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Coming soon to EIN: Interview: William Ronan (author of Psychological Autopsy of Elvis Presley); Book Review: Letters from Elvis (Gary Lindberg), Interview: BBC's Matt Shepherd talks about his new book 'Elvis Behind The Songs'
Friday 30 November

'Elvis Presley: The Searcher' DVD Review: For fans of Elvis’ music there is no doubt that the HBO documentary “Elvis Presley The Searcher” was one of the best programmes ever made about Elvis and where his inspiration and music came from.

Fans were therefore pleased to know that the documentary would be released on DVD. The vision quality is excellent and it is a joy to slow-mo through some of the newly found clips and historical footage of Elvis.

However, how can such a fine documentary feel like such a let down as fans discover there are no DVD extras included that look deeper into Elvis' search?
EIN's Piers Beagley looks at the recent Australian DVD releases to find a good value-for-money documentary is also one of the biggest Elvis marketing failures in years and a disgrace.

Go here for the full review, a look at the "Questions & Answers" bonus material plus the special 20-page booklet. Is it really what Elvis fans wanted in this special DVD release?

(DVD Reviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis: The Searcher - Additional Stories' Spotlight: Like all too many serious Elvis fans Dennis Laverty felt let-down by the lack of seventies content in the HBO 'Elvis The Searcher' documentary. Luckily for us he has produced a lovely documentary "Elvis Presley: The Searcher - Additional Stories Not in the Original Film" that anyone can view on Vimeo.
He writes, "I really enjoyed The Searcher documentary, but after watching I wished they would have made it 4 hours. The 1950's skipped what pushed Elvis over-the-top when he appeared on TV, two of his best films and soundtracks (Loving You & Jailhouse Rock), and the backlash he took with his rock and roll Christmas Album. The 1960s unfortunately glossed over American Sound, especially Elvis taking a risk with 'In The Ghetto'.
The 1970s disappointed when nothing was discussed about Elvis' only concept album (Elvis Country), nor 'He Touched Me' (they could have included unreleased Elvis on Tour footage of gospel segment) and finally with David Porter one of the Execs of the film from Stax Records that nothing was discussed about Elvis' returning to Memphis and STAX to record three key albums.
My goal was just to highlight those stories in some way.
Obviously I don't have access to the Elvis archives at Graceland, but I hope you enjoy.
The following are 10 segments that I thought could have fit into the film.
... EIN totally agrees and thoroughly recommends this 37 minute video.
This is the type of material that should have been in the DVD Extras     
CLICK HERE to VIMEO to watch
EIN thanks Dennis Laverty for his input.
(Spotlight, Source;Dennis Laverty/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis finally gets the documentary he deserves: With lesser expectations, the newspaper The Irish Sun has chosen the Elvis documentary 'The Searcher' as one of its top new DVDs.
The review by Clive Andrews notes... Elvis Presley He may be the King of Rock 'n' Roll but, amazingly, there has never been a definitive documentary about Elvis Presley.
The Searcher is an attempt to plug that Blue Suede Shoe-sized gap with the help of hours of unseen footage from the Graceland vaults.
It's an epic three-and-a-half hour sweep through the icon's life told by a starry line-up of commentators including Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and ex-wife Priscilla.
The focus is kept firmly on Elvis's music and cultural impact - so anyone hoping for the usual pill-popping,
junk-food-scoffing cliches will have to look elsewhere.
But what emerges is a lovingly curated study that strips away the lardy jumpsuited caricature to show a prodigiously talented performer struggling to cope with unprecedented levels of fame.
More than 40 years after his death, Elvis has finally got the documentary he deserves.

4 out of 5 stars - ★★★★☆
(News, Source;IrishSun/ElvisInfoNet)

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Celebrates 50th Anniv of Elvis 'Comeback Special': On Dec. 3, 1968, Elvis Presley performed live on TV for the first time in years. The nationally broadcast concert came to be known as the ’68 Comeback Special, and it effectively relaunched the King of Rock’s career. To mark the event's fiftieth anniversary, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, will host a series of special events this weekend and on Monday.
Throughout the weekend, the Foster Theater will feature special highlight reels featuring archival footage about Elvis from the Rock Hall’s vault.
At 1 p.m. on Sunday and at 11 a.m. on Monday, a Stories of Rock presentation held by Rock Hall experts will take place at the Elvis Presley exhibit in the Main Exhibition Hall.
You can learn about his "trendsetting innovations" and compete to win prizes.
Steve Binder, who directed the TV special, will appear at the Rock Hall at 2 p.m. on Sunday for a special screening of the program.
He’ll also participate in a Q&A and sign copies of his book, Comeback '68/Elvis: The Story of the Elvis Special.
A general admission ticket to the museum is required to access the interview and special film screening.
The ’68 Comeback Special (film only) will also be shown at 2 p.m. on Monday.
Click here to the R'n'R Hall Of Fame for info
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Donald Trump claims people said he looked like Elvis: Elvis has been getting more Presidential media reporting than since the story broke about him visiting President Nixon back in 1970!
And things are getting All Shook Up like a man in a fuzzy tree. Visiting Tupelo, Mississippi, President Trump took the opportunity of visiting Presley’s birthplace as an excuse to recall a questionable anecdote.
The President’s latest claim, “Other than the blonde hair, when I was growing up they said I looked like Elvis… I always considered that a great compliment. We love Elvis.”
Video footage of Trump making the Elvis comparison – which drew plenty of laughs – while addressing a rally of his supporters in Tupelo is now online.
Earlier this month, Presley was posthumously awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom by Trump.
The White House explained that Presley had been chosen to receive the award because he “defined American culture to billions of adoring fans around the world. Fusing gospel, country, and rhythm and blues, he created a sound all his own.”
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 28 November

'68 Comeback Special' (50 Anniv) Australian Deal:  The upcoming 'Elvis: '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniv)' out later this week is being offered at a great price of $151.41 from Amazon Australia and includes free postage..
The 7-Disc definitive box set chronicles the pivotal NBC-TV '68 special called Elvis and takes you behind the scenes in audio and remastered 4:3 Blu-ray video
Contains ALL KNOWN recordings/rehearsals from the RCA vaults and from original NBC-TV videotapes
80-page book includes a new, oral history on the special, crafted from interviews with producer Steve Binder, recording engineer Bones Howe, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Priscilla Presley, Emmylou Harris, Scotty Moore conducted for Thom Zimny's 2018 documentary, "Elvis Presley: The Searcher." 

The book also features rare photos and memorabilia and full recording data..

Over 7.5 hours of footage across 2 newly mastered Blu-ray discs, overseen by Thom Zimny.
Other Australian prices for the deluxe boxset are JBHiFi at $200, Sanity at $215 and Elvis Australia for $180 but none including free postage.
Thanks to EIN member Bob Poole for the info
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'From Cover to Vinyl – The Artistry of Elvis Bootlegs' Out Now: The new book 'From Cover to Vinyl – The Artistry of Elvis Bootlegs' which focusses on photographs and details of the original vinyl bootlegs is out now and soon to be shipped.
Using the 2012 classic 'Bootleg Elvis' book as a reference point, we decided to feature scans of every cover, label, piece of vinyl and inserts for dedicated Elvis collectors.
This will make it easy to identify each and every pressing and variation.
We also decided to split the original book into two volumes. In the first, every known bootleg 7" and 10" record will be noted. The
second will cover all the wonderful 12" releases and is scheduled for a Summer 2019 release.
 In 'Bootleg Elvis' some of the original bootleggers were given space to recount the ins and outs of making their releases a reality.
This time we allow the FBI some equal time, and let you see their side of the story. We were able to lay our hands on a massive
collection of FBI files regarding the Presley bootleg industry, and will share the best of that material, for the first time ever, in this book.
For example, in the first volume we’ll show how the FBI prepared for the infamous August 14, 1980 bootleg raid in Memphis …
it soon became known as Black Thursday.
Contact your local Elvis dealer to ensure your copy of this very limited release!
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'The Elvis Years' Anthem Magazine series: From Anthem publishing (Vintage Rock) 'The Elvis Years' is a three-volume collection that follows the life and career of Elvis Presley from the hip-swinging days of early rock'n'roll through to his final days spent within the confines of Graceland. In each volume of The Elvis Years we take a look at Presley's life and music as he went from the Sun Records upstart that pioneered the rockabilly sound to Hollywood's main attraction and to his iconic days from the 68 Comeback Special to life as a superstar of the 70s.
In this series we explore the high points of Elvis's musical output across the years, we profile his vital collaborators and sidemen, and we shed light on some of the lesser-known tracks in his discography via an alternative Top 20 for each era.
Volume 2 is in Australia Newsagents now.
Volume 3 is out in good UK book stores.
Click here to Anthem publishing UK for more info and to order.
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Tupelo Mayor Reflects On Elvis Medal Of Freedom: The music of Tupelo’s most famous son Elvis Presley filled the White House as President Donald Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the singer.
The posthumous award recognized Elvis for contributions he made to the United States and was presented at a ceremony last Friday.
Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton attended the ceremony representing Elvis Presley’s hometown.
“Such a tremendous honor and I was proud to be able, as mayor of Tupelo to be there at the White House on such a special occasion. That was a special moment and something Elvis fans all around the world can celebrate,” Mayor Shelton said.
Others receiving the award were Babe Ruth, and former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Roger Staubach.

(News, Source;WCBI/ElvisInfoNet)

'From The Army Reels' - 45rpm Vinyl set: Yet more versions to collect of the recently discovered Elvis Bad Nauheim home-recordings.
This time as 5x 45rpm EPs + 1 CD in deluxe box set.
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the VIK label a special very limited edition 45 RPM box set is released.
The boxset contains 5 x 45RPM / EP releases with beautiful designed sleeves & a CD containing the tracks from the vinyl. Many tracks are presented here for the first time on vinyl. Especially for this release VIK made an edit of "cool water" as it was basically not suitable for release in its original form. This beautiful set also contains a 12 page booklet.
The set is available in GREEN or PINK vinyl. The 45's are suitable for jukeboxes! Get it while you can!
(If only EIN owned a jukebox!)
Go to 'Elvis- All The CD News 2018' for details
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'Holding Back The Years'  Double-Vinyl: More vinyl for collectors - a 2 LP set of DAE's 'Holding Back The Years' featuring Elvis in 1976.
The first three titles: Here I Go Again, Old Times They Are Not Forgotten & Let Me Take You Home were a complete sell out and were well received by vinyl collectors. Now Holding Back The Years is available on this deluxe double vinyl album. It contains the March 21, 1976 performance. And it's a beauty! And of course the show is included on cd too.  The show is remastered and updated in the best way possible!
This release is very limited and is available in red or blue vinyl presented in a gatefold sleeve.
Get it while you can and add this awesome DAE product to your collection.
Go to 'Elvis- All The CD News 2018' for full details
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Monday 26 November
'What Now My Love' FTD in-depth Review: The most recent live soundboard FTD 5” double-digipack release, this set features Elvis in great form from his legendary Vegas shows in August 1972 at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas.
'What Now My Love' consists of the Midnight Shows on August 11 and 12 1972 . Between Madison Square Garden and Aloha From Hawaii, the Elvis Presley Show was at its peak!
Elvis is in top form with both new and old songs in his repertoire, and especially with the addition of 3 great new songs, “What Now My Love,” “Fever” and “My Way.” In an effort to find the right style for each arrangement, Elvis totally commits himself to each performance.
Both concerts have previously been out on bootleg so do Elvis collectors really need to purchase them all over again - (YES!)
Go here as Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell & EIN's Piers Beagley check out the details of this new FTD double-pack .....
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis Files Magazine #26 at the printers: Out soon is The Elvis Files Magazine #26 December 2018 issue.
No need to explain what it is all about ...
'Still The Greatest Show On Earth'

Can one ever have enough Comeback Special photos?
Subscriptions (4 issues) Send € 58 by PayPal for your subscription to: sales@elvisfiles.no

If you want to order only this issue, send € 15 by PayPal to:





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'Bumps Are Gone But He's Still King!' New Import CD: Wow this is one weird title as Elvis certainly was "bumpy" in 1976.
Nevertheless 'Bumps Are Gone But He's Still King!' is the new CD from the E. P. Collector label.
The Hartford, July 28th, 1976 show is previously unreleased in complete AUDIENCE recorded form. Audionics label released parts of this show taken from soundboard source (CD "Across The Country," 2005). Unfortunately, complete soundboard recording of this concert do not exist. July 28th, 1976 is longest and perhaps the best show from this particular tour. Among the concert highlights there are fantastic performances of ,,Jailhouse Rock“, „America“, „Polk Salad Annie“ and „Hurt“. There is one special moment too, when Elvis sing „Happy Birthday“, to Kitty Kahane, daughter of Elvis friend, comedian Jackie Kahane.
This show was restored with a great care with a focus on not changing the integrity of the original monaural recording. You may ask your supplier for samples. This CD is packaged in a nicely designed digipak with concert review and July 28, 1976 photos.
Go to 'Elvis- All The CD News 2018' for full details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 22 November
'​​Bruce Jackson On The Road With Elvis' New Book: Bruce Jackson was Elvis Presley's touring soundman for six years. On July 5, 1976, in Memphis at the end of a tour, Elvis gave Bruce a gold TCB necklace and welcomed him to the inner circle, adding that it was long overdue.
Bruce Jackson came from Sydney, Australia. In about 1971, when he was just 22, he became the sound engineer for Elvis Presley. Bruce revolutionised Elvis Presley's sound. He was the first person to put the speakers up off the ground, and fly them from scaffolding. After Elvis died in 1977 he then became Bruce Springsteen's front of house guy. A lot of the sound and techniques in common use today come from elements that Bruce Jackson developed.
'​​Bruce Jackson On The Road With Elvis' is a large format (240 X 315mm, 222 page) beautifully presented hardback book printed on premium, semi-matt art archive paper and comes in a custom made slipcase. This original story, with not only an account of a remarkable Australian's life but also a fresh, new insight into the life of Elvis Presley, will be welcomed by fans who may have thought everything on Elvis's life and career had already been said. Bruce Jackson On The Road With Elvis features many original, never-before-published photographs from the Jackson family collection.​
Raised in a castle overlooking Sydney Harbour, Bruce Jackson dropped out of university course in 1968 to build stroboscopes, amplifiers and colour-organs for the emerging psychedelic light show culture.
Little did he know that in just three years he'd be on the road managing Elvis Presley's sound and poised to change forever how live concert sound was presented. In six years with the Elvis Presley Show Bruce established a close professional and personal bond with Elvis who trusted him implicitly to deliver the best sound possible. Bruce's inventions and technical advances were adopted by the entire live concert touring industry.
"Bruce was killed flying his own plane in Death Valley, California in 2011. He was a keen collector of memorabilia and left a haunting day to day record of his life on the road in postcards, letters and talking tapes. I've used them plus interviews with his colleagues and my own experience as his younger brother to write a fitting tribute to both men. The book delivers an intimate, engaging narrative of Bruce's extraordinary life, up close with the world's top performer. After Elvis died, Elvis-fan Bruce Springsteen hired Bruce Jackson, saying "I've got Elvis's guy... Elvis's man is working for me in the house." - Gary Jackson
Years of work have gone into making this book a fitting tribute. Bruce's first person narrative and contributions by friends and colleagues plus the eye-witness perspective of his brother Gary come together for an extraordinary insight. This is, incredibly, a new look at Elvis by someone who worked with him in a professional relationship that evolved into a personal friendship.
Elvis came to respect Bruce Jackson as much as Bruce respected Elvis Presley.
Click HERE to the '​​Bruce Jackson On The Road With Elvis' Facebook page for all the details.
(News, Source;EM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis 68 Comeback Special BluRay Promo clips: Out next week on November 30th the new "Definitive" 50th Anniversary Box Set.
While the CD content will already be in most hard-core Elvis fan's collections many will be buying the set once again for the brand new "HD" quality 2 Blu-ray discs.

While fans have to remember that the original footage was all shot on regular NTSC 525 line standard definition, hopefully the Blu-Ray upgrade can make it shine like never before.
The newly-restored Blu-ray video was also overseen by Thom Zimny (producer of The Searcher HBO release)

Fans can check out the HD promo videos for the new set on YouTube.
"Elvis Presley – ’68 Comeback Special Promos " - Click HERE to YouTube

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's most famous live NBC TV performance 'The '68 Comeback Special.
Featured clips include
'Baby, What You Want Me To Do (Alternate Cut)'


'Tiger Man ('68 Comeback Special 50th Anniversary HD Remaster)'

(News, Source;Sony/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 20 November

(Book Review) Psychological Autopsy of Elvis Presley The Elvis Analysis: The Role of Suggestion in the Etiology of Psyhcosomatic Disorders (Willliam J. Ronan): Why did Elvis die? In a technically complex and thought provoking exploration of Elvis' death, William Ronan, Clinical Member of AAMH and American Psychotherapy Association Diplomat, presents his case for considering causative factors - principally how cumulative personal loss and its associated trauma led to Elvis' loneliness, depression and addiction, factors which affected his physical state and ultimately contributed to his death.

