from Elton Biopic: US actor Rob Delaney states that his role as Elvis Presley was cut from new the Elton John biopic Rocketman, but only after filmmakers permanently dyed his hair black by accident.
The 42-year-old actor and comedian said he had signed up to play Elvis Presley in the hit movie but admits his part never made it to the big screen.
The star of TV's Catastrophe noted "I did shoot a couple scenes in the film as a guy named Elvis Presley, who you may have heard of, and they even dyed my hair black for it. In the make-up trailer they said: 'Do you want the temporary dye or the permanent?'
I was like, 'temporary please', and they put in the permanent by mistake, so it was black for six months after. My hair is black in another movie because of playing Elvis in Rocketman, which got cut, which is very funny, but that's just the way the ball bounces sometimes."
Delaney said he felt no bitterness about being cut from the final version of the movie, which stars Taron Egerton as the iconic musician.
"I know when Sharon Horgan and I were making Catastrophe, we would frequently cut out things that we really enjoyed, just for time"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 16 June 2019

Upcoming book release: From Elvis In Memphis: It's been a long time coming, but finally, Elvis is to be featured as part of Bloomsbury's highly successful 33 1/3 book series of insightful examinations of classic albums.

There have been more than 130 books (so far) in the series including such classic albums as Low (David Bowie), Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix), Let It Be (The Beatles), Aqualung (Jethro Tull), Exile on Main Street (The Rolling Stones), Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys), and Dusty in Memphis (Dusty Springfield).

Penning the upcoming release of From Elvis in Memphis is Eric Wolfson. Eric told EIN:

Despite Elvis's towering influence on rock & roll as well as the fact that well over 130 "33 1/3" titles have been released, this will be the first volume about an Elvis album. I am very excited & honored to be able to write this & have been hard at work researching & writing about what I consider to be Elvis's studio masterpiece.

From Elvis in Memphis is due for release in the second quarter of 2020. EIN will have more information shortly. (News, Source: Eric Wolfson)

Vale Susan MacDougall: It is with great sadness that EIN has to report that long time EIN contributor, Susan MacDougall, recently passed away.

Susan not only provided insightful book reviews for EIN, but for a number of years maintained our Elvis in the News project (a record of all Elvis related media mentions). Similarly, Susan administered websites for a number of Australian Elvis fan club websites and organised regular Candlelight tributes to Elvis in Canberra (Australia), on the anniversary of his death.

Susan, a professional librarian and retired university lecturer, also contributed to the First Online Symposium of Elvis Aaron Presley, and was highly respected for her insightful views on Elvis issues. Susan's contributions to the Elvis world were formally recognised in the 6th Annual Independent Survey of Elvis Websites.

Outside of her passion for Elvis, Susan had a very strong interest in social justice issues and in 2013 stood as a political candidate for Philip Nitschke's, Voluntary Euthanasia Party.

On behalf of everyone at EIN, thank you Susan...... your contribution was important...... you will be missed...... and you will be remembered!. (News, Source: EIN) - - - - - Susan MacDougalls' book reviews

Friday 14 June 2019

Ken Sharp Interview 2019: Ken Sharp is a New York Times best-selling writer who has published an astounding number of books about musicians such John Lennon, David Bowie, Kiss, Cheap Trick, LA's Wrecking Crew as well as Elvis Presley.
He authored the stunning FTD book 'Writing For The King' as well as the unique 'Elvis Vegas 1969' and has published a multitude of interviews with key Elvis acquaintances in major music magazines such as Goldmine, he has also supplied sleeve notes for some major Sony ELVIS releases.
Packed full of unique interviews, fans have asked EIN whether "Elvis Vegas '69"is being republished for the 50th anniversary.

It has been a while since EIN has caught up with Ken Sharp - and with the 50th anniversary of Elvis' 1969 Las Vegas Return-To-Splendour about to be celebrated we thought it was about time to find up what he was up to.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions.. and YES you can get copies of 'Elvis Vegas 1969' now at a special price for the 50th anniversary.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis in Vegas' New Book: Announced on EIN back in 2018 - and being published next month July 23, 'Elvis in Vegas' by Richard Zoglin.
... The story of how Las Vegas saved Elvis and Elvis saved Las Vegas in the greatest musical comeback of all time.
The conventional wisdom is that Las Vegas is what destroyed Elvis Presley: launching him on a downward spiral of drugs, boredom, erratic stage behavior, and eventually his fatal overdose. But in Elvis in Vegas, Richard Zoglin takes a revisionist view, arguing that Vegas is where the King of Rock and Roll resurrected his career, reinvented himself as a performer, and created the most exciting show in Vegas history.
Elvis’s 1969 opening night in Vegas was his first time back on a live stage in more than eight years. His career had gone sour - bad movies, mediocre pop songs that no longer made the charts - and he’d been dismissed by most critics as over the hill. But in Vegas he played the biggest showroom in the biggest hotel in the city, drawing more people for his four-week engagement than any other show in Vegas history. His performance got rave reviews, 'Suspicious Minds' gave him his first number-one hit in seven years, and Elvis became Vegas’s biggest star. Over the next seven years, he performed more than 800 shows there, and sold out every one.
Las Vegas was changed too. The intimate night-club-style shows of the Rat Pack, who made Vegas the nation’s premier live-entertainment center in the 1950s and ‘60s, catered largely to well-heeled older gamblers. Elvis brought a new kind of experience: an over-the-top, rock-concert-like extravaganza. He set a new bar for Vegas performers, with the biggest salary, the biggest musical production, and the biggest promotion campaign
the city had ever seen. In doing so, Elvis opened the door to a new generation of pop/rock performers, and brought a new audience to Vegas - a mass audience from Middle America that Vegas depends on for its success to this day. A classic comeback tale set against the backdrop of Las Vegas’s golden age, Richard Zoglin’s Elvis in Vegas is a feel-good story for the ages.
Advance reviews are looking good.
“Richard Zoglin perfectly captures a seismic moment in 1969 when Elvis tore the roof off the International Hotel and ended the reign of the Rat Pack. This is the story of a spectacular head-on collision.”- Conan O’Brien
"Fascinating entertainment history...Elvis fans will enjoy this richly sourced look at one of the most consequential performances of his career and his lasting legacy in the city that hosted him." - —Publishers Weekly

EIN readers can look forward to our up-and-coming interview with author Richard Zoglin.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Sessions From Clambake' Import 3CD Set: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and rather amusingly bootleg label Victrola is proud to present an ultimate 3CD-set of Elvis’ “Clambake” sessions. It is called simply “Elvis Sessions From Clambake” and all these recordings including the masters came from the same 1989 DAT source tapes just as our very successful 2018 “Avventura In Oriente” 3CD release.
Clambake the movie was definitely not Elvis’ finest moment but the soundtrack from 1967 does have some noteworthy songs. Elvis was tired of making the same movies again and again and it's around this time that they had to force him to come to the studio.
Elvis was looking for new challenges, as can be heard in the famous “Guitar Man” sessions. Victrola brings you a lot of material with several unreleased outtakes of these sessions. Most tracks have been released before, but never before in such pristine quality!!!
EIN truly doubts that FTD will ever release 'The Complete Clambake Sessions' so here's your chance.
Go to "All the ELVIS CD NEWS 2019" for tracklisting & details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'6363 SUNSET - VOLUME 2' Import CD: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - we all remember the "good old days" when FTD released their first releases like "The Jungle Room Sessions", "Fame and Fortune" and "Out in Hollywood".
Those cds were in our players for weeks, due to all the unreleased stuff, great sound quality and last but not least the fact there were a lot of complete outtakes never heard before.
The second release from MTP records is out now and will be another fan favorite!
Included are some very hard to find outtakes and rehearsals recorded at RCA's Hollywood, California studios.
This time, not only do we get tracks from '72 and '75 since there are also some essential tracks from the August 16, 1974 rehearsal, where Elvis made a completely new line up for his upcoming engagement. Also included are some rare string overdubbed versions from the May 8, 1972 session.
This new release is as good as the first and is "Meant to be Played"
Go to "All the ELVIS CD NEWS 2019" for tracklisting & details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 9 June 2019
Graceland, 37 Years as One of the World’s Most Iconic Tour Destinations: Elvis’ Graceland opened for public tours on June 7, 1982, with Elvis' Aunt Delta and Jack Soden there to cut the ribbon. Since that day over 20 million people have visited the mansion, known as the second most recognized home in the US after the White House. In the past 37 years, the Graceland campus has expanded considerably, offering a wealth of new and different experiences and entertainment for visitors.
The regular Elvis Week celebration along with the annual procession through the estate began to be held on the anniversary of his death. The 20th Anniversary Elvis Week in 1997 attracted unprecedented publicity and by 2002 an estimated of 40,000 fans attended.
In 2016, the 450-room The Guest House at Graceland was opened to the public.
On the 40th anniversary of Elvis' passing in 2017 at least 50,000 fans attended the Candlelight Vigil.
In 2017 Elvis Presley’s Memphis opened across the street from the mansion. The 200,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art entertainment and exhibit complex houses more than 11 stand-alone Elvis museum exhibits including Presley Motors Automobile Museum, Private Presley: Elvis in the Army, Icons: The Influence of Elvis Presley, Hollywood Backlot, Elvis’ Tupelo and its crown jewel, Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum - making it the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia in the world. New exhibits are regularly added so return visitors always have something new to see. (Right: the original flyer for 1982!)
Last August Graceland opened a beautiful, new Chapel for weddings and vow renewals. Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods is located between the mansion and The Guest House, and is the star of the new Hallmark Channel original movie, “Wedding at Graceland.”
And last month Graceland opened the doors to its most recent expansion, The Graceland Exhibition Center. Located next to Elvis Presley’s Memphis, the 80,000 square foot Exhibition Center will host an ever-changing line-up of exhibits starting with Muhammad Ali: Greatest of All Time showcasing the story of Muhammad Ali's incredible rise from humble beginnings to become the three-time heavyweight champion of the world.
While the Graceland campus has expanded, so have the entertainment offerings with special events happening all year round. In addition to perennial favorites such as Elvis Week every August, the traditional lighting of the mansion grounds in November, the Holiday Concert
Weekend in December, Elvis Birthday Celebration in January and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Weekend in March, Graceland has begun hosting an even wider variety of events to attract new visitors.
Graceland also partnered with Live Nation earlier this year to bring music’s hottest acts to its newly expanded campus. Graceland Live concerts cover a wide variety of music genres including Melissa Etheridge, Boz Scaggs, Pat Benatar, Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot, Violent Femmes, George Thorogood and more.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis The Man And His Music #124: Out now is EIN's favourite music magazine 'Elvis The Man And His Music' #124 - June 2019 issue.

Articles featured include...
- Pot Luck Plundered
- Long Distance (Mis) Information
- June '77 - A Fan's View
- What Did They Say About Elvis? Part 2
- Elvis In Person 1975
- CD & Book Reviews

To subscribe or purchase copies click here to Now Dig This.




(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Presley News Report' May 2019: From EIN's friend Emiel Maier come the round-up of Elvis news from last month.
Stories included are the Baz Luhrmann Elvis biopic, Andy Warhol's 'Double-Elvis' sale, Elvis items at the GWS auction as well as that dodgy looking "Elvis Through the Ages" book.

Runs 10 minutes.

Click HERE to YouTube.

Last month the number of subscribers passed the 4,000 !

(News, Source;EM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis 1972 Jacket & Speedway Guitar up for Auction: The popular Gotta Have Rock'n'Roll Auction next month July 17 - 26, 2019 will have two Elvis highlights in their offers.
First a "Rare Elvis 1972 IC Costume Jacket" with gold lame accented pockets, wide lapels and standing collar on stage in Las Vegas mid 1972.
At this point, Presley favoured two-piece suits worn with matching capes accented in patterned or colour linings and a variety of different coloured shirts.

It was originally obtained by Dr Bill Chandler when Elvis tossed it into the audience at a show at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1972.

The jacket had stayed in the Chandler family as a treasured heirloom until he decided to sell it back in 2015 when it made nearly $60,000 at auction
Click here to this YouTube clip of Elvis onstage in 1972 where the jacket is seen at the very end.

Also up for sale is Elvis' "Speedway Guitar" a Fender Coronado II.

The 'Gotta Have Rock'n'Roll' online catalog will be online for previews July 10.

Go here to Gotta Have Rock'n'Roll for more info

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

King Creole at Melbourne Astor theatre: Good news for Australian Elvis fans who live in Melbourne
as the Astor theatre is showing a brand new 4K Digital print of Elvis' classic King Creole.
Don't miss out - two showings only

King Creole at the Astor theatre.
June 16th 7.00pm
July 7th 4.00pm

Click here to the Astor Theatre for bookings and info



EIN Thanks Tony Canatta for the info

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 5 June 2019
Tupelo Elvis Festival 2019 This Weekend: The Tupelo Elvis Festival is a celebration designed to honor Tupelo’s native son, Elvis Presley, and the impact his music continues to have on the world.
Tupelo: Some say it all started in January 1946 with a guitar, others will claim it began on Sept. 9, 1956 on “The Ed Sullivan Show” but in Tupelo all agree that the real important date is Jan. 8, 1935.
That’s what the Tupelo Elvis Festival is all about, celebrating the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the 21st annual event kicks off Wednesday with activities for fans of both Elvis and music in general.
For the Elvis enthusiasts, there’s the annual Elvis Tribute Artist competition at the BancorpSouth Arena, featuring 18 performers vying to be the “Ultimate”.
For others there is live music at Fairpark – the site where Elvis returned to Tupelo for his 1956 Homecoming concert at the Mississippi/Alabama Fair and Dairy Show Fairgrounds.
Friday June 7 is a highlight with
- Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition, round one – 10 a.m. at BancorpSouth Arena
Conversations with Tom Brown – 2 p.m. at Lyric Theater
- Tom talks with Dick Grob, Elvis’ head of security and other guests Marion Cocke, Sam Thompson, Charles Stone, Lowell Hays, & Scott Williams
- Elvis concerts – 6 pm. at BancorpSouth Arena
Plus Paul Thorn and more, live in concert – 6:30 p.m. at Fairpark a free event with performances from A.C. Freeman, Memphis Jones and Reed Turchi and his Kudzu Choir.
The 21st Annual Tupelo Elvis Festival  June 5 - 9, 2019!
For tickets or more information, visit TupeloElvisFestival.com.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis / Priscilla Birthday Home Movie: Elvis always went all out for his family, and his ex-wife Priscilla's latest publicity idea is proof of that.
On her 74th birthday this year, May 24, Priscilla revealed a home video from happier times in the couple's marriage.
The clip shows the King of Rock 'n' Roll surprising his then-wife with a 22nd birthday celebration in 1967.
Elvis is shown with his arm around Priscilla and she shyly sees the crowd gathered in their Memphis, Tennessee, estate, Graceland. She wore a hip, green two-piece outfit, while Elvis wore a white polo and grey fedora hat.
Priscilla seemed enamoured by the flashback, reminiscing about "time gone" and saying that her memories of that time in her life are "so vivid."
Presley and Priscilla met in 1959 while he was stationed in Germany with the U.S. army, they married in 1967, welcomed Lisa Marie in 1968 and divorced 1973.
The new publicity states that it is RARE footage but most EIN readers will know it very well.
Go HERE to YouTube to view
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

From Elvis to Aretha Franklin, 14 Music Biopics in the Works: Variety report that with the box office and awards season success of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' music biopics are roaring back. 'Rocketman' based on the life of Elton John just released and several others are currently in the works, including films about Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley and John Lennon.
Others in pre-production are a film on the life of the late Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley's son Ziggy producing the currently-in-development biopic, MGM's biopic on the life of Boy George, "Beautiful" the film adaptation of the Tony-winning Broadway musical about the life and career of Carole King and 'The Power of Love' biopic about Celine Dion. 
'Respect' about Aretha Franklin features Jennifer Hudson to portray her on film.
also the Elvis Presley biopic from 'Moulin Rouge' director Baz Luhrmann - as yet untitled biopic
about the life of Elvis Presley at Warner Bros with Tom Hanks in talks to portray Elvis' manager "Colonel Tom" Parker but still no word on casting for the King himself.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Lisa Marie Helps Others with Opioid Dependency: Lisa Marie Presley’s addiction has been a big part of her divorce battle, but she’s said little about it publicly until recently.
The 51-year-old singer, songwriter and, daughter of Elvis Presley opened up for the first time about her “own addiction to opioids and painkillers” in a foreword she wrote for the book The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain by Harry Nelson.
She made it clear that she’s “grateful to be alive today.”
“You may read this and wonder how, after losing people close to me, I also fell prey to opioids,” wrote Presley, whose father had an opioid addiction and ex-husband Michael Jackson died of an overdose.
She explained, “I was recovering after the 2008 birth of my daughters, Vivienne and Finley, when a doctor prescribed me opioids for pain. It only took a short-term prescription for me to feel the need to keep taking them” due to their dangerous addictiveness.
"Even in recent years, I have seen too many people I loved struggle with addiction and die tragically from this epidemic. It is time for us to say goodbye to shame about addiction. We have to stop blaming and judging ourselves and the people around us... That starts with sharing our stories.”
While Lisa Marie tried to keep her own battle private, much of it was revealed within divorce filings dissolving her marriage to musician Michael Lockwood. On the Today show last August, she acknowledged her addiction, without getting into specifics, saying her troubles started at age 45. She said her therapist called her “a miracle” and told her, “I don't know how you're still alive.”
Lisa Marie admitted in the book that she was initially “ambivalent” about writing the foreword.
“I had never openly spoken in public about my own addiction to opioids and painkillers,” she wrote. “I wasn’t sure that I was ready to share on such a personal topic.” But she decided to do it “to help other people.”
“Across America and the world, people are dying in mind-boggling numbers because of opioid and other drug overdoses. I am writing this in the hope that I can play a small part in focusing attention on this terrible crisis. I experienced firsthand how hard it is to cut through all of the bad information out there to get help. Acknowledging that we are all at risk is not a measure of weakness, but of honesty.”
Lisa Marie also mentioned her children in addition to the10-year-old twins, she is a mom to actress Riley Keough, 30, and Benjamin Keough, 26. “As I write this, I think of my four children, who gave me the purpose to heal,” she wrote, and that made her think of “the countless parents who have lost children to opioids and other drugs.”
She ended by saying that she is “grateful to be alive today” and especially appreciative “to have four beautiful children who have given me a sense of purpose that has carried me through dark times.”
Amid Lisa Marie’s divorce proceedings, she temporarily lost custody of her twin daughters Lisa Marie said that her addiction was especially bad as their marriage ended in 2016.
Lisa Marie and Lockwood, her fourth husband, have been fighting about finances since they split. She was also suing a former business manager whom she accused of squandering her $100 million fortune.
(News, Source;JM/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 2 June 2019
Jimmy Page - How Elvis Changed The World: In a recent Instagram post, Led Zeppelin guitar legend Jimmy Page has shared an untold story of how he paid his respect to rock n’ roll star Elvis in 1998.
He also mentioned how Elvis Presley’s vision changed the world.
He wrote, “On this day in 1998, I played at Tupelo, where Elvis was born and raised, when there were no local attractions apart from the cotton fields or getting to Memphis.
When Elvis grew up it must have been pretty bleak but the white and black picked the cotton side by side and the local indigenous music provided the soundtrack to this tough environment and it took the visionary genius of Elvis to blend those musical sources and change the world.”
Page also noted fans should check out John Lee Hooker’s sonic ambience to the region ‘Tupelo’ recorded in 1960.
(News, Source;MetalHeadZone/ElvisInfoNet)

Ron Strauss Elvis Pilot: He flew Elvis around the US 250 times and Lisa Marie pilot Ron Strauss has got the stories to prove it. Sure, there were perks: Flying a rock star around the U.S. in his private plane, free concert tickets, hobnobbing with celebrities.
But there were also drawbacks like always being on call, extended time away from family, not being able to drink alcohol. Still, Ron Strauss loved flying Elvis for two years in his four-engine jet, the Lisa Marie. How many pilots can list that on their résumé?
Strauss had experience piloting Convair 880 and 900 planes. So when Elvis bought a former Delta Airlines Convair 880 in 1975, Strauss was asked if he wanted to work for the King.
Of course, he did.
"It was a real hoot to meet Elvis," says Strauss now 79, "After he toured the plane, he introduced himself. He said 'Well, Ron, I guess you know who I am.' I said 'Yes sir, Mr. Presley.' He said ‘Oh no, it's not sir or mister. Just call me Elvis.’ ”
With a radio call sign of "Hound Dog 1" the Lisa Marie featured a dining room that seated eight, a bed with seat belt, a bathroom outfitted with a shower and gold-plated fixtures, four TVs, seven telephones and a conference room. The Lisa Marie could accommodate 29 passengers and a four-person crew, two pilots, a flight engineer and a flight attendant.
Elvis bought the plane mostly to travel to concerts, vacations and a home he owned in Palm Springs, California, said Strauss. The schedule was usually two weeks of concerts and then two weeks off back in Memphis.
"He would come in the cockpit every flight to say hello, except after the concerts because they really took a toll on him. Elvis gave us a talk before our first flight, he said 'You know, I'm uneasy about flying but I know I
need you and the plane. Don't ever let anyone talk you into doing something you don't want to do whether it's maintenance or weather."
Strauss flew Elvis on 250 flights and managed to see him in concert about a dozen times.
Strauss and the flight engineer would check the plane every day while in Memphis and ensure it was fueled up because they never knew when they would get a call. There were times when he got a call at 2am that Elvis wanted to leave for some destination and the flight crew had to be ready to be airborne in two to three hours.
"We spent a lot of time in Denver. We'd go to Vail because Elvis liked to ski."
Strauss was supposed to fly Elvis to Portland, Maine, on the evening of Aug. 16, 1977, and had been at Graceland during the day talking to Elvis's father and getting bills ready. Late that afternoon, Strauss decided to go home to sleep before the flight. When he returned home, his daughter told him Elvis had been found dead.
Strauss flew to California to pick up Elvis' ex-wife and his daughter to bring them to Memphis for the funeral and took them back after the services. The flight back to Memphis was the last Strauss made in the Lisa Marie, which was placed on permanent display at Graceland in 1984.
After Elvis died, Strauss continued working for Elvis' father for a year before returning to commercial aviation, retiring from UPS.
"I enjoyed it but it had some setbacks: you were on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We had to live in Memphis. You couldn't drink so I just quit drinking. After Elvis died I went back to flying passengers around the world. I enjoyed that, too."
Ron Strauss will speak about his experience as one of Elvis Presley's pilots at 7pm, June 20 at EAA Aviation Museum, 3000 W. Poberezny Drive, Oshkosh.
Click here to the M-J-Sentinel for the full story.
(News, Source;MJS/ElvisInfoNet)

Kellie Pickler, 'Wedding at Graceland' and 'Can’t Help Falling in Love': Emmy-nominated Kellie Pickler returned to Hallmark Channel this Saturday June 1 in 'Wedding at Graceland' the romantic follow-up to the highly rated 'Christmas at Graceland'. Pickler reunites with her costar Wes Brown, and in the new flick, their characters Laurel and Clay are headed down the aisle!
After reuniting and falling in love at Graceland during the holiday season, Laurel and Clay get engaged and dream of a wedding at the historic location that means so much to them. When a last-minute opening occurs at Graceland’s popular and exquisite wedding chapel, the couple has a scant three weeks to pull off their fantasy wedding.
'Wedding at Graceland' marks the film debut of one of the attraction’s newest features, the picture-perfect wedding venue Chapel in the Woods.
Pickler noted, "Everything was in bloom in Memphis while we were shooting, so we were surrounded by green, and it was just really beautiful.”
Elvis' music is a definitive part of that soundtrack, and several of his songs, including 'Love Me Tender,' 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' and 'A Little Less Conversation' are in the film.
Pickler also got the opportunity to re-record and perform several Elvis hits, including the romantic classic 'Can’t Help Falling in Love', "That is one of my favorite Elvis songs, and being able to go in the studio and put my little take on it was wonderful.”
Pickler was surprised and thrilled that Priscilla Presley appeared in the film with her, and treasures the time they spent together.
“She’s so lovely and has such a sweet, sweet, kind spirit. I love all the work that she’s doing with horses there, all the rescue horses there at the Graceland stables. It’s just wonderful.”
Christmas at Graceland was one of the highest-rated films in the history of Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas,” and this might not be the last time that Pickler and her character visit Elvis and Graceland.
Check out 'Wedding at Graceland' via the Hallmark Channel
Click HERE to Hallmark for Pickler singing 'Can’t Help Falling in Love'
(News, Source;TV/ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS - Kentucky Rain' New Import CD: This year the Straight Arrow label team promises to focus especially on the concert years 1969-1972. The first CD 'ELVIS - Kentucky Rain' features the February 22nd, 1970 Midnight Las Vegas show is a previously unreleased concert, taken directly from an original audience recorded master tape. This concert was never available in good sound quality thus far (note: in 2007, the "SR" label released a so-called February 22nd, 1970 Midnight show on the "Rock In Black" double CD, but this show was wrongly dated and in fact it was the February 23rd, 1970 Dinner show!)
The February 22nd, 1970 Midnight show recording is slightly incomplete, missing the last song "Can't Help Falling In Love", so we have included this song in the same good sound, as taken from the February 20th, 1970 Dinner show, to make the concert "complete" for listeners' comfort.
As usual, this release is presented in a de-luxe 6-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, February 1970 and a press review.
Go to "All the ELVIS CD NEWS 2019" for full tracklisting and details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Like A Greek God' New Import CD: Straight Arrow's second release is titled 'Like A Greek God'. The September 4th, 1970 Midnight show is a previously unreleased concert, taken from an original audience recorded tape. In 2005, the "Memory Records" label used 6 tracks from this tape as a bonus for "The Midnight Hour" CD. Unfortunately, the August 4th, 1970 Midnight show is incomplete, missing the last 3 songs. We have decided to add the same songs as taken from the September 5th, 1970 Midnight show to make the show "complete" for listeners' comfort.
The September 7th, 1970 Closing night was released by the "SR" label in 2008 in very poor, muffled sound, taken from a degraded x-generation copy (the "September Nights" CD). Once again we have used an original master tape and restored it to crisp, clear perfection. Elvis' crazy Closing night performance never sounded better - until NOW!
Both concerts presented on this release were recorded by same person. This release is presented in a de-luxe 8-panel digipak, with a collection of photos taken in Las Vegas, NV, August 1970 and a press review.
Go to "All the ELVIS CD NEWS 2019" for full tracklisting and details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review): Elvis September 1958 - Germany Bound (Paul Belard): Paul Belard's latest visual and archival record of the Elvis story focuses on just one month, September 1958. This was the month Elvis prepared for his departure from the USA on deployment to Germany to continue his Army training.



EIN's Nigel Patterson took a tour of duty through Germany Bound. He has taken inventory and you can read what Nigel found here:

Read Nigel's review ......


..(Book Review, Source: EIN)

New Graceland Exhibition Center open: A massive new exhibition center opened at Graceland last week with three museum-style exhibits, including “Muhammad Ali: Greatest of All Time” and "A Century of the American Motorcycle”.
Elvis and Muhammad Ali were known to be friends. Presley once gave Ali a custom-made robe in Las Vegas in the early 1970s. A replica of that robe is part of the Ali exhibit, along with photos of the heavyweight boxing and civil rights champion and other artifacts.
Visitors will be able to hit a punching bag and learn the Ali shuffle from a video tutorial by the boxer, who died in June 2016.
A third exhibit, called "National Geographic Presents: Earth Explorers," allows visitors to learn about polar regions, oceans, rain forests, mountains, caves, and the African savanna.
The exhibition hall is part of a years-long expansion at Graceland, which already features Graceland itself, the new hotel and the ELVIS entertainment complex / museum and restaurants.
The new exhibition hall also includes a food hall and a full-service bar designed to resemble the famous "Jungle Room" in Presley's former home.
Bringing the lives of Ali and Presley together at Graceland is fitting because of their impact on their professions, and on American and global culture, said Joel Weinshanker, managing partner of Graceland Holdings.
He said he hopes the new, $20 million hall will attract more conventions to Graceland while bringing more large traveling exhibits to the city.
The exhibition is part of a $40 million continuation of a master plan for massive Graceland redevelopment.
Go here to EIN's Spotlight 'Elvis was Not A Racist'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Reflections on Elvis: “Please Release Me” aka “Help, I’m a prisoner of the Elvis cults!”: My son came to visit me; he’d had the surgery, which had apparently been inexpensive, swift and relatively painless. The man in the white smock was the head surgeon, as I’d feared. I saw no one who looked like anything other than Elvis, other than my reflection in the mirror. I did not find the Lookalike women pretty. Gradually, I realized that one – which one? Of the women in the inner compound of Elvisville had to be Lesley; still, I hoped, ever so slightly, that she might have escaped, might have found a way around the surgery. I knew that all of the Elvists had essentially the same personality. 

My son and I talked; we’d had the all the time together I could stand, but all we had in common was the guitar, and oddly, my hands wouldn’t let me play those insidious Elvis songs.  The more I remained hostage in Elvisville, the stubborner I became. They wanted me to stay. They wanted me top become a Jordanaire. But I couldn’t make the right noises. I had no sense of rhythm. I can’t, to this day, gyrate. (Source: The Elvis Cults, Michael Wilkerson in Mondo Elvis, edited by Richard Peabody and Lucinda Ebersole, St. Martins Press, 1994, ISBN: 0312105053)

The Oracle Speaks: The passage above begs the question of why so many people want to look and act like Elvis?  Yes, he was an incredibly handsome and talented entertainer but the same can be said of Cranky Frankie (Sinatra) and Rudolph Valentino, and more recently Michael Jackson (OK his cute look for some reason changed as he got older). Yet, these celebrities don’t inspire en masse anywhere near the same level of overt sadomasochism required to surgically alter one’s look and personality to become another person (Michael J. a possible exception). 