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review .....................(Book Review, Source: EIN)

Elvis was Not A Racist: The backlash from Trump's Presidential Medal of Freedom to Elvis has of course caused the usual negative criticism - including some rubbish about Elvis being racist.
EIN was trying to avoid this political negativity - it leads nowhere but anger, but the "racist" point has to be corrected.
The Press-Enterprise has reacted noting... But now the Trump-haters have gone too far. This time, they’ve gone after Elvis Presley. I’m not kidding.
On Friday, Trump awarded Elvis and six other Americans the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Two days earlier, the Washington Post’s music critic wrote that Trump was using the honor as a “cultural cudgel.”
“Trump is sending a message here, another…little nod to the good old days, back when black visionaries could invent rock-and-roll, but only a white man could become the king. Yes, this overture looks ugly to anyone who feels antagonism and regression radiating from Trump’s promise to ‘make America great again.’”
That musical history-by-Twitter by someone who ought to know better reminds me of a certain Oval Office politician — and it was unfair to the other honorees.
The recognition of Babe Ruth was long overdue. He not only changed the game of baseball forever, but was a crossover cultural icon – and

the rare white player of his generation who wasn’t afraid to compete with the best black ballplayers of the era.
As for Elvis, although a 50th anniversary of rock music in 2004 turned into a celebration of the king, he didn’t “invent” rock ’n’ roll any more than Abner Doubleday invented baseball. Unlike Doubleday, though, Elvis was there for the founding, and knew better than most how much the new form was influenced by rhythm and blues, gospel music, and the mountain fiddling tunes of Appalachia.
Assessing the varied roots of RocknRoll, Little Richard once explained, “The blues had an illegitimate baby and we named it rock-and-roll.” New York Times' Jack Newfield called that description “a fair and clever summary of what happened between 1949 and 1954, when black and white musical traditions cross-educated each other.”
(News, Source;PE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis was not a Racist'- A Spotlight Revisited: Back in 2005 EIN's Piers Beagley wrote an in-depth look at Elvis' background & cultural influences, discovering a man that not only helped the local black community but who was also key figure in the racial integration of popular music. As James Brown said, "I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There’ll never be another like that soul brother" and Muhammad Ali, "Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you'd want to know."
Back in 2012 EIN's good friend Bernard Tanner, Jr. sent us a wonderful letter explaining his reaction when faced with young adults in his hometown of Altanta Georgia accusing Elvis of being a racist. He says.. "My refusal to back down against their impassioned but wrong-headed and false accusations of Presley's race bigotry shocked them.... .. And (often) lost in these arguments is the fact that Elvis was supernally

gifted as a performer and as a vocalist. And that he marshaled those rare gifts to the African-American cultural and musical construct and helped to give those musical idioms, not only a much wider acceptability, respect and legitimacy - but supernally so!
With the recent media backlash please CLICK HERE to see this excellent article re-visited.
(Spotlight Article, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)


Don't forget that EIN's Elvis Facebook page regularly features fabulous RARE newly discovered photos of Elvis.

This week celebrated our 25,000 members! - including several of Elvis' own friends and colleagues

So Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs.

Now with over thousands of great photos, News and with more added every day – including YouTube footage.


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Larry Geller releases new holistic hair care system: Elvis' hairdresser and spiritual adviser, Larry Geller, has a new website and hair care range. The home page starts with an intriguing question:

What do Salvador Dali, Roy Orbison, Peter Sellers, and Elvis Presley have in common? - Fascinatingly the answer is Larry Geller!

Larry says: Please visit www.wisdomeorganics.com to see what I'm up to, and be sure to download my free e-book "Healthy Life, Great Looks, Healthy Hair!"


(News, Source: Larry Geller)

Larry Geller in-depth interviews with EIN: From 1964 until the very final days Larry Geller was a close friend to Elvis. Perhaps Elvis might have lived longer had he paid more attention to Geller's healthy life-style and managed to shake off the excessive demands of Colonel Parker. With the 30th Anniversary fast approaching Larry was kind enough to answer a lot of questions that fans have raised with EIN and to also tell us something about his new book. Larry Geller has always been generous with his interviews - so EIN extends its sincere thanks to him for sparing us the time for these interviews. (Source: EIN, June 2007)

Upcoming book release - Elvis in Vegas (Richard Zoglin): This new release is scheduled for publication in July 2019.

Given the pedigree of its author it is likely to be one of the major Elvis book releases of 2019.

Richard Zoglin is a contributing editor and theater critic for Time magazine.

His book Comedy at the Edge: How Stand-up in the 1970s Changed America (2009) is considered the definitive history of that seminal era in stand-up comedy. Also critically acclaimed is his biography on Bob Hope: Hope: Entertainer of the Century (2014).

Elvis in Vegas is being published by Simon & Schuster and will initially be a hardcover with 320 pages. ISBN 9781501151194

(News, Source: Book Depository/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 17 November
Elvis Awarded the Medal of Freedom: President Donald Trump yesterday awarded Elvis Presley posthumously with the Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honour.
Elvis' velvety voice actually filled the White House briefly when a recording of one his songs was played at a ceremony hosted by the president to honour the king of rock 'n roll.
Presley was part of an eclectic group of seven Americans being awarded the Medal of Freedom, including the late baseball legend Babe Ruth and Antonin Scalia, the conservative Supreme Court justice
Mr Trump's homage to Presley - whose meeting with President Richard Nixon at the White House in 1970  is the stuff of legend - paused for a recording of Elvis singing his classic version of 'How Great Thou Art'.
Mr Trump said that playing music was his idea but when the richly toned performance stopped after just a few seconds, the disappointed president complained that staff organising the event "have no promotional ability."
Mr Trump also recalled that he had attended an Elvis performance himself decades ago, where overexcited fans were "ripping the place apart, screaming. They were going crazy."
The White House stated, “Elvis Presley defined American culture to billions of adoring fans around the world. Elvis fused gospel, country, and rhythm and blues to create a sound all his own, selling more than a billion records. Elvis Presley remains an enduring American icon 4 decades after his death.”
Jack Soden, CEO of EPE / Graceland accepted the award. “On behalf of the Presley family, Elvis’ friends and millions of fans, it will be a great honor to accept this award. Elvis loved his country, served proudly in the U.S. Army and would no doubt consider this one of the great honors of his life. We look forward to displaying it proudly at Graceland so the millions of visitors from around the world will be able to see it up close."
Surprisingly no members of Elvis' family were in attendance. 
Other recipients were retiring Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, Alan Page ex NFL player and Roger Staubach, the Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback.
White House spokesperson noted that, the award is given to individuals "who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."
The ceremony can be viewed on YouTube here - Elvis' presentation is right at the end - when Trump misquotes surely one of the classic sayings of all time - "Elvis has left the building" - as "Elvis has left the house"! If he was at an Elvis concert we know that his phrase was never used.
(News, Source;Various/ElvisInfoNet)

Michael Bublé with Priscilla at Hollywood Walk of Fame: Priscilla wasn't at the White House ceremony, instead she was with Michael Bublé as he feted at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The Canadian crooner was introduced by two of his close industry friends, Priscilla Presley and record producer David Foster - and the emotional day saw him tear up as he accepted the honour.
Priscilla was on hand to witness Buble receive the 2,650th star along the iconic strip in Los Angeles. Fans will recall the 43-year-old singer actually released a duet with the “King of Rock and Roll” in 2015.
A rework of Elvis 1960 classic ‘Fever’ was described by Buble at the time as the highlight of his career. Meanwhile, Presley said her late ex-husband would have loved Buble’s voice and music.
The ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ star also delivered an emotional speech during the festivities, which fell on the same day his new album was released.
He said the likes of Presley and record producer David Foster showing up made him feel important.
Bublé noted in a touching speech: "My record being out today and having a star here on the Walk of Fame, I have personally never felt so self-important before," he said with a laugh. "I think everyone in this business probably struggles with not mixing up who you are with what you do and trying to separate your ego from your spirit, cause they are two very different things and on the flight over here, I sort of have an epiphany and I realized that out of all the wonderful celebrations and honours that could be bestowed upon any entertainer. This may be the greatest opportunity to truly know that its not about you. It really isn't."
(News, Source,Various/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' supposed Book of Mormon a fake: For almost 30 years Elvis' supposed copy of the Book of Mormon has been preserved in the historical collections of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book was published in 1976 with a soft, light blue cover featuring a golden Angel Moroni. Within the book there are handwritten markings on nearly one of every six pages, the majority are underlining or curved brackets, but three dozen of the pages contain handwritten words. The first page contains the signature “E. A. Presley” and on the last page (in the index) was written, “Father, I want more! I need more now. Help me!”
The content and placement of the annotations suggest that Elvis Presley read this copy of the Book of Mormon from cover to cover.
The idea of Elvis Presley cherishing the Book of Mormon has captured the popular imagination of some Latter-day Saints and the story continues to circulate throughout the market for “uplifting” books and social media.
However, after carefully analyzing the historical opportunities for Presley to have read this volume and the handwriting throughout its pages, it has now been confirmed that the copy is a fake.
The book’s donor claimed to have given the book to Elvis on August 2, 1977. He died 14 days later, and the book was allegedly returned to the donor who shared it with a few people before it was transferred to the Church in 1989. The last two weeks of Elvis’ life were very busy and it has always been doubtful that Elvis read and pondered nearly 600 pages of scripture during these 14 event-filled days.
Experts now state that Elvis' signature on the first page of the book is a clear forgery.
Experts in authenticating Elvis’ handwriting corroborate these findings. Music industry autograph authenticator Roger Epperson wrote: “In my opinion this is not written or signed by Elvis. The signature has some similarities to an authentic signature, but the writing is not really even close.” Rich Consola, owner of Elvis Presley Authentication, concluded: “After reviewing the signature of Elvis Presley and all the writing in this book, it is my opinion that NONE of the writing and the signature are that of Elvis Presley. To this end I am very certain.”
Annotations suggesting that Elvis wanted to be baptized, that he believed his daughter needed the Church, and that he suspected his death was imminent are fabrications manufactured to deceive. Forgeries are often accepted because they provide something that people already want; in this case, a story of the conversion of a celebrity. - Go here to TheChurchNews for the full story.
(News, Source;TCN/ElvisInfoNet)

'Stax Power' New Import CD: A new release from CMT 'Stax Power' that stays close to their "Spliced Take" concept, although this is an album which stands on its own.
The Publicity notes... While editing this album they have made all songs "blending in" so you will get the feeling as if you are in the actual session.
All tracks from the "Stax Sessions" have been included in this 2 cd set. One of the highlights is a breathtaking version of "Sweet Angeline" which has a longer intro and an instrumental break featuring Kathy Westmoreland,
Other must haves are longer intro's for "Just A Little Bit" and "I Got A Feeling in My Body" and a new ending for "It's Midnight"
Rehearsals go straight into the songs, and there are some funny portions mixed in.
If you liked the previous CMT releases you will LOVE this one! Tracks include, I've Got A Feeling in My Body - Spliced take  1,4, It's Midnight - Spliced take  7,11,9,  You Asked Me To - Spliced take  1,2A,3B,2A,3B, If You Talk In Your Sleep - Spliced take 5,6, Loving Arms - - Spliced take 2/Rehearsal...
Go to 'Elvis- All The CD News 2018' for full details
'Wonderful Winter Wonderland' New Import: This Christmas spliced take CMT special is another winner in the great series and needs no further introduction.
One thing we do want to mention is the newly created "harmony" version of "The Wonderful World of Christmas", although there are no outtakes available the CMT team managed to make a very different sounding track, where even the vocal ending is far different then the master take!
 Also just listen to the newly overdubbed version of  "Merry Christmas Baby" which has been re-created from THREE different overdub versions.
All the other tracks are spliced very well, with longer intro's and great edits!
Tracks include; O Come, All Ye Faithful - spliced take 2 (alternate edit), The First Noel - Spliced dubbed/overdubbed, On A Snowy Christmas Night  - Spliced dubbed/overdubbed, Winter Wonderland - Alternate Master, The Wonderful World of Christmas - Spliced "Harmony" master, It Won't Seem Like Christmas - Spliced take..
Go to 'Elvis- All The CD News 2018' for full details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 14 November
'Bring Back the King' Book Review: Scientists are seriously debating the possibility of bringing back T-Rex or the Woolly Mammoth via DNA cloning, so what makes it so difficult to "Bring Back the King".
The idea seems a genuine possibility in the future.
Helen Pilcher's 'Bring Back the King - The New Science of De-extinction' was published last year and raises some interesting questions.
Pilcher is uniquely qualified to explain the cutting-edge science that makes the resurrection of extinct animals a very real possibility, while acknowledging the serious and humorous aspects of giving a deceased animal a second chance to live. If you could bring back to life a person who would you choose? Pilcher highlights her own choices from eras gone, including the King of the Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex, and the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley.
From dinosaurs to dodos and Neanderthals, BRING BACK THE KING reveals how the burgeoning field of DNA science is being used to help resurrect individual animals and assesses the ramifications of how these genetic Lazaruses might fare in their brave new world.
EIN contributor Susan MacDougall once again does the detective work that most Elvis fans tend to ignore and tracks down yet another Elvis phenomenon.
Click here to  Susan MacDougall's review of  BRING BACK THE KING to see whether the book and the idea are worth considering.
You never know who might just be knocking at your front door in the future!
(Book Reviews, Source;SM/ElvisInformationNetwork)

FTD 'THE WILD ONE ’56' Book / CD Combo: A closer look at the new book release from FTD.
Following on from the excellent 'REBEL WITH A CAUSE' FTD book release earlier this year is 'THE WILD ONE ’56' by David English and Pål Granlund. It consists of 228 pages and features great photographs, including 60 recently discovered shots taken from the original negatives.
A bonus CD is included that features the 2nd ED Sullivan Show and The evening Tupelo Fair performance.
All of these should be available on Pre-Order from your local Elvis dealer

Hopefully out early December just in time for Elvis Christmas presents.



(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet.com)

'Letters from Elvis' New Book: EIN has refrained from publishing news about the new book 'Letters from Elvis' from author Gary Lindberg.
It has been my belief that this is a load of B.S. sadly ripping off susceptible Elvis fans. I cannot believe Elvis Presley wrote all these letters as his life has been so closely documented day-by-day that any whacky stories such as these would have come to light before now.
The book tries to tell stories of a) Elvis sodomized by a hot poker, b) Tom Jones getting shot at a party and other ludicrous tales.
With Elvis already sharing his spiritual quest with Larry Geller and Daya Mata, why have we not heard of Carmen Montez before now?
The real trouble is that NOT ONE of Elvis' supposedly "verified" letters is actually shown in the book the excuse being "copyright laws prevent reproduction", however this seems a ridiculously lame excuse as one can find Elvis' hand-written letters openly on the internet and in books such as Alan Fortas and Anita Woods' book, even 'Elvis Day By Day'!
The publicity notes,
Letters from Elvis may be the most important and revealing book ever written about ‘The King.’ It is based on material contained in hundreds of handwritten and authenticated letters that Elvis and his friends—Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte and Tom Jones - secretly wrote to their spiritual guide, Carmen Montez. Never has such an intimately revealing collection of letters surfaced about such a well-known celebrity.
Letters from Elvis is an explosive revelation of Elvis’s inner life, an exposé of heinous Hollywood crimes that targeted Elvis, a touching tale of

friendship, an eerie ghost story, and a series of startling new Elvis mysteries. Because rigorous copyright laws prevent direct publication of the actual letters, the book also tells the story of the author’s thirty-year struggle to bring this new information about Elvis to light.
     “Thinking about Elvis Presley and this extraordinary book, Letters from Elvis, I wonder actually if his ‘unveiling’ will not increase his popularity instead of harming it—which of course his fans will fear. The sensitive victim he became will open people’s eyes to what a generous and deeply spiritual man he was instead of a vacuous and vain beau, albeit gifted performer. The performer was adored, now it is the man who is being reclaimed. This book may actually be a deeply redeeming act and gift, one ordained from above for Elvis, and our benefit—so that we may receive the privilege of seeing the humanity behind the image.” - Marilène Phipps, author, Unseen Worlds: Adventures at the Crossroads of Vodou Spirits and Later-day Saints.

EIN's super-collector Nigel Patterson will be reviewing this book soon.
CLICK HERE to the book's website for more
(News, Source,ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis SUN 45rpm VINYL replicas: News that Elvis' five SUN 45rpm VINYL singles as quality replicas are being released for Christmas.
Publicity notes that,,, Strictly low number of 250 sets have been produced of Elvis’ Sun 45rpm 7” (inch) replica singles.
With the same of last year’s release of the 10” (78rpm) version (see EIN review here) each of the 5 Sun 45rpm replicas have the original etched numbers included with the appropriate song sides and is by far the most original Sun replicas made to date.
Not only are all the labels perfect (as the original in size, color and accuracy), the sound quality is excellent with the original Sun sound (including That’s All Right) pressed on heavy stock vinyl.
The singles come in the same type brown paper sleeves as sold with the original releases.
This is a strictly low limited number of only 250 sets being released and is available from next week.