So why Elvis? Part of the answer is that Elvis was incredibly attractive (sometimes this appeal extended to both sexes), and yes he was incredibly talented, but the X factor is that he came along with these qualities at a pivotal time in 20th century socio-cultural change. The mid ‘50s was a vociferous breeding ground for what would in subsequent decades become an increasingly and incessantly pervasive mass media and celebrity focused world.  Elvis was one, if not the most potent of the mid 20th century celebrities who captured the public’s imagination. And Elvis was also an agent of social change, one who changed musical, fashion and grooming styles (therein giving him greater potency than other major celebrities of that era, eg Marilyn Monroe and James Dean). That is the "why Elvis" part of the issue. The other part is more disturbing. Why do so many people want to escape from who they really are? I’ll leave the answer to that for another time. (Opinion, Source: EIN)

Elvis News from earlier in the week....
'Elvis: Live 1969'  Deluxe 11-CD Set: EIN announced that SONY would be releasing a 50th Anniversary Deluxe "Elvis LIVE 1969" set back in March and now we have the sensational cover image.
Elvis Club Berlin, Amazon, SONY Europe have all supplied a taster of this new ELEVEN CD set.
EIN notes that nothing however has been officially confirmed by SONY / RCA as yet.
FOUR of these 1969 Elvis Las Vegas concerts have never been released as full performances on CD.
Several others released over a decade ago on FTD will be vastly improved with new audio remasters.
The 11 Elvis performances would be
August 21 1969 Midnight Show - BMG 'Viva Las Vegas CD2'
August 22 1969 Dinner Show - FTD 'Elvis In Person CD2'
August 22 1969 Midnight Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 23 1969 Saturday Dinner Show - Recent VINYL release
August 23 1969 Saturday Midnight Show - FTD 'Elvis At The International' (one of EIN favourite shows)
August 24 1969  Dinner Show - BMG box-set 'Live In Las Vegas CD1'
August 24 1969 Midnight Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 25 1969 Dinner Show - Unreleased as complete show
August 25 1969 Midnight Show - FTD 'Hot August Night'
August 26 1969 Dinner Show - FTD 'Live In Vegas'
August 26 1969 Tuesday Midnight Show - FTD 'All Shook Up'
Something for collectors to really look forward to. More details soon.
EIN thanks MichaelQos for the word-up.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS, Still The Most Top 10 UK Hits: Forbes report this week that over forty years after his death ELVIS still dominates the list of The Most Top 10 Hits in the UK.
While many of the same songs that reach the top 10 in the US also do so in the UK, things move much faster in Britain and it’s common for more songs to break into this chart-topping region in the UK every year than in America. That fact means some superstars have collected nearly unbelievable numbers of smashes in the country with the list updated for 2019 ELVIS is still Top-Of-The-Pops.
The Official Charts Company UK recently published the ranking of the most successful artists in the U.K. based on how many top 10 singles they have charted, and it’s a healthy mix of legendary rockers, pop icons who have been around for decades, as well as some stars who are still in their prime.
Elvis Presley leads the way with an astounding 76 top 10 hits in the U.K. He’s not only in first place, he’s also the only act to hit more than 70 Top 10s, and that accomplishment may remain his and his alone for a long time. Cliff Richard comes in second with 68, followed closely by Madonna, who has 63 top 10s to her credit. Rounding out the top five are Michael Jackson (44) and Kylie Minogue (34).
While artists like Elvis and The Beatles are obviously some
of the most successful names to ever write and record music, the chances either of them will hit the top 10 again is perhaps low - though it’s not impossible, while there are several musicians named who could continue to see their career totals grow. For example, it’s very likely that both Eminem and Rihanna will tack on more massive hits before they begin to slow down, and others like Robbie Williams and even Kylie Minogue could do the same.
Here are UK's 10 musicians who have charted the most Top 10 hits.
1. Elvis Presley - 76
2. Cliff Richard - 68, 3. Madonna - 63, 4. Michael Jackson - 44, 5. Kylie Minogue - 34, 6. U2 - 33, 7. Eminem - 32,
8= Robbie Williams / Elton John - 31, 9. Rihanna - 30, 10. The Beatles - 28
(News, Source;JGansky/ElvisInfoNet)

Sammy Shore, Elvis warm-up Comedian, Dead at 92: Sammy Shore, the comedian who worked as the warm-up act for Elvis' when he returned to Las Vegas in 1969, has died aged 92.
Sammy Shore was also known as an actor as well as the comedian who co-founded the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. (Right with Elvis and singer Lynn Anderson)
The actor’s family said he died last Saturday at his home in Las Vegas surrounded by family and friends.
Shore’s nearly seven-decade career stretched from the “Borscht Belt” summer resorts of New York’s Catskill Mountains to Las Vegas to the studios of Hollywood.
Shore began his career doing stand-up with Shecky Greene. Elvis Presley chose Shore as the opening act for his comeback tour, and the comedian opened for many others, including Tony Orlando, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Jones, Ann-Margret, Connie Stevens, Bobby Darin and Glen Campbell.
In 1972, Shore, his first wife, Mitzi, and writing partner Rudy Deluca founded the world-famous Los Angeles comedy club, the Comedy Store. Mitzi Shore died in 2018.
His son Pauly Shore, with whom he toured during the last 20 years, paid tribute Saturday to his father on Twitter.
“Dad, you lived an amazing life and I’m so proud to say that you are my father,” he wrote. “When you’re in heaven I’ll be killing the crowds night after night and carrying on your legacy. Love you Dad. Rest in peace.”
The elder Shore also appeared in a number of films, including “The Bellboy” with Jerry Lewis and Mel Brooks’ “Life Stinks” and “History of the World Part 1.” ”

He also appeared on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' and was a guest on the Tony Orlando and Pointer Sisters’ TV shows, as well as Redd Foxx’s “Sanford and Son. He was very proud of his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, as he believed you had "arrived" if asked to appear on Ed's show.
Upon moving to Las Vegas, he and second wife Suzanne were appalled at the overwhelming number of abandoned animals; so, they joined with the Nevada SPCA to host fundraisers under the umbrella of "Funny Bones."
They raised monies to pay for critical care for animals who otherwise would not have been adopted.
As a result, rather than being euthanized, countless animals found "forever homes."
Sammy Shore was also an author and recorded several albums. He is survived by his wife, Suzanne, and his son.
RIP Sammy Shore 1927 - 2019
Photo shows Elvis with country-star Lynn Anderson and Sammy Shore

Back in 2008 EIN reviewed his book "The Man Who Made ELVIS Laugh"
(News, Source;PGansky/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Summer Festival '72' New Book: Another high-quality Elvis book from author Keiran Davis.
This volume is dedicated to Elvis' 1972 Summer Festival in Las Vegas.
The 154 page book includes stories, documents, photographs, architectural drawings and more from Elvis' 1972 Summer Festival at the Las Vegas Hilton.
This book contains the final diary / memories of Peggy Elzea (in addition to those of many other fans) who attended some of the shows.
It was Peggy Elzea' diaries that made Keiran Davis' 'Live At The International' such an incredible book. (See EIN review and Interview with the author here)
154 page, hard-bound, full colour book

Priced at UK £40 & Rest Of The World £55

The book will sell-out!

Click here to his website to purchase


(News, Source;KD/ElvisInfoNet)

Sheriff Bill Morris talks Elvis' Last Days: When recently publicising his new book Shelby County Sheriff Bill Morris, who was one of Elvis' Memphis friends, has talked about the king of rock and roll’s life and the last time his saw the star and how it brought tears to his eyes.
It was 1977, just 60 days before Presley died from a heart attack that many believe was induced by his addiction to prescription barbiturates. Former Shelby County Mayor and Sheriff Bill Morris had arranged to see a movie with Presley but when he laid eyes on his childhood friend, he was shocked.
"I couldn’t believe it when I saw him walk back to see us. He had gotten so huge. Put on so much weight," 86-year-old Morris told Fox News. "And my wife Ann always bugged him, sort of like mothering him all the time, because they’ve known each other for so many years. And she hugged him. We all hugged each other. And everybody had tears in their eyes because he looked so bad and felt so bad."
Morris recalled how his wife scolded Presley for the state he was in and he promised her he was "gonna be better." The next time Morris saw his friend again he was lying dead in a casket.
"I just couldn’t accept the totality of it all," Morris, who knew Elvis since high school, "He was in this casket, but I couldn’t believe he was dead. He was just 42 years old. I didn’t really want to accept it even then."
Looking back, Morris said their friendship was inevitable. The two men shared a connection that ran all the way back to birth, with their parents who knew each other during the post-Depression years in north Mississippi.
However, the two would only come to meet years later, at the high school graduation of Morris' now wife.
They developed an unlikely friendship that lasted over the years and they never lost touch, even when Presley obtained worldwide fame.
"Elvis was just a normal guy doing normal things. That always impressed me." Morris said.
The former sheriff recently published a book documenting the personalities he has encountered during his life in Tennessee, including Presley. "Bill Morris: A Legendary Life" seeks to dispel the misconceptions surrounding Presley, including his dependency on prescription drugs.
"I think a lot of people thought Elvis was on bad drugs, street drugs. He never was. He did take a lot of drugs, prescription drugs, that would undoubtedly harm him, but he never messed with things like marijuana, opium none of those kinds of drugs you would buy on the street."
Morris said Presley was always humble and never let fame go to his head.
"We could bring a pile of friends down to have a little party at his house and he was just one of the guys," he said. "He never grew beyond a good personal relationship with the people he grew up with. I thought that was a magnificent attribute."
(News, Source;FoxNews/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Used for "The Voice" Publicity: No other entertainer has ever had the influence and media power of ELVIS. Australia's "The Voice 2019" is once again featuring an ELVIS connection as a publicity gimmick.
Dakota Striplin - who does have a rather charming voice and neat Elvis-Quiffed hair - is getting some extra publicity with the odd suggestion that ELVIS might be his grandfather.
EIN Notes: If by any chance his father genuinely thought he was Elvis' son would he not have pursued a DNA test and legal proceedings with EPE by now?
The Voice publicity machine suggests .. The 24-year-old artist from Queensland looks remarkably like the late Elvis Presley and there's a reason for that, the rock'n'roll legend could be his grandfather.
Dakota's grandma, who sadly passed away years ago, had met Elvis when she worked for him while living in Hawaii. And although she didn't make a big deal about their connection at the time (we can guess why!), when Elvis died in 1977 her reaction caused many to wonder if they had more than just a working relationship.
Then when a recent DNA test showed that Dakota's dad, Wayne, wasn't the biological son of his father, speculation grew that Elvis may be Wayne's real dad.
"It's always kind of been a joke that Dad was Elvis' son because he looked like him when he was growing up. My mum brought it up as a joke first and I thought funny, whatever. But when she started saying all these things that could make it possible, it makes it more believable.
The singer doesn't mind the connection at all because he's a massive Elvis fan. Bizarrely, Dakota is the only musical one in his family, working as a music teacher by day and gigging at night.
As a nod to Elvis, for his audition Dakota performed a stripped back rendition of Elvis' song 'Love Me Tender', which landed him a four-chair turn. And naturally once the coaches saw
him, they couldn't help but see the Elvis resemblance too, comparisons Dakota is used to hearing.
Click HERE to YouTube to hear his 'Love Me Tender'
Once again this is more Media craziness showing just how much ELVIS' amazing legacy continues more than 40 years after his death
(News, Source;Voice/ElvisInfoNet)

EIN exclusives and News from earlier in May ...

(Book Review): Elvis January-February 1956 (Paul Belard): Prolific Elvis publisher, Paul Belard, recently released two more titles as part of his mammoth project to document the Elvis story through (well known and obscure) pictures and rare archival material.

EIN's Nigel Patterson offers his perspective on what the first of Belard's new books, Elvis January-February 1956, has to offer.

The titular months were among the more important in the early part of Elvis' career and Paul Belard has unearthed a wide range of interesting and rare material.




Read Nigel's review (Book Review, Source: EIN)

"Elvis Through the Ages" Publishers Apologise: Thankfully the publishers of the new book "Elvis Through the Ages: Images from the Hollywood Photo Archive" (by Colin Slater) have realised the error of their ways.
The publicist from Lyons Press finally responded to EIN's letters noting that having an Impersonator on the cover of a book about ELVIS was a huge mistake.
He told EIN, "Lyons Press Editorial staff are aware of your complain. While the photo in question was meant to be that of an impersonator, to alleviate any confusion the editors have elected to replace it.
Please rest assured that when the book publishes this September, it will have a photo of the real Elvis on it.
Once the new cover is completed, it will be uploaded to our database, from which it will feed out to all online retailers.
Thank you again for your time."

The Hollywood Photo Archive is not only a wonderful collection of cinematic history, it captures the collective memories of Hollywood. The gunmen, the gallants, the ghosts and the stars of the big screen are represented in an impressive archive of more than 180,000 pieces.
The book is hardcover and 144 pages and A4 size.
Publisher Lyons Press - out September 25, 2019- Priced $24.95

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Files Magazine June 2019 Issue: Elvis Files publisher Erik Lorentzen has posted this STUNNING new cover that will feature on the mid-year issue of the Elvis Files Magazine #28.

Lorentzen noted, our Elvis Files Magazine # 27 which featured special articles George Klein (RIP), Elvis in Vegas 1970 and Yvonne Lime and Elvis, have been mailed to all  subscribers and dealers all over the world.

We are now working on issue #28 with some awesome photos. Check out the cover....

Subscriptions (4 issues) Send € 58 by PayPal for your subscription to: sales@elvisfiles.no
If you want to order only issue #28, send € 15 by PayPal to: sales@elvisfiles.no




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My Life as the Asian Elvis (Part 2): Robert "Yoshi Suzuki" continues his adventures in becoming a successful Elvis tribute artist.

In Part 2 of his series of fun articles, Robert talks about his early days participating in ETA contests and finding a cafe that served Elvis' favorite (and famous) Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.





(Almost Elvis, Source: EIN/Robert Kim)

Movie Producer Irwin Winkler Talks Elvis: Film legend Irwin Winkler, the 87-year-old director/ producer behind such classics as Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Mechanic and Rocky has shared some of his Hollywood stories with the New York Post.
Over his 50-year career as a writer, director and producer, Winkler has worked with Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Scorsese, Liza Minnelli, Demi Moore and one Elvis Presley.
And long before receiving the first of his 12 Academy Awards, his earliest training in filmmaking as he writes in 'A Life in Movies: Stories from 50 years in Hollywood' (Abrams Press) came when he was a kid in the 1940s in Coney Island.
“I worked on the boardwalk on a bumper-car ride, my job was to separate them when they got stuck, which I guess was a good lesson for Hollywood later on. Because half the personalities I dealt with kept bumping into each other!”
Winkler, now living in LA with his wife of 60 years, Margo, revealed some of the behind-the-scenes secrets and one story was about Elvis.
One of Winkler’s earliest movies was 1967’s Double Trouble, starring a 32-year-old Elvis Presley as a musician who becomes involved with a British heiress.
Double Trouble was directed by Norman Taurog and produced by Judd Bernard and Irwin Winkler for MGM.
The singer charmed Winkler on set. “Elvis was polite, very nice to be with, good company, interested in things”
But Winkler also discovered in Elvis the darker side of fame. For one thing, although the singer aspired to deeper acting roles, his iron-fisted manager, Colonel Tom Parker, refused to allow it.
Winkler said Presley told him how much he admired Point Blank, the revenge thriller the producer made that same year.
“I wish I could make movies like that,” Presley said. “I can’t do that because the Colonel won’t let me.”
Presley’s career was also winding down by then, Winkler noted, but the singer hadn’t accepted that fact.
Every day when he’d leave the MGM lot in a car with his friends Red and Sonny, they’d throw a blanket over the
singer to hide him from view from adoring fans.
But in reality, Winkler told The Post, no one was waiting to see him.
“Did he know the crowds weren’t there anymore?” Winkler wondered about the singer, “or did he simply not want to know?”

Elvis may not have needed to hide under blankets in late 1966 but soon after Double Trouble had its cinema release in April 1967 Col Parker began negotiations with NBC for the 'Comeback Special' and Elvis' popularity would once again go through the roof.
Click here to NYP for the full story
(News, Source;NYP/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis LIVE Aug 23, 1969 Album Review + Elvis Concert Review 1969: ... "The atmosphere throughout the entire hotel was nail-bitingly electric! It is difficult for me to describe and paint a true portrait of attending in person this unique occasion - Elvis' Return to Splendor LIVE in 1969 - but I'll try my best.  I want, and hope, you will understand the excitement of what has to be the pinnacle of Elvis' career to date!"
Joan Gansky was lucky because not only was she in the audience for Elvis' TV musical renaissance of the '68 NBC Special but she also saw Elvis at his most dynamic - first at his August 22nd 1969 Midnight Show and then the following night at his August 23rd Dinner Show.
Joan Gansky has written this insightful and emotional article for EIN in 2019, fifty years later, looking back at this special event from 1969 as well as providing her review of the new RCA vinyl album of the August 23rd Dinner Show.
One of EIN's most important articles we have ever published - Go here for Joan and Paul Gansky's incredible articles and exclusive photos
(Review/Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

MAY 11 - FTD 'Elvis: From Georgia To Florida 1975' OUT NOW: A new FTD double-soundboard release 'Elvis: From Georgia To Florida' featuring two concerts from April 1975 is OUT NOW.
Released as a 5" digipack, a 2CD set features Elvis in great form from his shows at the Coliseum in Macon on April 24, 1975 and previously unreleased Lakeland April 27, 1975 Afternoon Show.
The set-list is fine including Big Boss Man, It's Midnight, Promised Land, Burning Love, Help Me, My Boy, T-R-O-U-B-L-E and I'll Remember You.
EIN notes: If this looks familiar to fans it is because FTD released 'Elvis In Florida April 1975' back in 2014 which featured the Lakeland April 27, 1975 Evening Show.
Unfortunately soundboards from the start of this tour all have the same inherent 'problem' a HEAVY bias towards Piano.

First reports are that the new release has improved audio quality compared to when the tracks were first released on the otherwise excellent FTD compilation "Southern Nights"

Sadly with the barrel of unreleased Elvis material getting near empty collectors have to be pleased that we get anything new at all. - Go here to 'Elvis FTD / SONY News 2019' for full tracklist
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

Who will play ELVIS in the new Baz Luhrmann film: The casting call went out for Baz Luhrmann's new ELVIS biopic asking for "an actor between the ages of 19 and 28 who can portray the singer’s shy vulnerability masking his unshakeable faith in his own destiny."
Luckily most Elvis Impersonators are over the age of 28, so hopefully a brand new talent will be found. Having said that several Elvis Impersonators are hoping that they might get a chance.
The big-budget film is being shot on Australia's Gold Coast  and Elvis Roberts (his real name) is a local from Banora Point southern Gold Coast and he has a burning love for The King and also acting.
"I really want to be in it," he said. "I've always acted, I make little short films and I have been in two feature films, but only as extras." The 23-year-old has contacted director Baz Luhrmann.
Dual Oscar winner Tom Hanks has been signed to play the role of Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker.
When the film was announced by the Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk right with Luhrmann he said he was conducting a worldwide search for the leading role of Elvis, but added he would also employ locally.
"I am committed … to developing Queensland's creative culture and supporting filmmakers, storytellers and artists of all kinds, in the same manner that we ourselves were supported and mentored early in our careers."
Mr Roberts' love of Presley came from his father, Rusty Roberts, who said he had amassed Australia's largest collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia.
"It's enormous," Rusty said. "Anyone can step forward and try to challenge me.
EIN Notes that Greg Page (ex The Wiggles) has his own Elvis museum in Parkes, NSW and would own the biggest value of genuine Elvis possessions in Australia
The 47-year-old personal trainer said he wants to work on the Elvis Presley movie as a technical advisor.
The film is expected to create 900 jobs and inject more than $105 million into the Queensland economy.
A spokesman from Village Roadshow Studios said the production schedule will be finalised in the coming weeks.
Click here to the ABC for their article
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 1 May 2019
Elvis and Priscilla 52nd Wedding Anniversary: Elvis and Priscilla were married in Las Vegas, May 1st 1967. Marty Lacker noted, the ceremony was simple but the news conference that followed was wild. The guests were escorted to the Aladdin Room where the wedding breakfast reception for a hundred people was about to take place.
Elvis, Priscilla and George Klein, Joe and I were led to a different room where there were reporters and television cameramen from all over the country.
The press had not been at the ceremony nor were they to be allowed to join in the reception.
This was the press conference which replaced the one o’ clock meeting scheduled by the Colonel. Elvis and Priscilla sat at a big table at the front of the room, while the rest of us stood on the side.
The reporters started firing questions at Elvis. "What made you finally get married?" "Why did you give up bachelorhood?" "How long were you engaged?"
Why this and how that. Elvis and Priscilla handled the questions nicely. Then the Colonel, in his way, let it be known that the session was over...
Lamar Fike remembers, "Elvis called me and said, "I'm going to have a second reception at Graceland for everybody who couldn't come to the wedding, and I want you there. Before that, though, I'm going down to the Circle G ranch. Come on down."
I guess you could say I went on their honeymoon with them. Because the first night they were there, I was there. We stayed in the trailer. All three of us. I didn't have anywhere else to sleep. And it was a sixty-foot trailer, so it wasn't like we were top of each other. I was in the front of the damn thing, and and Elvis were in the back in the master bedroom. I'd been with Elvis since the beginning, so nothing had changed, really... "!

See below for more...
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS - 'The Wedding' EIN Spotlight- 52nd anniversary: Whatever people's own personal feelings are toward Priscilla, Elvis clearly loved her. We can debate whether he was ‘pushed’ in to marriage by outside forces or whether Elvis who belonged to the women of the world should have married at all, but the fact is that Elvis did marry Priscilla 52 years ago today. May 1st 1967 was no ordinary day in Elvis' life.
There were however some odd choices to the day and the ‘last minute’ exclusion of some of those who grew-up with Elvis was a particularly bad and hurtful.
Marty Lacker was Elvis' co-Best Man at the wedding and back in 2017 he kindly given EIN permission to publish his story of what happened on that famous day.
Go here to Marty Lacker's story with some great Elvis & Priscilla photos

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Luhrmann’s ELVIS to be filmed in Australia: Baz Luhrmann’s Tom Hanks-starring Elvis film is set to shoot significant portions in Australia. This was confirmed by Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland.
The currently untitled film, backed by Warner Bros will explore the life and music of Elvis Presley, including his rise to fame, his unprecedented stardom, and his impact on the world. It will also delve into his complicated relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.
The 56-year-old Director of innovative musicals Moulin Rouge!/ Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann is still on the hunt for an actor to play Elvis Presley. He is searching for an actor between the ages of 19 and 28 who can portray the singer’s shy vulnerability masking his unshakeable faith in his own destiny. Anyone who is interested in the role should send photos to elviscasting2020@gmail.com.
Palaszczuk said she was looking forward to welcoming the Warner Bros. production to Queensland’s world-class facilities, Village Roadshow Studios, on the Gold Coast. She said that an agreement to shoot in Queensland had been made after a recent meeting with Luhrmann in London.
No schedule for a start of production was announced.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis: Now In Person' New Book: If fans weren't tempted before these new promo shots for the new Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) 'Gold Standard' series book 'Elvis: Now In Person' celebrating Elvis' 50th Anniversary of his return to live concerts in Las Vegas sure look mouth-watering!

The book features 400 pages with new articles, plus plenty of photos including Elvis at the construction of the International Hotel, Elvis’ Vegas Press conference plus a detailed look at Elvis' fantastic 1969 Summer Season performances from 31 July to 28 August 1969.

The book is available for Pre-Order through the Elvis Shop London.

Or Pre-order with Elvis Files - Send € 105 by PayPal to: sales@elvisfiles.no (includes shipping with DHL)

Erik Lorentzen promises lots of new previosuly unpublished photos....

(More example pages below)


(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

Baz Lurhmann - the ELVIS research: As noted below Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge) is working on pre-production for his new Warner Bros ELVIS biopic.
Latest news was that Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is to play Elvis Presley's iconic manager Colonel Tom Parker.

EIN first reported the news of Baz Luhrmann's Elvis biopic back in May 2014 - but it is only recently that Baz Luhrmann has acknowledged that he is now focussed on his ELVIS project.

Luhrmann has recently posted four videos of  his interview with Elvis' childhood Tupelo friend Sam Bell.
His interviews feature some great photos and delightful insights of Elvis' early years.  (see links below)

The director has also posted three neat photos of him at Graceland with the comment..
"Thanks to Jack, Angie, Regina, and the whole team at Graceland for their support over the last year and a half of research. Not a bad office, hey? Just gotta close the gate on your way out..."
With Academy Award winner Tom Hanks on board and Luhrmann's skills in making epic, music-focused movies there is a real hope that Elvis' legacy will be well-served in this new release.
Baz Luhrmann interviews Sam Bell - Video 1 Click here.
Video 2 Click here. - Video 3 Click here 10 mins. - Video 4 Click here.

EIN Thanks FECC's Jimmy Jamerson for the word-up.
(News, Source;FECC/ElvisInfoNet)

Actress Anne Neyland ('Jailhouse Rock') Dies at 84: Actress Anne Neyland co-starred in Jailhouse Rock and dated Elvis. A former "Miss Texas" she was one person who got to visit Elvis in hospital when he accidentally swallowed his capped tooth while practising the famous dance-sequence. She also starred in two other 1957 films, 'Hidden Fear' and 'Motorcycle Gang.' Anne Neyland died Wednesday, she was 84.
Neyland played Laury Jackson and Presley starred as Vince Everett, a construction worker who accidentally kills a man in a barroom brawl, in Jailhouse Rock, the singer's third movie overall and first at MGM.
She dated Presley during the making of the film and for a spell afterward.
"These last three years Elvis been so used to people tearing at him wherever he goes that he's drawn-into as hell. He's so used to being alone with a few close friends and going for drives and playing records that you can't get him out of it."
Also in 1957, the blue-eyed actress appeared as the girlfriend of John Payne's cop in the Copenhagen-set film noir Hidden Fear, directed by André De Toth, and International Pictures release Motorcycle Gang. Neyland later had an un-credited role in Ocean's 11 (1960), her final onscreen role.
Born in Mississippi, Neyland moved to Dallas as a youngster, won a Miss Texas pageant and worked as a model before she played a chorus girl in Singin' in the Rain (1952).
She went on to appear on TV's Private Detective; Highway Patrol; The Bob Cummings Show; Sea Hunt; and Peter Gunn.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"Made in the USA" - Follow that Dream: My Life as The Asian Elvis (Robert "Yoshi Suzuki" Kim): In the first part of an interesting series of articles, ETA Robert Kim, aka Yoshi Suzuki, takes EIN behind the scenes of the ETA world and tells us how he got his start as an Elvis impersonator.

"I don't know if it was the margaritas, but you sounded pretty good! You should actually practice that... I think you could actually make money doing this."

(Almost Elvis, Source: Robert Kim) 

Read full article

Reflections on Elvis #3: Elvis, the one or two-piece jumpsuit and the budget conscious 1970s:

Elvis’s stage wear also acquired a new look. Instead of two-piece suits, Bill Belew began designing one-piece jumpsuits, which allowed Elvis to move about more freely, and not to worry about his shirt coming out of his trousers.

Made of a wool/gabardine blend, the fabric was sturdy enough to accommodate Elvis’s physical exertions (he’d torn out the seat of his pants at one show during the previous Vegas engagement), but also meant that the outfits were very warm.  (Source: Return Of The King Elvis Presley’s Great Comeback, Gillian G. Gaar, Jawbone Press, 2010, ISBN: 978-906002282)

The Oracle Speaks: That Elvis’s explosion in Las Vegas from 1969 led to an economic boom for cabaret costume designers is well chronicled (well it is now naysayers). Jumpsuited entertainers cropped up in every casino in Vegas, notably The Osmonds, The Jackson Five / The Jacksons, Mick Jagger, David Cassidy and Wayne Newton. Even Gerry Dorsey, sorry Engelbert Humperdinck (no, not the German composer), apparently briefly donned the attire – although as Mr Dorsey tells the story he influenced Elvis’ look, jumpsuits and sideburns, rather than the other way around). Mr Humderdinck told Noise11.com in 2015:

Elvis copied his trademark sideburns from Engelbert. “I had them in 1965 and Elvis put his on in 1972,” Engelbert said. “The true story is this … he had a lady sketching him to find an outfit for him to go on his world tour. That’s where the white jump suit came in. She designed this white jumpsuit with the high collar and the long black side-burns. She presented it to him and he went (in Elvis voice) “Hell, that’s not me, that’s Engelbert Humperdinck”. So therefore you know who had it first”.

Another Vegas act, an illusionist named the Invisible Man, also wore a multi-coloured jumpsuit but sadly as his act actually worked, none of the audience could appreciate the intricate and ornate splendour of its design. We should also not forget that decades later, future superatar, Bruno Mars, started his career as a pint-sized Elvis impersonator.

However, as far as the King goes, the Oracle knows the real truth. Freedom of movement my rear end (and having read Dolly Parton’s biography about sleeping habits in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee in winter time, I’m not going to go anywhere near the front end of the they ‘were very warm’ argument). 

The reality is times were tough in 1970 and Bill Belew’s company obviously offered an attractive discount rate on one-piece designs (especially given the volume of suits Elvis wanted). Just remember who Elvis’ financial manager was…….. the very budget conscious Vernon Elvis Presley! 