Check with your Elvis dealer or via EBay
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Sunday 11 November
Elvis to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom: Elvis Presley is among the seven “distinguished individuals” that will receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump at a November 16th ceremony.
The King “remains an enduring American icon four decades after his death,” Trump administration says of posthumous honor
“Elvis Presley defined American culture to billions of adoring fans around the world. Elvis fused gospel, country, and rhythm and blues to create a sound all his own, selling more than a billion records,” The White House said of the honor.
Elvis also served nearly 2 years in the United States Army, humbly accepting the call to serve despite his fame. He later starred in 31 films, drew record-breaking audiences to his shows, sent television ratings soaring, and earned 14 Grammy Award nominations. He ultimately won 3 Grammy Awards for his gospel music. Elvis Presley remains
an enduring American icon four decades after his death.”
While its common for musicians to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom – honorees during the Obama administration included Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, Diana Ross, Loretta Lynn and Bruce Springsteen – Presley is only the third musician to receive the honor posthumously.
As the entertainment industry has largely cold-shouldered Trump during his presidency, the administration instead opted to honor late American icons, like Presley and Ruth, for the 2018 ceremony.
Yankees great Babe Ruth and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will also posthumously receive the prestigious award, “the Nation’s highest civilian honor, which may be awarded by the President to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors,” the Office of the Press Secretary said.
Senator Orrin Hatch, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, football player-turned-judge Alan Page and Republican mega-donor Miriam Adelson will also receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS: “Holiday Season In Vegas 1975' Disc 2: EIN has received a few queries about the second disc of the new FTD double-soundboard - what concert is featured, and is it an edit?
Luckily EIN contributor "Ciscoking" has compared audience recordings from the Dec 6, 1975 Diner and Midnight Shows to reveal how FTD have compiled the second disc of their new 'Holiday Season in Las Vegas 1975'
The CD features the two concerts not edited but instead spliced mid-concert, presumably due to only portions of the shows being recorded or due to tape damage.
FTD DISC 2 December 6 1975 (see more details here)
C.C. Rider, I Got A Woman/Amen, Love Me, Fairytale, Instrumental, And I Love You So, Trying To Get To You, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel, One Night, Polk Salad Annie, Introductions, Just Pretend, How Great Thou Art, Burning Love, Softly, As I Leave You, America, Can’t Help Falling In Love (last bars missing)
It is half the Dinner Show followed by half the Midnight Show therefore only dated December 6, 1975.
Several songs have been previously released on the 'Live In Las Vegas' box-set CD4. (shown bold)
EIN Thanks "Ciscoking" Joachim Bernecker for his input
(News, Source;Ciscoking/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 7 November
Four New FTD Releases: FTD have announced four new releases for (hopefully) early December.
- 'ELVIS: “HOLIDAY SEASON IN VEGAS (Hilton 1975)'. Live double-soundboard release from Elvis' 14th Las Vegas season from the Hilton Holiday Season shows in December 1975.
The two concerts Midnight Show, December 13 and December 6 1975 (which show is not noted)
The shows are ‘soundboard quality’ but FTD note the AUDIO has sonic imperfections as from the original source tape.
1 C.C. Rider, 2 I Got A Woman/Amen, 3 Love Me, 4 Trying To Get To You, 5 And I Love You So, 6 All Shook Up, 7 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel, 8 You Gave Me A Mountain, 9 Help Me Make It Through The Night, 10 Polk Salad Annie, 11 Introductions, 12 Just Pretend,, 13 How Great Thou Art, 14 Burning Love, 15 Hound Dog, 16 Softly, As I Leave You, 17 America, 18 It’s Now Or Never, 19 O Solo Mio, 20 Little Darlin’, 21 Little Sister, 22 Can’t Help Falling In Love..
The December 13th 1975 Dinner Show was previously out on FTD as 'Dinner At Eight'
The less energy December 14th 1975 show was released on 'Fashion For A King'  
The Dec 13th 1975 Midnight Show has been out on bootleg and is a truly excellent show - see review here
For full tracklisting and details go to 'Elvis FTD / Sony News 2018'
- 'FOR LP FANS ONLY' Classic Album. Finally Elvis' 'FOR LP FANS ONLY'  gets a FTD 'Classic Album' release. This legendary album released in 1959 while Elvis was serving his time for the US Army in Germany, now features bonus tracks including RADIO and TV performances from the ‘50s and the quality highlights from the recently discovered Bad Nauheim German home recordings.
Great performances from the Milton Berle Show, Stage Show and the Steve Allen Show are complemented by intimate recordings of Are You Lonesome Tonight, His Hand In Mine and He Knows What I Need.
Released in 7” gatefold format it also contains a 16-page booklet. FOR LP FANS ONLY was nominated for best album art of 1959.
DISC 1 features the The Original Album plus Bonus Tracks That’s All Right (Takes 1-3), Harbor Lights (Take 7), I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (Slow Version Takes 4 & 5/M), When It Rains, It Really Pours, along with 'For Radio Fans Only Live Performances 1954-1955' from The Louisiana Hayride, Eagles Hall and Radio Acetates of Fool, Fool, Fool and Shake, Rattle And Roll.
DISC 2 features "FOR TV FANS ONLY Live Performances"
The Dorsey Brothers Shows, The Milton Berle Shows plus The Steve Allen Show along with newly found German Home Recordings Bad Nauheim, He Knows Just What I Need, Cool Water (Fragments), Like A Baby (1 Verse), Return To Me (Fragments), Her Hand In Mine, His Hand In Mine, Her Hand In Mine, If I Didn’t Care, Are You Sincere, Are You Lonesome Tonight? and Stand By Me (Fragments).
Click here to for all sixty tracks and details 'Elvis FTD / Sony News 2018'

- 'ELVIS – “CAFÉ EUROPA – G.I. BLUES VOL. 2' VINYL limited edition.
The album contains more great outtakes from the G.I Blues soundtrack sessions.
Double album of G.I. Blues session outakes
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios - 180 gram format.

DISC 1 Side 1 - 1 G.I.Blues (take 6), 2 Tonight Is So Right For Love (take 8 ), 3 What’s She Really Like (takes 14-16), 4 Frankfort Special (remake, takes 9-10/M), 5 Pocketful Of Rainbows (version 1, take 17), 6 Tonight’s All Right For Love (take 6), 7 Wooden Heart (‘Gramafunken version’- instr.)
Side 2, 1 Doin’ The Best I Can (takes 10-12), 2 Shoppin’ Around (takes 1,2), 3 Whistling Blues (instrumental), 4 Pocketful Of Rainbows (version 1, takes 26-28), 5 Tonight’s All Right For Love (takes 7-8), 6 Big Boots (fast version, takes 6,5)

For DISC 2 tracklisting and and details go to 'Elvis FTD / Sony News 2018'

- 'THE WILD ONE ’56' Book / CD Combo.
Following on from the excellent 'REBEL WITH A CAUSE' FTD book release earlier this year is 'THE WILD ONE ’56' by David English and Pål Granlund. It consists of 228 pages and features great photographs, including 60 recently discovered shots taken from the original negatives.
A bonus CD is included that features the 2nd ED Sullivan Show and The evening Tupelo Fair performance.
All of these should be available on Pre-Order from your local Elvis dealer

Hopefully they will all be out early December just in time for Elvis Christmas presents.

(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet.com)

'Elvis: The Official Collector's Edition Vol. 15' Magazine: The 'Elvis: The Official Collector's Edition Vol. 15' magazine is out now in the US.
The Official Elvis Presley Collector's Edition is proud to present Volume 15 in its ongoing coverage of the life and legacy of the King of Rock & Roll.
Examining each of his films in depth, this 100-page commemorative issue is a must-have for any fan of Elvis's on-screen work.
Featuring exclusive photos, behind the scenes content and an introduction by Priscilla Presley, this issue is available now.
Good value at $ 9.99

Click here to 'OnNewsStandsNow' to purchase on line

Great cover even if it contains nothing hard-core collectors haven't seen before.



(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'King Of The Whole Wide World - The Kid Galahad Sessions' Import Box-set: EIN Notes- With nearly nothing left in the vaults bootleggers are finding it hard to make a buck with more and more of these "compiled from previous bootlegs and official releases" sets being released.
Of course if you missed them on bootleg first time around these may be exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise they appear to offer nothing that we don't have already.
All these tracks have been out before on releases such as "The Kid Galahad Sessions" and the publicity suggesting "The Mono Sessions" are presented in the Best Audio Quality implies that they have been copied off the VENUS bootleg mono set. And why someone would want "Left Channel Only Mixes" seems very odd!

The publicity notes.,. A sublime 4 CD boxset with the most complete KID GALAHAD recording sessions ever presented, incl. many tracks unreleased by Elvis' official record company. This stunning box also includes the complete film versions and original mono masters as well as the stereo masters! The mono sessions are presented in the best audio quality till now. Far superior to recent previous releases. Included is a neat 12 page booklet! If you are into Elvis’ movie years this is a must have.
Go here to 'Elvis All The CD News 2018' for full tracklisting
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 4 November

Book Review - 'Elvis The Gospel Singer' (Paul Belard): Paul Belard has a quest to present the Elvis story in chronological visual form. To date he has released seven books with another 40+ at an advanced stage. In Elvis The Gospel Singer Belard moves from his chronological account of the Elvis day-by-day biography and offers a subject specific chronological account of Elvis' favourite music: gospel.

Over an impressive 300+ pages the author offers a full account of the gospel artists and music influencing Elvis and provides the lyrics for, and often background information to, all of Elvis' gospel recordings.

With more narrative than usual Belard delves deep into Elvis and his love of gospel music and includes rare historic material, and some unusual but valid song choices.

Read Nigel Patterson's review of Elvis The Gospel Singer.
(Book Review, Source; ELvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis Birthday Celebration 2019: EPE have announced their plans for next year's Elvis Birthday Celebration and tickets go on sale tomorrow.
Celebrate Elvis' birthday at Graceland on January 5-8! The celebration includes an Elvis Birthday Bash, a special Tupelo Excursion, Salute to Memphis Music concert and more.
The 2019 Elvis Birthday Celebration also offers a first-time package experience: the My Friend Elvis Package, which will give fans a look at what life was like with Elvis at Graceland as told through the eyes of one of his closest friends, Jerry Schilling. The package includes two nights at The Guest House at Graceland plus exclusive package-only events, including a cocktail party, show and tell event, private movie screening and much more.
Tickets on sale Monday, November 5.
EIN NOTE - How cool would it be to have My Friend Elvis Package with BILLY SMITH.
The stories Billy could tell!

Click here to EPE for Elvis Birthday Schedule 2019.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley, the Original Rock Star, Did Everything First: This interesting article by Graham Hartmann recently appeared on the loudwire.com website:

When Elvis Aaron Presley had the classic coming-of-age conversation with his parents about what he wanted to be when he grew up, Presley’s father had the typical parental response. “You should make your mind up to be a guitar player or an electrician," he said. "But I never saw a guitar player that was worth a damn.”

Instead of grasping for the safety of a toolbox, Elvis followed his heart, subsequently changing the world by popularizing the rock and roll genre. More than four decades after his death, Presley is still a cultural icon. HBO recently produced a new documentary on him, the alternative rock band Twenty One Pilots had a viral hit with their cover of his classic "Can't Help Falling In Love With You," and his home is still a wildly popular tourist attraction in Memphis, Tenn. Most notably, however, Elvis constructed the rock star template.

I recently took a trip to Elvis’ iconic Memphis home, where "The King" spent the last 20 years of his life.

I toured exhibits dedicated to the man’s childhood, his time in the Army, a step-by-step journey throughout his entire music career, a special exhibition celebrating the legendary Sun Records, and much more filling the 200,000 square foot complex. While staring into a bullet hole Elvis infamously shot into one of his many TV sets, I couldn’t help but reflect on the most evident takeaway from my time at Graceland — Elvis did just about everything first.

Before radio stations refused to play the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” because it was “too suggestive,” Elvis was being censored because of his “indecent” hip gyrations. Dubbed "The Pelvis" by American media, Presley's moves caused a national panic — forcing The Ed Sullivan Show to only film him from the waist up.

Before anyone had coined the phrase "rock star," Elvis was already living the lifestyle. During his lifetime, he purchased and traded over 200 cars. Presley also unloaded giant stacks of cash on motorcycles, boats, go-karts, snowmobiles, horses, pinball machines, pool tables, custom furniture, TVs for every room, gold-plated guns with mother of pearl handles, a racquetball court in his home, a pool with a diving board, and a shooting gallery to blast anything Elvis saw fit. While Led Zeppelin were renting out their legendary Starship plane, Elvis straight-up bought not one, but two, jets for his own private use.

These facets of Elvis’ life are somewhat common knowledge, but it’s what I didn’t know that affirmed Elvis’ place in my mind as the most revolutionary trailblazer in rock history. Years before the Beatles used their spiritual journeys to spearhead rock’s psychedelic movement, Elvis had already found a spiritual advisor -- his hairstylist, Larry Geller -- and built a meditation garden (where he was later laid to rest) at his home to utilize as a space for contemplation. Thanks to Geller's guidance, Elvis flew through books on esoteric Christianity, Middle-Eastern poetry, the biography of India’s first yoga master, and much more… all while the Beatles were still singing “Help!” and “Ticket to Ride.”

Decades before U2 singer Bono became the face of rock star philanthropy, Presley was donating giant portions of his riches to charity. Having come from very humble beginnings, Elvis dedicated much of his life to helping the less fortunate, donating over $100,000 every Christmas since 1961 and spreading the money across 50 or more charities at a time. Copies of checks Elvis wrote to St. Jude, the YMCA, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and other organizations are lovingly framed at the Elvis Presley’s Memphis exhibit.

Elvis was also a radical through song, but beyond paving the way for rock and roll in the mainstream, Presley was one of the few members of the "Silent Generation" to address political issues through music. During his ’68 Comeback Special, Presley debuted “If I Can Dream.” The tear-jerking song was a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., premiering just two months after the civil rights leader was gunned down -- in Memphis, no less. Elvis’ home state of Tennessee wasn’t the most progressive place, but still, Elvis shared his respect for Dr. King through the Earl Brown-penned track. Sung with the soul of gospel, “If I Can Dream” touched Elvis so deeply, he swore to never again sing a song he didn’t believe in.

Presley was also a pioneer of technology, becoming the first solo entertainer to hold a live concert broadcast internationally via satellite. The King’s 1973 Aloha from Hawaii special was the most expensive entertainment special ever at that time, costing a whopping $2.5 million. Airing the same night as the Super Bowl, 51 percent of televisions switched on in the United States were tuned to the Aloha special, reportedly being seen in more households than the moon landing was.

The stories of Graceland could fill a library, especially since the attraction changes every few months, but beyond Presley's extravagant lifestyle, the story of his influence is told at the Icon Exhibit. Pieces of history from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, James Brown, KISS, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and more sonic immortals have been donated to Graceland out of respect for Elvis’ influence on each artist. Presley praise fills the room, leaving no doubt that Elvis was indeed the King:

“Before Elvis, there was nothing.” - John Lennon

“He was a unique artist - an original in an area of imitators.” - Mick Jagger

“There’ll never be another like him, that soul brother.” - James Brown

“None of us could have made it without Elvis.” - Buddy Holly

"There have been pretenders. And there have been contenders. But there is only one king.” - Bruce Springsteen

Memphis Music Hall of Fame inducts George Klein and Aretha Franklin: The star of the night had to be the late, great Aretha Franklin and it was a stirring tribute to her legacy that ended the 2018 Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
"My heart is full, and I just want to say thank you for loving my cousin," Brenda Corbett, Franklin's cousin, said in accepting Franklin's induction into the Hall of Fame.
A soulful medley of the Queen of Soul's hits brought the crowd at the Cannon Center to its feet to close out the three-hour show that honored everything from rockabilly to rap, the full spectrum of Memphis music.
Incredibly the evening started with a surprise performance by the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis.
Lewis performed "Great Balls of Fire" in honor of the rockabilly classic's 60th anniversary last year. The 83-year-old Lewis appeared frail and unsure whether he was supposed to perform. He told the crowd he was "gonna give it my best shot" before seating himself at the piano, where he sounded as in command as ever.
Eddie Floyd, whose "Knock on Wood" became one of the
defining hits of the Memphis soul sound, was honored for his work as a singer, songwriter and producer who left an indelible mark on the city's Stax music experience. Carla Thomas, daughter of the late Rufus Thomas, inducted Floyd, who danced his way onto the stage and performed "Knock on Wood" for the audience.
The Box Tops and 'The Rock and Roll Trio' ('Train Kept A-Rollin') were also inducted.
This year's nonperforming inductee was longtime and influential disc jockey George Klein, a staple of the Memphis radio scene and a confidante of Elvis.
Priscilla Presley introduced the award for Klein, who has health issues and was unable to attend. Priscilla described Klein as "one of the city's most beloved citizens" and a friend who encourage Elvis during vulnerable times.
George Klein was an early friend to the King, and had the honor of inducting Elvis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jerry Williams accepted the award for Klein, offering lengthy remarks in tribute to his friend.
As a tribute to Klein, singer Merrilee Rush performed her hit "Angel of the Morning." Recorded at American Studios and produced by Chips Moman, the song was an international hit in 1968. Klein is credited in debuting and helping break the song on the air.
The Memphis Music Hall of Fame began in 2012 as a project of the 18-year-old Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum.
Click here to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame website for more info
(News, Source:MCommAppeal/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 1 November

Elvis is Back! as #2 Top-Earning Dead Celebrity: Once again, due to clever publishing deals, Michael Jackson tops Forbes magazine's annual list of the highest-earning deceased celebrities with an estimated $400 million for the 12 months ending October 1.
However after a couple of years lowerdown in the charts Elvis Is Back earning a cool $40 million - moving up two spots to No. 2 - helped by the expanded Elvis Presley's Memphis museum and RPO tours.

Golf legend Arnold Palmer drops down a slot to No. 3 with $35 million while "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schulz, with $34 million, drops a spot to No. 4.
Rounding out the top five is reggae icon Bob Marley ($23 million), whose products include headphones and, even more closely associated with his brand, Marley Natural cannabis and smoking accessories.
New entry Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who died in September 2017 at age 91, hits No. 7 with $15 million.
David Bowie who was 11th last year drops out of the list.

Top Ten Forbes magazine Top-Earning Dead Celebrities 2018.
1. Michael Jackson $400 million
2. Elvis Presley $40 million

3. Arnold Palmer $35 million
4. Charles Schulz ('Peanuts' creator) $34 million.
5. Bob Marley $23 million.
Also - 6. Dr. Seuss $16 million, 7. Hugh Hefner - $15 million, 8. Marilyn Monroe - $14 million, 9. Prince - $13 million, 10. John Lennon - $12 million.

As Gore Vidal once noted, "Death is a good career move"!
Elvis left the building 41 years ago - will Michael Jackson still be in the list in 30 years' time? - EIN truly has its doubts.

(News, Source;Forbes/ElvisInfoNet)

'The King In The Ring' VINYL 50th Anniv Release: The 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley's groundbreaking 1968 NBC "Comeback Special" is also being celebrated with the 2LP vinyl presentation of "The King In The Ring." Originally released on a red vinyl limited edition run for Record Store Day this 2LP set showcases the standout, intimate "sit down" sets from the '68 special. These laid-back live performances were recorded in the round before a small audience and featured a powerful ensemble, including guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana, both part of Elvis' original classic backing band.
... In 1968 Elvis Presley re-established himself as the King of Rock and Roll with ELVIS, the "comeback special", to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ELVIS both electrifying intimate "sit-down" sets will be released in the 2LP package with a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

General release November 30th
Great Cover shot.

(News, Source:ElvisInfoNet)

'The King In The Ring' VINYL 50th Anniversary Release - Double LP.

Great prices at Amazon.

$23 in the USA

And in the UK £18.05

The VINYL Boom: Over 7.6 million vinyl LPs were sold in the USA during the first half of 2018, a 20% increase from the previous year, while in Australia vinyl sales increased by $3 million, the same increase of 20%. In the same period CD sales however dropped by 15%.
Elvis vinyl is still selling very nicely with ‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ recently in the UK Top ten VINYL charts.
And there is plenty of Elvis Presley vinyl on offer....

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ on GOLD Vinyl: ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits was re-released by Sony Music on GOLD Vinyl on 12 October. UK's Entertainment-Focus have posted this cute review.
... What is there to say about Elvis Presley that hasn’t already been said?
It may be 41 years since the icon died tragically at only 42 years old but his music continues to live on, and likely will forever. It’s actually mind-blowing to think that his music has survived for almost as long as he was alive. In 2002 Sony Music released a new greatest hits collection titled ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits, which dominated charts across the world and sold millions and millions of copies. 16 years on from its original release, ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits has been reissued on 2LP vinyl.
Taking inspiration from the album cover, the release has been pressed on gold vinyl making the whole package feel very special.
Presley was an incredibly prolific artist so getting this collection down to 31 tracks was no easy feat. It also includes the ALLC Junkie XL remix.
 What was achieved with ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits though, is a

collection that gives you all the highlights you need from The King’s career to showcase the incredible impact he had on music. The album opens with Heartbreak Hotel and there isn’t a single filler track here.
It’s actually near impossible to pick out highlights across the 2LPs because every single one of these songs is a classic.
Of course no Elvis collection would be complete without Suspicious Minds and that track is near the end of the track listing on the final side.
The release features the artwork from the original 2002 release and it’s a beautiful, high-quality gatefold. I mentioned earlier about the gold vinyl but what I’ve not commented on yet is the sound. The CD version was a little patchy given that the songs were all recorded at different times. It’s not as noticeable on the vinyl release and the quality is crystal clear. The warm crackle of vinyl adds to the overall feel too.
ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan. While he had plenty of great songs that aren’t featured here, this collection truly is the definitive one to own. There’s not a single bad song here and it’s lengthy enough to give you value for money. The whole vinyl package is fantastic and it looks as good as it sounds.
They don’t make artists like Elvis anymore and they probably never will again.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

‘ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits’ GOLD Vinyl Double LP.


'ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits' is a must-have release for any Elvis Presley fan.

The Official 'A Boy From Tupelo' Vinyl album is still selling, while there are some interesting Public Domain Vinyl releases out in the UK including 'Jailhouse Rock' with 16 tracks even including 'Lonesome Cowboy'! Also the rather odd CD called 'Girls! Girls! Girls! + Loving You' with thirty tracks including Bonus tracks such as 'Is It So Strange' and even 'Good Luck Charm' out 29 October 2018 from Hoo Doo Records!





Graceland Holiday Concert Weekend December 14-15: EPE are planning three concerts to celebrate Elvis and the Christmas Season.
- Christmas with Elvis at Graceland - With Live Orchestra led by Renown UK Conductor, Robin Smith
Friday, December 14 at 8pm at Graceland Soundstage
- An Elvis Gospel Christmas - Live at Graceland starring the Blackwood Brothers Quartet and former members of JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet
Saturday, Dec 15 at 5pm. at the Graceland Soundstage
An inspirational and uplifting concert featuring Elvis' favorite gospel and Christmas classics
- Elvis Live in Concert - with All-Star Band featuring TCB Guitarist James Burton
Saturday, Dec 15 at 8.30pm. Graceland Soundstage
An unforgettable concert experience featuring Elvis live in concert and on the big screen performing the King of Rock 'n' Roll's greatest hits,
There's no place more magical than Elvis Presley's Graceland at Christmas. On December 14 and 15, 2018, Graceland will host a special weekend of holiday music and activities highlighted by three incredible live concerts on the Graceland Soundstage at Elvis Presley's Memphis entertainment and exhibit complex:
Anyone attending these concerts will receive free admission to Elvis Presley's Memphis at 3:00 pm that day where they can visit two newly expanded exhibits: ICONS and Presley Cycles.
There will also be a special screening of the Hallmark's "Christmas at Graceland" in The Guest House Theater.
Click here to EPE for tickets and more info
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

"Christmas at Graceland" Hallmark Movie: Elvis' Graceland will have a starring role in the upcoming Hallmark original movie 'Christmas at Graceland.' The movie stars country star and 2018 Emmy Award nominee Kellie Pickler.
Filming started at Graceland back in July 9 and of course the movie features Elvis music.
The story is about Laurel (a Chicago-based business executive) who travels to Memphis to close a deal to take-over the city's oldest family-owned bank.
While she's in town, she bumps into her old flame Clay, a local music promoter with loftier aspirations. Though Laurel tries to stay focused on work, Clay pulls her back to the days when they were a performing duo on the brink of stardom. Laurel finds herself drawn to the City of Blues-and Clay-as she dreams of making music once again. Starring Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown.

'Christmas at Graceland' premieres on the Hallmark channel Saturday November 17.

The preview photos of the Graceland shoot look cute!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis News from earlier this week...
Tony Joe White Has Died aged 75: Tony Joe White, the country bluesman and hit songwriter behind such successes as 'Polk Salad Annie' and 'Rainy Night in Georgia' has died. He was 75.
His family confirmed that the rocker died on Wednesday October 24 in Nashville, Tennessee, due to a heart attack.
His last album was released by Yep Roc records this September called “Bad Mouthin,”‘ a collection of blues classics.
White, originally from Louisiana, had a hit in 1969 with “Polk Salad Annie” and his songs were covered by Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Jr., Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Waylon Jennings and many more.
In his five decades as a singer-songwriter, White was best known for his swamp rock style mixing blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll, which earned him the nickname the Swamp Fox, especially with his fans outside the US.
Elvis recorded the most well-known version of the song in 1970 and performed it live on stage with a real power often throwing in karate moves throughout the song.
Elvis would also record more of White’s songs, “I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby”, and the sublime ‘For Ol’ Times Sake’.
After the success of “Polk Salad Annie,” R&B artist Brook Benton had a hit in 1970 with White’s song “Rainy Night in Georgia,” which also became a song often covered by other artists.
Tanya Tucker, who recorded his song “Gospel Singer,” said in a statement that White’s writing and voice were both raw and pure. “A big part of the South is quiet now with his passing,” she said. “Reckon God wanted a little polk salad!”
Born on July 23, 1943, in Louisiana, White grew up on a cotton farm and was the youngest of seven children in a musical family. It was blues artist Lightnin' Hopkins whose music inspired White to begin playing guitar.
White is survived by his wife, Leann; three children, Michelle, Jim Bob and Jody; and several grandchildren.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet) - See EIN's exclusive interview with Tony Joe White here

Tony Joe White chews the fat with EIN: Tony Joe White first hit the charts in 1969 with his Top Ten smash ‘Polk Salad Annie’. This introduced the world to his own style of Louisiana ‘swamp music’.
Three of Tony Joe’s classic songs were recorded by Elvis, while over a hundred artists have covered his unforgettable ‘Rainy Night in Georgia’.

His brilliant performances sure are funky and feature songs populated with fascinating characters. While, at the same time, his guitar and ‘whomper stomper’ help lay down a fine swampy groove. As Elvis would say, “Some of you never been down south too much”! EIN's Piers Beagley tracked down the elusive Tony Joe White while he was in Sydney during 2003 and discovered some fascinating facts about his relationship with Elvis.

(Interview, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

'68 Comeback Special - 50th-anniversary' deluxe box-set.

Priced at around US$150 and £95.40 in the UK.

Not cheap if you already own the DVDs and CD box-set but the Blu-Rays are still pretty tempting.

'68 Comeback Special - 50th-anniversary': More publicity out for the new box set.
... '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) is set for release on November 30 and includes five CDs of music plus two Blu-ray discs featuring video content.
After spending most of the decade in Hollywood making forgettable movies and mostly boring music to accompany those films, Presley staged a comeback in 1968 with a TV special that was simply called Elvis and aired on Dec. 3.
Part of that program featured Presley singing some of his old hits, as well as a few new songs, surrounded by a lavish, Hollywood-style backdrop. But another section of that show spotlighted Presley, decked out in black leather and armed with a guitar, sitting on a stool on a spare stage that also included guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana, two-thirds of the trio that catapulted Presley to fame in the mid '50s with their work on the Sun sessions and early RCA recordings.
That "sit-down" performance included raw takes of some of their best records, including "That's All Right" and "Heartbreak Hotel."
There were also scorching versions of "Baby, What You Want Me to Do" and "Lawdy, Miss Clawdy" that pretty much signalled Presley's return to rock 'n' roll.
The Comeback Special, as it was later called, opened the door to Presley's terrific Memphis records from 1969 and his renewed success in the '70s until his death in 1977.
The '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) collects all of the existing audio and video from the show plus rehearsals and sessions recorded with the Wrecking Crew.
The CD Track-listing is a previously noted by EIN - see below.
The book also features rare photos and memorabilia and full recording data
There is over 7.5 hours of footage across 2 newly mastered Blu-ray discs, overseen by Thom Zimny.

Blu-ray Disc 1:
- Elvis NBC TV Special originally broadcast on December 3, 1968
- Black Leather Sit-Down Show #1 - June 27, 1968
- Black Leather Sit-Down Show #2 - June 27, 1968
- Black Leather Stand-Up Show #1 - June 29, 1968
- Black Leather Stand-Up Show #2 - June 29, 1968


(News, Source;SONY/ElvisInfoNet)

Blu-ray Disc 2:
- Trouble/Guitar Man TV Show Opener - June 30, 1968 - All Takes and Raw Components
- If I Can Dream TV Show Closer - June 30, 1968 - All Takes
- Huh-Huh-Huh Promo - June 30, 1968
- Elvis Closing Credits Without Credit Roll - June 30, 1968
- If I Can Dream Special Music Video 2004 - June 30, 1968
- Gospel Production Number - All Takes and Raw Components
- Guitar Man Production Number - All Takes and Raw Components
- Blu-ray Special Feature Re-Cut

Victoria Paige Meyerink Talks Elvis: Victoria Paige Meyerink was only six years old when she sat on Elvis's knee in the 1968 film Speedway, but she still remembers every minute.
At KIngfest in Windsor celebrating the 50th anniversary of the film Meyerink recalled, "We got to hang out on the MGM lot and play for several weeks, and have lunch together every day.
I was having fun with a pro, a friend, someone I enjoyed being with."

Meyerink introduced an anniversary screening of Speedway in front of a Kingfest crowd of about 100 at the Hellenic Cultural Centre.
"The fans certainly love it," said Meyerink. "It's a way of celebrating Elvis's life and keeping his memory alive. It's amazing to me how many millions and millions of fans there are worldwide, and how many of these festivals there are."
"On the set Elvis seemed to prefer hanging out with me. I got the impression he really enjoyed being a big kid, playing cards between scenes and rehearsals, and feeding the tiny kitten I had hidden in my trailer. Anyone could tell that Elvis would be a terrific father. He exuded such warmth and joy.
I have so many wonderful memories, like Elvis quietly rehearsing off to the side. Elvis would hold my hand as we walked to lunch, always stopping to graciously meet with any fans on the lot"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

EIN exclusives and News from earlier in October...
New Elvis Book Goes Behind The Songs: BBC Local Radio presenter and EIN contributor Matt Shepherd has worked on countless radio shows dedicated to his idol.
However he has never written a book about Elvis, until now.
Elvis Presley: Stories Behind The Songs, published by Libri sees Matt looking at some of Elvis' biggest hits and lesser known treasures.
The first of a two volume book, this first volume starts in January 1969, almost 50 years ago, when Elvis recorded in Memphis for the first time in 14 years.
The book will be published December 3rd - on the 50th anniversary of Elvis' "68 Comeback Special"
"I started my book in 1969 as it was a crucial crossroads for Elvis," explains Matt.
"He had proved in the 68 Special that he was still a dynamic performer. However the 69 sessions would go on to show Elvis was still a major chart force, able to select and record hit making and relevant songs.
"Had these Memphis sessions not been the great success they were, Elvis could well have spent the rest of his life as a nostalgia act. So it was essential he got it right."
With songs like "Suspicious Minds" and "Don't Cry Daddy" Elvis proved once and for all he was not only the King of Rock n Roll but also the King of Music.
The book also looks at some of Elvis' standout live performances of the 1970s, before transporting the reader back to the unforgettable days at Sun and then RCA, before Uncle Sam came calling.
Volume 1 ends as Elvis enters the army.
The book aims to have the reader look at each song in a different light - maybe go back and play the lesser heard songs and appreciate them in a whole different way after reading the story behind that particular track. If it further builds on the fans' knowledge about Elvis and brings around a bigger appreciation of Presley's music then the book will have achieved its purpose.
Volume Two, due out in 2019 will look at the home recordings made in Germany, Elvis' return in 1960 and his years in Hollywood, before his triumphant return in 1968.
Click here to Amazon UK for pre-orders.-  £9.99
EIN will soon be asking Matt Shepherd the tricky questions in our up-coming interview!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Authentic Elvis "Love Poem" up for Sale!!??: Here is a blast from the past - remember "Desiree Presley, Elvis Presley's daughter"!
"Desiree Presley, Elvis' love child, announces that an extra special Elvis memorabilia item will be available for purchase."
Elvis fans and enthusiasts will be delighted to know that an unusual artifact is becoming available for purchase.
Desiree Presley, Elvis Presley's daughter, is releasing a 10-line love poem on a creased sheet of paper that was written to her mother, Lucy de Barbin, in 1973. The original, unpublished poem is written in Elvis' own handwriting to the woman he secretly loved for more than two decades.
Many know the story of the love affair between de Barbin and Elvis, though their love child, Desiree, was never acknowledged as Elvis' daughter publicly. Her existence was kept secret by de Barbin in fear of damaging Elvis' public image. In 1988, de Barbin wrote a book about her secret on-and-off love affair with The King of Rock 'n' Roll entitled "Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Desiree's long lost love poem would make a distinctive addition to anyone's Elvis Presley collection.
Elvis Presley's love poem has been authenticated by four well-known handwriting experts. Among them is Charles Hamilton, a nationally recognized handwriting expert who helped debunk the "Hitler Diaries" of 1983. He studied the poem and deduced that it is indeed authentic.
"I have examined the poem and concluded it is definitely in Elvis Presley's handwriting. I value this because it changes our whole view of his life. It establishes that Elvis had a lifelong affair. He met this girl when he was 18 and she was 16, and apparently, he loved her until the day he died."
Details of the 45-year-old love poem include heartfelt inscriptions signed "El Lancelot."

Lucy de Barbin revealed that she and Elvis used "El Lancelot" and "Desiree" as pet names for each other.
The declarations of love were given to de Barbin as a Christmas gift.

EIN notes that a check of Desiree's DNA would prove if she is really Elvis' daughter (we think NOT!). Would you really sell a poem rather than going for half the EPE estate?
The whole story is a mash-mash of timelines as noted by Elvis expert Bill "007" Burk (RIP) - Click here.
(News, Source;OddSpot/ElvisInfoNet)

Bud Glass Elvis Super-Collector 2018 Interview: Bud Glass is the co-owner of The King’s Ransom Elvis Presley Museum and is a world authority on locating and authenticating rare Elvis Presley artifacts of all kinds. In the past he published the very popular series of  'ELVIS: Behind The Image' books and DVDs.
Not only does he own one of the largest collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia in the world, he is also an Elvis Presley historian, documentary producer as well as a consultant to major collectors.
Glass’ artifacts have been featured on multiple TV shows and he has even loaned artifacts to Graceland.
EIN heard that Bud Glass has recently started a new project - "Elvis Relics" - and we wanted to know more.
Go here as we discuss fake Elvis memorabilia, dodgy Elvis signatures, the death of Elvis' close friends, can one ever own enough “ELVIS  rarities” and much much more
EIN's Piers Beagley asked the questions..

(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

ELVIS All-Star Tribute TV Special: Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, John Fogerty, Mac Davis, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, Keith Urban, Adam Lambert and more will honour Elvis on a new 50th Anniversary TV Special.
It's been 50 years since Elvis Presley's 1968 TV special aired, and the iconic entertainer will be honored on the anniversary with a new special featuring a host of the biggest names in music all performing tributes to The King.
The special was recently filmed over two days on October 10 and 11 in the NBC studios at the Universal lot in Los Angeles.
Stars performed each night in front of a live studio audience, and night one saw Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Kelsea Ballerini, Darius Rucker, Post Malone, Shawn Mendes

and Mac Davis take the stage to offer their versions of Presley's classic hits.

Blake Shelton performed Presley's "Suspicious Minds" while Ballerini sang "Always On My Mind," Mendes performed "Hound Dog" and Malone and Urban teamed up for a tribute of their own.

Many of the artists dressed in homage to Presley while Post Malone sported "a banana colored diamond encrusted Elvis look alike suit with crystal bedazzled cowboy boots."
The second night featured a performance by Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies bandmates Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, as well as tributes by Adam Lambert, John Fogerty and Dierks Bentley.