I reckon Vernon’s canny business decision would have saved Elvis around $5,000 between 1970 and 1977. BTW, down-south diapers anyone?

(Opinion, Source: EIN)

Do you agree with the Oracle?  Let EIN know your views

Read EIN's recent interview with Gillian Gaar

'Elvis Live at the International, Aug 23, 1969” a Variety RSD Top Choice: Variety has nominated their 25 Best Record Store day releases and Elvis Presley, “Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969” is one of them.
Record Store Day 2019 has brought music fans 401 brand new slabs of vinyl, some will be available for months, and some were released in such limited quantities that even joining your local Record Store line at dawn is no guarantor of success.
The total list (see RSD website) of over 400 releases is mind-boggling so Variety selected their 25 highlights including releases from ELVIS, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Jeff Tweedy, Elvis Costello and Elton John.
They noted..
Elvis Presley, “Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969” (2xLP, 3000 copies)
Elvis’ so-called comeback special is rightly revered. What came immediately after, a little less so. But there’s a forthcoming CD box set devoted to the very first run of shows he did in Las Vegas, when he was still riding high off that network special, that represented his first real live gigs in 11 years, that aims to make the case that Elvis in Vegas was initially a beautiful thing, however sour things went before his demise.
In advance of the new 1969 box-set, they’ve issued one complete live show as a two-LP set just for RSD, and the prototype for the TCB Band is as smoking as the still-in-fighting-trim Presley.
Some other releases mentioned were
Elvis Costello & the Imposters, “Purse” (EP, 3000 copies) "Everyone should have both Elvises in their lives."
Bob Dylan, “Blood on the Tracks — Original New York Test Pressing” (LP, 7500 copies) "The raison d’etre, the catnip, the holy grail of this year’s Record Store Day"
Jeff Tweedy, “Warmer” (LP, 5000 copies)
Van Morrison, “Astral Weeks Alternative” (EP, 9000 copies)
Fleetwood Mac, “The Alternative Fleetwood Mac” (LP, 12,500 copies)
John Lennon, “Imagine (Raw Studio Mixes)” (LP, 5500 copies)
Pink Floyd, “A Saucerful of Secrets (Mono)” (LP, 6500 copies)
Go here to Variety for the full story
(News, Source;V/ElvisInfoNet)

MRS ‘The Complete ‘50s Movie Masters' VINYL Review: The MRS label released ‘The Complete ‘50s Movie Masters & Alternate Recordings’ for Record Store Day 2019.
The double LP set features one side of vinyl dedicated to each one of Elvis' four fifties movies and includes additional gems such as the STEREO 'Love Me Tender' recordings, 'Treat Me Nice' and 'Jailhouse Rock' in STEREO as well as the delightful 'Crawfish' Movie Master Edit from King Creole.
This was a neat idea, one side for each movie with a couple of extra bonus tracks, nice audio mastering plus a stylish 24-page massive inside booklet.
We get ‘Love Me Tender’ on one side with 7 tracks, ‘Loving You’ on Side B, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ as a sensational Side C and to my surprise all of ‘King Creole’ fitting neatly into the final side and with a cool Bonus Track not on the original RCA vinyl.
With the 24-page album-size gatefold booklet it truly is a stunning presentation.
Released on 180grm Vinyl and with quality audio remastering.
EIN's Vinyl-lover Piers Beagley spins these new discs and checks out the sumptuous packaging
(VINYL Review, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

MRS ‘Made in Germany – Private Recordings’ VINYL Review: The MRS label released ‘Made in Germany: Private Recordings’ which features the best of the remastered private recordings Elvis made in Germany, for Record Store Day 2019.
The audio from Elvis' private recordings has been painstakingly cleaned, repaired, and restored, using the most sophisticated technology.
Elvis vinyl fans can now enjoy these truly historical recordings including the newly found 'Like A Baby', 'He Knows Just What I Need', 'His Hand in Mine', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' and 'Cool Water' for the very first time.
Limited Edition 180-gram 2LP set with a 24-page photo spread gatefold with stunning pictures and with several photos not featured in the recent MRS Book/CD combo.
Released on 180grm Vinyl and with quality audio remastering.

EIN's Vinyl-lover Piers Beagley spins these new discs of Elvis' German Private Recordings and checks out the sumptuous packaging...

(VINYL Review, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis Presley - Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969' OUT TODAY: Great news for Elvis VINYL collectors a brand new PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 1969 Las Vegas performance was released today for Record Store Day.
'Elvis Presley - Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969'  2 LP Vinyl
Label: CMG / Legacy
Following his triumphant comeback special for NBC at the end of 1968, Elvis Presley made a highly-publicized return to live performance in 1969, booking an exclusive engagement at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. Elvis treated audiences to a raucous rock set inspired by the recent sessions for his just-released studio album From Elvis In Memphis, backed by vocal groups The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations as well as an early version of his famed TCB Band. Live In Las Vegas 1969 showcases this incredible, important phase in Elvis' career with a previously unreleased set from the first of many engagements at The International Hotel.
Click here to RSD for more details
(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

Two new book releases from Paul Belard: Elvis author/researcher, Paul Belard, has published the latest photobooks in his ongoing project to present a comprehensive pictorial record of Elvis' life. His new titles are Elvis 1956 January-February and Elvis September 1958 - Germany Bound.

Paul has numerous other titles nearing completion including Elvis May 1956; Elvis October 1958, and Elvis November-December 1958, as well as the thematic volumes, Elvis A Humanitarian; Elvis Badges, Cops and Guns; and Advertising Elvis.

Contact Paul Belard for purchase information

Other titles from Paul Belard already published are:

Elvis In Hawaii November 1957
Elvis March 1956
Elvis April 1956
Elvis December 1956
Elvis The Gospel Singer
Elvis Las Vegas April - May 1956

'Elvis LIVE UK Tour 2019': A new tour showcasing Elvis Presley's greatest hits has been announced.
Elvis' Greatest Hits tour will hit six arenas across the UK in November/December 2019.
As well as performances from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra this time the show will also feature the TCB Band.
Priscilla Presley and long term associate Jerry Shilling will also appear on stage at each date, sharing stories, personal photos and rare home movies.
The 2019 tour marks 50 years since Elvis made a triumphant return to live performing with a Las Vegas residency in 1969. Priscilla noted, "We're BACK and better than ever!"
"I am thrilled and honoured to be returning to the UK. Please join me live on stage to present this brand new show backed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, Elvis' TCB Band, never before seen new footage of Elvis and more surprises, including, Jerry Schilling and myself on stage sharing our stories. This will be a once in a lifetime show... you won't want to miss."
Tickets for Elvis's Greatest Hits tour go on sale on Friday, April 12. Dates are:
November 25 - Manchester Arena
November 26 - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
November 27 - Birmingham Resorts Arena
November 28 - Sheffield FlyDSA Arena
November 29 - Glasgow Hydro
December 1 - London O2 Arena
UK Elvis in Concert tickets are available from 12 April, 9am go to Ticketline.co.uk, bookingsdirect.com or ticketmaster.co.uk
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis: Now In Person' New Book: Details are scant but there is news out that Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) is working hard to finish his new 'Gold Standard' series book 'Elvis: Now In Person' celebrating Elvis' 50th Anniversary of his return to live concerts in Las Vegas.

It features over 400 pages with new articles, plus plenty of photos including Elvis at the construction of the International Hotel, Elvis’ Vegas Press conference plus a detailed look at Elvis' fantastic 1969 Summer Season performances from 31 July to 28 August 1969.

The book is available for Pre-Order through the Elvis Shop London.

Editor Paul Sweeney has provided some very fine example pages - shown below-


(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

'From The Vault' 3CDs get Digital Release: The 'Elvis Presley - The Album Collection' released in 2016 included three extra 'Bonus' CDs featuring special tracks 'From The Vaults'. These have now been released on your favourite digital platform.
... Elvis Presley released nearly 60 albums and placed a record-setting 115 singles in Billboard’s Top 40 during his lifetime - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as these three collections showcase. Compiled for The Album Collection box set in 2016, Elvis fans of all stripes can discover exciting rarities and outtakes from his incredible
career, featuring treasures from the Sun years, rare home recordings, duets, and late-period covers.
Click here to SONY for the links..
EIN's review of the 2016 box-set was however not impressed by these strange collections.
..Reviewer Shane Brown noted, "From The Vaults" should have been single-only sides and masters released after Elvis's death. And they would have been a fun listen. As it is, these final discs are a truly unmitigated mess, switching from poor sounding TV recordings to stellar sounding studio recordings to distorted private recordings and then back again. Fans already have this material, and the more general buyer is not likely to have any interest in it.. Go here for our full ''Album Collection" review and tracklisting
(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis - Made In Germany’ In-Depth Review: The new MRS 'Elvis - Made In Germany – The Complete Private Recordings’ 4CD set contains more than 3 hours of the private recordings Elvis made while off duty in Germany when he was serving as a soldier in the US army during the 1958 -1960 period and, includes rare tracks from a recently discovered tape comprising over an hour of unheard personal recordings.
The 152-page hardback book contains rare photographs and documents plus a comprehensive text provided by Gordon Minto, which discusses each of Elvis’ RCA studio (non-film) recording sessions held during 1957-58, before focusing on the private recordings he made in Germany.
The BONUS CD features the essential RCA studio masters from 1957-58.

With such an expansive book, along with hours of Elvis jamming with his friends in Germany, there is plenty to discuss as well as finding out what extra material this set contains over the official releases.

Go here as EIN's Nigel Patterson & Piers Beagley provide an in-depth review of this new MRS release

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Tom Hanks to play Col Parker!: Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is in negotiations to play Elvis Presley’s iconic manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Warner Bros biopic about ELVIS. Variety broke the news this week. EIN first reported the news of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic back in May 2014! While Parker helped launch Elvis’ huge career, he of course also hindered it in many ways. Because he himself was Dutch-born and did not have a US passport, he never allowed Presley to tour internationally.
Luhrmann will direct the movie. He also penned the script with Craig Pearce.
Parker discovered Presley when he was just an unknown and quickly moved in as his lone representation. Parker was responsible for various milestones, including Presley’s record deal with RCA and his successful acting career.
While Luhrmann always envisioned a star for Parker’s part, he wants a newcomer for the role of Presley. The director has begun meeting with talent for the part.
Insiders say a budget is still being ironed out, but Hanks’ commitment will urge the studio to push the project forward. Luhrmann hopes to get the pic into production sometime this year.
Hanks is no stranger to portraying real-life figures like astronaut Jim Lovell in “Apollo 13,” Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee in “The Post,” airline captain Chesley Sullenberger in “Sully,” Captain Richard Phillips in “Captain Phillips,” and Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks.”
In previous productions about Elvis' life, Parker has been portrayed by actors including Beau Bridges, Randy Quaid and Gene Jones.
With Hanks’ talents as an actor and Luhrmann’s skills in making epic, music-focused films such as Moulin Rouge and Strictly Ballroom there’s now every reason to start getting excited about this new Elvis biopic.
(News, Source;Varity/ElvisInfoNet)

'Return Of The King' Gillian Gaar Interview: Gillian Gaar is the author of the book 'Return Of The King: Elvis' Great Comeback'. With the recently celebrated 50th anniversary of the 1968 Comeback Special as well as the all-important 50th anniversary of Elvis' return in January 1969 for The Memphis sessions it is the perfect time to revisit this fantastic book.
EIN wanted to find out more of author Gillian Gaar's thoughts on Elvis' great legacy

In this detailed interview Gillian Gaar discusses...
- Who she interviewed for 'Return Of The King'
- Elvis, Nixon and what Egil “Bud” Krogh had to say
- Colonel Parker - good manager or just monetarily self-interested?
- How she compares Elvis' 1960 comeback to his return to splendour in 1968-69?
- EPE's refusal to acknowledge Elvis’ work post Aloha.
- Was Felton Jarvis purely a “Yes” man or a positive driving force?
- Her opinion of The Searcher.
- The possible release of the CBS 'Elvis In Concert'
and much more...

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley asks the questions..

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' Deluxe Set OUT NOW: The second FTD "complete sessions" 3-cd box-set is OUT NOW and at your local dealer. 'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' is the ultimate 'Fun In Acapulco' release, a 3-CD set that includes more than an hour of previously unreleased false starts, break downs, and complete takes! All tracks have been recently remixed and mastered from the original 3-track session tapes.
The 8"x 8" slipcase replicates RCA Victor's vault-stored session reel box.
The 28-page booklet includes rare photographs, memorabilia, session data, Movie Trivia and an updated overview of the movie by Alan Hanson.
The 3-CDs are housed in a CD carrier adorned by original tape box documentation.
Fortunately for us (There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car was recorded in a single take, but there are lots of never heard before session outtakes for instance Bossa Nova, Baby Takes 6, 7, 8, 9 10, Marguerita Takes 1-5, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Takes 2-6 and masses of Guadalajara!
Click here to EIN's 'Elvis FTD/SONY CD News 2019' for full tracklistings
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

- 'Through the Lens of Phillip Harrington' New Book. OUT NOW
After FTD's new book with 'Flaming Star' was delayed it is also now OUT NOW and at your local Elvis dealer. 'Through the Lens of Phillip Harrington' includes more than 350 photos, with over 150 unpublished from the original negatives of Phillip Harrington.
A bonus CD features Elvis live at Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 16, 1956.

EIN notes that Phillip Harrington photographed Elvis in May 1956 (some of his photos are truly iconic) and 83 of his images can be checked out and bought at the Fine Art gallery. - Click here to Fine Art America

(News, Source/FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis: A Moment in Time - 4 Days in '56" Special E-Book Offer: Rated as EIN's "Best E-Book for 2018" - the FTD book "Elvis: A Moment in Time - 4 Days in '56" by Michael Rose is now a Special E-Book Offer from Water-Street-Press for loyal members of Elvis fan clubs worldwide.
The offer is at a crazy $6.99 instead of full-price $9.99. Surely a price any fan would pay - CLICK HERE - limited time only.
While producing a documentary about the early years of Elvis Presley, Michael Rose discovered a cache of photos from 1956 that had been hidden away and forgotten.
These never-before-seen photos track the tail end of Elvis Presley’s spring tour in 1956. The photos capture “A Moment in Time” just before his rocket takes off and he becomes the icon we still know today.
It’s an intimate look at life backstage, on stage, with his band, his fans, and his family during the most important year of his life. We tell this story through the first person accounts of people who were there including his band members, musicians, disc jockeys and from the newspapers that reported on the Elvis phenomenon as it made its way across the country.
Initially published as a lavish coffee table book for collectors, this intimate look at Elvis in now available as an ebook.

One look at these amazing photos and you'll see why Elvis will live forever.
And, if you want more after you have a look inside, you can order framed prints of many of the photos as well.
(News, Source;WSP/ElvisInfoNet) 

'Counting Down Elvis' Finest 100' Spotlight: Dr. Mark Duffett's 'Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Recordings' recently won EIN's joint-prize for 'Best Elvis Book of 2018' .
The book is far, far more than a simple look at Duffett's 100 favourite Elvis songs and each chapter delves deep into Elvis' legacy with the book being a much deeper exploration that you might first think.
Elvis' timeless music ultimately stands on its own and speaks for itself. Listen again to the recordings, and Elvis amazes. Think about what they mean, and he astounds. Another person emerges...
Author Mark Duffett has offered EIN an excerpt from his splendid book so that EIN readers can check out his fine exploration of Elvis' musical legacy.
EIN has chosen a random selection - one from Elvis' classic fifties SUN sessions, a sixties Gospel classic, and a seventies rocker.
If you enjoy these three excerpts than you are surely going to enjoy the whole book.
Go here for our special EIN Spotlight prepared by Piers Beagley.
(Spotlight, Source;MarkDuffett/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis: Aloha The Ultimate Experience (2019) BACK ON YOUTUBE!: The 46th anniversary release of 'Aloha From Hawaii' where new camera angles have been combined from all available versions together with a brand new audio mix.
This historic concert by Elvis Presley was recorded live on January 14th, 1973.
'Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii - The Ultimate Experience' took a year to complete and is made by a big Elvis fan. Now Back On YOUTUBE here

March 9 - New 'Suspicious Minds' LIVE single!: RCA / Legacy have released a great promo for their new RSD VINYL 1969 concert release (see below) in a NEW SINGLE - digital only.

It teams 'Suspicious Minds' and 'Mystery Train / Tiger Man' both brand new, unreleased, one a new digital single via Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc.

Taken from the never-before-released-in-any-form August 23, 1969 Dinner Show as recorded in Las Vegas.
Both are described as "single edits".

Click here for 'Suspicious Minds' on YouTube

Click here for 'Mystery Train / Tiger Man' on YouTube


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Week 2019: EPE have announced the Elvis Week 2019 logo (although ours below was better)
EPE says, Mark your calendars, Elvis fans - Elvis Week 2019 is August 9-17, and tickets are on sale now.
There are so many fun and exciting events for all Elvis fans at Elvis Week! The week kicks off with the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and several ETA performances. Then, we celebrate important anniversaries in Elvis' career, such as his American Sound sessions and Las Vegas residency, with concerts and panels.
Other fun events include the Elvis Week Bash, Gospel Brunch, Fan Celebration Event and much more.
After last year's disastrously low crowd numbers EPE have decided that there will be no charges or special passes associated with the Candlelight Vigil.
Surely one of the best reasons to go (no, not the ETA contests!) has to be...
- American Sound Studio 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert. August 14, 7pm. Graceland Soundstage.
An incredible night of music as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvis' legendary recording sessions at Memphis' American Sound Studio. Join Memphis Boys Bobby Wood and Gene Chrisman, who were members of the legendary house band at the American Sound Studio, along with special guest Mac Davis,
Click HERE TO EPE for their updated schedule
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Best (and Worst) Books of 2018: What were the best Elvis books published in 2018? The worst? The most incredulous?

EIN's Nigel Patterson, with help from Piers Beagley, has compiled an extensive list of the best and worst Elvis books of last year.

The 14 award categories include the best:

  • general biography
  • "subject specific" release
  • composite (book/CD and/or DVD) release
  • "insider" memoir
  • photo-journal
  • fiction release
  • ebook
  • book for younger readers
  • non-english text
  • re-issue
  • fan club/fan publication
  • most incredulous release

Plus EIN names its top two Elvis books of 2018!

To find out what they are (and why) and read about more than 70 other Elvis books published in 2018 click here..(Spotlight, Source: EIN)

'The Best Of The '68 Comeback Special' CD Review: The original NBC TV Special featured Elvis playing with so much passion that it inspired a career renaissance
Released to cash-in on the recent “Elvis All-Star Tribute” one can only hope that the mass of Post Malone and Ed Sheeran fans will consider Elvis’ amazing musical legacy worth checking out.
Elvis never looked cooler than in the 68 Special and this surely has got to help.
The original ELVIS NBC soundtrack vinyl album was obviously the very first selected ‘Best Of’ while BMG’s marvellous 1998 “Memories” double-album was an expanded version. This new ‘Best Of’ has presumably been selected by Rob Santos and John Jackson.
Elvis was SO DAMN GOOD performing for the NBC TV special that any alternate edit has to be enjoyable so EIN thought it worth giving the new set a spin. With all of Elvis’ USA sales getting a positive bump after the new TV show we know that this new set is being played in a fair few homes.  
EIN's Piers Beagley investigates, can another '68 ComeBack Special compilation really be worth buying all over again?
and Have Your Say! Does this really help Elvis' great legacy...  
(CD Review, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Larry Geller talks to EIN: Larry Geller, Elvis' personal hair stylist and spiritual confidante, recently talked with EIN's Nigel Patterson about a range of Elvis and Larry related issues. Larry's fascinating and candid interview traverses issues including:

  • Elvis' last few years and his dramatic plans to change his life and career from September 1977
  • new claims about Elvis by Aurelia Dupont Yarbrough and singer-songwriter, Leo Sayer
  • meeting Elvis for the first time - and later working for him
  • "What was Elvis really like?", what Larry tells fans who want to know
  • Elvis and UFOs
  • Vernon Presley and the "blue light" over the Presley home in Tupelo the night Elvis was born
  • Larry's new company, Wisdome Organics, based on his Holistic Hair Care Philosophy

Read Larry's interview

(Interview, Source: EIN)

'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' Deluxe Set: FTD announces their second "complete sessions" 3-cd box-set. 'The Fun In Acapulco Sessions' is the ultimate 'Fun In Acapulco' release, a 3-CD set that includes more than an hour of previously unreleased false starts, break downs, and complete takes!
All tracks have been recently remixed and mastered from the original 3-track session tapes.
The 8"x 8" slipcase replicates RCA Victor's vault-stored session reel box.
The 28-page booklet includes rare photographs, memorabilia, session data, Movie Trivia and an updated overview of the movie by Alan Hanson.
The 3-CDs are housed in a CD carrier adorned by original tape box documentation.
Fortunately for us (There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car was recorded in a single take, but there are lots of never heard before session outtakes for instance Bossa Nova, Baby Takes 6, 7, 8, 9 10, Marguerita Takes 1-5, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Takes 2-6 and masses of Guadalajara!
Click here to EIN's 'Elvis FTD/SONY CD News 2019' for full tracklistings
The London Elvis Shop is offering a Bonus postcard set with pre-orders.
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis: St Paul To Wichita: Oct 1974' FTD In-Depth Review: A live soundboard 5” double-digipack this time focussing on Elvis' Tour 12 which went from September 27 to October 9.
Two concerts St. Paul, Minnesota October 3, 1974 and Wichita, Kansas October 7, 1974 are included with three bonus songs from October 4, 1974.
Best of all these are both previously unreleased soundboards.
While Elvis had performed some memorable shows earlier in 1974, the September-October 1974 tour was not one of his best, with highlights sparsely dotted across the shows. The infamous College Park performance was during this tour, but by October 3 it was clear Elvis was up and enjoying himself.
In high energy and good humour Elvis at one point jokes, "By God, you might have been wrong for so long, but you were right tonight J.D!"
The soundboard audio quality is excellent.
Click here as Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell & EIN's Piers Beagley check out Elvis' performance
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork) 

'What was Elvis searching for?' EIN Spotlight: The question is raised – but never answered – in the title of HBO’s recent absorbing, imperfect documentary 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'.
At the start it seems clear what the teenage Elvis was searching for – an escape from the oblivion of poverty in the American South. Yet his quest was cultural as well as financial.
Later Elvis read obsessively, seeking out such books as The Impersonal Life, Joseph Brenner’s guide to self-discovery and Kahil Gibran’s book of fables, The Prophet. In his copy of Gibran’s tome, Elvis jotted down the line: “A singer can sing his songs but he must have an ear to receive the song”.
So what exactly was Elvis searching for?

In this fascinating EIN Spotlight respected author Paul Simpson takes a close look at this all important question which, for some reason, was basically ignored in the recent HBO documentary..

(Spotlight, Source;PaulSimpson/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Sunday 13 January 2019 - FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY - - - -

The Memphis Sessions - 50 Years ago Today: It seems impossible that it was fifty years ago this month that Elvis walked into American Studios in Memphis and started work on what are probably his most celebrated sessions, maybe even better than those made at Sun.
Not as influential, of course, but certainly deeper and darker from both the point of view of lyrics and Elvis’s emotional involvement. He was no longer a (relatively) innocent teenager singing about love to his sweetheart, but someone who had really experienced love as an adult.
Elvis could also sing about loss in a way he couldn’t fifteen years earlier, he had lived, and he seemed to pour all of his experiences into the recordings at America, and didn’t care about laying bare his soul. In fact, he knew he had to.
This was make or break....

In this fascinating article EIN contributor Shane Brown investigates the importance of The Memphis Sessions and the press reaction from the time...
(Spotlight, Source;ShaneBrown/ElvisInfoNet)

'Suspicious Minds' - Elvis' Greatest Single?: It was FIFTY YEARS AGO, in the early morning hours of January 23, 1969, that Elvis recorded the song that would guarantee his true musical renaissance would last through until his all-too-early demise almost a decade later.  'Suspicious Minds' would be released on August 26th 1969. While the NBC '68 TV Special, along with the single 'In the Ghetto' had pushed Elvis back to the forefront of popular culture, it would be the release of Elvis' last US Number 1 single that would ultimately prove to all the critics that Elvis was a still relevant contemporary musical force.

Back in 2009 EIN celebrated the 40th anniversary of this Number One single and looked back in detail at the history of this classic song, including new interviews with Marty Lacker and Bobby Wood, as well as insights from composer Mark James and producer Chips Moman.

Go here for this fascinating spotlight

(Spotlight, Source; ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Book Review) Elvis Presley Music Movies Myth (Matthew Martin): October 2018 saw the release of a new but little known Elvis book, Elvis Presley Music Movies Myth.

In hardcover format (with dust jacket) and containing more than 400 pages, EIN's Nigel Patterson decided to explore what author Matthew Martin had to offer.

Is Elvis Presley Music Movies Myth simply another run-of-the-mill biography, or does it offer the reader something more substantial?

What Nigel found in a book few have heard of, was a pleasant surprise.

Read Nigel's detailed review


(Book Review, Source: EIN)

Matt Shepherd ('Elvis: Stories Behind The Songs') Interview:  BBC Local Radio presenter and EIN contributor Matt Shepherd has published his first book looking at some of Elvis' biggest hits and lesser known treasures.
'Elvis Presley: Stories Behind The Songs' the first of a two volume book, starts in January 1969, almost 50 years ago, when Elvis recorded in Memphis for the first time in 14 years.
Shepherd notes, "I started my book in 1969 as it was a crucial crossroads for Elvis, he had proved in the 68 Special that he was still a dynamic performer. However the 69 sessions would go on to show Elvis was still a major chart force, able to select and record hit making and relevant songs.
"Had these Memphis sessions not been the great success they were, Elvis could well have spent the rest of his life as a nostalgia act. So it was essential he got it right."

EIN wanted to find out more about this new volume..
- How will your book compare to recent books about Elvis’ music?
- Elvis movie songs are they what was required or tripe that never should have been recorded?
- At what point should Elvis had said "NO, I am not recording this crap”? Can you name a particular song?
- What was Col Parker’s biggest musical mistake?
-  What do you think of Elvis’ “remixes” or the new fake duets? Are they a necessary evil?
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley asked the tricky questions..
(Interview, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis: The Searcher - Additional Stories' Spotlight: Like all too many serious Elvis fans Dennis Laverty felt let-down by the lack of seventies content in the HBO 'Elvis The Searcher' documentary. Luckily for us he has produced a lovely documentary "Elvis Presley: The Searcher - Additional Stories Not in the Original Film" that anyone can view on Vimeo.
He writes, "I really enjoyed The Searcher documentary, but after watching I wished they would have made it 4 hours. The 1950's skipped what pushed Elvis over-the-top when he appeared on TV, two of his best films and soundtracks (Loving You & Jailhouse Rock), and the backlash he took with his rock and roll Christmas Album. The 1960s unfortunately glossed over American Sound, especially Elvis taking a risk with 'In The Ghetto'.
The 1970s disappointed when nothing was discussed about Elvis' only concept album (Elvis Country), nor 'He Touched Me' (they could have included unreleased Elvis on Tour footage of gospel segment) and finally with David Porter one of the Execs of the film from Stax Records that nothing was discussed about Elvis' returning to Memphis and STAX to record three key albums.
My goal was just to highlight those stories in some way.
Obviously I don't have access to the Elvis archives at Graceland, but I hope you enjoy.
The following are 10 segments that I thought could have fit into the film.
... EIN totally agrees and thoroughly recommends this 37 minute video.
This is the type of material that should have been in the DVD Extras     
CLICK HERE to VIMEO to watch
EIN thanks Dennis Laverty for his input.
(Spotlight, Source;Dennis Laverty/ElvisInfoNet)


Don't forget that EIN's Elvis Facebook page regularly features fabulous RARE newly discovered photos of Elvis.

This week celebrated our 25,000 members! - including several of Elvis' own friends and colleagues

So Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs.

Now with over thousands of great photos, News and with more added every day – including YouTube footage.


Click here to Facebook - Elvis Information Network group.

Book Review - 'Elvis The Gospel Singer' (Paul Belard): Paul Belard has a quest to present the Elvis story in chronological visual form. To date he has released seven books with another 40+ at an advanced stage. In Elvis The Gospel Singer Belard moves from his chronological account of the Elvis day-by-day biography and offers a subject specific chronological account of Elvis' favourite music: gospel.

Over an impressive 300+ pages the author offers a full account of the gospel artists and music influencing Elvis and provides the lyrics for, and often background information to, all of Elvis' gospel recordings.

With more narrative than usual Belard delves deep into Elvis and his love of gospel music and includes rare historic material, and some unusual but valid song choices.

Read Nigel Patterson's review of Elvis The Gospel Singer.
(Book Review, Source; ELvisInformationNetwork)

'The King In The Ring' VINYL 50th Anniv Release: The 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's groundbreaking 1968 NBC "Comeback Special" is also being celebrated with the 2LP vinyl presentation of "The King In The Ring." Originally released on a red vinyl limited edition run for Record Store Day this 2LP set showcases the standout, intimate "sit down" sets from the '68 special. These laid-back live performances were recorded in the round before a small audience and featured a powerful ensemble, including guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana, both part of Elvis' original classic backing band.
... In 1968 Elvis Presley re-established himself as the King of Rock and Roll with ELVIS, the "comeback special", to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ELVIS both electrifying intimate "sit-down" sets will be released in the 2LP package with a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

General release November 30th
Great Cover shot.

(News, Source:ElvisInfoNet)

'The King In The Ring' VINYL 50th Anniversary Release - Double LP.