The special will also include pre-recorded songs from Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lopez, Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran, Yolanda Adams and John Legend.

The old NBC set was re-created with the new performances filmed in the same intimate, in the round setting, with some audience members sitting on the stage exactly as Elvis did back in June 1968.

Rare interviews and footage of Presley will also be included on the broadcast, which will be be partially hosted by the singer's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and granddaughter Riley Keough.

Presley's original special aired on Dec. 3, 1968 and was the first time the entertainer had performed on NBC since 1961.
The special went on to become NBC's highest-rated program of the season

Rather strangely "The 50th Anniversary of the Elvis Comeback Special" is noted in media releases to be going to air early 2019.
This is odd seeing as the 50th Anniversary would be December 3rd 2018.

Photo from The Blast
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis The Searcher Nominated for Critics’ Choice Award: 'Elvis The Searcher' has just been nominated for Best Limited Documentary Series and Best Music Documentary in the Third Annual Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards.
The HBO documentary is described as "the definitive film about the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll made with the cooperation of his family."
The two-part HBO documentary, which gives fans an inside look at a rarely seen side of Elvis that of a music artist on a life-long search for self-expression, is now available on DVD and Limited Collector’s Edition.
The DVD bonus features includes a conversation with Priscilla Presley, director Thom Zimny, Jerry Schilling, and Grammy Museum Scott Goldman, in which Priscilla expresses her concerns about the documentary.
In the conversation Priscilla notes, “This is a very, very honest documentary. It humanizes Elvis. My fear was that fans see their idol a certain way and will this humanize Elvis too much in a way they don’t want to see him. I was hoping they could see his vulnerability, hoping they could see the man behind the music, seeing his dreams and embrace him even more.”
The three-hour documentary focuses on Elvis, the artist and musician, taking viewers on a comprehensive creative journey from his childhood through the final 1976 Jungle Room recording sessions.
Go HERE to YouTube to see Priscilla interview clip promo.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Worldwide Elvis Rare RCA Vinyl' on Facebook: Elvis super-collector Paul Dowling has created a new facebook group featuring some wonderful 'Worldwide Elvis Rare RCA Vinyl'.
He notes.. I have just started working on Facebook page for Elvis collectors to post RARE Elvis 78's, singles, EP's, LP's and promotional records ONLY ON THE RCA label mainly from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Please don't bother putting any common releases or current vinyl up as this page has only been started to showcase very rare and unusal records from around the world on RCA ONLY!! Anyone who has any Elvis vinyl from Angola, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Lebanon, Madagascar, Pakistan, Trinidad, Venezuela (especially early releases) would be most appreciated here as not much is known about these countries. Sorry, NO bootlegs, no Chinese, Malaysian, Far East type counterfeits or pirate records on Elvis.

The goal is for collectors to put up VERY UNUSUAL AND RARE RCA releases worldwide. I am not interested in the same old ones that always show up but Elvis vinyl from unusual countries like the ones mentioned above or any other countries that are not the typical US, England, France, Germany, Japan, etc which I'm sure everyone has seen a million times. Sincerely, Paul Dowling
Go here to the WORLDWIDE ELVIS RCA RCA VINYL facebook page.
Fans who like RARE Elvis Vinyl will surely be drooling at the examples posted below from Madgascar, Pakistan and Jamaica! . . . . . "Elvis, That's A Gas!"
(News, Source; Paul Dowling/ElvisInfoNet)

'LAS VEGAS '56' New Book: Just announced a new book from KJ Consulting and the Elvis Files staff...
When "The Atomic Powered Singer" ELVIS PRESLEY was singing Rock'n'Roll, loudly, in Frank Sinatra's Town...

And as always Erik Lorentzen promises plenty of previously unpublished photos

Pre order now and get your GREAT poster surprise.
Send € 115 by PayPal to: sales@elvisfiles.no

More details as soon as we know

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'The Searcher' DVD vs Collector's Edition: How disappointing for Elvis collectors that the upcoming DVD releases contain no extra outtakes. All those mouth-watering newly-found all-too-short clips in the 3 hour documentary that deserved to be expanded as DVD extras are nowhere to be found.
Ernst Jorgensen told EIN that he had no input in to the final edit of the DVD so it is HBO who are to blame.
It hardly makes the DVD worth buying if you already recorded the show in HD.
With the announcement of pre-orders of 'The Searcher Collector's Edition DVD' we now have it confirmed that both the 'Standard' version and  'Collector's Edition' feature 1 DVD and both run the same time of 205 minutes.
Fans can pay $15 more purely for a bonus 24 page photo booklet (with Introduction by Priscilla Presley!!) along with "access to a digital copy of the content"!
Why would you need this if you already own the DVD?
US Release date yesterday October 16, 2018
EIN reckons this is terrible marketing - even 10 minutes of extra clips would have been a better bonus for 'Collector's Edition'
Prices vary from $44.98 (Collector's) and $34.98 (standard DVD) at the Graceland Shop to $32.99 and  $17.96 for the same product on Amazon.
EIN cannot see this being a big seller that they would hope for.
'The Searcher Collector's Edition DVD'
Elvis Presley: The Searcher HBO dvd includes never-before-seen photos and footage from private collections worldwide, stunning atmospheric shots taken inside Graceland, Elvis’ iconic home, and more than 20 new interviews with Priscilla Presley and the many artists, session players, producers, engineers and directors who knew him or who were profoundly influenced by him.
Elvis Presley: The Searcher Collector's Edition DVD will only be available while Edition supplies last and includes special Collector's packaging, a 24 page photo booklet that features exclusive content and photos from Graceland Archives and an introduction written by Priscilla Presley. Run Time: 205 minutes
In addition, the Collector's Edition includes BONUS access to a digital copy of the content that is available for viewing until 12/31/19.
A special access code is included within the physical package of the Collector's Edition along with instructions for accessing the digital content.
'Elvis Presley: The Searcher DVD '
Elvis was a boy from Tupelo who grew up to become the biggest star in music.

Along the way, he absorbed a staggering range of influences, creating a revolutionary sound in his lifelong search for self-expression. Following his creative journey from childhood through the final 1976 Jungle Room recording sessions, Elvis Presley: The Searcher includes never-before-seen photos and footage from private collections worldwide, stunning atmospheric shots taken inside Graceland, Elvis’ iconic home, and more than 20 new interviews with Priscilla Presley and the many artists, session players, producers, engineers and directors who knew him or who were profoundly influenced by him.
Run Time: 205 minutes.

(News, Source;Sony/ElvisInfoNet)

The Searcher DVD - OUT NOW

The standard versions are available from under US$18 and £14.99 in the UK.

'The Searcher Collector's Edition' costs $33 from Amazon USA.

'50th Anniversary NBC Special Box-Set CD Details': Although still not officially announced by SONY the tracklists of the new 5CD boxset have been confirmed. The disappointment to many collectors is that the five CDs in this special re-release comprise of the 4 CDs from the SONY/BMG 2008 'The Complete '69 Comeback Special' plus CD2 'The Wrecking Crew Sessions' from the FTD 'ELVIS: Original Soundtrack Recording'.
These releases were top-notch releases when they first were released Mixed & Mastered by Vic Anesini / Sebastian Jeansson - but do we need to buy them again?
The draw-card to collectors is the 88 page booklet plus the upgraded BluRay video presentations - albeit a compromise as the original NBC Special was of course recorded as 525 NTSC standard definition TV.
The Sony release of 5-CD/2-BluRay boxset to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 TV Special is out November 2018.
- Definitive box set chronicles the pivotal NBC-TV special that helped Elvis Presley reclaim the title of "The King Of Rock and Roll"
- The original Special included spirited "sit-down" performances

with Elvis and original band members Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana plus then-new material, including the classic "If I Can Dream"

- 5CD / 2Blu-Ray box set offers all previously released audiovisual material from the special including rare outtakes, plus deluxe book with rare photos and a newly-compiled oral history of the making of the program

- BluRay Disc 1 - 229 mins
Original Broadcast Version
Sit-down Show #1
Sit-down Show #2
Stand-up Show #1
Stand-up Show #2
- BluRay Disc 2 - 241 mins
Trouble / Guitar Man TV Show Opener
If I Can Dream TV Show Closer
Gospel Production Number
Guitar Man Production Number

CD1 - Original Album, plus bonus tracks:
It is notable that the track 'A Little Less Conversation' mistakenly thought to have been laid down at the 68 Special is now omitted from the 2018 Re-Release Bonus Tracks
Bonus Tracks: It Hurts Me - Let Yourself Go - Memories (stereo) - If I Can Dream (stereo)
CD2 - First Sit-Down show & First Stand-Up show:
CD3 - Second Sit-Down show & Second Stand-Up show
CD4 - First Rehearsal/Second Rehearsal
Click here to see 2008 Original Release tracklist
CD5 - On the final disc the tracks have been combined to give a less complicated tracklist of 19 songs although the content is in fact the same as the 30 tracks on the FTD - look here at EIN's in-depth review.
New Tracklist 1. Nothingville (Guitar Man's Evil #1) (Takes 5 & 6), 2. Guitar Man (Guitar Man's Evil #1) (Take 2), 3. Let Yourself Go, part 1 (Guitar Man's Evil #2) (Take 5 & 7/M), 4. Let Yourself Go, part 2 (Guitar Man's Evil #3) (Take 7/M), 5. Guitar Man (Escape #1, fast) (Takes 1, 2 & 5), 6. Big Boss Man (Escape #3) (Take 2), 7. It Hurts Me, part 1 (Escape #4) (Take 5), 8. It Hurts Me, part 2 (After Karate #1) (Take 3), 9. Guitar Man (After Karate #2) (Take 1), 10. Little Egypt (After Karate #2) (Take 6), 11. Trouble / Guitar Man (After Karate #3) (Take 2), Trouble / Guitar Man Medley, 12.  Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Where Could I Go But To The Lord (Gospel #1) (Rehearsal & Take 1) Medley, 13. Up Above My Head / Saved (Gospel #2) (Takes 4 & 7), Medley, 14. Saved (Gospel #3) (Takes 2 & 4), 15. Trouble / Guitar Man (Opening) (Takes 6 & 7) Medley, 16. If I Can Dream (Alternate Take 1), 17. If I Can Dream (Takes 2, 3 & 4), 18. Memories (Takes 3 & 4/vocal overdub #1), 19. Let Yourself Go (Closing Instrumental)

Elvis Co-Star Celeste Yarnall Obit: Celeste Yarnall who co-starred with Elvis in 'Live a Little, Love a Little' and who also had a memorable turn on Star Trek as well as donning a loincloth to play "the original flower child" in the cult classic Eve, has died. She was 74.
Yarnall, a "scream queen" who was terrorized by a headless monster in Beast of Blood (1971), died Sunday at her home in Westlake Village, California.
She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2014 and turned to a crowdsourcing site to help pay her medical expenses.
Her husband Nazim noted "She was magnificent in everything she did. She was my beloved queen."
Yarnall is known to Star Trek fans for her portrayal of Yeoman Martha Landon on the 1967 episode "The Apple," in which Chekov (Walter Koenig) can't help but fall for her.
She had recently been a regular on the COMICON circuit for years.
While attending the 1967 Cannes Film Festival, Yarnall was spotted by producer Harry Alan Towers, who was in search of a girl to star as the jungle goddess in his 1968 film. According to the actress, he yelled and pointed, 'Stop that girl! That's my Eve!'"
She took the role as the scantily clad Eve, who is the long-lost granddaughter of Christopher Lee's character, but later called the film “one of the worst movies of all time.”
In 'Live a Little, Love a Little' Yarnall played Ellen, a girl at a party who reasons she and Presley can't hook up because he's a Sagittarius.
Undeterred, he tries to woo her by singing "A Little Less Conversation" now Elvis' biggest selling hit.
The National Association of Theatre Owners liked what they saw and named her the “Most Promising New Star” of 1968.
A native of Long Beach, Yarnall was discovered by Rick and Ozzie Nelson while she walked past their studio offices on the way to an audition. She appeared on an episode of The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet in 1962 and then played college kids in Jerry Lewis' The Nutty Professor.
She then moved from Los Angeles to New York modeling and doing commercials.
After 'Live a Little, Love a Little' Yarnall played a vampire seductress in Roger Corman's 'The Velvet Vampire' (1971), appeared in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), The Mechanic (1972) and Scorpio (1973) before concentrating on commercial real estate for years.
Yarnall's TV résumé also included Bonanza, Hogan’s Heroes, It Takes a Thief, Captain Nice, Mannix, Bewitched, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and the 1971 pilot for Columbo.
Celeste Yarnall was with Elvis when he heard of the assassination of Martin Luther King.
She emotionally explained, "It was during filming and we went back to his dressing room to have lunch. He was so upset and he started by singing 'Amazing Grace' before breaking down and sobbing in arms. Elvis was truly devastated by Martin Luther King's assassination. Elvis felt such an integral part of the Memphis and Black community and that he felt that they had taken a brother from him and it happened in his home-town. We both cried together it was so emotional and wrong. It was a truly touching experience to go through that together and feel the same.
I was so lucky to spend time with Elvis I couldn't believe how much charisma he had and how nice he was with everybody who was working with him. Elvis was so understanding, so kind and so so generous. Meeting and working with Elvis really was one of the highlights of my life.
I'll never forget being with Elvis, he was so special. Elvis hid his feelings from a lots of people but inside he was a very kind and very precious person."

Go here for EIN's interview with Celeste Yarnall
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"September" FTDs OUT NOW!: The new FTDs are two weeks late but are finally at your dealers...
- “Elvis: `What Now My Love” - a live soundboard released as a 5” double-digipack, this set features Elvis in great form from his legendary Vegas shows in August 1972 at the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas.
'What Now My Love' consists of the Midnight Shows on August 11 and 12 1972 . Between Madison Square Garden and Aloha From Hawaii, the Elvis Presley Show was at its peak!
Elvis is in top form with both new and old songs in his repertoire, and especially with the addition of 3 great new songs, “What Now My Love,” “Fever” and “My Way.” In an effort to find the right style for each arrangement, Elvis totally commits himself to each performance. The opening lines of “What Now My Love” will send thrills down your spine! The shows are in above average ‘soundboard quality’ but unfortunately the ending is missing from the second show.
EIN notes that both these concerts have been previously released on fine quality bootlegs, Fort Baxter's 'Elvis At Full Blast' and Madison's 'Hot August Night'. Let's hope the new audio re-master makes it worthy of an official FTD re-release.
Tracklist - DISC 1 August 11, 1972 Midnight Show: 1) Also Sprach Zarathustra 2) See See Rider 3) I Got A Woman / Amen 4) Proud Mary 5) Until It’s Time For You To Go 6) You've Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ 7) Polk Salad Annie 8) What Now My Love 9) Fever 10) Love Me 11) All Shook Up 12) (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel 13) Heartbreak Hotel 14) Blue Suede Shoes 15) Little Sister/ Get Back 16) Hound Dog 17) It’s Over 18) Suspicious Minds 19) Introductions 20) My Way 21) A Big Hunk O’ Love 22) American Trilogy 23) Can't Help Falling In Love 24) Closing Vamp - Go here to 'Elvis FTD / SONY CD News 2018' for full tracklist and details
- 'Jailhouse Rock Vol.2' Double VINYL: FTD announces the release of “ELVIS – 'Jailhouse Rock Vol.2'  as a limited edition. The album contains excellent BINAURAL outtakes of 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Treat Me Nice', 'Baby I Don’t Care' and others.
Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the album is released in 180 gram format. The album features a fine selection of outtakes
Side.1 1. Jailhouse Rock take 6, 2. Treat Me Nice (first movie version) takes 1-3, 3. Don’t Leave Me Now (2nd version) takes 1-6, 4. I Want To Be Free (record version) takes 1-8,  5. I Want To Be Free (first ending) takes1,2,  6. Treat Me Nice (first movie version) takes 4,5 ,
Side.2 1. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care take 1, 2. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care takes 2-4,  3. Don’t Leave Me Now (2nd version) takes 9,10,  4. Young And Beautiful (Florita club version) take 1,  5. Young And Beautiful (Florita club version) take 2,  6. Treat Me Nice (1st movie version) takes 6-7,  7. Young And Beautiful (jail version) take 1,  8. Young And Beautiful (jail version) tk 3,  9. Treat Me Nice (1st movie version) tks 8,9,
See 'Elvis FTD / SONY CD News 2018' for full tracklist
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review) The Comeback - Elvis and the Story of the 68 Special (Simon Goddard): The past two months have been a busy period regarding Elvis' legendary '68 Comeback Special. Marking its 50th anniversary, the Special was shown in cinemas and two new books were published, one by Steve Binder (Director/Producer of the Special) and the other by noted rock music analyst, Simon Goddard.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently took a few deep breaths and submerged himself in the Simon Goddard release.

Having previously read a number of the author's cerebrally challenging books, he was not surprised to find that Goddard's treatise on Elvis' legendary Comeback Special is one hell of an intellectively challenging and dizzy rollercoaster of a ride....... a journey most rewarding for those brave enough to go the distance.

Read Nigel's detailed review (Book Review, Source: EIN)

UPDATED - ‘Where No One Stands Alone’ In-Depth Review: It is forty years since Elvis Presley entered a recording studio and he seems very reluctant to record anything new. So in terms of releasing a "new" album of Elvis material the topic has always been a tricky one. After commercial failure of the last Elvis / RPO album that concept has been dropped in favour of an Andy Childs led “Re-Vamp” of some Elvis Gospel.
Recorded over fifty years ago there is no doubt that some of Elvis’ Gospel songs might benefit from some sensitive modern production. And, after all, there is an interesting selection of tracks to work with. Not only that, but Lisa Marie was also involved in the recording.
So can a new ‘Re-Vamp’ of Elvis Gospel really work and can we recommend it to Elvis collectors?
Click here as EIN's Piers Beagley and Bryan Gruszka are back again to cause "Double-trouble" and supply a very detailed review, discovering what's good and bad...
And HAVE YOUR SAY - what do you think of the new album? Are we wrong in our opinions?
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)
MORE UPDATES with YOUR FEEDBACK - Our review certainly has stimulated great debate with comments from "The two of you haven’t a clue!" to "A great, sobering review" - Now updated with even more of your comments - go here to check out the full review and send EIN YOUR THOUGHTS

(Book Review) The Elvis Experience (Dave Hebler): As a member of Elvis' Memphis Mafia, Dave Hebler was part of Elvis' inner sanctum at least until his acromonious sacking, along with Red West and Sonny West, in 1976, and the subsequent publication of the infamous book, Elvis What Happened?.

Over the years, Dave, Red and Sonny West reclaimed respect in the Elvis world, at least with many fans, if not the Presley family and EPE.

Dave Hebler's new book was released during Elvis Week 2018.

The Elvis Experience has a 'fan friendly' feel to it. There are many amusing and fun stories and the author does not shy away from discussing at least some of the not so positive aspects of his experience working for Elvis.

To find out more about "The Elvis Experience" you can read Nigel Patterson's in-depth review here.

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

IT IS A FAKE! Elvis Secret Rehearsal tape! The recent Record Collector magazine features an incredible side-story stating that '68 Comeback percussion player Frank Devito has an unreleased reel-to-reel tape of Elvis rehearsing in a trio.
It sounds way too exciting to be true and hard to believe that a working musician has never thought about the importance of his Elvis rehearsal tape. However Devito is still a working musician so there is a possibility that he has never had time to explore his old reel-to-reels.
Checking session notes unfortunately Claude Williamson is not credited as playing on any Elvis recording session.
It is a fact though that Frank DeVito played bongos.
EIN has confirmed that the tape is a FAKE, with "Elvis" supposedly rehearsing 1970's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' at the June 1968 NBC sessions.
It was always too good to be true.
Devito said that he had no way of playing or checking the reel-2-reel however as a still active musician this is a little hard to believe.
Perhaps Devito believed the story himself? However as EIN Noted, it would be very surprising if Frank Devito had been sitting on this priceless tape for so long without previously trying to sell it to RCA/SONY.
The audio quality is very poor and it is not Elvis.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet).

(Book Review): Elvis 1960 Seven Days In March (Paul Belard): Elvis researcher, Paul Belard's latest photo-book visually chronicles Elvis' discharge from the Army to his arrival back home in Memphis.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in the visual and archival record of what was an important "turning point" in the complex Elvis story.

Sections include..
Nearly 40 pages covering Elvis leaving his home in Bad Nauheim;
Rare images from Elvis' plane ride back home via Scotland;
Elvis' arrival back in America and being met by Nancy Sinatra;
Elvis’ last Army breakfast and Army discharge:
Elvis' triumphant train ride from Washington to Memphis:


Read Nigel's detailed review

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

EIN founding President, Nigel Patterson, interviewed by Pop Music Research Blog Spot: EIN recently interviewed Dr Mark Duffett and reviewed his excellent book, Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Songs.

Due to Nigel's keen interest in "Elvis world" history and the socio-cultural aspects of the Elvis legend, Dr Duffett decided to "turn the tables" and interview Nigel for his insightful pop music research blog.

In a three-part interview Nigel discusses a wide range of topics including:

  • what the Elvis world was like in the 1970s;
  • the most important "landmarks" (changes) in the Elvis world since August 1977;
  • answers the question: "Do Elvis fans have a shared, collective ethics or morality?";
  • Elvis' unfairly maligned film canon;
  • Elvis as a socio-cultural force;
  • an attempt to establish a national fan club in Australia in the late 1990s;
  • the issues that most divide Elvis fans;
  • the biggest myths that still persist about Elvis;
  • what Elvis' interests in reading say about him as a person;
  • have those closest to Elvis been straight with fans about what he was really like; and
  • a lot more......

Read part 1 of the interview

Pop Research Links . . .


... some of the best in popular music research compiled by Dr Mark Duffett


an interview with EIN's Nigel Patterson


SEPTEMBER 12 - New Elvis Home Recordings Discovered: EIN is stunned that another tape has been discovered from Elvis' Home Recordings in Bad Nauheim, Germany late 1958.
HUGE THANKS to Juan Luis Gonzalez Brugal who has obtained the tape which features Elvis singing at home with Red West, Rex Mansfield, Charlie Hodge and Lamar Fike. Previous songs from the same session have been released such as Earth Angel, I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen, There's No Tomorrow, and The Fool.
However this second tape features some fabulous incredible performances of 'He Knows Just What I Need', 'Like A Baby', 'His Hand In Mine', a very different arrangement of  'Stand By Me' even an amazing home-recording of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' all being performed at home before Elvis recorded them professionally. For full tracklist see my good friend Keith Flynn Sessions website here
EIN gives its greatest thanks to Juan Luis Gonzalez Brugal for the discovery.
Go to the excellent and friendly Elvis PHOENIX FORUM for all the discussion & download them for free
Elvis Home-Recording New Bootlegs: From the moment that the new Elvis Home-Recording tapes were discovered and offered for free, EIN could hear the bootleggers' computers whirring into life creating "New" bootlegs CD covers.
It was all so inevitable and a little sad - signs of desperation if anything.
At least THREE bootlegs were announced in the following 24 hours and all sadly opportunistic and basically rip-offs.
What did the wily Col Parker say back in the fifties, "How much does it cost if it is FREE!"
Fans can download these fabulous three hours of Elvis jamming at home in Germany for FREE. (click here to the highly recommended Phoenix Elvis Forum)
Please see the tracklists at my good friend Keith Flynn website here.
Any bootlegger rushing out these newly found recordings have obviously done no quality audio remastering work.
Hopefully FTD / Ernst Jørgensen will find a right place to officially release them - possibly CD2 of the future Classic Album 'For LP Fans Only'

Or perhaps MRS may release them in the future once their audio engineer 'Studio D' has worked his wonders.
For a fan's point of view, the more Bootleg versions that are announced then the less that each of them will make from them. Prices have been noted at US$45 / EuroE40 + postage for the 3cds.
Rather strangely "3DM audio" label (above) announced that their release is a "non-profit base" requested by the donor of the recording Juan Luis Gonzalez Brugal.
This however was a typical bootleg marketing ruse...
Juan Luis has confirmed, "I am not endorsing anyone or any thing. If I sign something, it would be a waiver to Sony/FTD. I am not making money off of this or endorsing anything outside FTD/Sony. I hope that is very clear. Someone here with connections please let all the Elvis news sites know."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Newly discovered tape Tracklist: 'He Knows Just What I Need' (multiple versions), Reading The News - Lamar Fike, 'Cool Water', 'Like A Baby', 'His Hand In Mine', 'Young Love' - Red West, 'His Hand In Mine', 'Return To Me' , 'Are You Sincere', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?', 'Stand By Me', 'Just a Closer Walk With Thee', 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord', 'Oh, Lonesome Me'.

'All Shook Up' Australian Parkes Festival 2019: 'All Shook Up' is the theme for 2019 Parkes Elvis Festival. The fabulous fifties is the focus of next year’s Australian Parkes Elvis Festival that was officially launched this week.
Elvis Festival director Cathy Treasure announced the 2019 program and some exciting new additions. “I’m quite proud to stand here and confidently can say we have a bigger and better festival again coming up next year.
We have over 200 events at the festival...It is celebrating the 50s, we’re getting All Shook Up, we’ve shaken up a few things which I hope you’ll enjoy.”
Next year’s Parkes Elvis Festival will run from Wednesday, January 9 to Sunday, January 13, where more than 26,000 people are expected to shake, rattle and roll into Parkes for the biggest tribute to The King in the Southern Hemisphere.
The theme is All Shook Up celebrating Elvis' iconic song and all things '50s. Released in March 1957, All Shook Up quickly topped several American charts and became a certified double-platinum and an instant jukebox hit.
Kicking off the festival is the all-new All Shook Up Special – a tribute to the Million Dollar Quartet, featuring Lance
Lipinsky as Jerry Lee Lewis, 2018 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Contest winner Anthony Petrucci as Elvis Presley, Daniel Thompson as Johnny Cash and Brad Bergen as Carl Perkins.
New to the program are a range of exciting workshops, including ukulele workshops and mini-Elvii can have all sorts of fun at the Kids Talent Workshops, hosted by the yellow Wiggle and all-around Elvis fanatic, Greg Page.
The Parkes Elvis Festival is today recognised as one of the world’s largest Elvis Presley tribute events.
Tickets are on sale now to all events, including the 2019 Feature Concert Series, featuring headline act US Elvis tribute artist, Ted Torres Martin.
For programming and ticketing information, visit www.parkeselvisfestival.com.au
(News, Source;PCP/ElvisInfoNet)

Documentary 'The King' set for DVD and Blu-ray release: Eugene Jerecki's 'road trip' across America in Elvis' Rolls Royce Phantom V will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 2 October in the US.

The film suggests that America, like Elvis, has squandered its potential and betrayed the promise of its glorious beginning. As Harlem rapper Immortal Technique tells Jarecki in the film: "If Elvis is your metaphor for America, we're about to O.D."

Jarecki's "The King" is essentially a filmed essay, with musical interludes and commentary provided by guest artists (Emmylou Harris, Chuck D), journalists (Dan Rather) and celebrities (a seemingly irrelevant but quite eloquent Mike Myers), many of whom discuss Elvis and America from the back seat of the large luxury car, purchased at auction for the production. (Entering the Rolls in Nashville, musician John Hiatt breaks into tears, struck by how "trapped" Elvis must have felt.) News, Source: EIN/Amazon)

Rex Mansfield passed away: It is with real sadness that I have heard that Elvis' army buddy Rex Mansfield passed away Sunday, August 26, morning. He was 83.
Rex Mansfield was inducted into the Army on the same day as Elvis in March 1958 and went through basic training with him in Texas, traveled with him to Germany and became close friends for the next 18 months. Elisabeth Stefaniak (later Mansfield) was a young German girl in 1958 and was hired to answer Elvis' fan mail. Elisabeth became romantically involved with Elvis but was torn between her love for Elvis and her love for Rex – and she eventually chose Rex and they married in 1960.
Both Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield were special guests at Elvis Week this year at the 'Elvis Presley Fan Club Presidents’ Event'.
While Rex seemed older he did was energetic and talked with fans as he signed copies of his book.

That was only 2 weeks ago, so his death is a real shock.
Rex was a class act, a very fine gentleman and I am thankful I had the chance to know him.
RIP Rex Mansfield - Another sad loss to the Elvis World.
Click here to EIN's exclusive interview with Rex Mansfield
(News, Source;CoryCooper/ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review) Elvis Black and White to Technicolor (Paul Belard and Joseph Krein): The latest release from Paul Belard (with Joseph Krein) is one of the more important Elvis books in recent years. The reason why is that addresses the controversial issue that Elvis was racist. The authors tackle the subject of Elvis' relationship with Black America head on through a balanced and impressive mix of text and image.

Belard and Krein's research has uncovered rare archival material on the issue and the book includes hundreds of comments about Elvis by Black Americans.




Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review

(Book Reviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - Keith Alverson 'Strictly Elvis 76-77' Interview: The deluxe hard-back book 'Strictly Elvis: 1976-1977' is the follow up by Keith Alverson and Erik Lorentzen to last year's stunning 'Strictly Elvis Vol 1: 1973-1974 - 1975'.
Keith Alverson first saw Elvis in concert in the early 70s when he secretly smuggled in his small pocket camera to sneak a few photos of Elvis and from there he went from strength to strength. One of his first Elvis' concerts where he was able to get quality photos of Elvis in concert was in Atlanta, July 1973, after which he saw Elvis over 80 times live on stage. Alverson's outstanding photos of Elvis in his "Phoenix" jumpsuits are known by every Elvis fan and it is obvious that the quality of Alverson's photos got better and better as the years went by.
In last year's EIN interview we discovered the background surrounding photographer Keith Alverson as well as how he got to become one of Elvis' most well-known concert photographers.
With Strictly Elvis Volume 2 just published EIN's Piers Beagley tracked down the man - as he packed for Memphis - to ask him more about the last two years of capturing the King in concert....
The book contains over 800 previously unseen photos of Elvis on stage.
We asked him that, as we all know of Elvis' sad decline over these two years, do fans really need to see so many images of an unhealthy Elvis?

To find out click here to Keith Alverson 'Strictly Elvis 76-77' Interview with lots of example pages... UPDATED more photos
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Elvis Week – The Final Day: EIN’s Mandy Squair was sad as yet another Elvis Week came to an end. Sure the fan numbers were way down on last year’s 40th anniversary but there was still a lot of fun to be had and ELVIS music to be appreciated.
The final day started with ‘Brunch with Ronnie Tutt’ and it was wonderful to see him again as I believe he had been ill earlier this year. Ronnie is well-known for being Elvis’ drummer in the 1970s, part of the TCB band. Tom Brown interviewed Ronnie and wonderful to hear his stories.
One lovely story was when Ronnie’s 5-year-old son went to one of Elvis’ concerts in the 1970s. Afterwards, Elvis asked him how he liked the concert and his father’s drumming? Son replied, “I did but you stood in front of my Daddy the whole concert and I couldn’t see him!”

The Elvis Week highlight was the final concert 'Elvis Live in Concert - with an All Star Band' at the Soundstage with Elvis

on the big video screen and the Stamps quartet on the left and Olivia Newton John’s band on the right.
Seeing ELVIS on the Big Screen was a great final night and while it was not as emotional as in the past, when it featured all of Elvis’ TCB original musicians and singers, it was still wonderful. What struck me this week is how old a lot of Elvis’ contemporaries have now become and that so many are missing because they have passed away. How fortunate we all are to have seen them all in previous Elvis Weeks!
Luckily for us for the last 2 songs Ronnie Tutt came on stage and drummed! The crowd exploded with appreciation. What a joy it was to see him back in action and his drumming on ‘An American Trilogy’ was a perfect addition and what a finale for the final night. Afterwards we all felt that Elvis had really left the building – for now.

My last day in Memphis started with my last Morning walk up the Graceland driveway to the Meditation Garden where Elvis and his family are buried.
The crowds were down this year as was expected because it was an off year, but lack of numbers was really noticeable at the Candlelight Vigil. The $28 charge again for locals put many of them off the idea. The Graceland staff I talked to said this charge was being reviewed for next year.
Thanks ELVIS for leaving all your fans with such an emotional and fantastic legacy.

Click here for more final day photos & stories

(ElvisWeek, Source;MandySquair/ElvisInfoNet)

(Interview) Paul Belard talks to EIN: In an eye-opening and fascinating interview, author, researcher and professional book restorer, Paul Belard, recently spoke to EIN's Nigel Patterson about his latest two Elvis books, one of which tackles the issue of Elvis and racism head-on, and informs us that he has dozens more Elvis books on the verge of being published!!

Among other things, Paul also discusses the objective behind his books, the challenges and benefits of self-publishing, a weakness in the recent documentary Elvis Presley The Searcher, and has some strong words to say about the role of Colonel Tom Parker.

Paul Belard Interview with EIN


(Interviews, Source: EIN)

'The Steve Allen Show' EIN Spotlight: Much has been written about The Steve Allen Show appearance over the years and with each retelling of the story, much of the information required to give a fair hearing to Allen is conspicuous by its absence. Recent articles in ETMHM as well as Elvis Files magazine still repeat the usual story.
But was Steve Allen really the rock'n'roll hating villain as usually portrayed in the Elvis story?
In the past, this might have been done because some of the information was not available, but with the appearance of online newspaper and magazine archives over the last decade it is much easier to piece together the complete story rather than the fragments of it that have been passed down amongst Elvis fans over the last sixty years.
After all, alongside Parker, Allen has become the second of the pantomime villains in the Elvis story, and it is time to investigate anew in order to see what really happened, and what Allen’s real relationship with rock ‘n’ roll was.
In this fascinating new article, EIN contributor Shane Brown investigates the truth behind ELVIS on the Steve Allen show...
(Spotlight, Source;ShaneBrown/ElvisInfoNet)

'Orgies and Orgasms:  Presley in the Press 1956'- an in-depth Spotlight: By the beginning of 1956, everything was in place for Elvis Presley to burst onto the national and international music scene. Within weeks of his signing to major label RCA he would record Heartbreak Hotel, his first single for RCA and his first to reach number 1 in the U.S. charts, and then, at the end of January 1956, he would appear on national television for the first time.
Despite all of the success that 1956 would bring Elvis, with three singles and two albums reaching the top spot in the U.S. charts, the year would also prove to be a difficult one when it came to his treatment in the national and international press.
Mainstream media published reviews such as...
"Every girl watching him sees herself as Elvis’ partner in his fantastic writhing orgy"
and "Presley is suggesting he is about to have a self-induced orgasm!"
So, let’s go back in time and examine how a single television performance in June 1956 resulted in a change of attitudes towards Elvis within the media from little more than curiosity about the new phenomenon to downright hostility and revulsion.
Go here as EIN contributor Shane Brown investigates the phenomenon of Elvis in 1956 - and what the media made of this new, and middle-America shocking, entertainer.
(Spotlight, Source;ShaneBrown/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Dave Hebler Interview Update with EIN: Dave Hebler is best known to Elvis Presley fans as being part of the Memphis Mafia and Elvis’ bodyguard in the mid-seventies. As an integral part of Elvis’ personal and professional life, Hebler’s primary responsibility was the personal safety of Elvis at home as well as at recording sessions, personal appearances, concert tours and various recreations.
After our April interview with Dave Hebler he has completed his new book 'The Elvis Experience' which is now available through Amazon. (see below)

EIN's Piers Beagley wanted to find out more about the book - released just in time for Elvis Week - and giving Hebler a chance to answer a few EIN readers questions..