Great prices at Amazon.

$23 in the USA

And in the UK £18.05

The VINYL Boom: Over 7.6 million vinyl LPs were sold in the USA during the first half of 2018, a 20% increase from the previous year, while in Australia vinyl sales increased by $3 million, the same increase of 20%. In the same period CD sales however dropped by 15%.
Elvis vinyl is still selling very nicely with ‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ recently in the UK Top ten VINYL charts.
And there is plenty of Elvis Presley vinyl on offer....

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ on GOLD Vinyl: ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits was re-released by Sony Music on GOLD Vinyl on 12 October. UK's Entertainment-Focus have posted this cute review.
... What is there to say about Elvis Presley that hasn’t already been said?
It may be 41 years since the icon died tragically at only 42 years old but his music continues to live on, and likely will forever. It’s actually mind-blowing to think that his music has survived for almost as long as he was alive. In 2002 Sony Music released a new greatest hits collection titled ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits, which dominated charts across the world and sold millions and millions of copies. 16 years on from its original release, ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits has been reissued on 2LP vinyl.
Taking inspiration from the album cover, the release has been pressed on gold vinyl making the whole package feel very special.
Presley was an incredibly prolific artist so getting this collection down to 31 tracks was no easy feat. It also includes the ALLC Junkie XL remix.
 What was achieved with ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits though, is a

collection that gives you all the highlights you need from The King’s career to showcase the incredible impact he had on music. The album opens with Heartbreak Hotel and there isn’t a single filler track here.
It’s actually near impossible to pick out highlights across the 2LPs because every single one of these songs is a classic.
Of course no Elvis collection would be complete without Suspicious Minds and that track is near the end of the track listing on the final side.
The release features the artwork from the original 2002 release and it’s a beautiful, high-quality gatefold. I mentioned earlier about the gold vinyl but what I’ve not commented on yet is the sound. The CD version was a little patchy given that the songs were all recorded at different times. It’s not as noticeable on the vinyl release and the quality is crystal clear. The warm crackle of vinyl adds to the overall feel too.
ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan. While he had plenty of great songs that aren’t featured here, this collection truly is the definitive one to own. There’s not a single bad song here and it’s lengthy enough to give you value for money. The whole vinyl package is fantastic and it looks as good as it sounds.
They don’t make artists like Elvis anymore and they probably never will again.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ GOLD Vinyl Double LP.


'ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits' is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan.

The Official 'A Boy From Tupelo' Vinyl album is still selling, while there are some interesting Public Domain Vinyl releases out in the UK including 'Jailhouse Rock' with 16 tracks even including 'Lonesome Cowboy'! Also the rather odd CD called 'Girls! Girls! Girls! + Loving You' with thirty tracks including Bonus tracks such as 'Is It So Strange' and even 'Good Luck Charm' out 29 October 2018 from Hoo Doo Records!





'68 Comeback Special - 50th-anniversary' deluxe box-set.

Priced at around US$150 and £95.40 in the UK.

Not cheap if you already own the DVDs and CD box-set but the Blu-Rays are still pretty tempting.

'68 Comeback Special - 50th-anniversary': More publicity out for the new box set.
... '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) is set for release on November 30 and includes five CDs of music plus two Blu-ray discs featuring video content.
After spending most of the decade in Hollywood making forgettable movies and mostly boring music to accompany those films, Presley staged a comeback in 1968 with a TV special that was simply called Elvis and aired on Dec. 3.
Part of that program featured Presley singing some of his old hits, as well as a few new songs, surrounded by a lavish, Hollywood-style backdrop. But another section of that show spotlighted Presley, decked out in black leather and armed with a guitar, sitting on a stool on a spare stage that also included guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana, two-thirds of the trio that catapulted Presley to fame in the mid '50s with their work on the Sun sessions and early RCA recordings.
That "sit-down" performance included raw takes of some of their best records, including "That's All Right" and "Heartbreak Hotel."
There were also scorching versions of "Baby, What You Want Me to Do" and "Lawdy, Miss Clawdy" that pretty much signalled Presley's return to rock 'n' roll.
The Comeback Special, as it was later called, opened the door to Presley's terrific Memphis records from 1969 and his renewed success in the '70s until his death in 1977.
The '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) collects all of the existing audio and video from the show plus rehearsals and sessions recorded with the Wrecking Crew.
The CD Track-listing is a previously noted by EIN - see below.
The book also features rare photos and memorabilia and full recording data
There is over 7.5 hours of footage across 2 newly mastered Blu-ray discs, overseen by Thom Zimny.

Blu-ray Disc 1:
- Elvis NBC TV Special originally broadcast on December 3, 1968
- Black Leather Sit-Down Show #1 - June 27, 1968
- Black Leather Sit-Down Show #2 - June 27, 1968
- Black Leather Stand-Up Show #1 - June 29, 1968
- Black Leather Stand-Up Show #2 - June 29, 1968


(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

Blu-ray Disc 2:
- Trouble/Guitar Man TV Show Opener - June 30, 1968 - All Takes and Raw Components
- If I Can Dream TV Show Closer - June 30, 1968 - All Takes
- Huh-Huh-Huh Promo - June 30, 1968
- Elvis Closing Credits Without Credit Roll - June 30, 1968
- If I Can Dream Special Music Video 2004 - June 30, 1968
- Gospel Production Number - All Takes and Raw Components
- Guitar Man Production Number - All Takes and Raw Components
- Blu-ray Special Feature Re-Cut

Bud Glass Elvis Super-Collector 2018 Interview: Bud Glass is the co-owner of The King’s Ransom Elvis Presley Museum and is a world authority on locating and authenticating rare Elvis Presley artifacts of all kinds. In the past he published the very popular series of  'ELVIS: Behind The Image' books and DVDs.
Not only does he own one of the largest collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia in the world, he is also an Elvis Presley historian, documentary producer as well as a consultant to major collectors.
Glass’ artifacts have been featured on multiple TV shows and he has even loaned artifacts to Graceland.
EIN heard that Bud Glass has recently started a new project - "Elvis Relics" - and we wanted to know more.
Go here as we discuss fake Elvis memorabilia, dodgy Elvis signatures, the death of Elvis' close friends, can one ever own enough “ELVIS  rarities” and much much more
EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions..

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis Presley: The Searcher' DVD Review: For fans of Elvis’ music there is no doubt that the HBO documentary “Elvis Presley The Searcher” was one of the best programmes ever made about Elvis and where his inspiration and music came from.

Fans were therefore pleased to know that the documentary would be released on DVD. The vision quality is excellent and it is a joy to slow-mo through some of the newly found clips and historical footage of Elvis.

However, how can such a fine documentary feel like such a let down as fans discover there are no DVD extras included that look deeper into Elvis' search?
EIN's Piers Beagley looks at the recent Australian DVD releases to find a good value-for-money documentary is also one of the biggest Elvis marketing failures in years and a disgrace.

Go here for the full review, a look at the "Questions & Answers" bonus material plus the special 20-page booklet. Is it really what Elvis fans wanted in this special DVD release?

(DVD Reviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

The Searcher DVD - OUT NOW

The standard versions are available from under US$18 and £14.99 in the UK.

'The Searcher Collector's Edition' costs $33 from Amazon USA.

(Book Review) The Comeback - Elvis and the Story of the 68 Special (Simon Goddard): The past two months have been a busy period regarding Elvis' legendary '68 Comeback Special. Marking its 50th anniversary, the Special was shown in cinemas and two new books were published, one by Steve Binder (Director/Producer of the Special) and the other by noted rock music analyst, Simon Goddard.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently took a few deep breaths and submerged himself in the Simon Goddard release.

Having previously read a number of the author's cerebrally challenging books, he was not surprised to find that Goddard's treatise on Elvis' legendary Comeback Special is one hell of an intellectively challenging and dizzy rollercoaster of a ride....... a journey most rewarding for those brave enough to go the distance.

Read Nigel's detailed review (Book Review, Source: EIN)

UPDATED - ‘Where No One Stands Alone’ In-Depth Review: It is forty years since Elvis Presley entered a recording studio and he seems very reluctant to record anything new. So in terms of releasing a "new" album of Elvis material the topic has always been a tricky one. After commercial failure of the last Elvis / RPO album that concept has been dropped in favour of an Andy Childs led “Re-Vamp” of some Elvis Gospel.
Recorded over fifty years ago there is no doubt that some of Elvis’ Gospel songs might benefit from some sensitive modern production. And, after all, there is an interesting selection of tracks to work with. Not only that, but Lisa Marie was also involved in the recording.
So can a new ‘Re-Vamp’ of Elvis Gospel really work and can we recommend it to Elvis collectors?
Click here as EIN's Piers Beagley and Bryan Gruszka are back again to cause "Double-trouble" and supply a very detailed review, discovering what's good and bad...
And HAVE YOUR SAY - what do you think of the new album? Are we wrong in our opinions?
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)
MORE UPDATES with YOUR FEEDBACK - Our review certainly has stimulated great debate with comments from "The two of you haven’t a clue!" to "A great, sobering review" - Now updated with even more of your comments - go here to check out the full review and send EIN YOUR THOUGHTS

(Book Review) The Elvis Experience (Dave Hebler): As a member of Elvis' Memphis Mafia, Dave Hebler was part of Elvis' inner sanctum at least until his acromonious sacking, along with Red West and Sonny West, in 1976, and the subsequent publication of the infamous book, Elvis What Happened?.

Over the years, Dave, Red and Sonny West reclaimed respect in the Elvis world, at least with many fans, if not the Presley family and EPE.

Dave Hebler's new book was released during Elvis Week 2018.

The Elvis Experience has a 'fan friendly' feel to it. There are many amusing and fun stories and the author does not shy away from discussing at least some of the not so positive aspects of his experience working for Elvis.

To find out more about "The Elvis Experience" you can read Nigel Patterson's in-depth review here.

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

EIN founding President, Nigel Patterson, interviewed by Pop Music Research Blog Spot: EIN recently interviewed Dr Mark Duffett and reviewed his excellent book, Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Songs.

Due to Nigel's keen interest in "Elvis world" history and the socio-cultural aspects of the Elvis legend, Dr Duffett decided to "turn the tables" and interview Nigel for his insightful pop music research blog.

In a three-part interview Nigel discusses a wide range of topics including:

  • what the Elvis world was like in the 1970s;
  • the most important "landmarks" (changes) in the Elvis world since August 1977;
  • answers the question: "Do Elvis fans have a shared, collective ethics or morality?";
  • Elvis' unfairly maligned film canon;
  • Elvis as a socio-cultural force;
  • an attempt to establish a national fan club in Australia in the late 1990s;
  • the issues that most divide Elvis fans;
  • the biggest myths that still persist about Elvis;
  • what Elvis' interests in reading say about him as a person;
  • have those closest to Elvis been straight with fans about what he was really like; and
  • a lot more......

Read part 1 of the interview

Pop Research Links . . .


... some of the best in popular music research compiled by Dr Mark Duffett


an interview with EIN's Nigel Patterson


Documentary 'The King' set for DVD and Blu-ray release: Eugene Jerecki's 'road trip' across America in Elvis' Rolls Royce Phantom V will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 2 October in the US.

The film suggests that America, like Elvis, has squandered its potential and betrayed the promise of its glorious beginning. As Harlem rapper Immortal Technique tells Jarecki in the film: "If Elvis is your metaphor for America, we're about to O.D."

Jarecki's "The King" is essentially a filmed essay, with musical interludes and commentary provided by guest artists (Emmylou Harris, Chuck D), journalists (Dan Rather) and celebrities (a seemingly irrelevant but quite eloquent Mike Myers), many of whom discuss Elvis and America from the back seat of the large luxury car, purchased at auction for the production. (Entering the Rolls in Nashville, musician John Hiatt breaks into tears, struck by how "trapped" Elvis must have felt.) News, Source: EIN/Amazon)

Dave Hebler Interview Update with EIN: Dave Hebler is best known to Elvis Presley fans as being part of the Memphis Mafia and Elvis’ bodyguard in the mid-seventies. As an integral part of Elvis’ personal and professional life, Hebler’s primary responsibility was the personal safety of Elvis at home as well as at recording sessions, personal appearances, concert tours and various recreations.
After our April interview with Dave Hebler he has completed his new book 'The Elvis Experience' which is now available through Amazon. (see below)

EIN's Piers Beagley wanted to find out more about the book - released just in time for Elvis Week - and giving Hebler a chance to answer a few EIN readers questions..

Go here for EIN's exclusive catch-up with Dave Hebler including some cool photos..
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

. .

For all 'The SEARCHER' News and Reviews go to EIN's spotlight on 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'

UPDATED - Elvis Presley: The Searcher (HBO film review): EIN's Nigel Patterson takes an in-depth look at Thom Zimny's documentary film about Elvis and his music.

What Nigel finds will surprise many fans. Discover what's The Good and The Bad about this new documentary looking at Elvis' music.

Is the film a masterpiece (the definitive Elvis documentary), over-rated or somewhere in the middle?


Read Nigel's review here

(Film Review, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - EIN review ‘Elvis: The Searcher’ Deluxe CD boxset: If your main interest in Elvis is his music then HBO’s ‘Elvis: The Searcher’ will probably become your favourite documentary ever produced about our hero.
The companion 3-CD deluxe edition box set offers an expanded 55-track overview of Elvis’ career as heard in the film including familiar hit recordings, powerful vocal performances and rare outtakes plus a bonus disc of additional recordings relevant to the film - including several early singles that inspired Elvis.
Thom Zimny said, "To live with the music of The Searcher over a period of years was more than a privilege. It changed my thinking about the emotional life of songs, both for those who make them and those who listen to them."
While keen Elvis fans may already own all the chosen songs Director Thom Zimny's selection is so eclectic that there is still plenty to enjoy and discover. But does the box-set really work without having seen the film?
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley provides an indepth review and investigates how the new box-set works compared with the HBO documentary.... Now updated with YOUR Comments
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

(Book Review) Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Songs (Mark Duffett): Given Elvis recorded around 700 songs during his lifetime, compiling a list of his 100 finest recordings is no mean feat.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in Mark Duffett's latest book and found a wonderfully woven narrative full of intriguing analysis and musical surprises as it counted down to #1 and then offered 100 more.

For lovers of Elvis' music this is an essential read.

Read Nigel's detailed review

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

'ELVIS ON TOUR - 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' IN-Depth Review: Amiga International's long awaited LIMITED-EDITION boxset featuring 9-CD’s, all remastered, of all known recordings made for the Golden Globe Award-winning concert documentary ELVIS ON TOUR is OUT NOW. It includes the premiere of the complete rehearsal recorded in Buffalo, NY on April 5, 1972, with three previously unreleased performances.
The 13-inch boxset also includes a huge 128-page hardcover book containing detailed essays of the entire April 1972 tour with RARE AND UNPUBLISHED photographs and related memorabilia.

When considering the lack of attention paid to this concert documentary, it seems a shame that so few official releases have emerged. It is for this reason that AMIGA International presents this deluxe package to honor the excellent recordings made for the much neglected "Elvis On Tour" film.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley supplies a 5,000 word indepth review - includes stunning photos and discovers that this AMIGA 'On Tour' box-set is the BEST deluxe Elvis release since the 2012 FTD 'Boy From Tupelo'

Includes plenty of example photos demonstrating the massive size of this deluxe coffee-table book.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

FTD will NOT end in 2019:  A fair number of uninformed supposed Elvis "insiders" (even some Fan Club Presidents) have been publishing fictional stories that the FTD label is planning to close in 2019.
Ernst Jorgensen had strongly denied this story stating, that FTD has plans to continue for the foreseeable future.
In an interesting interview about 'The Future of FTD' - with Trevor Cajiao in the recent ETM&HM magazine - Ernst Jorgensen's main points were....
1. FTD will not be closing in 2019
2. The 'Classic Albums" series is nearly complete but there are more to come, noting 'Aloha' and 'Madison Square Garden' are still to be done.
3. Expanded "complete session tapes" releases are being considered
4. Plenty more soundboards to come
To read the complete story including answers about FTD deletions and other future ideas please read the December issue of ETM&HM.
For what's left for FTD check out our detailed listing
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED - Trying To Get To You: The Truth Behind The Elvis And Roy Orbison Show Rumours: For decades there has always been an unsubstantiated rumour that Elvis Presley appeared as a guest on Roy Orbison's TV show on the local station KOSA.
The Roy Orbison website notes that both Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley performed on Roy’s TV show in late 1955.
Respected author Colin Escott wrote in his book Good Rockin’ Tonight about a kinescope of Elvis on the Roy Orbison TV show actually existing.
Some keen Elvis fans have said that they have seen this very kinescope at Elvis Week shows back in the 80s.
But like infamous Pied Piper of Cleveland does this footage really exist and is there any real proof that Elvis did appear on the Roy Orbison TV show?
Shane Brown (author of Reconsider Baby: Elvis: A Listener's Guide) has done an immense amount of investigation and thinks he has found the answer.

Go here as EIN contributor & author Shane Brown investigates and checks the facts and the fantasy.
(Spotlight; Source;SBrown/ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis:The Last Movies' FTD in-depth Review: Charro!, The trouble with girls, Change Of Habit, finally Elvis’ last soundtrack recordings are brought together in a cohesive release that works as a companion set for the FTD 7” Classic Album series.
“The Last Movies” contains outtakes and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia and photos.
In this period Elvis' voice had matured and the sound of ‘68/’69 was a great musical turning point for Elvis with the NBC TV special and the Memphis sessions. While some of the movie compositions were not as good as he deserved, with Elvis sounding vocally great at this time what does this new Classic Soundtrack have to offer?
The one disc contains previously unreleased material, including "rough mixes" and also multiple outtakes from 'The Trouble With Girls' 'Almost' session.
EIN contributor Ian Garfield checks out this new FTD Classic soundtrack album release....
(FTD Reviews, Source;IanGarfield/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) - Exposing the Amazon Elvis Book Rip-Off?: From RCA to Sony Elvis' back catalog has long been exploited at the expense of his legacy. The same thing is now happening regarding Elvis book releases!

Through clever marketing, including the use of different (but suspicious) author names and different book titles for releases which are essentially identical; short and long book editions; and coupling the Elvis story with that of other celebrities, a glut of Elvis related book titles (with repetitive text) only available from Amazon are blatantly misleading fans.

Read EIN's findings in our "exclusive" investigative report

(Spotlight, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - 'ELVIS: That's The Way It Was & This Is How It Is Today': Elvis is no longer with us but his spirit lives forever. Elvis fans always discover something quite magical when they get the chance to “Walk-a-mile-in-his-shoes”. Graceland, when not overrun by crowds, feels very special indeed. Standing in the quiet you can almost feel the spirit of Elvis still inhabiting his home. The feeling in Memphis’ Sun Studios can bring fans to tears.
One of the places that Elvis spent a large part of his life is the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel – now the Westgate. Elvis performed a stunning 636 concerts in the Hilton showroom and the impact of his incredible legacy can still be felt. - NOW with more great Hilton photos - plus EIN Readers Feedback.
Arjan Deelen recently returned to the classic hotel to investigate “Elvis Hotspots” and discovered that behind the showroom stage it is relatively unchanged.
(Spotlight, Source;ArjanDeelen/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Book Review "Reconsider Baby: Elvis: A Listener's Guide": Elvis Presley made over 700 recordings during his life. This book by author Shane Brown examines all of them. Session by session, song by song, Reconsider Baby takes the reader on a journey from Elvis’s first recordings in 1953 through to his last performances in 1977.
This significantly expanded and revised edition of 2014’s Elvis Presley: A Listener’s Guide provides a commentary on Elvis’s vast and varied body of work, while also examining in detail how Elvis and his recordings and performances were discussed in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications from the 1950s through to the 1970s.
The text draws on over 500 contemporary articles and reviews, telling for the first time the story of how Elvis and his career played out in the printed media, and often forcing us to question our understanding of how Elvis’s work was received at the time of release.

Can another detailed examination into Elvis' musical legacy really be worth buying? (Hint, the answer is a big YES!)
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley reviews the newly expanded look into Elvis' musical legacy, including some choice book extracts...

(Book Reviews, Source,ElvisInformationNetwork)

Mindi Miller Interview with EIN: Mindi Miller was a working actress when she met Elvis in early 1975. She was interested in karate (she performed all her own movie stunts), exploring spirituality and the Bible and so they had a lot in common.
Mindi Miller and Elvis bonded over their common interests and soon afterwards he asked her to go on tour with him in April 1975.
She stayed friends with Elvis through the years - along with members of the 'Memphis Mafia' - and attended his funeral.

EIN's Sanja Meegin recently caught up with Mindi Miller to talk about her close friendship with Elvis over the years.
In this fascinating interview she discusses. . .
- Her first night with Elvis
- How Elvis persuaded her to cancel her overseas movie & modelling plans
- Their mutual interest in Karate
- Graceland and meeting Lisa Marie
- Attending Elvis' funeral 
. . . and much much more...
Go here for EIN's Sanja Meegin and her intimate and detailed discussion with the delightful Mindi Miller - Now with Reader Feedback.

(Interviews, Source;SMeegin/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Official Elvis CD Box-sets at bargain prices through Amazon UK

'Marty Lacker: A Life Well-Lived' & Elvis at American Studio's Interview: It was with immense sadness that last month EIN had to report on the death of our great friend - and a true friend to Elvis - Marty Lacker. We will miss him dearly.
Marty is well-known as one of the key members of the Memphis Mafia and also co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. He was known for both his honesty and being forthright with his opinions. He was the only member of the Memphis Mafia who still watched and commented on recent Elvis News. He had no issue with holding people to account (especially ones who would inflate their importance within Elvis' legacy) and would regularly ask EIN to add his comments or to correct any inaccuracy.
Elvis fans often ask about Marty Lacker's background, how he came to meet Elvis, as well as his involvement in the music industry outside of working for The King.
As a prelude to Ken Sharp's fascinating interview with Marty Lacker and a discussion about Elvis' famous American Studio' Memphis sessions, EIN presents "Marty Lacker: a life well-lived" in which Marty tells of his life in the music industry, his friendship with Elvis along with his dislike of the over-controlling Col Parker.
Go here to learn all you need to know about Marty Lacker as well as Elvis outstanding Memphis American Sound sessions in 1969.
(Spotlight; Source,KenSharp/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Marty Lacker RIP : Sadly Marty will no longer be able to answer all your those fascinating questions, but his honesty and openess should not be forgotten.

- Chips Moman (RIP) later thoughts on Elvis
- Being a consultant on 1979 "ELVIS" movie.
- The demonstrations in Memphis this Elvis Week.
- Felton Jarvis as Elvis' Executive Album Producer.
- The Jungle Room sessions
- Elvis might have some illegitimate children
- Why did Elvis never travel to holiday in Europe,
- Is David Stanley, Holy Priest of truth, OR a liar

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' to remember the great man.

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

'The World of FTD' In-Depth Review: The new deluxe book 'The World Of FTD' has been received by some lucky fans and Elvis collector Mike Lodge has provided EIN with a very detailed review - of well over 3 thousand words!

The book was authored and designed by Keith Flynn with input from a large number of other Elvis specialists including EIN's Piers Beagley, EM&HM's Trevor Cajiao, Geoffrey McDonnell, Gordon Minto and many others.
It is 1,200 pages, hardbound three book set, chronicling every release by FTD.The book also features 100s of high-quality photos from the collection Erik Lorentzen
KJ Consulting are proud to publish this Box Set which weighs 8 kilos.

Unfortunately the book has not arrived in Australia yet so I have not seen the final product!
Go here to see his very detailed review - plus more new preview pages - EIN thanks Mike Lodge for the review
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Book Review: A Little Thing Called Life: Finally, Linda Thompson's memoir has been published.....and it has been well worth the wait! Linda's life, not only with Elvis, but with two other global icons and her own amazing career is an engrossing and revealing read.

Inside its nearly 400 pages Linda reveals her life as an individual, as a mother and as a partner. We learn of the similarities and differences between the three.

Alternating between the light, dark and shades of life in between, A Little Thing Called Life is an honest and intimate account of the incredible life of an amazing woman, from the three men who shared her life and her family to the highly successful and varied career that she continues to enjoy. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review

UPDATED - 'Way Down In The Jungle Room' EIN Review:  Released for August 2016 this SONY Legacy pack celebrates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ last recording sessions which took place in Graceland’s Jungle Room.
The publicity noted the sessions “have been newly mixed by Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording” and “includes both outtakes and in-the-studio dialog, providing a ‘fly-on-the-wall experience’ of what the sessions were like".
Elvis' original 76/77 albums were fairly uninspired collections (bar a few fine singles) and on the original LPs it was almost impossible to glimpse any sign of creative input from Elvis through the syrupy overdubs. It wasn't until the release of FTD’s magnificent ‘The Jungle Room Sessions’ that many fans began to understand the raw emotion, close camaraderie and Elvis’ personal feelings that were revealed by these intimate Graceland sessions.
To produce that same kind of revelation for the 'General Public' would be a very tricky project but that is exactly what the new legacy team has done - and to great effect.
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley discovers the old Elvis magic and what is special for Elvis Collectors in our in-depth review
Now Updated & Expanded with Your Comments - James Burton talks about the Jungle Room sessions & more
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)
- - .

In Australia - buy this great release for only $23 at JBHiFi click here . delivery only $1.70!

Please Do Not be ripped off by other Australian Elvis shops.

UPDATED - Paul Dowling EIN Interview Part Three: Paul Dowling is without doubt one of the major names in the Elvis World. He started collecting and selling Elvis vinyl over 40 years ago and has one of the world's largest Elvis Presley record collections. He started his "WorldWide Elvis" shop back in the seventies, way before the internet, where fans could get hold of rare Elvis records and memorabilia.
With such a fascination with Elvis, Dowling not only became a big name in the early years of Elvis bootlegs but later became friends with Ernst Jorgensen and helped RCA with various official releases.
In the final part of our fascinating interview Paul Dowling discusses ....
- Dodging the FBI agents that were sent after him
- Unreleased Elvis material that still hasn’t come out
- Why does Ernst Jorgensen doubt this claims
- His BMG project 'For The First Time Ever' - what happened
- The true story of obtaining the Million Dollar Quartet tape
- His thoughts on Paul Lichter, Sean Saver, Sherif Hanna, Rex Martin
- Spending time with Alan Fortas
- Jim Curtin, newly added story 
Go here - Don’t Miss Part Three of our exclusive EIN interview - an essential read for Elvis collectors.
(Interviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)


'Elvis Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash FTD Book Review: Focusing on Elvis in late 1970 and early 1971, "Elvis Presley Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash" is the new FTD Book/CD combo by Flaming Star/FTD.
Produced by David English, Pål Granlund and Paul Richardson, this book presents a detailed chronicle of Elvis’ personal life and public career between the autumn of 1970 and the early weeks of 1971.
It is a hardcover, large-format book with 450 pages that offer detailed coverage of Elvis’ life and career over the important four months from October 1970 to January 1971.
The publicity promised hundreds of photographs, many of them candid and previously unpublished and new and exclusive interviews.
It also comes with a bonus CD with unreleased versions of studio-tracks plus Elvis’ concert in Portland, Oregon on Nov 11th 1970.

Can it really be as good as promised? EIN's Piers Beagley investigates and discovers plenty .. Go here to our indepth review featuring plenty of extracts and wonderful photographs.
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Ultimate Elvis' New Electronic Edition: Announced by Elvis sessions expert Keith Flynn for publication November 1 is the brand new concept of the 1750 page super-deluxe Elvis sessions book 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition.
This incredible three volume book will now be available as an e-book on an i-pad or android tablet.
- Created in HTML5
Fully updated e-books will open in any web browser on any operating system, so no need for separate downloads for different operating systems.
- Life-Like 'Flipping' Pages
Flip through pages as if you are reading an actual book, but also being able to zoom-in to view smaller images and captions.
- View as Double or Single pages
View as double pages on a computer or laptop etc, and single pages when viewing in portrait on an i-pad or Android tablet.
- Fully Navigational Table Of Contents
Jump back and forth to the sections of the books you want to read, instead of flipping through numerous pages to find what you want.
PRICED AT - all 3 Volumes for £60 = US$93
On sale from November 1st 2015.
Try Before You Buy - Download free zip-file containing 27 pages from Volume 1, before you decide to buy the complete set. - NOTE - These books are MASSIVE so you will need approximately 1GB of spare disc space for these three volumes, - Click HERE to Keith Flynn's 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition to try.
Go HERE to EIN's independent review of 'Ultimate Elvis'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Did Elvis Record 'Tiger Man' At Sun?: A question that has puzzled Elvis fans through the years is whether he actually recorded the song ‘Tiger Man’ during his years at SUN studios.
The basic question is why did Elvis refer to 'Tiger man' several times in concert as “The second song that I ever recorded, not too many people heard it”?
And if Elvis DID record it, then why hasn’t any reference to it at SUN or proof of its existence been found?
Elvis would first perform ‘Tiger Man’ in concert at his first 1969 Las Vegas International season and would continue playing it through the years – usually in a medley with Mystery Train - until his last performance at Saginaw on May 3 1977. He would sing it over 150 times on stage!
The thought that there might be an acetate or undiscovered tape of Elvis at SUN singing ‘Tiger Man’ is a mouth-watering concept - but is it an unlikely fantasy or strong possibility?
Go here to our detailed 'TIGER MAN' spotlight as EIN's Piers Beagley puts in the hard yards to check the facts from the fantasy .
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

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The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.

EIN also has a local Australian national Elvis Fan Club for paid up members featuring quarterly newsletters and an annual EIN Elvis Mega Quiz with special prizes.
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