Go here for EIN's exclusive catch-up with Dave Hebler including some cool photos..
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

. .

“Elvis: The Viva Las Vegas Sessions” New FTD Box-set: FTD is pleased to announce the release of “Elvis: The Viva Las Vegas Sessions”. Out end of July.
This is the ultimate "Viva Las Vegas" 3CD set which includes more than an hour of previously unreleased false starts, break downs, and complete takes!
All tracks have been recently remixed and mastered from the original 3-track session tapes.
The 8”x 8” slipcase replicates an original Session Reel box.
Until now it was thought only two takes of the marvelous 'I Need Somebody To Lean On' existed in the vaults but now we get the whole session up to movie outtake #19.
The 28 page booklet includes rare photographs, memorabilia, session data, Movie Trivia, Ann-Margret bio by the late Stuart Colman and Movie overview by Alan Hanson.
The 3 CDs are housed in a CD carrier adorned by original tape box documentation.
This release is a strictly LIMITED EDITION. Due to manufacturing costs, there will be no reprint.
1. Viva Las Vegas 2:27
2. Yellow Rose Of Texas/ The Eyes Of Texas 2:57
3. The Lady Loves Me 3:46
4. C’mon Everybody 2:21
5. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 3:28
6. The Climb (planned record version - take 3) 2:44
7. What’d I Say 3:06
8. Santa Lucia 1:15
9. If You Think I Don’t Need You 2:07
10. I Need Somebody To Lean On 3:05
11. Night Life 1:52
12. Do The Vega 2:25
13. You’re The Boss 2:49
14. Viva Las Vegas (take 1) 1:48
15. Yellow Rose Of Texas/ The Eyes Of Texas (take 7) 2:59
16. The Lady Loves Me (takes 1-2) 4:14
17. C’mon Everybody (take 3) 2:48
18. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (takes 1-3, 5 & 4) 5:46
19. What’d I Say (takes 1-2) 4:00
20. Santa Lucia (v.o. take 1) 1:23
21. If You Think I Don’t Need You (takes 1-2) 3:16
22. I Need Somebody To Lean On (takes 1-2) 3:30
23. Night Life (take 2) 2:08
24. Do The Vega (take 1) 2:48
25. You’re The Boss (takes 1-3) 3:34
26. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (2012 takes 1-2, duet) 5:45
1. Night Life (takes 1 & 3) 4:09
2. Night Life (takes 4-8) 3:11
3. C’mon Everybody (takes 1-2 & 4-5/M) 4:36
4. If You Think I Don’t Need You (takes 3-7) 5:09
5. I Need Somebody To Lean On (takes 3-5) 3:58
6. I Need Somebody To Lean On (takes 6-8) 4:42
7. Do The Vega (take 2) 2:41
8. Santa Lucia (track, takes 1-2) 1:55
9. Viva Las Vegas (take 2) 2:50
10. The Climb (takes 1-2 & 4-7) 6:43

11. Yellow Rose Of Texas/ The Eyes Of Texas (takes 1-4) 3:58
12. Yellow Rose Of Texas/ The Eyes Of Texas (takes 5-6 & 8-9/M) 5:33
13. The Lady Loves Me (takes 3-6) 4:51
14. You’re The Boss (takes 4-8) 4:42
15. You’re The Boss (takes 9-10) 4:32
16. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (2012 take 6, instru) 3:34
17. Santa Lucia (vocal overdub, take 2) 1:20
18. Santa Lucia (vocal overdub, take 3) 1:20
19. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (movie version, vocal overdub 2016 take 8) 2:38
20. What’d I Say (takes 3-4/M) 5:47
1. C’mon Everybody (movie version, take 7 with overdubs) 2:30
2. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (movie version, v.o. take 10, edited) 1:25
3. The Climb (movie version - take 9, edited) 1:38
4. Santa Lucia (v.o. take 6/M, movie version) 1:14
5. Appreciation (Ann-Margret, take 3 & pickup take 2) 4:37
6. My Rival (Ann-Margret) 2:11
7. Night Life (takes 9-10) 2:56
8. Night Life (take 11) 2:10
9. Night Life (takes 12-13) 2:46
10. If You Think I Don’t Need You (takes 8-10) 4:22
11. If You Think I Don’t Need You (takes 11-13/M) 4:15
12. I Need Somebody To Lean On (takes 9-15) 7:16
13. I Need Somebody To Lean On (takes 16-19) 5:12
14. Do The Vega (takes 3-7/M) 4:25
15. Viva Las Vegas (takes 3-7/M) 5:06
16. The Climb (take 8) 2:53
17. The Climb (take 9) 2:53
18. C’mon Everybody (takes 6-7/M, movie version) 2:34
19. The Lady Loves Me (takes 7-9) 6:37
20. You’re The Boss (takes 11-12) 3:23
21. You’re The Boss (takes 13, 15 & 14) 4:09
22. Santa Lucia (vocal overdub, take 5) 1:26
23. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (movie version, 2016 vocal overdub take 10/M) 2:46

'Elvis: Ohama, Nebraska '74' FTD in-depth Review: This FTD double-pack features two concerts from Elvis’ third tour of 1974, both performances from Omaha on June 30 1974. It was the first time Elvis had played Ohama, Nebraska since 1956 and it was the penultimate city on this 25 performance tour. Elvis played three shows over two days, and a six week holiday was in sight.
Elvis was in a fine mood, did he really...
- Announce that he was  ‘Jimmy Dean’ “I’m here to sell some Pork Sausages”?
- Joke that his first movie was 1972 porn flick ‘Behind the Green Door’?
- Start singing “What a friend we have in Jesus”?
. . . . . You bet he did!

Go here as Elvis soundboard super-collector Geoffrey McDonnell & EIN's Piers Beagley give you the complete low-down on this new FTD double-pack ....
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

DJ Fontana Obituary and Interview: D.J. Fontana was born in Shreveport Louisiana on March 15 1931 and originally began backing Elvis Presley, Bill Black and Scotty Moore when he worked at the Louisiana Hayride as early as 1954. By his early 20s he performed at strip joints and spent enough time around the “Hayride” that he was hired full time. Sun Records Sam Phillips originally assembled Elvis' Blue Moon Boys without a drummer and so it wasn't until the key RCA session of January 10 1956 that DJ Fontana joined the band on studio recordings.
That session produced 'Heartbreak Hotel' and the music world would never be the same.
EIN presents a spotlight on DJ Fontana along with a new interview “I Tell You What, He Loved Gospel Music” by EIN contributor Thomas Melin.
While DJ Fontana created some of the greatest rock'n'roll drumming ever cut on wax he always stated that he liked to "keep things simple" in a way that complemented not just Elvis, but also his other band-mates.
Go here as EIN pay their respects to the charming DJ Fontana.
(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

D.J. Fontana Has Died aged 87: EIN has terrible news as DJ Fontana, Elvis' legendary drummer, has died aged 87.
The last of the 'Blue Moon Boys' has now left to join his fellow musicians - the creators of the Rock'n'Roll big-bang.
Dominic Joseph Fontana passed away in his sleep last night.
His son David Fontana, wrote: “My dad passed away in his sleep at 9:33 tonight June 13. He was very comfortable with no pain. We ask for privacy at this time. Thank you for your love and prayers.”
Fontana, who was born in Shreveport Louisiana on March 15 1931, originally began backing Elvis Presley, Bill Black and Scotty Moore when he worked at the Louisiana Hayride as early as 1954.
Sun Records Sam Phillips originally assembled Elvis' Blue Moon Boys without a drummer and so it wasn't until the key RCA session of January 10 1956 that DJ Fontana joined the band on recordings.
That session produced 'Heartbreak Hotel' and the music world would never be the same.

Fontana's key input would be his solid beat creating the stunning impact on songs such as 'Hound Dog' and 'Jailhouse Rock'.
Elvis, Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana continued to play and record together throughout the 1960s.

Fontana played on over 400 of Elvis RCA recordings as well as appearing in several films.
Lead guitarist Scotty Moore sadly passed away back in 2016.
Original bassist Bill Black died back in 1965 and never played with Elvis' band again following the 1958 break-up.

DJ Fontana was instrumental in Elvis career revival of the 1968 'Comeback Special' although it would be the last time he performed with Elvis.
Of the NBC TV Special Fontana said, "We had a lot of fun doing it.  Elvis looked great . . . he was real nervous, but once he started it was like he'd never been away."
"Elvis was just a nice guy, even though he was so young. He always treated people like he wanted to be treated. You know, we worked hard. We just tried to cut good records. But we knew that if it wasn't for Elvis, we wouldn't have done anything."

DJ Fontana R.I.P.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

D.J Fontana Interview: D.J Fontana was Elvis' drummer from 1955 to 1969. Elvis first met Fontana when he appeared at the 'Louisiana Hayride' on October 16, 1954. In fact Fontana became the first person to play drums on the 'Louisiana Hayride' doing so behind a curtain since percussion accompaniment to "real" Country Music was still frowned upon. After joining Elvis' band Fontana played drums on around fifty Elvis recording sessions between 1956 and 1968. After 1969 Fontana became a session musician in Nashville. Fontana also appeared in several Elvis movies such as Loving You and Jailhouse Rock.
Earlier this year D.J. Fontana was still on the road performing in Crowley, Louisiana where he talked about his time with The King.
And in 1998 DJ Fontana was interviewed by EIN contributor Arjan Deelen.
(Interview, Source;EIN/ArjanDeelen)

For all 'The SEARCHER' News and Reviews go to EIN's spotlight on 'Elvis Presley: The Searcher'

(Multimedia set review) - Tearing 'Em Up! 1971 - The King In Motion Vol. 3 (Venus Productions): Elvis' 1971 tour has been well served by a number of very strong book releases. The latest Venus Productions multimedia set revisits the tour with a composite book, DVD and CD set.

The DVD includes 40 minutes of concert footage from the November 1971 Tour. The footage has been professionally synced with the Boston November 10th show.
The main feature is the 209 page hardcover book with loads of rare pictures of the complete tour! 

EIN's Piers Beagley and Nigel Patterson recently explored this new release. What did they find? How does the book component compare to other releases on the tour? What do the audio-visual elements offer?

Read Piers and Nigel's detailed review featuring plenty of example pages of 1971 Elvis on stage action.

(Review, Source: EIN)

UPDATED - COME ON FTD! Let's Speed Things Up A Little!: EIN has very strongly supported the FTD label from the start even though their quality control has slipped at times.
Recently this seems to have got worse, perhaps due to the producers Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon's extra work with mainstream SONY releases.
The last couple of FTD live soundboards have notably run slow dragging down the pace of Elvis' performance. This has also been an issue on some previous concert releases.
On ELVIS LAS VEGAS '74' FTD the dates were wrong with the two shows reversed from what the cover indicated.
Do FTD collectors deserve better or should we be happy to have anything released with faults and all?
Go here as EIN contributor & Elvis author Shane Brown investigates.
Now updated with YOUR COMMENTS - Are you a FTD collector - we want to know YOUR THOUGHTS
(Spotlight, Source;ShaneB/ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - Elvis Presley: The Searcher (HBO film review): EIN's Nigel Patterson takes an in-depth look at Thom Zimny's documentary film about Elvis and his music.

What Nigel finds will surprise many fans. Discover what's The Good and The Bad about this new documentary looking at Elvis' music.

Is the film a masterpiece (the definitive Elvis documentary), over-rated or somewhere in the middle?


Read Nigel's review here

(Film Review, Source: ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - EIN review ‘Elvis: The Searcher’ Deluxe CD boxset: If your main interest in Elvis is his music then HBO’s ‘Elvis: The Searcher’ will probably become your favourite documentary ever produced about our hero.
The companion 3-CD deluxe edition box set offers an expanded 55-track overview of Elvis’ career as heard in the film including familiar hit recordings, powerful vocal performances and rare outtakes plus a bonus disc of additional recordings relevant to the film - including several early singles that inspired Elvis.
Thom Zimny said, "To live with the music of The Searcher over a period of years was more than a privilege. It changed my thinking about the emotional life of songs, both for those who make them and those who listen to them."
While keen Elvis fans may already own all the chosen songs Director Thom Zimny's selection is so eclectic that there is still plenty to enjoy and discover. But does the box-set really work without having seen the film?
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley provides an indepth review and investigates how the new box-set works compared with the HBO documentary.... Now updated with YOUR Comments
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)
EIN is interested in what other fans think of this box-set - please Click Here and send us YOUR Thoughts

‘Bicycle Rider: Thoughts on The Searcher’: One of EIN’s most insightful contributors George Smith has written a stunning essay on the new HBO documentary ‘Elvis Presley: The Searcher’.
In his review ‘George Smith’ captures the essence of the narrative, Zimny’s production decisions and notes the difficulty of having to create a documentary about Elvis’ music and having to keep it under 4 hours.
His review includes,   
“The genius of the documentary though, is in its decision to present Elvis Presley to all viewers in a new and unexpected fashion. For the devotees this is realised through the constant use of new film (professional and amateur) and studio outtakes: it keeps the faithful on their toes and creates the impression of seeing and hearing Elvis anew. This is why Zimny insisted on using the alternative Aloha, the handheld “Trilogy” and “Never Been to Spain”, the “Burning Love” rehearsal, the “If I Can Dream” outtake, the off-air segments from ’68, the non-masters of “Lonely Man”, “Hurt”, “Suspicious Minds”, “Loving You”.. It is a deliberate and clever approach which was much appreciated by this writer.”
Go here to “Bicycle Rider: Thoughts on The Searcher”  this is essential reading.
(Spotlight; Source;GeorgeSmith/ElvisInfoNet)

(Book Review) Counting Down Elvis His 100 Finest Songs (Mark Duffett): Given Elvis recorded around 700 songs during his lifetime, compiling a list of his 100 finest recordings is no mean feat.

EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in Mark Duffett's latest book and found a wonderfully woven narrative full of intriguing analysis and musical surprises as it counted down to #1 and then offered 100 more.

For lovers of Elvis' music this is an essential read.

Read Nigel's detailed review

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

April 6 - 'ELVIS PRESLEY: THE SEARCHER' OUT NOW: The soundtrack to Elvis Presley: The Searcher showcases Elvis' most enduring hits, powerful performances and rare alternate takes, from his early blues and country-influenced recordings to his final 1976 recording sessions in the Jungle Room. The soundtrack is OUT NOW as an 18-track overview on CD or 2LP & a 3CD deluxe version which adds 37 additional Elvis cuts, original score compositions by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam plus songs that inspired Elvis, from R&B and country classics to his mother Gladys Presley singing at home.

'Elvis Presley: The Searcher' Deluxe 3CD Release: The 3-CD deluxe edition box set offers an expanded 55-track overview of Elvis’ career as heard in the film including familiar hit recordings, powerful vocal performances
(“That’s All Right,” “Tomorrow Is a Long Time,” “Trouble/Guitar Man”) and rare outtakes (“Suspicious Minds,” “Separate Ways”), plus a bonus disc of additional recordings relevant to the film - including singles that inspired Presley (Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s original version of “That’s All Right,” Odetta’s gospel version of Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow is a Long Time”) and also features two original instrumental pieces composed for the documentary by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready. -
3CD Deluxe set priced at around $35 - see updated prices below.
Elvis Presley: The Searcher (Original Soundtrack) Deluxe includes a 40-page book of photos, liner notes by Warren Zanes, and a producer's note from film director Thom Zimny.

VINYL .. << USA Orders
 Deluxe  VINYL .. << UK Orders
Australian Elvis fans do not pay the over-priced AU$65+ price being charged by JBHiFi or your local Elvis dealer - Click here to Amazon UK Elvis Presley : The Searcher (The Original Soundtrack) [Deluxe]and get it for less than $45 with free postage to your door

'Elvis: The Movies' Book Review: Respected Elvis author Alan Hanson, along with Erik Lorentzen, has just published 'Elvis - The Movies', 432 pages examining all of Elvis' movies and including some sensational photos.
Elvis Presley's dream was to become a movie star, and the dream started well for him. His acting ability developed steadily throughout his first four movies. But, alas, it was the music which first gave him access to Hollywood, that proved the undoing of his acting career. The inevitable result was a long series of films with weak plots in which only the music mattered.

Author Alan Hanson chronicles Elvis' cinematic career, combined with hundreds of stunning photos from Erik Lorentzen's exclusive collection. But how could this improve on all the previous 'Elvis movie' books.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley checks out this new deluxe production and includes some of the book's fabulous Elvis photos
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'ELVIS ON TOUR - 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' IN-Depth Review: Amiga International's long awaited LIMITED-EDITION boxset featuring 9-CD’s, all remastered, of all known recordings made for the Golden Globe Award-winning concert documentary ELVIS ON TOUR is OUT NOW. It includes the premiere of the complete rehearsal recorded in Buffalo, NY on April 5, 1972, with three previously unreleased performances.
The 13-inch boxset also includes a huge 128-page hardcover book containing detailed essays of the entire April 1972 tour with RARE AND UNPUBLISHED photographs and related memorabilia.

When considering the lack of attention paid to this concert documentary, it seems a shame that so few official releases have emerged. It is for this reason that AMIGA International presents this deluxe package to honor the excellent recordings made for the much neglected "Elvis On Tour" film.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley supplies a 5,000 word indepth review - includes stunning photos and discovers that this AMIGA 'On Tour' box-set is the BEST deluxe Elvis release since the 2012 FTD 'Boy From Tupelo'

Includes plenty of example photos demonstrating the massive size of this deluxe coffee-table book.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

FTD will NOT end in 2019:  A fair number of uninformed supposed Elvis "insiders" (even some Fan Club Presidents) have been publishing fictional stories that the FTD label is planning to close in 2019.
Ernst Jorgensen had strongly denied this story stating, that FTD has plans to continue for the foreseeable future.
In an interesting interview about 'The Future of FTD' - with Trevor Cajiao in the recent ETM&HM magazine - Ernst Jorgensen's main points were....
1. FTD will not be closing in 2019
2. The 'Classic Albums" series is nearly complete but there are more to come, noting 'Aloha' and 'Madison Square Garden' are still to be done.
3. Expanded "complete session tapes" releases are being considered
4. Plenty more soundboards to come
To read the complete story including answers about FTD deletions and other future ideas please read the December issue of ETM&HM.
For what's left for FTD check out our detailed listing
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED - Trying To Get To You: The Truth Behind The Elvis And Roy Orbison Show Rumours: For decades there has always been an unsubstantiated rumour that Elvis Presley appeared as a guest on Roy Orbison's TV show on the local station KOSA.
The Roy Orbison website notes that both Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley performed on Roy’s TV show in late 1955.
Respected author Colin Escott wrote in his book Good Rockin’ Tonight about a kinescope of Elvis on the Roy Orbison TV show actually existing.
Some keen Elvis fans have said that they have seen this very kinescope at Elvis Week shows back in the 80s.
But like infamous Pied Piper of Cleveland does this footage really exist and is there any real proof that Elvis did appear on the Roy Orbison TV show?
Shane Brown (author of Reconsider Baby: Elvis: A Listener's Guide) has done an immense amount of investigation and thinks he has found the answer.

Go here as EIN contributor & author Shane Brown investigates and checks the facts and the fantasy.
(Spotlight; Source;SBrown/ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis:The Last Movies' FTD in-depth Review: Charro!, The trouble with girls, Change Of Habit, finally Elvis’ last soundtrack recordings are brought together in a cohesive release that works as a companion set for the FTD 7” Classic Album series.
“The Last Movies” contains outtakes and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia and photos.
In this period Elvis' voice had matured and the sound of ‘68/’69 was a great musical turning point for Elvis with the NBC TV special and the Memphis sessions. While some of the movie compositions were not as good as he deserved, with Elvis sounding vocally great at this time what does this new Classic Soundtrack have to offer?
The one disc contains previously unreleased material, including "rough mixes" and also multiple outtakes from 'The Trouble With Girls' 'Almost' session.
EIN contributor Ian Garfield checks out this new FTD Classic soundtrack album release....
(FTD Reviews, Source;IanGarfield/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) - Exposing the Amazon Elvis Book Rip-Off?: From RCA to Sony Elvis' back catalog has long been exploited at the expense of his legacy. The same thing is now happening regarding Elvis book releases!

Through clever marketing, including the use of different (but suspicious) author names and different book titles for releases which are essentially identical; short and long book editions; and coupling the Elvis story with that of other celebrities, a glut of Elvis related book titles (with repetitive text) only available from Amazon are blatantly misleading fans.

Read EIN's findings in our "exclusive" investigative report

(Spotlight, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - 'ELVIS: That's The Way It Was & This Is How It Is Today': Elvis is no longer with us but his spirit lives forever. Elvis fans always discover something quite magical when they get the chance to “Walk-a-mile-in-his-shoes”. Graceland, when not overrun by crowds, feels very special indeed. Standing in the quiet you can almost feel the spirit of Elvis still inhabiting his home. The feeling in Memphis’ Sun Studios can bring fans to tears.
One of the places that Elvis spent a large part of his life is the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel – now the Westgate. Elvis performed a stunning 636 concerts in the Hilton showroom and the impact of his incredible legacy can still be felt. - NOW with more great Hilton photos - plus EIN Readers Feedback.
Arjan Deelen recently returned to the classic hotel to investigate “Elvis Hotspots” and discovered that behind the showroom stage it is relatively unchanged.
(Spotlight, Source;ArjanDeelen/ElvisInfoNetwork)

UPDATED - FTD - What now, What next, Where to – What’s left?: During Elvis’ lifetime, RCA released a total of between 60 – 70 albums, consisting of dedicated recordings, movie soundtracks and live performances.
The FTD label has been doing an excellent job at looking at the recording anthology of Elvis Presley and releasing every significant LP or recording session on a 1CD or 2CD ‘Classic Album’ version.
However as noted with the recent "ELVIS" second LP release there are less and less outtakes and studio sessions left in the vaults.
FTD’s first release was ‘Burbank ’68’ seventeen years ago, so with all the past releases and packaging what is left for the collector?

Go here as EIN contributor Ian Garfield examines what has been released and what is left for the FTD collectors label. - CHECK OUT EIN's table of Studio sessions and LIVE TOURS to see what is left for the FTD label.

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Book Review "Reconsider Baby: Elvis: A Listener's Guide": Elvis Presley made over 700 recordings during his life. This book by author Shane Brown examines all of them. Session by session, song by song, Reconsider Baby takes the reader on a journey from Elvis’s first recordings in 1953 through to his last performances in 1977.
This significantly expanded and revised edition of 2014’s Elvis Presley: A Listener’s Guide provides a commentary on Elvis’s vast and varied body of work, while also examining in detail how Elvis and his recordings and performances were discussed in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications from the 1950s through to the 1970s.
The text draws on over 500 contemporary articles and reviews, telling for the first time the story of how Elvis and his career played out in the printed media, and often forcing us to question our understanding of how Elvis’s work was received at the time of release.

Can another detailed examination into Elvis' musical legacy really be worth buying? (Hint, the answer is a big YES!)
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley reviews the newly expanded look into Elvis' musical legacy, including some choice book extracts...

(Book Reviews, Source,ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Elvis Presley's The 50 Greatest Hits' VINYL 3-LP set: 'Elvis Presley's The 50 Greatest Hits' is the brand new 3-LP set released september 25 in Australia.
Described as "an incredible collection of Elvis' hits highlight his astonishing career.
From the poor streets of Tupelo to world domination via some of the biggest songs ever released, Elvis became the first really global star.
The 50 songs on The 50 Greatest Hits include all the classics, from his first recording at Sam Phillips' Sun Studios, "That's All Right (Mama)", through his hits including "All Shook Up", "Viva Las Vegas", "Jailhouse Rock" and "Can't Help Falling in Love", through to one of his last hits "Suspicious Minds". The album also includes songs taken from Elvis' film soundtracks including "Return to Sender", "Hard Headed Woman" and "King Creole".

Heavyweight triple LP package on 180gm audiophile vinyl, completed with a stylish black & white info sheet."
Available in Australian JBHiFi stores for only AU$80 - AUSTRALIANS click here to JBHiFi to purchase on-line
The same 'The 50 Greatest Hits' VINYL 3-LP set was released in the UK back in 2010 and is still available for £44.79 with FREE Delivery in the UK. >>>
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)


More new Elvis Vinyl!

The new Elvis / RPO "Christmas" album  is one of the biggest charting vinyl albums this week on pre-order. Selling in the UK with guaranteed price of £20.70 with FREE Delivery in the UK. - Release date 6 Oct, 2017

Meanwhile 'A Boy From Tupelo: The Sun Masters' VINYL is also selling nicely in the UK at £19.99 on Amazon UK.

Who thought that vinyl would fade away!? SONY Australia will open a brand new vinyl factory next year in 2018!

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Roustabout' FTD Soundtrack Review: Roustabout was Elvis' 16th movie, it had been five months since Elvis’ last album session and his publishers had a chance to secure soundtrack material from a variety of composers. Eleven songs were needed and while the carnival theme stopped most of them having any inspired lyrics, at least the composers Leiber / Stoller and Otis Blackwell were included in the selection.
Reaching #1 on Billboard in early 1965, it would Elvis’ last chart topping album until "Aloha From Elvis Via Satellite" in 1973.
53 years after its original release FTD is pleased to announce the long awaited "Classic Album" version of "Roustabout". Packaged in 7" format with a full colour 16-page memorabilia booklet, it contains some previously unreleased material.
So why has it taken FTD so long to release?  It was once noted that only the masters had been located in the vaults, so there was not much to include for a “Classic Album”...  
Go here as EIN contributor Ian Garfield examines this new FTD soundtrack release and checks out what's new.
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Some of the better Elvis books released for the 40th anniverary:

Mindi Miller Interview with EIN: Mindi Miller was a working actress when she met Elvis in early 1975. She was interested in karate (she performed all her own movie stunts), exploring spirituality and the Bible and so they had a lot in common.
Mindi Miller and Elvis bonded over their common interests and soon afterwards he asked her to go on tour with him in April 1975.
She stayed friends with Elvis through the years - along with members of the 'Memphis Mafia' - and attended his funeral.

EIN's Sanja Meegin recently caught up with Mindi Miller to talk about her close friendship with Elvis over the years.
In this fascinating interview she discusses. . .
- Her first night with Elvis
- How Elvis persuaded her to cancel her overseas movie & modelling plans
- Their mutual interest in Karate
- Graceland and meeting Lisa Marie
- Attending Elvis' funeral 
. . . and much much more...
Go here for EIN's Sanja Meegin and her intimate and detailed discussion with the delightful Mindi Miller - Now with Reader Feedback.

(Interviews, Source;SMeegin/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Official Elvis CD Box-sets at bargain prices through Amazon UK

'Marty Lacker: A Life Well-Lived' & Elvis at American Studio's Interview: It was with immense sadness that last month EIN had to report on the death of our great friend - and a true friend to Elvis - Marty Lacker. We will miss him dearly.
Marty is well-known as one of the key members of the Memphis Mafia and also co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. He was known for both his honesty and being forthright with his opinions. He was the only member of the Memphis Mafia who still watched and commented on recent Elvis News. He had no issue with holding people to account (especially ones who would inflate their importance within Elvis' legacy) and would regularly ask EIN to add his comments or to correct any inaccuracy.
Elvis fans often ask about Marty Lacker's background, how he came to meet Elvis, as well as his involvement in the music industry outside of working for The King.
As a prelude to Ken Sharp's fascinating interview with Marty Lacker and a discussion about Elvis' famous American Studio' Memphis sessions, EIN presents "Marty Lacker: a life well-lived" in which Marty tells of his life in the music industry, his friendship with Elvis along with his dislike of the over-controlling Col Parker.
Go here to learn all you need to know about Marty Lacker as well as Elvis outstanding Memphis American Sound sessions in 1969.
(Spotlight; Source,KenSharp/ElvisInformationNetwork)

Marty Lacker RIP : Sadly Marty will no longer be able to answer all your those fascinating questions, but his honesty and openess should not be forgotten.

- Chips Moman (RIP) later thoughts on Elvis
- Being a consultant on 1979 "ELVIS" movie.
- The demonstrations in Memphis this Elvis Week.
- Felton Jarvis as Elvis' Executive Album Producer.
- The Jungle Room sessions
- Elvis might have some illegitimate children
- Why did Elvis never travel to holiday in Europe,
- Is David Stanley, Holy Priest of truth, OR a liar

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' to remember the great man.

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

'The World of FTD' In-Depth Review: The new deluxe book 'The World Of FTD' has been received by some lucky fans and Elvis collector Mike Lodge has provided EIN with a very detailed review - of well over 3 thousand words!

The book was authored and designed by Keith Flynn with input from a large number of other Elvis specialists including EIN's Piers Beagley, EM&HM's Trevor Cajiao, Geoffrey McDonnell, Gordon Minto and many others.
It is 1,200 pages, hardbound three book set, chronicling every release by FTD.The book also features 100s of high-quality photos from the collection Erik Lorentzen
KJ Consulting are proud to publish this Box Set which weighs 8 kilos.

Unfortunately the book has not arrived in Australia yet so I have not seen the final product!
Go here to see his very detailed review - plus more new preview pages - EIN thanks Mike Lodge for the review
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

. . . .

Book Review: A Little Thing Called Life: Finally, Linda Thompson's memoir has been published.....and it has been well worth the wait! Linda's life, not only with Elvis, but with two other global icons and her own amazing career is an engrossing and revealing read.

Inside its nearly 400 pages Linda reveals her life as an individual, as a mother and as a partner. We learn of the similarities and differences between the three.

Alternating between the light, dark and shades of life in between, A Little Thing Called Life is an honest and intimate account of the incredible life of an amazing woman, from the three men who shared her life and her family to the highly successful and varied career that she continues to enjoy. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review

UPDATED - 'Way Down In The Jungle Room' EIN Review:  Released for August 2016 this SONY Legacy pack celebrates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ last recording sessions which took place in Graceland’s Jungle Room.
The publicity noted the sessions “have been newly mixed by Matt Ross-Spang at Sam Phillips Recording” and “includes both outtakes and in-the-studio dialog, providing a ‘fly-on-the-wall experience’ of what the sessions were like".
Elvis' original 76/77 albums were fairly uninspired collections (bar a few fine singles) and on the original LPs it was almost impossible to glimpse any sign of creative input from Elvis through the syrupy overdubs. It wasn't until the release of FTD’s magnificent ‘The Jungle Room Sessions’ that many fans began to understand the raw emotion, close camaraderie and Elvis’ personal feelings that were revealed by these intimate Graceland sessions.
To produce that same kind of revelation for the 'General Public' would be a very tricky project but that is exactly what the new legacy team has done - and to great effect.
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley discovers the old Elvis magic and what is special for Elvis Collectors in our in-depth review
Now Updated & Expanded with Your Comments - James Burton talks about the Jungle Room sessions & more
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)
- - .

In Australia - buy this great release for only $23 at JBHiFi click here . delivery only $1.70!

Please Do Not be ripped off by other Australian Elvis shops.

UPDATED - Paul Dowling EIN Interview Part Three: Paul Dowling is without doubt one of the major names in the Elvis World. He started collecting and selling Elvis vinyl over 40 years ago and has one of the world's largest Elvis Presley record collections. He started his "WorldWide Elvis" shop back in the seventies, way before the internet, where fans could get hold of rare Elvis records and memorabilia.
With such a fascination with Elvis, Dowling not only became a big name in the early years of Elvis bootlegs but later became friends with Ernst Jorgensen and helped RCA with various official releases.
In the final part of our fascinating interview Paul Dowling discusses ....
- Dodging the FBI agents that were sent after him
- Unreleased Elvis material that still hasn’t come out
- Why does Ernst Jorgensen doubt this claims
- His BMG project 'For The First Time Ever' - what happened
- The true story of obtaining the Million Dollar Quartet tape
- His thoughts on Paul Lichter, Sean Saver, Sherif Hanna, Rex Martin
- Spending time with Alan Fortas
- Jim Curtin, newly added story 
Go here - Don’t Miss Part Three of our exclusive EIN interview - an essential read for Elvis collectors.
(Interviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)


'Elvis Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash FTD Book Review: Focusing on Elvis in late 1970 and early 1971, "Elvis Presley Taking Care Of Business - In A Flash" is the new FTD Book/CD combo by Flaming Star/FTD.
Produced by David English, Pål Granlund and Paul Richardson, this book presents a detailed chronicle of Elvis’ personal life and public career between the autumn of 1970 and the early weeks of 1971.
It is a hardcover, large-format book with 450 pages that offer detailed coverage of Elvis’ life and career over the important four months from October 1970 to January 1971.
The publicity promised hundreds of photographs, many of them candid and previously unpublished and new and exclusive interviews.
It also comes with a bonus CD with unreleased versions of studio-tracks plus Elvis’ concert in Portland, Oregon on Nov 11th 1970.

Can it really be as good as promised? EIN's Piers Beagley investigates and discovers plenty .. Go here to our indepth review featuring plenty of extracts and wonderful photographs.
(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Ultimate Elvis' New Electronic Edition: Announced by Elvis sessions expert Keith Flynn for publication November 1 is the brand new concept of the 1750 page super-deluxe Elvis sessions book 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition.
This incredible three volume book will now be available as an e-book on an i-pad or android tablet.
- Created in HTML5
Fully updated e-books will open in any web browser on any operating system, so no need for separate downloads for different operating systems.
- Life-Like 'Flipping' Pages
Flip through pages as if you are reading an actual book, but also being able to zoom-in to view smaller images and captions.
- View as Double or Single pages
View as double pages on a computer or laptop etc, and single pages when viewing in portrait on an i-pad or Android tablet.
- Fully Navigational Table Of Contents
Jump back and forth to the sections of the books you want to read, instead of flipping through numerous pages to find what you want.
PRICED AT - all 3 Volumes for £60 = US$93
On sale from November 1st 2015.
Try Before You Buy - Download free zip-file containing 27 pages from Volume 1, before you decide to buy the complete set. - NOTE - These books are MASSIVE so you will need approximately 1GB of spare disc space for these three volumes, - Click HERE to Keith Flynn's 'Ultimate Elvis' Electronic Edition to try.
Go HERE to EIN's independent review of 'Ultimate Elvis'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Did Elvis Record 'Tiger Man' At Sun?: A question that has puzzled Elvis fans through the years is whether he actually recorded the song ‘Tiger Man’ during his years at SUN studios.
The basic question is why did Elvis refer to 'Tiger man' several times in concert as “The second song that I ever recorded, not too many people heard it”?
And if Elvis DID record it, then why hasn’t any reference to it at SUN or proof of its existence been found?
Elvis would first perform ‘Tiger Man’ in concert at his first 1969 Las Vegas International season and would continue playing it through the years – usually in a medley with Mystery Train - until his last performance at Saginaw on May 3 1977. He would sing it over 150 times on stage!
The thought that there might be an acetate or undiscovered tape of Elvis at SUN singing ‘Tiger Man’ is a mouth-watering concept - but is it an unlikely fantasy or strong possibility?
Go here to our detailed 'TIGER MAN' spotlight as EIN's Piers Beagley puts in the hard yards to check the facts from the fantasy .
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

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